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Welcome to the Strictly Anonymous Podcast where you get to listen in to the secret lives of total strangers. I talk to real people about their interesting, secret lives as well as talk to real people with real problems and I give them my unprofessional advice. If you have a secret, interesting life and/or a problem you want to discuss while remaining anonymous, go to my website and click on "Be on the Show" or send me an email

To see anonymous pics of most of my female guests + get early access to all episodes, + anonymous confessions join my Patreon. It's only $5 a month and you can cancel at any time. You can sign up here:

Have something you want to confess while remaining anonymous? Call the Strictly Anonymous hotline now at 347-420-3579. Lines are open 24/7. Please note, everyones voice will be changed.

Want a private convo with me that won't be aired on the show? All calls are private, confidential and anonymous. Click here for more info:

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Recent Reviews
  • anthony12275
    Ok podcast.
    Used to be great. Enough with swingers confessions. She needs to Suss them out and put different topics up. Boring now.
  • Tgasho
    I can’t stop listening!
    Kathy is a fantastic interviewer.I am so happy I stumbled across this podcast.My life is so entirely opposite of the guests and I find it utterly fascinating.I am OBSESSED
  • Bimskeese
    Bring the old back!
    I use to look forward to this podcast but lately it’s nothing but swingers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy swinger story but I can look at TikTok and see all I need. I miss the juicy stories of people cheating or dilemmas they are in. I wish there were more confessions or secrets shared…bring the old good stuff back please!
  • omg ricky martin
    Great show
    Do more interracial talk that’s the best
  • KISSfan1969
    This is the most real sex-positive podcast I’ve heard. Kathy is a great interviewer and asks real questions. I’ve learned a lot about people I may have never quite understood before and their stories are interesting. My pretty vanilla, and find these stories fascinating.
  • Wheatie99
    Very Interesting and Informative
    I stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago and I am hooked! I love hearing the different stories and the different things people enjoy. It makes me feel like I am not on an island. Thank you!
  • tyler fk
    Great show always something new
    I love listening to your show each week. It’s always interesting to see what people will say next. Keep up the great job.
  • LithiaRidgeHero
    Very interesting and entertaining
    This podcast addresses such a common subject that NO ONE ever really discusses. I believe that most of us have, at least, considered most everything that is covered. I like that it is unassuming, direct, and non-judgmental. It feels natural and open; definitely refreshing. Highly recommend but leave your sensitivities at the door.
  • #1 Foot Lover
    Great Show
    Great show with an amazing and engaging host. That what does it for me and makes it so authentic. Not like someone talking at you and not listening or understanding. Totally engaged and interested in the guests and their stories. I’d give this show a 10 if 10 stars were allowed. Cheers to another 500 shows and beyond!! 👍🏾👍🏾
  • lana405
    Helps me explore!
    Thanks to this show my sex life has flourish!
  • mdivestea
    Always Great!
    I’ve been listening for the last year and I’m so glad I found this show! Consistently great episodes and topics every week. Patreon community is great too!
  • MikeHersh
  • kevken5
    Great show.
    This is a very entertaining show. I Look forward to it every week. True Fan !!!!
  • byersethan
    Great Unbiased Content
    Great job of sharing people’s true experience and story. The real life storytelling from the guest makes this a borderline self-help podcast for a lot of people. Without that real factor it loses its value (like most sex story, confession podcast) Good questions being asked by host and great chronological explanation of each story! Lastly, Unfiltered and isn’t catered to the PC culture with the “woke” awareness charade going on, just real stories!! Keep going!
  • tikituesday
    Strictly superb
    Riveting and addicting. A weekly must.
  • robertangelini
    Excellent interviewer
    This person in my opinion has the best interview skills of any podcast that conducts interviews. She is able to keep people on track and draws out the important facts which makes her interviews so interesting.
  • Bigdaddy69991
    Awesome show thank
  • MasterWatson
    Focus on the story and less on the comments that’ll be left on YouTube
  • leftyloosy42
    Best podcast
    Literally my favorite podcast that I am currently binging. Host is so real, love her and the stories. Keep up the good work👏
  • Tobins1
    Shut up and let them talk
    The podcast has some entertainment value but then is derailed by the host’s unsolicited advice jabber. Let the guests tell their story.
  • shouldaleftitalone
    Host needs work
    The content is excellent; however, it’s difficult to listen when the host interrupts nonstop. If she would just let people tell their story without interjecting, AND if she stopped overusing the word “like,” it would be fantastic.
  • Curious Sexual Explorer
    Love This Podcast
    What a great show! Kathy does fabulous interviews, attracts great guest with a wide range of stories and experiences. Absolute pure entertainment at its best. XOXO
  • Kokomo71
    Kathy you’re awesome!! Finally a place where I can tell my story.
    This is the best podcast for those who have some deep secrets that’s been eating them up for so long and want to tell it... ☺️ I wish I can tell mine!
  • Dr TJ Fossil
    Outstanding, stimulating and thought provoking
    I have been listening to Strictly Anonymous podcast for quite a while now and thoroughly enjoy it. Kathy asks great questions, lets her guests talk, and asks great follow-up questions to probe deeper and tries to draw out more details and interesting perspectives. She has been doing this for several years and is experienced at serving up what her listeners like to hear. And a great asset of hers is her curiosity and willingness and eagerness to learn about new things and she is more than ok with admitting when she hasn’t heard of things or new trends or techniques. I love this podcast, and Kathy is a professional, fun, sexy and curious questioner. 5 stars, excellent pod! Thomas from Wisconsin 😎
  • mtrtohidi
    Your help to an English learner
    Hi Cathy First of all I do thank you for your consistency and great job Actually I’m an english learner who had been trying to find a good podcast to improve my listening skills for a long time when I found yours at last!!! During the last two years, you’ve always been my permanent company while I was working on my English! In addition, when I found you on YouTube I was totally shocked when I saw your body! What a nice and fit body you have👌👌👌 I wonder if you know how many times you use the words; right and assume!!?? Today I was so glad when you said that you are gonna release two episodes each week bcz fortunately or unfortunately I’ve just listened to almost all of the episodes and I had to wait for you nexts!!! That is a great decision especially for a me as a language learner! By the way, thank you and I am a great fan of you...
  • I'm a boss of a boss
    Great listen!
    Riveting topics. Hooked from the get-go!
  • pschlozzi
    Top notch
    I’m an Uber driver and I’ve been listening to this podcast when it’s slow. The stories are so entertaining and so is the host. Outrageous stuff, loving it.
  • Gustavrey
    A great listen
    This show is a great place to hear real stories about sex, from real people. Like listening to friends talk. I continue to be a faithful listener. Keep up the good work.
  • Fayzter
    Used to like.
    1. Way too many commercials. Yes, I know I can join her Patreon but… 2. This last episode with Gemma fun Bob was almost offensive. They are old but don’t look it. Don’t like old guys. They have perfect bodies. Kathy ooohs and aaahhs and wants to share their photo on her Patreon page. Come on - so are you limiting your audience to young or young-looking, perfect body, beautiful people? Forget it.
  • Penelope6000
    Great podcast
    I found this show two months ago and I can’t stop listening, I’m addicted! Keep them coming.
  • crotch goblins
    Probably the worst podcast I have ever listened to. Host won’t stop interrupting every guest and references her Patreon 50x per episode.
  • Lola9207
    Stop interrupting
    I enjoy listening to the stories but it’s hard to stay focused when the host is constantly interrupting asking for more details rather than just letting the guest speak normally
  • overit20241
    Best love and sex advice I get every week. Could not live without this Pod. The best!!
  • joeschmoe690000000
    Love this show
    I just found this show and have been binge listening all month. Love Kathy’s laugh and she’s funny. And the guests are great. Keep up the great work.
  • booger21042
    All about the ads.
    Seems that the shows are about ads and selling products lately. The guests are promoting their websites/products. Host is selling out.
  • bethelvt
    One of the best adult/erotic podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. It’s gritty and real. Average everyday people like you and me coming out with what really floats their boats. Stop and listen closely as these could be your neighbors and loved ones! So interesting!
  • davveeeeyyyy
    My new favorite podcast
    Found this show recently and now it’s my favorite. The stories are great, the host is great too.
  • Lamont Allard
    Incredibly bad
    Interesting stories but she is very hard to like.
  • poblano13
    Love you show
    Love you show me encanta tu programación
  • Christy G 6793
    Let’s play a game, drink every time she says “right”. Just kidding, don’t do that, you’ll die.
  • katkaye
    I’m a painfully boring person.
    I stumbled across this podcast by accident. OMG this content is gold! Kathy is funny and great at communicating questions we are all probably thinking. Listening to what other people are into makes me realize how boring I am! 🙊 I now may or may not be considering getting into selling my underwear or foot pics. Or both. Anyway, thank you S.A.C. for keeping me entertained and feeling like I’m utterly normal.
  • salv_rdr
    Great guests and stories but poor interviewer
    I wanted to like this podcast because of the interesting stories but the interviewer/host is terrible. Constant interruptions by the interviewer prevent a decent flow for the guest stories. The host is consistently combative and appears to wait for her turn to speak instead of engaging in active listening.
  • aresch477
    Gained a new listener and patreon!!
    Finally decided to give this podcast a chance and can honestly say I don't know why I waited so long. I listen to it while working and have to say, it certainly helps the time pass faster. If there's any sexual act that you're curious about how real people handle it, there's probably an episode for you. It's also the first time in my life that I've ever been entertained enough to but a patreon subscription.
  • jstac61
    Strictly anonymous podcast
    By far this is one of the best podcast I’ve listen to and although I’m a fairly new listener I just feel the topics covered in this podcast are so interesting. Kathy the host is pleasant to listen to she responds back to the people that leave comments even if they don’t necessarily agree with everything. She’s just a pleasant host. I highly recommend this podcast.
  • Imadawg22
    I have been listening to this podcast for the last three years and must say it is always a joy to listen to and I have learned a lot from it! I started listening for the pantyhose episodes and do also subscribe on Patreon for that content, but even the non-pantyhose content is very interesting and intriguing. Lots of haters showing up in these comments which is unfortunate. Listen to the podcast for what it is and don't take EVERYTHING so seriously! Kathy does a great job and gives great advice to her callers!
  • Roenick778
    132 and 133
    Pretty obvious that the guy from #132 &133 are the same person. Didn’t make mention of that in you pod cast, been listening to almost every episode up till those 2 . Now I’m starting to have my doubts about how real most of these really are. Also, Kathy, learn how to pronounce the word important correctly. I cringe everytime you say that word. Over all up to 132 -133 were pretty good entertainment.
  • ashtray1012
    Love this
    I love this podcast and kathi is great !!!
  • panthro bada$$
    Love the show but.....
    There’s a lot of guests that are totally believable, but there’s a a lot of guests that when I’m listening I’m just like I call b.s I’ve actually talked to Kathy via email before and was gonna be on the show myself, but decided not to because of all the out of this world stories some of these people share. And I’m not sure why Kathy don’t call them out on it when she obviously knows herself that it’s nothing but lies.. I’m listening to one at this moment and the chick can’t even give details on her kink. Smdh come on Kathy call them out!
  • Brelu88
    CHILL, Chill, Chill!
    The show is okay, but they need new people not the same people calling over and over. Also, the host needs to chill, she’s always interrupting and shuts her co-host Tommy all the time, like giiirll!! get it together, he’s your co-host, we also want to listen to what he has to say. She has that know it all attitude and acts like a psychologist.
  • WindyCityDan
    So much more to a podcast.
    Ok, I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now, and nothing is new or worth listening to. I feel like you are constantly diving into the same kinks, fetishes or lifestyles. For example, constantly advertise about your pantyhose lovers and Patreon subscribers. Who gives a s**t ! I don’t tune in every week to hear about your content on another channel or website I would have to pay money to listen to. There’s a lot of good sex oriented podcasts that don’t advertise anything other than links to their guests. Also, learn the terms in regards to whatever subject you are talking about in that particular week. The earlier episodes were a lot easier to listen to because the topics were new and fresh. Step it up or take a step out. I get that it can be hard to find new content but search harder, or wait for good material and download episodes less frequently.
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