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A tech podcast for the gadget lovers and tech heads among us from the mind of Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD. MKBHD has made a name for himself on YouTube reviewing everything from the newest smartphones to cameras to electric cars. Pulling from over 10 years of experience covering the tech industry, MKBHD and co-hosts Andrew Manganelli and David Imel will keep you informed and entertained as they take a deep dive into the latest and greatest in tech and what deserves your hard earned cash. New episodes every week. Waveform is part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4 

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  • Anish Malladi
    This is the best podcast on the app! Please make more! Would love if you could make more a week.
  • zakck24
    This podcast is amazing and I always listen to them as I fall asleep and I love the hot takes plus marques videos are awesome I always get exited for new episodes and videos -Bryson
  • rootbeerdan
    Overgrown kids talk about tech
    Conversations can sometimes feel trivial and annoying to follow with random blurting (only when Marques isn’t talking), but there’s good enough content here if you like MKBHD takes.
  • CHill4488
    Too political. Just give me the tech.
    Too political. Just give me the tech. Andrew’s takes are unstudied and don’t add informative value to the show.
  • ai9002
    Wonderful insight into weekly new tech
    They even talk about new tech and apps I love
  • a aveg duc
    ellis’s mom
    CARRY THE ONE 🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 side note bring back that dude from climate town side side also bring back doug DeMuro
  • Aram Avanesyan
    Great tech podcast for everyone!
    Marques and the crew are amazing and provide a top-notch podcast. It offers insightful discussions on the latest in technology, especially phones. Each episode is a delight to listen to. If you're into tech, this podcast is a must-listen. Five stars, hands down!
  • jackb1897
    I love this podcast but…
    I love this podcast but sometimes sections will randomly repeat and I will get lost. Keep up the good work!
  • Rohn Patel
    Unorganized, too long
    I love MKBHD videos on YouTube. However, this podcast is utterly disappointing. Firstly, it’s way too long for my precious time. Easily these episodes can be cut down to 30-40 minutes. But, it goes on and on and becomes unbearable. Secondly, the unscripted content means, we are just listening some Tech Bros chit chatting. Lastly, the podcast is way too long. I tried to love this podcast but I can’t tolerate some of the content like trivia, random chit chats. I will be investing my precious time somewhere else. Sorry MKBHD!!
  • evanjreimer
    dope 🔥
    dope 🔥
  • Stilts17
    I would love to hear more interviews like the one with the teenage robotics guy. Also Andrew, I think you are absolutely fantastic my man.
  • Boll family
    I like Ellis
  • lollipop 🐓
    Love the show. Entertaining and informative with a good amount of humor. Covers a wide variety of topics relevant to the tech world. Keep up the awesome work!
  • AClare16
    Great but…
    Great show but please just get rid of the trivia. It’s such a clunky piece and really serves no purpose to the show.
  • Profesional movie reviewer
  • Jayanjayate
    Disappointing lack of knowledge
    I wanted to like this podcast, I really did, but every episodes the hosts make inaccurate statements or show their lack of understanding about topics they chose to bring up. Good example is the Google settlement with 50 states, they decided to talk about it but then were clearly clueless about several of the provisions. There’s no excuse for not researching those facts beforehand.
  • therebbe
    Can’t help themselves
    Such crappy takes on the cyber truck Loser libs desperate to throw shade I must say that marques was the only objective one
  • Gnathand
    Good stuff
    Fun to listen, inciteful, could you release the episode earlier in the week? Like Thursday or the day of or right after you record? Y’all apologize like every episode lol for being inaccurate the week before. Other than that, great stuff
  • Smart, honest women talking
    Bleep noise is inhuman
    I would so much rather listen to any noise other than the bleep noise used on episode 201 “How Sustainable are Tech Companies, Really?” Any noise: swearing, a nice ding, even a buzz. But that bird-farting-down-a-descending-scale is truly unbearable. My rating might have been higher except I was so distracted by the bleep.
  • Ryan Daylight
    Love MKBHD, But Yikes
    I have watched the MKBHD YouTube channel for years and love the content there. However on this podcast they feel the need to talk about cars (mostly EVs) when it is clear that they are not all that knowledgeable on the subject and it is just kind of unfortunate. I’m not sure how MKBHD has a car YouTube channel when he hasn’t even heard of Toyota’s GR division. This podcast is great as a tech podcast, but sometimes they stray from that and if you’re into cars at all it is more cringey than anything.
  • marvin9895
    Great and fun to listen to
    It’s such a great podcast to listen to and you also get to learn more things from the crew. You also get to learn things that you might not see on the YouTube channel.
  • idkwhatimdoingbruh
    MKBHD what do you expect??
    omg freaking love this podcast. it is literally the only thing that gets me through the week knowing that my boy mkbhd will post his podcast on friday. the whole team works so well together and the podcast is very well sought out. ILYY DAVID
  • No.06235688631
    So informative and fun to listen to
    This is my 4th favorite podcast. A refreshing break from the political podcasts I also listen to.
  • OGStrauss
    Great show
    This is a great show for anyone who wants to get their tech news with a fun conversation formatted show. Hot take: Tabasco is better then Cholula.
  • DWilsonMusic
    Long Form Of Marques Is What The World Needs
    Yup… just press play!
  • Bored gamer person
  • playdisbry
    W Podcast
    It’s just too good
  • Nicknames have been taken. all
    Love the conversations
    I actually love the conversations. I mostly know those news but love the way they talk about it and their take on those headlines.
  • IiCjay
    Read below for my review
    The show has this feminine hygiene body product vibe to it. You know when a bunch of women get together and talk about period tracking and ovulation times. There’s just no spark to this podcast at all. The whole NPR talk show vibe stinks. The show is good for putting me to sleep in under 5 minutes 😴
  • Your avg Ipad Kid
    I mean It’s Mkbhd
    This is one of few podcasts that the host knows what he’s doing. He’s setup a YouTube channel before so he is also really entertaining
  • logandylan321
    This podcast is so cool
  • Hi_Its_Angus
    One of the few podcasts I look forward to
    I always look forward to this one for my long commute, it’s always entertaining and helps me stay up to date with the best consumer tech
  • Joshua036
    Disorganized, scatter-brained, and not worth your time
    The podcast used to be great when it was only a couple of people speaking. Now, there’s 4 people. And they are always talking over each other, having simultaneous side conversations, and interrupting flows of thought by finishing it for others or by making jokes. Sometimes I can’t even understand what anyone is saying because everyone is talking at once. Also the trivia questions have gone waaay downhill. One of the trivia questions was to guess the prices of TVs at Best Buy and another was to guess a year of a product release that no one has heard of. They should do actual trivia questions instead of random guessing games and bending the rules in some episodes (giving hints, awarding half points, etc.) The quality overall has also been decreasing. Sometimes they forget to do trivia questions during an ad break like “oh! I forgot — trivia time”. It’s been a staple of the podcast for years but they still forget. They are constantly making bets and then subsequently discussing the rules/terms for a portion of the podcast (usually in the beginning) which delays the actual content. I know this sounds like the podcast isn’t for me anymore and you’re right, it isn’t anymore. But it genuinely was an enjoyable listen with less people in the past. Too many cooks will spoil the broth and this podcast is definitely spoiled. 1/5
  • K-dog2010
    Best Podcast Ever
    I love this podcast. I listen to it as soon as a new episode comes out, and it’s just perfect in every way. They get off topic the perfect amount of the time and stay on topic while not letting it be boring at all. All the people in make it more fun in their own way and it’s just the best.
  • boogie2dabeat
    Awesome roundtable tech chats
    Waveform is my go-to tech podcast. I love the format and the chemistry the team has.
  • JoeySommers
    It’s alright
    Not as to the point on their topics as they could be.
  • gurney Jen out fm
    Good, used to be great
    The recent episode without David was great. I realized he makes the episodes too scatter brained. Lots of whining honestly. Used to love the pod, but I feel like they are forgetting it started as a podcast, not a video.
    Apple quality at an “open source” price (free)
    One of the best podcasts around.
  • Mr. Spriggs
    Your podcast
    Best podcast ever
  • itsbrandon150
    great show … for video watchers
    audio listeners get screwed so often
  • eMac001
    Basically the only podcast I listen to
    This is the best tech podcast. All 3 hosts are amazing and the topics usually revolve around electric vehicles, tech news/rumors, etc
  • jonathanwylie
    Used to be amazing, now just good
    When this podcast started, it was an audio only experience. Now, I get it. He is a YouTuber. Video is their thing. But when they added the video version it became video first. It is not great for audio listeners. They often have to describe visual things for audio listeners and it is getting a little tiresome. I love the YouTube channel, the hot takes, and the knowledge and experience they all have, but if I wanted to watch a video podcast I would do it on YouTube. As an audio podcast, it has unfortunately strayed too far from its roots.
  • grincon55
    All about technology— very entertaining!
    I love this podcast, it’s 100% about people who love technology and love talking about it. They usually avoid political and controversial subjects, which I think makes them different than the rest of the podcast world. This is good because you can just shill and listen 🙂🙂
  • Hewson🤠
    Best Podcast. Love to trivia!!
    Although sometimes it is hard as a audio listener, I live this podcast. It is entertaining, fun, and easy to follow. If you love MKBHD like I do, you will LOVE this pod. If there is a MKBHD employee reading this, I appreciate all that you do and keep up the incredible content!!!
  • PoppieAcorn
    really conversational + down to earth + good, current topics. david was an amazing addition to the dynamic as well, love his extra perspective. cool to hear adam & ellis chime in occasionally too. thank you for making tech + tech news accessible and also entertaining at the same time. also we need mac on as a guest :)
  • Zach 347
    Great podcast
    This podcast is really informative and fun to listen to so I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in tech.
  • MichaelAnthonyButler
    David is so annoying. Wish he could go back to guest appearances.
  • G's he's he's he'd had
    Best podcast i ever listened to
    One of the best things I do in my day is listen to the podcast everything MKBHD does deserves to be 10 star love the channel and podcast 10 star remember that
  • RyslanSiz
    Trivia music
    Please change the music/tone for trivia getting old
  • Us3r-B
    Great Podcast
    This is a very interesting podcast and it always makes me joyful listening to it. Every Friday I am waiting for it to come out.
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