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Hockey #11

A rotating cast of local hosts from the Locked On NHL Network guide you through the week in the National Hockey League with a collection of themed shows. Gil Martin gets started on Mondays by checking in with three of the network's local experts to chat about the biggest stories going on league-wide. Tuesday sees Dane Lewis and Seth Toupal take a look into the biggest stories in the Western Conference, while Ross Levitan and Mike DiStefano follow that up with an Eastern Conference deep dive every Wednesday. Chris Micieli and Adam Denker present league Power Rankings every Thursday. Things wrap up on Fridays as DiBiase and Rachel Donner review the week that was and look ahead to the weekend slate of action in the NHL. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

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  • 2bananacurls
    09/20/22 podcast
    I think there maybe something wrong with todays podcast. I feel like I got the same information twice!
  • *notme*
    Playback of guests
    Playing interviewed guests back at 1.25 speed not only sounds terrible and is difficult to understand but is disrespectful to the guest and listeners.
  • dtd350
    Too Much Talk About Glass Ceilings
    Get politics and social justice out of this podcast. If I want to listen to that stuff, then I’ll listen to a different podcast. I just want to know what is happening in the NHL. I’ll go over to 32 Thoughts and Puck Soup…bye!
  • Shablaze
    Good Podcast, heavily opinionated.
    The national podcasters do a great job of covering NHL issues and topics as a whole. They often also talk about individual teams and how they are doing. Although they only talk about teams they like. For example their coverage of the winter classic was only discussing the Minnesota wilds loss and zero coverage of the St. Louis Blues victory. And their power rankings are quite biased as well only placing teams they particularly like in top 10 slots as opposed to looking at the numbers and stats to decide power rankings. All in all they are very professional and there aren’t really any better NHL coverage posdcasts so give them a listen but I can’t give it 5 stars.
  • enyakush88
    Great show but…..
    I enjoy the show & listen every time but I keep having to look at my phone cause it’s sounds like I keep getting a text . For the love of god can we put our phones on silent. Thanks guys keep up the great work W
  • smb.cook
    Best pod ever
  • barkerbarker
    Production Quality is Zero
    I listen to podcasts all day long. I have been a luke warm listener of Locked On for many years. The model is good. Each team has a podcast, the episodes are short enough to not take up an entire shift at work, but the quality is SO bad!! I dont know where they get the hosts, how they edit, if they edit, but dang, Ive heard better quality recordings on answering machines! The nhl pod is the worst quality yet! All I can say is, I cant wait for The Ringer to come out with an NHL pod. Until then, try Puck Soup.
  • trav7713
    Great content …. Usually
    Today’s “Pacific preview” (10/6/21) was a hard listen. A lot of dead air and background noise. I understand the noise as these are folks who have jobs to do, but the gaps between segments could have easily been edited out. I listen to a lot of hockey pods and a lot of other Locked on podcasts so I occasionally have to decide to skip or cut something short each day. Today’s Locked on NHL was an easy choice to cut short. Normally things are much better. I look forward to the next episode.
  • JCW@1
    Sarah is an excellent hostess who sets up her guests with on point relevance. One doesn’t need to be an expert analyst to provide an informative and entertaining pod. Sneaky Joe and Rachel are great together as are Andrew and Mary. When two guys co-host, they typically stay on point with hockey whereas when two women co-host, the narrative sometimes strays away. I prefer the content to remain on point regardless of gender of the hosts.
  • 🤔Hmmmm
    Political talk
    Leave the political talk out of sports. People go to sports to get away from it I’ll to hear your personal opinions about the coronavirus
  • Dino pontoon
    This should be called “locked on leafs 2”
    This pod is useless, basically a leafs second podcast, not the nhl.
  • BradyB89
    Way better then Locked on Blackhawks
    big fan of the Locked on the podcasts. I started listening to locked on NHL & NHL fantasy after getting tired of the terrible host that took over Locked on Blackhawks for Jay when he left to focus on his Madhouse podcast. Highly recommend LO NHL. The host gives insightful & sensible outlooks and reasoning.
  • mike like night
    Keeps going to different shows from the locked on nhl
    Weird keep changing content
  • akhayata95
    Great NHL content that is passion-based and insightful! Highly recommend
  • Hockey henry
    Go to podcast
    This is the best NHL podcast but coming up behind you is spitting Chickletts. Otherwise great podcast😎.
  • need more puckluck
    Good pod
    Good podcast on covering the hot topics in the league , Enjoy both host ,Sarah you’re knowledgeable but pleas stop saying “like “ all the time
  • Speedyph
    Great podcast
    Finally someone who reviews all the teams and not just Canada teams
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