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From their Oceanside studios at the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.

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  • bobcats87
    Used to be good
    Now just childish. I no longer care to get the show. Sad.
  • kazzzevo
    5% sports 95% nonsense
    If you want sports this may not be the show for you. Every time Dan wants to start a conversation in sports mike Ryan just shuts him down to speak about something stupid or an univ. Miami team that none cares about. Stu and Roy always great. Billy always awful talking about nonsensical stuff and Chris cote making awful jokes. They also have an annoying lady that calls everyone old and wants some sort of conversation about women’s sport or tik toks even though they never speak about sports, and some dude named tony that is terrible.
  • AlsFixed
    4 days a week at most
    No day of content from Friday is weird. Y’all can’t just jump on a zoom for 30-60mins Friday morning to shoot the breeze and give us a little of the club? Complaints about fan complaints gets old quick. Just ignore these(or read them not on air and take the good advice at least) instead of mentioning them and giving them credence. Why can’t there be a normal everyday crew or give us a heads up on socials of whose in and out? Give Greg some drugs and make him stay his full days. Talking more sports than ever is an odd choice to do after leaving ESPN.
  • salmon king69
    Best Show…like family
    I have been listening for over 15 years. This show is like family to me.
  • Futureburns
    Hey Mike. Hero is from Spider-Man 1 not 2.
    $5.00 fine
  • Skolbear
    I've said it before. I'll say it again. In case people haven't been paying attention. For a couple of weeks. Dan. We've got a March. There's so much sports. I can't wait. To talk about Domantas Sabonis. For 11+ minutes. The Domantas-inator. I think I speak for everyone. When I say. Bert Kreisher. Was delightful. Just be careful. With the Rogan pals. They're fun. When used sparingly. Like sugar. Back when the food pyramid. Was taught in schools. Just be careful, Dan. I care about you. Dan LeBatard. An overly-technical analysis of Tom Segura's rise in comedy. Collision course. Juju Gotti. Crushed the Looks Like Game. One might call his delivery. Gracefully barbarous. Juju of course. Knows what barbarous means. But you might wanna explain it. To Chris Cote. Speaking of whom. We sure, Chris? I'm not saying don't. I'm just asking the question. You're sure? David Samson. Twice In one week. The h*ll did we do to you guys? Speaking of h*ll. Art Briles. Dan. Those. Are the podcast. Observations.
  • Hotrod1515
    You guys better hire him
  • Bob169*
    Love the show.
    Love the show. Love the segments with David and Skipper
  • Thoma$_
    good pod
  • jmason51
    Seether is not butt rock Mike Ryan
  • SirTobyLarone
    It’s a tasting menu of podcasts
    Where i have to skip 10 and a half minutes at a time to get past Dan’s rants. Dan just go make your own pod or shipping container do more mystery crates without the dead weight. Weight being the optimal word.
  • 45OrangeBlob
    Daily must hear
    Best show hands down.
  • ChuckYeager
    I don’t get the show any more :(
    A formerly iconic and brilliant parody of a sports talk radio show with excellent music drops that was appointment listening, deftly balancing hilariously ironic comedy with scathing social commentary, now just another mediocre and too long podcast that literally devolves into talking about each others pooping habits in great detail almost every single day (I wish I was exaggerating). I used to love “The Show” with a passion and recommend it a lot, but I had to break up with it recently because it’s just too often thin on good segments these days, especially when Dan is out
  • Tom Costigan
    Jess has been a wonderful addition to the show! I hope she keeps intending to working there
  • The Uncle Fatty Show with Joey
    Mikes father
    Whenever mike talks about his relationship with his dad it makes me simultaneously sad, happy, and remember my relationship with my dad. You’re not alone mike I have a almost identical relationship with my father.
  • FirstKill23
    Bill Burr Sound
    After watching Bill Burr comedies on Netflix, I delighted in this sound immensely!
  • 619forever!
    Give Billy the buttons…always!!!!!
    Prime Billy today!
  • Mike Maxwell
    Amin’s ‘King Bundy from Punchout’
    The sound Amin made wasn’t a murmur it was the sound King Bundy makes when you gut-punch him
  • Money Mcgreen
    Getting old
    Can you guys stop being lazy. It’s a podcast not a radio show. All the commercials geez. Can you just have conversations. Hire some more creative people the show is getting boring really fast or maybe I’ve been listening to every episode since you started idk. But you have to get fresher
  • D.Stylz
    Took a while
    Had a hard time when you went full podcast but finally getting to it
  • DS boxing
    The best
    I travel around a lot so Ive heard many a sports show. None combines sports, humor, society talk, and not just repeat stats conversations . So many shows are repeat and copy. The Lebatard show since its days on 790 just kept evolving, giving you sports but making it fun and interesting. Today they are By far the best overall sports show in America
  • nigelcasper55
    Idk how to say it
    So I was introduced to the show back in the ESPN day by my friend he sadly passed away I listen every day cause I know how much we both loved the show and the little inside jokes we had with each other about the show. I really am glad that you guys do this you have no idea how much you help me just get through the day by crap so just thank you for everything guys. Life is hard and you all really bring a smile to my face every day
    Jessica’s Top 5 list for International Women’s Day
    Funniest thing she has ever done. I’m going to shut the F up now.
  • Yourmomzfav
    More Jess!!!
  • youpickanicknameigiveup
    Less Jess. Rehire her in 10 years
  • BSharp2nite
    The Best Podcast Out There!!!
    I first started listening to The Dan LeBatard Show, when they were still on ESPN, back in 2017, and at the time, I could not believe that I had not been listening to this show on the regular and was kicking myself! I was equally shocked and admittedly disappointed when ESPN allowed these gems to go off their air, but that was their huge mistake, but a blessing in disguise for the LeBatard Team! I have listened to every podcast since their departure and am a loyalist to heat they bring, as we are not just taking sports, but we are talking social and political issues. Their Team are more than willing to poke fun at themselves. The chemistry between Dan and Stu are unmatched! I could go on, but o think I would start to note the reader of this review, so I will close here.
  • Thai J
    Echo Chamber
    You guys talk a lot of crap about a governor who just won by a historically large margin in your state. Ever think for a second that maybe you guys actually hold the fringe views? And then on top of that, you have on Brian Stelter? What a joke. A new low for a show that already has no journalistic integrity when it comes to politics.
  • tryeuw
    Thursday was a great show mike killed it. Whitty would never produce that gold
  • fishandchipslarry
    Jess is terrible
    I hate her.😐
  • IdahoBotato
    Pleeeaaassse less Jessica…Plessica
  • Dzo415
    Stugotz contract negotiator?
    Yeah, let’s let the moron who cost himself and the show $$$ with his “shrewd” contract negotiations Shut your mouth and let Lamar do his thing. Collision course Stugotz singing a different tune sooner than later when Lamar gets paid
  • gfar313
    Leave early
    Jess leave at the beginning of the show, not the end
  • Souvien
    Yer a friggin morning show….get to work earlier clowns!
  • Bananas's 71
    Poor editing going on
    Who’s in charge of editing the show? Why are people getting cut off mid sentence just to resume on the next segment with a totally different conversation? You guys are getting lazy and that’s not doing the show any favors.
  • Illegal Lawyer
    Greg Cote, DVM #TheTruth
    Thanks for the real skinny on ivermectin. Maybe it won’t help with Covid? But at least I won’t have Heartworms. Here’s a pro tip: if you don’t like the taste of Honey apple horse ivermectin, just borrow your dogs heart guard it’s liver bacon flavored! #Right
  • Nomichmarbs
    Loved Amaechi
    Great time w Amaechi. You can tell he and Dan are close. Bravo from northern Michigan.
  • D weezy 1
    I love you John Amaechi
  • SubieFans
    Makes me happy
    This show just makes me smile (unlike the baseball card bit).
  • Footz79
    More zaslow show
    And I luv Sampson
  • kaneskidepot
    Asking for a Friend!
    Did the Devil really lose to Johnny in Georgia?
  • Vccchvbczxvbbb
    The wrestler obsession is awful.
    Really sad to give a platform to these truly deluded people that think their fake achievements mean anything.
  • Chasemc123
    I mother bleeping love you!!
    You guys have been there for me, every high, every low, every tear, every laugh. I’m not trying to be a look at me Louie but you guys saved me at a time where I needed it the most!
  • bmartin173
    Grown ups 2!!!
    Hahah.. Roy is right about New Jack City and Curt Menefee tho.
  • thomson213
    Everyone clear out
    I need to apologize for getting mad at the show, you guys are my right hand arm man
  • konatijkp
    David Samson
    I like David Samson
  • Ewhite60271
    Mikes not really funny at all
    Hey I’m a loyal listener and I love most things y’all do but an hour with mikes fake zazlow Is time in my life I’ll never get back! I like the real Zaz but this is def another one of mikes terrible bits!
  • Gendrey
    Great show! Mike Ryan is annoying
    Listening to zaslo on local hour and Mike Ryan trying to be funny which usually isn’t was ruining the interview
  • glowman1975
    Mike Schur and Baseball Cards
    I want nothing in life more than baseball card talk. 1986 Topps. Willie McGee.
  • wjchesla
    Long time listener…
    …first time caller. Not really, I’ve been listening since they had the afternoon slot on ESPN radio. But I feel like the show is really hitting its stride recently, with lots of varying topics and pods. I’ve really been enjoying the Skipper-Sampson business pods, and the big story guests (like Erin Brockovich).
  • RedFox4224
    More Mike Schur
    Please open more baseball card packs.
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