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Founded and run by the one and only, Gilbert Arenas. LIVE T-W-Th 11:30PT/2:30 ET on YouTube. Beyond becoming one of the most unstoppable scorers of his era, Agent Zero is one of the most celebrated personalities the league has ever seen. Follow along for his insight, views on the game, and theories that will make you look at basketball (plus the world around it) differently…

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  • UB1
    Sad that this shows sees color first and skill second (or maybe third). Ball players deserve more respect regardless of what they look like.
  • I don't have a piano
    Caitlin Clark
    How about your guest Cheryl Swoopes get her facts straight before bashing a player who is lifting up women’s basketball. Clark is only in her 4th year at Iowa and is only 22 years old. Swoopes states she in her 5th year and 25?!? I guess it’s okay to come on your show and spout lies? Jealous much…
  • lblake09
    Gilbert is a Bball genius and player-centered media is the best
    Gilbert and his colleagues are the most entertaining, honest, and fun NBA/basketball podcast out. They dive deep and their experience, hoop IQ, and interesting topics keep the show fresh. Between Gil’s podcasts, Jj Redick, Paul George, Draymond Green, Point Forward with ET/Iggy, Pat Bev, and CJ McCollum, I can get my basketball takes without bias. ESPN coverage of basketball has become so biased and skewed that it's unbearable. Journalists who got cut from every team they grew up on think they know more about hoops than NBA pros or even the average fan who played basketball in HS or college. I unsubscribed from all the biased NBA journalist podcasts and only listen to pro guys who have been through it. Underdog fantasy better keep giving Gilbert the production he deserves
  • Mark Peeps
    Isiah not too 5?
    Love the show but Gil needs to recognize there was only two All-NBA teams until 1989, so using that against Zeke by saying he only made 6 in comparing him to CP and Stockton, who each had a decade in the league when there were 3 All NBA, is not fair to Zeke. But great show keep up the discussions.
  • teo0074
    One the best basketball pods
    Gives player stories and perspective from an unbiased point of view and when he is being biased, he’s pretty upfront about it.
  • 954nick
    Best podcast
    Best sports podcast by far
  • TJ Spyke
    He's racist
    Arenas is a racist and a thug and he doesn't know anything about basketball
  • buttamack
    High highs and low lows
    When it’s clicking on all cylinders it’s great! Pure quality, informative, insightful entertainment. When it’s bad, it’s real real bad. Misogyny, homophobia, conspiracy theories and absurd takes. And if you’re anti-Lakers or anti-Lebron this ain’t for you, because they get a lot of mentions. This is actually one of my favorite podcasts, but I just can’t give it a 5 star review because when it’s bad it’s almost unlistenable. The audio issues, the crazy takes that derail the show for long periods of time and other stuff keep it from being a can’t miss basketball podcast.
  • i only wanted fb dating
    Hope I’m not being THAT guy
    It was getting good then they brought the woman on who sport takes are not that good and she’s always trying to interrupt people.
  • Johnny2348
    W show
    GET RID OF MCCANTS, bunch of stupid takes. Just wants to argue
  • AP79995
    Got haters so y’all doing something right
  • I've got an R&B Soul
    Too much yelling and over talking.
    Gil is smart and makes interesting points, but too often the discussion gets derailed by McCants. At that point the show becomes argumentative, but not insightful.
  • Buxzbarr
    Created for and by children
    Homophobe waste of skin tells dumb stories
  • Ballerz001
    Great takes
    Everyone got great takes except for the casual who only cares about the lakers and he mad racist. Shout out to zero for one of the best and funniest podcasts out there!
  • TimmyTimmyTimmy323
    Best basketball show out
    Not as good listening in audio (better on YT) but man this show is 🔥🔥🔥
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