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From their Oceanside studios at the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for the hourly podcasts pulled from the radio show, as well as original content produced before and after the show, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the podcast-only hour of the radio show, and a few more surprises along the way.

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Recent Reviews
  • billymo14
    Always a great laugh
    The show is so funny and it is the best thing going on ESPN. #FreeLebatard
  • Nickname10111010110101101101
    Best show
    Best show do NOT fire Tony. Or anyone for that matter.
  • MMS2613
    Communication is key!
    I love the show, but dislike when Dan and the crew don’t share that substitutes are sitting in the next day. Nothing bums me out more than driving home from work, only to see that Dan and the crew aren’t sitting in the studio to do the show. Let us know please!!!
  • Skolbear
    Nailed it!
    Really enjoying Chris Cote’s reduced role. This, in concert with simply not being on air for Greg Cote Tuesday, has made it your best week of shows since the pandemic hit.
  • The Uncle Fatty Show with Joey
    Love the show but..
    Why is it always the worst possible fill ins when the guys are out? There is a reason the people usually do weekends. They are really bad..
  • jdychebekxuf
    This show is honestly my favorite thing in the world.
  • jnag76
    Trash can full?
    This show is like a trash can you think is full, but then Dan, Stu, or someone in the shipping container pushes it down and you realize there’s actually a lot of room for more garbage! Love this show!
  • BlakeKoepka
    I truly believe podcasts are a way to disconnect from the craziness of the world and are better than music. This year has been a rollercoaster but listening to this show everyday while exercising is the best part of this year has been the best part of the year.
  • Nige28
    Best show
    Best show fire tony
  • Dortiz1991
    Best show.
    Great show with great group of people! Makes me laugh everyday! And they put out 4+ hours of content a day!
  • Gucci ThePredator
    Simply the best!!
    Best antidepressant you could possibly have! I don’t think ESPN even realized how good this is otherwise they would give you more on air time not less!
  • BluedogSteve
    Love Stugotz and the shipping container full of frightened refugees. Dan is okay when he is not the grief-eater. I miss Alyson, Tony is growing on me, the Commish rules, Pablo drools, Rick springfields on hold, Mina is sketchy to the etchy, and last but never least, Senior Greg Cote is “This is the Dan LeBatard show with Stugotz on ESPN”
  • tarheels871
    Thank you
    Thank you for your genius. Thank you for helping through hard times. It’s no joke. I told my wife the other day I felt like you guys were my friends. Phenomenal content. And I just wish we could hit the hater’s reviews with a little “You don’t get the show!” action. But oh well.
  • theiceetree
    Best ever!
    This is the best show on radio and TV, not only on sports, but on all media.
  • klb5150
    Just the best!
    That’s all... just the best!
  • tammany hall
    From Farley
    so I was minding my own business, enjoying a great sounding. Back in my Day by Greg Cote, and once again you kids go a little to far! sure it’s funny, sure he’s in on it. or maybe he’s not at times. But you went too far today in calling him and interrupting what was a good BimD. and all it seems to bring the very smart, likeable Pablo Torre, in, to be funny. please, please Pablo, STOP I’m sorry you’re just so unfunny you’re becoming a buzzkill! not everyone can do everything, well... except Mina Kimes! 😳😉 Bwhahahaha
  • Cesar2527
    Best show ever
    Got me through some very times. THANK YOU DAN!
  • drdavedsb
    Throw back comedy
    Consistently hilarious and irreverent. I love these guys and although I miss their TV presence the podcasts are very entertaining.💪🤞🏻😀
  • Joah415
    Miami teams.
    Huge fan of you guys. Im from SF California Started listening to you guys about 5 years ago. Never cared about Miami teams but I have found myself rooting for the Heat and Dolphins just so I can hear you guys get all excited about it. Super hilarious. Keep the funny coming. Love the Lour and the new BS hour. FYI i’d take Moore over Parker
  • bowieyogi
    Endless ringing
    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, thank you guys
  • Wimpy guy
    Been listening since y’all replaced Cowherd
    I was listening to ESPN radio the day Colin said what he said. Little did I know the Worldwide Leader in Sports would replace his show with the exact opposite. To Dan, Mr. Jon Weiner, Mike, Billy, Roy, Chris, Tony, Finney, and Greg; Thanks for putting a little shine in my day through the pandemic.
  • Illegal Lawyer
    Polar bear
    I love Sampson. He is intelligent and not lacking in confidence. He may polarize some. Though petit, he can be ursine in nature. If you don’t love him you probably would still trade places with him.
  • DelightedPants
    Best Bleeping Show On the Air!!!
    I used to be the standard sports fan consuming all the gasbaggery ESPN could give me. Then, I found The Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz and the Refugees. 8 years later, they have completely changed the way I view sports and life! Hilarious, insightful, different, serious, and an all around marching band to nowhere!! Give it a listen, drink the kool-aid, and get the show!!!!
  • GavinC1
    Everyone hates mike remove him now
    Pod has been infinitely better without Mike. Make this permanent!
  • paulyd96
    See ya Gary
    Samson is the worst.
  • ep90!
    World star!
    This show is bigger than Elvis!! King Kong’s got nothing on this show!
  • Lolo13419
    Who is this “new” Roy? He is a delight! Chris, be good to yourself!
    I’m really proud of Roy! There have been several occasions that I have not cared for him, his bad attitude and his lack of cooperation with the shipping container. BUT...listening to Roy talk about his famous Thanksgiving turkey that he is clearly proud of and also hearing him talk about the Fresh Prince reunion on today’s pod was really truly heartwarming. What he said about the reunion show was sweet and genuine. That show meant something to Roy years ago and he expressed that. He wasn’t just spitting out meaningless words, he knew the stars and their back story. Roy, it is a pleasure getting to know the person you’ve been hiding under that grumpy and snarky guy I’ve listened to so many times. Thank you for being more open. Chris, you’ve had a very long 9 days! Take it easy on yourself. You’re doing great and you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t wonderful!
  • Sped50
    Classic TV Shows
    Love the extra content, wasn’t Chico and the Man a popular Latin show?
  • Djdex99
    Love the show, but wish Mike wasn’t so talkative. Sounds like a know it all
  • schultzie02
    Ya never know!
    If you don’t give 5 stars, you don’t get the show!!!!!!!
  • Lunchbox 11
    How bout that
    Stugotz carries this show. Without him the Fat Man is still writing meaningless articles probably in Sioux Falls.
  • GotzArmyGeneral
    He’s back!!!
    I’m Chris Cote... BSPN
  • fakehoward
    A review
    A review
  • LJ 1111
    Can Stu pronounce hyena correctly?
    That add read kills me every time. The Samsom shows are genuinely the most informative pods in the universe. From pooping while running to behind the scenes baseball, they are must listen.
  • TrddyTuCents
    Bobby Bonilla over abuela
    Get it cause he’s still on the team.
  • ob4958
    The Best
    These guys are the absolute best
  • mrbcm
    Ricky Williams interview
    After listening this this interview I see how The Art of Conversation became such a juggernaut of a show.
  • TimStrand
    Best show ever
    I love these guys. I listen to every single episode. If something big happens in sports I not only want to hear the guy’s opinion but I want to see what the funny is in the situation. They always seem to find an angle I wasn’t even thinking of
  • Danq11_2008x
  • NBA on TNT Watcher
    Savior Dan
    Harlem is curious if you would have stepped up and paid Roy out of your own pockets Dan. Would you have even been allowed to...
  • jgnkjgb
    Best show ever
  • tree man 520
    If your not ratin’it you don’t get the show
  • That random white kid
    A podcast exclusive that no one asked for!
    Quality interviews, hard hitting sports questions, great rivaled sports debate, all of that is something you’ll find on a much more reputable podcast than this. However if you’re in for low brow humor, the occasional fart joke sprinkled in with some 90s baseball talk, a flurry of voices, sounds, chuckles, and croquetas, then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t forget to rate, subscribe, unsubscribe, then resubscribe, and re-rate again. How bout that?!
  • mags462010
    Old school Stu stories are the best. Roy loves his bird
    I’ve been listening for years. This show is an integral part of my daily life. Brings joy to a sad time. Gets me through tough weeks, if not only for a few hours. Reviewed today bc we need more stu with helicopters and gasoline to cover the scent of Walgreens perfume and shellfish.
  • twizzle t
    Ace Ventua
    Just like the show Ace Ventua is Great I’m glad Chris made it cuz he’s brilliant
  • Gendrey
    Local hour
    The local hour with Mike Ryan and Samson is a wonderful listen every week! I look forward to it
  • inotwhite
    Football season
    Only thing I hate about football season is mike rayan and the excuses for the browns. A L is a L take it like you would a dub.
  • Hook1234567886
    Only podcast I listen to every episode, even if I’m a week behind
  • stormin gorman fan
    Greg Cote on CBSN !
    The CBSN host plugged the Greg Cote podcast Ya Never Know
  • RockBay001
    Thank you Dan! Thank you Dan!
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