Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein


More than a decade ago, mysterious financier Jeffrey Epstein was investigated by local and federal authorities in Florida for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls. But despite what appeared to be overwhelming evidence of a horrifying pattern of abuse, Epstein managed to escape all but minor charges, striking a sweetheart deal with the government that required him to spend just 13 months in jail while granting him and his alleged co-conspirators immunity from federal prosecution. Years later, in the wake of Epstein's sudden arrest and shocking demise, those teenage girls -- now women -- are still seeking answers to their fundamental questions about their abuser and his allies. In dozens of interviews, ABC News' Mark Remillard, reporting with the ABC News Investigative Unit, shares the stories of those women, who have fought to have their voices heard, as well as the lawyers and investigators who tried to bring Epstein to justice. And we retrace Epstein's rise from modest roots to the very intersection of wealth and power, seeking to uncover the forces that shielded Epstein from justice.

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  • Alex from Detroit
    Our country is evil
    Drugs Arms People sex trafficking are all untwined with the elite money and political power people he was racked we aren’t stupid
  • ChrissyS787
    ABC all in it for the MONEY
    What took so long ABC? Now that Epstein is dead, you profit off of the hundreds if not thousands of girls who this PEDO groomed and assaulted! Sad, nothing surprises me with the Fake News Main stream Creepo Media anymore! A bunch of CONS not doing their jobs except when it benefits the Big GUY.. Y’all are Complicit!
  • Ajmart2998
    ABC kills the story but once they have nothing to lose they capitalize on it. No journalist integrity at all
  • Vidax99
    These girls deserve justice
    Right matters. Truth matters. We impeach for the children
  • 7MaggiePR
    Not Your Basement Podcast!
    There are a few other podcasts on this subject, mediocre podcasts. This one sets the bar very high, this is not your basement produced podcast. The research, the editing, the resources, the host-superb production. Great job! And by the way-I don't think that JE is dead...
  • rickross183
    They’re responsible for covering up this story for years and now that he’s dead and gone are meant to be a trusted source illuminating his mistakes? Please find someone who didn’t help cover up a serial rapist’s misdeeds only to profit after he’s gone instead. Hardly credible. Profiting off the story after his death and after they sat and ignored it while alive. Pathetic
  • DeaconMD
    ABC Implicit
    What about the fact that ABC had ALL the info for 3-4 years and they squashed it to protest their access to the Royal family and the Clintons etc. Your own anchor said so on a hot microphone!
  • kfigluc
    Well done...
    Listened to many podcasts on this lunatic and this is one of the better ones. Wow Wexner got taken. Mind boggling.
  • Henevercalls
    Epstein didn’t kill himself
    ABC sat on this story for years! Protecting the Pedovore Epstein you get 5 stars and 5 middle fingers!!!!!
  • CoziestPencil68
    People, please stop whining
    They are not making money off of people, they want to make others aware of what happened with jefferey Epstein, and although he didn’t kill himself, we can all agree that these people are just trying to make media and make aware to others of what happened.
  • lvivianka
    An interesting listen. However, the narration often sounds robotic. I felt the same about The Dropout, but this is much more extreme. Tone of a podcast should feel more natural, in my opinion; this definitely sounds like TV narration. Also agree with some of the other comments about the use of muffled, difficult to understand audio clips. It’s unpleasant for listeners and detracts from the overall production.
  • aeiou77777
    Better than the Wondery podcast...
    So far. Also it’s SEX WORKERS. And I know you know that.
  • rng1970
    Prayers for the survivors
    And all of you who failed these women, and contributed to what he did, shame on you.
  • Stop Hypocrisy
    Scum bags
    You sat on the story for years while he terrorized young girls and their families. Now you want to profit from it. ABC disgusts me.
  • Dave in Canton
    An example for authorities
    If only the state and federal authorities had employed the same investigative skills and time as those who worked on this story did, the lives of many young women wouldn’t have been shattered. Great job of reporting. Well written and edited.
  • Mr swamp
    One of best podcasts I’ve heard
    Really well done and captivating. Can’t wait until the next episode!
  • Drew Lederman
    I’m from West Palm Beach — ABC did their research
    I am from West Palm Beach and I can say with confidence that this podcast did an incredible job analyzing the culture of Palm Beach along with Epstein from beginning to end. Well researched and chilling — highly recommend.
  • ms.laurza
    Sketchy audio
    Please don’t include audio that is so muffled and difficult to understand. Your listeners can’t make out what is being said and we’re straining to understand. There’s no value to it!
  • Raylenesd
    Why has ABC at on this for years?
    A heartbreaking account of Epstein's perversions from the girls who were victimized while the powerful and wealthy looked the other way. I can only hope there are criminal charges filed against those who participated and they spend the rest of their lives in prison.
  • Schuy1237
    Sure, suppress it when it matters and then cash in after the story breaks and he’s dead (murdered). ABC you are repugnant.
  • Oregon Zac
    ABC was Complicit in the Epstein Crimes for YEARS
    Didn’t ABC suppress reporting of Epstein’s rape accusations for years before releasing this podcast?
  • monafea85
    Sad truth
    Wow the format, the details. this podcast is definitely a must hear. it definitely paints a story in so much detail that really draws you in to this very complex life/lives and how they intertwine. so many victims and yet the horrific truth how women are just seen as this thing with a hole that anyone can just stick it in to. It’s the truth as bad as it sounds. And it is so sad and I am so proud to be woman during this time. Because only we can make each other stronger and build one another up.
  • scttmccly
    Intense story
    I like this podcast a lot. I do think it’s humorous that ABC is doing all of this investigative work on Epstein, when they had the story years ago but killed the story. So years are just unraveling this Mr. Epstein when we should have captured him years ago. Still, I like the podcast.
  • greenskeet
    Guilty pleasure
    My grandma likes to listen to stories as she falls asleep. The more lurid the better. Lurid. Is that the right word?
  • Teared up
    ...But for some reason, I feel “dirty” listening to this. Urg. Gross. Certainly not bragging that I’m listening to this. But thank you to these women for speaking out. So important.
  • Leahb5795
    Expose the corruption!
    Continue the exposure and people that were paid and intimidated to cover this. Please keep the truth moving forward. And don’t let this be something that the public forgets and moves on from. Listen to the Mysterious Mr. Epstein, Real Crime Profile, and all the others devoted to exposing the truth.
  • Havardly
    Very odd
    ABC News knew about these stories years before it all came out, they were keeping these stories from getting out in order to protect Jeffrey Epstein.
  • John Freeze
    Phenomenal podcast
    This podcast is so far truly phenomenal because of its focus on the victims. I am very curious about Epstein but I feel that the voices of the women he affected have been drowned out by the “meme” around this man’s death. This podcast explores both the crimes of Epstein but also how the institutions meant to protect the victims instead protected this monster. Great job ABC investigative unit!
  • MWalberg
    Better than the other Epstein pods
    It is clear that ABC got a TON of interviews/access. Worth the wait.
  • redaunts fan
    Great job!
  • Mark Kindschuh
    Excellent podcast, well-worth listening to! recommend to everyone who is interested in learning the stories of these women
  • giginzee
    Epstein podcast review
    Great reporting! Very well done, grips you at the start. Couldn’t stop listening, flowed well.
  • roalrodo
    Can tell the care that went into making this show. Great job!
  • curiousfella19
    Curious Fella
    Wow! This podcast has made me think a lot about Jeffrey Epstein - there’s a lot of misinformation out there and it makes everything so clear to hear it on this pod! Great job
  • grlpower101
    Captivating podcast, really well done! Can’t wait for next Thursday!!
  • Shamu Williams
    Incredible Show with Great Reporting
    All of the negative reviews here are from people who have not listened to the podcast. Though I was also skeptical at first given the situation surrounding it, I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did as it’s probably the best audio reporting on Epstein to which I’ve listened. Definitely looking forward to listening to the remainder of the series.
  • Lululalabe boo
    One episode in and I’m hooked!
  • gc3540
    5 stars
    I really appreciate the respect with which the podcast tells the victims stories.
  • TySimpson
    Fascinating & infuriating
    So unbelievable that this went on for so long. Love that ABC is highlighting these women and their stories/voices.
  • cool!!!!22
    Truth and lies
    Finally a podcast that really tells the stories of the victims - really well done
  • Baldguy1022
    The prevailing question with me, is why did ABC sit this story for so long (basically covering it up) until it till it was “discovered”? Who was responsible for making sure this information wasn’t revealed? Seems like some “influential” people, incriminated by and personally involved with Epstein, were using their status to keep it suppressed.
  • Danica R
    So much more than just Epstein
    Amazingly well done and respectful telling of these women!
  • BronxVinnie
    Truth and Lies Jeffrey Epstein
    Excellent. Polished product. Grabs and holds your attention !
  • ADM819
    Why do other podcasts even try.....
    These are the stories that must be told. Well produced, and well paced. I am patiently waiting for the next pod to drop! - Jeff E.
    What a great podcast! This is really great reporting!
  • eltoddro
    Why did ABC bury the story when you had it years ago??? Nothing new in this podcast that other podcasts haven’t already covered. 1 Star
  • ShameonABC
    Who to blame?
    Found it interesting that no mention of how ABC sat on this story for THREE years, in order to protect Hillary Clinton’s campaign, since it is clear that Bill Clinton was involved in underage girls too. Wonder how many girls could have been saved, had ABC gone public when they had the story!!!
  • ms.picara
    What a smug privileged AH
    Holy cow. Some people are actually poor, but give her a whole episode. She’s gross.
  • hey it's your podcast
    i’m very interested in the subject matter and will definitely be listening
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