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Legendary Queens rapper-turned show host N.O.R.E. teams up with Miami hip-hop pioneer DJ EFN for a night of boozy conversation and boisterous storytelling. The hosts and guests engage together in fun, light-hearted conversation - looking back at their paths to success, highlighting their lives, friendships, and iconic moments within their career. In this unfiltered series, drinks are flowing and jokes are rolling - take a seat at the table with N.O.R.E & EFN. You Gotta Relax!

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  • JBlongzX
    The most professional unprofessional podcast out!
    So much inspiration and education about the industry with historical relevance and unpolished conversation. NORE and EFN balance each other well. Stay unprofessional and professional at the same time. Thanks - JBlongz
  • Jemellia
    Flowers for Drink Champs!
    N.O.R.E. is a treasure! Protect him with flowers at all costs! 💐 Sometimes, I would get annoyed at how it seemed like he was hating on Pac when interviewing guests that knew him, but it looks like he’s lightened up on the subject. N.O.R.E. has a great spirit, heart, and personality, I adore him as a host. DJ EFN is like a director/anchor, he and N.O.R.E. are a great team. I laughed until I had TEARS, several times, when Snoop was on. I really enjoyed Jason Lee’s episode (played it twice), Alicia Keys, and Krayzie Bone’s interview, there are too many to list here but the show is a hit, turn on any episode for quality entertainment. ♍️love!
  • 1huskies
    Poor hosts
    Almost unbearable to listen to because of the hosts. Terrible interviewers.
  • 3mmmmy
    To whoever wrote Shan interview is corny
    Have you done what Shan done? Can you take his place in the this culture? Don’t disrespect legends
  • ChicoDusty21
    My 2cents
    That MC Shan interview is wack fam is madddd corny to me always has been but other than that Drink Champs is the illest podcast out 💯
  • slimgawd
    This mc Shan interview is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
  • BIG SW3rVE
    Drink champs
    What up NORE Shows awesome following it for 2 years now it is really therapeutic for me I could be mad at the world and then I’ll go to YouTube and watch your show and completely changed me around 360° thank you brother keepe up the awesome work Much respect from Louisiana
  • Bk Lyn
    Excellent podcast
    Dj E & Nore they keep it real and keep tied to every show🍹🍹
  • hudney91
    Whoever gave this podcast Less than 5 stars should be banned from listening to all podcast
  • Hyslim
    Shout out to you guys man thank you
  • Ezee173
    NORE Kills Me
    It’s hard to listen to NORE. His interviews scream low intelligence & laziness. He has great guests and the show is much better when they control the conversations and stay on the mic. NORE is that coked up guy at the party, pretending to listen to what you’re saying, but really just waiting for his turn to talk. Sometimes he doesn’t wait, and cuts off his guest with some meaningless rambling. He asks bad questions and gives cringe-worthy responses. With that said, I still listen beciase I love hip hop.
  • LeftCoastDude
    Drink in Game
    NORE and EFN go all over the place while taking time to have drinks and talks with everyone in the pantheon of the culture. They make sure everyone gets their roses and time to shine. It’s fun to hear them relate to OGs and young Gs alike. NORE has a lot of fun segments to keep things rolling with guests and EFN is a nice mediator, sometimes translator. I think they should bring in guest hosts to interview them and give them their roses. These guys deserve it. Thanks for shining a light on the parts of Hip-Hop so many people forget about. This helps me a lot and brings a smile to my face, which is really saying something. Long live Drink Champs!
  • 4 x da funk
    A beautiful Mess
    The show is dope! Yeah, it gets messy sometimes, and there are points when everyone starts to slur their speech, but the conversations are gold. Wish y’all would interview Snow tha Product. She got over 10yrs in the game, independent, spits fire, and Fat Joe said she could be the biggest rapper. Plus, Nore was kinda dismissive towards her. when he was on a panel with Snow and Fat Joe years ago. Please get her on the show.
  • Kjizzal555
    It’s cool , I like it
  • Just Teena
    Interview of the Year!
    They landed & nailed the interview of the Year with Ye, the artist formerly known as "Kanye West!" Entertaining. Informative. Hilarious!
  • yallstillclueless
    NORE learn how to read!
    Stop botching artists names! Practice a script or something. You sound remedial
  • Mgarcia791
    Love everything about the show
  • katt8503
  • @yan_smith
    I love the show fellas! Keep up the good work
  • JerseyMane
    Brain cell loss
    This pod needs direction and editing. The segments are way too long and without focus the entire thing is without focus.
  • lame show lame dudes
    So much clapping and yayyyyying
    Nore interrupts way too much as if he isn’t paying attention. Show is getting by on the strength of the guests. A wasted opportunity to have a really good conversation with some giants. Instead we get a corny morning show vibe 👏👏👏👏 clap gotdamnit AYYYYYY
  • Dj Yogi in Atlanta
    I learned so much about some of my favorite artists.
  • Ghost of NC
    Love this podcast but they gotta get editing better. That Big Sean interview editing was very bad, couldn’t really stand listening. Make some noise!!!!
  • herbithia
    Nah Mean
    Man listen!!
  • Robbz1
    I love this podcast! As a Hiphop head, I love learning about MC’s on a personal level.
  • One.stop.putas
    Great listening
    I love drink champs because it gives you more then just an interview. It gives you a piece of hip hop at its most raw!
  • mglaze33
    Incredible show. I “ncredible vibe. Cheers to you all. Love.
  • t89theonlyone
    Top Notch
    The Kanye interview was fire! “He came as Kanye” lol hilarious. Drink Champs became my favorite when when y’all started to interview and document the making of hip hop with untild stories.
    The Kanye episode may be y’all’s best episode ever. He was in classic form.
  • Remimcloving
  • BStraws
    Thank you!
    Yo’ this joint gives me life when I need it! Thanks to Nore and EFN! There’s been jewels and darts dropped from the beginning! Needs more Legends! Twista, Common, DJ Quik etc
  • babbybig
    To hood
    I think nore in drink champs are great for hip hop. He’s has been in the game I really don’t think his work is really appreciated by radio. He is legend in people need to respect give him his rosses cards now. Don’t wait around ohh nore was a good dude Give that man his respect he deserves dammm it Romecazt While ya at it check out my new joints we on youtube goodtimes youtube Rome better rich youtube SoundCloud Miami 3chicks Romecazt sunshine remix fatjoe DJ Khaled Rihanna Romecazt SoundCloud THATS how we on itttttttttt
  • Big Vondez
    It’s NORE!
    Gotta love it
  • somuchtrouble
    Slime is still grimy
    Nore is still hood and shows you can be that and still show conservative. Ask questions and always asks questions we are thinking. Keep it raw as you do Nore and love that reps he’s Borique . Real always recognize real sun.
  • jdbailey28
    i’m so proud of the cast and crew of this podcast. congratulations on the movement
  • Chuuurch on the mooooove
    Get Hov on Drink Champ
    Y’all need to qik playing and GET HOV on here
  • WaffleCarAllstar
    Jack Thriller is more annoying than anything. How did he even get on the Episode with Silkk?
  • jupiterovermars
    Lauren hill?
    Would be interesting
  • 2 thoro
    Jack Thriller
    Please stop having Jack Thriller on. He is beyond annoying, and he takes over the interview
  • Mista Blacka
    Super Beans
    Salute to an amazing episode.
  • CarlosFig96
    Respect 🇵🇷
    I love y’all and I really hope you see this because as a fan of rap and hip hop y’all really failed to talk to lil Wayne about his mixtapes, especially the new new ones.. we gotta give the man his flowers for that!!
  • Tor723
    T Pain Interview
    I absolutely loved this interview! I could have listened for another 2 hours.
  • Frank O Duke
    The show
    NORE you guys are doing a GREAT job! I listen & go back and listen to shows that I miss. The show is that good !! Y’all keep doing what y’all CHAMPS are doing! I APPRECIATE Y’ALL !!
  • mugen159
    Just perfect man to hear the truth is just amazing no cap that’s all I care about and hip hop
    I don’t understand y’all who say the show is trash….don’t listen to it…you say the audio is trash don’t LISTEN TO IT. You say NORE is a horrible interviewer…DONT LISTEN….you say no one cares about him….BUT YOU STILL LISTEN TO IT. I NEVER write reviews about anything but need this at the top so y’all who hate killit #yagottaRELAX 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve heard every cast atleast once. And continue to replay them from the first episode. Left nut to the haters keep doing what y’all doin yo DRINK CHAMPS AINT FOR EVERYBODY THATS WHY EVERYBODY AINT UP HERE. first review of anything ever and it’s for drink champs. I’m honored 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 take the right nut too haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
  • papaChe$$e88
    Need more popular guests
    I love the show !!!!!! But,You guys have got to get more well know worldwide artists on your platform. And make those episodes three hours. Much love kings
  • Mas Mas Everything
    Official Tissue!
  • ELD24!**
    More relevant guest please!
    Love drink champs! Been a fan since day 1!! But the past few guest had me scratching my head and I expressed no interest in listening to what they had to say lol please get some more well known artist! I know there are plenty around from the early 2000’s. Still praying for that Whoo kid episode or another dose of g-unit! Maybe even The Game
  • Magic718
    Can’t help “child endangerers” 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Easywork12
    Great guests but NORE needs to improve as a interviewer man, he constantly cuts off the guests and it’s annoying.
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