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In the South, talking about food is personal. It’s a way of sharing a part of your history, your family, your culture, and yourself. Each week, Sid Evans, Editor in Chief of Southern Living, will sit down with celebrity musicians to hear stories of how they grew up, what inspired them, and how they’ve been shaped by Southern culture. Sid will take us back to some of their most cherished memories and traditions, the family meals they still think about, and their favorite places to eat on the road.

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Recent Reviews
  • Stephie Medi
    Just started listening to podcasts and Biscuits & Jam is great listening. Did Evans really gets his guests to open up. Looking forward to more shows
  • Harry chef
    New Listener
    My first podcast was with the great Gladys Knight. Love listening to the additional insights and first hand accounts from Gladys!!
  • Madisonathomp
    Gimme more!
    I absolutely LOVE the Biscuit Jam podcast! Please bring on more Country Music Star guests!
  • twomenandamother
    Great Podcasts
    Just listened to the first podcast with Jake Owen. Great listening Looking forward to hearing more in the series !
  • A-Texas-Lady
    Hopefully there’s a scootch more food talk
    Just finished listening to my first episode of the show with Gladys Knight. She was so warm and friendly. You could tell she was itching to talk a little more about family food moments and even share a recipe. She also mentioned how she enjoyed singing while she cooks. Would have loved a taste of that sharing—maybe next time?! Otherwise, this was an enjoyable podcast and look forward to checking out more episodes.
  • dollys a doll
    This is my first podcast and I already subscribed it is absolutely amazing most podcasts are just dumb but this a podcast Chanel I won’t forget I give it a 5 out of 5😁
  • Will and Grace
    Highly recommend
    Very entertaining! Reminds me of what is good about the South, the people.
  • JoBruin26
    Favorite Podcast!
    Biscuits and Jam is a great listen every week. It pairs country artists with stories of how food impacted them growing up and how they cook today. The show also interweaves the artist’s music and current songs into the discussion. Love it!!! ❤️🎵👏
  • nallison1
    The Light we need now!
    I love this so much! I just can’t say enough that we need these heartfelt and positive voices now. Thank you!
  • Texas1994
    Lauren Alaina episode!!
    Such a fun interview!! So many great stories.
  • bluemoongal
    Love the Biscuits & Jam podcast esp the Ashley McBryde episode. Interesting to hear all about her background, growing up and experience with music and food. I remember being at the Eric Church show when she came on stage - what an amazing voice - thanks for the insightful stories during this episode. Looking forward to hearing you live someday when live music returns.
  • Rhodapil
    Love your shows - Maneet was especially amazing - as an amateur cook, I was always intimidated by Indian food, but she has inspired me to give it a try. Will definitely find her new book and sample her restaurants when in Nashville. Thanks for the interesting chats!
  • Garfield nut
    Miss Patti
    The Patti LaBelle episode was fabulous!!
  • hharisodnf r
    Love your show
    I just recently started listening to your podcast and I love it. I love hearing the stories of the people that are on and how they were inspired to start cooking and where they get their ideas from for different foods. Keep up the good content because you are doing an awesome job!
  • Jaret17
    Love this!!
    The Glady Knight episode brought me here, and I loved every second of it. I hope that they do more southern classical R&B/soul artists like her! Keep up the great work!
  • Hunt Cynthia
    Love It!
    I love, love, love this podcast. Please keep episodes coming!
  • 2015subaru
    Keep them coming!
    Have really enjoyed the Biscuits & Jam podcasts - keep them coming!
  • Jan Kennah
    Makes me smile AND want biscuits and jam!
    I absolutely love this podcast. Please consider keeping it going. Thank you for hosting Gladys Knight too!. My sister and I loved GK and the Pips growing up. Midnight Train to Georgia holds a special place in my heart. We sanding it often while doing dishes together after suppers growing up in a family of 9. I still love Gladys’s music. What a good example she has been for me. All of your guests have offered up some wonderful stories. Thank you again!!
  • hollyheck
    Great podcast!
    Would love to see these continue after the 12 planned! A new favorite!
  • Marie and Bob
    Willie Nelson
    I loved loved the podcast!!! I am spreading the word about your new podcast! Thank you!😎Marie L
  • E.TX
    Potatoes in a bag-Lee Ann Womack
    Excellent podcast! Interesting and fun to listen to! Thank you, Sid Evans, for bringing these to us to brighten our days! Keep them coming please!
  • NinjaBaker KW
    Sid Evans Serves Up The Best Biscuits & Jam!
    Southern Living’s Editor stirs the hearts of country singers who pour their inspirational stories into the ears of listeners. Also, thanks to his interview with Kimberly Schlapman I now know where to get the best garlic noodles in town!
  • Moniquilla27
    Pleasantly Surprised
    I recently resubscribed to SL, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had launched this podcast. It’s a much-needed distraction during this time, and overall it’s a very good listen. Highly recommend!
  • SSmithFL
    🎶 + 🥘
    Reading/listening to lots of heavy things these days. This is a welcome break-music + food! 🥳Highly recommend as well as Southern Living!
  • MLB Fan
    Outstanding Podcast. Very informative. Low key style is very easy to listen to. A refreshing break from all the madness. Thanks 🙏🏻
  • doc daniels radio
    Everything country
    From country living, country music, or just southern stories this podcast gets an A+ from a fan of country music!
  • kimfog
    Willie Nelson
    Loved the interview with Willie Nelson. Was to see him for the first time at Musicfest in Bethlehem, PA on August 5, 2020. Never saw him in person, but a big fan. Unfortunately the festival got canceled this year because of the pandemic. So, it was great to hear him and learn how he is doing! Stay safe, Willie! Kim in Pennsylvania
  • MereMH
    Best thing to come out of quarantine yet
    I love this idea! Southern Living, food, stories, musicians. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • ldyfes
    My favorite things
    Love this podcast, it has my two favorite things music and food! I am so glad that you are doing this! Keep up the good work!
  • Southern and blessed!
    I really enjoy the podcasts! They’re interesting and fun! I love the natural, relaxed pace of the conversations. The musicians are so real and naturally winsome. My only complaint is that I’m going to run out of episodes to hear! Please keep the episodes coming! Thank you!
  • casdps
    Keep ‘Em coming
    My wife and I love this Podcast. We both take something away from each of them. Very relaxing respite from the craziness. Can’t wait for the rest of them. Charlie
  • Ohio Vick
    Kimberly Schlapman episode
    I caught up on the podcasts. The one with Kimberly Schlapman hit home for me with baking. I have stopped baking for years for some reason. I received inspiration to resume after listening to Kimberly’s story. Thank you!
  • Cassidy Campbell
    NEED More Podcasts Like This
    One word: Delightful. This is the podcast I’ve been desperately looking for. I am so enjoying the story-telling and conversations and want more! I feel like I’m sitting down with old friends when I listen. And Sid is just great. I’ve always enjoyed reading his letters in SL Magazine, but hearing from him in this medium has been lovely. I am already dreading the end! Give this a listen—you won’t regret it!
  • missrachellh
    A Nice Change of Pace
    I really enjoy the slow pace of this podcast where it’s all about learning the guest from home life, road life and food. I’ve never come across a podcast like this before and it’s a nice little escape from life.
  • Mrs Charlotte N
    I love this podcast
    The best way to hear, the behind the scenes of your favorite southern people ❤️
  • My dog Jann
    Jake Owen
    I love this guy more now than ever...I loved this podcast !!!!
  • TomSadler
    Looking forward to this!
    Just added it to my “must listen” list. Bravo Sid and crew.
  • Jenna Everton
    This sounds so fun
    My two favorite things, food
  • McConnel89
    Can’t Wait for the First Episode
    I’m a big fan of Southern food, and music, too! I am looking forward to the first episode and the entire season.
  • Adog2019
    Amazing podcast, best I’ve ever heard
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