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'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth.

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  • Juicepock
  • ukindaSUS
    So, I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! But I’d like to address that he does NOT sound like he has mashed potatoes in his mouth and he is NOT speaking into his chest. You might just have bad speakers ✌🏽
  • lalalalal nobody knows me haha
    thanks for the content
    I love this podcast, the voicing, the stories, the sound effects. It really provides my imagination a good time!
  • Megan 1177
    One of my favorite podcasts. I listen all the time. Your voice is quite nice, very relaxing. However, one day I am going to send you the correct pronunciations of several words you always say wrong. GUTTORAL, for example. It’s GUT-tor-al. Not gut-TOR-al, as you always say. Drives me nuts.
  • V|n(en+
    What’s up with the double ads??
  • survival rule 8
    This is a great podcast
  • Bill R1423
    Come on
    I have no doubt this is a good podcast, but the audio is atrocious, full volume and still had to put it right next to my head to even hear and it doesn't help the dude sounds like he is speaking with a mouth of mash potatoes and into his chest. Its 2021, quality audio shouldn't be this difficult to provide.
  • aoosome
    Great voice and delivery
  • ElementalBash
    This Podcast is amazing, great stories, and you (the narrator), do a great job with the voices, all around amazing, God Bless, keep up the good work!
  • Flowey761
    My Favorite Podcast
    I love this! It’s an entertaining, creepy, but fun marathon of modern horror stories. I’m subbed to the YT channel as well. Keep it up!
  • Ciarra athena
    Keeps my from sticking my head in an oven
    I work as a baker so the work is fairly monotonous and lonely, this podcast makes the solitary 8 hour shifts bearable. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Alli!?
    Very swag, I listen to your podcast every day! about the only thing that gets me through Anatomy class every day!!😩
  • BigDaddyGabby
    Rerun Stories
    The only thing I don’t like about this podcasts is that they release a collection of stories AFTER the individual stories have already been released, so when I think I’m about to listen to 2 hours of new stories, they’re the same ones I’ve heard previously. Good stories though!
  • 👽Monster13👽
    Love it so much 🖤🖤🖤🖤
    There voice is the best and the story’s are actually scary and this podcast just chills me out thanks for making this podcast 😁😁love it 🖤🖤🖤
  • ! bajn baioc s
    Although sometimes I question the host’s level of literacy due to some atrocious mispronunciations, Creeps has stuck true to his roots and continues to narrate quality creepypastas. I’ve been listening for almost a decade and it’s still good.
  • GlennWinkler
    It is so good so 5 stars
    The stories are quite nice, along with the voice telling them. I find your voice very relaxing, and despite the context of the stories, I often find myself falling asleep to these podcasts. The times where I don’t find myself sleeping, the way you tell the stories chills me to the bone. The sound effects you’ve added to the audio are a nice touch and don’t stand out so much that they are annoying, only just enough that they add to the unsettling vibes. All in all, amazing podcast. Perfect even.
  • henlo boobie
    Never Dissapoints
    His voice is very calming, helps me relax and go to sleep.
  • M477H3W J0S3
    Greatest Creepypasta Podcast EVER!!!
    I CAN’T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH OF THIS PODCAST! The attention to detail in the narrations, as well as the proper mood setting by the narrator, is ABSOLUTELY CHILLING, and I love it! These stories have re-ignited the creative spark, and I have been flowing with ideas to write about. All in all, a 5-star podcast! This is the best! Please do more!
    The Creepiest Podcast is endless!
    Enjoy listening to a lot of your content. I can’t even begin to name my favorite stories!! Thank you —YouThinkYouTuff
  • Creepypastafan44
    Totally agree with millennium philosopher. Creepy is so talented and I love the stories he does. Can’t stop listening to this podcast.
  • Millenial Philosopher
    The best in the business
    I have been a follower of Creeps for a long time, probably close to five years. Of the creepy pasta narration podcasts you can find, he’s the absolute finest. NoSleep is great and the different voices are nice and Weird Darkness is creepy and uplifting, but Creeps is King. No silly voices. No need for a large cast. Just Creeps and a talent for narration and choosing consistently good stories (with very few exceptions).
  • AubrinAudreyO
    I like your
    Cutg, jk nice feels it’s, really puts feeling into it
  • Fuchs hung declined
    The game itself
    So funny I love it
  • 30footdrifterharcore
    Mccreepy is my mcsleepy
    Mcreepy music, mcsoothing voice, mcinteresting. A++
  • Queer Kookie
    Amazing! His voice is great for this genre and he enunciates the words perfectly. Amazing intelligence in the stories and the stories are good, immersive and well written! Love this pod so much and very amazing!! Happy pride month!! 💗🧡💛💚💙💜🖤👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💏👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Love💗, Kookie
  • banbaboombaaa
    Vedy vedy nice
  • kj2543897
    The best
    The only creepypasta podcast/channel I have ever been able to listen to consistently for 8 years straight. Miss the older music though!
  • hut the pizza
    Good stuff
    This has got to be one of the very best scary podcasts. He tells great stories and his voice really soothes you into the story. 10/10
  • kurooster
    I love the stories and how many there are I can always look forward to after school so I can listen to the stories.👌👍
  • Kyron52
    Long time fan
    I’ve been listening to him for years, the way he narrates makes me get lost in the story
  • Lexicon Halbird
    Great content selection, subtle but appropriate background music and an excellent host make for a great podcast easily earning a five star review, I always look forward to the next episode and relisten to previous episodes.
  • emily_dasilva
    can ur voice be my siri
  • TimDaBossYT
    Best voice in the genre.
  • Agreeable Exploder
    ....That’s when I saw it.
  • wyattw27
    Love it
    One of my favorite content creators out there for many years
  • badu1234
    Intelligently creepy
    When I’m having a crummy day, I open my Podcasts and wait anxiously to see if this one pops to the top with a new episode. It happens a lot, and it always improves my mood. The stories are so intriguing and the narration is perfect. Some of the episodes really stick with you— and creep you out in the middle of the night! There have been a lot of crummy days lately so thanks for brightening them with some darkness!
  • sophia0k
    the best
    i listen to these for hours whether im at work, in the car, at home, great stories, the best narration, please never stop making these!!
  • Queen_D💎
    By far my favorite Creepypasta channel
    Great narration, stories are really good(especially older ones.) Everyone on here crying about trigger warnings being needed are just weak babies, stay out of horror then you baffons.
  • BeeLady1
    Love this podcast!
    Wonderful narrator and a great selection of stories. I love the subtle background music too.
  • Ivonnefabz
    I love that I can listen on apple podcast! His voice is soothing and I get so caught up in the stories.
  • Konabu
    Voice is amazing
    Probably one of the best horror podcasts out here, his story telling skills are amazing and his soothing voice surprisingly always makes me drift asleep. 100/10
  • kimboslice2021
    Slow stories. Horrible
  • Ryansharp1391
    Great stories great narration
    By far my favorite narrator for creepy pastas there are plenty of other greats ones but have been listening for around four years now
  • SSJ5G_YT
    The best
    Your stories are good and I love your voice. Probably my favorite creepypasta podcast and channel. Very underrated and you deserve more credit for your amazing content.
  • 34673826383928102947
    Not scary anymore
    This podcast used to be scary when I was a kid but now that I have higher expectations (Magnus archives) (white vault)(creepy) this just doesnt get me anymore
  • Recovering Mormon
    Longtime Follower
    Been listening to Creeps for years on YouTube. It is a nightly ritual for me. So glad to see him putting his content on iTunes!
  • Jill 1000
    I want more
    This is one of the horror podcasts that mysteriously appeared in my library one night. Really. Weird. I love it. Clever and truly creepy stories, though I wish they were a bit longer. The narrator has a smooth, lovely voice that I could listen to for hours.
  • DragonVenom_007
    Good stuff
    This is a great podcast and I listen to it at work all the time.
  • Drth Thrawn
    One of my favourite podcasts
    This is one of my favourite podcasts, the guy that does the podcast has a very soothing voice and that just makes it ever creepier, though of someone made a show out of this it would probably be very scary
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