"SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and newfound knowledge to feed the SmartLess mind.
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  • KeisterDude
    More AOC. She’s the best!
  • Kikemire
    Our go to podcast in the car!
    It doesn’t matter if I know of the guest or not, I have not heard an episode that didn’t make me laugh and keep me engaged in their conversation! By far the best thing to come from Covid! Thanks for sharing your friendship with us guys, it’s amazing!
  • Stacey Nevada
    ❤️ funny guys ❤️
    I love all of your guests… EXCEPT the politicians. Can we keep politics off of this fun loving and entertaining podcast. Absolute big huge boooo to AOC. I want to be entertained not preached.
  • Jgp17
    Mixed Bag
    I enjoy Smartless. I felt compelled to write a review to ask that you commit to adding diversity to the lineup. The absence of women and people of color is so glaring that I don’t know why it hasn’t become a bigger issue for you. I really enjoyed Smartless on the Road…until Kevin Hart. He was SO rude to Sean. It was not funny. Seeing KH sit with his back to Sean and being so dismissive and even aggressive towards Sean was cringe. This should’ve ended up on the cutting room floor. Overall, I enjoy having Smartless in my podcast library.
  • Erinisaflipflop
    Love the podcast and the tour show!
    Love the show. Such a great pick me up. Love the variety of guests. Keep it up!
  • deenice!!
    Great guest awesome interviews
    But…..Stop being bullies. Give Sean a break!! 🐝 kind
  • Sherpa Lola
    Seriously funny!
    Just watched the HBO Max episodes and loved every thing about it! I’ve been listening since COVID and can’t stop laughing. I look forward to it every Monday. Great job guys!
  • MM18529
    The best!
    My go to podcast
  • iPowerCub
    Find myself smiling
    It’s like talking to friends on the phone back in the 80s on 3way calling, I mean that in the best way. I drive a couple thousand miles a month and I find myself smiling and laughing through their stories. Thank you for sharing!
  • JSL,JD
    Why am I late to this Party?!
    I recently watched all of Smartless on Max and how I hadn’t heard about your podcast is a mystery to me! Then I subscribed and the most recent episode appeared-Depeche Mode!!! Whhhaaat? It’s like we’re friends, you know me! No words to describe my emotions that are evoked by DM…(Sean, I related to your shaking, I wasn’t there and I was doing the same!) Anyway, love, love, love you guys I’m excited to listen to all of the past episodes and I hope to catch a live show in the future!
  • BeachPlummmy
    Buttttt…no more AOC…she’s the worst.
  • MariaD525
    Sean, you are such a sweetheart and I cracked up when you said you made stovetop s’mores because I thought I was the only one. I do that all the time for me and my kids (also with 2 marshmallows). Will and Justin, you guys are pretty good co-hosts. You guys make me laugh at loud ALL THE TIME. And after listening to the constant Sean berating about not watching Arrested, I started watching and am currently binging it. Awesome show. Thanks for making me truly laugh, and all kidding aside, it’s like a weird sounding laugh that I’ve never laughed before…pretty sure you guys broke me. Don’t ever stop! XOXOXO
  • i_flushedmyfish
    Great Comedy
    It’s a comedy podcast…that is filled with a gems that only get funnier the more you listen to multiple shows. I have loved it over the years and enjoyed the max show immensely! Congrats on the chemistry of 3 successful friends making a podcast work! Love you all!
  • running sal
    Series on Max was out of control—please keep going!!!!! I was LOL SO MUCH!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!
  • marmieJS
    Keep the laughter coming!
    I discovered your podcast after seeing the live tour on Max. I have started from the beginning and have enjoyed each guest( some more than others) but very informative! Sean thanks for making sure Will and Jason had Portillos when you came to Chicago! After watching the Episode last night we made a Portillo run ( we live in the NW suburbs). Thanks to Jason and Will I will never look at a the chocolate cake without considering the icing!
  • LeslieSLeeper
    Depeche Mode!!!!!!
    THANK YOU FOR HAVING DAVID AND MARTIN ON THE PODCAST!! My sisters and I love Depeche Mode and have been to every concert and have tickets to their tour going on now! I loved hearing Sean be as excited as I was finding out Depeche Mode was the guest! I love you guys, but this episode will always have a special place in my heart! Also, your documentary on Max was AMAZING!! Please do another tour!! Please! Please! Please!!!
  • AmyPal45
    Generally awesome but…
    Please stop dissing Sean. Like the amount of episodes where are the Arrested bros rag on him for asking randomly placed questions is exhausting and anxiety provoking. Even your guests are noticing and running to his defense. Chill!
  • HerrWacher
    Let the guests breathe!
    I genuinely love the show, the guys are hilarious! Excellent list of guests and especially loved the interview with Depeche Mode, Sean having a moment was quite special. My only negative comment is the amount of times they trounce on the guests while they are talking. I know they are very much trying to be funny, but the constant interruptions are quite off-putting. Let ‘em breathe!
  • ammaui
    Fantastic Tour Show!
    Hey guys, what a great tour show. I LOVED it! The black and white really captures the moment well. LOL Hilarious! Sean laughing all the time was so much fun. Jason your complaining just added to the fun. Loved seeing you with Amanda and your chemistry is endearing to see. Your guests were great, even the MIT guy. Rude of Boston to complain about any of it but I live on Cape so I get it. Being born and raised in Wisconsin originally, I LOVED meeting (seeing) Tracy. Will your rapport with your kids was adorable. I love the Podcast and look forward to it every week. Love you guys and thank you for the laughs! BYYEEEE! PS Paul Anka was AMAZING!
  • SAV 74
    Extremely disappointed-I had loved this podcast
    Including Mark Wahlberg on the documentary/live show was extremely disappointing. He is a racist that tried to kill people in 1986 and never apologized or righted his unforgivable acts. Please do your research and do not look the other way.
  • Heatherc333
    Favorite podcast evah!
    I love this podcast. My only complaint is that new episodes don’t come out daily. 😁 I’m not asking much. Love this AND the Smartless: On the Road on HBO MAX. Keep it up guys! 🩵
  • djmason9
    The show is funny, but...
    As much as I want to like these guys, they're a bunch of woke Hollywood douche bags watching the HBO series. They're working out with masks on ridiculous.
  • Nancy33647
    Love the podcast, and the roadshow
    Been listening to the podcast for a while. And I love it! I’ve streamed the roadshow twice though. Hysterical! Hoping they do it again and that they come to Tampa this time! Keep up the great work guys!
  • Texaroo
    HBO brought me here
    My entire podcast list was true crime until I found Smartless. I binged the Max series this weekend and fell in love with these guys together and the concept of the show. All 3 guys are the perfect comedic foils for each other. Every guest is interesting and funny w/ them. Happy that the world has Sean, Will, and Patrick. Thanks guys.
  • JesterJohn123
    Love these guys
    I have always been a fan of Jason and Sean but Will he can be a little much and abrasive. But overall I love listening to their banter back and forth and their interviews are funny and top notch!
  • JWeatherby76
    Love the Show
    Enjoyed all the conversations and laughs and giggles. You guys are the best keep it up. #DidYouShower #Byie,#RiceCakes, #BurgersAndFries and HBO max watched all episodes and even enjoyed it in black-and-white
  • hmtrent
    Smartness: On the Road
    I thought I loved the podcast, but then I watched your show on Max! Laugh out loud, hilarious! HMTrent in KY
  • JMcKC
    Smartless On The Road
    Your Max show was one of my favorites! Laugh out loud funny. Please, please tour again. Last but not least, Love your podcast too. Thanks!
  • medium cool
    Bill Hader
    The interview with Bill Hader kept me laughing all the way through. What a great talent.
  • sagpodfan
    Guest rarely speaks, hosts are insufferable
    Used to love this show but each episode gets worse and worse. Had to quit because the interviewers never let the guest get a word in edgewise. The worst is they often will belligerently talk over each other. Stressful, awful, and lame.
  • Who Laurie
    Sadly bad!
    Three people I like but together they come off as a bunch of blowhards! I don’t understand why people like this podcast, but I can’t be too mad, it does help me fall asleep
  • Ljbrooks9
    Smartless on the road
    I just watched episode with MIT guy in Boston. I actually LOVED THAT guest and wanted to hear so much more. People are idiots. They could have learned so much from him. I wanted to. Anyway, just wanted to share that because I for one loved that guest! Wish you had more like him. I am a curious person and we need to be able to communicate with people who are doing these incredible things!
  • Charityp
    Perfect trio
    Omg, can’t love these 3 more . Grew up watching Jason and now just love Sean and will.! I watched smartless podcast w my personal friend Mark C as a guest And they were so nice to him. Just love them more
  • Rose from Boston
    Byeeeeee far the best podcast
    Been a huge fan of you individually for a long time and now I get the best of all worlds in my favorite podcast. I look forward to getting the new episode every Monday! Also loved SmartLess On the Road! After seeing you interact with each other and learn new things about each other, would you ever consider having an episode on each one of you? There is so much more to your lives and careers which would be fun to hear about! Hope you tour again in Boston!
  • Ray in CT
    Absolutely love you guys and…..
    Where are all the superb women?
  • partiann
    Late to the party ….
    But better late than never. You guys make me laugh! Love your friendship and how kindly you interview your guests. Coming back to add OMFG…. On the Road——-AMAZING!! I laughed so much.
  • kimDip2023
    Great show until….
    They lost me with AOC! 🤢
  • J_Belle_W_
    Will and Jason constantly cut off Sean
    Will and Jason are so rude to Sean. They cut him off every second. It’s lost it’s comedy factor. Give the guy a change to talk, geez. Or better yet, Sean leave and do your own thing! Who would want to deal with that all day.
  • ChrissyLeeD
    Crackin up at 7 am
    New comment… just watched the MAX show. SO so good! Thank you for awesome entertainment and laughs! Hilarious! Such a great combo! With Brad Paisley and the bus grinder, so funny. Thank you!!!
  • lahws1234
    More women please!!!
    Love the show but please interview the occasional woman. Or a person of color. It’s always been lopsided toward straight white men but the past few months have been ridiculous.
  • Okkkkkkk90909
  • podcastrollsdeep
    Hopelessly Devoted
    Wanted to hate it - expected mediocre from three rich white Hollywood bros bored during the pandemic - but it is so friggin good. Hilarious and genuine and interesting. Devoted fan. Thinking of getting merch. Excellent podcast.
  • Solange777
    An Utter Gift
    Thank you so much for this podcast!! It’s truly a gift to us all to get a peak into your friendships, your minds, your talents, and your lives. Literally huge LOLs every episode. Jason is my total man crush, Will brings the big heartedness (yes even when he pokes fun of Sean ppl) , and Sean brings the soul. I love this show!!! Chef’s kiss :)))
  • MMAniac Podcast Fan
    Great show, BUT...
    RELEASE THE DAVID LETTERMAN INTERVIEW. Give us those full episodes from the MAX recordings!
  • Up Lifting
    On The Road
    Saw the TV show couldn’t stop laughing then listened the Podcast !! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • JulsLovesHim
    Love it!
    Love, love, LOVE everything about it. 🫶
  • Ralitko
    Jason Bateman needs to relax
    I LOVE Jason and have so since way back during Valerie’s Family / Hogan Family. His comic timing was amazing even then. Arrested Development proved it more. His artist level as a director on Ozark is amazing…..Having said all of that, I’m having a hard time watching the “on the road” stuff on MAX, because he seems super vain and worried beyond belief. He is clearly in good shape, but seems obsessive about stating that way. I sort of worry about his girls trying to match that. I love you Jason, but you are not on death’s door, nor are you even close. You kind of made me nervous with your food worries on the road. I’m sorry. Eat right, yes, but why shame the others abd honestly, why be that obsessive? You need to get yourself in check. You are definitely OCD and might have an actual eating disorder. Do some reflection, man.
  • jonjulo
    One of the best and last things I’ll see
    I’ve been a fan of Will, Jason and Sean for decades and I literally just discovered this gem of a podcast on the MAX special. I recently lost my eyesight in my right eye but I make it work. Point being I’m glad I saw this now and I will always be able to listen to it. You fellas are class acts. People still say that? Who cares, absolutely brilliant. Thank you.
  • riribex
    My inner Bateman
    I love Will and Sean, yet had an inexplicably lengthy aversion to Jason Bateman. I was perplexed. How can I listen to a podcast with my nemesis? Until I heard the Hader episode. Then I understood that I had been protecting my inner Bateman through aversion. This trio is a perfect melange.
  • Scrabble made worse
    Open mouths
    I’ve heard every episode of your podcast, enjoyed most of them and was looking forward to the HBO specials. They’re a lot of fun, but I must take issue with the open mouth gum chewing and eating. I don’t remember seeing and hearing three grown mens’ full open mouths like this ever, let alone in an HBO special. Sorry, it’s also an American thing, sloppy table manners. I was shocked when I moved to this country and my kid invited friends for dinner. Drop the unattractive Visigoth act, please.
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