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Children of the Watch is the number one podcast in the galaxy for all things Star Wars live action television, formerly The Mandalorian Watch. A positive, upbeat after show for Star Wars television. Join your hosts Alex Maxwell and Mac Lacey after each episode as we break it down with in depth analysis and commentary, as well as your hotline calls!

Coverage of The Acolyte begins June 5th!

Your number one spot for all things Star Wars TV!

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Twitter and Instagram: @CotWatch

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  • J-LEB
    This IS the podcast you are looking for…
    This is the BEST Star Wars podcast. Alex and Mac are down right entertaining and interesting to listen to. I must add that as a woman, I’ve listened to many male led podcasts over the years that, at one point or another, have unfortunately rubbed me the wrong way. Alex and Mac never disappoint! They are positive, fun, funny, caring, and my absolute favorite podcast of all podcasts!
  • Cstick5583
    Great podcast
    I downloaded this app just to give these guys a shout out. Great podcast, really enjoy their Star Wars takes. I will now delete this app, but worth the effort to show them some love.
  • 2coolmusic
    Best Star Wars Podcast - Fun and Thought-Provoking
    Alex and Mac do an awesome job of covering everything Star Wars from the movies to the shows. I got hooked with their cover of the Bad Batch. Definitely the best podcast to dive into Star Wars whether you’re a young, untrained padawan with little knowledge of the Force or a skilled Jedi Master who has been percolating Star Wars lore for a long time. Great podcast for all ages.
  • my name is theo
    The masked person at the end of the Acolyte trailer, their helmet kind of looks like a grey version of the Pritorian guard From the last Jedi
  • ST3 (Steve T)
    Fer sure
    CotW is by far my favorite Star Wars podcast. From episode breakdowns to the “History of…” episodes, if you love Star Wars, you need to check out CotW.
  • rockerdude1000
    These guys are the best!
    Mac and Alex throw down expert knowledge of the Star Wars universe. They are well versed in Canon lore, Expanded Universe lore, they even watch all the tv shows you don’t! This includes Star Wars Resistance, Young Jedi Adventures, Lego Star Wars specials, and much more. I’ll definitely be tuning into their upcoming episodes as we get into the High Republic books, origins of the Jedi & Sith, and the Acolyte. Let’s go, boys!
  • Walk-walk-walk
    Great show
    I love the enthusiasm and positive vibe of this show. It’s all about what fun about Star Wars. And you just learn a thing or two!
  • TheDividedSkye
    Title says it all! Best Stars Wars podcast ever! Quality content! Highly recommend!
  • MinnesYoda
    Thank you
    I love this podcasts it has given me so much joy listening to each episode and the discord community is amazing as well. Alex & Mac are so easy to listen too. I think they’ve helped my depression more than my medication
  • 3r@x
    Great Star Wars podcast
    It is an adventure
  • Erkj72
    Great content
    Love how Mac and Alex give breakdowns and information. They do it in a way that isn’t condescending and where a new comer would be able to connect the dots. They’re funny and bring in the “Star Wars Nerdom” in the best way possible. Big fan of the pod! Keep the watch!
  • beenThere 03
    Children, Kids, Adults & Oldes!
    Great work, really appreciate your casts and that swampy mantis noir episode of Batch was way too dark… (Mac wherz the CK Bandcamp presence and vinyl?!)
  • misterbilzi
    The most genuinely positive Star Wars podcast.
    I realized that I am one of the listeners that have not put in a review yet. As a somewhat casual Star Wars fan, I get a little burnt out from a lot of the negative aspects of Star Wars fandom. This show is such a breath of fresh fresh air and helps me stay informed when I otherwise don’t have the time to consume all the content that is out there. The hosts genuinely love the franchise and can put a positive take even the most controversial parts of it in a way that I appreciate. Listening to this podcast it brings a little bit of joy to my life on a regular basis. I have never read a Star Wars book and I don’t know all the background stories, but they have an expensive trove of knowledge they share that helps me understand a lot of the stories behind the story that I’m watching on the TV.
  • bryantjgrey
    I Love Children of the Watch!
    A super helpful podcast for understanding the incredibly large (and at times confusing STAR WARS galaxy)!
  • Eighty-seven15
    Show by fans for fans
    I can’t state highly enough how this show keeps a positive tone about Star Wars content, fawning over the universe and its characters, but without becoming a corporate shill for Disney. They can acknowledge when something doesn’t land well with them, without echoing all of the internet hate that gets thrown around complaining at every turn how this person or that entity “ruined Star Wars.” They explain background information (sometimes not quite clearly enough), and provide fantastic insight into the current content. On top of that, their chemistry together is just adorable to hear. I’d love for them to make additional deep-dive episodes about lore. Other casts try it but they’re so difficult to follow.
  • This Guy Matt
    Great job
    Driving back and forth between NC and South Alabama gives me time to get through the archive. Fantastic info especially of the Legends. Great job
  • RobR71
    The #1 Best Star Wars Podcast in the Galaxy!!
    The #1 Best Star Wars Podcast in the Galaxy!!
  • SW Dad
    It’s difficult to overstate how good this podcast is.
    Thank you Alex and Mac for dedicating your time and energy and putting out your fantastic show. My sons and I really enjoy listening to you guys talk about Star Wars. Your approach that Star Wars should be for everyone really connects with them. As a father I am so please with your positive approach. We love how excited you get about everything Star Wars and listening to your podcast get us pumped for every show and episode. I hope you guys never change because everything you’re doing is perfect. I know you put a ton of work into making you’re show great and it really shows. You have helped me connect my kids to Star Wars and your show is always a must listen when it drops. Keep the watch!
  • Oogie Boogie NY
    Star Wars by the best!
    Not only the deepest dive into Star Wars, whether it’s episode by episode, trailers and teasers to now books, Alex and Mac give such an important take and more importantly attitude! Star Wars is for everyone and just enjoy it!
  • Bnbac09
    Star Wars Podcast for Everyone
    I have listened since the beginning, since Alex and Mac called it the Mandalorian Watch. These two certainly know a lot about Star Wars lore even the legacy characters/stories but they’re not anything like so many toxic gatekeeper fans I come across on podcasts or online. These guys just love the Wars for what it is, it’s something and somewhere we can escape to and enjoy a galaxy far far away. They cover all the current Star Wars Television even the Clone Wars/Bad Batch at times. They have a good chemistry together and are hilarious especially talking the early Clone Wars episodes. They even let fans call in and give their crazy theories/ask questions without Comic Book Guy judgement like other podcasts I have listened to. If you like in depth discussion about what you just watched do yourself a favor and follow this podcast. Thanks Alex and Mac
  • wzs411
    My favorite Star Wars podcast
    If you’re looking for a Star Wars podcast where the hosts are extremely knowledgable, appeal to both hardcore and casual fans, AND manage to be positive and optimistic without just blindly praising everything, then Children of the Watch is for you.
  • Creeder001
    Like hanging with my Nerdy Star Wars friend!
    LOVE this podcast! From the full breakdowns to the jokes and silliness to the irresponsible speculation…just like sitting around with my friends talking nerdy Star Wars stuff! So great!!
  • Hometoday
    Keep On Keeping the Watch
    I can’t believe a Star Wars Podcasts is easily one of my favorite pods, but COTW is that good. I’m a 40-something year old mom, with couple of teenage boys and a previously almost nonexistent interest in Star Wars. But much to my surprise, I loved Mando, and then I loved Andor, and then I needed to find a podcast and now this is one I consistently bump to the top of my list. Alex and Mac have made a really great podcast. It’s maybe 20% your favorite English class, 30% in depth Star Wars lore, 40% responsible speculation, and 10% giggling. If you like people who are committed to finding a problem with everything, this is not that podcast, but if you like hearing a thorough break down of each episode, making connections to the broader story, and hypothesizing about what might be to come with unabashed enthusiasm, look no further.
  • iamtheswimmaster
    I’m a 30 something wireless, childless male lol This podcast is the best podcast for Star Wars community without any negativity or annoyances They do it all from movies to shows to books etc They are two great human beings that do this as their second gig They’ve been life changing to me and I really really appreciate them and this show and the community. Yall guys are amazing and I just want yall to know from all of us thank you.
  • Agroves5618
    Auspicious Podcast
    What a fantastic show! Has helped me enjoy Star Wars content even more!
  • lil zasa
    The best show for Star Wars
    Best review of Star Wars out there You guys are the best
  • PubicAroma
    Keep the watch
    My internet friends. I like these guys.
  • LiamLogsdon
    These guys are fantastic, do yourself a favor and listen!
    Auspicious, ifykyk. I’ve been listening since just before the Mandalorian S1 premier. If you are a long time fan of Star Wars and want hear a discussion to get a deeper understanding of SW then this is a great podcast. If you are new to Star Wars and you want to learn more about it and what it means to people, then this is a fantastic podcast for you to start with. If you are familiar and you’re unsure of how you feel about certain things and need help processing your thoughts, then this is a great podcast for you. They are a positive force in the Star Wars community and you will not feel left behind or left out of you don’t know every little thing about SW. these guys are so good at what they do, you won’t be disappointed. Please give them a listen and spread the word about them!
  • fusilli regiano
    It’s very auspicious. :)
  • Me-ness
    The best Star Wars podcast out there
    These guys are fun and positive. I’ve tried listening to other Star Wars podcast and they’re OK but none of them have the magic and excitement that these guys have. Keep the watch.
  • Elise Bell
    Project necromancer
    Hello I’m a great fan of Star Wars! Question, does anyone know what project necromancer is? Your fan Owen
  • Wampler Wookiees
    Family Favorite
    We are fans of the Star Wars universe but not the diehard kind. Since introducing it to my oldest son (11), we have watched all the shows and movies. He likes the shows best. So as a family we gather around the tv to watch the latest Star Wars series or one of the classics (rebels, most likely). Then we listen to children of the watch, Alex and Mac help to connect all the dots and make sense of the timelines. They have enhanced our watching experience because it gives us a clearer understanding of what is going on. Their excitement for every episode and new release comes through the speakers and pumps us up for the next episodes. My son comes up with some wild theories based on theirs (responsible or not 😁). Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and providing us a way to connect with our son.
  • CM Buffalo
    Great Star Wars Pod!
    I recently started listening about a month ago when I was rewatching Ahsoka. The guys provide insightful reactions to episodes which really helped me notice more and make deeper connections to the content which has greatly enhanced the rewatch! I look forward to listening for Season 3 of Bad Batch and super pumped to hear their breakdown of The Acolyte later this year. Very cool that they are doing a High Repubic Era book club which I am reading along with and look forward to hear their discussions.
  • Fhodneabwh
    Please fix
    I love listening to you guys. But it’s so hard to hear Mac when he talks. Is he not speaking into the mic? I hear Alex so well but Mac kinda just trails off to the point I have to strain. I’ve felt this way for several episodes. Again, love the podcast. Keep the Watch.
  • Scott va
    Thanks for the great coverage!
    I particularly enjoyed the Andor shows. Hey Alex, your blue helmeted mando name would be Alexor Kotar! lol
  • craig loves star wars
    Stress Reliever
    These guy are true, GOOD, Star Wars fans. They genuinely love Star Wars and don’t tolerate or care about the Star Wars haters. Every time I put on one of their podcast I feel like I’m hanging out with friends and all my stress just melts away as I listen to their witty banter and WILD irresponsible speculations about where the shows are going next.
  • tacocat the greatest
    Best Star Wars podcast ever!!!!
    This is my go to podcast for after shows, theories and hotlines calls!!!!!you guys are the best and are so funny! Keep it up!
  • King_Vegeta87
    Awesome podcast
    Always a great listen. And the music playing after is awesome, keep it up guys
  • KOHGA for ever
    I love listening to you guy but I was re-watching the rebels season one last episode and I realized that the fight where the grand inquisitor was fighting Ezra and canon really copied off of the Darth mall fight during the phantom menace movie with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Quigon Jen.
  • Geertsema Family
    Such a great podcast!
    I absolutely love listening to these guys!
  • lizyyypooo
    Just started listening to you guys and absolutely love every episode so far. You’re laugh is so contagious. Having such a fun time listening and learning all things Star Wars!! Thank you keep it up :)
  • gynkin
    Hello there
    This is a solid listen for SW fans!! These guys are solid dudes with great knowledge and their banter and comedy is great as well!! 5 stars for sure!!! This is the way!! Been a fan side the mandalorian watch!!! Y’all’s very first mando explanation pod got me into listening! Keep doing what y’all are doing. Siemen
  • Immature hour
    Padawan of Masters Mac and Alex
    Started listening to Alex and Mac when the Mandalorian came out to learn more about Star Wars. They helped explain the extensive universe on macro and micro levels. Got to admit I’m not a fan of all the content, so I suffer through shows like Obi Wan JUST for the reward of listening to a Children of the Watch podcast! Thanks Mac and Alex for your insights, knowledge, and opinions. Even if I’m not as into it as you are, your infectious enthusiasm makes the experience more fun!
  • L.E.I.
    One of the BEST SW podcasts!!!
    EXCELLENT podcast!!! Fun, extremely informative, and great for all kinds of SW fans.
  • Jordan I
    Great show, tons of back info
    I love listening to this podcast because (as they say in their intro) they point out things that most people miss. They have a nice disposition as well which is nice in the SW community, which can be toxic at times. Keep up the good work!
  • JamilKL
    Stumbled on this podcast during Mando season 2 and it has become my go to! I even had to go back and listen to the episodes from earlier. The theories are so intriguing and I always find myself refreshing the app in hopes a new episode was released. Alex and Mac are great hosts and if you have the time you NEED to give it a listen. Thanks for the fun and keep the watch!!
  • NEBishop
    Favorite Star Wars Community!
    Love these guys and the positive, smart, and fun Star Wars community they’ve created! Episode breakdowns are my fave, but voicemail episodes are also a lot of fun. Also - glad to know there are others out there who might have Darth Maul in their Star Wars top 5 🤣. Keep the Watch!
  • dannyphx
    Keep the Watch!
    Fun theories, great explanations, and exciting predictions. Highly recommend!
  • kirik1
    Not a newbie to Star Wars but am newbie to the new universe. Thanks for being awesome tour guides on this journey
  • Harkema
    What an amazing podcast.
    The depth of the podcasts are awesome, thanks for sharing.
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