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'The Rewatchables,' a film podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from the Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching. Listen to the complete archives of 150-plus movies, including 'The Hangover,' 'Godfather 2,' 'Dunkirk,' 'Creed,' and many more classics, on our special 'Rewatchables' page on The Ringer.

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  • tommycostas
    George A Romero
    Night of the living dead. And dawn of the dead 1978. Are the definition of rewatchable
  • WesCandela
    Being a Podcaster and listening to a few of these episodes is cringe worthy
    Listen, first off Bill or Brian or whatever your name is Don’t cut off your cohosts If they have a valid point, let them bring it up, let them breathe it out into the podcast and let us hear what they have to say Don’t just a hog the mic Second of all podcasts are all about opinions so I will give you that. But your opinions, I am legend is not every watchable movie until the world has gone through Covid? Are you kidding me? I don’t even know where to begin. I’m gonna to challenge you and say that my podcast in your podcast should have a get together
  • snapcase07
    The concept has run its course
    we need some new hosts on this podcast or, at the very least, some guests who bring different takes on which movies are rewatchable. if it’s subjective, bill might as well lean in and give someone else a chance at running or picking the movies. and as much as I like CR, the Wayne Jenkins bit is tired.
  • dmartngtr
    Bad Boys ‘83
    So excited you guys did this movie.. one of my childhood favorites!! I really hope you’ll do My Bodyguard and the Outsiders as well!
  • $jr$jr
    The real Bad Boys
    Finally Bill and CR.
  • Tired in Los Angeles
    Love the show!!!
    Love everyone. Watch movies based on their discussions. Keep ‘em coming.
  • Drew_Drewson
    Decent but falling off
    Bills racism and sexism hold his podcast back. All he does is complain the female characters and characters of color. CR and Sean carry the podcast.
  • Paul_Butch26
    50% on Rotten Tomatoes
    Off of the Purge Rewatchables I think the lost movies would be a great month of Rewatchables. First movie I thought of was Tremors classic cult movie but awful at the same time.
  • Bulldogbass
    Love almost everything about this….BUT
    I’m just going to say it, Bill Simmons voice is annoying. How does a guy from Massachusetts sound like a 23 year old California kid? I’d rather hear a natural New England accent over a nasal plugged, cali-style voice that sounds like he’s breathing through his mouth while eating Mac and cheese. But I would take him over Mallory Rubin’s sportscaster voice (I’m absolutely Schhhhhhahked at that) and ridiculous laugh. Actually the exhale part of her laugh is cute, it’s the oxygen sucking inhale afterward that annoys me most. Anyway….CR, Fennessey and Van are the best part of this.
  • Vccchvbczxvbbb
    I’ll give a star back
    Thanks for shutting Craig up. Don’t need him stealing takes from cinephobe anymore. A lot of the movies you do are bad though. Biased old white guys
  • CharlieHustle16
    Horrible streak
    Haven’t listened to an episode since Deliverance. These movies aren’t what the show is supposed to be about. Jumped the shark.
  • Mr. Memory2
    chris ryan brings its down
    some episodes are entertaining, but ryan is just a tough listen. he randomly shouts unfunny lines. wish he was replaced by someone else
  • Duderino2222
    Editing needs work
    I’m a big CR head, so I love when he is on these. The Catch Me if a you Can episode needs editing help though. Jumps around a minute forward or back for no reason.
  • My life is Sideways
    Thank you
    This podcast has literally saved me :) thank you. When is the Thomas Crown Affair coming?!?!
  • teish8
    Thank You for Whiplash Discussion
    I don’t know if you read these, but I want to thank you for the Whiplash pod. The first time I saw it I was so tied up in the jazz flaws (from my point of view as a life long musician) that I couldn’t appreciate the movie for what it was. Sean, you are a gem and a light. I watched it tonight with a new perspective and it moved me. You guys provide a true gift and I know that sounds corny, but in these cynical times it’s rare for me to feel outside myself and be totally immersed in something beautiful. Your insight and depth are so appreciated.
  • AshBach15
    Love it!
    Love listening to them chat about the most iconic movies. Please do Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead! Incredible early nineties movie. I mean Christina Applegate…apex mountain? Probably not but she is a icon!
  • Pacheco-23
    Fell off
    This podcast used to be great. In the beginning they would do movies people have actually seen. Now they do odd one offs from Bill Pullman that nobody has ever heard of. And they bring in guests like Mallory Rubin who epitomizes the “go woke, go broke” mentality.
  • Goatman5809
    Brooks Robinson/ Sleepless
    C’mon Bill, former Sports Guy, 1970 was Brook’s MVP World Series not ‘71!
    I find this podcast very enjoyable. I often listen to the podcasts before I even see the movie. Typically, the podcasts are more enjoyable than the movie. Can we get Braveheart already?!!!!
    Too long
    This podcast would be much more appealing if it were tightened up and came in at about an hour.
  • ashermommy
    Gender Divide
    It bothers me that the women on this podcast tend to only talk about “chick flicks” and the men watch the more typical “male films” Also Bill seems to only talk about female actresses based on their looks.
  • borris_g
    I am from Uruguay, this story is really incredible. Some of the survivors have made several conferences and books regarding the accident, mainly Carlitos Páez, the son of a famous painter in Uruguay. I think they are doing a series or a new version of the movie.
  • LobePDX
    Lost its charm quickly
    The earliest episodes with Simmons, Ryan and Fennessey had a joy and a charm to them and the movies were actually rewatchable. As time went on and hosts were added it became banal content generation. By the time Van Lathan was added as a host the paucity of ideas was clear; let’s add a host who replaces nouns, verbs and adverbs with swear words. The occasional swear can add excitement or emphasis. I thought the Ringer was a group of writers also recording podcasts. Why all the cursing? Oh well… still a few early gems worth listening to.
  • Karma08054
    A Movie Lover’s Go To Podcast
    Great discussions, entertaining and informative. I often rewatch movies after listening to the podcast episode, or watch movies I haven’t seen but should have. My only criticism is that shows with more than three hosts tend to get disjointed with people talking over each other. Best shows are with Bill and Chris alone. Do Apollo 13 next!
  • Scot2944
    Another over hosting award. Way to go Chris. less Chris please.
  • Rap game summer sanders
    the ringers best
    best hosts are mallory, bill, chris ryan and fennessey. Keep it up !
  • PodTaster88
    Not bad but
    Someone please tell Simmons how to pronounce subsequent. You guys are killing me.
  • chad "egg nog" kultgen
    Would love if the rotation was Mal, Van, Sean, CR, Kyle Brandt & Shea. 98% of the time I love this show. The one start deduction was for Rachel Getting Married :)
  • Monkeyface7
    Rewatchables is basically like when I was working in the video store in 1999. I'm so glad these discussions came back into my life.
  • ElTeo1234
    Mallory Rubin
    Woah. That lady is insufferable. She can’t possibly talk like that (and have friends) in real life. Abject crap, no thank you. Oh yeah, that Chris Ryan guy stinks too. Rubin and Ryan should link up to launch the most unlistenable pod ever. Wake up Bill. You’re blowing it on what could and should be a weekly go to. Currently skippable.
  • Zombi lincoln
    Just do Actual Rewatchable Movies.
    No one is rewatching Alive, Body Heat, or School Ties. Quit trying to be cute about everything.
  • Jared Apples
    Planet of the Apes
    Planet of the Apes deserves an episode.
  • yodajammies
    When will you review Aliens
    Best series ever. But we need Aliens. Dion waiters and Overacting = Bill Paxton. That guy… Rewatchables scenes. Too many to list. Whats aged the best? Please make it happen.
  • Pn98
    Satisfies this nurses sick sense of humor
    This pod is awesome. I’ll listen sometimes to movies I’ve never seen just for the banter. The “Alive” episode is spot on the crap we say at work. You have to a little twisted to work as a nurse, so it hits right where I need it. Thank you!!
  • kazzzevo
    My god !
    Amazing por been listening since day one and all the 30 heat pods keep the great work bill…and do Demiltion man
  • rtrnofthemac
    Love it!
    Please do Alien or Aliens!
  • pariswillis444
    Make it happen!!!!
    Love this podcast and listen to 1-2 every day at work…..I need you and Van to do White Men Can’t Jump!!!!! ASAP!!!! Thank you lol
  • ahmed mt2000
    Screech noise
    Does anyone notice a loud screech on some of these, usually coming back from an ad break?
  • KJSobergirl
    You finally did it!
    I was away for awhile. I decided the Rewatchables was just what I was in the mood for and there it was. MAN. ON. FIRE. I’ll admit I wasn’t tracking your reticence to do this movie. I was a little worried that maybe you didn’t love it as much as I do. Nope. You treated it as the holy grail that it is. It’s my favorite Denzel. My favorite Dakota. My favorite Tony. It is also one of my favorite love stories and favorite revenge vehicles. It is sacred in the way that Heat, True Romance, Thelma and Louise, and Harold and Maude are to me. It is the holder of many APEX MOUNTAINS! I also LOVE Proof of Life and appreciate how often you bring it into the mix. I’m often delighted that your surprising Rewatchables are my surprising Rewatchables. Thank you for this show and for treating the films you discuss with the respect they deserve, making it fun, and bringing in all the background research. Sometimes you ponder whether any women are listening…I am! And yes, I was born in 1970. So, there ya go😊 Kirsten
  • patreonappsucks
    No more Chris Ryan
    I love this show but he completely ruins it. He’s not funny, we don’t need to hear his Al Pacino every episode
  • etjcsu
    Mostly good
    Honestly the women are so annoying. They go on and on with almost no point. Mallory does weird inflections with her voice, it’s almost impossible to listen to. I fast forward through most of the women speaking, trying to be woke and PC about everything. Yeah pretty much everything you review wouldn’t cut it in 2022. We get it.
  • TheocracyMatt
    Wet Blanket Wesley
    Not only is The Rewatchables consistently one of the best and most enjoyable podcasts out there, but I actually think the Godfather II episode is the best podcast episode I've heard, period. It's a work of art in its own right. I must agree with others here, however: Wet Blanket Wesley doesn't fit. He makes it difficult to listen while driving, because his blowhardy self-importance consistently causes one's eyes to involuntarily roll into the back of their head, making it impossible to focus on the road. He's the only regular guest that has a schtick, and I think most people have rightly grown tired of it. Other than that, top-notch. Thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment.
  • Clamshell614
    Bill and Sean only
    Cannot stand any of these people except Bill and Sean. Please stop ending every sentence with the word question “right?”. Chris Ryan is so obnoxious and uncool. Bragging that he “got Warnock elected” was so gross. He laughs manically at nothing. The black dudes only talk in cliches about black perspectives. We get it, you only want to talk about black stuff. The women are an immediate no. They are LA robots.
  • L3G4
    Man, I wish you guys would do a call in or provide an email for listeners comments/questions. For instance; On “Back To The Future”….Marty got a pickup truck NOT a Jeep as y’all said. There are other corrections or missed parts, but I’ll leave it there. Love the pod!!
  • marked for life
    Good pod
    I have one complaint , leave out the basketball analogies. Other than that I enjoy the pod
  • ckcalco
    One Suggestion
    This is usually my favorite movie podcast. In particular, I love the banter between Bill and Chris. Sean is a great addition to provide a voice regarding the art of filmmaking. My only suggestion for improvement: take Wesley out of the equation. He rambles on far too much and often interrupts the otherwise strong/humorous discussions you have. I’m sure he’s a great writer, but having him on the podcast takes away from the special interactions you create. In my humble opinion, his voice is just not right for the overall excellent podcast you have built. Thank you for providing me with something to look forward to every Tuesday morning.
  • skwhic
    Body heat
    Great movie. Review ruined by the gay black who can’t stop talking about being gay and black.
  • Nardo98
    Who picks these garbage?
    Seriously not one of the original Star Wars trilogy or Indiana Jones movies. No Ghostbusters either. How can movies who are cultural phenomenons not rewatchables. This is just too much of what Bill likes and the movies keep getting worse. Also Heat is barely watchable yet they talk about it like it’s the greatest movie ever.
  • Adonis Chickenson
    Wesley has verbal diarrhea
    Yet he says so little of substance
  • ivanahumpalots
    Body Heat Baby
    Flipping through channels and seeing Body Heat on and knowing there's a pod waiting for me now is what I call winning.
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