"SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and newfound knowledge to feed the SmartLess mind.
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  • Deanna__jean
    Hands down my favorite podcast. Every Monday I am so excited for a new show!! Same there 3 men do much, thank you so much for all the laughs!!!!
  • bill in bama
    The three stooges!
    How can you go wrong with this type of talent!
  • nyc4321
    Disappointed they are promoting online betting
    I’ve been a long term fan but I stopped listening after the online betting comercial came on. I’m extremely disappointed they’ve chosen to promote such a horrible business that leads to addiction and bankrupts people. People have committed suicide in the UK already. I know they need to make money but that’s such a poor choice. And I’m no prude, I’ll be all for it if they chose to promote edibles, for example. Not listening until those ads go.
  • LeslieSLeeper
    Dana Carvey Episode
    I love this podcast! Every episode is amazing! Having said that, the Dana Carvey episode has been the best one yet! I laughed the entire time! He’s so talented and funny and then coupled with you three, it was pure comedic joy!
  • Clinda0000
    Dana Carvey
    Thanks for this one !!
  • Reisingln
    Thank You
    The very first episode I listened to was the one with Bono as your guest❤️ Now I am hooked…You guys are so funny together!!! Your relationship with one another is just hilarious. I laugh out loud all the time. Great energy and very entertaining. Good job with the podcast 👏🏻 I would love a podcast episode with Jason just discussing his nutrition routine! 😂😂 I want to live to be 100 too!
  • TMcD777
    Could there be any more commercials?
    A fun romp, but too many commercials.
  • Shinfo76
    Why anyone want to listen to this trite bullsjit is beyond me, like these walking hair products don’t get enough attention. Feckouttaheeeaaah
  • Wiggle Lips
    Hilarious but,
    I love this show. These three are hilarious, but when they start talking politics the name makes sense. Still giving them 5 stars though.
  • Tar Heel Jason
    This podcast brings so much joy to my day and week. Even looking forward to it I get super excited like I am going to have lunch tomorrow with some old friends. Thank you, to all who make this podcast possible.
  • LyssHil13
    Dana Carvey
    Dana Carvey is the all time greatest Smartless guest!! The funniest episode by far!!
  • 2dotsfan
    Really not funny anymore
    I used to love the show, but the interrupting the guests, the stupid “gay” jokes, kind of over it. Sean, you can do better, you’re the only one who brings anything relevant to the table.
    Funniest guest to date.
  • LindaRazo
    Bill Hader??
    Love all of your interviews!! When will you interview Bill Hader?
  • Rtmama22
    One of the best, funniest, with Dana Carvey
    I couldn’t stop laughing. I listened to it twice so far, wanting more. Thank you!! Please do Dana Returns.
  • -c peters
    What is a Podcast really worth?
    When you guys and your guests such as Carvey, Farrell and Sandler, JB and on and on, talk about the value of podcasts, and what they really mean to people..,or even when you get to the idea of, “Why are we still on the air? Why would people listen to this?” Bringing the world a laugh, head nod, and giggle on the way to work changes the planet. If it starts my day out better, I will pass that feeling along to everyone I interact with all day. Laughter is contagious! Along with music, art, and great writing… comedy, perhaps more than any other form of human communication, is the most authentic and real. Never underestimate what you are doing with that show. I was a guest on a TV show recently and they asked me, “How would you know, with your recent accomplishments, if you were successful or not? “ I told them, “When I am a guest on SmartLess, that’s when I know I’ve had some success in this field.” I think I speak for nearly everyone out there when I say, there are millions of us that would love to just hang out with you guys for a couple hours someday. And yet, you’ve already done that for us 160+ times!
  • maple1976
    Lose it
    The byeeeeee is annoying. But love the rest of the podcast.
  • Tired mcr
    Dana Carvey episode is the best!
    You’ve had many great episodes but this one is by far THE BEST!!! Can not remember a funnier podcast, THANK YOU!!
  • barbtassels
    Dana Carvey
    This was by far the best episode I have heard from u all. I’ve listened to almost every episode unless it is related to politics! Keep bringing in guests like Dana and leave the political figures to the political correspondents. U r all in the entertainment business stick to entertainment figures!!
  • RitaKamna
    LOVE but bring back Tracy
    I miss the references to Tracy, and more importantly, the helpful interpretation that came with it for some of the showbiz shoptalk. Bring that back, please. Otherwise, you all are perfect. And let Shanna ask more questions!
  • thinking in 2023
    What’s wrong with this picture
    Three white European men interview other white European men (and a few white women). Wake up- be the change
  • nevpaths
    The Great
    Sent this interview with Wayne Gretzky to my Canadian friend who idolizes him. He said it was best interview he had ever heard. He forwarded it to his family in Canada. WG is just the sweetest dude. Thanks for this guys. ❤️
  • Alecodonovan
    Boys club bullying
    Some interviews are really interesting, but there is not enough diversity in the guest list and the way Will and Jason (mostly Will) tease, interrupt, talk over, and straight-up bully Sean is super cringy and tedious to listen to after a while.
  • Schultz's momma
    The best
    These guys are great! Not just funny, they’re entertaining. Their guests are wonderful.
  • Amy Twiz
    I took a long break after loving the show through covid. Biggest issues are not being relatable, having to PAY for newer episodes. Honestly, I can no longer get through a whole episode. Love you Sean Hayes and your other podcast is great.
  • Wrido107
    Who Knew?
    Who knew Bono was so funny? Love smartless but this episode might be my all time favorite so far. Thank you💜💜💜
  • GDavis14
    These guys deliver every time!
    Sean, Will and Jason are each amazing talents in their own right, but the chemistry of the three together is something rarely seen.
  • st.stevester
    Let them talk!
    They get great guests! Please don’t interrupt, let them talk. I want to learn and hear what they have to say. Trying to sneak a funny joke in when the guest often are getting to an interesting point or saying something profound, it drives me nuts!
  • wes beeler
    Such a fan
    You guys make me laugh every time I listen! But I need video content! I want to see the reactions between yall and the guest!!
  • Moisie Magoo
    Just skip it
    It’s 3 celebrity cool kids interviewing other celebrity cool kids. The drawn out intro reminds me of 2 frat boys sucking the life out of the other frat boy wanna be. I love how the promo from the show says they bring in those from all walks of life. That was the most laughable part of the 3 shows I listened to. Taking it off my subscriptions.
  • awise111
    Excellent podcast
    Wonderful discussion with Bono!
  • Tiffany_anne
    Awesome! Needs less blue kazoo
    I really enjoy listening to the podcast regularly but if I hear Sean squawk about Blue Kazoo one more time I’m going to start screaming. I’m sure they’re a lovely company but that is the worst, most grating commercial I’ve ever heard. I love the rest of the pod though! Thank goodness for the option to skip ahead
  • Kadence404
    So many ads
    At first I found it funny but it got old really fast. They interrupt guests constantly and never seem prepared with thoughtful questions, which is probably intentional - I get the feeling they don’t actually want attention on the guests, the guests are just a vehicle to legitimize their own vanity project. And the constant over the top heaping of praise, ugh. You’re all truly amazing, just SO talented. Way too cringy. I unsubscribed. After an extended break I gave one more episode a try and was amazed it’s somehow even worse than when it first came out. And the show has more ads than literally any other podcast I listen to, the number of ad breaks and the duration of each break is ridiculous. It’s not like this is a bunch of independent podcasters trying to make a living. You’re all living quite comfortably (as your penchant for smug remarks often reminds us). This show makes me seriously dislike every one of these guys who I used to actually enjoy.
  • Lainiekatz
    The best ever
    I just heard the Dana Carvey episode…the absolutely funniest, best podcast you’ve ever done. I wish there could have been a second hour. I heard him do a one-night solo show at Roger Williams University in Bristol RI sometime in the 80s and will always remember the speed with which he seamlessly shifted from one skit to the next. Hard to believe the human brain could move and coordinate that fast. We laughed until It hurt! Thanks for a great show. Elaine Williams, Newport, RI
  • Kevin B123
    Must listen
    Will always make you laugh but has the ability to be serious, kind, thoughtful and they bring a humanity that you would hope to see more of, not just in hollywood but across the world.
  • johnny otani
    Best Pcast Going
    The thing I like most about the unholy trinity is the way they seem as awestruck as we are at their guests and even each other. I live the way they all laugh so hard at themselves when one of them gets off a perfectly biting but also kind insult. It’s such a joy to listen to. Only problem is I used to listen to podcasts to fall asleep. This one wakes me up.
  • Tkd_Gal
    Amazing guests!
    I don’t know how these guys are able to do it time and time again. ❤️Bono!!!
  • JJN 22
    The best
    The best
  • Cmtlang
    Big fan with an asterisk
    I love the show and listen every week. It’s especially great when they interview their friends. But a major asterisk is that their homophobia is really a problem. I think they’re all betraying their age in how they seem to think that just the act of gay sex or being gay is something to laugh at. It comes up in almost every episode. It’s especially uncomfortable how Sean Hayes laughs along and I’m sure that’s just because he’s so used to it at this point. Get it together, guys! Being gay is not a laugh line!
  • milford Mom
    This is the best podcast. Hard stop.
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to these three guys just have fun talking to each other and “allowing” a guest to come join in on the fun. When they had Bono on though, it was a game changer. That was the first time I had heard him talk like he was just sitting around with a group of friends and renewed my love of all things Bono. Nice “get” guys. Keep it up - the podcast is a bright spot in my week!
  • BigKHoonah
    Would love to be their “listener”
    The only thing I don’t like about this podcast is that I don’t get to truly hang out with these guys. Such a natural comradarie. I they ever want to interview “listener” ✋
  • Runribbit
    You guys rock!
    I listen every week and love each episode - the guests are amazing and the discussions are so ouch fun to listen to. And the Bono episode this week is truly fantastic!!! I was really impressed. I listened this morning and already shared it with a few other people.
  • MCarolinaA
    Got to love Sean
    I’m Colombian listener living currently in Brazil. I just have to say that Sean is not only multitalented, smart, funny, handsome and adorable but also an extraordinary human being. The best part of this podcast!
  • What the?8:);$/$
    Funnier than I imagined.
    I’ll be honest, I saw that one of my favorite people did the show so I pulled up that episode. I am blown away at how brilliant these guys are. Don’t bother me for the next week, I’ll be listening to every episode.
  • chessneyb
    Long time listener. First time caller. 📻
    When ideas, faith, life, and humanity collide. Will thank you for opening the door. Hearing Bobo speak of Bob Marley & Richard Rohr completed a circle I was unable to ever articulate. Thank you. Every episode, hilarious and human. Comforted to my core. Real people. Teaching and learning and laughing. P.S. 🎯 Ben Stiller episode spot on. Spot on.
  • Suzikynn541
    Sometimes good, sometimes not
    Actors going on and on about their “process” and the great people they’ve worked with in the industry , does get a bit, well, boring. God, so boring. A little cringy sometimes particularly the remark Shawn made about his stomach while interviewing Adam Sandler was in such bad taste, yikes. I just try to turn it off before they do their byeeee thing at the end. Have they ever listened to that to hear how truly awful it is? They sound like a bunch of 4th grade girls. Do quite enjoy the good natured bantering between them throughout the show. Sounds like they truly love each other. But guys , lose the byeeee. Really.
  • Mattfush
    Love love love!
    Thank you for being so much fun :) You guys rock and I truly enjoy listening to you while I work!! I love laughing out loud-it makes my coworkers look up and wonder what the heck is so funny in my corner ;)
  • 💕brener
    Interesting podcast, sometimes a little inside baseball in a dull way but mostly good. Note: Jaws was the first blockbuster film, not Gone With the Wind or any other pre WW2 flick. The term originated in WW2.
  • AllieB2929
    Love it!
    Smartless is well balanced between informative and entertaining. Great to hear how the hosts interact with celebrities (friends) of different backgrounds and love to hear how personalities come out with the variety of questions they ask. My rec is Zoe Saldana! Unless I missed her somewhere. Keep up the amazing work :)
  • chad "egg nog" kultgen
    A little strokey
    A bit of a mutual admiration society with the guests. Kind of wish it was just Will, Sean, and Bateman riffing together
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