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The Big Technology Podcast takes you behind the scenes in the tech world featuring interviews with plugged-in insiders and outside agitators. Alex Kantrowitz, a Silicon Valley journalist who's interviewed the world's top tech CEOs — from Mark Zuckerberg to Larry Ellison — is the host.

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  • yopoctopus
  • Moonaly
    Consistent quality content
    My go to for catching up on tech for the past couple years. Still love it!
  • THi$$I$$Broken
    Great show - fascinated for the Watson episode
    Pleaseeeee do the Watson episode - I am very curious if the underlying tech has really changed (actually gotten good) or if they are just riding coattails with mid tech.
  • Jaw tracker
    Awesome Podcast
    Great homework and analysis. Alex works very hard to go deeper on topics and deliver insights. Great guests and interviews are nuanced and insightful. Ranjan and Alex’s chemistry is great. One of the best tech podcasts out there!
  • t-:;
    Elon Musk “is not an engineer”
    Real quote from the Slate Money episode… I almost spit out my coffee. The dude wrote software before he hit puberty and built two impossible engineering startups. Self-taught. I can’t fault a podcast for something a random guest said, even if it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. (Updated 05/15)
  • jsolly2024
    Well-balanced and Informative Tech Podcast!
    Been listening for over a year. I have listened to most tech podcasts and this one is my favorite. I love the nuanced conversations and the high-profile guests from the biggest players in tech! The hosts do a great job staying politically neutral and asking their guests insightful questions. I always look forward to the latest episode and hope to continue listening for many years to come!
    Great perspectives on current technology issues
    Alex and Ranjan cover many of the latest technology issues in great depth. And even though, I don’t always agree with their viewpoints, I respect their fairness and integrity.
  • carloseats
    Excellent coverage of Tech and AI
    I have recently taken more interest in AI and Tech and wanted to find a reliable source to get the latest news and informations with industry leaders and The Big Technology podcast has been a great tool to do this. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in technology, AI, and any relevant topics in Silicon Valley. The host is professional and the guests are knowledgeable and credible. Fully recommend! Glad I found it.
  • Spellucci
    Thoughtful, Rich and Deep Conversations
    Alan has fabulous guests, like the heads of Yahoo!, Perplexity, Canva, and much more. He asks meaningful and sometimes hard-hitting questions, but is amazingly open to changing his mind right on air as he learns new perspectives from his guests. His Friday episodes give the best coverage anywhere of current events, with takes that showcase his wide perspective on the industry.
  • dffjunk
    Excellent tech podcast
    I was first introduced to Alex when he was a guest on TWIT, which prompted me to check out this podcast. Without a doubt this is one of the better (and maybe the best) tech podcasts available today. Thank you for what you do Alex!
  • newarknate
    Finally, a tech podcast with perspective!
    I love Alex’s conversations. So many podcasts are just empty fluff or seem to have a personal agenda against tech. Alex is just down to earth, with no rose colored glasses but with no axe to grind. It’s fun and playful and super interesting! Everything you could want in a podcast. Keep them coming!
  • Nama8137
    My favorite new tech podcast
    I really love the podcast Alex. You offer such a unique perspective on big tech and I find it. Very interesting to hear your weekly roll up and guests. Good luck with everything Alex.
  • x2010xxswfewf
    Keeps me on top of tech trends
    Excellent show. Smart commentary and good banter on the Friday wrap up.
  • Authorized57
    Simply the best
    I love this podcast because of its consistent high-quality information and guests. They go deeper than surface level on the most important issues, but will also touch on all of the issues of the week. A Must listen.
  • jtlives2
    Very highly regarded from a person working in tech
    Thank you Alex for putting together such detailed and thoughtful episodes. The interviews are appropriately pointed, and the Friday recap is really informative. I’ve been working in tech for 10 years, but I have been way more informed about tech news since I started listening. Also shoutout Ranjan!
  • nzkiwiAI
    Great show
    In a world where misinformation and biased content run rampant, it's refreshing to find a podcast that offers independent and non-influenced perspectives. Absolutely add to your weekly listening list.
  • Berto375133
    My Favorite Podcast
    I first came across the Big Technology Podcast when they hosted a live recording at SxSW in 2023. Since then it’s quickly become my favorite podcast I listen to. The level of analysis and discussion is always super thought provoking. The conversation is always relevant and worth listening to. Alex does a great job in having meaningful conversations with guests. Seriously couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone interested in tech or business news.
  • drdan2000
    Great Tech Connection!
    My favorite new podcast for all things tech! Great interviews and sector updates during the week, and then the Friday show with Ranjan Roy is such a great way to end my week. Always in-depth discussions without tech leader bias or product marketing, and not so deep that I lose interest. In just a few weeks, I’ve learned about a couple new tools and definitely have a better overview of the tech world. This is a listen to every episode podcast for me!
  • jvanderbeans
    Ignore Spam Whiners
    Flawless tech podcast. Perfect level of narrative balance and detail while still being accessible to the lay public
  • Marcus517
    Good newsy vendor podcast
    Good, not great, info on what vendors are doing. The depth is like what you’d get from a trade journal. So, it’ll bring you up to date on Apple, Nvidia, Google, and others, but no great secrets or insights. For many, I could see this as a 5 star podcast. They’d like to know who’s doing what in AR, search, etc. This is professionally produced, solid questions for good guests. I’m looking for more then tech vendors 101, so not my favorite.
  • oychinn
    Very nuanced great show without rushing
    One of the best technology posdcasts around
  • DekeW15
    Half and half
    I really enjoy when Alex and RonJon discuss news, and I find them a refreshing take from other casts I listen to. Alex’s interviews, however, I find frustrating. Too many softball questions and it feels like he’s trying to be a proponent/advertiser of each guest rather than bringing out new info from the interview. It’s find if that’s he business model, but then be more clear about that ala Talk Your Book on Animal Spirits
  • Iskorka2010
    Deep coverage of broad tech topic
    I like to listen to hosts’ analysis of different topics and issues in tech. It saves me time to do the reading myself. Sometimes there are guests on the podcast, it is very insightful to listen to CEOs talking about their companies. The host doing a great job interviewing them!
  • murfo
    Great show.
    Love your breakdown of weekly tech news and weekly special guests deep dive. Keep the shows coming.
  • Jacques212
    Smart and interesting … most of the time
    I like this podcast except when they start talking about AI doomers. That’s when otherwise smart discussions gets lazy. It’s easy to pick at people who think AI is gonna kill humanity. It’s harder, and more responsible, to think about legitimate worries around AI being used for scams, spreading lies, and generating widespread confusion. AI has given out incorrect and horrible information about individuals and there’s no recourse or way to make corrections. That stuff is complicated and messy and worth more discussion than mocking people who might be hiding under their beds, worried that sinister AI robots are on the loose.
  • rmn987
    Entertaining and informative tech podcast with great energy between host & cohost, Alex & Ranjan. Please keep interviewing enterpreneurs/insiders and skip the journalists/outsiders who are making money from slamming others (recent episode on bridgewater).
  • anothersoemoen
    Great show and great content and topics (questions inside)
    Alex, I love your podcast been listening to it for a long time. Great guests, topics and discussion topics. Questions - 1. Can you interview Dr. Michio Kaku about quantum computing and discuss Rigetti, IonQ and so on. 2. Can you interview David Matting about AI, Tesla and the future please. Thanks, Jake
  • Akk0202
    Weekly deep dive in all things tech
    (Update: still my top choice for all the latest tech trends. The questions are so relevant and insightful as always.)..An absolute must if you need to listen to deep insightful discussions on tech , especially in this era we’re in. Can’t pass by a week without it.
  • CheListening
    Great show. Great content. Great guests
    Thank you so much for fixing the mic/audio. An enthusiastic 5* from me. I tube in every week for both episodes. I love the nuance. Amazing guests ... Former ftc chair this week. Highly relevant. Thank you!
  • stoicFlow
    Excellent podcast.
    Great content. Great guests!
  • Podasaurus Rex
    Very informative
    Love the 9/15 pod
  • EastBay38
    Love the 9/15 show!
    Great show, covers all the key tech topics.
  • fanny dashwood
    Valuable insights and context
    I enjoy the deep dives behind the headlines every Friday. It helps paint a fuller picture of what’s really going on beyond the hype you see everywhere else. Also, I like the 9/15/23 episode and would welcome a Yahoo! Podcast.
  • Petey283
    Great show!
    The host and cohost have great chemistry. It really is a nuanced conversation. I really enjoyed the 9/15 episode. And yes would love them to do an episode on Yahoo.
    YAHOOOOO (9/15/23)
    Loved the 9/15 episode, hoping for that Yahoo episode. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • jgoodwin9988
    Great pod
    Always thoughtful, making me think in ways I didn’t before. Especially love the 9/15 podcast ;)
  • warren1987
    Love your insights
    1) IPO pop is financial engineering 2) the people need a yahoo episode
  • Dan B Harris
    This show makes me feel smarter.
  • CBSouthie
    Disney Downturn
    How can you two not discuss the recent addition of themes in both movies and TV programming that many, many parents find offensive and inappropriate for their children as a direct contributor, or at least a theoretical possibility, of Disney’s downturn. Oh, I know, you’re part of that system. Like Disney, I will go right ahead stop supporting your product. Perhaps that will clue you in.
  • Stewart Madsen
    The pinnacle of tech coverage
    This is the best technology-focused podcast by a mile. Alex consistently has guests on who are driving the news of the week, and the podcast format allows these CEOs, politicians and tech workers to shed light on the inner workings of the tech industry in a way that other publications can’t. Big Technology regularly adds insight and depth into tech news stories that simply can’t be found anywhere else.
  • TheMatrix
    The Bezos envy is Heavy
  • Ben Parker 87
    Great guests, great questions
    Loving this podcast. Great host, really gets to the heart of the matter and doesn’t go easy on his guests. And he has great guests. And they keep getting better. Loved Ashlee Vance episode and the Bard episode. Looking forward to an Openai episode!!
  • Zinko & Shamus
    Great discussion on AI. You guys always do a great job.
    Really enjoyed the full 360 perspective on the Musk / Twitter saga, and thought the input of the Twitter folks was really interesting. Great job Alex
  • BG1958
    Good content, but really bad sound modulation
    I have a really hard time listening to a podcast where every sentence starts out really loud in the rest of the sentence trails out. Almost to whisper. Sound modulation it’s just horrible.
  • caffeiante
    Politically left podcast but good for what it is
    Definitely left leaning. If you unskew the podcast and ignore the prescriptions there is some ok news. Worth keeping in your queue to check in on.
  • Burned By Adobe
    Podcast by Microsoft with Pro-Microsoft Puff Pieces
    If you want, incisive, original, critical examination of digital technology business, this is not the podcast for you. If you want to hear the Microsoft company line, listen away. Really, the last thing we need is more pop pieces around digital technology. Ask the tough questions, or you’re just another PR hack.
  • kalct
    Big Tech Made Conversational
    Alex’s podcast features the most high-profile guests from the tech community. They — and Alex — with his few (love that - a host who lets the experts take the lead!) simple yet strategic questions, break down what few truly understand. I read the likely tech news outlets as my “primer,” then, come here to learn more about specific topics that I want to better understand like the latest Ai-fueled newsfeeds, listen to completely different POVs among engineers who create the products. This podcast is pretty “special.”
  • obacker19
    Must listen! 🔥
    Regardless of your perspective regarding big tech - Alex is a can’t miss resource and guide! He curates conversations - and topics - with a depth, breadth and energy that only someone truly committed to unpacking the nuance of big tech’s role in our world can. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • Stuart1963
    Big Technology | A Winner
    Alex’s insightful questions and interesting guests make Big Technology a winner.
  • Alene S
    Alex is the best interviewer
    I love Alex’s questions and he always sticks to the goal of the show: cool headed and nuisanced conversation. One of my essential podcasts.
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