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Why bother searching for the best blogs about health & fitness when it can be found and read for you? Think of Optimal Health Daily as an audioblog or blogcast.

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  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Dr. Neal, host of the Optimal Health Daily podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Saddisappointed2193
    Listening to a recent podcast that mentions babies gaining microbiome via vaginal birth....except the word “vaginal” is muted out. Really hard to believe the credibility in a medical podcast with a host who can’t say basic female anatomy out loud.
  • Juventus2020
    Based on facts and science not scaremongering
    I’ve been listening and it’s always had great information. Glad they didn’t fall into the trap of caving into pressure from hysterical politicians and there constituents. Stick to the facts and remove the hype.
  • christhepacerfan
    Love the podcast BUT......
    Agree with the other reviewers. I realize you are recording these ahead. But, I am sure you can’t possibly still agree with your cavalier response released Friday 3/20. Someone at OLD should have pulled this. There are still people out there who believe that COVID-19 is overhyped. You just confirmed to them that they are correct and should go about their daily business. Very dangerous Dr Neal. Justin or you should not have posted this.
  • Alli Whitney
    He lost my respect.
    I have always been annoyed by his insistence on touting his credentials; just put it on your website and the show notes. However, I chose to skip past it and deal, because the content *was* seemingly helpful and interesting most of the time. However, when he started answering his last Q&A episode by saying he “wasn’t that concerned about the coronavirus,” I immediately unsubscribed. Even if he was *trying* to say he wasn’t worried about it becoming a “super bug,” that’s not the way it came off. Be more careful about the way you word things; people are especially vulnerable to misinformation and assumptions right now.
  • New York Strong
    You are weeks behind, sadly Mia-informed and should do the general public who might hear your mis-information a favor and take this one down. You will get people killed. Tune into what is happening in here in New York, listen to Mayor DeBlasio’d press conference 3/20, last evening, and tell me you have a right to say these things to the public!
  • Sedona 2023
    He is precise and concise! Just perfect when you want impactful information and you only have a few minutes. Thanks!
  • LBIrene
    So worth it
    I really look forward to each episode. I feel that the OLD podcasts that I listen to help to realign on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing daily! Lauri
  • SatoriBleu
    Really good podcast... skip the bragging
    I like the podcast a lot. Very informative. Why does the host waste podcast time talking about all his degrees? I listen to many podcasts where other hosts never do this. More podcast time to the subject... less to the host citing his credentials.
  • SparingCreature
    The ads are ridiculous
    I like the podcast, but 30% of every episode is an advertisement. I can’t stand it. Use an app that lets you trim off the first and last 60 seconds of each episode.
  • Geneva_thediva
    Easy to listen to and informative
    I really enjoy the model of the podcast. The host reads blog posts to you about heath and wellness, it's really refreshing to hear multiple opinions. After he reads to post he also weighs in on the subject as a liscenced professional in the field. Great for anyone interested in learning more about fitness and nutrition!
  • Ralph in NYC
    Love your show!
    I’m hooked!
  • MickeyTz
    Great practical information
    Great practical information
  • miksmom03
    Life Changing
    I enjoy these podcast tremendously. They have changed my life in countless ways...I listen everyday and will continue to do so, I’m so grateful that they are free !!! Thank you
  • ctschw
    Healthy Tips
    Each day on my commute I listen for new ideas and reinforcement on old ones. Some topics don’t quite fit for me, but it’s interesting to hear what others are doing I. The realm of health and fitness!
  • Khalypsomoon1
    Overall not too bad
    I enjoy and listen to this podcast daily. I do wish there was less focus on ads and that Dr. Neil did not always do commentary on each blog post he reads. The focus on modern medicine and an almost total discount of alternative medicine is frustrating as well. I usually listen to the episodes about weight loss and working out and mindfulness but delete anything that doesn’t seem interesting without listening. I like this show and the family of shows it belongs too but they can get kind of repetitive.
  • lmsullivan1
    Love, Love, Love this podcast!!!
    It is so informative. It’s an awesome way to start my day. My 20 year old loves it too and it gives us lots to talk about!
  • Gfys1234
    20% content, 80% self promotion and filler
    They read a blog, but for that minute and a half of content, you have to listen to 8 minutes of filler, promotions for their other podcast, blah, blah, blah, blah.... If there is more than 2 minutes of blog content to read (for Free! they will repetitiously remind you)then they need to break it down to a multipart series. If you listen to any of their other podcasts, then again on repeat is the same 80% self promo to content ratio.
  • llord2000
    Podcast helps over large variety of health concerns
    I’ve been a fan of this show for many months, listening almost every day to a show. I’m at my healthy weight, yet I listen because I like hearing all the different types of advice. Yesterday I heard one about “clean living,” which hit a home run and helped me learn something new. Keep up the great work, including the Q&A editions on Friday’s. It’s fun to hear what topics are on the minds of other listeners.
  • Brooke Craven
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Dr. Neal Malik, host of the Optimal Health Daily podcast, highlights all aspects of fitness, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Lemew10
    Compact useful information
    Awesome to hear from a variety of smart people. Great blogs read to you while you walk or commute. Thanks so much for what you do!
  • ascarberry
    Favorite podcast
    I started listening to this podcast a few months ago and already it has become my favorite. The material is very interesting and the length of the podcast makes it perfect for my commute (I usually listen to OLD in the morning and OHD in the evening). When I don’t get the chance to listen to it then, I also find that it is great to listen to during my workouts because it distracts me while I use the stair climber (which is always a positive!). One other thing I love about the podcast is the Friday Q&A episodes. It’s nice to know that there are people out there that have the same questions that I have and I think it’s a way for Dr. Neal to connect with his listeners in a way that is absent from most podcasts.
  • Awbranna
    I love listening to this podcast and the optimal living podcast while I’m out walking. I’ve started listening over the past three months and continue to turn to this podcast for inspiration. I’ve started from the very beginning so I have a lot of catching up to do and I’m looking forward to it.
  • m8m9k
    Clearly Geared Towards Men
    I listened to a few episodes and enjoyed them, until I heard the sentence, “like women, training partners come in all shapes and sizes” in the episode about training partners. Excuse me? Why are you comparing training partners to women? Do you think women don’t train or want to participate in this discussion as well? I realized that episode was clearly written for men, so I decided to give another one a try. I clicked on an episode titled “How To Get A Bikini Body” and was disappointed to hear a preamble with multiple reassurances that this episode will also apply to guys. How about a preamble on the training partners episode that this also applies to women? And an apology for the sexist comment you read? This show is clearly implicitly hosted by a man and geared towards men. Steer clear if you don’t like advice that casually dismisses women in the process.
  • KT0522
    Great advice and I’m love to listen during work. I feel like this podcast is so informative I go back and listen to all the older episodes too!
  • JRod062203
    Great way to keep up with blogs
  • dleapbaby15
    Optimal Health Daily
    My second favorite of the Optimal family. These podcast get me moving and thinking about healthy choices in life. Thank You!!
  • marathonmorris
    Optimal living
    I find them interesting. They are short to the point with a variety of ideas from different people.
  • Sarita7981
    Interesting, but.....
    Great health tips and value. However there is the incessant flogging of sister podcasts that take up to 15% of the podcast time and annoying change of tone at the end of each podcast. Not impressed with the latter part, but the health tips are good.
  • angrywarbler
    Great daily health thoughts!
    I really love this podcast and it's sister podcasts too. They're the perfect length to be able to listen to them each day. Very inspiring and helpful. This one in particular helps me stay on track with my health goals and often offers insight that I wouldn't have known before. I really appreciate that Dr. Neal likes to use blogs that use facts and studies to backup the claims the authors are talking about. I look forward to hearing narrations of all the great blogs that Justin finds. Thank you OLD team for these!
  • mkriley
    My Personal Team Of Coaches!
    I have enjoyed listening while walking nearly every day for a month and I have learned so much about nutrition and health. It feels like I have my own team of coaches that can help with every fitness question or motivation tip I need! Thank you so much for this amazing podcast.
  • With wephone
    You just quoted animal studies at least 4 times in last episode. Really?!? Still? So IM OUT.
  • Elliptigo Girl
    So helpful!
    I love htis podcast! Dr. Neal presents a wonderfully objective adn balanced approach to healthy livestyle and choices. My favorite podcasts are his Q &A sessions on Fridays, but they're all good!
  • ShelbyW.
    My FAVORITE OLD Podcast!!
    I love listening to Dr. Neil! I am trying to better my health and exercise more and I love the articles he reads. My favorite part about his podcasts is the commentary he gives at the end of every podcast which gives his input on the topic even if it is different than what the author of the blog has stated.
  • Scooter Jones
    Part of my daily routine
    My morning commute wouldn't be the same without the podcasts from OLD! The amount of great content from well-known authors that I can consume in a matter of minutes every morning has greatly impacted the quality of my life, and will do the same for you! But wait there's more! Dr. Neal beings an undisputed level of credibility while making optimal health seem obtainable for anyone with his approachable and relatable antedotes. Many thanks to Dr. Neal and the rest of the OLD family!
  • Huntingdon Valley
    Love it
    I am a physician and enjoy listening to this podcast. I learn great deals of fitness and nutrition advice to share with my patients, family and friends. Dr Neal...thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice.
  • Fudjsvsjsbsuejdvsjsbhsnd
    OLD is a start to everyday for me! Simply enlightening and such wisdom! Thank you for being there when needed!❤️
  • MeLHRN
    Great fitness/Health support
    This podcast is so addictive! I’m only 50 episodes in & LOVING every minute of it!!
  • Tngirl3106
    Daily motivation!
    I love that this show is daily. Listening to this and optimal living daily help to keep me motivated and FOCUSED on my goal. No all episodes apply to me but just absorbing the podcast keeps me on track.
  • vanilgoril
    You don't deserve to be in the same category as Cut The Fat Podcast! Loser
  • clint wolf
    Terrific podcast
    Great, very interesting and helpful podcast.
  • Evhhxhdhdhhd
    Hijacking others work
  • AmberLou150
    My every morning listen
    Every morning this podcast brings me peace and sanity. I have also signed up for the newsletters now.
  • Donny Bangart
  • PoonDoc
    Worth the Subscription!
    Quick, quality information, taken from a variety of sources and health subjects. I love it!
  • Pommymommy01
    Love it!!
    I just found this health podcast and am hooked. I love that they read health blogs and it's a wealth of useful information. So inspiring for healthier living, keep up the good work!!
  • Kumukutitap
    Good content, ok voice quality
    Good curated content from across sites (think reader's digest type series) Friendly narrator voice, with a slightly whiney quality at times. (It reminds me a bit of Janice from friends.) There are many, many pros out there who train at voice. I'm sure they wont have a hard time finding someone who can read. At minimum, the reader's voice could benefit from coaching. If the benefit of this podcast is the reader, so we dont have to read high quality content from blogs, then it deserves a reader's voice with equal HQ -- especially if the listener must listen to the ENTIRE series with one, same voice. (This would make the series truly excellent and recommended.) Thanks show producers for curating!
  • CultivatingGirl
    Great for keeping on track
    This quick little messages are becoming so motivational!
  • drdeannambarry
    Happy listener
    I've recently discovered this podcast and LOVE it! I always look forward to the new episodes.. Appreciate someone doing "the homework" to pick out the best articles around so I get good information without having to try too hard :) Great find here!
  • jenacethemenace
    Inspired me to get back to a healthier me!
    I can't say how much I've appreciated Neal's podcasts. As a new listener, I stumbled upon OHD after I'd moved to a new city and then twisted my ankle and was at home feeling sorry for myself. For some strange, counter-intuitive reason, I found OHD and all its glory. I wasn't feeling great - I'd felt lethargic and immobile because of my injury and no longer had my running buddies near me. Luckily, Dr. Neal's stories of overcoming obstacles and setting goals really made me motivated to reacquaint myself with my health and restart my personal health journey. Honestly, after listening to the podcasts for several days, I'd ordered some KT tape and a food journal online, patched myself up and started doing some light weight-lifting at the gym. Now I'm looking at training for a 10km in two months and have really changed my poor-me attitude to a yeah-me attitude. Something about the sympathy and understanding in Dr Malik's voice, and how he really makes you feel like "we've all been there", made me think "I can rise above this!" Thanks Dr. Neal - keep being awesome!
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