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NPDS - Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal! Subscribe to Nothing Personal on YouTube:

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    Great show
    Great show. Nothing else to say.
  • drdavedsb
    Almost strictly business.
    Sampson is arguably in the top five sports savvy commentators ever. He’s not a professional athlete, journalist or broadcaster but… he gives the insider view of how and why sports business is “just business “ but it’s not. Good stuff.
  • Loggizzo
    Not enough resources
    Doesnt get nearly enough publicity, investment, or producers as Pablo Torre Finds Out so why should i listen???
  • mungermunson
    Dear sir
    I am a fan of the show. Want to just say thank you for letting yourself being the butt sometimes. But also standing up for yourself. I don’t have your money but I can relate. I appreciate you sir.
  • bigmp2
    Love how much you respect and appreciate your listeners. I have learned how to love baseball again by listening to you.
  • Clay534
    David went too far
    Cheering the billionaire who doesn’t know he earned his wealth off the backs of the underpaid make you look awful. Taking a break from the show until I hear an apology on the le Batard show. David is so privileged he cannot understand struggling for a living wage. Shame on you
  • Cj2kbj
    Great Insight
    Great insight into sport business. Provides unfiltered content with no agenda.
  • PodSquadXX
    Get rid of this bum, Meadowlark
    If I could leave zero stars, I would. As a loyal follower of everything in the LeBatard world for over a decade, Samson’s recent schmuckery has gotten so insanely bad in leaving my first-ever negative review. Please get rid of this vile creature
  • Furryjones
    David Samson hates the working class
    David Samson hates the working class
  • No thanks DS
    Samson is the worst
    That’s all
  • wfell35
    Nepo Baby
    Truly out of touch guy who only does a podcast because he’s scared to be irrelevant since his step daddy can’t hire him to run a baseball team that used taxpayer money to build a stadium for uncompetitive teams. Not even going to mention Montreal, he rarely understands other point of views that are not the wealthy elite.
  • Bdhdhjsjsn
    Nepo baby with fraudulent business “experience”
    This dude is so wrapped up in his own little world, thinks that employees owe their life to corporations for giving them a job. Samson I tried giving you a fair shot but you are delusional. Nothing personal though…
  • MTFlagrant1
    Terrible guy
    By far Dan’s biggest blind spot is believing this guy has any value to the audience
  • Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy007
    He’s a jerk who says stuff for attention
  • Firebyrdd
    Long time listener
    I’m out …. After the back the employers f the middle class amen.
  • Cdog280
    Corporate Shill
    David Samson is a longtime Miami grifter working to repair his relationship with the public via podcasting. He has little in common with the everyday person, and will actively try to convince you otherwise. Unfortunately for David, you cannot hide the decrepit void in his heart where a soul should be.
  • WorldTravelerLife
    Horrible speaker with worthless takes
    This guy has zero charisma and doesn’t contribute anything of substance. Truly anybody can host one of these things, huh?
  • Hallows 316
    Unlikeable host
    David Sampson is unlikeable, arrogant and completely out of touch with anyone not clearing 6 figures a year. He enjoys walking all over and firing his employees. Actually said I enjoy firing people. Talks down to the everyday working man in ways I have ever seen. I don’t care how good his content is, he personality is to toxic to sit through.
  • Realjosho
    Is David a good person?
    Probably not. Your unemployment take on lebatard was spoken like a person who has lived a life of privilege.
  • Waka101
    Minus one subscriber
    It’s one thing to give a pro business or middle managerial perspective as David Samson does, but as someone who literally has listened to every episode of this show since the launch despite Samson’s off putting nature he has repeatedly made statements and overtures that are so anti-labor it comes off as actually personal. It comes off as actively HATEFUL in a way that is borderline disrespectful and insulting. The listeners of this show is I guarantee you overwhelmingly working class since you believe it appropriate to “AMEN” Gertner disgusting comments I will take the hint and leave the show because you are either taking the show character too far or are showing who you actually are; smh what a Migaleh.
  • Retsnum
    Love it
    Great Job Sampson
  • Beach Luvr12
    New shirt
    Hey David You bet your Biffy!! Love the show
  • Jeovanni24
    Love this
    Love this podcast. I found David because of Dan Le Batard and I’ve I really enjoy David this past year because he’s so confident and and everyone seems to hate on him because he’s so confident. David and calls it like he sees it regardless who’s feelings he hurts. Reminds me of myself. Love you David you, rock and don’t let the haters keep you down! Better addition to the Meadowlark media than Pablo, there I said it!!!!
  • VivaMatadors
    Hello, David...
    Thanks for the show!
  • StatOfTheDaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    Great Show
    David, you are awesome! Love listening and learn something every episode. Thank you David Samson!
  • Trinhdep
    Outstanding insider’s take on how sport works.
    Essential listening. Only weakness is that it’s not 7 days a week.,😃. This 65 yr. Baseball fanatic is always learning something. We differ on a lot of cultural/social/political fronts. However. I respect David and his takes. We’re all learning as we go. Keep outing lies and evil. All the best going forward/
  • chweka805
    How did you get Pablo to model your tank tops at
  • jrodrocks510
    Samson Sitdowns
    The episodes with Pablo and Brad were awesome.
  • jlc2814
    Any chance Paul Skenes skips the minors and pitches for the Pirates this year??
    Enjoyed meeting you at Mas 5, can’t understand why everyone gives you such a hard time.
  • BazookaDave
    I like this guy
    Always entertaining, sometimes controversial and usually insightful. Easy to listen to and he covers a wide range of topics, from sports to entertainment to law. One of my top three podcasts.
  • Yohdjjrhdb
    Amazing show
    Amazing show and love contributions on le Batard show
  • Andrew2345432c
    Do you know what this show is missing?
    A nepo-baby tirelessly parroting the schtick of everybody’s least favorite law professor. Can you PLEASE find somebody who went to law school and never practiced law to relentlessly force a 1L seminar on success down everybody’s throat? None of you opine like a failed executive who clearly never experienced professional growth beyond passing a state bar exam. So put me on a treadmill, shoot me into outer space, and pray for all of our sakes that I’m never coming down.
  • matrix2pyro
    It’s definitely personal
    David pretends like his attacks are just professional critiques, but he’s very calculated about who he goes after and it definitely seems hypocritical and personal. No idea why Dan puts him on the LeBatard show so much.
  • D Trapp
    Must be nice to be white
    You have a very big blind spot if you think what the Supreme Court did will have no effect. University of Michigan only had 9% black students when they decided it was unfair and now what is it about 4%. And that was before the Supreme Court. Black people have never gotten a “fair” chance to succeed. Just because you don’t “see color “ doesn’t mean others in places of power don’t. Wait to see!!!!! Enrollment of ethnic people will drop everywhere! We’ll check back and see. Promise I will check back!
  • JohnnyAthletic
    What A Great Sports & Business Podcast!!
    David-your insights; real world explanations & sense of humor are invaluable. I look forward to to your podcast everyday
  • jhodge930032
    The new Marlins manager
    Hey David. Hope all is well. Question, what are your thoughts about the Marlins new manager, Skip Schumaker?
  • Al_1987
    Just business
    Love the show, Lebatard show is all feelings and emotions, this is the opposite. No sugar coating things. Just facts!
  • ESS 1
    Better then Better
    I honestly do not remember how I found Nothing Personal. I listen every night before bed. David is fantastic and is so knowledgeable about how sports work from the inside. I enjoy that part so much. I can’t forget to mention Coca he’s there and always ready to help David when he might have a brain bubble. It’s awesome and highly recommend this podcast. Keep it up David you have a listener as long as you choose to do this. Thank you
  • RJ9140
    Just Business
    Hope David has this same energy on July 4th,
  • ..Dott..
    Great Insight
    Hi David. Greatly appreciate your insight on the decision making process of sports management. Your ability to parse the issues to their root is a talent few are able to articulate. Thank you.
  • NickoLasVegas
    One of my new favorites!
    And not your podcast just yet cause I haven’t started listening but I do listen daily to the lebatard show (and will be adding yours to my weekly rotation ) I have just learned to really enjoy you on the show and also don’t like mike Ryan so we have that in common as well! I wanted to comment I really like the chemistry you and Amin (my favorite) have together and think you guys should do a home and home collab when he gets his new show up and running or possibly do a guest spot on Cinephobe! That would be hilarious! Keep up the great work man!
  • SmarmyPlankton
    became insufferable
    Is David still calling everyone he disagrees with a racist? It’s always a great time listening to such an intolerant bigot. Just ask the 30+ women abused by Deshaun Watson. Because david claims they are ALL racists.
  • RZW990
    Best Sports Business Podcast
    This is the Best Sports Business Podcast. David gives you the business side perspective of sports. Best addition to the Lebatard Podcast network. Please continue the Thursday Local Hour with David. David keep telling us the business side. It's no different from Corporate America only the talent is paid a lot of money.
  • Rustyashley55
    Very thoughtful
    David is so mischaracterized on most ML shows. He tells it like it is and some people do not like the truth. Not liking the truth, does not change the truth. Thank you for being the truth David, I hope your resolve never waivers. There is such a need for your melody in the cataclysm of bullish.
  • jamoesch
    hey david, what do you think about what packers lt david bahktiari said about the packers organization “rebuilding” even though the gm says otherwise. also he referred to the team as they not we…. how would you handle this situation and also do you think by chance the packers approved his saying such things. love the show! go pack go! josh from wisconsin.
  • Ichablog Crane
    Change of Change of Heart... Again
    Too unique a podcast to avoid. No other place to get this type of quality niche content.
  • MBC5318
    Question I want to talk to Sampson
    Hi David I love your show. When I discovered it your takes thoughts and opinions were so refreshing. I have a two part question for you that ties into this RSN nightmare for MLB. 1. Based on today’s show 6.1.23 you shared that MLB was going to make whole 80% of the revenue from tv contracts. However if the MLB teams don’t get paid the full contract rate as a fan are we not heading to Armageddon between the owners and players hash out the next labor contract in 4 years because of the unequal revenue owners not spending and salaries tanking. I was 14 years old when 94 happened I don’t want to have to go through this again, the last lock out was bad enough Second question why have the Braves not gone ahead and extended Alex Anthopoulos. I see him and manager Brian Stinker has an extension to the Cox/Schuerholzer
  • Kodie83
    Thank you
    I had to unfollow DLB show for the way they’ve treated you recently. Your show is clear, concise and fact-based, and I’d rather listen to that style anyway. Thank you David, I’ve been a listener since day 1 of your pod…please don’t change.
  • adddyyyymxo
    David Samson is under appreciated!!
    Stumbled upon this podcast trying to get tea on the trevor bauer dilemma & the amount of information ive learned from this man feels illegal. The knowledge a president of an mlb team has is invaluable & if everyone took the time to listen to this man, we’d have less ignorant tweets/fans. As a born & raised NYer, I must say he has opened my eyes to the business side of sports (not just baseball) & also opened my eyes to the whole derek jeter persona. This guy deserves more appreciation… educated, experienced, raw business man!! ANYWAYS I was wondering if you could speak about G’s hit in the face, your experience, procedures, etc! Is there no legal charges if a pitcher intentionally hits & causes serious harm? Thanks for being you David!
  • True ESPN Junkie
    Just Heard South Beach Sessions
    So glad to have you on board. After two weeks of NPDS and after hearing the aforementioned SBS, I am extremely torn between your position and Dan's on your introduction. Regardless, I will loyally listen and follow!
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