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  • michaeltash
    Outright Charm
    While I first sank into the podcast during the José Otero era, I continued along its evolution. One thing this podcast has never lost is its love for the company, respect for one another and pure consistency. Seth Macy can do no wrong. Thank you for keeping us entertained for years (even during the news droughts)!
  • PulseNoMore
    My Fav Nintendo Podcast
    Honestly, this new host Seth Macy just makes NVC that much more engaging for me! He’s funny and witty and charges up the podcast with some of that electric charm and being able to hold space for podcast regular contributors. Especially leading up to the enigmatic Switch 2, there hasn’t been tons of Nintendo related stuff coming out and he still somehow keeps me coming back to these shows every week.
    Forever in my debt
    You said you “will forever be in my debt if I rate and write a review” the NVC. Well……you are forever in my debt now. I will be calling soon. Thanks.
  • Steve McStevstein
    Not what it used to be
    Seth and Peer are great. But the surrounding cast has really diminished over the years and it’s a shame.
  • Kelly Hoffart
    An absolute must-listen for all Nintendo fans. Current host Seth Macy is hilarious and all the rotating roster of panelists are charming and each bring a unique perspective to bear.
  • Half Ghost Half Enderian
    Come on hit me up with more please
    I really like how they are all open to each other not only that i’m learning a lot about a but ton of different games that are coming out or already out on nintendo switch like amazing it’s so funny and very relatable to me and others too im dying to get more but i have 2 unnecessary question for Seth how many jokes do you pull in to one game review if you only were able to only to have one game for the switch which game would it be?
  • Dude4444568
    Fantastic podcast
    I LOVE this podcast because it’s practical Seth does a fantastic job getting information out accurately
  • Sup3rTallPaul
    You should consider reading through old Nintendo power issues like Game Scoop does with EGM.
  • shaqfool
    Good host
    Seth Macy is a good host who is not afraid to share his opinions, unlike the typical wishy-washy host. Enjoyable listen.
  • dancingbear317
    I know you’re only supposed to go to Apple Podcasts to leave a five star review to support your favorite shows, but this is a rare example where I had to find a place to post some criticism. I’ll take almost anything in terms of a video game podcast to fill my lonely hours, so my bar is on the floor. NVC should be a no brainer, but Seth is such a terrible host I felt the need to tell the IGN overlords somehow. Where’d you find this guy, a frat house in 2005? He feels too old, too slow, too dumb, and woefully out of touch. You have great panelists that are constantly brought to his level with the easiest jokes and unnecessary tangents. Please let someone who feels like they should be hosting a podcast in 2023 do just that. Maybe I wouldn’t turn it off after 10 minutes every week.
  • Schultzy2b2
    Keep on keeping on, Ninfriendos!
    Seth, you’re phenomenal. Thanks for just being authentically you on this podcast. Same for the rest of the crew, you’re all doing a fantastic job. Not every episode is pack full of content, and some episodes go off the rails, but your group dynamic makes listening a joy. Everyone is unabashedly who they are, and Seth, your personality really sets the tone for that. Thanks for brining us all the great Nintendo content week after week, Ninfriendos. Keep on keeping on!
  • Supremely JJ
    Bar fights
    If u could choose one Nintendo video game character to be in a bar fight with who would u choose? I would choose Kirby
  • madsax8
    Time for a new host
    Let Kat host this show and then time for a new crew.
  • presdawg
    IGN ignored Veterans Day, thank you Seth for calling it out!
    I changed my rating to a 5 star after Seth called out IGN for completely ignoring Veterans Day. Thank you for calling that out and for your service!!
  • pregnant man emoji 🫃
    no more kat
    kat should leave she’s so annoying 💀
  • Chuy El Dios De Los Tacos
    Please!!! No more Seth!!
    I like podcast, however, can we get another host? The annoying tangents Seth makes gets old very quick. Please bring back Casey or let other folks take the hosting responsibilities. We get it, he’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad 😒.
  • isjsjdhdiwoqpqoeirifncmx
    AS MUCH AS I want to say I like this podcast because of the info, and topics I HATE SETH he is so annoying just talking over guests and thinks buds the main character… someone needs to tell he’s just delusional…
  • Delorian70
    Not what it used to be - Old time listener
    The show was best when Zach, Brian and Peer were on. Set his doing a good job with the flow , much better than Casey. Kat is knowledgeable and has great takes and usually agree with their opinion regarding Nintendo. So why would I score lower? Reb's high pitch voice is annoying - like nails on a chalkboard. Seriously she has a super annoying personality. I've been listening less but still worth a listen.
  • The kidd who liked dis movay
    Great show
  • Emotionsaregay
    Power cast
    Power Cast 4 life
  • AtomBute
    Best Nintendo podcast!
    Nice comment This is my favorite Nintendo podcast! I’ve loved Zack, Casey, and now Seth as hosts and the cast members are great! Could use some more Tom Marks action though :) Can I some free swag for this review? Pretty please? Love you guys!
  • buttertrap
    I have a theory
    I think Calamity Ganon from botw was demise from skyward sword . One when we first see him his flying around like a flying snake note there are no wings flying like demise did skyward sword. Two when we fight him he turns into a giant shekai monster so theory debunked right wrong the hyrule Encyclopedia clearly states that his form changes every generation and when he transformed into the giant bore it simbleises thes era in hyrule where hunting have become more common and hyrule is mostly wilderness
  • Tommy Kawel
    Killer References
    Sick Black Philip reference, Altano.
  • Dr0d310
    This podcast is great!
    Love this podcast, really great insight and fun to listen to. Kay Bailey, Seth, Jada and the crew are awesome! Look forward to it every week! However please never review another mario movie 😂
  • GrabMyBoomstick
    Was once a great podcast
    This was a great podcast in years past. Matt Casamassina, Rich George, & Jose Otero were all great host during their respective runs. Unfortunately over the past few years, NVC has devolved into utter trash. They’ve had a rotating door of host and some of the co-host are incredibly annoying. This “Kat” 🙄Bailey person is just the worst. There are much better, Nintendo focused podcast out there to choose from.
  • Kirby (Ian Fields)
    Best Nintendo Podcast
    Hey if ya want a good podcast from IGN, this one is it :) Super good hosts and all the Nintendo goodies are there! Been listening to it when it first came out, and the present episodes are really good over the last decade :)
  • Skye Ranze
    Best Era in NVC history
    I’ve been listening to NVC for about a decade, and I feel like the Seth Macy era might be the best so far. He’s an absolute natural as host and makes the show super fun. Kat, Reb, Peer and the occasional Brian appearance make the show even better. Keep up the good work!
  • Jakipmon
    Seth is doing a great job as the new host
    Pretty hilarious that they forgot to censor out Peer saying f word in the newest episode. And the drink making segment was really fun I like how off script it felt. Also I love this podcast I feel blessed to be listening to this current era of the podcast live.
  • Ifeelscottish
    I love this show and listen weekly and have for years. Thank you for the free content. It is difficult for me to keep up on all of the games that come out and often I hear the crew talking about a game I didn’t know of by hearing about what they are playing. This has opened me up to many new games that I love but may have never heard of.
  • ceropulse
    Best Nintendo podcast
    By far the best Nintendo podcast
  • ERB73
    Favorite podcast (of them all)
    Best Nintendo podcast, and actually my favorite of any podcast. They put a lot of care and effort into making it a great show and I listen to a lot of them, but none can beat the greatest.
  • N0O0O0O01
    Love the show
    I’ve been listening to NVC for quite awhile now and I’ve grown to consider myself a fan. I don’t always listen to podcasts, but when I do, I listen to Nintendo Voice Chat. Five Stars. I recommend it to friends.
  • Gameman114
    My Favorite Nintendo Podcast for Over A Decade Now!
    I look forward to this show every week.
  • Keleynal
    Nintendo Virtual Boy will rise again!
    Nintendo VR will be a thing. The launch title will be a first-person remake of the original Legend of Zelda. The followups will be Mario Kart and Starfox. So it has been written, so it shall be done.
  • Mr. Hagglesworth
    Intelligent & Wholesome Gaming Podcast
    I must admit before I get into my thoughts on the podcast that I have been an IGN supporter for quite many years, so take my opinion with that in mind! This show is one that I do not miss an episode of, and listening to NVC has made me a bigger Nintendo fan as well as a more well-rounded gamer. While the majority of news and discussion is focused around Nintendo, the diverse and articulate rotating panel of hosts always keep things fresh by talking about the gaming industry as a whole, while simultaneously sharing their individual interests, personality quirks, and senses of humor. I have yet to hear a host or guest that I did not like on the show, each person who comes on NVC is very professional but more importantly they are all extremely entertaining! Additionally, the amount of games that I have discovered (both retro & recent games) because they were directly suggested by a member of an episode of NVC is mind boggling! NVC’s cast is generally oozing with good taste in games, so if you get a recommendation from the show that sparks your interest, pull the trigger. You may discover a new “favorite of all time” game you didn’t even know existed. I would say that NVC falls in the family show category, and the craziest things get on a given episode would be a PG rating. I think that this show has wonderful, consistent commentary on respecting others and appreciating art and would recommend it to anyone who games on Nintendo hardware or considers gaming to be a passion or hobby. Keep up the great work guys and gals, y’all rock! After all NVC is the only place where you CAN get the thing 😎
  • JB ThreeThirtyThree
    Like, not a bad show
    Enjoy the show but Peer needs to get a memo out to remove “like” from NVC’s vernacular. Like, make a game out of it or something, like, take a shot every time you hear…🍻
    The Best in Nintendo News
    Love the hosts of this podcast. Great chemistry, strong passion for the Nintendo brand while not being overly biased, and a genuinely fun time.
  • ActorGuy123
    Could be great!
    Love all of the hosts and guests with the exception of one, unfortunately: Kat. Her journalism is great, there’s no doubting her experience and expertise, and I’m sure she’s a good person. Unfortunately, her podcast presence is pretty negative and a detriment to the show’s quality. She is consistently argumentative, contrarian, and frankly, arrogant (in that her views are the only correct ones). The recent Pokémon conversation where she was shutting down Miranda and Rebecca was the last straw. I will be tuning out for now, but I hope to return to the show once she’s discovered that one can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Iconcur2
    Love the show!
    I look forward to the episodes! Kat is a queen.
  • Nakoff
    Seth, Peer, Kat you are my Super Ninfriendo's
    This show is awesome love the format. I also have ventured into watching a few of the shows on YouTube just to get the visuals of what you are talking about. Keep up the great work!!!!
  • Fvmh97c
    Matrix revealed!
    It is amazing that this podcast was started years ago with the design on Episode 616. It released on June 16, 2022, which is 6/16/22 and 6+16=22. Coincidence? I think not. Well done planning that all out. Impressed!
  • jaywes1125
    The industry legend killed it for me
    Used to love the show, I’ll stick with Scoop
  • Phartsy
    Longtime Listener Who Unsubscribed
    I’m done. I listened for years longer than I cared to honestly, but I kept giving the show a pass because I assumed it would’ve improved. Have listened to this show for literal years. Went to college every day with a 45 minute drive looking forward to each new episode of great game talk and recommendations. This show was really great in the prime of 3DS. Peer and Jose were great together. Jose left and it hasn’t been the same since. I love Peer, and don’t necessarily dislike anyone until Kat was added. I’ve listened to other podcasts with Kat and I’ve always been kind of annoyed with her games opinion. If it’s not Bloodborne or Pokémon she is not into it and it feels like she’s putting herself in a closed minded, defensive, better than thou kind of vibe. I’m not a fan, and that’s just my opinion. Even after her I stuck with the podcast hoping it would get better. This last episode(612) had them talking about jogging for 7 minutes and then the Wavebird for 5 minutes. What happened to actual gaming talk and recommendations? It legit feels like people are only playing Pokémon, Kirby, or Elden Ring on this podcast. Like no one on this podcast FEELS like they’re actually interested in Nintendo games that are coming out now. It’s a lot of talk about stuff that isn’t even relevant too. So this is why I left. I’m done. I would come back easily if I heard of a shake up and restructure, but I miss actual gaming talk and not Pokémon chat for 20 minutes.
  • that girl with the mustache
    Please fix or equalize the volumes between the hosts
    The latest episode NVC 612 was painful to listen to because it sounded like the female host was shouting into the mic.
  • BB_Berto
    Super Ninfrendo!!!
    Seth, Kat & Peer are NVC trifecta! Bring on a fourth rotating player and this is the winning cast! Thank you for the content!!
  • OfficialPragerU
    Too much sexual anarchy.
  • Retro GE
    Just not for me anymore
    The following is meant to be for the benefit of NVC and not me trying to be overly critical. I hope Seth and Kat, as examples, don’t take this personal. I still like the full cast (of regulars and guests) but the format has shifted away from what I enjoy. That being said, the reasons I don’t listen to the show anymore, may be the reasons new listeners do, and I am perfectly fine with falling off a show as it finds a new audience. . . . I listen to game podcasts to be informed, have fun, and escape what’s going on in the world. Over the last year, or so, NVC has skewed toward snark and derision in a way that is too similar to a Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson in segments for me to enjoy. To be clear, I’m not equating anyone on the show to Maddow or Carlson, just their approach to the show. . . . I hope this helps the show grow and build a fan base. My deepest hopes for nothing but good things for all of the IGN content creators. Thanks for the years of free and entertaining shows!
  • retlaw7
    Awful hosts
    It used to be a little better, but none of these hosts should be anywhere near a microphone. Their knowledge is fine, but the constant breathing and voice inflections and volume changes just makes me want to stab my eardrums and be done with it. None of the hosts have had any voice training and it shows big time. A better video game podcast, head over to FrogPants studios and listen there. UGH!
  • robloxian_2011
    this is annoying (please read)
    I THOUGHT this was the perfect Nintendo podcast. all the characters are good, but Seth… STOP MAKING DUMB GIMICS…. I want…. To hear…. About Nintendo… not Seth’s breathing and achooing in my ear. I think anyone would like this if that is what This like. Also talking about new “secret” games coming in 2022. Ugh stop talking about mariokart 9. It’s probably just DLC.
  • Sfjohnnyg
    Used to be a great show…now it’s kinda meh
    I’ve been listening to this show for a long time and it used to be amazing. Unfortunately, they changed hosts a few months back now and the new host isn’t as good. This podcast used to be the funnest and most upbeat of IGN’s podcasts, but with the new host, it has a dried tone. I’ve enjoyed Seth Macy as a commentator on IGN’s other shows, but he just doesn’t have the personality to head a show. I also think the fact that they replaced a female host with a very bro-y (in a geeky way) host is concernknf. It seems like IGN’s commitment to diverse representation in video game media is very shallow as almost every show has only white, make hosts and most commentators are also white and male. I’ll give this podcast a few more months to improve and if not, I’ll unsubscribe.
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