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Join Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning and special guests as they pick over the latest action from the Premier League and beyond. Football Weekly has reported on matches from all of the following: Premier League, Euros, World Cup, Championship, League One, League Two, Scottish Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue Un, La Liga, Europa League, Champions League, Europa Conference League, Women’s Euros, Women’s World Cup, and the WSL (Women’s Super League). Football Weekly talks about teams such as: Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, PSG (Paris Saint-Germain), Liverpool, Tottenham / Spurs, Chelsea, Everton, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Milan, Inter, Juventus, and Napoli. We talk about players such as: Marcus Rashford, Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Bukaya Saka, Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Declan Rice, Phil Foden, Trent Alexander-Arnold, James Maddison, Raheem Sterling, Jordan Pickford, Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire, Casemiro, Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish, Martin Odegaard, and Gabriel Martinelli. Football Weekly also talks about: UEFA, FIFA, FA, soccer, the offside rule, and VAR. Football Weekly is a panel discussion, featuring: journalism, informed punditry, issues, talking points, in-depth debate, and sometimes alternative viewpoints. The show is: funny, amusing, laugh-out-loud, and lighthearted; it’s entertainment. Expect to hear contributions from a mix of the following journalists, pundits and commentators: Barney Ronay, Jonathan Wilson, Troy Townsend, Suzy Wrack, Robyn Cowen, Lars Sivertsen, Will Unwin, Nick Ames, Lucy Ward, Paul Watson, Jonathan Fadugbaj, Nicky Bandini, Johnny Liew, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, Sid Lowe, Ewan Murray, Nedum Onouha, Mark Langdon, Archie Rhind-Tutt, Kate Mason, Ed Aarons, Paul MacInnes, Ben Fisher, George Elek, Marva Kreel, Faye Carruthers, Nooruddean Choudry, Simon Burnton, and Sanny Rudravajhala.

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  • DeWiltz
    If you only want surface level analysis the pod is entertaining
    Very similar to sky or espnfc or any other “cover the entire league” coverage. Very narrative driven. Pretty much take what is trending on twitter or whatever sky talk about and welp so will these guys. Use to have more varied analysis but now it seems pretty mainstream
  • Peter Guillam
    “It’s Still A Foul!”
    The Drunken Sot whined on 4 March after Manchester Divided were again humiliated by Man City. Reminded listeners how The Drunken Sot soiled his integrity when Lady Alice covered his pub tab. *** “I had no inkling it was coming,” Andy Hunter at 2:01 29 January on the start of Klopp’s Retirement Tour. Perfectly sums up the awareness and knowledge of Taylor, The Drunken Sot, and Giggling Maxi. *** We Want More! 9:40 of the pod on 29 December 2023, Maxi claimed Arsenal needed to “stick it in the mixer” during its humiliating failure nil-2 vs West Ham, and Nicky Bandini quickly ground up Maxi before he ran to another feeble angle. We Want More! More of Ms. Bandini quickly slicing and dicing Maxi! More of Ms. Bandini helping Maxi humiliate himself! We Want More!
  • NorthernboylivingintheUS
    Merch request
    After the last pod, can we get T-shirts or mugs with “Why are you being such a d!ck?” on them? Thanks. Keep up the great work.
  • Gooner2951
    self aggrandizing
    Started out decent, now mostly just about ref protection, pompous and making fun of foreign managers.
  • Chuckolla
    Max and Barry
    There is just something soothing to listen to the contrasting personalities of Max and Barry. They are the Odd Couple of football podcasts and their enduring relationship (or lack thereof) during troubled times is something to make you smile when everything around is such a stench.
  • WorldWideWinder
    Not fit for purpose
    That’s the British phrase right? If you want fairly uninformed opinions that often miss the point then the is is the pod for you!
  • wadxercv
    Only listen when Barry is on
    I only listen when Barry is on but enough with the left wing moral compasses when criticizing Jordan Henderson. Go after him for his poor form, not his views. Barry's humor, gruff and honesty is the only reason i still subscribe.
  • Big C Bahamas
    Started Good But Now..
    Became a football fan over the last three years and this was my first podcast. I really enjoy all of the hosts and guest but it’s become not an enjoyable listen. I come for football and good vibes but so many shows are focused on the negative aspects of the football world. I know that’s important but I think all of that deserves it’s own podcast. Frankly, many of those topics are a hard listen and not how I want to spend my listening hours. My caveat is that I throughly enjoyed the podcast with Mr. Townsend and that on his personal grief. So I guess I’m also a hypocrite.
  • markcre
    Just a good listen.
    Like a favorite jacket. Comfortable and relaxing. Great characters and I like how they are expanding their line up. Live shows in the US please.
  • Jollyjim
    It’s just fun
    All the wankers on here whining about the coverage of their favorite team or of serious issues in the sport are missing the point. Max, Barry and the panel cover the soccer (sorry I’m American) through a Premier League lens but with a wider focus, they have some serious views which are threaded in with the fun of the games (matches) and some entertainment to boot. People complaining on here don’t know how to enjoy themselves at all.
  • Harvey Heatherington
    Great all around podcast
    My uncle told me not to ever trust 1 Star or 5 star reviews, but if anyone was ever deserving of a 5 star, it’s Football Weekly. I’ve been listening for about two years now, and it’s my favorite podcast. Beautifully balanced mixture of hosts, guests, content, and humor.
  • NUWildcats4ever
    Great show
    I am starting to follow the Premier League and my friend suggested I listened to this show to become more knowledgeable. Extremely helpful to keep me up with all the teams and have some laughs along the way. Very enjoyable to listen to.
  • Stovemen
    General review
    Just a great football show
  • NathanVT
    A must listen
    After trying out several popular podcasts, Football Weekly has become an integral part of my weekly routine. Informative, humorous, and full of lively characters covering the Premier League, English football, European Football, and top news around the world.
  • DrainagePipeage
    Love it
    I love this show
  • GeoCar
    Never miss. I understand there's a competitive podcast, albeit somewhat stuffy. Does it rhyme with "mathletic?" In lieu of an in-person tour, here in the Pacific Northwest, may I have a life-size cardboard cutout of Barry with select voicing to shoo away the tourists?
  • PhilKilSTL
    Hilarious, Insightful and Brave
    Not only is this group brilliant about their football, they’re unafraid to tackle issues like sports gambling, gender bias and petro-states. Great value and excellent values.
  • CFproffyy
    Best football podcast. Funny, sharp, responsible.
    Can’t wait to bump this pod during my vasectomy!!!!!
  • Casnh
    Best soccer podcast
    I love Guardian Football Weekly, they have a great rotation of guests, but the best thing about it is the tremendously likable host, Max Rushden.
  • Leinstein42
    Consistent Quality
    Been a long time listener for close to a decade now and brevity and insight are welcome additions to car rides, runs, and bike rides. Great football knowledge, and great fun. As an American it can be tough to find content and news on our regular sports networks for football (proper) so Football Weekly has been a great help over the years.
  • Njinnj
    favorite football podcast
    After trying many other football podcasts, this is my favorite. It’s both informative and funny and I also like the range of panelists and all their different accents.
    Very honestly
    The best football podcast ever.
  • Sunday1824
    It’s pretty ok
    An enthusiastic Englishman, a grumpy Irishman, and a host of guests (nicki bandini is the best, been listening to her for many years) combine to make a somewhat decently enjoyable way to waste an hour of your life. 5 stars out of 10, but apple only provides 5 stars. Lucky you, Football Daily.
  • bgq69
    Good Pod Made Great by Max Rushden
    Love listening to see guys and gals. Max and Barry are excellent as are anyone else they have join. But specifically love Max. One of the best Footie pod hosts out there
  • J-Mell18
    Comprehensive, informed and hilarious
    Simply entertaining and a companion since 2006
  • greekhurricane
    Great show
    Been listening since 2019 and I’m sure I’ll be listening at least until I get a vasectomy. Keep it up and let’s get that US tour
  • Sean from Detroit
    my favorite pod since the AC Jimbo days
    i never miss an episode and haven’t for as long as i can remember.
  • RichPDX
    Fantastic podcast
    I started listening during the 2022-23 season and it’s easily my favorite football podcast, and one of my top few favorites overall. Max and Barry are great and there’s an excellent group of other panelists, including Jonathan Wilson, author of Inverting the Pyramid. They do have very thoughtful discussions of issues like sportswashing and treatment of LGBT+ folks, so if you are scared of catching the “woke mind virus,” this podcast may not be for you.
  • DWats21
    Best football podcast
    Title says it all. This is the best podcast for catching up on the weekend premier league games. Max and Barry are tremendous together, along with all the writers who come on each week. Best podcast for football talk, while actually having a moral compass. It’s rare these days. Love the show
  • DCI Banks
    Best Footie Pod Out There
    Been listening regularly for 5 years. Had listened to others prior to that and this quickly became my #1 Football pod. The humor, expert analysis, and willingness to tackle serious subjects in football other than the play is what makes it so enjoyable!
  • JEG439
    Continues to be the best football podcast of them all.
    The best podcast EVER! Barry & Max and their guests offer the perfect mixture of football knowledge, enthusiasm, skepticism and entertainment. I never miss a podcast.
  • 0__J__0
    They know what they are.
    They know what they are.
  • Kingshrike
    Fun Pod
    Great football podcast with funny and insightful guest journalists. Also apparently very good listening if you have a vasectomy coming up. Even if you don’t, I highly recommend this show.
  • JAK_101
    Max said I had to leave a review so I am doing
    Consistently brilliant! Thanks for all you do.
  • WillVal
    Max, Barry an crew
    Not to leave anyone out, because everyone on the pod is the best. Best football pod hands down, even if you haven’t had a vasectomy
  • *Mr. Joshua*
    My encounter with this podcast left much to be desired as it failed to deliver the necessary elements for an engaging and memorable listening journey. Unfortunately, the hosts' monotonous delivery, coupled with subpar production quality, lack of structure, excessively long episodes, and unimpressive guest selection all contributed to a lackluster and forgettable experience. In today's expansive realm of exceptional podcasts, this particular offering fell short of even the most basic standards of quality and entertainment. I highly recommend exploring alternative options that feature engaging hosts, well-produced episodes, and insightful content to ensure a truly fulfilling podcast listening experience.
  • MrMcDingle
    Unwanted Podcast
    I did not sign up for this podcast, but it keeps showing in my feed. This has gone on for over 6 months now. Leaving a 1 star review because Apple will not fix the error.
  • Kilimba7
    Best football podcast
    Love the banter and the fact that they cover a wide range of leagues
  • Foltz24
    Love Max/Barry, But Time for Me to Move On
    I’ve loved the pod for many years and welcomed Max when Jimbo moved on, but the bias and favoritism that’s penetrated broader football coverage has gotten to the pod as well. I accept that there are legitimate concerns about the administration and ownership of football, but this shouldn’t extend to supporter bases and solely negative coverage of clubs. The relentless negativity is exhausting. These guys make a living reporting on football - enjoy it for what it is or find something else to do with your time. It’s so so dour you forget this is meant to be fun. I look to podcasts to have a laugh and “debrief” what we saw on the pitch. This is something the Totally Football Show right more so than Football Weekly
  • Zpigeons
    The best football podcast league in the world
    Football Weekly is really very good at podcasts , isn’t it Barry?
  • Stevelynnus
    I like this podcast for its football content, I hate this podcast for it’s disingenuous continued criticism of Newcastle Fans. We didn’t pick our owners, we didn’t authorize the purchase. We won’t be forced to walk away the club we love. The Max Rushden continued criticism now smacks of jealousy.
  • Miami Sligo Rovers Fan
    Football weekly
    Absolutely the best football podcast! Never miss an episode
  • *insert good name*
    I love the comments and I love that it is has a different panel every time so you don’t get the same opinions constantly regurgitated. And, as an Arsenal fan, I appreciate the nervous optimism over their chances
  • Jenks from Caerphilly
    It’s a very safe podcast review
    Reminds me of Christmas reunion with the family once a year.
  • Kanarpski
    More Shireen Ahmed
    I loved hearing Shireen Ahmed in the podcast as I am a fan of hers from Burn it All Down. Please, please do add her to the regular rotation of guests so she has a chance to talk about both “just football” and the social issues. Also (and I’m an American) please do spend just as much time talking about human rights abuses here as you did Qatar. Possible topics: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada, child migrants locked-up in the United States, and femicide in Mexico. I promise there is plenty to talk about here and I would love for these issues to be highlighted as part of the World Cup coverage.
  • 80'sVillager
    Max is by far the best the most fair most likable English presenter making The Guardian the best English football podcast. Contrast this fun one with the biased the English butt smoochers on The Times Game podcast.
  • Patrick McToal
    Best football podcast
    Funny and insightful football chat that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Don’t take heed of other reviews that talk of “woke-ness”. Unless you’re the type of person who flys into a fit of rage at the mention of racism, you should be fine. Keep it up lads 👍🏻
  • hsmb222
    Favorite pod
    Love Max and Barry
  • Ap182628
    Terrible and biased
    I wish I can truly understand why you guys always hate Portugal. I don’t know if it’s racism or what it is but the start of the podcast and see it would’ve been glorious. If the governor guy would’ve scored the goal and tied against Portugal what’s so glorious about that to you? Do you just want to see us lose every single time? What do you hate about Portugal, what is it about you British that hate Portugal so much terrible podcast will never listen or suggest to anyone ever again. I hope you all are fired by the next week.
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