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Marc Maron welcomes comedians, actors, directors, writers, authors, musicians and folks from all walks of life to his home for amazingly revealing conversations. Marc's probing, comprehensive interview style allows guests to express themselves in ways listeners have never heard.

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  • Wet Jennie
    Love his interviews
    I’m a swimmer and listen to the podcast while I’m in the pool. Sometimes it’s hard and cold but because I want to hear the podcast, I swim. Thanks, Marc, for keeping me underwater!
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Marc, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of success, honesty and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Fluffster Normalpaws
    Needs More Catalog 🐮🔔
    Fantastic podcast! Just wish there was more of a back-catalog to browse thru. Only 60 shows here. Just realized there’s a paywall on his website if you’re trying to find older shows. Oh well 😕
  • Rtmama22
    Love Marc’s talk with Clooney!
    Love every episode. The one with Clooney is one of the best- genuine, honest and heartfelt. Thank you!
  • Evepop11
    Unique and fascinating conversations
    Absolutely love Marc and love his podcast!
  • Sunny Wunder
  • desperately single
    Too many friggin commercials
    I’ve always enjoyed Marc but the increase in commercials is a huge turnoff.
  • Jana-Oregon
    Brilliant interview. Thank you, both.
  • mgw_0315
    Marc is King
    Insightful, evolved, funny and a great interviewer. Plus he loves felines. What more can anyone ask for? We love you, Marc.
  • Orbital Groove Chad
    The Best
    Marc has it all. Deep conversation, plenty of laughs, empathy and compassion! And one of the only comedians speaking up on the present day fools of comedy, sucking down the right wing agenda. Smart talk instead of ignorant shock talk like all the Rogans out there!
  • Jacob Knight Cyrus
    1,278. “Canceled Comedy”
    Good God, another podcast of two white dudes self-virtuing about prejudice… calling himself out for using derogatory material in his past, in order to deflect criticism. Great history lesson about prejudice in comedy/show business, I’ll give you, but it wasn’t enough to get the cringe-flavored taste out of my mouth. Calling anti-woke material hack? Oh, you mean like listening to a politically-driven podcast? Gimme a break, dog. You’re the one who throws shade at comedians on the daily, all while you sit in a cat-piss infested garage, all pretentious like you know something they don’t. I gave you two stars, not one… remember that, buddy. By the way, I like your standup.
  • TJWenker
    5 Stars
    Very insightful. I love this podcast.
  • New England Fan!
    Let your guest finish a thought
    Hi Mark, I’ve been a fan for years and even saw you live in Portsmouth NH. I don’t intend this to come across as a negative review more like constructive? Anyway, your interview with Bob Spitz would’ve been a lot better if you’d let the guy finish his thoughts. Listen to it and you’ll hear what I’m talking about as you did too much talking over him. You don’t always have to “out do” your guests. Anyway still look forward to your future podcasts….. a fan forever…
  • SCL MD
    Marc’s podcast is wonderfully entertaining. The guests are diverse and interesting. That said, I’d rather have a botched colonoscopy than listen to David Shields. What a pompous individual! Blech!
  • drhackenbush1
    That was a funny episode!
    I always like Alan Ruck, after listening to this episode I learned so much about him. He’s now one of my favorites.
  • nycwiz
    Let’s waste time somewhere else…
    Boring as hell…
  • MarkChicagoIL
    Love Marc and Hasan, but maybe Hasan needs to loosen up up and give MDMA a shot.
  • B. Birdell
    Zip it
    Bob Spitz - I bet he’s got a lot of stories but ok, let’s hear Marc’s take on Bob’s stories.
  • johnnyTLZ
    Likable, and lovable
    Perfect guy for casually listen to on your daily commute… To your hellish job,, in ungodly traffic.
  • The Day Ones
    Marc is a typical white racist
    Most of his interviews are set around white folks the very few times he chooses to interview folks of color you can clearly hear Marc in action; he usually digs for negativity with no concern for his actions. Terrible not as bad as Rogan but still terrible. Unsubscribing.
  • Lucky Black Cat
    Jennifer Pryor
    Love this conversation between people who knew what it was like then. It was a time period like we’ll never see again. Love this and Jennifer as well.
  • lopeznumberone
    Time for a change
    The guitar solos are awful & Maron’s need to be told that he is doing a good job is tiresome. Stop giving this guy free stuff.
  • cgreene200
    💜 the show
    Mark! Love the show. Please stop interrupting some guests so much, like Hasan. I like you but I also want to hear the guest talk!
  • FUBARinDetroit
    Mostly, Great interviews
    Mainly, Personal and easy talks. Intros can be long if he’s feeling the Democratic outrage. Otherwise, mostly level headed ,great questions and easy going conversations. Guitar riffs at the end are really jamming again!
  • Terrysan
    Love the guitar solos
    You are a great guitar player, stop being anxious about it! I love it, love the podcast! Have a great day!
  • suefern
    No on the guitar
    No, to answer your question, play guitar on IG or for fun but in a band? No, just no. Stick to what your made to do,talk to people. Guitar is a HOBBY. You do it okay. :)
  • Christy.ina
    More variety
    9 yr listener here. Thank you so much for the Jane Goodall interview!!! As much as I like to hear interviews from comedians, actors, and porn stars, it’s nice to mix it up. Always enjoy your thoughts and comments, Marc. Thanks for all you do!
  • ahappierpersonthanmarc
    Jane Goodall
    I can normally handle Marc’s rants but this morning was to much for a Monday. If you can make it through his baggage he is a great interviewer. Wish you all the best. Bye
  • Fuzze11
    Sooooo…mmmnahhhhhhh. Big nope. If your neurotic grandpa who complains about everything but is also rich but then also had a podcast-Welcome aboard!
  • Break Trail Adventure
    Humor and Honesty
    By sharing yourself the way you do on the podcast, you and your team have helped make the rest of us feel better and not alone, despite the inevitible challenges life throws. A unique and welcomed gift you have given to your listeners. Thank you and keep it going.
  • Clay3476
    Fantastic Interview Podcast
    This podcast has been such a pleasure to listen to, it’s by far one of my favorite Interview podcast. The guys always give me a ton lol of laughs, and are amazing to listen to during long drives.
  • DaniBelllllllle
    Love the podcast can’t stand the interruptions
    Marc has fantastic guests on and the conversations are intriguing but they’d be even MORE interesting if he’d let some of his guests get a complete thought out. It’s not all the time but certain guests WOW. He asks a question and they’ve barely gotten an answer out and he’s asking three more. You can hear people audibly sigh after the sixth interrupted answer. Who knows what he could discounters if they were allowed to finish their thought.
  • egg yfyhh
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. I have listened to every show and can’t wait for the next one. Some more than once.
  • Tryintelligence
    There’s not a lot of depth in most American pop culture media. Marc is not changing the world with his interviews but they aren’t vapid either. I like that he tries to be thoughtful, humorous, and self deprecating. The latter is a trait that seems to be going out of style.
  • TtlGonzo
    Marc asked questions that bring out stories his guests light up when telling. unique & thoughtful..deep mind/soul stuff.
  • Hskrfan64
    🥳 happy birthday Marc! 🎂
    Love this podcast👍🏼
  • mc d-ren
    BJ Novak Episode
    I found this openly hostile band you really get a sense of jealousy and pain from the host. A very offensive style interview where you learned more about the host by his behavior than the guest.
  • Warren-Robert
    Hollywood Masturbating Itself.
    I used to love this show. Until I heard BJ Novak v Marc, & I’m now unfollowing. I have enough going on in my life. Veteran, queer, low income, I don’t need to hear two Hollywood players rub each other’s egos until they get off. I’ve rarely done this but I shut it off. A waste of the valuable time I have left. Goodnight.
  • Danieltmor
    What is this?
    What is this? It’s just people talking.
  • michellenchico
    Love the Podcast
    Hi Marc. Been listening for about 6 years and I thoroughly enjoy each and every interview, even if I’m not familiar with the guest. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have Bonnie Raitt on the podcast. I think it would be a great interview and you 2 are really compatible. She’s not currently touring (I know this because a concert I was supposed to attend just got pushed out to 2022) so it would probably be easy to get her. Pretty please? Keep doin’ what you do. Thanks for everything. Take care, Marc.
  • Rich methods
    Top 3 pods of all time.
    You should have joey diaz on.
  • Task Force General 5150 Tybg
    Boring failed nobody
    If you want to hear a 20 minute intro of a failed angry gen X disingenuous ‘lefty’ loser before every interview, be my guest. Not for me though.
  • sydwms
    re norm macdonald ep
    it's wild how blind pople are. the ep Marc re ran "tributing" macdonald showed me how mysoginistic norm was and how unwilling he was to come along culturally to understand his brand of humor was flacid. I mean, condolences to his family but good riddance to one more narrow minded, short sighted white man.
  • Herman Blume 1997
    Long Time Listener | First Time Reviewer
    Marc’s interview with Bob Forrest in late 2015 helped me finally get and stay sober. Their conversation gave me hope when I was homeless, desperate and drunk out of my mind. These are the conversations I like; surprising, intimate, funny and real. It’s still a great show. I look forward to starting my week with Marc. Onward and upward. P.S. I’ve been sober over 5.5 years and have never looked back. Thanks Marc and Bob.
  • loveplussqualor
    Luv you, Marc!
    Marc, can’t remember who it was you were talking to when this happened in the last couple of years, but you were talking about Casino and, right after thinking it myself, you brought up how the head in the vise scene is just too much. We are on the same page, sir! Take care.
  • Djmikamika1
    Dear Marc,
    My name is Micah…I’m from the Heart of Dixie (AKA Alabama) and I want you to know that, although we may not see eye to eye on some things, I dig the show. If you - a cynical, sarcastic, hilarious, left-wing cat man - can vibe with myself - a southern gent, libertarian, roughneck - then maybe there is some hope left in this country. Keep up the good work, brother.
  • batlashes1984
    Low, cheap shots
    His old cranky man bit was once endearing. It’s now so mind numbingly dull, I think my eyes are stuck rolled at the top of my head.
  • Jeremy the Not Robot
    it’s fine
    wish he didnt have to say advertisements and get right into the interviews. they're already takin our data but hey marc has to get cash for his microphones or whatever
  • nursecindi
    Love the podcast & the self disclosing interviews.The thing that keeps me from giving you five stars it’s because you’re bash the Midwest & St. Louis too often. I am not a conservative, but I know some and they are not bad people to live around. I have done a lot of traveling and the Midwest is beautiful & a good place to live for the most part. Marc, I don’t think you have any clue what it’s like in the Midwest. It’s nothing like the series Ozark. Not a thing.
  • small town grandma
    Debbie G
    Love this podcast! Marc, you are one of my favorite podcasters and comics. I have listened to most of your podcasts and I learn something and I can laugh and feel better. I am also a Texan and heard your opinions about Texas and the terrible decisions the leaders of my state have made. I agree with what you say and I understand why you feel that way. This is the first time I have given my opinion on a podcast. I am 65 years old and a fourth generation Texan and this is not the Texas I know and love. I live in a very red part of the state and I usually vote for Democrats. I am not an educated woman as far as school, but I am educated in life. I’ve loved and had many losses in my life. I listened to your podcast about your girlfriend Lynn and my heart broke for you. I lost my husband almost 3 years ago. It’s a hurt I’ll never get over. Please know there are people here who do not like the direction our state is going. I have 3 daughters and a granddaughter. I can’t stand the thought that their health would be at risk now with these stupid anti abortion laws. The thought that any one can get a gun now is terrifying. However, I will stay here, do my part and vote. There are many who feel the same way. Please don’t give up on us yet. By the way I’m moving to Austin soon, who as you know is blue!
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