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A New Untold Story is a podcast. KB was the smallest newborn in the history of Wheeling. Nobody believed that he would survive, but KB believed he was a legitimate miracle. KB loved baseball despite that he almost never got to play, and when he did it was only to get a walk from his small strike zone. Nick's mother, Rebecca Wentworth, got pregnant in high school. The only fact anyone knows about Nick's parentage is that Rebecca met his father on a train. Her refusal to reveal the identity of the father has made Nick a living town scandal. KB is obsessed with how long he can hold his breath underwater, always trying to improve this ability.

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  • Nskiyswlf
    No intro music will ever compare to the BOP that is anus’s intro
    Please turn that into a full mix
  • Jake1010greaterthanyou
    5 stars
    A Shaq and Kobe duo but they are both Jordan
  • ThatTickler69
    Fun for all ages!
    I’ve been a big anus guy for years now - even exposed anus to the local kids in my community. Thanks KB for putting me on to the anal ointment
  • 223534553
    I wish kb never came back. Idk how people think he’s funny. I don’t understand how nick turns into such a meat rider around him
  • Zoo rate
    KB and clicky saved me from sin
    Ever since I started listening to this podcast, I have become more inspired to become a mans man. From learning how to bully the neighborhood bowling alley employee to learning how to smoke baby jeters, this podcast is great for dopamine levels. I have lost over 900 pounds while following kbs protocol. These guys rock
  • y3@hd@wg
    Wait so these stories are old and told right
  • MitchKidLover
    ANUS saved my family.
    2 and a half years ago, my marriage was failing, my job laid me off, and my family was falling apart entirely. That was until I stumbled upon this podcast. After my first listen, I was hooked. Nick’s metrosexual lifestyle, mildly sophisticated sense of humor, and suave/smooth voice paired with KB’s (sometimes) drug induced spastic tantrums and infinite geographic knowledge changed my entire look on life. Thanks ANUS. My life has never been better thanks to all of your life advice. My now 8 year old son asks me daily when the next “mayor Heat check” is going to drop. Keep up the good work fellas. (Mook: my wife has a ginger kink and it would make her day if you could shout her out)
  • Hoosier Ryder
    Heartwarming and Inspiring
    This is prolly what Jesus listens to
  • communitynewspodcast
    interesting and unique
    Really annoying your show which is new to me. Hey, Can you book Paul and Sasha from Community News with Paul and Sasha on your show. I would really love to hear you all talking together. Thanks
  • My friend Ryan
    Great show, wish I could buy a shirt!
    See title
  • bobetney
    Episode 327
    Conway, Arkansas 🙃
  • Saythe Enword
    This is great
  • Packer Fan Tim
    Gimme gimmie more. No that’s not Britney Spears singing her hit song gimmie more. No it’s me me the boy finishing up the latest crispy ep of ANUS. Sure the show is funny, but I learn so much every week. Not just about the world. But myself. God bless. Unsubscribed
  • Keech90
    Blue Raspberry Boyz
    The boys are brilliant and hilarious. My person favorite podcast. Long live KB and Nicky Clicky
  • pkoyl
    Dear KB, Nick, Rudeboy, and Mook
    Thank you for making my favorite podcast to cut grass to
  • Abraham Egencheez
    Wise & Witty
    Great jokes, word play and creative segments. Only downside, I started bingeing and acquired Stockholm syndrome. I’ve still been writing and trying to get in contact but no luck. Going to have a love child of Stan and Casey Anthony, and that child will be Marcus.
  • Petemarkey
    Gone off the rails
    Get KB a drink and get him off what ever he is doing. Get rid rid of Rudy completely. Mook can produce/write if he keeps his mouth shut.
  • Zombiefan63727
    Top Tier Niche in Barstool
    All these gentlemen deliver week after week. Jokes and genius behind show on all fronts. Never stop being yourselves. As a geek, athlete, free spirited young professional, this pod provides the perfect matrix of my likes. Keep on ANUSin’ on.
  • Dhakfjb
    To Nick
    They should make the next pokemon gen in italy and have a regional variant of gimmegoul named gabbaghoul and instead of a coin coming out of a chest its a meatball coming out of a bowl of spaghetti
  • Rob from Raleigh
    This podcast got me addicted to kratom and crossword puzzles.
  • krayyum
    Nicky Clicky
    Nick and is good Kb is pretty good too
  • Granthalamule
    I love anus.
    Anus rules. Nick & KB carry The Yak, and they’re the only reason I listen to it.
  • cdawgie65
    Nicky nicky nicky
    There goes that man again
  • gyhgsryghjn
    Kb badly needs to be prescribed anxiety medication. But this show would become noticeably worse. 5 stars
  • hhavsbshsbd
  • Mcosta5121
    I love this show
    I love this show so much. It’s one of the only things I look forward to. It keeps me going. Thanks guys
  • Brett420swag
  • Lord Farquads
    1st review ever
    more kb and nick. less rudy please.
  • jennifer from new england
    Laugh Out Loud
    KB’s new award segment makes me laugh out loud. I want this to continue weekly
  • jigghii
    You’re good KB
    First time ever commenting on the internet to tell Kyle not to change a thing.
  • ouch dang
    I miss Owen
    But I love this show so much
  • Qlay
    Great laughs every episode
  • justin c fisher5
    Blue raz
    Owen Roeder? More like Owen Roedhim.
  • tbeezy610
    It’s inspirational and heart-wrenching to hear the tremendous stories of a rickets patient and a former D1 athlete with Autism. If my heart wrenches any more I will be headed to the hospital, much like Bethany Hamilton after she lost a limb as an appetizer for a 14-foot tiger shark.
  • 54jibaro
    KB hates tomatoes, loves diarrhea.
  • Canes7
    2 thumbs up
    Unlike Bethany Hamilton who lost her left arm to a 14’ tiger shark
  • Why Eh H
    Go back to being funny.
    owen absolutely STINKS.
  • Volleyball21spike
    14 foot tiger shark
    I was going to leave a 4 1/2 star review but as I was walking down the beach a 14 foot tiger shark washed up and gave me another half of a star along with an arm from pro surfer Bethany Hamilton
  • not my job not my problem
    Pretty good
    I like the pod and want to support Nick and KB. But If I ever mis a pod and can’t be bothered to go back to listen to two idiot talk about nothing for an hour, I’ll just listen to it on mute when I go to sleep. You’re welcome?
  • Tsunami zombie boy
    Gay podcast
    Reminds me of other podcasts but a lot more gay. Maybe call it gaycast?
  • forklift35
    Actually good
  • JT the missile
    KB gay?
    Nick you still off a bean
  • nick e click e
    Kyle, move away from the mic
    Why do you inhale on top of the mic every 30 seconds like it’s your last breath?
  • Ryan Crain
    Boys gonna reach the top
  • Andrew McPhail
    Oh Baby Go Young Nicky
    If I see Nicky I clicky
  • Fjansghrsvhg
  • jbrizzzzzy
    Lowkey goated
  • 172969
    When I see Nicky I can’t help myself I have to clicky
  • sjpeagle8
    Nicky Clicky
  • Blazinhazen13
    It’s like SNL but actually good
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