BIG FACTS with Big Bank & DJ Scream


Two Atlanta legends Big Bank and DJ Scream bring you the long awaited BIG FACTS Podcast!

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Recent Reviews
  • Ohjay147!*
    Fire jade
    Jade is obnoxious, always over talkin
  • Breal1514
    Immature and Ignorant
    The fact that these grown adults had a 20 year old kid come on this show and admit to robbing people and they laughed and joked about it shows you what’s wrong with this world. Ignorance for likes from grown older people amazes me. This is a disgrace and I don’t know how anyone would listen to these people after seeing that.
  • Zone3Deck
    Love the show
    I love listening to yall baby jade have me rolling
    love this pod.
    love the pod. the homegirl could come with better questions. i hate the bucket list question🤷‍♀️ bird man interview was A1 ♥️ keep it up
  • Nor Cal 16
    Big Facts
    Y’all keeping dropping these I’m deleting everything else Big Facts!
  • Nate Rumble
    Love this pod
    Funny insightful and good guests. Great stuff
  • TampaBaeYG
    Must listen to this podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts hands down! I learn a lot and I laugh a lot listening to the crew!!
  • Aqualvr
    Big Facts
    This is one of my favorite shows and I wished you came on everyday. Your show is hilarious, informative and truthful. You ask the questions I wanna know and keep up the good work.. Forever a fan.
  • blueloyalty615
    Favorite podcast out, but get jade some media training. I don’t wanna hear “Like” 50 times per episode
  • chinesebestfriend
  • BigJohn904!
    Super DOPE!
    Well entertained by each episode!!! Keep up the great work!
  • Cognac Boyz Podcast
    🔥🔥 Facts
    Salute I admire the hard work!
  • datflymf
    Big Facts.
    Best Podcast out rn! 🔥🔥🔥 Jade my favorite ❤️
  • essissima
    Best podcast
    I love it keep it genuine
  • mil made smith
    #1 pod cast in its genres
    Every episode I hear BIG FACTS! One of the top podcasts out right now giving game. Every young person needs to listen to this podcast because every episode drops a priceless jewel that’ll help mold your character.
  • jabba bones
    Next big thang 🌎
    Y’all the nxt big thang much respect we need more episodes
  • SoufSide Shawty
    Podcast for the people
    Authentic POVs from some well respected gents
  • Big Les Love
    Definitely the realest podcast available
    Blessings and Appreciation for Big Facts. Nothing but knowledge and experience given to the people on this show. Great Tag Team with Scream , Bank & Jade 💯🔥
  • LaymaronAir
    Shout out to two Atlanta legends for this podcast!
  • Goldmouth704
    Money man interview
    Why the money man interview not playing all the on YouTube and then it’s not on here either!! I need dat whole interview ASAP!!!
  • Timmy Will
    🔥 The Real 1’$ with have a platform
    I had to subscribe a real 1 podcast all the way from O-H- 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Big Bank & DJ Scream, hosts of the BIG FACTS podcast, highlight all aspects of artists, music and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • #1MoREP
    Missouri standing with BIG FACTS
    Bank&Scream the truth enough said!!
  • onyaTop
    Every episode is next LEVEL IT GETS BETTER BETTER BY THE WEEK!!! Keep Going 💯💯💯 SPINNERS 🌪SPIN
  • Boagirl
    Dopest Podcast!!
    Realest and dopest podcast puts period!!!!!!
  • Señor Si
    Great Podcast with Volume issues
    I enjoy the podcast but they need to fix the volume. Host and guest often move away from the mic and you can’t hear what’s being said. Which makes it hard to listen to. Post production could likely fix the issue. Otherwise it’s a great podcast with some real subject matter l.
  • pointgod7
    Real life
    The super duo host big bank and dj scream really give you a real perspective on life for a brother in America and how to come up and stay up.
  • Lavaris904
    I’m a soldier in the U.S. Army and I’m basically a long way from home and I get find people the same kind of people I grew up with . Being from Florida we talk a whole other language than the rest of these of folks . And this show bring me home man . Bring me back to my roots as a jit getting high and getting game from a good of head . Appreciate y’all boy
  • 1whenthestarsalign
    Much Needed
    The streets needed this!
  • Pdizzles
    Keep it water
    It’s just dope. I enjoy the realness and energy. They ain’t putting on.
  • bigman30815
    Big facts !!!!
    I been needing a podcast like this, just real convo with solid 1000% authentic dudes. Speaking truth with the completion of show checking on people about mental health. Salute!!!!!!! This show better not stop.
  • Dolph 3706
    Big Bank is one of the realest in A. He only speaks fact and no bs.
  • Chris kap W
    Real Big Facts
    Huge fan and supporter of Big Bank mane much love and respect. Scream is one of the best DJ’s period solid guy.
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