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Hosted by KFC and Feitelberg, Presented by WhistlePig Whiskey, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/kfcr

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    Sometimes okay
    Sometimes I listen to KFC to pass the time, but could be much improved with two simple things: 1) KFC - When you ask a guest or co-host a question, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM! 90% of the time you do this to talk about yourself. God please let someone else finish their answer before you talk about yourself. 2) Is everything you do that exaggerated? Every time you travel somewhere you forget your clothes or miss your train or sit next to someone weird?? Really?? Every trip, every day, every time?? Just be normal sometimes. *** Bonus tip - you don’t have to refer to comedians by only their last name. They have a first and last name.
  • @J.camp15
    You guys just crush it
    The interviews flow so well with comedians, Jackie and pavs have been great additions, and nick just puts the chefs kiss on it. Long time listener, figure I should review it now. Feits and KFC always kill it, love y’all!
  • mon3yc
    Good podcast for most part
    This podcast would be way better if Kevin just learned how to stop interrupting guest and talking over them every chance he gets. He needs to learn to keep quiet for more than 11 seconds at a time and let the guest get their point out or answer the question that was asked. He also has a tendency to be a yes man and agree with whatever it is they say. Very annoying at times.
  • Maxcraft430
    i enjoy listening to you 2
    Almost as much as I enjoy listening to the podcast "Community News by Paul and Sasha" who are also funny, smart, and excellent storytellers. I would love to hear all 4 of you together. Would make my day.
  • BethCoach
    First time listener.
    Shocked by how funny these guys are and by how much they pull out of their guests.
  • LittleHopper
    It has been ten years why can’t producers increase volume of voicemails
  • Catania412
    These two just get comedy and story telling. No idea if any of these stories are true but they are fantastically delivered
  • sounrad
    Funny podcast
    I’ve been listening for years, they’re really funny, honest, and have great guests. They allow space for their listeners to agree or disagree, which isn’t the norm but KFC Radio does it masterfully.
  • MelissaC326
    Slamming on table and eating??
    I look forward to the podcast but is there anyway to get them to stop slamming on the table? It’s so distracting and takes away from them and the podcast. It literally gives me a headache. Also KFC just eating on the podcast?? Has he not been doing this for a million years?
  • Furrymurray_9
    Over exaggeration to the extreme
    I’m sure they have had a ton of life experiences but they somehow have done everything that any guest has done. Not only have they done it but their story is wilder or zanier to the point that it’s obviously fake and overdone. They need to be themselves not characters
  • dmart8
    Please don’t do the show anymore unless John is on. KFC alone is unbearable
  • zach baldwin
    I like kfc usually for a minute or less. He’s kind of a bag of dicks.
  • Mimmmeeeee
    girls gotta eat - love it!
    New listener and have been a fan of girls gotta eat. Loved that episode, hilarious so far
  • JStrass
    I’m late to the game, just found this podcast but it’s quickly become my favorite.
  • Tacojoe_
    More ads please
    Man I sure miss all the ads some of my favorite segments in show history have been from ads. #moreads
  • Nottrash69
    Both of these guys are hilarious and their chemistry is awesome! Can’t wait for the nfl season for jacked up!
  • shadybrooklynmobster
    My all time favorite podcast.
  • jchap318
    The absolute best. One of the only podcasts that makes me genuinely laugh out loud every time.
  • Yes! Get it! For sure!
    5 stars but stop bringing on Keegs
    Love Keegs when’s she’s on her own stuff. However she dominates every show she’s on snd it’s the only episodes of KFC radio I turn off because it stops being you and John’s show. I stopped listening to FNPs just because she cut every person off to tell her own story before anyone else. If she’s such a stoner have her smoke before she comes on or something.
  • Slickrick_____
    KFC radio
    Love you guys
  • Ray5252525252Ravens
    New listener
    New listener, enjoy the comedy, pop culture sports mix. Keep up the great work.
  • Bwet the jet
    Shoulda 5 starred you guys years ago
    Long time listener and long time lazy. Woke up by my gf at 2am bc I snore to GD loud and been listening since, it’s now 3:36am and just need to thank you guys for not letting me go back to sleep. All love
  • breeffffffff
    Great show
    Amazing show love you guys. Always funny and entertaining.
  • saquonbarkley26
    has a sweet rack
  • lilymcneil7
    Cheating Bastard
    Your kids will always knew how badly you treated their mother . Xo
  • this app is trashhhhhhh
    Favorite show for a year now
    Thank you Kevin and Feits for making my commutes to work 10x better. The podcast has me dying laughing every week.
  • sadboyz...
    Love it
    The last podcast I listen to on a consistent basis. Absolutely love it
  • Jimmy Cafiero
    Unorganized chaos
    Love the show, always gets me for a good laugh
  • Cam23838
    Absolute madness, absurdity and also trash. I love it
  • Jduquette13
    It’s good
  • Darius Johnson IV
    Great Pod
    Funny guys love the podcast and they have great convos I love it
  • Mr. Memory2
    annoying and lazy
    Seems like they just wing it… Which is not great considering they don’t have any natural talent.
  • 80'sVillager
    Butt Smoocher
    Omicron is overrunning hospitals almost exclusively with unvaccinated people. Get your head out Kevin and stop smooching Rogan’s anti vax butt!
  • Itsyaboyian
    Kevin Interrupts too much
    I’ve listened to KFC Radio for years but Kevin is starting to get intolerable with how much he interrupts and tries to upstage guests. Jacqued Up was good at first but now Jackie says something and Kevin has to interrupt and explain everything. Pretty annoying
  • Thadd1212
    Great show
    Newer listener and happy I finally gave it a chance!
    Been listening since 2014~ish. Kinda lost me during the Asa years but the show now is better than ever.
  • cjmh3223
    Great show!
    KFC, Feits and the gang kill it every episode!
  • DisgruntledCustomer89
    #1 podcast at barstool, 67th in volume
    Blows my mind that for the longest running podcast I know of, you still haven’t figured out how to turn up the volume. Don’t know if you’re doing it on purpose so we go watch the YouTube but please turn up their voices.
  • BZE
    Way too long
    Have been an avid listener for years and love the show but the length of the episodes now is insane. 4 hours? That’s basically an audio book. I listen on my commute can never make it through an episode or even the parts I want to listen to. Cut it down or break it up into multiple episodes.
  • iphonekid1
    Can’t support kfc anymore
    Dude cheated on his pregnant wife.. not on board with that
  • tcorrao51
    Background talking
    It sounds like there are people talking in the background while you guys are talking and it’s impossible to understand
  • Jobaseball2996
    I know what you did!
    I have never felt more dumb listening to John explain plot holes in a movie that I thought was air tight
  • mjm2393
    Awesome podcast
    Ive been listening for like 7/8 years of this, still as dumb and fun as it was back then. My favorite podcast
  • Abiliov
    Episodes Are Too Long
    Why are the episodes so long now?
  • Jd0687
    I love this show of idiots. They make me feel less alone in this wild world. And thanks for introducing me to some awesome comedians.
  • Ethanbbz
    Love the show
  • adam062014
    Best. Show. Ever.
    Longer the better!
  • Jrod880
    Microwave, baby
    Nutmeg State.
  • jackv726
    All around most entertaining and funny podcast I’ve listened to
    Been listening for about 5-6 years and there’s a reason I haven’t switched to anything else!
  • Jamieeddings
    Always loved it. Keeps getting better.
    Long time listener. Loving the new, longer episodes!
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