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MLSsoccer.com's ExtraTime Radio is the premier soccer podcast in North America. Every Monday and Thursday, hosts Andrew Wiebe, David Gass and Matt Doyle discuss the latest news surrounding Major League Soccer & North American soccer with A-list guests that include players, coaches, GMs, journalists, and more. Follow on Twitter @ExtraTimeRadio, email your comments and questions to ExtraTime@mlssoccer.com or call the Hot-Take Hotline (401-206-0MLS)!

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  • geaorge clooney
    No Political Commentary please
    When the boys get around to talking about soccer, the podcast is great. I love the deep dives that they do into players team philosophies, and playing styles. Lately the feel the need to do political commentary to open the show. I am not sure that they realize that people are tuning in for their soccer perspective not their political opinions that not everyone agrees with. Personally when they start off the show with their political commentary, telling us how to think and what is “morally” just, have to delete the episode immediately. We come to podcasts like this to hear something different than politics to get away from people telling us what to think and how to act. I think these broadcasters should just focus on MLS soccer. There are more than enough political podcasts out there. Please stay in the soccer lane. I hope I can come back to this podcast and have it be void of political discussions.
  • Zach154
    Quality MLS Podcast
    A quality MLS Podcast that covers all of MLS at least twice a weak. They get some good interviews with players, coaches, and GMs but they did get sidetracked from time to time and go on little bits that may or may not be soccer related. If you are looking for a podcast that talks MLS along with so funny bits and hot takes, this is the show for you.
  • Thrax83
    Audio is everything
    Y’all need to break back into the janitors closet and go back to the good sound days of the year 2016. Topics great, but c’mon audio!
  • Perfecto11
    MLS Hipster Podcast
    I like some of the analysis they are good guys but you have to sift through a lot of BS. They spend 75% of the time chatting only about their favorite clubs and the other 25% on not very interesting interviews. They seem to encourage and even flaunt the hipster culture of the MLS and if your not a MLS hipster then it’s tough to listen too. They are constantly trying to out “cool” each other. If you follow one of their favorite clubs then you should be pretty happy otherwise don’t bother. I’m a big soccer fan and I keep giving them a chance and probably will continue to do so since they’re just about the only game in town for the MLS...but I’ve started looking at the episode notes and listening to only certain parts. End up maybe listening to just 15 minutes of each episode.
  • siggy1184
    Formerly great
    I used to look forward to this podcast for its mls/USMNT focus, but it has gone downhill. They miss Bobby Warshaw who brought edge and interest to the show. They’ve also spent too much time recently with political virtue signaling, which is especially tiring given that I go to sports shows to avoid politics.
  • BuranRoss1
    We need more!
    Beat in the biz! More days a week!
  • jackidy.[says rawr.]
    genuinely better than actually watching MLS
    yes, i said what i said. i probably spend more time listening to extra time than i do actually watching mls - partly bc i don’t wanna pay for espn+ but also because the pod is good. i’m a new listener (as of summer 2020 but the consistent episodes, jokes, etc have quickly made extra time one of my most listened-to pods. i also ESPECIALLY enjoy that this is a group of folks who work in sports and support social justice. the boycott episode with the interviews was epic.
  • Nouhou4life
    Best MLS pod
    Longtime listener. Love the hosts and the soccer talk and the great guests they consistently have. But not enough sounders talk!
  • RJR1970
    One of the best podcasts, PERIOD
    This is the best podcast concerning MLS, one of the best soccer podcasts, and genuinely just a great podcast in any subject. The rotating cast of hosts are fun, entertaining, and willing to discuss numerous topics. Really an entertaining show. And to those who can’t handle discussions of relevant cultural and social topics.... Grow up, and get a conscience.
  • WesBoling
    Substantive banter
    In-depth domestic soccer insight from people who take the sport a lot more seriously than they take themselves. If you like MLS, this should your biweekly home base.
  • J13619ramos
    Great show covering everything MLS!
    I have been listening for years and the show never disappoints!
  • Hbdrummer
    Content, Collaboration & Creativity
    I’ve been listening for the last few years and find these podcasts great ways to stay up to date on everything MLS. The content is needed in my life because most sports shows do not cover MLS. I like the collaboration between the hosts and guests. I also appreciate the creativity and preparation put into each episode. Please have me on the show so we can all sing my soccer song together! #extratimeandthespitzomaticsoccersongcollab!
  • Dabstring
    I love the insightful and detailed soccer analysis, and really appreciate that they understand that social movements and human rights is integral to sports and should be amplified.
  • jewfro_boy
    MLS when and where you need it
    These guys do good work. Always there to keep me posted, and always with great attitudes. Much love.
  • emilio0o0o0
    These guys are absolutely hilarious, but don’t let that distract you from how serious the soccer talk is. As a hardcore MLS fan, these guys keep me fully abreast of what is going on across the league. They need to stop underrating the Sounders but thankfully the Sounders have begun to change their minds, proving that the podcast hosts might actually have rational minds.
  • Polyester43
    Fan of MLS? Then you’ll be a fan of this pod.
    Long time listener (long love Simon Borg #jamspoon) keeps me up to date on all things MLS. I remember when Nick Firchau left and I was worried the pod would fall off but Wiebe and the crew have carried the torch. Great banter and fun times. Keep up the good work.
  • David Trenton
    My go-to MLS podcast!
    An appropriate level of East Coast bias.
  • HeathStan
    Love this Podcast!
    I love this pod and can’t wait for every episode each week! Thank you for addressing difficult and necessary topics and doing so even with negative comments. Thank you for everything you do!
  • manlanders
    Dope show!
    Thank you. New listener since this summer. I look forward to the shows and want more.
  • Chris Konklin
    Best MLS Soccer Podcast
    This show does a really good job of covering Major League Soccer both on and off the field. I really appreciate the episodes when culture are discussed alongside soccer. The coverage of social unrest this summer, was exceptionally well done.
  • JTReviewer
    Best MLS Podcast
    Thank you to Wiebe and the whole team for keeping me informed, entertained, and in tune with the most important MLS and social justice news! Keep speaking up for what you all believe in!!!
  • Todddmark
    When there’s not a total soccer show this is the next best thing. Also I check to see if there’s a new MLS assist first then I’ll listen to this. thank god for Charlie and Nala keeping the trash takes here accountable.
  • Mr. Sir Nick
    Love the show!
    I feel like I’m always 100% up to date on every team and I’ve learned so much about the league from you guys. Not only that, this show got me into podcasting in general and now I listen to several other shows regularly. Keep up the great work!
  • No folders
    Important Perspectives
    This podcast treats MLS like British Pods or Spanish pods treat EPL or La Liga. They treat it like it’s the most important football in the world and it’s exactly what the MLS needs; people who care deeply about the league that give voice to players and coaches invested in this league. The personalities are fantastic and each has an important perspective on the leagues idiosyncrasies and oddities, and it is fantastic. Keep up the great work, guys
  • fpdins
    Love the show
    Counteracting your one stars
  • theborg73
    Bring back Bobby!
  • fhsneofnsowofksnwkwmxoandksm
    Campeones Cup is a friendly, not a trophy
    Stop humoring Atlanta fans
  • jakemac637
    A soothing balm in troubled times.
    This podcast is one of the things that has helped me survive lockdown. Something to look forward to, twice a week. Keep up the good work.
  • Midwestsurfer
    Sesame St. comes to Soccer
    Imagine Sesame St existed somewhere in Brooklyn and all of the characters were really into soccer. That’s this podcast. I don’t want to ruin your fun guessing who is big bird, Oscar the grouch, Elmo, or Bert— but it’s all there. The podcast has evolved a lot of the years— I would reckon it’s entered into a beautiful golden age wherein the absurdity of MLS finally reflected the absurdity and uncertainty of life. The hosts are very much human with all the flaws, mistakes, and bad takes you might expect. But they are also human in that they bring real emotion to the table and firm belief that soccer can bring us together and provide a platform for us to speak out and imagine a better future. There is plenty of in-game analysis, retrospectives, and rumor mongering— everything you’d expect in a great soccer or sports podcast. More than that though, the podcast provides a forum for players and staff across the league to make their voice heard— something that feels more meaningful now that ever before. Players are people and the podcast shines a light onto their struggles and personalities beyond the pitch. While conservations over race, equality, and justice have not always been easy to listen to— they are necessary and I appreciate that the podcast has given players a chance to be real about their experiences and what they’d like to see. The podcast provides two hours of joy every single week— with plenty of jokes, ribbing, cat updates, and parenting advice sprinkled among excellent in-depth analysis. If you’re a fan of MLS, this is definitely one of the “required” podcasts.
  • Milzz99
    Love the show.
  • cadetwhite
    A must for the US soccer fan
    I’m a long suffering Rapids fan but even in their darkest seasons I’ve always made time to tune in twice a week to see what’s happening around the league. The show is entertaining and scratches the itch for soccer media as MLS is generally under covered by the larger sports media. The cast is knowledgeable and generally seems like a good group of guys. Matt Doyle is one of my favorite sports writers in general, Ive learned a lot about soccer from reading his work and listening to him. Also, his ball busting is always enjoyed on the show. David Gaus is annoying at first but give him a chance cause he’ll warm your heart and sneakily become your favorite show member. Andrew is a good host, keeps the show moving while setting up his colleagues. Charlie has been a good recent addition to the show, and Calen always has good contributions even though he kind of has that “I’m too good for this show attitude”. In general this show is an essential listen for the US soccer fan.
  • dbeff123
    Fun podcast about soccer
    It’s a fun MLS/American soccer themed podcast that recreates some of the best aspects of sports radio.
  • Matthew DTL&F
    A Soccer Pod that doesn’t pretend Soccer is the only thing that exists!
    Fantastic podcast hosted by what appear to be fantastic individuals. It is extremely refreshing to listen to a well informed, exciting pod that covers the soccer I enjoy while not pretending they live in a vacuum *cough* state of the union *cough*. These people use their platform for what they believe in all while providing top quality soccer entertainment. More power to them! Thanks y’all.
  • Whomever11111111111
    Best MLS pod out there!
    Like MLS? You NEED to listen to this podcast!
  • Jim from Kensington SC
    Strikes a perfect balance
    You might expect a podcast produced by MLS to be just full of cheerleading for the league and to shy away from any criticism. But that's not at all the case with ExtraTime. They praise when worthy and criticize when justified. They use their access to provide great guests and don't seem to let it influence their coverage. The knowledgeable and entertaining hosts strike a perfect balance between entertaining and informing the audience. If you love MLS, you'll love this podcast. In addition, they deserve major credit for the bold and powerful way they've covered the Black Lives Matter movement. Giving the players center stage for those segments was the absolute right way to do it. As the founder of an urban soccer program, Kensington Soccer Club, in Philadelphia, I encourage my coaches and players to check out this podcast if they're trying to get more into the league. I listen to a lot of soccer podcasts, but this is the one I never ever skip.
  • Mr. Wampa
    Five stars
    I’m leaving a five star review BECAUSE of the recent call outs for the importance of equality rights and the importance of voting. Boo to the haters complaining about ‘left wing’ bias. Equally rights should be embraced by all, and when a segment of the population is at risk, we should all be concerned and call it out. Less national team talk when there is missing MLS focus though please. More cats knocking things over...
  • TADO5
    Great resource for MLS news and noise!
    Been listening to this podcast for as long as I can remember from back in the days when it was hosted by Nick, Jason and Greg. I have to admit the show has gotten a bit dull lately and I stopped listening for brief period. Now that I don’t commute anymore due to covid, it is hard to find the time to listen to all the shows. Regardless, I still think this is a great resource for MLS news and I enjoyed most of the podcast hosts except for Simon Borg and Bobby Warshaw lol
  • Karen & Holden
    Best Way to Stay Caught Up on All Things MLS
    All around great MLS podcast! Always informative commentary, insightful interviews and fun banter! Thanks for bringing it even during this crazy season!!!
  • rkskatedude
    Best MLS podcast
    Enjoy getting my soccer news from the gang. Also black lives matter!
  • MarcusSi20
    Love the show!
    Been listening since 2017, wasn’t a soccer fan before. Love the commitment to what’s right and sharing important causes! Sports are awesome but it’s unfair to love the athletes who entertain us but ignore them when they are speaking about issues that affect all of our lives (BLM, etc). Thanks for helping share those powerful voices and stories and for the best MLS pod around!
  • UkeDad
    Old timer
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the days of Greg Lalas and Shep Messing. You’ve come along way boys! Keep the good work. #EBFG
  • PDX Brit
    My go to soccer show twice a week
    I love everything about this show apart from one thing. Weibe is a great host who keeps things moving and interesting and his genuine enthusiasm for MLS and US soccer is contagious. Gass and Doyle add depth and detail in the analysis and history of MLS that is unsurpassed and Charlie Davies and Calen Carr provide insight into what it’s like to be a player in the locker room, on the pitch and with a coach. So, what’s the one thing I don’t like? Matt Doyle seems to think that the NY restaurant scene is better than Portland’s and he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about!
  • footeball81
    Great Listen
    I love this podcast! I listen to it every week while I run. I like the humor and all of the information they provide. Recently their coverage of social issues that this country has been stellar. This issues are not to be ignored and I’m thankful they cover this. I will continue to listen and be a big fan. Keep it up ExtraTime!!!
  • CT9200
    Liberal garbage
    Fire 90% of the people that work at MLS
  • michaelcee
    Revised review: Quality Show on American Soccer
    My original review was based on poor audio quality - that has been fixed. I’m also counterbalancing the right-wing comments providing one-star reviews based on an occasional episode dealing with social issues pertinent to the league and its players. (Please keep doing these episodes - as those reviewers demonstrate, education is paramount! The soccer content is fun (the hosts include a range of backgrounds, from soccer lovers to ex-players) and the guests include the top players in the league, as would be expected from a league-sponsored podcast. And again, thank you for fixing the audio!
  • Txvjk86
    I’m done with the mls, partially due to this podcast
    Honestly, this league won’t, or at least shouldn’t survive the covid 19 era. I was a season ticket holder for the rapids , and gave it up as the team and fan experience was awful. Tried to casually follow the team this season. You can’t even watch their games locally!!! They aren’t televised- the only way to watch is to buy a vpn and pretend you’re in a different market so you can use espn plus. Wow. Don’t know many people so hard up for sub par soccer that they’ll go through that trouble. Nor do I know anyone who is going to risk covid to go to a game. Honestly these fringe leagues will and should be gone. Watch good soccer from Europe or South America. This a fourth tier league.
  • eduran0826
    The best MLS podcast
    I started listening to this podcast at the end of the last season. Their content is always informative, entertaining and overall great. Recently I have really enjoyed their segments on racism in soccer and in society. While I do watch sports to escape from reality for a bit, racism does not stop at the entrance to the stadium. It is not a political issue, it is a societal issue, and we have to keep talking about it. So thank yall for the segments and for the great podcast as a whole.
  • hfudbvkd
    Great podcast
    One of my favorites!
  • food broker
    This is not a political show
    I love soccer but hate when leagues try to convey their particular political rants to fans. These players know one thing sports. They are not store owners who lost their stores to looters. They are not men in blue that have saved our lives. They have never fought for this wonderful country against horrible people like drug lords and Nazies. I rarely listen to your show because of the political left that is part of the league. There are new much more informative shows that we can listen to.
  • Alienyouth#3
    Incoherent gibberish
    If you aren’t a dedicated LAFC fan or Atlanta United fan, this podcast simply doesn’t apply to you. These guys have traveled too deep into the catacombs of international soccer that they can no longer communicate with people who aren’t on their knowledge level. If you’re MLS team doesn’t sign flashy, top-tier players from other countries, your team will never get talked about. Instead you’ll hear them ramble about some backup on LAFC who dominated in some South American youth league and could possibly be in for more playing time, and if you aren’t fully up to date on the talent in all South American leagues, it’ll sound like incoherent gibberish. This is, despite its name, NOT an MLS podcast.
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