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NPDS - Nothing Personal with David Samson is a daily sports podcast hosted by David Samson. David is dedicated to decoding the endless musings of players, owners and others in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. Samson was in charge of a Major League Baseball team for 18 years, with winning a World Series ring, building a new ballpark, hosting an All-Star game, and buying and selling a franchise, among his many experiences and accomplishments. His breadth of knowledge covers all aspects of sport. This podcast will be the destination for fans of sports and entertainment who want to hear the truth about real situations as they occur each day. Every segment will give his audience a unique perspective, not found anywhere else. His voice is strong and unwavering, his brand is honesty and his reach is extraordinary. And remember, it's just business...It's nothing personal! Subscribe to Nothing Personal on YouTube:

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  • Jt$fwm
    I love cocoa!!
  • GtG42
    David Samson
    Always provides fantastic sports information & analysis. Keep up the great work! David also has valuable information about the events of our time. October: World Series.
  • Anvil62
    Beach Boys…still love ya!
  • Coolv34
    Co-MVP’s…I want to talk to Samson
    Hey David, Has there ever been a more appropriate year to have co-mvp’s (Ohtoni + Judge)? Frankly, I’d like Judge to win, but to give Ohtoni the injustice of ignoring one of the best season’s ever feels historically ignorant. Can you give us your wait to see? Cheers, Nathan P.S. I promise to watch half baked if you air this. Obviously a big fan, thank you for your perspectives.
  • Sykesdatnewnew
    Great listen
    Always impressed with how Sampson breaks down sports and other subjects. His perspective perfectly balances the podcast’s I listen to. Originally heard him on the LeBatard show and needed to add him to my daily listen. Thanks for doing what you do!
  • JeffersonSteelflex
    Hello David
    Just kidding I know David won't see this but this is a great podcast all around, and captain obvious here but it's the best show for a behind the curtain look at how sports teams are run and what athletes are like off the field- spoiler alert! They're human, like us!
  • Plegm Brandt
    Texas State
    Watch out for Spavital
  • Graylander1
    How many stars?
    David gets 1 star for every foot tall he is. Changing my 5 star review to 3 stars.
  • Broncos fan in VA
    Cut it
    Coca please never cut David’s mistakes. Hilarious.
  • Yoopark
    More than sports
    What I like about David, is that he challenges the way I view and understand the world. Thanks for your work, guys.
  • tomsbigfish
    The Queen’s passing…
    Very sorry to be a regular listener of yours and hear how you chose to talk about the death of Queen Elizabeth. I don’t want to listen to it again…and I will think more about continuing to be a listener of yours.
  • DMB1904
    Why is the Brewers chemistry so bad after the trade? Is chemistry a thing?
    Hi David, It's Carl from Madison Wisconsin, long time listener first time "having a question for Samson". Do the players hold resentments? Why do the Brewers look like a different team after they traded Hader? Love the show keep up the good work. I'm actually chilling at the Union in Madison right now. Bye David Carl D. Madison Wisconsin
  • Seahawks440
    Emmanuel in Space
    I couldn’t agree more on the comments you made about this. I remember exactly what you explained to them. Cheers for the great memory.
  • ziAKilla
    Something tells you should have a show with Amin y’all’s chemistry is outstanding maybe a mini-series called NPDS: Fun with Amin!
  • stupidappdesigner
    Anti union garbage person.
    Color me shocked the face of nepotism and failing straight towards is sadistic in his anti union fervor. How hilarious that not everyone is willing to roll over and show their bellies to any little sphincter with a bunch of zeroes behind his net worth. Also stop stealing DLS bits.
  • NicFresh
    The best
    Nothing Better than Nothing Personal when it come to business and sports. A great view of the games we love from the Owners Box.
  • yoga.aha
    Strictly Business
    Fair enough to bash Sanders for his less than cogent take on baseballs Anti-Trust Exemption, but how about some equal time addressing the insanity of the other side. Trickle Down Economics for example, the right wings rationalization for exploitation. Rich people put their money in off shore bank accounts, very little trickles down. The wealthy are destroying the infrastructure of the United States by not paying their fair share. They got rich off the very infrastructure they are now exploiting and destroying for profit. Thanks for he only decent take take on Freeman…. Given the situation in the world right now a rich white man sobbing about his move from Atlanta to LA is f-ing sick and ridiculous, especially given that greed was the cause. Freddie Freeman’s tears are the tears of a greedy clown. Being an ‘Owner,’ is to be on the wrong side of history.
  • aron277
    Great pod!
    Hi, David. What do you think of Mt. Kilimanjaro getting wifi at the peak? Love the show. I’ll hang up and listen.
  • jvgghjvff
    Good stuff, love Doc Hollywood
  • Illegal Lawyer
    Keeping it real
    While I learned of you elsewhere (DLBTrd), I have grown to prefer drinking straight from the information fire hose that is your show. Thank you, PS if gaming interests ever pay you $55 million, please do better
  • Owens, Anthony
    Treasure Trove Of Unique Content
    Samson’s honest and revealing insight about the inside workings of sports is only the tip of the iceberg here. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. Not even close. Endlessly informative and entertaining. Stellar podcast.
  • T3lvis
    Only show I listen to religiously…
    But I think you need to revisit today’s word of the day. I believe you meant “cavalry” NOT “calvary.”
  • geive3
    Chris sale voodoo doll had me roaring
  • mtwh12
    Good show
    Good show
  • Dan Ahl
    Episode about Africa Trip
    Not just your best episode… the best episode of any podcast I’ve listened to.
  • RikBobKay
    Untrusting businessman
    Hi David. I don’t trust many people but somehow you come off trustworthy . I enjoy the thought that I can trust you, and the way you seem to be able to “read the room”. Great job Samson keep up the good work! Thank you for showing me what the mind and body are capable of!
  • The Thrill 21
    If you love baseball you have to listen in.
    I have listened (watched on YouTube) to the Nothing Personal podcast for a couple of years now. As someone that used to work in baseball, I enjoy David’s unfiltered insight into the front office aspects of the game. It really gives fans of the sport a real look behind the curtain and into the front office and clubhouse. Hi David, longtime watcher, first time caller (writer?) What are some of the best trades that almost happened, but didn’t? Either because of medical issues or cold feet. Love to hear the what could have been top 5. Thank you, take care! - Will
  • Austin Genzler
    Hey David. Big NPDS and Sioux Falls Canaries fan. How much attention if any do MLB teams pay to players in the semi-pro (?) leagues?
  • obietryph
    Mailbag Question
    Hello David I was wondering what is the worst stadium food you have had and have you ever had to step in and alter a menu item when in charge of the Marlins. Love the podcast and love when you give Mike Ryan facts or remarks that shuts him up. You the man David!
  • Lizzy April 1962
    The Rays draft…trend?
    Hello David. The Rays took 14 pitchers out of 20 draft picks, is that normal or are they starting a new trend?
  • Mr Loria
    Marlins Man
    Hi David, any stories to share about Marlins Man?
  • subyandy
    I wanna talk to Samson!
    David Samson does a great show! I came over to check out this pod because of his segment work with Le Batard and I’m not disappointed. The survivor experience podcast was an all time fav as a fan of the show. The MLB and sports management insights make this show completely original. Original content is what gives this pod 5 stars. Keep up the great work with Coca!
  • Bobb Sacamano
    Hello, David! Love the show!
    David, if you’re the Yankees or Astros, and there’s a better than average chance that you’ll meet the other in the ALCS, here at the midpoint of the season, do you have scouts at every one of the other team’s games, analyzing and breaking down everything they do? Thank you! Joe in Syracuse
  • RedSox/Pat's
    Great Pod cast
    I love how informative it is!!
  • lilliliilliilllil
    My favorite podcast
    Love the show. I recommend it to friends and family. Listening to it makes you smarter about sports, movies, business and life.
  • TSM_1994
    Great work
    Great sports/business/culture talk. Love the format…it’s to the point, quick, doesn’t waste your time. All killer, no filler. I appreciate the rare perspective David brings as a former president.
  • awalk05
    Amazing! Thank you
  • CSM37
    Inside view of sports and business
    What a treat to hear David Samson’s take on what really goes on behind the scenes at the intersection of sports and business. He tells it like it is from a person who has been there. And getting his take on the business side is refreshing compared to the rest of the sports blowhard landscape Final note: for a podcast titled “nothing personal” the podcast often gets fairly personal too, as he gives glimpses of his life, triumphs failings and feelings. It’s a nice touch.
  • jerbearrrr
    More than the cold logical business adjectives
    David I appreciate you. Whatever you’re paraded around as may have been true at some point but you’ve got a whole lot of humanity to share as well.
  • Lobison12
    Great show
    I don’t even like baseball but david unique views and honest talk pulls me in.
  • 24566444
    Great sports + business show. No other show gives you insight into the workings of the front office in professional sports
  • FirstKill23
    GFSD - Great F’kng Show David
    Here from Lebatard show. Loved to listen to you on Thursday’s there, great to hear you daily here. Your personal injections make the show, the business insight is a plus! Go crush the summit and marathon!
  • RJ9140
    Just Business
    I start my day with David Samson every morning. No one is giving as in-depth of a review of the business of sports as David. It’s nothing personal ✨
  • Diegolandhsienqvwb
    Astros homerun ball negotiations
    Great show. David, you said would answer questions from reviews so here goes. What did you think of the live negotiation between the Astros and the kid who caught JJ Matijevic’s first homerun ball on Father’s Day? I kind of thought he could have done better with the initial offer but he had no way of knowing he would be interviewed on tv and that the Astros would be pressured into giving him whatever he wanted (within reason) What do you think you would have traded? Does the kid also have more leverage cause it was Father’s Day and so the player will want it even more than usual? Go Stros, who btw did not cheat. -Diego
  • Traegerdad
    Traeger Dad
    Hello David. (Mailbag Question) It is clear that the Tiger’s are one of the most disappointing teams in baseball. Who needs to go, Al Avila or AJ Hinch?
  • johnmeoli
    Hi David!
    Hi David, love your show, I enjoy you bring it 100% every episode! Giving you a 5***** review cuz you said you needed more. Really appreciate the fresh, no-nonsense takes & insights into every sports story! Also your self realizations & opinions on almost all your shows are logical, well thought out & clearly described, while aligning very well with my opinions. Keep up the great work!
  • Cesimon
    Great show
    Mailbag: I feel like you don’t to acknowledge them but I’m going to ask anyway - are there any animated movies that have stuck out to you throughout your life? I’d love to hear a review of an animated movie
  • toiletpants420
    "No chance, toilet pants"
    I'm watching The Office on Peacock and they shows ads for Apple TV+ and Netflix shows. Seems insane to me that a lesser streaming service would run ads for stronger competitors. Is the short term ad revenue worth potentially pushing active users to rivals? Or are ad sales this completely separate from the strategy part of the business. Love the show and now "no chance toilet pants" is in my regular parlance.
  • bmhesp
    Compelling & Honest
    I love to hate you David, but I hate you less and less every time
  • Daonekd
    Mail bag!
    Question: As a GM, would you rather be in Okc Thunder situation with unlimited draft capital or work for a big market like NY or LA. Secondly, is there a way to fix the problem with small vs big markets through the collective bargain agreement? Lastly, which major sport is the worst & the best when if come to small vs big market advantages? (Nfl, Nba, Mlb, Nhl)
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