The Dollop - England & UK

Improv #10

Dave Anthony tells a story from English history to Gareth Reynolds

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Recent Reviews
  • Critic Jew
    Not funny
    Stop recommending this it’s old and not funny
  • meh6
    A good start to a new Dollop, but...
    you can already see Dave's leftist tripe leaking in already. In one of the episodes you can hear him explicitly use a PC term ("sex worker" instead of prostitute) in an in-your-face way. Good boy, Dave.
  • R.Lahey
  • ejebrh
    Amazing 5 stars
  • renee tare
    So boring
  • bas8014
    Needs more
    Ello Govnah! Perfect outside of that.
  • Nelly1216
    The Dollop is perfection
    Could listen to a new Dollop every day. Love these two and the topics they discuss.
  • ms underfold
    Love it
    A great introduction to or supplement for the beauty that is The Dollop.
  • gentleman628
    Review on available episodes
    I subscribed to this podcast so I could let my friends and coworkers hear the Donald Trump episode but it isn’t available. Only negative feedback.
  • GalacticToast
    For the Queen!
    Huge fan of this addition to the podcast! Dave and Gareth never fail to crack me up and learn me some things.
  • JeffersonShive
    Garfy saves it
    Dave Anthony is ok, though he IS a very Marin-County-specific type of pretentious. Garreth Reynolds however, is funny enough to make this show great. This is NOT going to become a tickling podcast!
  • Inner Thigh Destroyer
    It’s better than not listening to it
    *see title
  • Just Looney
    It makes me happy
    What else is there to say?
  • Dewhole
    Thank God
    So good
  • jamesqimprov
    Double Dollop Double Fun
    A whole new mine of histories for these guys to unpack. Just like Dollop Classic, this show is unbelievably funny and important context for understanding how we got to where we are today.
  • Amy the Beauty Witch
    Love it!
    I love the OG dollop and I’m so happy to get this extra fix!! Thank you for all your hard work and putting in the time to make this equally hilarious yet disturbing spin off!! You guys are my favorite!!!! ..... or I guess favourite in this case
  • NCuperus
    It’s The Dollop, guv’nor!
    Everyone could use a little more Dollop in their lives. My only complaint is that they didn’t have Pam as a guest on any of these England/UK episodes!
  • KatieLouHicks18
    Hello Governor
    What a special treat - Dollops that you back to Ye Olde times with some very special accents!
  • startrek90!!
    More spinoffs
    I love this podcast and the dollop in general. But this spinoff is fascinating and awesome. Keep up the good work
  • Musically Frustrated
    Cyril the Swan could be your best yet!! I’ve listened to the podcast for a long time, but as a Brit living in the US, Dave, please please please can you pronounce British counties properly. It’s not “shire” like “wire”, but more like “sher”.
  • SethT.
    More Awesomeness!
    Its great for once you e listened to all the normal dollops and your looking for more.
  • Gmoneygma
    Fabulous stories and great presentation.
    We happened upon these on a long road trip. My husband and I both laughed out loud. I had to subscribe. A lot of the podcasts between two guys talking get on my nerves but these guys are great! Interesting stories and a good listen. Sometimes I have to rewind to get all the nuance. Definitely a fan.
  • jmf323
    I always want more of these two!
    Thank you for extended the podcast to this special - it's the best!
  • SerTyrion
    More dollop!
  • Lord Robotic
    Outstanding comedy education
    Two dudes with eyebrows telling tales. Funny takes on usually awful history.
  • rebsbull
    Go down under
    What about Australia? Every story from there is bonkers
  • cntrybmpkn
    Love these guys!
    I want to smoke a joint in a bubble bath with these two beautiful men!
  • Navabegood
    F yeah.
    Awesome stories, classic Dollop goodness. 👍
  • Koutsavlis3
    Yippie hooray
  • JFischer1127
  • lawgak
    Do more. They’re great
    Do more
  • ninatothenines
    Chill on the laughter
    Accents are hilarious but they need to get that awful hoarse laughter off the mic
  • Bejeweler9
    Love that they are offering even more Dollop!
    I love their original podcast and obviously this one is no different. Hilarious break during the week!
  • Jubee32987
    Please do another season!
    Hilarious. I think I may like this more than the original. Makes my drive for work much more enjoyable!
  • courtneykurtz
    Favorite podcast
  • KateG553
    Absolutely chuffed
    ‘Ello govna!!!
  • Aerodronjc
    You guys are the best
    Better than anything on television! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to during law school
  • DEEJAY847
    I love to see that U.S.A isn’t the only country F’d Up, Gary and Dave are the best!!
  • Gavin Ennis
    Ello Guvnah!
    Very excited to get more funny stories from my favorite podcast!
  • bazzarkt
    Extra Dollop Goodness
    Enjoying the accents, the stories are the usual fantastic ‘OMG’, ‘wait what?’s’. And as always, you shouldn’t ask Gareth for city/town pronunciations, naturally. - iTunes does not have the episodes 2 and 3 in the “season” with episode 1. Doesn’t deter from the audio experience, but possibly rank? - Kate from Kansas.
  • Poppeyy
    Dave, Gary. I’m so pumped for new and excited stories from *does bad English accent* across the pond. 😍
  • styx1964
    The Love from them just keeps on coming!
    Fantastic!! Please keep doing them coming even after this season of 9 or so is done.. Hope Gareth does a reverse one!
  • Ramones3763
    My favorite podcast just doubled down!
    Back to twice a week!! Reminds me of the early days of the Dollop! It’s a short “season” but I’ll take it! Thanks guys!
  • SonicDredd
    Nothing but greatness!!!🤩
  • annhata
    The Dollop conquers the world!
    The Dollop is always the priority listening whenever a new show pops up on the feed. Very excited to hear stories from England, looking forward to Gareth and his wonderful spectrum of accents.
  • hfckyxjs
    So good!
    So good! Especially Garry!
  • NikkiRR84
    Outstanding as usual!
  • RoSklario Dawson
    A right fine pod, pip pip
  • KappyNow
    The Best Podcast (The Dollop) Has A Friend In The UK
    Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, who host the brilliant weekly podcast The Dollop, are now bringing us a dollop of England, and it’s hilarious!
  • shougekinojp
    More dollop more gareth more dave what more could u ask for? Oh wait, more dollop! Theyve done it again n always brighten my day
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