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Want to dominate your league and earn Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer, analysts Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings, and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Waiver Wire, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and mailbag from your emails and #AskFFT tweets. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.

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  • Ttbmommy
    I’m sorry, but today’s pod was one of the worst
    First time I did’t listen to entire episode. Incredibly boring and not helpful. Nobody cares about WR’s ranked in the 40’s or lower. When has a WR ranked in this range ever been consistently impactful in fantasy. Love the show…hated this episode. Sorry.
  • Nelson1412
    Truly dominate your fantasy league
    If you really want to dominate your fantasy league this is a great pod to jump on and get some laughs along the way. I love Aizer stats and Heath sighs! Keeper question from Nelson in the home of the Thunder 10 team PPR 1 keeper league 2 WR, 2 flex, picking 1.02 Keep: Jefferson @ 2.09 Deebo @ 13.02 Is this a really easy pick in Deebo or am I over thinking how much I think his usage will decline with Lance under center? I like the clear #1 overall upside of Jefferson but is it worth passing on him to take Deebo at 10+ rounds of value?
  • Quizzknow
    That's gold, Jerry! Gold!
    From a city in the mountains of SW Virginia - Love the podcast; pure gold here, especially Adam, who is hilarious and keeps the show moving. One request, PLEASE allow Dave to continue the IDP segment during the season; his info is very helpful. Also, I enjoy the occasional pop culture talk, like the Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie episode. 10 team league, Full PPR, keep 1 player (with no time restrictions or penalties). 6 points for passing & rushing TD’s. I also have the 10th + 11th picks in our snake draft… Keep 1: D’Andre Swift - Round 5 Javonte Williams - Round 7 Josh Allen - Round 10 Thanks!
  • D-Birsul
    Dynasty trade
    From Derek in a 3 word town on Lake St Clair. Dear Sergei, Vladimir, Slava, Slava and Igor. Want to start by saying thank you. Your podcast is a staple in my life and besides coming home to my family, it’s the next highlight of my day. The chemistry between ya’ll is fantastic. Love the 80s/90s pop culture references! I could go on about my love for this show over others but I digress. I have the 1.05 in a startup 12 team dynasty league. A manager wants to trade his ST 1.02 and RK 1.11 for my ST 2.08, RK 1.08 and RK 2.08. Seems like a win to me. Those names were the Russian Five from the Detroit Red Wings. Thanks!
  • rshearer08
    Great information and discussion
    Adam, Dave, Heath, and Jamie have great discussions with solid information about all levels of fantasy players.
  • Wiley Ross
    Easily my favorite fantasy football podcast!!
    I can’t recommend this podcast enough, love the guys, the analysis, and the work they do for St. Judes! Had a spicy question for the crew! 10 team .5 PPR it’s looking like I’ll have the choice of Chase & Mixon at the 10/11 turn. Should I feel confident about starting my team with two Bengals or pivot to one of Kelce, Adams, Swift etc? Thank you so much for everything, this podcast is a constant listen in my life all year round! Go Adam!
  • #1 PopMedPod fan
    Best Fantasy Show out there!!!
    Keeper questions and spicy question. 12 team 1pt PPR keeper league. You can keep 1st rounders but everything else would be a one round penalty. Need to keep 3 1st Round- CMC 2nd round- Diggs 3rd round-Javonte Williams 3rd round-Swift. If I kept both Williams and swift I could keep one of them as a 4th rounder. Long story short, this is the first year you can keep 3 players. Starting next year you can’t keep two players with same the same round draft value. ***spicy take/question*** What’s the odds deebo gets a Rb distinction added to him? If he does, if that happened I would rank him as the #1 WR because of the flexibility you have with him. Thanks for all you do.
  • Colbydog0707
    Podcast question! - love the show
    Have you played in a league where each week you get one win for winning head to head and another win if you’re in the top half of scoring of the league for the week. Thinking of doing it this to try to balance out some the randomness of who you happen to play that week. If so how would you change your team makeup and drafting strategy? Thanks guys love the show!
  • zhsjendub
    Flexing a backfield
    Love the podcast, here is a question for you! 10 team, 1/2 point ppr league: In my league, we do 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX. I was wondering your thoughts on playing two running backs from the same backfield. Which combination of backfields would you all consider playable? The obvious one in my opinion would be the browns (hunt and Chubb)- but what are some others? Could you play both backs from Broncos/Packers/Dallas and be successful? Thanks!
  • GetmetheballDanny!
    Deep threats
    From a town in Central Illinois with a population less than 20,000. I am in a league that highly rewards long touchdowns. Could you name the best deep threat option for teams like the saints or Broncos where the deep threat role is less defined? Or better yet, a game where Adam picks a team and everyone else picks the best deep threat option for that team. PS: what is the artsiest movie that you hate the most and love the most? For me: Love (Under the Skin) Hate (A Ghost Story)
  • Kevinwayne12
    Love the show
    Thanks love the show. 12 team 3 player keeper league. No penalty for the keepers. 1/2 PPR, 4 pt TD pass, bonuses for long TDs. I need to keep 3. QBs are popular. 16 or 17 QBs will likely be kept and 3 were drafted in the first last year. I also don’t have a first round pick. Josh Allen Tom Brady Zeke Aaron Jones Diggs Samuel Kelce Thanks for the help!!!
  • wedlockb21
    In a redraft 1 keeper PPR league, we can keep anyone drafted in the 5th round or after. I have Justin Herbert, who was drafted in the 6th round last season, he’s an obvious keep in the 6th right?
  • s4wyer
    Best fantasy football podcast/Keeper question
    A great mix of humor, quality insight, and differing perspectives. Helped win me my league last year, specifically beat the wavier wire. Apple podcast review question: 12 team ppr keeper league. 4 point passing, otherwise typical ppr scoring. 5 keepers per year, each time the keeper cost an extra round(16th the first year, 15th the second year, and 14th the third year). You can only keep a player for three years. I’m keeping kupp in the 2nd(2.12) Andrews in the 3rd(3.01) swift in the 4th(4.12) ceede in the fifth(5.12) Pick 1 last keeper. Cam Akers in the 16th(could be kept in the 15th next year, and 14th in the third year.) Jalen hurts in the 15th(can be kept for the 14th next year, then can’t be kept any further) Rashad penny in the 16th( could be kept for another 2 years after this but I doubt he would be worth it) I won the title last year partially by trading my 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th round pick for assets to help finish out my championship run(finished 12-2 before dominating the playoffs). So the 5th keeper turning out could be huge to cover a lack of depth in the later rounds, and my keepers taking up a lot of remaining picks. Love the show and hope you read this! I could use the feedback.
  • Windycityflyerr5033
    Appreciation to you guy’s!
    Just want to give a shout out to you guys for being original and in a class of your own when it comes to fantasy football knowledge and information. One suggestion!!! I’m a loyal listener to the point that i feel I’m part of the team on the weekly basis Haha! maybe you guys can have a special podcast giving the chance for one lucky listener to join you guys to talk about rankings, sleepers, & busts etc! Anyways great job fellas!
  • Fryman01
    3 years
    3 years I’ve been listening to this show. I can’t do it anymore. Adam has great analysis, but get him off the mic. He’s not a good host. No offense to him, but he’s just not meant to be the main attraction to the show. I can’t listen to it anymore.
  • Cchristianrainsomca
    Enjoy the Show
    Great shows! Appreciate all the rankings and sleepers.
  • Slimmer1984
    Friday Mailbag Question
    Keeper Question .5 PPR League Keep either Jonathan Taylor for a 2nd or Brandon Cooks for a 15th? Can only keep once. Thanks
  • RudeStudios
    Cornerstone Fantasy Podcast
    This is the go to for the latest NFL news and it’s impact on the fantasy landscape for both redraft and Dynasty. The breaking news podcasts are incredibly helpful to fully understand the biggest news as soon as it breaks. Adam drives the show with great banter and insight from Jamie, Heath, and Dave - who’s humor usually leads to a facepalm. Skip any episode that has Dan Schneier as a guest. The guy is always unprepared with little insight outside of trying to defend some ridiculous hot take.
  • HeyBigFella
    Keeper help
    Hey guys, love the show. I’m in a 10 team super flex 1/2 ppr league and we get to keep 2 keepers for a maximum of two years. Quarter backs are mostly either kept or are gone after round 2. First, Should I exercise my two year option on Antonio Gibson in the 7th round or throw him back. Secondly, should I keep: Kyler round-1 Justin Jefferson round-3 Michael Thomas round-12 Nyheim Hines round-16 Or Mooney in round-19 Thanks. Keep up the hard work! Jay C Branson Mo
  • AngryPeteyPablo
    Adam’s FOOTBALL takes are fire!!!
    Dear Troy, Tony, Roger, and Danny. I’m in a superflex ppr dynasty league. I’ve been offered D. Watson, C. Watson, G. Edwards, & Sutton FOR Jameis, Lamb, and Kmet. Other starters are Rodgers, Lawrence, Chase, Diggs, M. Thomas, and Kelce. Should I do the trade?! Love the show, listen to every episode year round! I will stand firm that Adam has great football takes, and the absolute worst non-football take.
  • Shunt12
    Dynasty draft
    Great show listen to you guys every day. Could I get a grade on this newly drafted dynasty team in a 10 team ppr league?
  • HistoryNick
    Courtland Sutton
    Enough is enough. I’ve listened to you guys praising Sutton for too long. I’m in a 14 team 1/2 ppr very competitive league and I dropped Sutton last year. But but he was injured all year and Russell Wilson this year!! No no no, he’s not very good and Adam is reaching for him in the 3rd? That’s SO rookie.
  • Nueskes Clint
    Love the podcast!
    Standard scoring Keeper question One year only Javonte Williams in the 7th Deebo in the 8th JK Dobbins in the 16th
  • PhiltheEnforcer
    Love the show!
    Hey guys! First time, long time. Our league switched to Keeper format this year…. Do I keep Najee or Aaron Jones with my first round pick?
  • DonQuixote23
    Dynasty start up
    Love the show guys keep up the great work. In a dynasty start up would you take CMC at the 1.05 and DJ Moore in the fifth round? In a lot of mocks the draft has been falling that way and Ik they’re both young talented player but idk if I want to be so reliant on the panthers. At the same time passing on DJ in the middle of the fifth feels wrong. Pls guide me. 12 team 3 receiver 3 flex league btw.
  • Sosa80
    Great Show (& Trade help)
    This show is incredible and I listen everyday. The dynamic between everyone is pretty fun and enjoyable as well as getting incredible fantasy advice! Since I’ve listened, (3 years running) I’ve been to 4 championships and won 2! Plus I created (I think) a dominant dynasty team thanks to their advice. question time… Got offered Elijah Moore and Devonta Smith as well as a 3rd round 2023 pick for my 2022 1st round pick aka Breece Hall in our half PPR dynasty league. I’ve got Tee Higgins, S. Diggs, Keenan Allen, Swift, Akers, Dobbins, Andrews, Sutton and Juju (ten team league). Worth it to get young WRs?
  • TylerIsPrettyGreat34
    Akers Disputes
    Hi Bob, Larry, Bill, and Jayson Is the industry too low on Akers this year? With that incredible 6 game stretch in 2020 and all the talk about him being a first round pick in 2021 prior to his injury, I don’t think it’s fair to assume he’ll only finish as a top 24 back. His post-season stretch was ugly this past season but with little preparation and being thrown onto the biggest stage after such a brutal injury, it’s hard to expect too much. Now with Michel gone and only injury-prone Darrell Henderson to back up Akers in one of the most efficient offenses in football, I don’t think it’s all that wild to say Akers has top 5 upside in 2022! Let me know what you think Love the podcast guys, Tyler, a half hour from a city that hates the Celtics
  • Sunnycydratronamous
    What is the argument for zero RB?
    To Andrew, Jacoby, Phil, Carson and Matt Love the show, you’re the only show that is able to keep the content interesting through the off-season deadzone. My question is about the zero/hero RB strategy. This year especially it seems after 25 or so the RB pool dries up really fast. With so much value at WR in the later rounds (Bateman, Lazard, Gabe Davis, Mooney, etc.) wouldn’t it be smarter to draft heavy RB early and try to find value at WR later even in the full PPR redraft format? If not, what is the argument for getting those top tier receivers early? And what are some of the RB values you’re looking for in the later rounds if you do decide to go Zero/Hero RB?
  • Buenos85
    Dynasty 3 way trades
    Hi Jake, Kurt, Carson and Kylar I’ve made two 3 way trades in our 16 team dynasty league over the last 3 years and feel it’s a great way to help facilitate a trade if you’re lacking the required pieces another manager needs. Have you ever made a 3 way trade or have considered it? Love the show, Ryan from the East Valley of the Sun
  • Johnjacpmb
    Wild Fantasy Story for you guys.
    I have a wild fantasy for you guys since you really want to hear one. I believe it was 2017 when Rodgers was injured against the Vikings, Rodgers was suppose to miss the entire year, the manger who had Rodgers dropped him, I picked him up and stashed him hoping I can ride him into the playoffs since my QBs at the time were streaming options at best. Rodgers ends up coming back right on time for week 15 for my fantasy semi-finals matchup, I end up winning my matchup and moving onto the championship round, only problem now is, I dropped all my other QBs because it was week 16 and I knew I was playing Rodgers championship week. However, Greenbay was eliminated from playoff contention the same week, and ended up shutting down Rodgers for championship week, I have the last waiver and no QBs on my roster now and my league commish informed the entire league of this situation. Messaged each league member (eliminated league members) to pick up every QB off waivers that way I don’t any choices to start any QBs for my championship game, one league member, completely forgot which QB he was suppose to pick up (Blake Bortles) and when waivers cleared the only QB left standing was Bortles, I had no choice but to start Blake Bortles week 16 for my championship game, only for him to go crazy against the 49ers and win me my deserved title. I still play with these guys today, but if I would have lost that game I don’t know how much I would be talking to these guys today. Thanks guys love the show -John
  • la chupie
    Running back help!
    You guys are the greatest. Especially Dave, pizza all day. I’m in the start up dynasty two quarterback PPR league. I had the first pick. We are only drafting veterans first and then we will draft the rookies. This is my team so far. I have Jonathan Taylor, CeeDee Lamb, DK Metcalf, Chris Godwin, and Jaylen waddle with Jerry Jeudy. Show my next pick be Daniel Jones? My other quarterback is Tom Brady.
  • notBomba
    5 Stars / Dynasty Mailbag
    I’ve become a rather die hard fan for FFT at this point not just because they have great, easy to digest advice and analysis of all the players we are curious about for the coming season. I have also found myself incredibly fond of the small banter and interactions between Adam and the rotating cast of Dave, Jamey, Ben and Heath. It really is a bright spot for my mornings. Still looking to win a ‘ship tho. In my full PPR 12 team dynasty league: I have a hard time telling if I’m a contender or not. I’m sitting with a starting lineup as listed below. I’m going to have pick # 5 in my rookie draft and since I won’t be able to get a RB there should I trade out and stockpile picks for next year or look for a starting RB with my pick? My current line up is: QB: Lamar RB: Dobbins, Damien Harris, WR: Justin Jefferson, DJ Moore, Lockett Flex: Jeudy TE: Kmet Bench: Mac Jones, Darrell Williams, Trey Sermon, Josh Palmer, Julio, Mecole, Donald Parham and Ke’Shawn Vaughn. Thank you as always for the insight! Stay cool and healthy!
  • Ray Czaja
    Great info and entertainment
    This crew provides really good, useful information, stats and analyses while also providing a high entertainment show with a group of people and personalities that work really well together. Would recommend for for novices and vets! Superflex keeper league, half ppr, (three keepers at draft price, ten person league) Russell Wilson : round 3 AJ brown : round 4 Keena Allen: round 5 Travis Etiene: round 6 Daniel Jones: round 12 K Toney: round 19 R penny: round 19
  • Kyle1367;23780216?.3&!,
    You guys are great. Love to listen to everything you guys have to say even when I don’t agree. I love when you argue and offer all sides to an argument. We’ve got a 10 team league where every team keeps 5 players. This makes everything after round 2 or 3 feel very thin. Question, who would you cut from this list (all these players can be kept between rounds 9-14) TJ Hockenson, Jalen Hurts, Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, Marquise Brown, or Courtland Sutton? Again cut one of the 6
  • akraemer456
    Awesome show , keeper question
    You guys are awesome and so happy you’re back to four shows a week!!! Really helps my work week fly by! Question for you : In a keeper league where you can only keep 3 players under 23 points based on a point system of where they were drafted last year. Also it’s super flex non ppr with bonuses on tds over 40 yards. Qb heavy , last year 8 went in the first round ! Which trio would you keep? Trey lance - 12 points (6th rd) Trevor Lawrence- 11 points (7th) Jamar chase- 9 points (9th) Zach Wilson- 8 points (10th) James Conner- 6 points (12th) Debo Samuel- 5 points (13th) Remember must be under 23 total points but could be just 2 keepers if I wanted. I’m thinking chase , Conner and Deebo ? I should have a top 3 pick in the upcoming drafts so I could get a top qb round 1, Thanks again love the show!
  • MaxATron7008
    Straight to the point greatness
    Top tier fantasy football advice without the all the non-sense and gimmicky stuff on other shows. It’s fun, informative, and they get the info to you. Both of my “big leagues” have starting roster set ups of 1 RB, 1 WR, and 4 FLEX (rbs, wrs, or te). Would this set up change the way you construct a roster? Typically I just grab one entire RB backfield and then just stockpile various WRs…then figure out that one bye week when it happens. Thanks! Max
  • Craig from Zanesville
    Grade My 2022 Dynasty Rookie Trades/Picks
    Craig from Ohio’s Second Capital/Animal Escape City Hey Trent, Charlie, Derek, Brady, and Colt I am in a complete rebuild (my best player before the draft was arguably Nyheim Hines), and I apologize for the amount of numbers that are coming. I spent a lot of my previous resources building up multiple first round picks for the 2023 season (4 first rounders), but I had 4 second round picks and 4 third round picks in this year’s draft. I traded 2 second rounders for the 8th overall pick where I stole Garrett Wilson and I traded a 2.9 and a late first rounder in 2023 where I got Skyy Moore and Jahan Dotson at the 1.11 and 1.12. Then, I traded back up in the second round to get George Pickens at the 2.2, depleting the rest of my second round picks and most of my third round picks. I was able to get Brian Robinson and Jalen Tolbert in the third and some other high upside receivers in the 4th and 5th (Doubs, Calvin Austin, and Gray as well as Ruckert with the last pick in the draft). Did I do the right thing going heavy on WRs this year to kickstart my rebuild? What should I do with my picks next year? (Two early first rounders and a late first rounder, early second rounder). Thanks for all you guys do; I followed a lot of your advice last offseason and made it to the championship in all of my redraft leagues!
  • Paul1738090098
    Lev Bell song
    Love the show guys! Thanks for all you do. I’m a very sentimental guy and began humming the old seldom used Leveon bell song that would be played during episodes. I can’t find it online or in old episodes. Would love a nostalgia hit if you guys could use it again for all the long - term listeners! Sincerely, a fan of Adam from a city 20 miles east of the home of the NCAA Basketball Champions.
  • Surge Reviews
    Dear Max, Gabe, Tyler, and Duncan.
    10 team, full ppr, super flex. Im keeping Herbert with the 1.9. Im keeping eckler at the 4.2. Please, I Need help with one more keeper. Mike Williams in 12.2 , Hollywood brown in 12.2, or Singletary 13.9. Who do You consider to have the best value? Currently the champ, trying to repeat! (Lets Go Heat!)
  • Cougfan121
    Love the show - dynasty question
    I am in a 12 team super flex dynasty league, rookie draft is next week. I traded Jaylen Waddle for the 2nd pick, needing RB help badly. I also have pick 5. If I take Kenneth Walker at 2, what receiver would you recommend at 5? I was thinking Olave, but the Landry news has me wondering if I should go a different direction (Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, etc.) Love the show, thanks guys!
  • Danny Mac 25
    Grade the Trade
    Dynasty Get JK Dobbins and Adam Theilen Give Joshua Palmer and 2023 1st round
  • y_dlin
    Great show. Fun and informative.
    Love this crew. I enjoy all the analysts’ content. I think the show got even better when Heath joined the show, and I love how he gives Adam a hard time because we all know that Nando>Adam… Just kidding. Without Aizer there would be no Zoey, and that would absolutely ruin the show. But seriously, I use the guys’ rankings and Dave’s Trade Chart is great. Keep up the great work everyone! And Die Hard is a Christmas movie.
  • skelly rowe
    This positive review is for Adam talking Just one of the guys. The girls brother in the film is HILARIOUS. Can’t wait for kickoff 2022 great show guys.
  • bradymac24
    Solid & Entertaining
    The good: the host and analysts are entertaining and knowledgeable. They have some really fun segments, cover a lot of different topics, and overall provide solid fantasy advice. The not so good: the analysis is pretty surface level. Their analysis is usually very well thought out and delivered well but they rarely dive deep into numbers or stats to support their points. They will often have an opinion and use pretty crummy logic to support it. The chemistry is not great when all of the analysts are on the show.
  • Stepheky
    Trade question
    Trade away Tyreek Hill Receive Deandre Hopkins & 2023 1st round rookie pick.
  • BertDT
    Dynasty strategy
    Greetings Wille, Jase, Si & Phil, Thanks for an always entertaining show! Your advice has helped me win 3 leagues over the past 2 years. I have a strategy question for my 12 team standard scoring dynasty league (QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex, K, Def). I have picks 1.11 and 2.11 in the 2022 rookie only draft. My roster is as follows: QB: Mahomes RB: Mixon; Josh Jacobs; AJ Dillon; D Henderson; S Michel; Michael Carter; Rhamondre Stevenson WR: DeAndre Hopkins; Diggs; A Cooper; Shenault; DJ Chark TE: D Waller I’m considering offering Hopkins and both of this years picks in exchange for a 2023 first rounder. I believe I can compete this year with the players I would still have and would pick up an early pick next year. What are your thoughts? Rob from Ontario
  • cnbsr
    QB Question?
    Trade option: I have Mahomes they have Murray and want to trade me straight across. Your opinion? I want to decline or counter to Murray plus a WR/Rb. Thanks for you time. My name is Charlie Barron if you want to do a shout out on the show. Thanks guys.
  • Yabadabadouk
    Dynasty Trade
    Dear Mikey, Mouth, Data and Brand, Dynasty trade question: one QB PPR league. I’d give away CMC and pick 2.04 and get Marquise Brown and pick 1.02 and 2.02. My other RBs are Carter, Dobbins, Mitchell and some backups. WR are Claypool, M Evan’s, Golladay, Pittman, Devonta Smith, M Thomas and Robert woods. Thanks for the help, you guys helped me sneak in to the finals as the 6th seed. Adam from The City of Destiny
  • Drewbah
    Dear Tommy, Arthur, Finn, and John
    Gents love the show. I personally love Adam as a host even though his dad is probably a CBS exec and pulled some strings to get him some busy work. Anyway my question is: One of the leagues I’m in the quarterbacks come off the board super early like 2 or 3 in the first round this past year. By the late 4th or 5th round there are only QB scraps left. Should I chase QB or just stick with the 5th or 6th round strategy and hope to stream well in the year? For reference this league is PPR and 4 point for passing touchdown.
  • Macncheese816
    Adam Aizer
    All of the content is useful except when Adam opens his mouth. His takes are bad and a waste of time. Get rid of Adam and turn this into a good podcast
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