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  • 802dot11pete
    Not the same
    Sorry for the harsh (but honest) review. I’m a Loooong time listener and consider myself a super ninfrendo, but the latest episodes are just unlistenable to me. I have always loved NVC from Peer, Matt, Fran, Bozon, etc.. to Brian (Brapp brapp), but the latest format is just awful. Casey - you’re super awesome and cool, but honestly i just cannot get Into NVC lately. Best of Luck Pete
  • jfjgkjbkuvbbgvk
    I am addicted to this podcast!
    This podcast has opened my eyes to the beauty of the Nintendo Switch. The switch was originally my secondary console because of my love for Xbox. The Nintendo Switch is now my favorite podcast. I had no clue the Nintendo Switch had so many Amazing games other than Mario. I have listened to a years worth of this podcast in 2 weeks. I know that is insane, but wow, the cast of this podcast are so entertaining and honestly about their reviews. I have suddenly become a Nintendo fanatic. Keep up the good work NVC.
  • Wood&Poo
    Time stamp politics talk
    ...kept going ‘my partner’.
  • sadfad
    As a Nintendo fan over the age of 35 that’s been listening to this podcast since the beginning losing interest quickly in the last year. It has moved from news to random segues and poor jokes
  • AllonE002
    My favorite Nintendo podcast!
    The hosts are fantastic and love getting my Nintendo news from them.
  • khozii
    Brian is impossible to listen to, his boisterous laugh, his forced jokes that get added to already dead jokes, his use of the words "like" and "riiiight?"-- no more-- not to mention his quick little leftist commentaries he seems incapable of leaving from the show(that goes for Zach too, another awful ign employee not even worth the time explaining). Tom has got to be the single most professional user of the words "like" and "rriiiiight?" I dare you to play a drinking game with his use of "like" and "riiight?" in a podcast-- better have 911 on speed dial. And on to Rebekkah, possibly the most annoying IGN employee of all time, with her awful story about how gaming helped her realize she was a bi person, to her forced laughter, to her use of the word "like," yes... another IGN employee that loves saying "like" a lot of times... seriously... a lot of times per episode. Either write some scripts without the words "like" and "right?" or get out. Peer and Sam are awesome though, should just be those two.
  • Delorian70
    Not what it used to be- A message to Casey
    Long time listener here and a fan of Peer, Brian and Zach and how informative and excited they are about a nintendo content . Seth has been fine as well with his sarcastic brand of humor. Now comes the critical part but it’s just one opinion so I hope you take it as Critical feedback. Casey you’re sweet and passionate but you should not be hosting. You have trouble with words, transitions and and completing thoughts without interrupting yourself. You’re aware of this but it has not improved. Transitioning everything with “BUT ummm but anyway” or in more other news ” is cringy when it happens so often. You have trouble getting out you thoughts into words and coherent sentences. Zach mentioned your really wanted to host when the plagiarizer got fired. Your coworkers know this but keep supporting you even though it's hurting the show. I’m sure you’re great at other things but other you have to seriously improve your language skills or let someone else take the mantle. The truth sometimes hurts but it needs to be heard. best of luck NVC.
  • zac racing
    Itsa me, Mario’s fan!
    I have the new game! (Not sure if it’s new anymore) this is the first podcast I heard! And I love it!!!!!!
  • tarokun182
    Can we please hear less of Seth.
  • 64rj__
    Good people, but just an ok podcast
    This podcast is what it is. It’s fine. I like Peer and Casey and Brian and the rotating cast for the most part. I think the show sometimes suffers from being more of a group hangout that we happen to be overbearing vs an informative and focused podcast. I also think it’s a show that sometimes suffers a bit of bias based on the games the podcast members like. For instance, I love Casey as a host, but sometimes it’s too much Monster Hunter and Pokemon. It kind of reminds me of Gamexplain where there was one guy who never stopped bringing up MegaMan. That doesn’t happen a lot, but often enough to mention it. You can tell other podcast members get annoyed by it as well. I think when the show is more focused, it’s quite good. Without a doubt I’m sure it’s been hard to cover Nintendo when they’ve taken the past year or so off from even trying, but still. It’s fine. It’s 50 minutes of nice people talking shop. But if you’re looking for insight, analysis, and information it’s probably not the podcast to go to. But it’s fun background noise - which isn’t at all an insult.
  • tiptup35
    They should call this the giggling show
    This would be a good podcast if the staff would concentrate on being informative. Instead all you hear is a bunch of giggling and laughing girls.
  • katewaii
    Listen every week
    NVC has a great job of keeping me listening even when they’re talking about games that I haven’t played/don’t have an interest in playing. Casey does a great job.
  • katjust123
    Fine, for what it is
    Over the years, the folks on the panel change, which makes sense because it is an IGN podcast. Casey is the current host, and I am not a fan. So that makes it hard for me to love the podcast. I like when the guests are older, because the young folks lack the perspective I enjoy. However, the podcast is an easy listen.
  • scottl123123
    Love the video game content can’t stand the politics.
    I deleted this podcast from my every week listening rotation. They cannot seem to leave their political views away from their content. Jokes made on the show regularly reflect a very liberal left opinion. If you lean that way you may enjoy the show more than I do. Stick to video games.
  • Serene Bird
    Love NVC!
    Been listening for over a year now and look forward to each new weekly episode. I like that the panel has a good balance praising what’s good but also being real with what Nintendo can do better. I also appreciate that they offer context between Xbox and PlayStation. You are listening to gamers that know their stuff and have well rounded experiences. Only criticism I have is sometimes there’s a bit of language that slipd in which I’m ok with but I have young kids at home so sometimes I have to lower the volume or turn it off in their presence. Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  • AudiobitsErgeon
    It’s a little too positive on Nintendo’s end!
    Nothing to these guys is bad, everything’s good. Accordingly to this podcasts viewpoint. I think they pay them to hype all the Nintendo products to an unhealthy point of view. So in a way what do you expect from a podcast about Nintendo right? By the way “Animal Crossing” for switch in my opinion was overrated. Its too much like an iPhone game that barely rewards the player for time spent on nonsensical chores and NPC interaction but they constantly promote the bejesus out of it on this show! Just needed to say that...
    Too Much
    This podcast has guests interrupting and talking over each other far too often, and they use way too much sarcasm. The jokes are forced, contrived, and take away from the content and information provided. A better Nintendo podcast is needed. Peer Schneider seems to be the only sincere and well informed member. The others are trying too hard.
  • Yoshi 4 life
    Favorite podcast
    I love NVC I listen to every episode and I don’t even have a switch, I want one but I’m content just listening to this great podcast. My favorite person, if had to pick it would be peer, he has the coolest accent ever and I love his hounds they are so pretty. I hope everyone at IGN is safe and healthy, this awesome podcast is the only place where you can get the thing.
  • Mark mark mark mark mark mark
    Great podcast
    I listen to this series whenever I have long commutes or on road trips. They are great about being mindful of their audio listeners. Remember this the only place where you can... Get the thing
  • Thanks IGN
    I said I loved this before but I wanted to be more specific. I wait every Thursday for podcasts to update and the new show comes. I think they each bring up great points about their current topic. I think each of them is well spoken.
  • DavyJonesEmbry
    Back on NVC!
    I listened to NVC way back when Jose Otero was the host and then sporadically after he left. I am happy to report that since Casey has become host along with the regular co-hosts NVC has been required listening each week! Casey is easily the best host of NVC since Jose because her love and passion for Nintendo and all things shines through brightly!
  • L00NY_LEX
    People complain about the “The politics”, saying that black lives matter ain’t politics-it’s humans rights- so calm your assorted body organs.
  • jgonz8151
    Love it
    I always look forward to this show every week. Love the commentators and Casey is a great host.
  • nicenicegamerguy
    quite amaze
  • Jarbusa
    When the show focuses on Nintendo this is a great show. But it often brings in politics and it ruins the show. I don’t care to hear about your hard left San Francisco politics.
  • ZacOhTryin
    I love nvc
    I listen to multiple episodes in a day love this show
  • Gus10188
    I tend to agree with your collective political and social opinions and outlook. When you get back to being a video game podcast, hit me up. ✌🏼
  • griffin13426
  • JeFF Stumpo
    Sometimes silly, but not immature
    Thanks for being a reasoned voice regarding both video games and the wider world.
  • Zackey_p
    One of the best!
    One of the best video game podcasts out there. They strike a good balance of being fans of Nintendo while also looking at them critically. Also thank you for promoting charities and speaking out this week.
  • libvirt
    Dishonest content, political propaganda show.
    Listening to this show for years, until it devolved into a platform dedicated to raising funds to bail criminals out of jail instead of discussing interesting game topics. Really, you’d rather weigh in on one sided political views when people support your show to hear about Nintendo games? Wow...
  • CL-Bot
    Love it!!
    This is my favorite podcast because of how funny the NVC crew is! Thanks for all the great episodes
  • M. Keoni
    Great podcast
    I love all things Nintendo, so naturally I love the podcast. The audio quality is terrible though—voices are consistently crackling in and out throughout the show.
  • killiankkfly
    The princes is in this castle!
    Great, just Great.
  • ZOne350
    Best gaming podcast
    I'm a big video game fan and love everything about video games. Big Nintendo fan on top of that. I listen to many video game podcast and NVC is the best of the best. I love the talent/personalities. They are very good and their humor is top notch. Their love of Nintendo is great also. I have to say it is good to see someone like Peer Schneider who is more my age - love Nintendo as much as I do. Thanks for all the great work and continue sucess. Chun
  • sarahmcc07
    Best the show has ever been
    Wanted to acknowledge how great this show is. NVC has the formula down to perfection - well-paced and still loaded with the right amount of detail. Feels professionally managed and still allows the cast to be playful and try new ideas. Casey has done a wonderful job as host and the show is the best it’s ever been as a result. The entire current cast is great. Have been a fan for years - NVC is my all-time favorite podcast and something for me to look forward to every week. Thank you to IGN for their continued commitment to NVC - NVC is such a treat to listen to every episode.
  • Ransom Garcia
    My favorite Nintendo show
    The show is back to being great! You can really tell that everyone gets along, and it translates over the airwaves. Great energy, great chemistry and always keeps me informed on my nerdy hobby. Great job, guys.
  • gtv462
    Returning to form
    With Casey D at the helm, the show is nearly perfect again. While no one can replace Jose’s energy and passion (and musical intros), she’s corrected the wrongs of the previous incarnation and actually has something interesting to add to the conversation. Welcome!
  • Jay88Fitness
    I always look forward to every week!
    Simply the best Podcast there is!
  • Glenn Ardo
    Room for Improvement
    Been listening to the show for years. The show is good but could be better. Peer is always great and brings such a wealth of history and industry knowledge to all the topics. He’s funny, interesting, and eloquent. I think you all do a great job of highlighting some of the obscure games that can get overlooked on the platform. But…often times the show feels like a skimming of the weeks headlines, which for most IGN readers or avid gaming fans is redundant. I feel the show is at it's best when you guys use the headlines and current events as a way to have bigger, more interesting conversations about Nintendo and where the company, or it's games, are at in the bigger picture. Also, I think the show has progressively gotten way too silly. Trying to be funny is great, I think we all want some brevity in our conversations, but it feels like you guys are constantly derailed by the jokes. There is WAY too much meandering or making the same jokes every week. Which is especially frustrating because you guys are always crunched for time. Overall, the silliness is off the charts…I feel like some of you are trying a little too hard to be funny and/or cute all the time. The show is still solid overall but when compared to other gaming podcasts that go deeper and pose more interesting questions, this show can do better. I love you guys and plan to listen every week, I hope my feedback is useful.
  • breachg
    Yes Tom,
    you’re right.
  • craznoe
    The best Nintendo podcast. Period.
    Varying, entertaining personalities with different tastes in games. High level industry exposure and knowledge. Previous members went to work for Nintendo, for goodness sakes! They're always current with rumors (that industry knowledge plays in here), provide lively discussion on games I'd otherwise never hear of, and keep the show grounded by always making time for the best game, question block. If you love Nintendo, these people want to be your best friends. Highly recommended.
  • maverick smith
    Do an episode on Octo expansion good show
  • FollowMyMySpace
    It has changed a lot over the years
    I have a hard time listening nowadays because of all the recent Pokémon news. They cover it, however, as a hardcore Pokémon fan it’s hard to listen to them discuss when even the host doesn’t seem to know exactly what is going on. The show is still fairly well done. I’m not a huge fan the newest cast, I’m sure I will always miss Jose lol Not to dog in the show in any way. I feel like Bryan should be host but I’m sure they all stay busy and Casey is probably the only one willing to put in the extra time to get it done. I’m grateful for the years I’ve gotten out of the show but feel I am on my last leg with keeping up with it at this point
  • the_unfun_gamer
    Great Nintendo Show
    Casey, Tom, Peter and Brian are the A-Team when delivering a Nintendo news and discussing what going on in the world of the big N. Show can be brought down from time to time when Zach joins since he can’t make it through a sentence without cracking a joke but not even he can make the show unbearable.
  • WyguyMerrill
    Any episode without Peer or Casey is missing something
    I’m a big fan but feel the show lacks a little bit without Peer or Casey. I know everybody has responsibilities outside of the podcast but whenever Peer isn’t there I’m a little let down. Thanks for the best Nintendo podcast!
  • Miggy-Smallz
    Fun show about all things Nintendo
    Hosts are fun, and Casey is doing an excellent job of taking the mantle.
  • TanookiRob
    The gold standard for Nintendo podcasts!
  • epixjava
    One of my favorites one of the best
    Title says it all!! Ill stop listening to other podcasts as soon as a new episode is out.
  • GrabMyBoomstick
    Used to be great
    NVC used to be great in years past, but since hosting duties have been shuffled around these past couple of years, the quality has really diminished. It seems the crew spends about half the podcast just talking about mobile gaming or Pokemon. They also can come across as incredibly annoying and lacking in product knowledge. If you’re looking for a podcast more focused around classic Nintendo franchises (Mario, Metroid, Zelda etc.) look elsewhere.
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