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Fiction #21Drama #8

'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth.

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  • akrii i
    Zone out a lot
  • Rmvlover
    Love this podcast!!
    His voice is so great and soothing. I go to sleep with it but the stories are so good that when I fall asleep I wake up and want to know what happened. A lot of creepy podcasts are filled with so much unnecessary profanity that I hate to listen to it. This one is great!!
  • Um ghost
    I have no unplayed episodes any longer.
    I love this podcast so much. I’ve been going to bed to it and using it as background noise for about three years. Many of the stories are memorable so I know once I’ve heard a story I won’t forget it. I have fully listened to every single episode and now all I can do is relisten because no other podcasts compare to this one. Thanks for making such an amazing podcast!! Looking forward to all the new episodes to come!
  • Dtneach
    Subscribed to the podcast
    I’ve been subscribed to your podcasts for quite a while now a few years actually I discovered you on YouTube and I’m so glad that you brought this to podcast
  • Silenced do good
    Best podcast
    This is the best podcast ever in my opinion
  • Emacey13
    The absolute best!
    I can finally right reviews again!! I had a phone bug so I couldn’t but now I can say just how great this podcast is. I’ve listened to at least 200 of these and they never fail to disappoint my needs for creepy material. It’s a great pass time and is so entertaining. The voice is soothing and creepy, and there are so many too listen too. It has ads but like what can you expect and I feel like they are very manageable. I am a bit curious as to why you haven’t been posting as much, not a bad thing just a bit nosy lol. Anyways all in all great podcast and thanks for reading!
  • Steph7500
    eZ best podcast
    I love this podcast I listen everyday at work can’t get enough. Your voice was made for this. I have a top 5 and this is my number one. Keep it up and thanks 😊
  • louberz
    Definitely worth 5 *
    I have always enjoyed your YouTube channel and your podcast! The tone of your voice brings a special nuance to the stories.
  • ECD Studios
    Can i submit a creepypasta for reading?
  • Thisnameisnotused
    The best!
    I've been listening to your stories for years now, and I can't say how thankful I really am for you. You're amazing at this! I appreciate all of your hard work man, thank you.
  • right ez
    I think that he uses a computer to generate an accent to or just has a very clear mice.
  • Eracermic999
    I found these and I love them more then the first one I had listened to and this is awesome thank you for doing these and also what's you Accent ?
  • yeosangie
    He’s a great storyteller!
    I’ve listened to you for years, you always have the best stories!
  • nic0425
    Love your work
    Been listening for 2 years now and I get so happy when I see a new story plz keep them coming🙏🏼
  • daisieee17
    Great Narration
    I’ve been listening to Creepsmcpasta since 2012, never disappointed me once. I recommend him to anyone who wants to listen to a good spooky story.
  • XxHotCakeLeixX
    Woah, this is cool.
    When I first started listening to podcasts, I was looking for fanfics. But then I stumbled on the world of Creepypasta and I got HOOKED. And why did I get hooked? Because of Mr. Creepstey McPasta. Your reading of “if you see a woman drinking rainwater, Run” literally made me latch onto your creepypasta readings. I hope you make moreeee!
  • Nvuntmjmtkjiht
  • xxjanayaz
    My absolute favorite podcast I love to listen to these at work or when I’m going on a drive. Keeps me super entertained
  • Infp with to much Fe
    Great stories, Great Narration, Questionable Person
    If you can get over what he allegedly did (Look it up) the stories and narration are solid and i highly enjoy them, having said that, it did take me a while to decide i felt comfortable listening to the stories after hearing what he is accused of; and i still cringe sometimes when I put it on, But honestly if you can separate the person from the art; this is going to be some of your highest quality narration you will find. The content also comes out pretty often although i feel he’s probably burnt out and done posting for a while
  • hdhfkskam
    This a great podcast so scary!
    Normally I hate scary stuff but this a podcast I listen to everyday ! Keep the great work
  • a.beth1
    these stories are absolutely terrifying! they make my heart race, and i almost can’t finish them! not to mention the speaker narrates them so well!
  • 8jayfeather8
    The stories are awesome, and his voice suits the stories perfectly!!
  • Brian Purvis
    Creepy LOVE IT
    It’s so hard to creep me out Also this is great
  • Soy Blend
    I love it
    I love this podcast so much. Your voice is perfect. But what’s up with the blue sunflowers
  • Side-Burns
    Wow amazing epic great lovely captivating
    I really like this podcast! I love the episodes like Don’t Talk To The Wandering man. Keep up the great work!
  • cillabearz
    Not as engaging as Dr. No sleep
    I think I’ve finally figured out why I don’t care for this podcast. It has no engaging extras like Dr. No sleep does. Dr. No sleep puta the extra work into music and sound effects in each episode and it really engages the listener. The barebones talking in Mr. creepypasta is monotonous and doesn’t grab your attention.
  • baldie fan
    I live these
    Its a really good podcast I'm on episode 5 I think. His voice is so calming and there scary. There is some bad parts like episode 4 its sounds gory but out of all I love it!!!!!
  • airamat
    Tired of the same tone for everything
    This show was one of my top 2 (#1 is Mr.Creepypasta). After binging other scary podcasts and coming back to this one, I started noticing that all stories on this show are read in the exact same tone. Even if something ‘intense’ is happening, it isn’t described intensely. It’s always the same calm, relaxed, “put you to sleep” voice. The stories have potential but reading everything the same way makes them much less effective. If this pod gets some emotion and more diverse voicing, I’ll gladly come back to this.
  • eldritch-specter
    It’s a really good podcast, with one issue.
    It’s a good podcast, with good creatures, but I wish there was a bit more action with people fighting back. Like the spindly man thing
  • jimothy curry
    Suspiciously secretive
    No speaking other than the story itself this is super creepy and uninterruptedly so
  • bean6602
    love it
    listened to you on youtube when i was little so glad to be finding your podcast now and listening to it at work
  • soulgamer101
    So cool
    Omg such a boss podcast
  • tavyn,age9 alaska
    Epic but…
    Needs to be more scary more monster stories
  • Todd's kids
    Amazing and addictive
    But now I will have a harder time sleeping lol
  • imb0red234
    Good job mate
    I’m loving all of your spine chilling stories. You voice is perfect for scary stories. While listening to you during the hot summer work day makes it go by fast. I love what your doing and I’ll keep supporting you till the end. :)
  • Kawiigorl
    Truly fantastic they make you see things that weren’t their before in a strange way and the stories almost seem pull you to them making you want to listen over and over until you fall into a deep sleep or cuddle up in fear from your minds hallucinations, your podcast is truly an interesting one, you don’t find many that give you this feeling of calm fear, the world is a strange place that continues to get stranger and though the stories may not be true their still possible in every way as well as it doesn’t mean that creepier things haven’t happened, keep up the amazing work and continue to spread fear into the world 🌘
  • coraytwixx
    was looking for something to listen to at work for 12 hours as my music was great but felt like the day dragged on. I found creepy pasta and the days have FLOWN by
  • NotTodayGirly
    I wanted a good podcast. The one I listened to before had stopped, so I looked for something else. This was AMAZING! Give me someone to recommend it to, and I’ll say everyone. His voice is smooth and accented perfectly! Nothing compares to this honestly!😍😍
  • a1e tt e
    Creepy w/ a dash of sexy voice 😁
    This has become one of my most favorite creepy pasta podcasts to listen to .
  • julieanne 2506
    Rare treasure
    I’m always excited to see new episodes, because I know his gentle voice ( soft yet intense) will settle me down for the night. Wonderful
  • DeltaDefSquadYo
    Good stuff
    This might be my favorite Creepy Podcast. I enjoy the mash-ups. You know, combines a bunch of previous readings into a 2 to 3.5 hr podcast. Oh yeah, his voice is on-point and the subtle sound effects are spot-on as well. Gqaa
  • Loganfool
    Hate the political ad!
    I adore shorter stories like these in the option of longer sets. I especially love the voice. Smooth and steady and a sexy accent.
  • arf and bark
    I can not say enough good things about this has amazing sound and audio, and a creepy voice for the me the chills every time!
  • Sliphnir234
    I thought this was a YouTube only channel and I e been listening since 2014. It’s perfect since I can’t watch YouTube at work
  • HGFG11
    I love the way he says “but” 🤪 Seriously though, great story telling!
  • Creepypastafan44
    My brother started me on this podcast two years ago and I didn’t believe how good he said it was. I see now I was so most definitely wrong. This is a one in a million podcast. I’ve listened to, like, thirty different creepy pasta podcasts and can’t find one that even comes close in comparison to this one. I feel like this is a life line. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this podcast. I have notifications on and look forward to every episode. Will rate 100% all the time and will always recommend.
  • niko9001
    Addictive !!!
    I found this podcast thru YouTube and it’s the best part of my day I literally have my alerts on and lately I feel the story’s have been toned down for some reason, all the stories are still great!!!, keep the stories coming!
  • aymarrrie
    Love it
    I have been listening to scary stories basically my entire life because of my dad, these have always been my favorite. Keep up the good work!
  • Quantumator
    Something Special
    Hope you are well, Sir Jeff. Haven’t seen many uploads from you recently. Creeps McPasta was the narrator of the very first creepypasta I ever listened to: “Pen Pals” That was probably 7 or 8 years ago. I have found many other narrators since then, but there is something special about Creeps McPasta. His hypnotic voice draws me in and connects with my emotions. I often find myself completely immersed while listening, and hours pass before I know it. Not only does he do high quality narrations, he is one of the most prolific content providers. Most days, he has at least one new story to listen to. Thank goodness! He is, without a doubt, one of the best narrators there is. You won’t regret giving him a listen. A lot of time and work goes into these productions, so please give him your support! I can only imagine the effort involved with creating so much content and getting it uploaded to YouTube and podcasts and everywhere else. Take the time to give him a rating or comment so he has some feedback. I think he and others who do this sort of work are very under appreciated.
  • Davidkunnn
    I started listening when I was in middle & High-school. I dropped off of listening to creepy pastas for about 4 years after High-school, and once I got my newest job where I work alone I started up listening again my nostalgia kicked in when I heard this man’s voice, I’ve tried many other creepy readers and I can genuinely say after 6+ years of listening, this man has the best voice, clarity, captivation of any creepy reader. I just wish he would upload longer episodes, and more often! I can’t get enough, soon enough.
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