Drink Champs

Music #7

Legendary Queens rapper-turned show host N.O.R.E. teams up with Miami hip-hop pioneer DJ EFN for a night of boozy conversation and boisterous storytelling. The hosts and guests engage together in fun, light-hearted conversation - looking back at their paths to success, highlighting their lives, friendships, and iconic moments within their career. In this unfiltered series, drinks are flowing and jokes are rolling - take a seat at the table with N.O.R.E & EFN. You Gotta Relax!

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  • Sweettea50
    Philly interview with Gilli and wallo
    Great interview two kings from Philly and Mysonne the General on the phone 💪🏾. Hard 🌹. Peace and blessings fam Nore is a champ. Peace Kings 🦋. Philly
  • i just dont wanna be fired
    Grab foxy
    Gotta get foxy up there some way
  • Mrgrind78
    Super Bomb
    Super cool y’all have to listen to the Too Short one I couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Fuquup
    They been on fire lately
    Drink champs back... That million dollaz worth of game interview and then pitbull right after. This is some of yals best content so far ...keep it up . Yal are killin it right now 💯
  • sakpase843
    Tell cut Pitbull out talking about Covid-19 origins
  • Cbhitta47
    Pitbull episode
    Thanks for that episode NORE good stuff meng.
  • Thomas jakes
    Used to be one of my favorites
    But NORE seems uninspired now. They need a makeover.
  • Nystuna44
    Started all this Celebrity Rap Pod Cast
    Leave it to Nore to get with Family over drinks & Smoke an just y’all. This pod cast is so fire.
  • crazy e caos
    Enjoyable concept and setting however
    NORE keeps interrupting the interviews so much it’s embarrassing not only to himself but to hip hop. Having his phone blow up in the interview with Ice T is disrespectful. No one cares about N.O.R.E , the bruh needs some serious coaching.
  • nmartin730
    Too lit
    Nore be taking away from the interview when he get to drunk , slurring a mouthful spit . You gotta RELAX
  • B-RICH495
    Horrible sound
  • BX Mike
    One of the best episodes yet. We needed part 2
  • Gpataki1
    Stop disrespecting your people’s ears
    Great content and guests but the sound is trash! How you in the music industry your whole life and put this sound out? Someone need to take Nore to the ear doctor
  • Geepounds
    Great info
    I appreciate the the knowledge and facts of the experience on this great show. Thank u drink champs.
  • dchap127
    NORE doing his thang. Show crazy funny and entertaining.Guest come on the cast relaxed, informative and most of all FUN.
  • gcodeceo
    5 stars
    I liked the show keep up the good work
  • Mtkornegay
    This show is thrash
  • aspynrose
    Y’all are so funny!! Love this podcast
  • Cognac Boyz Podcast
    Concerned Fan
    I watch episode with Lamar Odom & y’all didn’t get to deep to fight but I watch happy Lamar bounced back! What did bore ask him to get in a fight?
  • ekprice05
    Pls fix the sound
    I love the podcast, but the sound quality always pisses me off
  • TreboriLLeK8
    🍷 Champs 💯
  • @Manifest_Destiny23
    Y’all keep it so real I love it and I love the personal relationships you guys have with the guest. Keep it going!
  • Woday55
    The sound quality is horrible
  • nut from cecil
    Big fan
    I love this podcast I’m always tuned in
  • Vern856
    Mayweather Show
    I love y’all podcast man. I feel like y’all are able to get different things out of people mainly artist because NORE knows most of them personally. But mayweather literally spent the entire interview saying “this is my thing” “my thing is this” 😂😂😂
  • Its1080p
    The show of legends
    I appreciate the in-depth content you guys bring, it’s almost like taking a business class if you listen and find the jewels. Thanks
  • DrHaileK
    Dope Interview with Money Mayweather
    You all allowed him to show his human side ... thanks for that!
  • Brooklynite_Fella
    Never a dull moment!!!!
    Definitely one of the realest podcast I’ve heard.
  • 77Wispers
    My number 1 podcast
    I look forward to listening to them every Friday ( Podcast Friday’s) is what I call it they should have nothing less than a 5 star
  • mic562
    Good lil Wayne interview
    THANK YOU Nore for not interrupting and allowing the person your interviewing to actually speak and hear them...
  • Hack and slash
    Fix the sound please!!
    This podcast has been around for a while now and the sound quality is still like they’re in the hood studios. Keep the aesthetic of the show but fix the presentation.
  • 2020Vibez
    Drink champs
    Best podcast ever made nobody topping
  • JamesCc1
    Nas Interview
  • WillisPfunk
    Good podcast.
    Love the guests, but Nore gotta stop telling the same stories over and over again. We are coming to your show to hear the guest talk. You constantly over talk your guest. I think there has been so much more that artist want to say but keep getting interrupted. Trying to stay with it for the culture but maaaaaan Nore is making it hard.
  • Rickn1985
    Nas interview
    That Nas interview was CLASSIC!! Best hiphop show out right now.
  • Coop314
    Started out great but...
    Podcast started out great but gets repetitive after a while. Nore says mmmmmm to everything and it’s not that deep. They don’t want to bring the good up and coming artist which Irv Gotti tried to give them some advice to give life to the show. They repeat guest a lot and that Ray J episode was trash he tries to hard to have a moment. You need to change something because I only listen every now and then when it’s a guest I like.
  • Jumpman23jamm
    Good podcasts but Dayum Nore must say mmmmmm like every 5 seconds. Mmm-pause-mmm-pause-mmm wait for it mmmmmmmmmmm LOL
  • Gannon$23
    Shout out too NORE CNN channel 10 still keeping us plugged in FACTS...one love one Gannon$23
  • budabless
    The goat of all podcasts Drink champs
  • schmidtyNIDAHONOHICK
    Dear Drinking Champs,
    ASAP Rocky...thank you no—-I’ll take Aesop Rock for $2,000 please Alex 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Bbcking86
    We need to hear the M betha story
  • Emerlovesstyles
    Smoke champs
    Love the show gets me thru work 🔥🔥🔥 Y’all need Juicy j from 36 mafia on here
  • hekshej
    Great podcast!!! Great interviews/people!!
    Great all in all. But please work on the editing 🙌🏽
  • gque5050
    Where hip hop lives
    Nah for real! HIP HOP in its PUREST form. Thank you N.O.R.E for providing this platform. WE NEED A JUNGLE & NATURE EPISODE
  • Divine Hughes
    I love it
    Hershima to N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN
    Great Shows and Content. I’ve listened to 98% of the shows. Keep it Movin’ and going for HIP HOP CULTURE. Salaam
  • Trey0000001
    This podcast is watered down
    Idk maybe change something up
  • aj.1010
    Don’t even bother listening
    NORE gave three hours to a CLOWN. Never listening again.
  • Juice_Prints
    Y’all really gave 3 hours to Troy Ave tho ..
  • mamas🐵
    Started off good , now it’s trash!
    They need better guests, better content & better questions. Started off a good show but now it’s trash!
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