Not Today, Pal with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler


Former TV siblings from The Sopranos, Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are polar opposite personalities, yet somehow have managed to remain best friends. Jamie is a complete sweetheart and Rob is a real-life Oscar the Grouch. Each week, Rob presents segments and questions prepared for Jamie to further demonstrate how differently they think, giving a deeper look into their dynamic relationship and finding hilarious ways for two people who are so different to find common ground.

Recent Episodes
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    Sep 21, 2023 – 00:34:05
  • Tom Segura | Not Today, Pal Ep. 09
    Sep 14, 2023 – 00:36:43
  • Christina P. | Not Today, Pal Ep. 08
    Sep 7, 2023 – 00:38:55
  • Jamie's Get Well Video | Not Today, Pal Ep. 07
    Aug 31, 2023 – 00:33:45
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    Aug 24, 2023 – 00:31:53
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    Aug 17, 2023 – 00:35:35
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    Aug 10, 2023 – 00:34:30
  • You're A Lunatic | Not Today, Pal Ep. 03
    Aug 3, 2023 – 00:33:30
  • Good Theater Etiquette | Not Today, Pal Ep. 02
    Jul 27, 2023 – 00:32:35
  • Not Today, Pal w/ Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler Ep. 01
    Jul 20, 2023 – 00:36:05
  • Trailer | Not Today, Pal
    Jul 12, 2023 – 00:00:57
Recent Reviews
  • KirstenJohnston
    I loved pajama pants and didn’t know you guys started a new podcast! Just found out on Instagram so now I’m binging all the eps! So happy to hear your voices! Love this podcast!!
  • ducks in the pool
    Pajama Pants
    The "Not Today Pal" podcast is a hidden gem in the world of podcasting. This show offers a unique blend of entertainment, commentary, and genuine camaraderie among the hosts that makes it a must-listen. What sets this podcast apart is its ability to dive deep into a wide range of topics, from pop culture to current events, with a refreshing mix of humor and intellect. The hosts have a knack for making complex subjects accessible and engaging, much like your favorite teacher who made learning fun. Each episode is a conversation with old friends, and you can't help but be drawn into their witty banter and infectious enthusiasm. What truly shines through in this podcast is the authenticity of the hosts. They don't shy away from sharing their personal perspectives, and this vulnerability makes the listener feel like they're part of the conversation. In a sea of podcasts, "Not Today Pal" stands out as a refreshing and enjoyable option for anyone looking to be both entertained and enlightened. Give it a listen, and you'll quickly become a loyal fan of this delightful show.
  • Sark1979LA
    Need more!
    Great podcast but us fans need an hour a show!!
  • Mcastag
    Sweet and Sour forever!
    This is a great podcast, I love the friendship between Jamie and Rob. I’m so glad they joined the YMH family! It’s so funny and real and just downright entertaining. Keep up the good work!!!
  • jmcap89
    Didn’t know what I was missing
    Love this!! So much fun to listen to!! Love you dynamic
  • jbus1
    Love this …
    Seeing you two kids doing this podcast reminiscing about times past , the sopranos and speaking on a variety of topics is so refreshing … it’s wonderful keep it up Thanks
  • Jack-A-Roe
    You both are great!
    You both are great! But the fans need at least an hour show.
  • Steelyphilll
    Perfect Synergy
    Theres been a constant i flux lately of a lot of stars from hit shows starting up various podcasts, some work, and some don’t and some just feel like theres not a lot of possible shelf life with the podcasts. Not Today, pal - definitely works. The Hosts have real genuine chemistry with one another (which you might think, no duh - they weee siblings on tv, but thats not always the case!) they open up about their personal loves and just have a swaft offun exciting energy. I also love when hosts interact with their recording crew and they have great chemistry with their entire studio it seems. Stoked for whats to come.
  • Steve Sap
    Just found this podcast and it’s so great
    Just got done listening to the first episode and I’m so happy I found this podcast. While scrolling thru Facebook I came across a pic of the both of you and I had I look up the show. Can’t wait to start listening to the next show as soon as I’m done writing this. Loved just hearing you guys talk about growing up together and being so close with one another.
  • Ggh5
    Surprisingly good
    I’m a huge comedy fan. I listen to way too many comedy podcasts. Anything that comes out of YMH studios is gold.
  • MikaMika99
    The only celeb podcast I’ll listen to.
    They’re funny and I like they’re voice and they are not annoying. ❤️❤️❤️
  • MyMom’sShaq
    I must admit I loved PJ Pants as well so it’s great to see them back together doing their thing. My only complaint would be that it’s not longer like the other YMH pods. I’m obsessed with the dynamic and friendship between Rob and Jamie. It’s like having an angel in one ear and a devil in the other and I can’t get enough. You have a hit on your hands Tom and Christina P thank you for giving them a bigger platform to show the world how amazing they are. Keep ‘em high and tight ya’ll!
  • frankoceanenjoyer123
    love it
    good pod
  • Mildly handycapped
    So many commercials for 20 min of sub par content
    This is like an old tv sitcom. Very little content offered but every 7 min there’s 2 min of commercials. Why so short. Why so many commercials. Really disappointed in why YMH is becoming.
  • Jose Lowe
    Love the pod
    Man i cant believe i came across the two most iconic actors from the Sopranos on a podcast and i have binge listening for the past couple of days. I must say Amazing work! I live in Jersey i sell solar and while driving i cane across this gem! Love you guys and cant wait to dial in reconnect with you guys on the cast . ❤️
  • JAketheKILler7
    Not today pals
    I love the podcast it’s entertaining and I’m a huge sopranos fan so it’s a win win!!😌😌
  • Sopranos fan!
    Show is super fun!
    Perfect for my drive to work. You can tell they are great friends
  • Sorry I couldn't help myself
    The production guys make me wanna suicide
    Are they for real? and i’m not sure how long rob’s arms are but he might be jerking them off from inside the booth.
  • Adam Smouse
    You two are rad! That’s from all of us mommies
  • LoriTracy
    So much fun
    This podcast is so much fun to listen to on my commute ! You can tell they are good friends and so fun to hear their banter. No especially like the Soprano stories!
  • madrobinhooduser
    Best pod ever
    I love these two and the booth just adds to it! I will listen to whatever they put out!
  • Quackcom08
    Love the show
    Jamie and Rob have such good chemistry and I really enjoy the show, I just wish it was more than 30min. Keep the jeans high and tight AJ & Meadow.
  • Jehahfj
    5 stars
    Ymh does it again great new podcast can’t wait for more first three episodes we’re great
  • LynnChF
    Jamie acts like a princess and Rob is bordering on dirty old man
  • Ben Iaderosa
    For give away
    I love the sopranos so much and listening to this podcast brings so much of that love back. But also creates a bunch of new fun entertainment beyond the sopranos. Even without watching it, this podcast is awesome and a great listen. Love it and am doing it for the giveaway
  • Joeatlantc
    Great Podcast, Jeans
    I’m super happy to see this new podcast from YMH Studios! I love the familiarity with the hosts, their banter, and their the interactions with the booth boys. I missed Pajama Pants, I missed Rob and Jamie Lynn. Keep ‘‘em high and tight. TT, T, R word.
  • Poohnch Lee
    Huge fan
    Love the show, listen to every episode and always excited for a new one. I’ve been following the both of you since The Sopranos and always have been a massive fan of the two of you. God bless
  • MrLilJeffie
    Love this show!
    The first two episodes were great! Looking forward to more!
  • Brian51484
    Great show
    Original pj panty here. Been listening since the original pod. I loved it then and I love it now. Great people. Make it seem like I’m listening to friends.
  • Wolf boy781
    Found it on TikTok👍 5/5
    I can’t wait to hear more of their stories from the past and whatever they talk about in the future. Love the small anecdotes from the show.
  • seenodiaz
    Love these guys!!
    I’m so excited you both are back together for a pod! Y’all are the best and I can listen forever. 🤩
  • ZootedAt10AM
    Funny :)
    Well, Touch my camera through the fence! This right here's a double pipe classic! Can't wait to come up in may and see you piss on me, beat me.
  • Chriswearsglasses
    Can’t wait for more episodes!
    Love the show and can’t wait for more episodes! I hope Nadav and Jamie end up together.
  • Tyler The Creator's Dad
    Love it!
    I love these guys! I was so glad Tom followed through with putting these two on a podcast. One of my favorites already. Helps me get through my busy thursday 🙂
  • Cytraz_
    What can I say?
    I always love hearing more stories not only from the Sopranos and it’s cast, but from the lives of Jamie and Robert as well. Really entertaining and insightful stuff!
  • Bradenholtby_caps
    All this from a slice of gabagool?
    Just started watching the Sopranos and fell in love with the show and then recently took notice that both Robert Iler & Jamie-Lee Sigler had started this podcast. Having liked both of them in the hit HBO show this is a must listen or watch for that matter for anyone who enjoyed the tv show. A lot of fun takes from both sides and gives you a great perspective of their personalities and takes on things. I would love to see them start getting guests on the show I think that would really make the show pop off!
  • Jannn22
    Not today, Everyday!
    Tony would be proud! Carmella, not so much. Great duo, and not just a sopranos podcast. Great for anyone and everyone. Look forward to this every week! A+
  • AMontyMole97
    Sopranos Fan
    After having watched the sopranos fully for the first time within the past year and then coming to find out that the kids of the sopranos fam are reuniting for a podcast, I had too listen!! It’s a fun show that gets straight to the point and it’s not long like other podcasts! Although I do wish it would be longer because I want to hear them more often! It’s a new podcast that I am now including into my lineup of great podcasts!!
  • xRoxxix
    Wonderful show
    Enjoying this podcast very much, big fan of the both of you!
  • Kiramicouva
    What can I say..
    I’m so glad YMH studios went with this duo. Rob and Jamie have such a great chemistry together and when they were on YMH they really made a great episode. Their interactions with the booth boys, their relationship to YMH and their personal relationship make this podcast what it is. It’s funny, entertaining and a good time. It makes my work days fly by.
  • Gmos69
    The Best New Pod from YMH
    Great chemistry from these two always entertaining and hilarious
  • Kristin Schauren
    awesome podcast!!!
    “Not Today Pal” is a great podcast!! It’s perfect because you can listen to it anytime and enjoy it no matter what! It will make you laugh, brighten your day, and allows you to feel more in touch with Jamie and Robert on a personal level. And of course, fans of The Sopranos will have a special connection to the friendship shared between these two! 🫶
  • Skyray123
    10/10 🌟
    Great podcast! Super entertaining a fun!
  • mikemchugh608
    💣Great pod
    Awesome to finally have these two back together. Can’t get enough!!
  • Hannah_k14
    My new fav podcast
    So entertaining! Great story tellers. Funny, honest and relatable. Great listen!
  • Russo1492
    Great podcast!
    Highly recommend to any podcast fan. Two great people talking it up about life (and our favorite show). Be sure to give it a listen. Gabagool!
  • VinVin18885
    Love it!! 10/10
    Huge fans of the Sopranos show! You guys are great!! Love the Apple Watch topic 😂😂😂😂.. I’m gonna be tuning in everytime you guys post! Thank you guys!!
  • hearteyedwitch
    My favorite siblings!!
    I'm currently rewatching sopranos and keeping up to date with my favorite siblings! I love this podcast and haven't missed one yet! 10/10!!! if you live anything YMH you're gonna wanna listen to this podcast every week! excited to watch and listen to more! i love u guys!
  • Vinsdada
    Jamie and Rob are great looking forward to next weeks episodes.. hopefully Rob shows us how he eats a whole rotisserie chicken, one day!! #TryItOut
  • Nick121597
    Loving this podcast!
    Great addition to YMH Studios lineup! The chemistry between Rob and Jamie is great and makes it so fun to listen to them. Definitely a new fav of mine and I look forward to it every week!
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