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The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.

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  • DonutBread
    Love these ladies
    I am here for all the stories, insights from the ladies/cast & crew on how the show came together, and when they go off on delightful tangents. Grateful to Angela and Jenna for being so open, sharing their amazing friendship, and keeping me laughing every week- sometimes to the point of crying lol I see people leaving complaints on quality of playback/skipping. I haven’t experienced any of that, so doesn’t seem to be an editing glitch-maybe a technical issue that should be addressed with the app/equipment being used? For those looking for an episode recap, this isn’t it. You will definitely get info on how the show was made- I am especially fascinated when they talk about set design and how certain props were made or shot. But be ready for a lot of side conversations that feel to me like hanging out with friends, but may not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • gwenniek
    Love love love!
    So happy for the Office Ladies podcast. I usually watch the office on repeat so it is great to get behind the scenes info... Thank you for doing this ladies are great together!
  • bob81456
    What an amazing show
    Have watched The Office since the start in 2005 , even today it's always my go to show, subscribed to Peacock only because of the Office extra material. I really enjoy your podcast with all behind scene moments. The problem is anytime my wife and I have an opening it's “THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! “ Keep up the GREAT WORK!
  • LaurelRising
    Simply a good time!
    As a fan of The Office, I love hearing about all of the creative processes that made the show. Listening to Angela and Jenna feels like hanging out with my BFFs. So good. So fun. Thanks, Ladies!!
  • Haleynw
    It’s getting worse
    I previously rated the podcast 5 stars. I loved it when it came out. But recently the editing has been awful, the conversations have been lacking, the facts are rare, and the special guests aren’t all that special. I still like and listen to the podcast but I’m dropping my rating to hopefully encourage some reflection and change at earwolf. You have a cash cow, yes, but don’t give up on it before it’s over. True office fans should give Michael Scott Podcast Company a listen.
  • OfficeFan1k
    Great fun
    Thank you for this podcast! It’s a must for any Office fan!!
  • MomintheOC
    So fun!
  • unicorn324
    Did you notice
    The colors they used for their names in their book correspond with the colors they’re wearing on the cover of the podcast
  • Bronxie Jr
    Office Fan delight
    I came late to The Office. I didn’t start watching until years after it ended. The episodes and the podcast are fresh and delightful, folksy and charming. Highly recommended.
  • kriszum
    Kind of Shrill
    As much as I love hearing about the office, it’s too perky and borders on shrill. Seems like these two are riding on the success of the past without doing much else. I did enjoy the performances by these actors on the show so I will not be listening to anymore of the podcast so I can still enjoy their previous work.
  • Stupid iTunes Nickname
    Scott’s Tots editing…episode unlistenable
    Update: same issues with Sabre. I hope someone is reading these comments. More and more listeners are giving up on this podcast due to the abysmal editing. After listening since the beginning I’m done. Pointless trying to attempt to follow what they’re saying when the episodes are in total shambles. Scott’s Tots: Not sure what happened as it’s typically not this bad but certainly hope it’s corrected before the next episode drops. The missing sections and constantly repeated items were so frustrating I couldn’t finish.
  • ehimeseses
    Terrible glitching, among other issues
    I loved this podcast when it started. Now between the irrelevant banter, the mind-numbingly pointless deep dives, and the terrible glitching and skipping, it’s unlistenable. The little tidbits you get about The Office aren’t worth suffering through the filler.
  • klchapin26
    Love this podcast!
    Thank you both for all the hard work you put into this podcast. I love The Office and it’s been so cool hearing how it all came together. Now it’s even more special! You guys are so fun to listen to! 😃
  • Lennie Gail
    A Rewatch Podcast Exactly How It Should Be
    I’ve been listening since they were going through the second season. As a big fan of The Office, I was so excited to discover this podcast. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Angela and Jenna’s banter, fast facts, deep dives, guests, etc. It wasn’t until I started listening to another rewatch podcast that I realized how much I love this one. I kept wanting the other podcast to go through the episode scene by scene like The Office Ladies do, and was so disappointed when they didn’t. I love learning all the ins and outs of each scene and their memories of what it took to get the take that we see. This podcast is well worth a listen if you’re someone who enjoys knowing all the behind the scenes details.
  • NY-23
    Set The Bar for Rewatch Podcasts
    I have loved The Office Ladies since the first time I listened now years ago. As someone who has watched the whole series multiple times and some seasons even more, this is the nerdy detail and behind-the-scenes information I’m here for. I don’t think I fully realized how good the podcast is, though, until I started listening to other rewatch podcasts. I just keep wanting them to talk about the other shows I love with as much detail and care as Jenna and Angela talk about The Office. Thanks for setting the bar, Ladies!
  • KathyLovesBooks
    Two privilege white ladies talking
    It’s hard to overlook how privileged these two white ladies are. If you are a middle aged white lady you will probably like this podcast, otherwise, be ready to hear two people complain about the stupidest things. Their lives are so hard and they talk about it in this podcast. They rant about the most mundane things instead of breaking down the episode.
  • domcncbdhdmcnv
    I like it
    I like it. It’s my go-to podcast but Jenna is self obsessed and Angela is just so cute. His is a great podcast to listen to but c’mon Jenna.
  • Dissapointmentabounds
    Weird editing in episodes
    I love these ladies, and I love this podcast. The only annoying thing is the constant back and forth that happens in the editing of the episode. The episode plays just fine, then seems to skip forward a few minutes where I miss content. Then it plays fine for a minute and seems to jump backwards. It’s like the conversation keeps getting interrupted by their past and future selves. This happens in almost every episode. At first I thought it was a problem with my phone and the playback, but then why would it be cutting back in out and replying sections over again?
  • desny907
    My comfort
    I look forward to new episodes each week. They truly brighten my day
  • snwidvffivsq
    This podcast is great for office fans! The ladies seem sweet and their pretty entertaining. But they go on the most random deep dives. I do love when podcasts rant about things sometimes but not a five minute rants about Great Danes like in their latest episode, “The Manager and the Salesman” I just think it’s not needed. I still do love the podcast though and it is very fun to listen to! This is just constructive criticism. Keep it up!
  • Ashliek123
    Update and rereview
    I wrote a pretty critical review recently, and while there are still some issues with this show I think could be addressed, I’ve been listening to the new girl rewatch podcast and man has it made me appreciate this podcast. Jenna and Angela are 1. Excited to do this show 2. ORGANIZED. 3. PREPARED 4. Aside from a lot of the pandemic they do the show IN PERSON. They’ve been doing this podcast for years now and can still remember a lot from filming each individual episode. I just felt bad for not giving them the credit they deserve when other shows are trying to just milk a fandom for all their worth and giving really poor content. Jenna and Angela care and it shows.
  • maduser1231390
    Love this show so so much! It’s the highlight of my Wednesdays. However, recently there have been so many issues with the episodes skipping and it makes it really hard to follow and listen to. Is this an apple problem or in the recording itself?
  • Kevin Hoover
    No longer for me…
    When this pod came out, I LOVED every minute of it! However as time has gone on, frustratingly, there seemed to be less and less actual Office content. Replacing it with more deep dives, side tracks, and hair/clothing discussions. I broke down the episode covering “The Manager and the Salesman.” And it turns out the data matches my feelings: In the 75 minutes that make up the episode, there were only 3 times the ladies talked about actual Office related things for longer than 5 minutes. But HEY! I learned about the origin of Snoopy and Woodstock…They were on The Office right? The British one? If you’re looking for a focused Office behind the scenes…I’m not sure this is for you. If you want to girl gab with some pretend best friends with a little bit of pesky Office talk in there…enjoy!
  • amm4646
    Editing Issues
    The editing is embarrassing. This show makes too much money to be so poorly put together.
  • Lkathleen5768
    Great behind the scenes info
    Love the content and behind the scenes interviews. Jenna and Angela kinda try too hard to be relatable…their lives aren’t that exciting. I don’t need a 15 minute ramble about plants/blankets/grocery shopping.
  • jalonb123
    the deep dives, eh. and for a company like earwolf i’m surprised the editing can be pretty bad at times. otherwise decent podcast
  • Sharonanw
    So good!
    Being a big fan of the office, I was thrilled when Angela and Jenna decided to start this podcast. I love all things the office and the background and insist is great!
  • MTS@16
    I love this show and I love this podcast! However, I gave it three stars because it is getting to be way too long to listen to. When I saw Sabre was almost two hours, I almost skipped it but I liked the episode so I wanted to listen, but it was painstaking! I understand you have a lot of people to talk to and things to unpack but please please please condense this into at the very most 1 hour. It is just so hard to work yourself up to listen for two hours when you know it could be an hour podcast.
  • the office is my life
    Best Rewatch Podcast Ever
    You ladies are killing it! I’m currently on my second relisten of the podcast and can’t wait for the new episodes. This podcast has truly ruined all other rewatch podcasts for me and I don’t want it to end! Keep it up!!!
  • Zeegha
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast even tho it’s not the same as watching the actual show The Office. It’s fun getting to know Jenna and Angela, but I have to stop listening to it when I’m trying to go to sleep! There’s no sleep because I want to to hear Everything! Keep it up, Ladies! You both rock!
  • Dharma25
    Love it!
    Fun podcast! Angela is so down to earth and relatable. Keep up the great work ladies!
  • Jarrodactor
    Fluffer Nutter warnings needed
    Ok. Been listening to this show since day 1. You ladies are simply wonderful. As a mailman, I listen to a lot of shows while walking on my route. The episode ‘Sabre’ has the incredible Fluffer Nutter moment and I feel needed a warning. I about passed out walking down the road from laughing so dang hard when Jenna loses it and Angela yells, ‘I didn’t laugh once when you said wiener 10 times!’ So funny. Love you ladies. Thanks for providing so much joy to all of us.
  • gooo000ch
    Editing and deep dives
    Please fix the skipping. It’s been happening for a while now but Sabre was unlistenable. And while the content focused on the actual episodes is awesome, the deep dives are pointless and annoying.
  • closiff
    Favorite Podcast of All Time
    I cannot get enough. I binge listened to two years of this podcast in two months. I am finally caught up and so sad I can’t listen all day everyday. Angela and Jenna are my absolute favorite. They are so adorable. I love everything about this show. Many have complained about the deep dives, but I love them!! Best podcast ever!!!!!
  • ks0891
    Editing issues
    I really enjoyed this podcast in the beginning and still would if it weren’t for the extremely distracting editing issues that seem to get worse every week.
  • zia88220
    Good podcast, but the editing, ugh
    I guess I have to put my two cents in as well. I generally really enjoy and look forward to this podcast. I agree, I’m not always interested in the deep dives and I do think that amazing one liners or plot points are sometimes not addressed, but I do generally enjoy the content overall. But the editing is getting worse and worse. It is truly unbelievable how bad it is. I listen to podcasts by “regular” people with far less money/sponsors and far fewer subscribers who do not have these issues. Missing sections of conversations, the same section of conversation repeating multiple times, it’s insane! I can not believe how bad it is. Seriously I listen to so many other podcasts and not one of them has this problem. Just listened to the Sabre episode and I think it was the worse yet. How has this issue not be addressed for the many months that it has been going on for?!?!
  • itsme333333333333
    Can I give less than 1 star?
    To all of the reviewers saying they want to be friends with Angela and Jenna, good god why? Angela is fine but Jenna is shrill and putting on a really weird voice/accent. I’ve seen her in interviews and on other podcasts and this isn’t her real voice- it’s so bizarre. Between over enunciating her R’s and S, it’s almost unbearable at this point. She also is just so self obsessed. I wish there were time stamps of when they actiall talk about the office.
  • anki1772
    So many audio glitches. Can literally hear a scratching noise and then the audio flips back and forth. Happened so many times on the most recent “Sabre” episode that had to stop listening as I could not follow the conversation anymore. Please fix it.
  • Chels8310
    Please Fix Editing
    I am an enormous office fan and will always love anything that the actors put out. Not here to criticize any content whatsoever. However, this week’s episode was especially hard to follow due to all of the skipping around that the episode did. Something is truly wrong with the editing of this show, and today’s Sabre episode was especially bad. Please fix this, it was really hard to follow along today and made for an unpleasant listening experience.
  • zdlyn
    Enthusiastic every episode
    Angela and Jenna are always shouting and I love it
  • Deverauox
    LOVE J&A ...
    Kind of a bummer lately. We want to hear the "behind the scenes" information ABOUT THE EPISODE! its getting more and more off topic and weird tangents and deep dives about toilet books. its giving cringe and a little embarrassing to listen to. i want to support but its getting more difficult lately. its become a chore to listen to and lately find myself skipping ahead. might tune out for a few months and come back after summer. Previous review:I love this pod but lately it seems to have gotten more off topic than anything. Too many/too long/too unnecessary deep dives. I like them but they have become excessive and deep dives on things that aren't even interesting. Seems like the show is gearing towards kids or a younger audience... Weird. Maybe bc their kids listen? Would love a return to the earlier, fun and more entertaining episodes.
  • Office Superfan
    Office Superfan!
    I was looking for a good podcast to listen to and I came across The Office Ladies. I’ve watched all of the office episodes many times so I was very exited when I saw this. I listened to the first episode and was so flabbergasted, theres so many things I dont know about The Office. I’m only on episode 2 right now but I can tell i’ll be listening to this many more times. I also wish people would stop hating on this podcast. They’re doing amazing so stop criticizing them and listen to something else if you dont like it. I even saw someone say that you guys were annoying, which is not true. Keep up the good work!
  • Gayle Guthrie
    My favorite ♥️
    I love this podcast so much! Angela & Jenna always make me feel like I’m listening to friends!
  • Vgs2oc
    Stay on topic!
    I have really tried with this podcast but it has become nearly impossible to listen to at this point. I am sure that Jenna and Angela are nice people but they are SO annoying. We don’t care about your friendship and personal lives. We don’t care about you doing yoga for the first time. I hate to sound harsh but people are listening to hear about The Office - NOT you. There haven’t been any episodes where they haven’t spent several minutes talking about themselves that has nothing to do with the show. Or their stupid Mom Detectives show. Unfortunately people are just not interested in you. Stay on topic or you are going to start losing listeners - starting with me. Also about a third of the episode has become ads which is beyond annoying. And stop it with the deep dives. Literally no one cares and I always fast forward through them. Also love how we’ve been painfully listening to these two talk about their stupid Mom Detectives Show and when they get their first “client,” they make Cassie do all the work. Just stop it. Please.
  • PiersCol
    These will be your new BFF’S in your head! Lol
    My ABSOLUTE favorite podcast EVER!
  • James924
    Getting worse and worse
    This podcast is getting worse and worse. The contact is getting boring, it is starting to feel more artificial and more like reading from a script, the intonation and pauses in their voices are just getting awkward, everything feels forced and weird. And of course add all of the stupid advertisements to the mix and this podcast simply is not what it used to be. But I’m sure it’s very profitable for them.
  • Rocket J. Robin
    Ladies’ Tangents Rock!
    I listen to Office Ladies because I enjoy listening to these gal pals. I watched the first 4 seasons of The Office when they first ran, and still don’t actually like the show, but I finished watching the series two years ago so I could follow the Ladies’ adventures in rewatching. I love your deep dives, your righteous declarations (I’m with you on kitten cuteness and pockets!), reminiscences, and future travel plans. The Office Ladies podcast rocks!
  • poleprincess420
    Stop the deep dives
    Please go more in depth into the episodes instead of talking about what books are good to read on the toilet. Come on, you guys skip soooo many scenes but feel the need to give us the history of some mundane thing that takes up 1 second of an episode. I use to love this pod but it’s gone a bit downhill. Please talk more about the episode!!!
  • wildflower801
    Focus. Knock it off with the deep dives.
    I continue to listen, but I sure do a lot of skipping forward. The deep dives are mind-numbingly annoying and unnecessary. I’m also so over the words “lady,” “amazing,” and “I love it.” Focus on content that’s about the episodes; those are the best parts as are the audio clips from guests, interviews with guests, deleted scene information, etc. Also consider expanding on vocabulary. In the intro we are told this podcast is “just for you” (us), but it doesn’t necessarily seem that way as of late.
  • Lynnt29
    My favorite!
    The Office is the show I’ve seen more than any other. I think my husband and I have watched it through at least 3 times. Our cat’s name is Halpert! I started listening while I was sewing masks during the pandemic when I asked a friend what podcasts she liked. I was instantly hooked! I got caught up pretty quickly, then I had to wait each week for a new episode. My husband got me the DVD set for a gift so I could watch all the deleted scenes. Now after I listen to an episode, we watch it and the deleted scenes, and I sprinkle in all the little tidbits I learned. At first, he was annoyed, but then he started to like it! Now he doesn’t want to watch an episode until I’ve listened to the podcast. Thank you for this awesome podcast!
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