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"SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and newfound knowledge to feed the SmartLess mind.

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  • HeroesTennis
    This podcast is audio gold
    My name is Christian and I discovered this podcast over a year ago and have listened to every episode, waiting patiently each week for the next. Just under 3 months ago my little sister made an attempt to take her own life but thankfully survived although with a devastating injury. The weeks following were the hardest of my families lives faced with incredibly tough choices to make and not a lot of promise. We luckily were able to avoid those tough choices by the grace of GOD I found myself breaking down each day afterward for weeks to come but my one solace and safety seemed to come from listening to you guys. Your banter coated with positivity and general admiration for one another has always been able to create sunshine in my brain and in my heart. I thank you for this podcast and ask MAKE THE EPISODES LONGER!!!!
  • skymartt
    Leave it to Jason and Sean
    PLEASE GET RID OF WILL, he ruins this show
  • B. Bop.
    Hilarious and fascinating
    They invite such a wide variety of guests that each conversation/episode is completely different. Topics range from space to activism to starting a career in comedy and more. They talk about all things from serious to funny and in between, but what makes the podcast is how they act like three brothers who like to argue and it’s outstanding.
  • alternapop
    very spotty
    Jason is great and asks thoughtful questions. Will is about as funny as any of my friends, and takes forever to ask a question, and Sean is nice but seems to not get much in over Will’s predictable interruptions and clichés. Say more with less, and let the guests talk. And the theme music and ending are nails on a chalkboard irritating.
  • Trixeebelle
    Mind numbingly bad
    I don't understand the positive reviews. They're rude, self-important and talk over the guests constantly. It feels like a good ol boy cleberity circle jerk and I don't understand why they even bother to have guests. I guess none of this behavior should be surprising to me after the way Jason Bateman treated Jessica Walter - but goddamn did he learn nothing? He still does all of that behavior. I used to think better of Will Arnett.
  • HollyeDexter
    I never miss an episode!
    I’ve been a fan of all three of you, prior to this podcast. You kept me company through the pandemic and made me laugh. I know you all have busy careers but please keep this podcast going. This world needs laughter now more than ever. Love you guys!
  • RaychelB
    A blast!
    Love this podcast and the many many laughs!!
  • Scamper p
    Always a good listen
    Recommended by my daughter (20’s), I’ve enjoyed every podcast. Would love to see the tables turned, bring in a guest to interview one of the guys with the other two joining in to help.
  • asterandgold
    OMG glory hole
    I never write reviews but I just had to today…I love you guys! I was having the worst morning today nerves hanging by a thread and when I heard the discussion about the “glory holes” I about lost it with laughter! Thank you guys so much for changing my outlook of the day now I can leave for work with a smile on my face instead of frustration. 😘
  • clovejoki
    Boys club
    I used to love this podcast but now it’s just men interviewing men — nothing new that we haven’t heard before
  • msple leaf 76
    More Women
    Love love love the show. Need more women guests.
  • 19mjs79
    Good show
    Not bad
  • ctadventure
    What happened??
    It seem to start off really well.However do they only interview famous white people? And mostly men? I was hopeful in the beginning because they interviewed a variety of people-ages,race,gender etc. Unfortunately, that only lasted a handful of episodes. If you look at the episodes - majority of them are of interviews with white men and women.
    T-H-E Best
    I love these guys. And the podcast. Sometimes their laugh-out-loud cross talk takes over the guest chat. Just edit the episodes to be longer so all could be included! Would love to be a fly on one wall……
  • Rusty*6669
    Do better?
    I wrote this hilarious review, then it got deleted. I agree with a previous review. Please be aware of your privilege? Have more POC and women and the gays. They are funny too. And the world needs diversity.
  • JosephC1120
    You three are the reason why I started listening to podcasts. I love you all individually and the work you’ve all done by yourselves. I love hearing the friendship between you three, it reminds me of horsing around with my buddies. I want to know Sean’s favorite color. If he already said it, sorry I don’t remember, Soshumi.
  • mlrrr06
    The best
    Love this podcast so much butttt more women please?! There hasn’t been a woman on in 10 episodes.
  • Malik7x
    Do Elan Musk
    Elan Musk likes chatting and acting and actors, I think. He could drop in, if he’s passing thru in his private jet. I had super-minor COVID too. Stay healthy!
  • Oliviaoco5
    Great & fun but lacking diversity
    Such a fun show and makes me laugh all the time but the majority of the guests are men and white…I’m sure there are other folks the hosts would like to talk to…right??
  • Beccaf03
    Mulaney slays
    I’m relatively new to the ‘cast and I enjoy it very much. (I do worry about the intensity of Dad jokes at Sean’s expense, but maybe that’s on me.) Anywho, I listened to the recent John Mulaney episode and I have to say that absolutely nothing has made me laugh as hard in years. Hard enough that I felt compelled to write a review no one will read. So, thank you! Byyyeeeeee!
  • GoldenMan14
    Great Content, but WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!
    I tried to listen to the Bill Mahar episode today while riding my bike. There were so many long consecutive ad breaks that I had to stop and listen to music instead. It was painful. I almost forgot what I was listening to and I’m a big fan of Bill Mahar.
  • KatMss
    So. Many. White. Men.
    Review update: ok so I checked. And it didn’t change. Shame on me. 19 episodes since January. NO people of color and only 2 women. Huh? I love this podcast but what in the world. Only white people since November! That’s nearly 6 months. And only 4 women. Thought these guys were different. Apparently not. Keep checking back to see your guests. Representation matters. Not bothering to check anymore.
  • ArethaBoom
    My Favorite Part is When Sean Gets Bullied
  • badger3452
    Myers episode
    To the person who said mike myers didn’t bring up the fact that the pentaverate is a reference to the organization that the dad from Axe Murderer, played by Mike, worked for, I’m gonna go ahead and say that you obviously didn’t listen to the episode or you skipped ahead. Jason was asking mike the movie where he plays the Scottish guy and mike says So I Married An Ace Murderer. This is at the point where mike tells them that the Pentaverate is the secret organization that the dad worked for. So he did bring it up in the interview. Sorry but you either didn’t listen to that part or you fell asleep and missed it or you skipped ahead and missed that part.
  • 👋🏻🤓👋🏻
    Love it!
    Three of my faves interviewing more of my faves. What more could I ask for?
  • KathyO0430
    Thank you
    Hello! I’m not sure that the three of you realize how your podcast has helped not only me, but probably many other humans to get through the last two years. I have loved listening to your podcast, getting to “know” the three of you, and all of your amazing guests. I am a health care worker and you have made me belly laugh at times when I thought I would never laugh again. My favorite parts of the podcast is the beginning, Tracey splaining moments, and the end. Of course the middle part too, but I laugh the most during those three parts. Your friendship's are priceless and I thank you for sharing them with the world. Love Kathy
  • Julissa76
    Let the guest talk
    I really use to love the show, but they really don’t let the guests talk. They should have a podcast where there is no guest and they talk amongst themselves.
  • Orthnation
    Great show guys, but how about parking the egos for an hour each week (WILL) and let your absolutely tremendous guests answer a single question before leapfrogging over each other (Will) to ask a new question 5 seconds into the guest answer that always circles back to the host (Will). Like you guys had Radiohead and Kate Winslet on so you could talk over them. Just shut up for a few minutes.
  • Britts Mama
    Monday, Monday
    SMARTLESS is The best way to start off the week. Monday’s aren’t so bad when you have Jason, Sean & Will cracking you up every Monday!
  • idkendall
    Old white guys talking to old white guys… Don’t expect a frame of reference from this decade…
  • Kari&Dan
    I love Will & Sean!
    This show is so great. They have wonderful guests. The guys are so supportive and complimentary in their interviews. They give each other endless crap. I love Jason, too, but it’s funnier to list 2 out of 3 right?
  • gwlk
    How about?
    Tony Hale
  • sunshinemolecule
    Come on you guys, can you stop talking and listen for just a second?
    The guests that these guys bring on are so amazing. However, I wish I could hear the guests finish an actual thought every once in awhile. I subscribed to this podcast maybe a year ago, and really enjoyed it at first, when the excitement of listening to three actors that I liked was new and active.It was great, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes!but had to unsubscribe because I got so frustrated with hearing Jason Bateman and Will Arnett constantly talk over, not only each other but also the guests Even Sean Hayes can barely get in a word edgewise. I came back on because they actually had Thom York and Johnny Greenwood on, I mean, WOW!!! But even those guys didn’t get the privilege of not being interrupted. I was extremely disappointed with that interview and as big of a fan I am of Radiohead I couldn’t actually even finish it. The whole thing just became so much about Jason and Will and what they thought. It was a very disappointing interview to say the least. Anyway, not to knock Jason Bateman and Will Arnett as artists in their own right. I really do love the work that they do aside from this podcast. But, I really think that the only reason this podcast gets the kind of credit and kudos it gets is because it has three famous hosts that have done wonderful work. But they could work on their interviewing skills.
  • lstebbins
    Mike Myers!!
    Guys! I love the show … but I want to comment about the episode with Mike Myers - he has a new show on Netflix Pentaverate…this was referenced in his movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer” it’s one of my family’s favorite movies and the Pentaverate is brought up by Mike’s dad (him) in the movie … it’s hilarious and when my husband and I saw the trailer we were so excited to watch it because of Axe Murderer … why didn’t he even bring it up!! I’m so confused…I’ve listen to a few interviews with him talking about it and nothing! Any way if you haven’t seen it - watch it! And you’ll know what I’m referring to. Any way - again awesome show - throughly enjoy listening to guys - keep up the great work! Cheers!
  • Derpon
    More women please!!
    I LOVE this show and I love the hosts but I would really love to see more women interviewed
  • SailorofSeas
    Love Sean
    Will and Jason are so Hollywood, third person kind of people I can’t listen. Just started listening to Conan podcast, big difference. He’s funny but is full of humility and seems to live in reality. Love Sean. Also seems to live in the real world. So kind and funny and is a good interviewer. Love his other podcast also.
  • IceManTX69
    What more could you ask for? These three are greatness. You feel like a fly on the wall of a of a friend circle that you really want to be a part of. The humor strikes the right cord with me and as a 1969 baby, I feel like I’ve grown up with Bateman cracking me up.
  • Pizza wife
    Canuck to Canuck
    I grew up exactly where he is making his references and was howling laughing!
  • flexismart
    Interesting, but…
    Too masturbatory.
  • Susie385651
    Mike Myers’s
    Best interview yet. Fascinating artist. Eloquent, considerate, and adroit. Your response to Mike’s energy really brought out the best in all of you.
  • mtyogini
    ok guys
    i really don’t like it when will and jason knock down Sean- it’s just mean. and i agree with other comments - let the guests speak- so frustrating - it ain’t about you- not a fan of will or jason much think i’ll quit listening - bye bye boyz
  • @Terrace
    Wanna Break In …
    I love this podcast so much. I also literally want to break in to this friend group. I really like these 3 and the banter. Maybe I could even guest host for an episode? I’m highly qualified as I am less smarter than the dumbest one. 🤣 Let’s be friends, k? Seriously though guys, podcast GOLD.
  • ValerieLake
    As stupid as it sounds
    This show truly lives up to its name. Sweet and funny. Expect nothing and enjoy. ♥️
  • Dizzie Cheezy
    The best!
    The guys put together one of the best celebrity podcasts around. The David Spade episode is amazing!
  • $Dirk Diggler 2020
    Best things in life, come in three
    There’s three of a kind, threes company, three stooges, etc….thanks for being my menajahtwa!!! My favorite intro is episode 6, when Sean and Jason wanted to play the role of Will. Teehee!!
  • justthinking22
    Great content; Ads / Plugs are LENGTHY
    Awesome content at first but I have listened to 3 painfully LONG descriptions of products from sponsors! It’s literally so long I’ve lost interest in waiting for the rest of the content.
  • clown_faced_boy
    Total tools
    These guys feign humility but they are the worst. Especially Jason and Will. We went to see them live and they had the worst guest-some random MIT professor who we couldn’t even hear bc the audio was awful and they kept interrupting each other. Oh and we got so screwed. The six o clock show had Conan. All other shows had comedians who are known. We got a professor. It was the worst and so are they. They never apologized & a lot of people spent a lot of time and money to get there. I will never listen to them again
  • LadySwampwitch
    These guys are so full of themselves. I actually went and saw them live and they had comedians as guests for every show but ours. The Boston 9. I have zero respect for Jason or Will. Total fools and phonies.
  • Meg SD
    It is good! Like Jason Bateman, I also don’t understand golf.
  • boboleni
    Laughter never gets old!
    I am so glad I found this….the amusing conversation and quick wit is such a WELCOME escape from my boring life! Really good stuff!!
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