What Went Wrong covers Hollywood’s most notoriously disastrous movie productions, digging into the behind the scenes insanity of everything from massive flops to record breaking blockbusters.

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  • cforeman
    Knowledge, love of the movies, great judgment— it’s all here in this terrific podcast.
  • alode77
    A Mixed Bag
    Lizzie is an excellent researcher and brings a tremendous knowledge and energy to the podcast. Chris spends an awful low of time pontificating and criticizing of the films, particularly the directors. He is self-righteous in his critiques and often talks poorly of critically-acclaimed directors as though he would have done the job differently. He also loves to use the phrase “As a director, I…” in order to show his superior understanding of the movie making process.
  • kristoftunes
    Good content, lots of giggling
    Lizzie giggles at everything, even when the subject matter isn’t particularly funny. It’s like a podcast hosted by a middle schooler. Chris gets into way too much minutiae. We don’t care that some obscure director used to be even more obscure. People tune in to learn about their favorite movies and behind the scenes trivia.
  • Mslauragarcia
    F***ing Great Podcast
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! You guys are great. Very well spoken and extremely informative on the behind the scenes intel. I can tell that you’ve done a lot of research into each of the movies you review and you have a great time doing it.
  • East Village Cyclist
    A fascinating and wonderfully researched podcast
    This series is incredibly compelling. Our hosts have limitless enthusiasm for their subject and always do their homework. If you like movies, you’ll love What Went Wrong.
  • Britnarussell
    Favorite podcast full stop
    No need to be a movie buff to enjoy this podcast! Some of my favorite eps are movies I haven’t seen (until I go back and view them (except Howard the duck)).
  • AccountFixed14
    Generally, it’s okay.
    The hosts could afford to do better research on their topics. Quickly fell out of listenership after Chris reported speculative/untrue tidbits and things from the rumor mill as fact. Could be better with researchers who can be educate the hosts before they record.
  • D.U.M.B. Agent
    Good stuff
    I love behind-the-scenes stuff. Great hosts, great info, great stories.
  • Bklyn4Lyfe
    Great Research
    Great job you guys I’ve heard the all and especially love this new season with LORD OF THE RINGS- really great storytelling! Now let’s get some films from women and people of color up in here so I can give 5 stars! Keep up the great work!
  • hannahannahford
    favorite podcast + great relisten to boot
    This is a perfect podcast- the host are perfect for the show the show is special and funny and interesting- I love listening to the eps about films I have never watched and will not prob watch, eps about my fav movies, and when I’m ready for a relisten, i always find something new. I’m getting weird about how much I love it so I’ll stop - please give it a shot!!!!
  • Over excited about everything
    My favorite podcast full stop
    Title says it all 😘
  • MegM413
    Fascinating and so much fun
    As someone who knows nothing about making movies - this is an incredibly interesting and well done podcast. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys good stories and you don’t even need to have seen the movies. I love it!
  • Egotist vaper
    Our love/hate relationship
    Three stars is inaccurate. There. I said it. Also, three stars is totally unearned. It’s an attempted balance to parse my love and hatred of this - always informative - show … when, in truth, you wouldn’t issue history, narrative or anything not aligning with new leftist cultural dogma with the same equilibrium. The Good: This show does an amazing job of being more than a collection of wiki facts. It’s human and bright and it brims with true interest in its subjects and materials. I like the hosts, despite our wildly different political and philosophical outlooks on time and meaning. I appreciate the wonder that seems to guide every endeavor to evaluate film and creatives. I’m sure your metrics would demonstrate a correlation between sizable audiences and film popularity - but the show is better than that. My favorite episodes deconstruct the disasters of films that I’m encouraged to seek out - having had the pleasure of gaining some insight into them before viewing the finished product. I love that about your show - so quite frankly, three stars is unfair - because the show does exactly that it’s intended to do. The Bad: In listening to the cringe inducing ending of your “Breakfast Club” episode, you bravely address the negative feedback on your CONSTANT need to reframe film concepts by adhering to modern culture. What you miss, however, is the entire point of the criticism. In your defense you site “cultural changes,” “societal progression” and “hindsight” as justification for spewing non-meaningful words like “problematic” at era bound character studies. In all of this, it never occurs to you that half the population doesn’t co-sign these unnecessary guardrails or “safe space” disclaimers. I haven’t agreed that derogatory terms are all unilaterally “problematic,” especially when fleshing out a character portrayal of someone in a different decade, nor do I subscribe to the idea that we’ve “progressed” by literally collapsing under the weight of a fictional person’s slang terms. And half the population agrees with me. If the show is guided by philosophies that a one sided culture demanded of you, you aren’t qualified to discuss art - and the show deserves no stars. Inadvertently, you’ve demonstrated what group-think does to devalue your own ability to extract individual meaning. And that’s too bad - because I’m a big fan of the moments when you forget to be guided by your diversity training handbook, as your unique inquiry into these past circumstances is shockingly entertaining. For example, in the “Mommy Dearest” episode a great deal of balance was attempted. You made absolutely certain to highlight when allegations were alleged. You considered life circumstances, timelines and thought a great deal about attacking either woman (Joan or Faye) without careful phrasing. It was human and understanding - all while hilariously prodding a train wreck atop a unicycle. But when discussing the allegations of Hitchcock, him being a man and all, you barely mention the blatant inaccuracies of the allegations (when things happened, where people were versus where they were claimed to be, legitimacy of witnesses and their own recollections). Or the fact that crew members came out against the idea that those supposed events even happened. You didn’t include Hitchcock’s version of why he and the leading lady of “The Birds” never worked together again after “Marnie” (she insulted his weight and was cruel to him). You didn’t mention that her story of events was an evolving story. Much less the rather glaring unlikelihood that these events would be validated by Hitchcock’s wife. It just seemed easier to feed into the salaciousness because attacking men is so en vogue in the leftist circle. This podcast is great when it evaluates people and their actions. This podcast is terrible when it consults thought-policing finger-waggers to have it’s evaluations performed for it. The Weird Result: I’m a fan. I’m a listener. I enjoy the show and I hope my creed (the people who still believe that each person should be judged on their actions - rather than group enabled, retroactive, Big Brother devised assignments of blame based on tribal thought) are still invited. My plan is to continue to listen passionately and laugh, recoil and curse along with you. I just wish you’d stop asking “how do we see this now?” Because you don’t mean “we.” You mean “half of us … the half with context allergies.” If you think something is evil, say it. Don’t hide behind the decision of the partial, self appointed consortium. You hate a word? Say YOU hate it. It doesn’t have to be “problematic,” or any other term meant to indicate that social agreements are being decided by invisible idea-unions. I’ll respect your standards. I just want to know they weren’t installed in you - and I don’t want to be treated as though we’ve all agreed on those rules at the town square.
  • MHR87
    Smart, funny, and informative
    I thought I was looking for a snarky takedown of bad movies. What a pleasure to find “What Went Wrong” instead! Chris and Lizzie deliver well-researched analysis and technical production information sprinkled with behind the scenes gossip. Their reviews are balanced and never mean-spirited. They manage to show that even a badly executed movie required a huge investment of time and resources. Every movie was someone’s passion project , and What Went Wrong never loses sight of that.
  • Kelkels99
    Tune in!
    This is the most fun and interesting podcast I’ve found! The hosts are great, the information they find is fascinating. Definitely worth the listen. I have to spend 4 hours driving one day a week and this has a life saver!
  • Juselzo
    Better than watching the movie
    The hosts are passionate, funny, informed and down to earth. I don't consider myself a film buff by any means, but I find this podcast very entertaining and interesting. The research behind each episode seems very thorough.
  • Filmnick00
    This is the movie podcast you’ve been looking for
    The BEST (full stop) podcast about movies. The two hosts have amazing chemistry, charm, and wit all while giving some of the most insightful and well researched “making of” backstories on movies throughout the decades. There isn’t a bad episode in the mix. Every episode, including those for movies you haven’t seen or haven’t even heard of, are thoroughly entertaining. As someone who has been though film school, worked on sets, and is obsessed with film history, I am constantly blown away by the sheer volume of stories and anecdotes I’ve never heard before. Do yourself a favor and binge every episode now.
  • 5K10Krunner
    100% Binge-Worthy
    If you love cinema, movies, film, etc. this podcast is for you. The hosts are fantastic and entertaining. Thank you for all the research; you put on a fine podcast. Notable episodes: Mommie Dearest and GWTW.
  • Fau Danu
    Interesting content with cool hosts
    The hosts are both really personable and have great chemistry. I enjoy listening to their banter, they also have great insights about both films and film making. I love their takes on things and always get a couple of laughs from their banter. Not sure how to find contact info to suggest other films they could review, but I think 80s sci-fi is a treasure trove. Robocop had issues with the suit, Predator originally cast Jean Claude Van-Dam in the title role, David Lynch’s Dune was ridiculous, the list goes on as it was an era of high ambitions, big egos and practical effects.
  • BettyKuban
    One of my new favorite podcasts!
  • Cheschav
    One of my favorite podcasts!!
    I’ve often listen to podcasts while I’m at work and when I found this podcast I could not stop listening. I’ve always been Interested in niche film history and this is truly the perfect listen :)) Love the hosts and the pod!!
  • Zoo rope
    So Far So Good
    I’m enjoying this podcast, it’s insightful, well researched and fun. Better than Unspooled.
  • DanMHoffman
    Super Fun, Great Hosts, Cool Inside Info
    I’m a huge movie fan, not sure why I hadn’t found this before. It’s easily my favorite podcast now, and I’ve been spending a kind of embarrassing amount of time binging old episodes. It’s kind of like sitting around with two pretty funny people who happen to be really knowledgeable about how movies are casted, funded, produced, marketed etc. and it’s cool that, despite the “What Went Wrong” title, it’s not just about movie “bombs” — they also talk about all the weird stuff that happened making huge hits/classics like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gladiator and others.
  • drrrewww
    Can’t Get Enough!
    I love this pod! Love hearing about all these crazy things happening behind the scenes of movies. They are funny and knowledgeable.
  • Sal Vaca
    Rotten Tomatoes score 100
    It’s a gem of a podcast, definitely bingeworthy!
  • Timothytwister
    I love this podcast
    They are really fun to listen to and are quite knowledgeable about movies. Glad they are keeping busy during the strike.
  • redguild
    Movie Lovers Who Want More!
    A friend recommended WWW to me knowing that I love movies and everything that goes along with making them! I’m hooked! Lizzie and Chris are fun and likable making for an entertaining listen. I put on an episode everyday while in the car and while I’m flying around for work. The only worry is that I’m gonna run out of episodes. I’d love an episode on The Goonies or The Princess Bride.
  • Bacon balls
    It’s really fun to listen to
    My sister turned me on to this podcast, telling me about the Howard the Duck episode, and I’ve been listening to it everyday on my ride home from work. I’ve actually gone back and watched some horrible movies just because they were covered by this pod and I thought the background information they provide sheds a whole new light on why the movie turned out the way it did.
  • mr.Airhead
    I love super nerdy trivia deep dives
    The research is top notch and the movies covered are some of my favorites and least favorites. It’s lots of fun to know interesting things about movies I can throw out while conversing with friends.
  • captin cutlury
    Please do the Percy Jackson movies next, because the series will air on December 20th and I would like to know about how the movies were made.
  • Kmansoor
    Well paced and fun
    Really well paced and fun to listen
  • taylor.swank
    Why the reruns?
    I’m grateful you guys are back for another season, but I’d rather wait to listen until you have new episodes.
  • Mike Disney
    So Well Done
    Great content. Beautifully researched. And presented in such an interesting way. Funny. Insightful. Knowledgeable. The hosts are great. My new favorite!
  • Madman1502
    Fascinating and Fun
    What Went Wrong is an entertaining and informative look at the challenges of both great and not so great movies, and the hosts have a great balance between humor and fact. I’m still working through the backlog but it’s just that good that I’m already leaving this review and it’ll be in my rotation.
  • KK rocks so so so so MUCH
    Am I too old for this podcast?
    I really like this podcast. I love hearing the dirt behind movies and Hollywood. The hosts have good repartee, so some research and are passionate about the subjects. I do sometime balk at the hosts lack of perspective beyond their young years and the fact that they (apparently) do not read. Still it’s fun and I’ll keep listening and rolling my 55 year old eyes every now and then. Thanks!
  • Film Score Nerd
    Great Podcast! PLS PLS PLS do Star Trek The Motion Picture!!
    This is a great podcast if you love movies! Very funny and well researched.
  • DJWorms
    I had given up on podcasts
    are used to listen to podcasts all the time. But then I got bored. When I stumbled across yours, I was intrigued. I love movies, and I’ve always enjoyed hearing behind-the-scenes stories. My main concern was that I would want to hear those stories told by someone that I would enjoyed. not recognizing either of the names, I was hesitant. I was completely blown away with my first attempt: The Breakfast Club. it’s one of my favorite movies and I enjoyed the discussion. you seem like people that I could be sitting in her room with talking about movies, and be laughing along with all the while. I am hooked. Furthermore, when my son is in the car, he turns up the volume in focuses on the podcast. We love to go to movies together, and now we share a love of this program.
  • jessmandell
    Oscar worthy!
    My absolute favorite podcast. I just discovered this show and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Fascinating, detailed, smart and fun. Thanks for all your hard work putting each episode together!
  • dbdnff f
    Really good
    Love this podcast. It’s great when you get people passionate about their industries and do a thorough job and research, not just read off Wikipedia. Suggestions for movies: Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, Frailty, Dazed and Confused, Lost Boys, clueless, mean girls, steel magnolias, Seven, the departed, goodfellas, wolf of Wall Street, overboard, the ring, first wives club, the nightingale, more movies with female directors actors and black people and gay people.
  • Sugar Whips
    Sister Act & Sister Act 2:Back in the Habit
    It’s a miracle that any movie gets made, and these two seem near ordained in their goodness. You know you wanna dig into these! They (mostly) hold up. The soundtrack and original music are both outstanding. All star casts, including up-and-comers and theater pros (I mean ya got Maggie Smith AND Peggy Hill). Organized crime layered under organized religion. Shenanigans with nuns! The fantastic cringe that is ball of confusion! These have taken up two spots of my T5 favorite films since childhood. Me oh my this show is great, appreciate the professional details and calling out problematic practices and highlighting what’s being done about ‘em.
  • BobTunc
    Good fun listen, and a great way to find new movies worth watching….
    The hosts are fun to listen to, and pull together a lot of information about the movie, in an accessible way. Listening enriched my watching of movies both good and bad - some of which I likely wouldn’t have even watched if I hadn’t listened.
  • Mary Nowland Sessions
    So fun!!
    I recently found this podcast and immediately had to listen to every episode! I love that Chris and Lizzie sound genuinely excited to teach each other about these movies. I feel like I’m learning so much about Hollywood and how movies are made without having to deal with film-bros. Almost every time they reference something that I don’t know, they say “Oh, for those of you who don’t know…” before I even have the chance to google it!
  • venison_hm
    Great Chemistry
    I’m really enjoying this podcast. These two have great chemistry and it’s a very enjoyable listen. They are very respectful of the films they cover, even the ones that didn’t turn out that great. Very fun to hear the back story to so many movies I love.
  • dts45
    Raders of lost. Ark
    You. Left. Out. For. Steven spelberge Back to futuer. Saving privet ryan
  • lizgregstu
    Fascinating commentary on blockbuster hits, cult classics & box office bombs
    Movies aren’t made in a vacuum - they’re the product of their creators, crew, audience, culture, industry, critics, historical moment, technology, and legacy. I love learning the stories BEHIND the stories we all love or love to hate. Lizzie and Chris keep me entertained on my commute and inspire me to check out films I’ve heard about but never sat down and watched. They add depth and nuance to conversations about movies. I’m one of the people who can’t resist reading the IMDb trivia on each movie I watch, and this podcast is like that section expanded and woven into amazing stories.
  • Currk321
    Fun and thoughtful podcast about making movies
    I recently discovered this podcast, and enjoyed it so much I have just binged every episode one after the other. The premise is that movies are basically mini-miracles of precision, and the difference between a good movie and a bad movie often comes down to 1-2 key decisions, sometimes made months or years before the production even starts. And even bad movies always feature some amazing work from the many, many talented people involved in making the film. The hosts often call out incredible work from props teams, screenwriters, assistant directors, extras, costume and production designers, and so on. The result is that the next time you watch the film they’re discussing, you’ll see things you didn’t notice before. Note: they are not precious about classic movies or directors, so if you’re someone who is sensitive about films and directors being criticized for treating people (individual people and groups of people) poorly, this may not be the best podcast for you. In more recent episodes, they keep explaining their stance on this, but it shouldn’t be necessary. The show is about telling the story of the films, which always includes both the good and the bad.
  • Cutler29
    I Love It!
    What a great podcast. I run long distance and this is my #1 favorite podcast to put on for a few hours of entertainment. I just started listening so I get to binge! The only thing better was the dramatization of the original Alien 3 script on Audible, by William Gibson. Chris, you are wrong, it’s way better than okay, it’s AWESOME and I loved it. But it’s not a podcast so you still win. I heard that Frozen was an absolute dumpster fire if a film because when the producers et al. heard “Let It Go” they knew it was the new iconic song of Disney. But, you can’t have a villain with the best moral lesson of the film and straight up loving themselves, so they rewrote the entire film around the song and that’s why there’s a forced, weak villain, a bunch of plot holes, and a lazy solution (it’s love). Is that true?? I’ll listen forever, keep up the great work!
  • Suzy4toes
    Love it!!
    I don’t know anything about making movies and I have learned so much from this podcast. It’s super entertaining. I also particularly appreciate how they always end on a positive note with what went right. Even with the toughest situations, they highlight the hard work of so many people. Great work y’all!
  • mydearmanda
    Fun, Insightful Movie Podcast
    This podcast might be the most inspiring thing I’ve listened to. It’s great to know that so many things can go so horribly wrong and more often than not still end up with an amazing and lasting movie. I love the background stories almost more than the finished movies, so this is a great podcast for me. I’ve learned a lot information that I’ve never heard of before about some very popular and some infamous movies. I think the cult-classic films are my favorite listens so far. And I’ve gotten some good recs to be added to my to be watched list. The podcasters provide a good mix of movie history, funny gossip, technical overview, and over-all fair-minded opinions about the movies they cover. (P.S. Please cover Grease and it’s sequel, it’s one of my favorites and I would love to hear your thoughts. I think it would be hilarious.)
  • jkazmierski
    My new favorite podcast!
    I’ve listened to every episode since discovering this podcast, even the ones about movies I’ll probably never watch, and loved them all. There’s something morbidly fascinating about learning how the sausages get made that keeps me coming back for more. I can’t wait for the next one and, of course, have a few recommendations: John Carter (though an entire book has been written about that, I’m sure there’s more to it) Hellraiser (all time horror favorite) Literally any of the Marvel films Thanks and keep it coming!
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