What Went Wrong covers Hollywood’s most notoriously disastrous movie productions, digging into the behind the scenes insanity of everything from massive flops to record breaking blockbusters. Each episode, hosts Lizzie Bassett and Chris Winterbauer dive into a new film to explore the mind blowing (and sometimes numbing) reasons why making a movie is nearly impossible (especially a good one). Produced by David Boman.


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  • PodThot
    Like like like
    I really do love this podcast. The research and work behind it so thorough and mostly presented well and in a nice casual setting. You can tell they put in so much to prepare for each episode. The one thing that I have to address, respectfully, is Chris’s constant interrupting, co-signing, adding his two cents, and trying to finish what Lizzie is going to say. He obviously has a wealth of knowledge for film and I totally recognize and appreciate that. I’m sure he’s not meaning to do so or he is just excited talking about film as film fanatic does, but it really comes off inconsiderate and self-indulgent. Doing so can divert from what she is trying to say. Sometimes I hesitate to listen to Lizzie’s episodes because I’ll get frustrated on her behalf. Haha Props to Lizzie for patience and reception; I do truly love when she presents. Just would love to hear her deliver full sentences or thoughts much more frequently during her episodes. If that’s their friendship and rapport that’s cool. It is apparent that they do have great rapport and enjoy each other. This doesn’t negate the top-notch job they do with the research and prepared presentations. I enjoy learning about filmmaking and I like the level of film understanding at which they present. I work in the film industry and I learn so much more each episode. That being said, I have listened to almost all of their episodes and truly enjoy this podcast.
  • mbutts2
    Great listen
    I give a podcast the three minute rule. If my interest is not grabbed in the time frame on to the next. This is a great podcast, love how they go in depth with the film, the makers of the film, the history. Will be binging more episodes!!!!
  • Jakerstreet
    I switched over from Spotify solely to pen down a review for "What Went Wrong" because that's how much I adore this podcast. I stumbled upon the "Waterworld" episode, and I have been completely captivated since. From T-to-B, top to bottom, this podcast is awesome, full stop. I've always fancied myself as a cinephile, but I found myself consistently amazed by the insights dropped by Lizzie and Chris, such as how Luc Besson is a creep, the studio's initial desire for Harrison Ford as Jack Torrance in "The Shining," or how Robert Evans got his drugs on the set of "Popeye." I'm can’t wait to see what the hosts actually look like; hopefully, their appearances match the richness of their voices. I can't help but imagine Chris resembling someone akin to Ira Glass.
  • APopio
    Love this show
    I’m always so excited to see new episodes of this show in my feed. I’m consuming it meticulously, and if they are discussing a movie I haven’t seen, I will go watch the movie first so I’m better prepared for their analysis. I originally thought that the below-the-line segments wouldn’t be as addictive, but then I listened to the one about the stedicam operator, and that was also incredible. Everything these guys do provides such fun and interesting augmentation to movies that I already love! This show really is the definition of infotainment.
  • VillainousMoostache
    So well researched and fun
    I just finished the Lord of the Rings three parter (and now pronounce Jonathan Ronald Ruel Tolkien like Chris). I drive an hour and a half into work each morning, and this keeps me sane and chipper as I move at about 3 mph down Sunset Blvd. Between this and the 50 MPH podcast on Speed, I get my dose of production insight on my drive in. I’d love to hear them talk about UHF or Willow.
  • ReverendSKA
    I Hope It Gets Better
    The concept of this podcast is a great idea and the information for the most part is good. I’m completely baffled by how Lizzie has never even heard of any of these movies, hates all of them and yet she works at iMDB! I can’t believe how many movies she has just declared people shouldn’t even watch. I would guess most people listening to a movie podcast have seen the movie the podcast is about or plans to watch the movie.
  • metajag
    Rockin It!
    So this is a terrible podcast because I love it so much that my wife, and even some friends, are making fun of me for being, like, obsessed. In fact it’s my favorite podcast FULL STOP! There’s only one other podcast I’m consuming every episode including bonuses (Hickey’s 500songs) and that doesn’t *even come close*! Lizzie and Chris are so knowledgeable and entertaining, they do the research, the listener learns so much, so many great stories told so well! And it’s not comedic per se but these hosts are so witty, they crack me up so often, and I have to add Lizzie has *the* best laugh full stop. I also agree with all the feminist and generally progressive approaches to the inevitable issues. Rock on!!!!
  • jpsweetman
    Favorite podcast full stop
    Thank you!!
  • Kentucky Oyster
    Such a great podcast. It’s not trying to be wacky or silly, instead it’s informative and entertaining. Funny at times, emotional at times. Very good.
  • head2head
    Entertaining and insightful
    Thank you for this podcast! Entertaining and fun, with genuinely interesting hosts- nothing milquetoast in either of them. I always learn something and the insights into the industry are fascinating- thank you both for your work.
  • angrylf
    Well researched - fun delivery - great show
    The hosts have great chemistry while delivering in depth research - really well done.
  • TroyLastName
    2nd favorite podcast after “Help I sexted my boss”
    Anyway, very enjoyable, interesting behind-the-scenes fact. I particularly like when you give the backstory of some directors and/or crew to explain why they have this or that mindset or experience. If I had any other feedback it would be: 1) Perhaps do an episode from the pov of a director and go through all of their movies. 2) Pick an LGBT film to go over - Bros, Happiest Season, Single All the Way, etc.
  • Los Angeles Beagle Mom
    My favorite podcast!
    Great hosts and great content. My brother told me about this podcast in early 2024 and I’ve been steadily going through all the episodes. It’s very interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff. Please include more directors from other countries or backgrounds. Love the show and can’t get enough!
  • nodicenodice
    Great - Really Great
    I am random walking through library of episodes after running across this show which is amazing - each show is a rabbit hole of exploration - well written and makes me want to go watch movies, think about them, read more about them, etc. I listened to the Exorcist episode with my jaw hanging open every time that garbage can director talked about his treatment of the actors. Part of me wanted the movie banned for the actual violence that is on film - it seems wrong. But hosts of the show are good at discussing the dichotomy of enjoying the movies and also understanding their sometimes dark underbellies. Thanks for making this pod - I am hoping I can find some merch.
  • Nate-isms
    Better than film school!
    It’s clear that Lizzie and Chris (and David, etc.) do thorough research on every movie (or show) they tackle, and I appreciate it! Then all that great information gets delivered in such a fun and conversational way, I feel like we’re all just friends chatting about movies over coffee. Highly recommend!
  • mementomorgan
    Incredible Film Podcast
    Such a fun podcast! Love learning all the facts about what it truly takes to make a film or even almost NOT make a film. I even liked the episodes about Lost! I could’ve listened to at least 2 more episodes about that. I’ve been skipping around and just finished the Mad Max Fury Road episodes and it has made me even more excited for the Furiosa movie! The hosts are funny and knowledgeable. And their banter tends to stay on subject which is nice. I’m always excited to see a new episode in my feed. Keep it up!
  • AlexDaHunter
    The hosts do such a great job of explaining the process of making each film. Every new episode is a pleasant surprise since they always pick interesting movies to focus on. Their breakdowns have inspired me to watch/rewatch the movies they’ve covered so I’m entertained twice! Thanks for all of your work!
  • Lazygoat13
    Extraordinarily enjoyable!
    The show is fun but not simpleminded. They tell a great story while including all the little details. I look forward to them doing an episode on Argo.
  • cmdm
    wanted to love this…
    cuz i love the subject matter but you’ve got hosts who think they’re funny…and they’re not…who are sloppy with the details…and are arrogant…for no good reason! so disappointing…
  • erm120
    Great show
    Love this show. Interesting material presented by two entertaining hosts with great chemistry. Not sure I understand the emotional breakdown at Galaxy Qwest, but I still cry when Jaws gets the dog so who am I to judge! This podcast is what went right.
  • KL Ohio
    Shout Out!
    I was listening to another podcast called “You are Good “ and one of the hosts gave “What Went Wrong” a shout out as a great movie podcast. I agree!
  • Chrissy Cath
    Fascinating, fun, I look forward to every new episode
    Found this show thanks to Glamorous Trash with Chelsea Devantez and consumed the back catalog with absolute glee. I love that they approach movie production with empathy, and really break down the work that goes into making a film. There’s a good level of salt, but it’s always punching up - I’ve learned so much about all of the hundreds of unseen jobs that go into film, and as an audio producer, I love that stuff!
  • The7Expats
    One Quibble…
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast immensely but my only quibble is when Lizzie and Chris get overly apologetic regarding vintage movies deemed culturally insensitive by today’s standards. Conversely, Chris often comes off flippant, even dismissive regarding all things religious. Move magic is Chris’ lane; theology, not so much. Chris may very well be the smartest guy in the room (as he often comes across) but only if the room is a darkened theater.
  • Wcurtisp
    Great show with thoughtful insights on great movies
    I’ve listened to about 20 episodes of the show, and they do a really great job of telling interesting stories and insights about movies I’m interested in. Many are old movies, some are brand new (Dune). Some of the things they talk about are new to me, some are not. It depends on the movie, and how deeply I’ve researched it myself. Either way, they’re an entertaining duo. I’ve read some other review and have found two complaints I thought I’d address. The first is “nothing new here.” Some complain that when they hear the story of a favorite movie, the stories the hosts tell are well known. Well, duh. These guys are not (usually) directly interviewing cast member and directors of the movies in question. They’re compiling various sources, and retelling that information in a podcast format. What’s wrong with that? I know a podcast that literally just reads reddit stories of other people. Now that’s some lazy podcasting. This isn’t that. The biggest complain I see some having is that they often view older movies with a modern “woke” viewpoint. I don’t like it either when people judge either people or art of the past, without acknowledging that it was indeed a different time. But that is not what I see the hosts doing. The biggest example they seem to give of this is the episode on The Breakfast Club. First I will say it’s not my favorite episode, but not because of that complaint. It’s because they have the producer (who is not usually on the mic) doing most of the talking in the show, and it just sounds like he’s reading the whole time. Having said that, how can you NOT view movies from 30 years ago and not talk about how different times are now? I just watched Dirty Harry and LOVED IT, but there are some racist, sexist, and homophobic parts of that movie that I grimaced at. (BTW, several actors turned down the role back then due to these same issues.) When we talk about TBC, how is it “woke” to think that a girl should not have some guy shoving his face between her legs and running his hands up her thighs? Are you really saying that’s OK? (By “woke” in this context I mean the weird way some say it as an insult, not what it actually means.). Everyone in the recording said they enjoyed the breakfast club when they were young and now, but they looked at it differently now as an adult. It’s not revisionist history. It’s not “woke garbage.” They don’t trash old movies, but they do comment on how times are different now and then. There’s a very interesting discussion how LOST aimed for a diverse cast (good) but then ended up centering the main story about the four white characters (oops). Funny thing is, I didn’t notice it at the time, but I can sure see it now. In short, I love the show. Keep it going, folks.
  • yecmic
    Great show
    I love this show and all of it’s humor and insights in the making or almost making of movies. I loved the Princess Bride and may I suggest a very similar movie in A Knights Tale! I would love a show on that movie as well.
  • evacuatinglondon
    cozy well-researched movie podcast
    always interesting and on topic! not a ton of banter or commentary which makes for an easy listen
  • AmericaRugger
    Best new (to me) podcast in years
    A very enjoyable listen from two hosts with great chemistry. They also don’t get in their own way to relate the incredible stories behind the movies we all know and love. That said, I was sorely tempted to give 4 stars, as these two claimed the theatrical releases of Lord Of The Rings were superior to the extended versions. “There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this treachery.“
  • Bah humbug 28
    Comfort Pod
    Odd to say about about a pod that talks about what went wrong. But it’s just really interesting to hear all these horror stories behind some of our most beloved films. It’s amazing that any films work at all. Keep up the great work! Love the show!
  • Teddi247
    New Favorite
    I’m going to have to make some hard decisions because I can’t follow everyone I’d like to on Patreon but I’m going to have to subscribe to this one!
  • MamaCip06
    Great info and enjoyment for movie lovers!
    Truly enjoy this podcast! So many movie podcasts out there doing theme coverage and recaps to death. Fresh take for fellow movie lovers and extremely informational from those that have lived close to productions. Made my year announcing Lost eps!! Thank you and keep them coming!
  • Árni
    Thorough research and entertaining banter between Chris and Lizzy
    This bi-monthly pod about the movies and “it’s nearly impossible to make them” approach is a wonderful survey course on the movies we love.
  • Divasm
    Love the dish!
    I’ve worked in the VFX industry off and on for years, and I was looking for a break from news and crime podcasts when I found this. What a gem! The stories are super fun, the research is comprehensive and the two hosts are delightful in a podcast that, let’s face it, could be super snarky and annoying, but instead shows respect for the craft. I’ve already passed the word along on social media - keep up the good work you guys!
  • Ashtrav12345$$$$
    Great listen!
    UPDATE: I am all caught up….recently I began watching movies that you have covered and never actually watched…tonight my husband and I watched The Abyss…this is one episode I recommend to people who are unsure of your podcast because I loved it! Now watching the movie for the first time I see it with the knowledge of the filming process and have so much appreciation of it! Thank you and cannot wait to watch more films that I have listened yo but not seen! My mother in law recommended this podcast to me and I am hooked! Great information using an entertaining platform, I love that both flops and successful films are talked about. I know nothing about the film business so I have learned a lot and now I’m trying to watch films I never would have watched on my own!
  • XTZ1234
    Well-researched film podcast. The hosts are pleasant.
  • Donutlorian
    I’m a big fan of the Rewatchables but have now listened to most of my favorite episodes multiple times, so I’ve been looking for a new movie podcast. I’m so picky about my podcasts so I was really delighted to find this. So glad you’ve opened the field to “successful” movies instead of just “bombs”. You two do a great job of actually doing research (not half-***ed like The Rewatchables hehe) and your chemistry is great. My only suggestion at this point (about ten random episodes in so far) is to go a bit longer, perhaps adding some fun awards or categories, or playing more clips. I understand your show is more focused on the “making of” but I think you have great chemistry and perspectives that could easily provide a bit more content for each film. Keep up the great work!! Do Ferris Buellers Day Off, Alien, Aliens, The Matrix, There Will Be Blood, No Country For Old Men, Michael Clayton, Nightcrawler, and, most of all, The Player, please!! 😊🙏🏼
  • Bb12341234
    Amazing Pod, Can’t Wait for More!
    Found this pod a few weeks ago. Listened to the Super Mario Bro’s ep, which holds a sweet spot in my heart from childhood, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Binged listened to all episodes and I’m ready for the new season. Love both Lizzie & Chris. Anything else you want for me to say to get a shout out on the show, let me know and I’ll say it!
  • nicsc3000
    If you haven’t already. (I’m new to the pod and still catching up.) It’s a modern classic of Black film, it delivers razor-sharp and still resonant commentary about Hollywood, and it was reportedly made for $100,000 on maxed-out credit cards. It’s also the spiritual inspiration for the recent film, American Fiction, as acknowledged by that film’s director. A timeless piece of filmmaking.
  • Hazdra JuneBug
    Where have they been all my life!?
    Lizzy and Chris have some of the best banter and podcast chemistry that I have heard in a long time! As a movie buff and closet nerd, they speak to my soul. It’s both fun to listen to and VERY informative. I am a fan for life. Thank you both so much! Keep the content coming ❤️.
  • gabster555
    My favorite new podcast
    Love the hosts and their rapport together. Very knowledgeable about the industry which adds nice depth to the discussions. Appreciate the deep dives they do for each ep while also keeping the convos lighthearted!
  • herowarslover
    Great podcast!
    This is an entertaining and fun podcast with lots of behind the scenes information about the making of movies. Chris and Lizzie add in a nice balance of humor and insight as they explain all of the challenges that need to be overcome to even make a movie, let alone one that can be considered great. Give it a listen, you’ll enjoy it!
  • Flpatsgirl
    Love. It.
    I was not looking for a new favorite podcast, and yet here I am. The hosts are knowledgeable but not know-it-alls, and that can be a tricky needle to thread. I appreciate the light-hearted way they tackle each episode and also the gravity with which they present content like sexual abuse and grooming (thinking about the Conjuring episode here). They clearly love cinema without trying to one-up each other. Their banter really works for me because it contains content. Thanks for surprising me with this awesome pod, Lizzie and Chris!
  • cathms81
    Great Podcast
    I’m really enjoying the deep dive into movies. Even the Princess Bride episode where I had already read the source material, I still enjoyed the discussion!
  • Huntor the Invincible
    Fun, and not too long
    The hosts are knowledgeable and funny, and unlike a lot of podcasts the episodes don’t overstay their welcome.
  • Codes Guy
    If I were a professor at a film school this podcast would literally be required material.
    As a film student who wants to go into producing/assistant directing, this podcast is SO INSIGHTFUL and I just LOVE Chris and Lizzie.
  • Mike Germanio
    Your podcast made me a lot of money
    As someone who loves movies I was recommended what went wrong by a friend. I listened to every episode in about 3 weeks at work. I’m a painting contractor and one day my airbuds died so I listened to what went wrong through my speaker. The homeowner I was working for unbeknownst to me loves movie trivia too. We talked for hours about different movie knowledge. This conversation ended up with them deciding to have me do more work for them and she recommended me to two neighbors in which one of the jobs is a definite. Seems only fair I get the full stop membership on the patreon as a form of sales commission 😂 thank you guys for the hours of entertainment. PS: I had to borrow my wife’s iPhone to leave this review. Sincerely, Mike Germanio
  • Sean of the deli
    You ever wanna hang out with your buddies? But there is that one guy who can’t do anything without his annoying wife ? This podcast is that annoying couple talking about movies It’s also not like they are remotely uncovering any new details about these films. There’s at least a dozen YouTube channels doing this exact same thing only better
  • TRex (Athens, GA)
    I’m not even a cinephile and I’m addicted!
    Hey, WWR staff, I love your show so much. I stumbled upon it by accident because I’m kind of fascinated by 70s supernatural films like The Omen and The Exorcist. Chris and Lizzie are such delightful storytellers with soooo much insight into how big, ambitious undertakings can go so wrong. I know everyone needs to rest and engage with their families, read books, do taxes, etc BUT WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS? Please come back soon. Kiss kiss. David F
  • Can't. Take. The. Banality.
    Hated on it in the Streets, Subscribed to it in the Sheets
    I could say a ton of things and get into the things I enjoy, and explain my cavalcade of petty gripes, and all that… but jeeziz WHO CARES? But: they keep asking for reviews. Okay. I am an old person who used to work in the business. I started out kinda hating on this for pretty minor reasons (“How could they have NOT seen [movie x]!!” WHO doesn’t know what TODD AO IS!?!”) But I kept listening, (Why? Because I liked it?) and they kept casting and it kept getting better and I have now listened to every episode. Some more than once. People love chemistry with their content hosts, and it turns out I’m a people. It’s cool, it’s fun, and I like it. I recommend you give it a listen or four and make up your own goddamned mind. And get off my lawn.
  • BenHM3
    Insider info without being unreachable.
    Liz and Chris are great together, quite even-handed to things that can be cringey (their ep on Gone With the Wind is great.) They talk of the unlikely successes (Lord of the Rings) alongside the doomed from the start (Fantastic Four). Thank you both for the enjoyable time listening, and I look forward to future adventures.
  • mycatisdangelo
    Fav pod: got us through a hard move!
    Thank you Lizzy and Chris for all of your work in this podcast! Despite having absolutely no background in film, it has become our favorite podcast to listen to together. We were looking for something to listen to together so we didn’t have our headphones in listening to different things while packing up our apartment, and we found your episodes on LoTR, Star Wars, The Mummy, and our favorite, The Princess Bride. I also really appreciated your coverage of the Twilight series. As a former Mormon middle schooler who experienced her PG sexual awakening through those books, I appreciated both the appraisal and criticism that this series deserves. More widely, I’ve loved listening to what went wrong and right in making these movies. Can’t wait for your LOST episodes!! 4 8 15 16 23 42, not penny’s boat, etc.
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