Every company has a story.Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies — and how you can apply them as a founder, operator, or investor.

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  • Anonymous29471047391
    Novo episode is kind of amateur
    I haven’t listened to this podcast other than the Novo episode. However, there are so many things off in this episode. Pronunciations and inaccuracies in the science and medical aspects to name a few. Plus I worked at Amylin when we launched Byetta with Lilly’s help. The technology came from Amylin. Lastly, it makes me cringe every time they say “diabetics.” People in the health care space and patients say “people with diabetes.” No one who knows their stuff says diabetics any more. The hosts would have benefited greatly by having scientific, medical and industry people as consultants.
  • DanielBarnes22
    Among the absolute best
    This podcast is wonderful. The hosts are remarkably intelligent and well-spoken. They don’t speak over each over, insult, or yell. I’m thankful for the format.
  • Elaine’s iTunes
    Nice but
    WeWork episode your guys are giggling which is unprofessional. Also talking over each other. Come on….
  • nbsfmc
    Bros kind of learn history
    The best episode: Charlie Munger shuts down all their ultra self-serving bro questions about advice for privileged young guys like them. Every. Single. One. Later, they censor Charlie Munger explaining why VC is bad and why the biz model makes no sense… Great stuff.
  • Dusya4
    New favorite podcast!
    These guys rock! Wow! So well researched and presented. I find myself getting sucked into every episode even on topics I wouldn’t expect to be interested in. I’m so glad I found this pod - now I’m binge listening to old episodes.
  • Wagner De Paula
    This episode is not only informative but also highly engaging, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the history of fashion, luxury branding, or the art of craftsmanship. Ben and David's ability to connect historical facts with contemporary insights makes this episode a compelling narrative that enriches the listener's understanding of Hermès' lasting legacy in the world of luxury. You guys knocked it out of the park with this one. The family drama is flawlessly presented. Do Versace next!
  • 十日十人遇
    walmart episode
    Walmart is declining in China but Sam’s club is growing and becoming unexpectedly successful in recent years. Apparently they locate their store well in the cities with merging middle classes. They are currently changing their strategies and focus in China now apparently. Surprisingly Sam’s club do have a brand power these days in China. Chinese consumers are seriously looking for products labelled as Sam’s club substitutes or from the same suppliers online and in other stores.
  • aarmas42
    This is my favorite podcast. Ben and David have created an incredible network of knowledge. A must check for anyone wanting to learn about business and strategy.
  • Madpak3
    Just discovered your podcasts. Entertaining and enlightening! Feels like we are sitting in the corner of an executive floor conference room eavesdropping.
  • conspiracyminded
    Catherine Wood
    Hi guys! I absolutely love your podcast. A newbie to investing, Acquired teaches me how to do a deep dive and analyze a company. I’ve learned so much! Your Novo Nordisk and Charlie Munger (Berkshire) episodes were particularly interesting to me because these were some of my very first stock investments when I began my investment journey a few years ago. Had I known about the podcast sooner, I probably would not have been so quick to sell my stock in Visa! I picked up PayPal in its place. Oh well, you win some and lose some. I’m hoping you would consider an episode on Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Invest. I’m fascinated by her ability to stay the course after so much investing controversy. And yes, I own a few of her Ark ETF stocks. As a very small-time investor, your episodes make picking a company and it’s stock much more intelligent than when I did my own research. Again, thanks for such an inspiring podcast. Latonya
  • julie1117
    Taylor Swift
    I am a little late to the game but I just listened to the Taylor Swift episode and it was fascinating! I feel like we need an update with info from the Eras Tour!
  • #Ilovethisappanditisthebest
    Love this
    Do Kmart
  • 7846432196380421
    The Jensen Huang NVIDIA episodes were great and detailed. These guys are super sharp but explain things clearly. Genius content. An amazing story too.
  • haidozo
    Two junior VC bros read you a book
    These guys take as much time to summarize a book as it takes me to read the book. I’m only exaggerating a little. You can reliably skip the first 5-10 minutes of every episode, which is total fluff. Furthermore, skip ahead by 15 seconds every time one of these guys says “Totalllly”, or any of a thousand other fluffy interjections. TOOOOTALLY annoying. Aside from that, it’s fine, if you don’t want to read whatever book they’re cribbing from.
  • KGtruecre
    Very very good, but …
    3-4 hr podcasts are way too long. Otherwise, 5 star
  • Harry Campbell
    I’m hooked
    Just listened to my first episode of the acquired pod with Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and I’m hooked. I have been covering the rideshare industry for 10 years and this was one of the best interviews of Dara I’ve heard (maybe better than the ones I’ve done lol). Ben and David ask great questions and the wine doesn’t hurt either! I actually did a reaction episode to their interview on my ‘Rideshare Guy podcast’ Look forward to future interviews :)
  • jlthemoon
    One of absolute favorites
    As a strategy leader, I love listening to Acquired. They go into the level of depth for each company that is unparalleled. Entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Highly recommended.
  • IrishEddie66
    New Listener. Playing Catch Up
    Hey guys. Love the show. New and making my way through the backlog. Loved Lockheed. I’m 5 stars on the SHOW. 2 - 3 stars on the episode. I’m into the Analysis section and there is a key person missing. Tiger ? Any reason he isn’t ?
  • Swagtitties
    Love these nerds
    Probably the best business podcast. I’ve listened to every episode since 2018. I only wish there were more - I’ve listened to some Episodes twice 😭
  • fueledbymetal
    Terribly inaccurate podcast
    I came to this podcast to hear the Porsche story but couldn’t get through it due to all of the bad information. The hosts clearly didn’t do thorough research and if they actually read Excellence Was Expected they certainly didn’t retain the facts from it. I got as far as their incorrect claim that Porsche designed the 924 as a cheaper 911 alternative, which is completely wrong. They designed it under contract for VW and only made it a Porsche when VW backed out.
  • MIflyer
    Super excellent
    Phenomenal podcast, and as a pilot & space geek loved the LM episode.
  • PaulAtreidesOfArrakis
    Easy listening
    Ben and David have a great rapport with each other. I love the depth, the structure, the sidebars, the laughing. They somehow make 3 hours of talking about companies incredibly entertaining and enthralling. I think Nvidia was my fav so far.
  • SlicesMcGee
    This show has gone exponential
    They’ve been compounding and iterating on the format for years - I went back and soaked in the entire back catalog. What I can say is that right now these guys are in the prime of this show. The formula was good originally, but is just absolutely phenomenal now. The depth and quality they have driven towards demonstrates all the experience they’ve put into it, and every new episode is just absolutely top notch.
  • Mulreen
    1 - Pixar
    Yes, I went all the way back to the first episode after listening to many of the mega awesome multi hour episodes. Great to see the very start of what is a pinned show in my Overcast app. Ben and David are awesome. Keep up the greatness boys.
  • EmiliusCornelius
    Loved the Taylor Swift episode!
    I am brand new to the podcast (my brother recommended it). I loved the Taylor Swift episode! The Enron one was great too.
  • DarkCornerReader
    A great oral history of technology
    Anyone, tech minded or not, can enjoy this show and learn how technology has shaped our world.
  • Dionitor
    One of my favorites.
    Fun and educational
  • Rangerofland
    The best podcast yet! Can’t wait for Pokémon
  • paulrobert003
    Really deep and thoughtful company analysis. thank you
  • Tedman73
    Great podcast- stumbled across it , now I am hooked
    Amazing insights broken down and delivered in a manner that is easy to understand. Both host compliment each other well.
  • T Web 23
    Hardcore history but for businesses
    I’ve been binging the show for the last three weeks and have really enjoyed how deep they go into the weeds with their discussions. Great show!
  • Bekah21
    Great Storytelling and History
    This is the podcast I didn’t know I wanted! I have listened to about 8 episodes now and love the stories they tell from a lot of different sources. And how they go in depth! I learn a lot and it gives me some fun Information to take with me into discussions with my husband who owns his own company.
  • eastcoastvc
    Good content
    Amazing content. Well researched etc. One of the presenter speaks in a normal voice. The other one use that ultra annoying fake radio voice and always laughs at his own jokes ruining the entire show.
  • norrhshorejefd
    New Paradigm
    Two Woke Jews + Football = Profit!
  • Bruce the Mormon
    By far my favorite podcast
    I love these shows. They have awesome story telling and in-depth analysis from a perspective that truly understands the dynamics at play. No fluff, entertaining and I honestly can’t wait for each new episode. I really appreciate what you all do, thank you!
  • mauryfootball
    Who Got The Truth?
    Ben and David
  • Ceypher
    Very slow
    Get to the point. You’re appealing to intelligent listeners that operate at high frequencies. Match their frequencies. You’re too slow at telling stories.
  • pirasayemegi
    Each episode is a thrill to listen to
    Unbelievable well researched and narrated sagas of some of the best businesses in the world. Don’t understanding how they get to tell these stories with so much detail as if they were there. I work in the industry and learn so much every time. Both narrators are great and they should ignore comments about their laughs. They are both genuine, curious and spectacular storytellers.
  • anothersoemoen
    Great show and great topics
    Great show and the content is terrific. Topics are really good. Thanks!
  • buckeye nutt
    Hands Down Best Biz/Tech Narrative Pod
    I plan on naming my first two children Ben and David, regardless of gender.
  • ycw135
    Please do Luxottica
    It will be interesting to hear the story of how Luxottica became this huge sunglasses dominating player.
  • H-Head & Company
    Annoying Laugh
    David, stop laughing. It’s annoying. You’re ruining the show. Ben, you’re doing great.
  • B00yah
    My not-guilty pleasure
    This podcast is both educational, entertaining, and a must for anyone who likes to analyze business. As an analytical person, I like to dig into the details of both the company and individuals who build interesting companies. David & Ben are well researched and do a fantastic job presenting both a well rounded and non-biased view. Highly recommend to anyone with an insatiable desire to learn.
  • Bballer470
    Great podcast regularly
    Please keep Jason off the main feed, if we cared about him we would go listen to his poor moderation elsewhere. Please no not feed his ego
  • Jakobihaskell
    Gold(or should I say Bitcoin)-mine
    If you’re looking for compelling storytelling at its finest, Acquired is the perfect podcast for you. Ben and David guide you through company histories as if the founders are protagonists in a world where odds are perpetually stacked against them. Just when you though there’s no escaping the new existential threat this time, they somehow manage to preserve. Only through meticulous research and raw excitement could one tell an 8 hour saga about Berkshire Hathaway, a 4.5 hour dive into the long-standing legacy of Standard Oil, or my personal favorite, an exploration of the mysterious and antiestablishment origins of Bitcoin. These guys are truly world class and have expanded my knowledge about startup culture, venture capital terms and society wide tech trends. Thank you for turning daily routes like washing the dishes into something I yearn for.
  • ParamPamPam123
    Great show!
    Wonderful stories
  • qbartholowmue
    One of the best!
    This is one of the best business podcasts out there. The hosts really dig in and present the tale of growth and acquisitions (and IPOs and fundraising) in both an entertaining and insightful way.
  • NZEasy
    One of the most interesting podcasts out there. An MBA in every episode
  • Brianfreeman
    Hands down best business podcast
    If you are into: history, business, business strategy, hero journeys, nerdy hosts that unapologetically LOVE their topic then you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been listening to this podcast since Season 1 and told many people about it - hundreds of hours in and these guys keep producing quality content that gets incrementally better with almost zero production value other than great Sony mics and cameras which they tell us all about in the latest season on Sony. This podcast has taught me more about business than most of the biz books I’ve read, introduced me to great software for my startup, brought advisors and investor contacts into my life from the Slack, and challenged many of my assumptions about how business works. Don’t sleep on this.
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