SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter


SANDCAST is the leading podcast for beach volleyball and stories in the volleyball world. Hosts Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter take listeners into the world of the AVP, FIVB, p1440 and any other professional beach volleyball outlets, digging deep into the lives of the players both on and off the court as well as all of the top influencers in the game.

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Recent Reviews
  • Chi Lisa
    Following the pro beach volleyball scene
    Great way to stay current with the beach volleyball pro scene, as well as learn more directly from players past and present their lives and perspectives on the sport.
  • Joshua.Adam
    Build the Sport!
    Great job giving everyone the background stories that give the sport depth.
  • Azdrcix
    Super nice to tune in to something with original content. Nobody else has this going on and I think it will play a big role in growing beach volleyball as a whole. It’s nice to hear everyone’s stories, and create some depth to what we know about the pro athletes currently on tour and the ones working hard to get there. Running out of music to listen too.. late to the party, but im happy to have so much to catch up on. Keep up the awesome content 🤘🏻
  • GrSSam
    Best Yet
    That interview with Sean Rosenthal was my favorite yet. What a class guy. Thanks to Tri and Travis for a great show.
  • nholaday
    Nice beach vball talk show, not enough advice on how to get better
    Nice beach volleyball show focused on the background of pro volleyball players from pro vball players. As Taylor Crabb's advice on the show was "be a student of the game" one thing I would like to hear more of is technical talk about how to get better. For example asking Norway's team "Christian, how come you almost never get blocked?" Or "Anders, when is a good time to split block? How do you decide between jump serve and jump float?" Instead we mostly get small talk about traveling and how they got into volleyball. Thanks for the show though!
  • Gujfarhvftyh5
    Awesome one of a kind
    Love this. It is the only thing out there that has good beach volleyball content.
  • East Coast Volley Fan
    Best beach podcast ever
    As someone on the east coast, I'm not as in touch with the game as everyone living in California. Sandcast keeps me informed and entertained. Love it, keep up the good work!
  • Thebigblessing
    The Best on Pro Beach Volleyball
    Travis Mewhirter is a gifted with the pen and the volleyball. Nobody covers the beach volleyball game better or with more entertainment than this podcast!
  • Pismo Beach Volleyball Club
    A couple of things, I don't know where to ask questions and how do we find out who is going to be on so we can write a question. I love this podcast, I listen to it while walking my dog, the only complaint is that when Travis talks, it is clear and a good volume, but when Tri talks he sounds like he is further from the mic and I have to turn the volume up, until of course Travis talks again. Keep it up guys! Great conversations about Beach Volleyball!
  • J-Dubs
    Love it
    Keep going guys! Love that you’re covering the ins and outs of the sport!!!
  • Elmo A.
    This podcast is legit!
    Tri and Travis have created a a must-listen podcast both beach volleyball enthusiast and casual fan will find fun and compelling! It’s a nuanced and in-depth look at the world of beach volleyball and it’s stars. Thanks guys!
  • Mellsbury
    Long commuters dream
    I love this podcast. I have over an hour to commute to work both ways and this is the only podcast that makes me not mind sitting in traffic. It is so interesting to hear what the players are really like. Trevor Crabb was by far my favorite guest. He was so funny and mixed with his real life friendship with Tri made the episode so much better. My only wish is that the guests could speak closer to the microphone bc I have to turn the volume to the maximum in order for me to hear the guests speak. You also sometimes get a fun chime in by Alexa. Keep up the good work and keep the podcasts coming!
  • HeLooksUpToMe
    No Ka Oi
    Love getting the back story on the people I've come to know as an online BVB fan. Great to get to know the person(s) behind the stats, the technical aspects, as wellas insights of the sport. "Sandstorm" and Travis continue to enlighten me on a fascinating profession.
  • louisckofficial
    Love it- keep it coming!
  • KVanilla
    The best beach volleyball podcast out there
    Tri and Travis have created what is on it's way to being the most popular beach volleyball podcast in the states. Rivaled only by Coach Your Brains Out, these two do a great job of exploring everything that is beach volleyball from a variety of angles. With Tri's high-level beach experience and Travis's charisma and skill on the mike, they make for a fun and fascinating listen.
  • LagunaVB09
    BVB news
    If you’re looking for Beach Volleyball news and stories, this is the podcast.
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