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The Bechdel Cast is a podcast about the portrayal of women in movies hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus.

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  • Bstone88
    5 stars
    I love this show- investigates pov I didn’t grow up with. Love changing my mind about movies/ culture!!! & I am never mad when I get tricked into listening to an ad by either of these two. 😘🥳
  • gwenifillisanationaltreasure
    This podcast changed how I think about movies!
    Not only are Caitlin And Jamie so funny, they have incredible insight into movies you’ve seen dozens of times. It’s incredible how they take a movie you’ve just sat around loving because everyone else does and they shine a light on it that shows you just how wrong you’ve been— or how right you’ve been. This podcast is a romp! What can I say!
  • Thisis43
    Better than tv
    This podcast is so entertaining that I have started listening to it instead of watching tv!
  • krc19az
    funny and smart humans who talk about things I care about in a funny and smart way. What’s not to like!
  • Ariii11
    Ads for Liposuction on this Podcast
    Unsubscribed bc on one of their latest episodes they have an ad for liposuction??????? I’m fine with elective plastic surgery in general, but this focus on “getting back your body” after quarantine is blatant capitalist nightmare nonsense & I don’t want to listen to that
  • Regisllll
    Really good mix of light and heavy
    I really appreciate the hosts putting the movies that seem to have defined my life through their paces regarding how they treat women. This is an illuminating, fun, and intelligent podcast, I’m hooked on the hosts, and I look forward to more!
  • David02061
    Great podcast!
    Insightful and entertaining
  • trellisaze
    Dim takes on Ghost World
    The events around Enid's "found art" piece are so much subtler than the hosts or their bonus guest give it credit for. Seymour, like Zwigoff, is a collector obsessed with relics of the past, in the completist tradition. When Enid stumbles on the offending poster, she confronts Seymour. He gives the flimsy defense (which the viewer can take or leave) that while the lack of this kind of iconography is good, the attitudes remain. Enid lazily paraphrases Seymour in defending "her work" to the class. Lots of well established flaws go into her decision to take and present the poster, including her lazy, easily bored and self-indulgent tendencies. She is irreverent and proud, but ever susceptible to happenstantial influence - particularly in her heightened state of regressive post-grad limbo. She outwardly hates the misogynist punk at the comic store, but states at some point that she wants a mean guy. Between her capricious dismissal of the summer school art class and this flailing transgressive energy, Enid finds an ad hoc move. And its recklessness is precisely the point! Seymour gets fired for the art getting out. I think the art teacher gets in trouble too. She is spinning out in confused, aimless rebellion through the whole movie, and catching people in her wake. When the dust settles, she sees Rebecca enthusiastically pull down the ironing board from its wall panel in their would-be apartment and realizes she is far from settled herself. This podcast episode keeps talking about where things "land". As the ending suggests, there is no landing for our protagonist (Seymour, on the other hand, lands back in isolation, in therapy and living with his mom - so the idea that his decision to sleep with Enid is in some way condoned is way off). This is a movie about grasping, and the liability youthful abandon can start to be when you are uncertain and approaching your twenties. It's not supposed to "land" anywhere. The hosts of this podcast repeatedly approach characters like they're actual people rather than crafted elements of a story. They angle for enlightened takes but come up with a lot of reductive, shoulda-been moral imperitives. More often than not, the most compelling and rewatchable films don't lay out right and wrong as explicitly as these hosts would have it. Maybe review propaganda instead? Anyway, thanks for having Julie Klausner on. She's always great.
  • naomi123ruth
    Well I like it
    I am now dissecting all the movies I watch with an intersectional feminist lense. My family is finding me tiresome but that’s fine
  • floppy md
    I like this show
    But lichterman as a guest gets you a mandatory 1 star that I otherwise wasn’t going to bother with
  • Seeker718
    Funny and thought provoking
    I love this show; it’s one of my favorite podcasts. I enjoy the humorous approach that balances material that can be serious, or even depressing. It’s even helped me with my personal life, albeit indirectly, by raising questions of whether I deserve better treatment. Even when I don’t agree with an opinion, it at least gets me thinking. All that said, I would like to make a couple suggestions. First, I wish they would find some experts in women’s history for guest appearances or at least interview segments. While hosts have expertise in film & communication, they could use help in discussing films made or set prior to … let’s say 1990. Second, they occasionally mention tests other than the Bechdel test in discussing intersectional feminism. I wish they would give a bit more information when those tests come up.
  • ChamberlainsHinge
    Surprisingly Incurious, Getting More Curious
    I just wanted to modify my review and add a star. Over the course of the last few months the podcast has expanded to talk about more movies by and starring people of color. AND it devoted Pride Month to covering queer films, which just about doubled the number of queer films they’ve covered in their years long run. Growth is great (may it come for us all!) and it seemed important to acknowledge how much more inclusive the Bechdel Cast has become. It really is wonderful. I’ll keep my critique on the number of female filmmakers the podcast has covered. Still blows my mind how relatively few women directors have been discussed as opposed to men on a feminist podcast. And films still become less worth discussing the further they get from the present day. The podcast is 95% the 1990s and later. There are SO many important films that would make for great discussions produced outside of the hosts lifetime but they seem uninterested in exploring them. I honestly don’t know what the criteria for choosing films are. They recently did Stuart Little and Babe on their pateron. Why? WHY?! Do Stuart Little and Babe explore gender identity in particularly interesting ways? Are they ripe for critique because of a toxic, insidious message they send about subordinating others to a patriarchal ideal? No. No. They are two films made in the 90s by white men and I think the hosts just like them. They really like films made in the 90s by white men. So they do a lot of films made in the 90s by white men that have nothing interesting to say about the subject of the podcast. The did the Santa Clause with Tim Allen. The Santa Clause. John Pasquin’s 1994 The Santa Clause. I urge you to listen. They are so happy. It’s the happiest I’ve ever heard people be. They should probably do a podcast called White Men in the 90s Made Movies and We Love Them and hand over hosting duties to a couple of people who would have done a Kelly Reichardt film by now. Things are improving though. 3 Stars. Old Review… I really love the hosts who are funny and insightful and have very good chemistry. The podcast itself has revealed itself to be pretty myopic. The vast majority of movies they review are from white, male directors. Movies made before the 1990s essentially don’t exist. Movies made in other countries essentially don’t exist. Women filmmakers and filmmakers of color fair as well on the podcast as they do in the industry itself. There’s only been a minuscule number of queer films discussed. They obsessively cover D-Coms but as far as I can tell have discussed only a few films from the 1970s, a kind of fertile time for movies, out of 200 . And oddly, though they regularly claim that the Bechdel test is rarely passed, nearly 3/4ths of the movies they’ve done have passed the Bechdel Test which undermines one of the premises of the podcast. I think basically they are two people who don’t like movies that much or at least have very narrow interests in movies who’ve made a movie podcast. So the material they are drawn to—mainstream, white, straight, popcorn movies made from the 1990s onward—is too shallow to remain interesting as the podcast ages. It is a nice case study in biases. They seem to be sensitive, good-hearted people who’ve still made a years and years long podcast that’s reinforced a white patriarchal standard and even that they’ve done just for nostalgic millennials who don’t like movies unless they play on a minimum of six screens at a multiplex.
  • Jess 🌚🌝
    ppl who don’t like the bechdel cast can stay mad, this show is top tier
  • DrinkingWater1
    Love this!
  • Jyokensu
    Fun and informative
    Ladies talking about movies. What more can we ask for?
  • chase bees
    5 nipples
    i love Jamie & caitlyn, i love Alfred Molina, and i make all my friends listen to the inception episode on car trips
  • Jesslill
    Perfectly specific and superbly general
    I love this podcast and the hosts. It’s my go to favorites to plug in and listen to the hot takes on my favorite movies and even movies I’ve yet to see. 10/10 I always recommend to a friend.
  • qwak, king of the mole people
    Believe in miracles
    Two women talking about movies?! Sometimes three?! You will believe it’s possible by the twentieth episode or so
  • AnnaElizabeth45
    A Podcast as perfect as Paddington 2
    Absolutely love this podcast. Jamie and Caitlyn (and esteemed guests) offer insightful and hilarious takes. They do a great job of building off the Bechdel test to give a holistic picture of representation in each film discussed! This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and have found all my favorites through their guests! (Thanks for that!)
  • MichelleH426
    Five nipples
    This podcast has been a favorite of mine for years and it’s been amazing to watch (listen?) the show grow and evolve as the hosts do as well, covering more movies that feature diverse casts and becoming more intersectional with how they review movies. I’m obsessed with this podcast and happily give it five nips. I mean stars.
  • AlexandraCoCa1177
    The Best!
    Probably my favorite podcast; so funny and insightful!!
  • PatP55
    A cast bitten by a radioactive Bechdel?
    Been listening to this show for several years now and it’s the best. Caitlin and Jaime offer great criticism and are extremely funny. It’s been an entertaining way to revisit and reframe familiar movies that I never thought too much about as a younger (dumber) viewer, and get the perspective of informed critics with very different backgrounds than my own. I’ve also been introduced to a variety of films I likely wouldn’t have sought out on my own. Hoping live shows will come back East in the future as the two I’ve attended were a blast.
  • rachiecarey
    Love this podcast - great perspective
    Love listening to Bechtel cast as I draw - funny and relaxing, brings up great discussion points on popular films to discuss with friends later. Love seeing their perspective evolve with time as well.
  • Wh@t4
    The really need to narrow their focus to make these claims
    The basis points for their ratings on films isn’t neutral enough for my liking. It’s difficult to judge how frequently or infrequently female subjects in films interact with dialogue outside of the traditional or atypical female perspective. There are too many factors to consider, such as whether or not the film in question had been adapted from a novel (and thus the characters/roles were not entirely chosen for the storyline by the director). For this reason I give them 1 star for being too particular while also being too general.
  • gustav the third
    for the film girlies
    i LOVE this podcast because i am so tired of men talking about movies
  • itsgoodandilikeit
    It’s good
    and I like it
  • deezy f
    Feminist film perspective + astute screenwriting analysis
    The Bechdel Cast is billed as exploring films through a feminist lens. It does this incredibly well and serves as a funny, entertaining way to examine the biases and messages that shaped our perspectives on the world. It is smart, useful and therapeutic. But what I find is just as appealing about this show is the analysis of screenwriting and character writing. Caitlin and Jamie are wonderful at breaking down the ways films do and don’t succeed from a narrative perspective and how these stories and characters relate to a larger cultural context. I love this podcast.
  • cmdm
    wanted to love this podcast…
    but, sadly, i cannot…hosts and guest seem proud to have made no effort to do any research…and why do they laugh after everything they say when NO ONE HAS EVER SAID ANYTHING FUNNY…such a great idea but it’s a giant failure…
  • disappointed-feminist
    Shallow Gatekeepers
    As an avid film fan and feminist, this show seemed perfect for me. I’ve tried multiple times to listen to episodes with guests that I like and movies that I found interesting to discuss, but every time I’m reminded at how one note and one sided the hosts are. I was absolutely offended by their unwillingness to listen to a guest describe her own personal connection rooted in experience to a movie because they found some part of it in the movie problematic. They didn’t go in depth on the matter and just shut it down. It feels very gatekeeper like. I usually don’t leave reviews but something about the irresponsible nature of this “feminist” podcast really frustrates me. I really hope younger people realize that being a feminist means striving for equality for all, and listening to others stories and being open to viewing the world at all angles. These hosts seem too set in their own unconscious bias to try to understand other perspectives.
  • Underwater55
    Makes me realize how much sexism is wired into me by way of the movies I’ve watched. Very fun reviews.
  • under developed brain
    Maybe steer clear of the older episodes
    Absolutely a 5 star podcast.. I am a newer listener and I listen at random but I recently had to take a break because my sensitive heart was shattered when I listened to a 2017 episode on Shrek.... Apparently my brain is under developed because I still laugh when I watch this movie as an adult and I am very very very dumb D’:
  • leahu417
    A movie podcast by folks who’d rather not think deeply about movies
    We live in a problematic, emotionally complex society. We’re also showered by media and pop culture, and we all develop complicated, emotional relationships with the media we consume willfully or otherwise from birth. How we talk about that should be equal parts scathing and loving, because both accountability and empathy need to be tools we draw upon for bringing people around to the realities of the current era. I feel like, on paper I’m the perfect audience for this podcast. Demographically, there’s no secret that it’s me that they’re speaking to. Academically, I’m there with the gender and media studies. And every episode I try I’m kinda floored at how little effort they put into the rich ground that is cultural context for every film they take on. If you compare it to a few other movie podcasts who never fail to call out problems and criticize the rotten notes in some of our beloved cultural properties, this one rings hollow for the lack of time spent on what cultural ideas a movie is speaking to, why it resonates with some people, and how to help us all move on from or contextualize negative messaging within a movie that otherwise feels resonant to us. Which is especially ironic given Loftis’ great work on Lolita Podcast. I’m especially struck by how often that their takes on scenes don’t go beyond a surface analysis or misunderstand the characters’ motivations or intent altogether. If they can even accurately recall what was going on! It would be far better if they only tackled movies they’d seen before watching them once—dismissively—for this podcast, and spent a little more time on the rich conversational ground of our emotional relationships to crappy gender dynamics manifested through movies. As it is, most of the time you have nearly two hours of hosts being like, “never saw this because I was culturally above it or too young when it came out, here’s why I can confidently say there’s no redeeming value in it now” for nearly every movie they tackle. And...fine? But that’s a 30 minute podcast. I want to love this so much, I really do. But if I have one piece of advice for listeners: if you see they’re tackling a problematic fav, don’t tune in. You won’t walk away feeling like the discussion was meant to do anything but ridicule. Which has its place, certainly, it’s just that a lot of us are seeking a little more nuance these days.
  • kaydeek617
    I’d give it a million Nips if I could.
    Came for the intersectional feminism, stayed for the cat facts & Molina madness
  • jobless hippi
    5 nips!
    Happy B-Day Caitlin
  • s-j-e-s-s
    amazing movie podcast
    funny, thoughtful, feminist movie podcast that makes me laugh every time! must listen
  • Heffsauce
    Five nipples!
    And a happy birthday to Caitlin! Thank you for creating something to fill the void.
  • HomeCarePT
    Podcast facts with Caitlin!
    The Bechdel Cast has 5/5 nipples! Amazing podcast that has expanded my understanding so much about intersectional feminism. I went to a live show back in the day in DC. Can’t wait until live shows start again! Come to NC!!!
  • Jakeyjake6488
    This is one of the best shows with which to analyze films. They are such talented and thought provoking film experts and they have the greatest guests ever! I can’t say enough about the joy and normalcy Caitlin and Jamie provided during the pandemic - their level headed, insightful, and humorous analyses of popular movies was and is truly a spectacle to behold.
  • weezey_=+
    The best podcast.
    8 nipples for the Bechdel cast!! I don’t know what else to say, this show is so special. This show is amazing at being fun while also so thought provoking and really shifting how to think about power in media. I listen anytime of day. I could say so much more about how amazing this show it but really just listen!
  • Jboe1234
    Great But Lengthy
    I love the conversations on this pod, although 2-hour+ run times are a bit excessive, even when the content is solid.
  • klairelockheart
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy birthday, Caitlin!
  • SciFiLover69
    Just finished the Human Centipede episode
    & I LOVE Y’ALL! This is not a prank! I equally enjoy listening to y’all talk about To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Human Centipede. I love laughing with horror! Please review more horror! Love you! Thank you!
  • Emleeves
    Love it, but it’s not perfect
    This show can be an extremely thoughtful critique of the way that women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community is portrayed in movies by analyzing the use of those people as plot devices for other whiter maler characters to develop. However, I think that the hosts can be very harsh without appreciating the value that some movies have, like Caitlin’s take that the creator of Borat should stop making content and Jamie’s unfounded disdain for Mad Max Fury Road. Also, the two occasionally don’t take notes during the movie or even know if it passed the bechdal test, and think their lack of preparedness is funny. It’s not perfect but I recommend it!
  • Kenny Rawlins
    Nipple Scale 10/10
    Love this podcast so much. Not afraid to call it out. Not ashamed to show unabashed love. Thanks!!
  • IndiaBrianne
    LOVE this show. been listening for years. I’m listening to the poetic justice ep now and it’s turning out to b one of my fav episodes! awesome guest and conversation. Small note that there are a bunch of parts of the episode that repeat sort of awkwardly. I’m enjoying it so much regardless, but thought it was worth mentioning because it happens a lot on this ep thank you for making this show! i’m always grateful to see a new ep ❤️❤️❤️
  • SemperTyranus
    Not everything is a morality tale
    Listened from the beginning and love the hosts. It feels like over time they seem to want movies to have straightforward direct morals rather than eliciting complex and often frustrating emotions. Not all media should be didactic, I wish they would acknowledge that more in their analysis.
  • xheofjr
    Found this amazing podcast because of my love of Jamie and Jeffrey’s upgraded videos! I so much enjoy Caitlin and Jamie’s insights, they are putting all of their degrees to work. They are super smart, funny and I also really enjoy the steampunk trashing! Thank you! Update: 5 stars because I made it to the end of Human Centipede!
  • maggiepeanuts
    i can’t believe these are free
    best eps include lion king, moana, happiest season 💗this podcast has brought me great comfort despite ruining several of my favorite movies for me. alfred 4ever
  • Arianna W53
    One of my favorites
    Jamie and Caitlin are so much fun and it’s such an entertaining interesting show with great feminist discourse
  • _M_G_S_
    Love Them!
    A hilarious podcast! Always a good time, even if I’ve never heard of the movie. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a fun podcast with a chill vibe on an important topic.
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