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Fantasy football show that helps you win through analytics. It's powered by The FanDuel Podcast Network.

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Recent Reviews
  • Mr. Buster!
    Analytical and self-critical
    I love the analytics be uses. And I love that he evaluated his own performance each season. His buy/sell segments have had excellent trade suggestions for me
  • Boogie Fat Stacks
    Bless your heart
    His matchup segment feeds my family on Sundays.
  • Whos yo daddy 12348967
    Fantasitc analysis, fun to listen to
    JJ is my favorite Fantasy content creator, he really does a great job of breaking down the information that he displays. Just an overall solid podcast. My favorite listen every week. Only note that I have if you see this JJ is that David Njoku's name is pronounced "nuh-joe-ku" instead of "in-joe-ku" like I've heard a lot of people saying. Feel free to fact check but that pronunciation comes directly from David himself. Small point of course but just thought you'd like to know that if you didn't already! Great pod.
  • kwd55
    Awesome analysis
    Fantastic numeric and observed (real life) analysis. Absolutely love the process driven analysis and advice. This is my favorite pod to listen to. The ONLY thing that is the intro. I’m not sure why he pauses.....(pause) but it’s super annoying. I was about to hit stop on today’s mailbag episode the pause was so long....and (pause 20 seconds)....I consider myself pretty patient...
  • bickdigrick
    Incredibly efficient use of time
    JJ has a quick and effective method for delivering clutch fantasy advice . Would highly recommend Devinmcmurrey630
  • E-Streets
    Great info that's to the point.
    Love the pod and the topic formate so things don't have to be repeated only referred back to. Keep up the great work!
  • Eve Pops
    The best.
    This is the best to the point show you can get.
  • A.J. Arain
    good podcast
    just p good
  • kysauce
    Great show
    I really enjoy this show it is quick and full of actionable information. Second favorite Podcast only behind Living the Stream
  • Weaz 5
    Best Podcast for weekly maintenance
    JJ Is the best atDelivering quality information in a short and concise manner. The amount of information you get in the short amount of time is incredible. JJ brings Fantasy analysts with an analytic perspective, focusing on the things that help you get wins, week to week. Highly recommended for those who want an edge not just entertainment
  • pezzy kabuku
    Great show
    The show is very informative and gives a different angle to approaching the game that relies more on the process of the decisions made than the results of the decisions made
  • Pvdb1
    Most efficient fantasy pod
    This pod is a must listen. I don’t have time to consume a lot of fantasy content but this pod packs so much info in a short format. JJ is number-centric but also makes sure his analysis meets the eye test. He has showcased several picks that turned into league winners, including Lamar Jackson last year and hopefully James Robinson this year - though I thankfully I didn’t sell Aaron Jones last year. Keep it up!
  • Stags26
    Great analytical view of fantasy
    I’m a fairly new listener to JJ. His content is more data driven rather than biased which is hard to find. A different view to help you make decisions.
  • Bob22984
    Fast, accurate, and actionable information.
    JJ does and excellent job of not only presenting information in an efficient no-fluff manner, he also delivers the content in an entertaining manner. Each podcast is quick and to the point and wastes no time getting to the statistics that lay the foundation of JJ’s opinions and suggestions. JJ consistently hits on under-valued players throughout the offseason and his weekly streaming options are much more accurate than expected. I find this podcast and his work on numberfire invaluable to my FF season each year. Enjoy!
  • Jim from Covington
    My favorite podcast, concise and insightful
    It is my “go to” podcast. I listen to every episode every week and always learn something insightful and useful. It has helped me upgrade my team and win more games. I recommend to everyone, both novice and experienced players. Thanks JJ for all you do in helping people enjoy fantasy football more, particularly in these crazy times.
  • KingDylan2424
    I was offered Lamar, Michael Thomas and Mostert for my Matt Ryan, Tyler Lockett, Kareem Hunt and Marquise Brown 12 team PPR. I accepted the trade and 30 minutes later my trade has been vetoed with 5 votes. I told them veto’s are outdated and trades should go through instantly but they keep saying the trade isn’t “fair”. This trade is coming from an 0-3 team that doesn’t have time to wait on hurt players. Hoping you guys could help make a ruling on what should be done in this situation. Thanks for your time! Love the podcast never miss an episode!
  • bad for business 1
    Top 3 Fantasy Analyst
    One of the best in the business. Straight the point, and keeps everything football related. No wokeness! He’s one of the ELITE.
  • Sprint182
    Trust In The Process
    15 Transactions is my favorite weekly episode - very analytically direct. Enjoy learning more about JJ’s process in each show.
  • T Gut the Harbinger of Bouldin
    All substance
    Great fresh ideas and quick summaries using old ideas makes it a great mix of stimulating , short and to the point... thanks for your effort
  • Most Decent Guy
    A wonderful concise listen. Thank you.
  • Lake_____Show
    Short episodes with...
    Valuable information
  • jmikeA
    On point
    Excellent weekly format. Even better daily content! One of the best FF podcasts available.
  • Nate makes the show ridiculous
    Great Advice with no filler
    Podcast has great direct content from JJ and is kept short in duration.
  • mykixtheman
    Love this Podcast
    I love the quantity and quality of this podcast. Keep it going JJ!!!!
  • down 15 go for 2
    Don’t tell your league mates!
    Been listening for 2.5 years, hoping to go back to back this season. JJ analyzes to win, simple as that, and as a bonus, it works! Short sweet and to the point, you can’t ask for better.
  • Andrewm09
    My Go-To FF Podcast
    JJ has revolutionized fantasy podcasts with his concise breakdowns and short run times. I always feel like I am getting an edge by listening. Not only that, he makes you think differently, so you can evolve on how you analyze FF. He tops it all off with a humble approach. Some podcasts I just don’t have time for every week, but I always have time for JJ’s.
  • UglyGameOG
    Best fantasy show
    One of the best if not thee best fantasy show. JJ’s “process” is on point. Love this fantasy porn
  • Theakronhsmmer
    Best fantasy podcast hands down
    JJ is smart as hell. Concise in his points but still informative. Doesn’t just tell you “add this guy, start this guy, trade this guy” he gives you data, trends, and ideas for your to make your own decision. It’s about “process” as he likes to say. I listen every day during my lunch break working from home. JJ I appreciate you my man keep up the good work
  • Lake lodge hall
    I won my league last year with JJ’s advice
    I decided to take a deeper dive into analytics and some of the odds and numbers behind fantasy football and this podcast was exactly what I needed. JJ’s pre-draft advice and analysis is fantastic. And during the season I knew the good free agents to target. I won my league last year and plan to use JJ to do it again this year!
  • etolson27
    Good for listening
    Great stuff
  • garm32
    Concise smart analytics
    JJ is the best without all the BS!
  • JTAmdahl
    Great add to my podcast library!
    I love JJ’s approach to asking and answering questions, and the podcast is an excellent way to up your fantasy football knowledge and process!
  • samwise15
    Become a Better Fantasy Manager and Overall Football Fan
    JJ provides extremely helpful insight into decision making. His points are next level and will keep you a step ahead of league mates. He occasionally talks about real world football decisions that make me a better, more knowledgeable fan, which I appreciate. With episodes typically around 15 minutes long, each one is a must listen.
  • Zedachai
    Concise and Actionable
    JJ's pod appeals to those of us who like to take a reasonable, logical approach to the hobby of fantasy football. He's more about the metagame than about individual situations, and that's a good thing for the listener. If nothing else, the pod provides a refreshing take on fantasy advice, and at its best it prods you toward progressive thoughts on the game.
  • taco1007
    Keep doing it
    Keep doing the week in review!!! Keeps you accountable and I know how good you do or don’t! Love it
  • ikelite
    No BS just great fantasy football insight
    I’ve listened to JJ for years now and he’s always prepared with tangible mathematical reasons for starting diamonds in the rough. He’s a good guy too, and always helpful on twitter. Funny as well. Highly recommend you subscribe and 15 Transactions is by far the clearest, most logical waiver wire guide in the fantasy world.
  • KimmarieMc
    Helps me win
    It’s as simple as that. JJ helps me win. This podcast doesn’t have any BS non-football talk and his process works...thanks
  • mayflowerEFC
    Hey JJ! Started listening to your podcast this off-season and I’m hooked! Awesome stuff! I’m in a 12 team league half ppr and fournette is sitting on waivers. I have Ronald Jones Jordan Howard Boston Scott and Joshua Kelley on my bench and I know you aren’t big on handcuffing backs but I feel like he’s a value now that he’s free. Thanks a lot for your help! -John
  • RAd BRad287
    Logan Thomas or Bust!
    JJ is a fantastic fantasy host who goes deeper into who you should really be targeting and why. The episodes are short, yet more informative on the data behind why certain players are worthy to be on your team. This all alone helps you win championships like he’s helped me, combined with several great suggestions for guys like Lamar Jackson and other players before anyone else! He also admits when he’s wrong, then explains the process and why things can change, which I have always appreciated. Overall, he will always thank you for tuning in, and be a must listen for anyone who loves fantasy football.
  • CharlieHustle16
    What it should be
    Love this format, all substance, no fluff. Dude gets it.
  • GoVikings84
    The best FF pod in the game
    While there are a lot of great FF options out there these days, JJ remains my favorite in the industry. The 15-minute really are a game changer (I also listen to longer ones anyway). If I could only listen to one FF pod, this is it.
  • Bsphilly
    No poop talk
    If you're new to following JJ and his viewpoint on fantasy football, listen to all of them. They're quick and JJ has put a lot of thought and analysis into these topics. He can teach you how to think about fantasy football.
  • wakeup23
    Jimmy G
    Jimmy G or matt Ryan week one? Just started listening not sure you address these reviews but love the short bursts of solid knowledge that is your pod. Keep up the great work.
  • TFO83
    The best ever was...
    The best there ever will be. JJ is the truth.
  • moose4119
    Great job!
    I wish you had more episodes because every one is so good. There’s always a stat, research or deeper observation that makes me think or changes my perspective. A must listen
  • zloomis
    I appreciate your analytics, you da man. But please never talk about fournette again. There are 200 draftable players and you’ve talked about him 3 times in the next 6 shows... I trust your due for som positive regression😉
  • bhagavan exotic
    I listen to JJ every year and every year I lose my fantasy league. Correlation or causation? I’ll keep listening regardless.
  • NYValues
    Best FF bang for your buck
    In 15 minutes you get quality analysis with transparent thought process. I never miss an episode.
  • Hawksfn1
    Clean, quick, and accurate
    JJ delivers 20 minute nuggets 2x a week that will change the way you think about fantasy!
  • Gettysburg Steelers
    Great listen
    Likely the smartest guy in fantasy.
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