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Welcome to the Strictly Anonymous Podcast where you get to listen in to the secret lives of total strangers. I talk to real people about their interesting, secret, naughty lives as well as give them my unprofessional advice. For advertising opportunities please email

If you have a secret, interesting life and/or a problem you want to discuss while remaining anonymous, go to my website and click on "Be on the Show" or send me an email

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Have something you want to confess while remaining anonymous? Call the Strictly Anonymous hotline now at 347-420-3579. Lines are open 24/7. Please note, everyones voice will be changed.

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    Apr 17, 2024 – 01:04:17
  • 807 - Maddie Hooks-up with Couples and is a Topless Maid
    Apr 16, 2024 – 01:07:17
  • 806 - Mateo is a Young Cuck who Got his Conservative Wife Into Hotwifing
    Apr 15, 2024 – 01:04:02
  • 805 - MORE GIRL TALK: D*** Fingers, Rimming, Cum Talk and More with Layla - Part 2
    Apr 11, 2024 – 01:11:05
Recent Reviews
  • ShooterMcGavinJomie
    Just Awesome
  • anableps
    Interviewer is fine in many cases, even if only elicits more to each story (to me tends to lead subjects to make up more to their stories “and then… and then…”) Interviewees, however, seem to mostly be narcissists, sociopaths, highly self-centered, and overestimating their attractiveness by an order of magnitude. This is the case with every “The Lifestyle” podcast, channel, and site. Clue: after tuning into these for awhile, after initial excitement goes flaccid, you begin to feel horrible about yourself and other people. Welcome to narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, and “MLM” adjacent scamming. This can and does have impact on people, it sells false hope and does not adequately educate or warn of the inherent risks.
  • Yana0505
    Love love love!
    Oh, Kathy, it's such a shame we can't leave reviews directly under the episodes! The latest one with Chad and his intriguing trip to Desire with his wife was nothing short of tantalizing. That massage he described? An intoxicating blend of salvation, juiciness, and unbridled sensuality—I could practically feel the heat radiating through my headphones! I’m itching to experience that myself! And Chad's voice? Absolutely delectable. Thank you, Kathy, for your timely interruptions. Without you, Chad might have glossed over the most scintillating advertisement for Desire that I have ever encountered. I've been a devoted listener since the very inception of your show and I'm fairly certain I've devoured nearly every episode. Love, love, love your show!
  • LexiNJ
    Thank you for this podcast! Interesting, educational, spicy! The stories have taught me so much!!
  • Justus123456789
    Great show…
    …to spice up your time in the car, while cooking, going to bed, where ever. It is fun to listen and definitely worth the time!
  • Ww44ss
    Interesting and fun
    A variety of guests who reveal an astonishing range of sexuality. It’s informative and reassuring.
  • WH227
  • eddieG9999
    Reminds me of the best radio call in shows
    Takes me back to the good old days of proper radio call in shows. Very well produced.
  • BillMooreDallas
    Best topics ever!
    Kathy always has on the best guests with the most interesting topics. So many things I’ve always wanted to discuss but just can’t….
  • OurSwingingLifestyle
    What I love about this podcast is knowing there are a lot of other people out there just like us and who share our interests. Sometimes it feels like our “community” is very small but then you listen to these stories and realize how large and varied it is. It’s nice to have an outlet and be upfront about who you are!!!
  • Trexpantyhoselover
    Your show
    I can’t believe that you have a show like this. This could be every man’s dream. Love that we, as men, can finally hear just what you ladies are thinking. You have no idea how much this will help us in how to understand you. Thanks again for giving us men what we have been asking for all our lives. Love you girl. Keep up the great work.
  • 101204 MJ
    Favorite podcast
    We absolutely love listening to your podcast every single day and we have learned so much and put a lot that we learned into our marriage and I can’t thank you enough Cathy for helping our relationship go to the next level and you truly helped our communication plus we’ve learned a lot and have tried a lot of new things. Please keep the great work going and we wish nothing but the best success for you.
  • FirmTech
    Great Podcast 809
    Learned a lot about how to understand sexual health using the TechRing by FirmTech. You wear it overnight and it tells you about how many nocturnal erections you had - and that turns out to be a reflection of your heart health! Who knew??? Plus it sounds like a great cocking, too. Learn something new every day!
  • anthony12275
    Ok podcast.
    Used to be great. Enough with swingers confessions. She needs to Suss them out and put different topics up. Boring now. The first seven minutes is ads. Maybe let's cut down on so many ads or put them more throughout the podcast.
  • MasterWatson
    Mental gymnastics
    A hot mess of miss information and jibberish stories.
  • Opieslounge
    Love the podcast!
    We are loving your show and look forward to every juicy episode. We are a couple that have just hit our 60s and we have been swingers for many years but have not been in a lifestyle for the last 15. Over the years we have noticed lifestyle has changed and becoming more acceptable slowly. We’ve also been to many clubs and have found some of them to be clicky or exclusive and that just doesn’t do it for us. We prefer a club that is more open minded and accepts all types, as it’s more real. Keep up the good work! And we look forward to more great stories! O and D
  • Dimerip2004
    Size Queens
    Man you guys talking about penis size and saying how it doesn’t matter but then going on about how much it matters makes me want to walk out onto the freeway this was on episode 547 I couldn’t listen to anymore
  • Falonleigh
    Great listening
    Interesting & thought provoking
  • SatreJ
    Great show
    Fun show to tune in and listen. Love hearing the stories from people who think like myself.
  • Spo180
    Love the show
    Have been listening for a couple years now. Kathy is great. Some people may not be interested in her style of interviewing. She will often ask guests about their backstory and the deeper emotional context surrounding their stories. For people actually interested in the human experience, this is great. For those just looking for risqué stories with no commentary this is not the show for you. Really loving the recent confessions with commentary episodes.
  • Ray stamper
    Love Kathy !!!!
    Been listening to this podcast for several years now and every interview she does and she’s very helpful and all kinds of ways and some other way I like how she keep everything anonymous and that people can get things off their chest that really need to don’t want it out for other people she is a great host, and she is great keep up the good work
  • SimplyMsE
    I made a mistake
    I started at the beginning of the podcast back when Kathy had a co-host Tommy…and all she did was bicker and argue with him for having a differing opinion. I would never want to call and get her advice because she ridicules not only Tommy but the callers too. She is so self-righteous and judgmental. Everyone needs therapy or secretly hates men. I would absolutely recommend starting new and going backwards because she actually shuts up and allow her guests talk uninterrupted in the newer episodes.
  • Another Statistic
    Good conversation
    OMG that was awesome you go girl
  • kmaxx054
    Great show! Love you Kathy.
    We discovered this podcast about a year ago and it has turned into our favorite. It’s erotic, educational, and always entertaining. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the show and have a conversation with Kathy and after I got over my initial nervousness, it was like talking to a friend I’ve known my whole life. Keep up the good work Kathy, we’ll be listening. Mack & Gigi
  • Roneilljr76
    Great podcast
    Kathy is great and has a vast variety of guys with interesting stories. So many different stories to listen to.
  • TxHogg
    Love the show..,,
    But hate the ads ruining the flow throughout the episode 😒
  • melly901
    I’m hooked!…
    Love to hear other people’s experiences
  • Runlizrun
    Best podcast out there!
    I’m becoming addicted to this podcast. I love the way Kathy pulls the stories out of her guests. I love hearing all the juicy details. I love hearing Kathy’s opinions and advice. I always learn a little something from each episode. When one finishes I can’t wait for the next.
  • Y2856Y
    Fascinating Interviews Worst Interviewer Ever
    Kathy has fascinating interviews but talks over everyone and her audience misses out on so many answers because she is more interested in her input than her subject’s input.
  • Bmorecouple
    Wow such a great podcast! We love this.
  • Gerald "G-ride" King
    Top Podcast in my list
    Great show, love the topics and the non-judgmental atmosphere Would love to be a guest one day
  • dominolouis
    Presenter loves to talk over guests
    Bad listener and loves to provide commentary no one needs to hear.
  • Latin CPL
    Real Podcast
    I love this podcast. It’s real with real people. Kathy does an amazing job getting people to talk. 5 star podcast.
  • BTBerlin71
    Good Show
    One of the best if not the best shows about the sexual journey we are all on. Some never leave their neighborhood and others are Lewis and Clark but they’re all compelling because Kathy K is an awesome interviewer. She really engages the guests and makes them very comfortable to tell their stories. She also keeps things moving along for the listeners. She asks the questions we want and the ones we didn’t but wish we did.
  • Sandos85
    My husband and I love your show! We have gone back to the Tommy days and worked our way to current. We send each other episodes and talk about them later. Love your platform!
  • Nstar1959
    New post
    Love podcast I know I have this before but it is true so glad to learn things about you thank you Larry Atkins wish my wife would listen
  • Hectorismylastname
    Totally vanilla
    Omg! I can not stop listening!
  • Mdcouple5
    Informative and entertaining
    Kathy is a master interviewer helping all her guests comfortably discuss their sexual predilections. Love this podcast, it’s the best!
  • Taylor10895
    I’m so glad I found this podcast! Not only is Kathy an amazing interviewer, but her advice is always spot on! You’re hearing real people with real problems and every episode is super interesting! There’s always something you can take away from every story. 10/10 Would recommend to everyone!
  • TBoyDanger
    Great Host
    Always have great topics and conversations.
  • Tgasho
    I can’t stop listening!
    Kathy is a fantastic interviewer.I am so happy I stumbled across this podcast.My life is so entirely opposite of the guests and I find it utterly fascinating.I am OBSESSED
  • Bimskeese
    Bring the old back!
    I use to look forward to this podcast but lately it’s nothing but swingers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a juicy swinger story but I can look at TikTok and see all I need. I miss the juicy stories of people cheating or dilemmas they are in. I wish there were more confessions or secrets shared…bring the old good stuff back please!
  • Rudolph Hotdawgbuger
    Great show
    Do more interracial talk that’s the best
  • KISSfan1969
    This is the most real sex-positive podcast I’ve heard. Kathy is a great interviewer and asks real questions. I’ve learned a lot about people I may have never quite understood before and their stories are interesting. My pretty vanilla, and find these stories fascinating.
  • Wheatie99
    Very Interesting and Informative
    I stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago and I am hooked! I love hearing the different stories and the different things people enjoy. It makes me feel like I am not on an island. Thank you!
  • tyler fk
    Great show always something new
    I love listening to your show each week. It’s always interesting to see what people will say next. Keep up the great job.
  • LithiaRidgeHero
    Very interesting and entertaining
    This podcast addresses such a common subject that NO ONE ever really discusses. I believe that most of us have, at least, considered most everything that is covered. I like that it is unassuming, direct, and non-judgmental. It feels natural and open; definitely refreshing. Highly recommend but leave your sensitivities at the door.
  • #1 Foot Lover
    Great Show
    Great show with an amazing and engaging host. That what does it for me and makes it so authentic. Not like someone talking at you and not listening or understanding. Totally engaged and interested in the guests and their stories. I’d give this show a 10 if 10 stars were allowed. Cheers to another 500 shows and beyond!! 👍🏾👍🏾
  • lana405
    Helps me explore!
    Thanks to this show my sex life has flourish!
  • mdivestea
    Always Great!
    I’ve been listening for the last year and I’m so glad I found this show! Consistently great episodes and topics every week. Patreon community is great too!
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