Coffee With Kenobi: Star Wars Discussion, Analysis, and Rhetoric

by Dan Z

Coffee With Kenobi is your spoiler-free place for Star Wars discussion, analysis, and rhetoric. Join Dan Z and a bevy of guests as they explore the mythology of Star Wars from a place of intelligence and humor. This is the podcast you're looking for!

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Recent Reviews
  • flameknight9396
    This is the podcast your looking for
    This podcast is good for Star Wars fans and is a must watch/listen
  • Gronkey Kong 13
    Went downhill this year
    I’m not sure why they made a major change to the content. Used to have great discussions and news sections. Now it’s just one person reading comments from FB live about top 5 lists. Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but they’re trying to push more content that is lower quality.
  • Smooth1074
    Coffee with Kenobi is the podcast that you’re looking for.
    If you want excellent in depth analysis on everything Star Wars check out this podcast. Dan Z has great guest every week. Keep up the great work.
  • marynchazz
    CWK - The Best!
    This is one of the best podcasts produced out there today. If you are a Star Wars fan and want spoiler-free, friendly, and drama-free entertainment, this is the podcast you are looking for!
  • Ninasacc
    Perfect for All Fans
    As someone new to the “deeper” fandom of Star Wars, this podcast is something both myself and my brother (a Star Wars “know it all”) can listen to and enjoy. Genuine love, fair opinions and consistent content. Helps me love the franchise even more.
  • Coltonhall14
    So so
    I like their banter but one of the less informed SW pods you will find.
  • Taddmcfly
    In one of your recent episodes, you compared baby yoda eating frog eggs to women having miscarriages. Are you kidding me? You’re a perfect example of what is wrong with the new era of Star Wars. Get over yourself. It’s just a show.
  • Kingjulius1174
    Looking too much into mando episodes.
    I really enjoy your show, but you guys really look too much into these episodes.
  • not froma
    Absolutely fantastic
    I love this show! They love Star Wars, respect each other’s opinions, and a positive and non hateful! I believe these people represent what all Star Wars fans should strive to be. This show has inspired me to start my own Star Wars podcast! Thank you and keep it up!
  • z3bos
    Positively Star Wars
    Love the positivity, creativity, and honesty discussed. Lots of good things to take from this podcast, even if you aren’t a rabid Star Wars fan. It’s even better if you are a big fan.
  • Joe Mulinaro
    Thank you
    You and your show are one of the reasons I started Rule the Galaxy! Thank you
  • 9Monty
    An intelligent and measured approach to Star Wars
    I am a Patreon supporter of this podcast because I believe that the love of the Star Wars universe and respect for fellow fans, creators and contributors is completely authentic. I can't say I always agree with everything that is said by the hosts or guests—but that's okay because it is an open and respectful environment where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their views—there is rationale behind most views and the rhetoric used to convey the thought.
  • Timbongo
    Great show
    Great original content, keep up the good work!
  • Diner Kenobi
    Well, whaddaya know?
    Like a cup of Jawa Juice for the soul.
  • willshatter82
    The podcast you’re looking for!
    Dan Z puts on a great show! Highly respectful friendly discussion and the nicest guy in Star Wars!
  • DadnLiz
    Great show
    Dan Z is the best podcaster in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. I understand that you’ve become quite a good pilot yourself. And he is a good friend.
  • MajinTyler
    Dan is a bright light that blasts across the galaxy as he talks about Star Wars in an intelligent and informed way. Great guests and topics and I really can’t say enough good things about this show. I love Star Wars and it makes me happy. Simple as that
  • Katoagogo
    It hits the Yub Nub spot for me
    This is one of my top Star Wars Podcasts - and is always the first one I listen to regarding the films. I love Star Wars and that’s the vibe these folks bring. Dan Z and crew feel like old pals. To the Coffee With KENOBI crew - Fly Casual -
  • thegoz85
    One of the Best
    Coffee with Kenobi is one of the best, most thoughtful podcasts out there, not even just in the Star Wars realm. The conversation is insightful and pleasant. The hosts and the guests are always easy to listen to. The production value is very good. The analysis is superb, and whenever a review of some aspect of media is not well-received, it never is disrespectful or argumentative. If you're looking for a Star Wars show with great discussion and positive energy, you should definitely try CWK.
  • Blake898
    One of the best Star Wars podcast.
    CWK provides not only the latest in Star Wars news but gives some of the best analysis of Star Wars topics. Dan and his guest really help you dig deep into the mythology while being honest, funny, and personal with their views.
  • K_train
    Talk ... too much
    The phrase “talk about “ is way overused. Sometimes it is included four times in the same sentence.
  • choirboy501
    Ok, but...
    Well rounded, but often dips into areas of the Star Wars universe that only the truest fans are interested in - or just the host. The Looking at Lucasfilm podcast recorded by the host and Jim Hill is more tightly focused on what most Star Wars fans are interested in - the Disney parks, the films, current and future film and TV projects.
  • Super Duper Yuper
    The most pleasant Star Wars podcast you’ll find!
    The most pleasant Star Wars podcast you’ll find!
  • goodlovin5
    The milquetoast of Star Wars podcasts
    If you are interested in a podcast that has nothing but glowing reviews of everything Star Wars related this is for you.
  • PantherMoose
    Love listening to people who speak my language
    The hosts of this show are so easy to listen to, and I appreciate their perspectives on all things Star Wars.
  • Charlesc71
    Coffee With Kenobi
    CWK is an interesting podcast. It has some good information and the discussions are entertaining.
  • Orangesparrow
    Great podcast!
    Look forward to it every week! Love all the information and how it’s provided
  • Mateo37
    This IS the podcast I was looking for!
    I have finally found a place where people are thinking about Star Wars with the same depth, passion, and vulnerability that is constant rattling around in my head and heart. My first introduction to CWK was at Star Wars Celebration Chicago at Dan Z’s mythology of Star Wars panel, which was a true highlight of the Celebration. I spoke with Dan after the panel and he was such a class act. I now feel like I have a Star Wars ‘home base’ in CWK, and I look forward to many more meaningful and fun episodes to come!
  • ThePrawns
    Coffee With Kenobi was the first Star Wars podcast I ever listened to and I’ve never looked back; of the countless Star Wars podcasts available, this is the one I hold in the highest regard due to the amazingly high quality content. CWK is not afraid to get you thinking and presents episodes packed with information in an endlessly fun, intelligent and engaging way. Dan Zehr has some of the most incredible guests you will ever hope to find and his interviewing style brings out the very best from each conversation, while keeping it spoiler free. As extra content for anyone wishing to become a Patreon supporter, there are exclusive CWK Pour Over podcasts each week which bring on board Cory and Tom, the other members of the wonderful Coffee With Kenobi team. To switch things up, CWK Pour Over expands fandom beyond Star Wars, with masses of movie and pop culture conversation and analysis. This is most definitely the podcast you are looking for.
  • jhobie24
    Great podcast
    This is my favorite Star Wars podcast! It is a great listen and I recommend to everyone!
  • Whatevs353
    This is the Chosen One
    Fantastic podcast for all things Star Wars related. Movies, books, celebration, tv shows, theme parks, collectibles, and more. Dan and his co hosts cover it all. No spoilers along with great information and entertainment.
  • JEGuthrie
    So good!
    I love this podcast. I wait for it with great anticipation every week. Thanks for the fun guests, relevant commentary, and timely information on the greatest saga of our age!
  • WillrowHood5150
    A great way to start your day.
    I subscribe to several awesome Star Wars podcasts, but CWK is what I would consider my "home" podcast. It's where I began with Star Wars podcasts and, indeed, with podcasts in general. Listening to Dan and the gang engage in their witty and thoughtful discussions always helps me start my day on a positive note. In this timultous time we find ourselves in as fans of a galaxy far far away, its nice to know some are still discussing and debating star wars in a positive and respectful way. (Dan is right btw, the Falcon is NOT a character.)
  • Jonathan Koan
    Wonderful Show
    I have been a Coffee with Kenobi fan for years. Dan Z is one of the most educated and articulate podcasters out there. When you couple that with fantastic guests, great music, hilarious humor, and thought provoking discussions, you get one of, if not the Best Podcast in the Galaxy.
  • @starwarstime
    Nothing like some Coffee with Kenobi to get me through my day
    You love Star Wars? You love to be entertained? You like to great some fresh Star Wars knowledge up in that brain? Well this is the podcast for you! I have listened to these guys for a long time now and I can never get enough of them. Very informative, entertaining, engaging and most of all a fun and clean podcast. Recommeded by @starwarstime
  • Dagobah_Days
    The Force is strong with this brew!
    I’m a new listener, and I am so glad I found a family friendly Star Wars podcast. This is casting in its highest form, and I absolutely love each episode. Thank you for the conversations! Cody - @dagobah_days
  • Tk-5351
    always top notch
    great show. thaks for all the insight and star wars content.
  • GreatState88
    The Best
    Dan and Corey are the best!
  • GeneralBrittOrgana
    A++ !
    Dan Z has such a soothing, relaxing voice and listening to his podcast always makes me want a good cup of coffee! Very informative and enjoyable! The force is OBVIOUSLY with this podcast!
  • Potato_Life32
    I Don’t Know What To Say
    I mean I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies, even though I’m 36. Even though I didn’t understand anything that was being said in this podcast, it was still very interesting and quirky. I definitely recommend!
  • bhinde1
    Smart and engaging Star Wars podcast.
  • old-bobo
    Smart Show
    The show is nice, and Dan’s analysis is usually smart and articulate.
  • Natasha&Boris
    Best. Show. Ever.
    Funny and informative. My only request is for longer shows.
  • boo tinder
    Really enjoy listening!
    Gave it a listen and I enjoy it more than I expected! Would recommend
  • CreateTakenNickname
    Great discussions
    Great podcast for your news from far, far away.
  • RM-R2D2
    I meet Dan and Cory at Celebration Anaheim in 2015, listened to their live show at the celebration and have been following them ever since. This show has changed here and there, but the product that they put out is awesome!! Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. THIS IS THE PODCAST YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!
  • dln619
    A must for all Star Wars fans!!
    This IS the podcast you are looking for. A breath of fresh air in Star Wars podcasts. Dan’s love of all things SW comes through and the variety of topics and guests help listeners of all ranges become well rounded fans.
  • WordCardier039
    The best Star Wars podcast around
    I’m a runner, and an avid Star Wars fan, so I wanted to find a podcast I could listen to while running. I had tried a few before this, but none could hold my interest. Then I found Coffee with Kenobi, and I was hooked. This is a great show with amazing hosts that I will always recommend!
  • JayMO2YP
    This Really IS The Podcast You're Looking For!
    Coffee With Kenobi is the place to find EVERTHING Star Wars related! Not only is there the amazing flagship podcast, but there are several others, covering everything in the SW spectrum. The website is great, and you can find intelligent, well-written blogs from a whole host of bloggers. In addition, there are great fashion reviews, book reviews, etc. There's truly something for everyone! Everything is presented in a no-spoiler, non-speculative way, and it's SO much fun. I appreciate the intelligence, positivity and maturity of Coffee With Kenobi. You will be impressed - I promise! May the Force be with you...ALWAYS!!
  • likeemscan
    Weekly listener
    Helps get me through the DC commute! Entertaining and funny!
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