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The Bechdel Cast is a podcast about the portrayal of women in movies hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus.

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  • funpolicelou
    It’s very shrekian for something to mean nothing
    Truly love this show even if I’m still sad about the princess bride take down. Reliably funny and insightful. Good work
  • Jesssssssss2133537282
    Needs editing!
    The titanic VHS tape #1 episode. Why are we 50 minutes in and you haven’t gotten to the content yet?! Why are you talking about the door and mythbusters? Shouldn’t that be for VHS #2? Are you even going to talk about the first half of the movie at all in this episode or are you just going to talk about how many times you’ve covered it on the Matreon? Oof, I’m sorry. I love you all but there is so much rambling sometimes that it becomes infuriating to listen to. “Is that all of our business?” happens at almost the 53 minute mark. Am I missing something here? Are you not wanting to discuss the actual content of the film? I’m giving 4 stars because I want to like the podcast. I feel like it could be better if you just thought more about your listener. Some of the episodes are very good and very funny but some are just so full tangents it doesn’t even feel like there is a substantial conversation or analysis which is disappointing for a podcast called the Bechdel Cast where you’re supposedly analyzing films through a feminist lens. I would like more of that.
  • sailor_puta
    Titanic Rehash
    Tbh this was my first time listening to a Titanic episode, and I was v dubious. Surprisingly, pleasantly, I loved it. Y’all are great.
  • heeeeeehawwww
    this podcast keeps me going
    i talk about this podcast a couple times a day. i started listening in september of 2022 and have made my way through the backlog on the matreon. caitlin and jamie are hilarious and incredibly introspective. i look forward to every episode. great content. big laughs.
  • gorb w
    Love the show!
    Thank you guys for keeping me company and making me laugh while we all collectively watch the world burn. Also! Fun fact, Common tenrecs have 36 nipples. (Ps. I just listened to the cats episode and you guys were coming up with cat pun names in the intro… and completely walked past Jamie clawftus)
  • Detritusboy
    It’s the law!
    Should be required listening for being a human.
  • Casey Jane (name is taken)
    It’s The Most Fun
    I love this show so much and I evangelize it tirelessly. If I’m going to be doing a lot of driving I’ll always cue up a few episodes.
  • jolieholland
    The Most Satisfying Podcast
    I could not have told you how much I would need, adore and savor these conversations. It’s so rare to find temporary autonomous zones from sexism. This podcast provides respite from the barrage for a second. It is an amazing breath of fresh air.
  • O-H-I-Know
    An Iconic Duo!
    Loved this show for many years now. Better every ep.
  • Alex Steed
    A delight every week
    Love the guests, perspective and dynamic. I appreciate that Caitlin and Jamie paved the way for our show.
  • Rich_Twice
    This is a 5-star podcast
    No really, 5-stars! I like it, they have takes that I haven’t considered. It’s good, you should listen to an episode featuring a movie or guest you enjoy. Try new things!
  • economycheese
    Nothing but love for this show
    I listen to episodes about movies I haven’t even seen yet, it’s just that nice to listen to.
  • Smashleysage
    Simply the best!
    I’ve loved this show for a long time and recommend it to everyone I know that enjoys movies and/or pop culture analysis. Caitlin and Jamie are so smart, passionate, and well-researched. Their takes are both nuanced and entertaining. The guests are always incredibly fun. Caitlin and Jamie strike a perfect balance between critiquing harmful film tropes/acknowledging systemic problems in the film industry and maintaining humor and leaning into silly repeating bits that let you feel like you have a lil inside joke with them. I’m a Patreon subscriber because I just want to hear as much as they are willing to share with the world!! This show has given me lots of giggles and made me a small amount smarter about the art I consume. 5 nipples every time.
  • metacom's revenge
    I laughed, I cried, I thought seriously about Christina Applegate
    I adore this podcast. Jamie and Caitlin are thoughtful and funny and kind to their guests. The Avatar ep was hilarious and thorough even though I never saw that film. (Also deeply frustrated why one would name a character Sully and not have it be short for Sullivan? Hello?) I look forward to more of their work!
  • PrincePercyPoole
    Really wanted to like it!
    I found this podcast when Jamie Loftus appeared on You’re Wrong About (one of my long—time favs). I was super excited by the concept - exploring intersectional feminism in film, but have disappointingly found it to be more about jokes than analyzing and dissecting these films. I often don’t understand why they choose the films that are discussed, the hosts regularly admit they didn’t do research on a specific idea/topic but talk about it anyway, and there is frequent explicit sexualization of men. I truly can’t tell if it’s a self-aware joke, like “Look how annoying it is when people are so sexualized in film that their character means nothing else!” or if Caitlin is just so horny she can’t see the irony of what she’s doing. But it’s just as annoying as when women are hyper-sexualized. I came for the film analysis, not the in-depth descriptions of how sexy some dad character is (to you). The episodes with guest hosts are usually really good. Definitely give those a try - having a voice of color or a specialized expert, helps provide some structure to reign these hosts in.
  • -racer-
    Like it but question
    I followed JL from her other work and am glad I found this one. The Avatar episode was great and the guest provided a ton of insight on aspects of indigenous character coding I never considered and on what Native communities say about the film. One thing I find a little weird tho is the logo for this podcast has two white ladies and two ladies of other races, but the actual two hosts are white ladies. It just seems like a weird choice to put darker skinned people in the logo unless those two are meant to be specific people. The two white ladies are smart and have great insight but why use these cartoon people to legitimize themselves? Maybe I missed something but… it is weird.
  • Qwertysump
    Very pseudo intellectual
    They make some good points at times, but often they show that they did not understand the movies they review.
  • taylor.swank
  • lo92488
    i will follow jamie to all podcasts
    but some other folks on this show seem to be having way less fun with the content and do a limited job at analysis.
  • JillyKelly
    Makes Me Happy!
    Love these smart funny ladies! They turn a bad day into a good day for me. They find the funny and irreverent in all the movies they talk about.
  • Victor Furious Senior
    couldn’t recommend this more…
    these Bechddelles are smart, funny and three other compliments of your choosing. thank you for the years and years of excellence! i have a movie for you my wife and i just watched called Baba Yaga from 1973 that we feel passed the test quite easily. a real surprise film treat! thank you again, Victor Furious
  • blanco_yyy
    A little Performative
    I like this podcast and the two hosts BUT I noticed how they ONLY bring Black women and WOC on the podcast when they are doing a “Black or ‘ethnic’ movie.” And it’s usually a black movie about a super serious topic and the guest host is forced to talk about something serious in the Black experience. When they do a fun romantic comedy or a thriller or whatever , it’s always a white or white adjacent guest host. If you’re going to choose your guest host based only on the “race” of the movie - at least pick a Black romantic comedy every once in a while so your guest hosts don’t always have to trauma dump on the podcast and speak from the “black experience” constantly. Also for the love of God please PLEASE stop addressing WHITE Women as just WOMEN. You guys speak about White women like y’all are just default for women and you preference everyone else as a “type” of woman. White women are NOT a default for women so if you’re going to preference everyone else by their race preference white women by their race as well. Other than those things I noticed the podcast is pretty good.
  • emamamamamamamama
    Current obsession
    My sister has been recommending this podcast to me for years (convos that did indeed pass the bechdel test ✅ go us!) and finally I gave it a go. Now I’m binging the entire catalog at a terrifying speed. I don’t currently subscribe to anyone on patreon, but I happily will once I’m out of episodes. Moral of the story is go listen to the podcast your sister has been begging you to try.
  • kasioli
    Podcast of my dreams
    This podcast has been my loyal companion as I work on my doctoral degree. I love hearing Caitlin and Jamie’s takes on movies, which have helped me think more critically about the media I choose to consume. Also, I cannot adequately explain my own stance on the debate of our generation (Beetlejuice wet vs. dry scabs), but maybe some day I’ll finally take a side. Either way it won’t be pleasant. ;)
  • packerssotospeak
    Sometimes I wonder if either of the hosts have an advanced degree is something like screenwriting that would would really add to the level of discourse.
  • Brooke Natalie
    Deeply Unfun Feminist Killjoys
    Perfect. No notes.
  • nikito56
    my favorite people i don’t know
    it’s very funny, i love the dynamic between jamie & caitlin. i learn a lot and laugh a lot. live, laugh, love 🖤🤘
  • mrs.potter.!.
    Fun, but so much interrupting!
    I definitely enjoy this podcast and feel I have learned a lot from their analysis. However, Jamie interrupts Caitlin SO OFTEN that it has started to become frustrating for me to listen to. Jamie, please let your cohost finish her thoughts! Sometimes Caitlin will even say “I have a whole point to make here” and she gets 1 sentence out before Jamie cuts her off!! Both hosts have really interesting thoughts and ideas and I’d like to hear them without so much interruption. I’ll continue to listen for now, but if the issue does not improve, I think I’ll have to skip this in the future.
  • % >{Danny}< %
    Great podcast, but the ads are frustrating!
    This is a really fun podcast to get you thinking about how gender and social issues appear in movies. The hosts have a great sense of humor and make each episode fun. I love to listen to episodes about movies that I don’t plan on seeing but I feel like I should know a bit about. The ads are frustrating though. I don’t know if the hosts have control over this, but it’s weird to hear a prosecutor advertise their podcast in this context.
  • nerdtak
    Good but unfocused
    I’ve been listening to this pod for a long time and I enjoy a lot of things about it. But sometimes all the corny puns and the general devolving into silliness makes it hard for me to listen to without rolling my eyes. When Jamie and Caitlin don’t have a guest especially it seems that they have a tough time staying on track.
  • hxembree
    Big Crush
    Hey! This show is everything I need in a podcast: critical and horny and charming in the best way. Thanks for helping a wandering post grad find some comfort :) and thanks for helping me build my awareness of the ways the media we consume matters!
  • DjTriTone
    Favorite episode:
    The Human Centipede
  • Kaitlyn Yang
    I love this show!
    Jamie and Caitlin are brilliant and funny. I can’t get enough.
  • Nanoofa
    Favorite podcast EVER
    Great insight + 2 hilarious women = my heart must go on. But when are we getting a SHAPE OF WATER episode?
  • Daisys Meltin
    Best podcast about movies
    I love y’all so much!! This podcast has done so much for me and the way that I view media, Jamie and Caitlin are easily my favorite voices in that area, and just two of my favorite people to listen to! Endlessly entertaining and informative, a great way to re-examine movies you’ve already seen and hear about other movies that deserve to be seen!
  • KatAnnEng
    Love you ladies! You are hilarious and informative. The people who had an issue with the Zootopia episode just don’t get it. Yes, I am the one person that was still listening at the end of the Mad Max Fury episode. Keep up the great work!
  • Teem Dodger
    Can we talk about how this podcast seems to think 12-year-olds want to bone? Casper isn’t “horny” for Christina Ricci’a character, and to say so is really weird. They also project rape onto the Rocky Horror Picture Show where there isn’t any. Not sure where all of this stuff comes from, but it makes this podcast hard to take seriously.
  • cancel ig
    desperately seeking the bechdel cast discount code so i can order a billie razor but i can’t find the spon code aNyWhErE. fabulous pod btw. desert island top 5ive for shor. i dream of being invited on to unpack patriarchy in cinema.
  • Bryn Offa
    I love Caitlin and Jamie, you are so funny and awfully smart. Thank you so much for this show.
  • krst_
    bechdel stan
    jamie and caitlin rock i hope they make podcasts forever !!
  • Skipping Ads for Sanity
    5 million nipples
    And 5 million more nipples. 10 million nipples for this show!!! Jamie and Caitlyn are my favorite parasocial besties and this podcast is a true gift.
  • Banana5050
    Is it really a feminist text!?
    I love this podcast and wish they had half stars so I could give it 4 1/2 nipples. The only problem I have is the sometimes excessive sarcasm. I’m autistic and while I usually understand sarcasm and find it entertaining, there are some episodes that make me scratch my head. The riffing goes on for so long I start to doubt whether or not they’re being serious. It can be a bit confusing for the neurodivergents.
  • ljasko
    Feminist Film Analysis
    Have been a faithful listener for 3 years or so and absolutely love this podcast. Caitlyn & Jamie bring so much insight & humor to their feminist film analysis — even when I don’t agree with their takes— i enjoy every episode. Recommend this podcast & especially the Matreon to all my friends!
  • Carissaaaaaaa
    Can’t believe I hadn’t listened sooner
    I have heard for years about this podcast and dumbly didn’t start listening until a couple weeks ago. I’m obsessed and it’s all I’ve been listening to since. Jamie and Caitlin are awesome and I love the discussion.
  • loneranger420
    Long time listener
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and it’s been so enjoyable to watch this podcast grow and watch the hosts grow, especially around the conversation around movies and the ways that movies treat women, trans people, disabled people, POC. This feels like listening to two of your best friends talk - friends who are smart, who make mistakes, who listen to you, who grow, who have silly inside jokes, who want to create something special. The guests always add so much to the episode as well. Check out the matreon/Patreon as well. The extra content is worth it.
  • visionaria
    5 out of 5 nipples!
    This is one of those rare shows where even if I haven’t watched the movie, I still listen to the episode.
  • Evabuddieva
    My favorite show
    This is my favorite podcast by far. Its hilarious, thought provoking, and genuine. It’s the only podcast that has stood the test of time that I keep coming back to. I look forward to every new episode and have even gone back to relisten to a few. So.. Brava! All the nipples to y’all duh.
  • edenchair
    I love this show
    I am in love with Caitlin and Jamie. This podcast brings me so much joy.
  • seevivasing
    I keep listening to episodes instead of ever watching movies
    I am a Black queer woman with a leadership position in a white male dominated industry and listening to your podcast is how I deal with stress and anger and anxiety. You have such a thoughtful approach and bangin guests and when I ran out of main feed episodes I was thrilled to become a matron and enjoy the vibe of those episodes too. Thanks for the service you provide!
  • Teachergirl89
    Usually love the show
    But please don’t review children’s movies if all you are going to do is put snarky adult opinions on them over silly things like the characters’ names. Everything is not Shrek, nor does it need to be. Some movies are just fun. And that’s okay. You seriously mentioned Chekhov’s gun about a children’s movie. Please touch grass.
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