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The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow for all the new Star Trek television: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and anything else they throw at us. Each Friday after a new episode of Star Trek, Adam and Ben recap, review and roast all the New Trek. Check out our other show, The Greatest Generation, a Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast!

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  • Bergatronbot
    It’s a NEW Star Trek Podcast
    Ben and Adam are the best parasocial friends a person could hope to experience new Trek with. Looking forward, everyone knows that Battlestar Gallactica isn’t canonical Trek. What this review supposes is… maybe it is? To the podcast. So say we all.
  • Mac-n-Orb
    The Best
    Fantastic insights and a whole bunch of fun.
  • Good morning podcast
    If you build it they will come… oh wait they already did it’s called the greatest trek
  • JoelDelano
    Always Great
    Having listened to Greatest Generation since season 1, it has been great to have Ben and Adam’s companionship as we’ve sailed into this new era of Trek. I’ve followed along since day one when this feed was still Greatest Discovery. I look forward to each episode and I realized I foolishly never left a review here. Time to fix that. Thanks, Ben and Adam for the great pod!
  • artoftheglitch
    These guys are certified goobers
    Sometimes a show prompts you to leave a good review (it helps!) and sometimes one of the hosts makes a ridiculous comparison in a Star Trek podcast between the relative longevities of Slug-o-Cola and the Zildjian companies and you realize you’ve found your home and you should have left a good review ages ago. This is definitely the latter. The show is good. The hosts are lovely, funny dweebs with Mariana’s Trench-depths of knowledge and humor. If you’re a Star Trek fan and you’re not listening, you’re missing out.
  • KKsquared22
    They built it. You should come.
    I….. See….. FIVE…. Stars….! If you get this, you will love Adam and Ben. And while you’re at it - check out Greatest Generation! If you are lucky, maybe your kid will out loud start singing “Always doin’ bits, bits bits” because they heard it from you! At least you hope they did…
    Another Great Star Trek Podcast in a class all its own
    I love this pod!
  • ednwvf
    You guys messed up big time
    Now all I want in this world is for Greatest Battlestar to get picked up to series, and I’m going to keep leaving five-star reviews until I get it.
  • BeersBooksBrunchBowTies
    Flying High
    Pilot Season is a ton of fun! Great idea…. I’m gonna say this is a brilliant Wendy invention.
  • Rubyvroooom
    Funniest Sci-Fi podcast out there
    From the jump, I've loved Ben and Adam's take on New Trek, equal parts hilarious and heartfelt, and was thrilled when they turned their attention to Stargate: SG1 in this new Pilot Season run. With all the built-in references to Trek in SG1, I'm hoping it becomes a regular off-season show for them to dig into. Just imagine their reaction to Wormhole X-Treme!!
  • Ianisme9
    The Greatest Stargate???
    If there was ever a show I wished for the pod to spin off with, this is it. Love the regular Trek but would love to see more "Stargate is a place" takes. Hope we'll see you jump into the Chappa'ai once more hok'tars.
  • Embarrassed to binge the show
    Renaissance Men (Essato!)
    I’ve been a listener to Greatest Generation almost since you joined MaxFun, and so have listened to Greatest Trek from the beginning. While I love the treatments you give to NuTrek, I think I’m even more impressed by how you keep making content to keep the channel open between seasons. Pilot Season is a perfect example of how to keep the channel Trek adjacent, and I am loving it! Three hopes I have for the show: 1. More interviews with Friend of the Show Anson Mount. That guy is a gem, and the dynamic the three of you have is chef’s kiss. 2. More chill hangs with The Goose. The vibes are immaculate. 3. More episodes (bonus feed or off-season) featuring Trek actors in the wild. The recommendation that pops immediately to mind is Babylon 5 - Season 3, Episode 4: Passing Through Gesthemane, featuring Brad Dourif (ST:VOY Crewman Lon Suder), and directed by Adam Nimoy. It’s a deep reflection on identity, guilt, and redemption. Keep up the great work everyone, especially Wynde. You are such a great addition to the dynamic, the boys are lucky to have you on the team!
  • Paulclarkdc
    Trek Humor - the Greatest
    Only the Greatest Generation can match Greatest Trek. A true delight. Adam and Ben are awesome.
  • Gorth Gorndacker
    You guys get paid for this?
    I measure my weeks by the episodes these silly guys make. What an amazing gift it is to listen to these silly jokes and to learn film and TV terms and critique along the way.
  • Sakou Balde
    Oversexed Darwin the Dolphin
    Ok, here we go. Finally leaving a review because of a double whammy. First was not being able to breathe when Adam and Ben were riffing on Seaquest’s Darwin the Dolphin kinks, and towards the end of the ep talking about breathplay. Then they said they would do Babylon 5’s pilot (finally) - one of my favorite sci-fi shows as a kid.
  • Donkey Gandalf
    Adam and Ben make life better.
    Love listening to them chat, love occasionally disagreeing with their takes.
  • NoOneInParticular777
    Honestly, I watched Disco so I could listen to this podcast
    Despite having been a huge trek fan for decades, I was skeptical of Discovery and didn’t actually watch it when it launched. After I found the hosts’ other podcast and blew through the whole backlog in a matter of weeks, I watched Disco just so I could then listen and get more Adam and Ben. I find their combination of dorky humor and film production insights to be unique among podcasts in this genre. Thanks, nerds. Update: I’m not actually interested in Discovery season 2. Season 1 was fine, but there’s other stuff I want to watch more. I’m going to watch it anyway just so I can have more Uxbridge-Shimoda content in my life. Update again: I’m still watching Disco just so this podcast makes more sense, and I enjoyed the Prodigy episodes of Greatest Trek even without watching the show!
  • --A-n-g-e-l-a--
    Pretty good, however….
    Would have rated ***** but for two reasons. One: I really don’t want to hear the two humorous/knowledgable hosts open up gifts from listeners. Know your audience. We’re not 12 y.o. girls. Two: I don’t listen to hear your opinion on the “strikes in Hollywood”. Having said that, I fast forward through these parts, and I am a loyal listener.
  • Jboose276
    Twaining My Way Into a Warning Buoy!
    I have been a longtime fan of this show, Greatest Gen and Adam and Ben since I was first told of them in 2016. This podcast and these hosts have gotten me through job losses, death of parents and pets, and welcomed me to a community I could not live without. While I am still made that didn’t hire me to edit their podcast, Wendy certainly does a better job than I could anyway. I love this podcast, these hosts, and this community. Could not recommend this podcast enough.
  • Quotisha
    The best part of my week
    I look forward to new episodes of Greatest Trek as much as I look forward to new episodes of Star Trek. Adam and Ben are hilarious and insightful, and the production quality sets it above a lot of other podcasts out there. And the best part is their thorough recaps help me remember the plot points I forgot about when I drunk-watched Star Trek.
  • Sebastian Tech of coffee
    Truly a greatest trek
    Listen if “If all you do is love everyone around you, is that real?” Is a welcome quote in your comedy podcasts about Star Trek like it is mine you might just be a friend of Desoto
  • Mike Dubbya
    The Greatest Pod
    I’ve been listening to this and Greatest Gen for years, best Star Trek podcast(er)s out there! I never cease to be entertained. The details in the production are top notch! 🔥🔥
  • wogglebugnyx
    Love it!
    I look forward to this pod all week.
  • Hoju3942
    A Life-Altering Experience
    Ben and Adam have changed my life with the work they do. But like, in the same way that choosing a Snickers instead of a Twix while getting snacks at the local gas station has also technically changed my life? Anyway, keep up the good work, boyos.
  • notquiteflaming
    Warning Buoy! Laughs Ahead!
    Be advised: this podcast may result in double takes, spit takes, and hot takes. Ben, Adam, and editor Wynde are the BEST team to give you the rundown of all new Trek. It’s not just a synopsis and review. These guys were filmmakers before becoming full-time embarrassments to their families by podcasting Trek, so you get a lot of inside baseball. Best part: they love their viewers and you feel that in the content.
  • MercerlikeDm
    You may laugh so hard you crash your car. You might have FOMO so hard you buy a live ticket. You might cry till the next episode drops. YOU WILL love Ben and Adam, and the way they make a great franchise even better through dumb jokes and great reoccurring drops!
  • Plain, simple Todd
    You should be listening to this podcast!
    Ben and Adam blend humor, analysis, anecdotes from their lives, and star trek knowledge into a wonderful mixture that’s fun to listen to and makes you reflect and thinks (and laugh, laugh, laugh). If you are a fan (or anti-fan) if any of the newer star trek series, this is a must listen!
  • kitastrophe
    This podcast has changed my life!
    Mostly for the good. Sure, people think I’m confirming my planned attendance at funerals, and that I don’t know that “Miriam” is a woman’s name… but the pod encourages me to watch episodes of Trek with a new eye. I never would have noticed camera angles or recognized the “that guy” supporting actor if not for this podcast. It’s the next best thing to having actual friends to nerd out about each new episode StarTrek with!
  • SWGill
    Sophisticated fart jokes and more!
    I have degrees in English literature from two Ivy League universities. The doctorate is very nearly complete. That’s a lot of course work, and a lot of guiding students through narratives, so throw some gravity on what I’m about to say: Adam and Ben manage to really deftly combine thoughtful criticism of Trek with a lively and amiable humor. Their deep knowledge of canon informs and guides that criticism, even as it allows them to exploit episodic flaws for good-natured, if often bawdy, laughs. They ask really grounded and probing questions, and they voice their concerns with erudition and, I think, with consistency. Yet, they remain kind and considerate to the humans undertaking the massive work that Trek entails. Their jokes and really lovely camaraderie replace the digressions into secondary sources and theory that a film course on Trek would have, but otherwise their commentary would often be at home in even graduate-level film courses (if seminars allowed tiki drinks). Perhaps the most impressive feature of combining serious exegesis with alcohol and the low-brow is that both Adam and Ben, somehow, remain consummate professionals, always looking for ways to improve their product, their brand, and their listeners’ experiences. It’s really no wonder that they’ve done so well in a remarkably crowded space. Honestly, it’s just a real pleasure to listen to them, and I hope you’ll give them a try.
  • Samus-KY
    These guys are very smart and extremely funny
    Ben and Adam make me laugh every week. Their podcasts have help me through tough times and I look forward to listening each week.
  • lindsayb311
    Best ST Podcast Hands Down
    I adore Star Trek and can never get enough of fan content and conversation about it. Now that I’ve found Greatest Trek, I can bask in the glory of Star Trek nearly all the time. It’s glorious! I am equally excited for new episodes of this podcast as I am the ST content it references. Adam and Ben, you bring me so much joy and irreverent hilarity in all of your podcasts. Thank you for all you do!
  • danumidwife
    More than a little bit embarrassed
    “I cannot seem to remember why I am writing about this podcast. I know that when I am listening to this pod cast, I am laughing like a P’tach. I cannot seem to remember why I am laughing, but then I am laughing again.” P.S. Guys, I need a Barnus Franks medley. Every time you sang a different version of that, my laughter decibels increased. I can barely drive when you do it. It’s the best. Thanks for all the laughter in these crazy times.
  • BAM00003
    You guys make some really stressful days bearable and I hope you know what an impact you have on people’s lives. If there’s a show to support it’s this one so please do so. Keep up the good work guys!
  • podcast reviewer 42069
    My favorite podcast
    Ben and Adam are the best podcast host in the world. I could listen to them talk about and riff on literally anything. They could make a show about rewatching episodes of Meet the Press from 40 years ago and still make it entertaining.
  • Ellis1701
    You’re Going to Kill Someone…With Laughter! (Warning Buoy)
    How big is the overlap between Star Trek fans and Bar Rescue fans? We may never know. But, to those fans…as a person who sits FIRMLY in the center of that particular Venn Diagram, can say with some authority that this podcast (and Greatest Generation) are the podcasts for us. Ben and Adam are always hilarious…but in a recent Greatest Trek, they were downright Taffer-iffic! Taffer Announcer Voice: “Greatest Trek and The Greatest Generation are Uxbridge-Shimoda podcasts on the Maximum Fun Network. Podcasts that Ben and Adam are just a little embarrassed to have. Even if you’re not a Bar Rescue fan (and that’s weird, but you be you), you’ll seriously love these podcasts. Ben and Adam really know their stuff Trek-wise. Great stuff. Always.
  • Marc Robillard
    Excellent guides for casual Star Trek fan
    I love the world and mythos that Ben and Adam (but really the fans) have created out of this show. I always loved Star Trek, but I was not a religious watcher. Listening to this pod has been great for someone who knows a little but really just loves the heart and world of Star Trek. The production quality, the drops, etc. really elevate the show! Thanks to everyone involved.
  • spartanlaw05
    Excellent Pod
    After season 3 episode 9 of Picard, my 13 yo (who is easy with people and sporty and everything I am not) stated that “everyone” is sleeping on Star Trek which is “dropping bangers” while Star Wars is a mess. I honestly teared up. He doesn’t listen to this podcast, but he probably would find it hysterical. I love the guys on this show so much (they helped get me through the pandemic and beyond) and their podcast, while definitely appealing to 13 yo humor, is also well done and thoughtful and kind. Which is ALSO a lot like my 13 yo.
  • vca207
    Do You Like Qo’nos Bits? (Warning Buoy)
    (Kern Voice) This pod is the “Two Girls, One Cup” of Star Trek podcasts (and I mean that in the most flattering way possible)! Long time fans of Trek should enjoy the chocolate fountain that is the playful banter between these two blushing space babes. I drink up their thick frothy frappè weekly and you should too! It is truly a warrior’s beverage. Qapla’!!
  • zzssrrss
    The Best!!!!
    If you're a fan of Star Trek, then you simply must check out "The Greatest Trek Podcast"! This fantastic podcast is hosted by two passionate and knowledgeable Trek fans who are dedicated to exploring every aspect of this iconic science fiction franchise. From the classic Original Series to the modern-day reboots, "The Greatest Trek Podcast" covers it all. The hosts delve into every episode, character, and storyline with enthusiasm, humor, and insight, offering fresh perspectives on the Trek universe that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. What really sets this podcast apart is the obvious passion and love that the hosts have for all things Trek. Their deep knowledge of the franchise is impressive, and their thoughtful analysis of each episode is both engaging and enlightening. They also bring a great sense of humor to their discussions, making each episode a joy to listen to. "The Greatest Trek Podcast" is truly the ultimate destination for anyone who loves Star Trek. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just starting to explore the franchise, this podcast is an absolute must-listen. So, set your phasers to stun and beam aboard for an unforgettable journey through the final frontier!
  • Icemanmike82
    In no way ashamed
    I have unashamedly loved Star Trek since I was 6 years old and I saw that Constitution class starship come into frame on PBS in the small town I grew up in. Finding people that love Trek isn’t easy where I live so I turned to podcasts to fill that need. I started with in-the-pocket of Big Rod pods and enjoyed them for a while but didn’t know I needed to find one that reveres Trek but also can joke about it and just be dumb. That’s this show!
  • RicFromThePig
    I wants be like Ben and Adam when I grown up
    I am ready to beam up for anything Star Trek … and THIS Podcast Team makes it Warp Factor 9.999999~ to listen! 🎶 more… more …more 🎶… THATS how I DO like it! 🖖
  • Ponfarr Jedi
    Best Star Trek Podcast out there!
    I’ve listened to a lot of Star Trek Podcasts. Before I found Greatest I had 5 in my regular rotation ha! Now all I listen to 3, and 2 of those are The Greatest Generation and Greatest Trek. I got a late start and currently listening to Season 2 of Voy of GG. Love you guys and your humor. Right up my alley! Keep the trek coming! Also, a suggestion for a Greatest Trek episode: Star Trek Cruise review.
  • Silverlining909
    The best Trek show out there
    These guys are the not only the best and funniest Trek podcast, but the most original and enjoyable podcast I’ve ever listened to. Huge fan.
  • 1384889277943
    Great show
  • Pete From The Internet
    If you love Trek for all its wonderful silliness, this pod is for you
    A friend of mine was recently admitted to the hospital. It was stressful all around, but if there was any moment of levity to be found in an otherwise grim situation, it was listening to “The Greatest Trek” while driving to visit my friend, pulling into the parking lot just as Ben and Adam get to the climax of the “Barniss Frex” song, and realizing from the looks I’m getting that everybody in the lot can hear the song over my car speakers. Had I known I would be broadcasting, I’d have rolled down my windows and pumped up the bass. Thanks for the laughs, guys.
  • ~kage23~
    Very funny NüTrek podcast
    This is probably my second favorite Star Trek podcast, my favorite being The Greatest Generation.
  • Jossey109
    Greatest Prodigy! Thanks Daddy!
    Murph in the Mug episode was full of songs and stories and bits and bets, all great entertainment! Kudos to the team who made this episode!
  • westharrison
    The best pod for A Nu Star Trek fan!
    Love the pod! That’s why I support them on maximum fun! However, I don’t love the new theme music. I was really hoping it would take sound clips from the Nu Trek shows, the same way Greatest Gen uses sound clips from the shows they are currently reviewing. The DS9 and VOY music are great, so I was really hoping for the equivalent for LDS, SNW, etc. Oh well. I’m sure other people will like it.
  • LDimen
    Is it a great podcast? No its the greatest.
    Great stuff! Hopefully Wil Wheaton isn't listening, bye nerds!
  • misterbilzi
    Greatest Trek! Clearly a brand new show!
    Brand new show! I’m super excited to get into this funny podcast hosted by two funny guys right at the very beginning first episode! So relieved that I don’t have to dig through years of back episodes to get caught up.
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