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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

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  • Drs1nonly
    I used to love listening to this show but as Linus has aged, so has his patience and look on what’s important in life. Every episode features a large “waaaah-mobile” full of complaints about literally every topic. The topics that he DOES like get a thumbs up and skimmed over. I’m not a fan of constant negativity, so, unsubscribing
  • schaffer06
    I enjoy listing to the wan show every week, but hearing the merch get plugged again and again and again and again really wears on a person. This show would be an easy five star if it wasn’t for that.
  • Amol Gautam
    Best tech podcast
    This is the best tech podcast wrt weekly news. I listen to it as my bedtime story . Keep up the good work guys. Loyal fan since 3 years Edit : I would appreciate if you spend a little less time on advertising your store. It kinda gets annoying at some point of time.
  • KiotieII
    WAN Show
    I do enjoy the WAN show in general, especially when they talk about tech news. However, it gets tiring when they do things with visual elements, and it gets really annoying with just how long they advertise their store. It’s absolutely fine to advertise your store, just don’t drag it on for 10-15+ minutes. Sometimes the audio is really off (one host is louder than the other) and they don’t seem to want to fix it for the podcast.
  • Deion p is cool
    He’s cool And should give me some free Ltt merch
  • falk.on
    Great show
    Absolutely awesome show, complete with knowledgeable and funny hosts and friendly banter which is oftentimes hilarious
  • prestonfan6321
    Definitely a good podcast, wish it came out faster on Apple Podcasts
  • Zellerific
    This is my favorite podcast, I love getting my tech news and listening to the banter and conversation.
  • the tincher boy
    Tinus lech lips
    Listen and see for yourself it’s very good imo
  • TheDesertLad72
    Only Podcast I Keep Up With
    I don't care for podcast much, but I find myself tuning in frequently to keep up with tech news and the host are funny and genuine. Gets a bit of a drag when they talk about their latest merch drops, but it's easy to skip over. I do like their "WAN After Dark" near the end where they engage with their audience and usually filter relavant questions or at least fun ones. Totally worth listening to if you like technology or familiar with their YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips.
  • wheel house the robo man
    Amazing show
    If you like LTT or just tech in general you will really like this podcast. The hosts are funny, and they engage a lot with the audience.
  • 3223144Eric
    Not recommended
    This show just isn’t good.
  • StapleGun24
    The Wan Show: Not About Slow Internet, Just Wan-derful Tech Talk
    "The Wan Show" may sound like it's about slow internet, but Linus and Luke's tech knowledge and dad-joke humor ensure it's anything but wan-ting - this podcast is a must-listen for any tech enthusiast.
  • dave6755
    Incredibly Entertaining
    Wan show remains engaging week after week regardless of how much is actual “tech discussion”
  • AMadTaz
    Please Post Promptly
    I wish there was more consistency with uploads. The show is once a week YouTube but the podcast version is often posted a week later. Since a lot of this stuff is new related, by the time I hear it it’s already old news. If they can streamline that process I’ll change my rating to five stars.
  • like_a_kraus
    Excellent Show, Subpar Ad-Spots
    No offense to the person who records the reading of the sponsor spots, but it it lackluster. I prefer the hosts reading them on the spot and live. It is certainly more entertaining and engaging for me.
  • MichaelAT07
    Great tech podcast
    I’ve listened to all the episodes available and this podcast is great. The hosts are funny and engaging, and the news coverage is that perfect balance between subjective and objective. Keep up the great work!
  • Bob-saget-face
    Giant AD
    It’s a giant Ad most episodes… barely any topics. Hard pass
  • Dans1213
    A really great show overall
    The show is great. I love listening to it while I’m riding my bike or working. The hosts are knowledgeable in most of the things they are talking about and it is nice to listen to if you’re into tech stuff.
  • Lexfinesse
    Linus isn’t famous😒
    There was a lady who took a picture with Shaq and thought he was MJ point is whether you are famous are not is relative to over 10 million people you are recognizable. You are just not a mega star ie Michael Jackson or Prince.
  • isaac2047
    Great podcast for tech news, has a bad audience
    Pretty great overall, two likeable hosts talking about stuff they're somewhat knowledgeable in. The audience can get really salty though when talking about something they don't like.
  • Sparky-quick
    Lack of a standard
    Linus tends to speak with authority on topics he doesn’t fully understand, than when confronted with it he tends to re-explain why he’s “not technically wrong” instead of taking full responsibility. Also Linus tends to speak as if he holds himself to a higher moral standard than most other business owners while doing equally “wrong” practices with his own business. Other than that I love this show and the hosts. If Linus was a little less full of himself I would keep listening. But In the end it’s his show.
  • dani1238562
    Naive yet Condescending Discussion on Topics They don’t understand.
    Some stuff they know pretty well, other stuff they don’t, but they’ll speak with authority on both, which is annoying.
  • cartakk is the best😄
    Best podcast
    I found lot when I was 5 and I’m 12 now they have helped me grow my interest I’m computers. As I am young I have never been able to afford fancy computers like the ones at Lott but 2 years ago I built a 8 th gen system with a micro atx msi pro series motherboard a 500 g 6 gb/s a Intel Celeron and a 430 w psu for 200 bucks which was the biggest purchase in my life.
  • MalkersTea
    Great podcast, salty audience
    Too many viewers sending in donations asking hosts to “stay out of politics”, or that the show is “too political”. Just because they’re saying something that you don’t like to hear doesn’t make it too political dummy
  • fffggfhhg
    Trash politics throughout
    Trash politics throughout
  • NicholasReviewer
    Perfect end to the week
    I normally watch this as a video podcast, but this is my FAVORITE way to end my Friday! Great work LMG!
  • bob the killer can he kill it
    Epic epic best yes
    Been watch LTT for a long time and love wan show (titan fall 2 is one of the best games ever!)
  • max_minecraft
    Linus is a gamer
  • joe356535667544345677
    Very good
  • CatNcatch
    Bad audio
    First I’m turning volume up to 80% to hear what they are saying, the next minute I’m lowering to 50% because of their screaming, I guess this is a live show where they do no editing to it. Topics are ok, opinions decent.
  • ePhotoLA
    Great hosts = great podcast
    Very interesting to listen to and always naturally funny.
  • nfnfjfjfjfjfjdjjdjdjdjdjd
    I’ve watched almost every episode from the start and loved it all the way through
  • noduh101
    Wish they uploaded sooner
    Love LMG!
  • xbow help please
    Very good podcast
    I’ve got a tech support question my Xbox one s will not connect to WiFi I’ve tried to reset the router and the xbox and it does not work can you help
  • Reboard user117
    Great Tech Podcast
    One of the best tech news podcasts available! Really wish the podcast came out sooner after the live stream on Youtube even though there are only five of us listening on Apple Podcasts lol, other than that its great
  • Mr Reviewer Man 🕵🏻‍♂️
    Good guys with a good show.
  • ivan.lee.e
    Don’t bother listening here.
    It takes a few days for the recording to be released on podcasts. May as well just watch it on YouTube. Otherwise amazing show
  • swoffmaster
    Good video
    Good video 👍👍
  • Sukismash
  • Y01NKUS
    Linus and Luke are so funny
  • Mac7991
    Fun, informative.
    Tech news with thoughtful discussions and entertaining hosts. Great stuff!
  • Senturion1186
    I like this show a lot. But PLEASE mute your Microsoft Teams sounds
    I like your podcast but every time I hear that MS Teams new message sound, I find myself looking for who messaged me. And then I get sad when I realize it was you. Or probably Luke. No new messages for me :(
  • KACK92
    Great Talkshow for Techie News!
    I have never listened to podcasts until I discovered Linus and his YouTube channels. I’m trying to get into learning the ins and outs of computers from what their parts are named to how they work. I discovered the WAN show but I could never have the time to watch the video. When these guys mentioned they upload their podcasts, I was SO happy to see they upload them here! Now I can drive my hour to work and get some knowledge in when it comes to the newest changes to certain brands and technologies (and other random bits of information from games to movies). I might now know yet what certain things mean (like why things like graphics cards have so many numbers and letters in their titles), but my knowledge is growing little by little every day, and I’m just so happy to listen to these podcasts while I drive to and from work. Keep it up WAN show!
  • Jefferoncini
    Good show 👍🏻
    Good show 👍🏻
  • CincinnatiKid69
    Just stop talking about Star Wars
    I really wish they’d stop talking about Star Wars.
  • Caedmon S
    A great show to catch up to all the tech news
    I’ve been listening to this show for a while on YouTube and I love it. It’s a great show/podcast to listen to catch up on all the tech news and things that are going on. The hosts are great to listen to and give good perspectives on the current events. Even better if you can watch the video. I love listening to this show on car drives.
  • DrEagleTalon
    LMG - My Favorite Tech Content, but when will we get Video Uploads on here?
    Linus Media Group has some of my favorite Content on the Internet. From their Forum to their many YouTube Channels (Channel Super Fun is Back BABY!) their Sub-Reddit and of course this Podcast. They are my number one source for PC/Gaming Related News. I would recommend this to anyone, even if you don't watch the YouTube Channels or even if you have never seen a single video. You will still follow along and still have a fun time. My only problem here is that they don't upload a Video Version of the Podcast on iTunes or any other Podcast App. I want to be able to watch it PiP (Picture-in-Picture) on my iPhone or iPad without a stupid YouTube Premium account and would love to download it for watching in places with crappy service (work) or to not blow my mobile data. Really its fine and 90% of the time it doesn’t make a difference and Audio is good enough. Sometimes though they refer to something on screen or Test results or a Graph and not being able to look at that is bothersome. In a lot of cases if I really care about the subject, I catch myself pulling up the YouTube video just to see it. I really hope they decide to upload the video version on here or even another Podcast App. Thanks for the many years of laughs and education. Excited for LMG’s Future.
  • Mg00000
    Should be a video podcast
    Hey you already do it on youtube why not just upload the video here? I gave three stars because they point out many things out at a non existent screen. And if you say then just watch youtube? I could have the video in picture in picture in the ipad in the podcast app and not in the youtube app even if I pay premium. So... please upload the video here just like you do in youtube.
  • M4j1k N1nj4
    It’s good
    Friday tech news of the week. If you like LTT you already know what this is.
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