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Judaism #10

In today's hectic world, there seem to be so many challenges along the path to an emotionally healthy lifestyle and satisfying relationships.

In this show, listen in on conversation between Dr. Tara and Yoni Klestzick and some of the world's top mental health professionals to gain valuable insight and learn from their experiences to construct a healthy emotional framework for you and your loved ones.

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  • Sara Rosenstein
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast is so insightful and interesting! Keep up your amazing work! I look forward to every episode!!
  • patch292
    Amazing job!
    As a therapist, I must say it is an informative and insightful podcast. I really recommend it to anyone. Really perfect for my long commutes to work. Great job Yaakov, Yoni & Tara!
  • Ymp021
    Great show
    Great show . Not sure why Langer falsely claimed it’s the first Jewish podcast on mental health , far from it .also y’all may want to change the goofy intro bit .
  • Sir Fox number one
    A concerned fan
    Thank you five stars because I think what you are trying to do is amazing, and these conversations are fascinating. I am curious to know however if you are concerned about the concept of social contagion. The idea that hearing about the commonality of something, or removing stigmas, can increase the issue in people and normalize it further into society. I hope only good comesgh out of your work, but I also hope you have a plan to address that. Hatzlacha rabba!
  • Danni67dh
    Great content about
    Issues that need more awareness
  • Mitch Cha
    Incredible 💥💕
    Every jewish person needs to listen
  • Teenage Fan
    Great podcast!
    This podcast is very informative. Very much needed in the frum community. Thank you! Wishing you much hatzlachah going forward.
  • NatanPatan
    Shkoyach atzum!!!
    This is among my top 5 favorite podcasts! Such meaningful, relevant, essential and helpful content! Thank you so much living l’chaim for another awesome podcast and please continue your amazing and much needed service for klal yisrael 🙏
  • Moishebatchy
    Another great hit!
    Another awesome podcast from Living Lchaim! These people are doing awesome work!
  • eliweintraub
    Needed To Hear This!
    It’s about time someone put together a podcast like this. Important topics and great discussion!
  • Jason Ingber
    Great show
    In depth discussions driven by a great hosts. I can see why everyone is clamoring to this critical step in Jewish infotainment.
  • Efraimg92
    What a great podcast. So informative and inspiring
  • Aaron Br.
    Excellent Podcast!
    Thank you for creating this awesome podcast! I am sure it will bring so much good to the world! Great great first episode! Way to go
  • Sammy BK
    Amazing podcast
    Thanks for touching on such sensitive topics that people are nervous to talk about !!
  • ezramosko
    Thanks to living lchaim there's finally someone discussing these super important issues that have sort of been brushed under the rug when they should be discussed in a healthy setting. Life is not simple and unfortunately these issues arise and hopefully through this podcast people will gain valuable insight and be able to live a healthy emotional life.
  • Avi Rubel
    Priceless Venture
    The concept of a podcast to promote mental health awareness with acute focus on the orthodox communities is priceless. Hope it takes off and people grab on!
  • Dimples$$
    Excited to see yet another Living L’chaim show that is certain to help peoples lives for the better. Keep up your great work!
  • Yupp mo
    So excited for this podcast living Lchaim puts out the best content
  • Garyag
    Important Podcast
    Its great to have another thought-provoking and engaging Living L’chaim podcast dealing with the orthodox world. Thanks for bringing awareness to important issues that aren’t always talked about! As a frum person who struggles with bipolar disorder it’s so great to see increased awareness about mental health and relationships. L’Chaim!
  • moshepaul
    I’ve been waiting years for this show. The community is so lucky this exists. Thank you Living Lchaim family. Great hosts!!!!!
  • BTHM10
    This is so needed!!
  • Avigayil Becker
    Maybe the most important podcast to date!
    So proud of my incredible friends for bringing awareness and assistance to our community! Thank you for your important work! Can’t wait to hear more…
  • S. Langer
    Intriguing & Interesting
    What a splendid discussion. I am looking forward to more episodes and the topics that will be covered.
  • Eli L.
    Looking forward to hearing great conversations! Thank you!
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