The Rewatchables

TV & Film #18

'The Rewatchables,' a film podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from the Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching. Listen to the complete archives of 150-plus movies, including 'The Hangover,' 'Godfather 2,' 'Dunkirk,' 'Creed,' and many more classics, on our special 'Rewatchables' page on The Ringer.

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  • 10Blades
    You Love Horror Movies?
    You love horror movies? It’s October and you’ve done The Departed and Cobra and The Color of Money? Come on, man!
  • realitystrikesback
    When you guys were talking about Leo’s best movies how did you forget to mention this boys life which could be one of the strongest performances by anyone at that age, ever
  • Norm Dale
    First good movie choice since Rain Man. All choices in September were bad. Mystic River is needed, loaded cast and director. Perfect for this podcast.
  • rtrnofthemac
    Loved Superbad pod!
    I just listened to the Superbad episode and loved it. One of the picky nits was that none of the kids had an older sibling to buy beer. At one point, though, Becca tells Evan that she was going to beg her older sister to buy it for her. You guys also said you are running out of movies. How about Alien and Aliens? They are both very rewatchable and Aliens has to be Michael Biehn’s apex mountain.
  • CharlieHustle16
    I always felt bad for not loving this movie. Boston Irish stuff might be the most nauseating subject covered in movies. I grew up a huge Cheers fan and loved Good Will Hunting but enough Boston anything. Just a bunch of fake, democratic , racists. Scorsese kind of lost his fastball when he partnered up with Leo (except for Shutter Island) .
  • isentBillyGillN64games
    Can. Not. Happen. Soon. Enough.
  • bf2727
    Great movie podcast
    You guys always pick great movies to review. I am not a huge Michael Mann fan but please review public enemies. Also keep crapping on Roger Ebert when he gives a movie a bad review. I don’t know why but I find that to be so hilarious.
  • wm1793
    Bad movie choices
    The movie choice lately have been abysmal
  • Old School Cool Dad
    Lots of laughs and nostalgia
    GenXer reporting in, Have been listening since the beginning and would highly recommend. If you’re into sports, culture and classic and some quirky movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and beyond, then you will love this pod. Along with ofc Bill, some of the other co-hosts I truly enjoy are Ryen Rusillo, Van Lathan, Sean Fennessey, Chris Ryan & Amanda Dobbins. They all have hilarious and interesting tales and insights on some great films. Among the best episodes I can recall are Top Gun, Victory, The Town, Jaws & Heat. I only have one complaint: they haven’t covered the greatest basketball movie of all time yet...The HOOSIERS pod is way overdue!
  • Ryan09090909
    Lost/last man
    Bill Simmons is a middle aged Boston sports dude and the podcast I started to listen to about Miami Vice opened with him publicly flogging himself about not knowing the name of a Disney-Marvel movie bc it was an Asian American thing. Dude, face your life. How do you look people in the eye?
  • txswimmer92
    It would be nice if they discuss movies people actually want to rewatch. What happened to covering movies people actually care about?
  • Jake1000
    Gotta do more research
    Simmons went on an absolute tangent about how the JJ Riley character in “Warrior” should've been played by a bigger actor (like Stanley Tucci) but didn’t seem to realize that the role was in fact played by the writer/director Gavin O’Connor. You’re better than that Bill, well maybe not, but Russillo definitely is. With that being said, thoroughly enjoyed the pod.
  • bruinsz77
    Need these movies.
    Love the pod but need National Treasure. The Replacements and Gone in 60 and Dumb and Dumber. These movies are on every weekend. Need them!
  • Bateman Not Batman
    Crockett’s White Ferrari
    I’m watching Miami Vice from start to finish and the day I listened to the Calderone’s Return Rewatchables, Crockett’s black Ferrari got blown up by an arms dealer! It happens in the first episode of the third season. Castillo gives him the white Ferrari in the second episode after a mini tantrum about having to drive an old truck to drug deals. Do the whole season rewatch! Great pod btw.
  • Apple is fascistic
    its not great
    think of this as the dumb guy’s movie/tv podcast.
  • Adonis Chickenson
    Movie choices becoming questionable
    Lots of dumb niche movies that no one has heard of. Please do more crowd pleasers like fight club or raiders. No Victory or Hardball
  • AirCJordan
    Overall great, some improvement possible
    I love this podcast when it plays to its strengths which are when people who love the movies they are talking about come together and go in-depth discussing the cultural importance, cinematic aspects, and performances in each movie. I have discovered dozens of movies that I wouldn’t have watched beforehand like Thief, Bloodsport, Den of Thieves, True Romance etc... Chris Ryan and Sean Fenessey are great, film nerds who like to embellish but that’s only because they love what they are discussing. You’re in for a general fun time when Shea Serrano or Jason Concepcion(Who has moved on from the Ringer) hop on a pod because they have a certain taste. Mallory Rubin is awesome overall, her specific love of baseball and flair when describing her passions are endearing. K Austin Collins has been solid for both of the pods he’s done. Bill does a good job of hosting and has funny and predictable errors in terms of pronunciation and when it comes to bringing up Kicking and Screaming every two pods. The only real issues I have with the pod are when they make it a platform for social issues or whether or not a movie “aged” well. Van Lathan in particular brings it up every time he is on and it gets tiresome. The pod should be a form of escapism, not another forum for racial views. He is not talented in general so that doesn’t help either. And the whole Sandlot episode was a joke, ruined a perfect opportunity for a great pod by even bringing up the lifeguard and lack of explanation for why James Earl Jones didn’t play in the MLB.
  • drago463
    Great Pod
    This is an excellent Podcast. For anyone who loves movies and loves rewatching movies this POD is excellent. You feel like your watching a movie with your friends. Love the movies rewatched. Would love to see you guys do, Slapshot with Paul Newman, Miracle with Kurt Russell, North Dallas Forty with Nick Nolte and Oxford Blues with Rob Lowe. All would fit in with your vibe. Thank you
  • wordyflamingo
    Disappointing lack of diversity
    This is such a fun concept. But in reality I really only find it listenable when a woman joins the panel…and apparently women are only allowed to talk about rom-coms? Gross. I’m done with this one.
  • RoseMiller98765
    Waste of time
    Desperately trying to be politically correct. Stop pretending like you care. Also, Van is openly prejudice against other races. He’s also not funny and ruins the pod. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
  • snicketymame
    Sultans of Swing released in 1978
    I like listening to these guys talk about movies, but sometimes they don’t bother to google things. In the Argo podcast they claimed Sultans of Swing was an anachronism. My pedantic self had to point out it was released a year before the events of the movie.
  • Viva42
    The Rememorables
    Bill Simmons couldn’t correctly pronounce a person’s name to save his life. And if you’re looking for a movie podcast that talks mostly about basketball, you’ll like this one.
  • bulova shagnasty
    My Favorite Podcast
    Although many of their picks are head scratchers (The Bodyguard? POINT BREAK?????) I love listening to these guys. The behind the screens stuff is fascinating if you’re a movie person and they’re really funny. Great show, guys.
  • mfivdrgxs
    Stop doing these dumb unwatchables. We don’t care. Just release the regular podcast
  • JRich731
    Hey Simmons
    Black people watch movies with predominately white casts. So feel free to have black cohosts for more of your rewatchables. Van Latham probably has something good to say about Superbad
  • Zach Dreier
    Please leave off Sean or anyone if…
    They just talk about the flaws of the movie the entire time. Recently listened to the Inception Rewatchable and it had to be the worst listen of all the pods. If you’re going to talk about a movie on a podcast called “the rewatchables” I would think the people on said podcast should actually like the movie. Honestly, they talked about the flaws of the movie like 95% of the entire show. I think the only thing they liked were the action scenes.. we get it Sean.. you’re super cool and don’t like Christopher Nolan. Mallory was the only one who made me keep listening.
  • BigJBar
    I love this pod
    Although they qualify way too many movies as rewatchable this is always fun even with movies you totally disagree should be rewatched. However they do heat every 100th episode. #1 on my bucket list it to be a guest by episode 400.
  • It won't work help!!!!
    Boiler Room
    Lets get Boiler Room in the line up. 👍
  • sabrinaoo
    Van Latham
    Just him and Bill from now on please.
  • mr_grandpa
    More Van Please
    I will listen to literally any episode with Van Lathan. Haven’t seen the movie? Better get to it. MORE VAN! All around my favorite podcast. But with Van… undeniable. All the stars.
  • Ram Sockwell
    Absolute must for movie lovers!
    The love and enthusiasm the Ringer crew have for movies is so infectious, every episode makes me instantly want to watch the movie being discussed.
  • silverliningpgh
    Rather die than listen to these people relate every little thing into today’s politics. We really need some new material up in here
  • AlexH102
    Small Ask …..
    Love the podcast….can’t stand when Van Lathan is a guest. If you’re looking for someone who can give an insider voice on “Black Cinema” …it ain’t him. If you could please find someone else, that would be amazing. I couldn’t even listen to all of the Boyz n the Hood pod because of him. Coming to America and Lethal Weapon 2 was straight up torture! No disrespect to him as person just his take on movies. Thanks!
  • RobSATX!
    Bring Back Russillo
    Love the pod. Movie watcher but on the cusp of buff. Love the breakdowns and overall categories especially dion waiters. Re-Do Top Gun for 200th!!!
  • The Other Andy Reid
    Bodyguard episode
    Sleazy Sy was played by Gary Kemp, a founding member of Spandau Ballet. Cant believe u guys missed that! Great show.
  • WhatDaFitz
    Welcome back Van
    Great show. I look forward to it every week. Thrilled every-time Van is on the roster.
  • Mustachestaff
    Great Podcast
    Entertaining and I always learn something new, but Bill Simmons always always finds a way to criticize female actors he doesn’t think are hot enough.
  • awjjsd
    Entertaining and informative
    This is my favorite of the Ringer podcasts. It makes you want to go back and watch the movies again and increases the enjoyment when you do. That said, the movie choices seem to get less interesting as they work through the catalog. Country Strong and Reality Bites were two movies I’d never even heard of. We have two episodes on “Heat,” but nothing on “Snatch,” or the other Guy Richie films, which define rewatchability. No Alien films, no Twilight, no Heist, no Kubrick, no Mamet.
  • Jack's growing disappointment
    Woodstock ‘99
    Just watched the doc. Please stop giving Wesley Morris work.
  • Jro11lin
    Look forward to every episode
    Best part of a Tuesday morning
  • Tunney75
    You guys continue to kill it; all the details and humor used to define and celebrate cinematic classics. I’ve listened to more than one of your podcasts mutism times… perhaps there is a show called the re-listenables?
  • Roboito81
    Fun Pod! But it’s time for the Alien/Aliens B2B Eps.
    Love the pod, but unless I missed them, how have you not tackled Alien or Aliens yet?? The rare which one is better, the original or sequel combo? I think this needs a back to back a la The Terminator pods. Keep up the great work all!
  • Case-bob
    As usual, Hollywood politics “trump” all
    Used to like this podcast even though hosts are obviously extremely liberal. They lost me on the fight club episode comparing the 1/6 “insurrection” to project mayhem. Project mayhem OBVIOUSLY resembles antifa or BLM violent insurrections a trillion times more than the pathetic protest at the capital in which one person (one of the PROTESTERS) was killed. They showed what political lying a-holes they really are, and I will never listen to another episode
  • willmatic6
    I love this podcast, but I just heard Bill utter the words on the Fight Club episode, “Fincher made the best film of the 21st century... The Social Network” and a little part of me died.
  • Mr. Ditkovich
    Love the show, but…
    Fennessy, CR, and Bill are the Dream Team. Happy with Fight Club week, Goodfellas and Raiders were great, but the selections are hit or miss. Love the format, makes for good discussion. Easy listening.
  • Sun/Dried
    Good but there are better
    Fun, awesome concept. Analyzing movies through a sports lens is great. Sometimes they lean political which is annoying. Not everything has to be politically charged. There are better movie podcasts but it’s def top 5.
  • 12freebrady
    YOU BLEW IT!!!
    Can believe u guys blew a chance to make a great podcast with boyz in the hood so disappointed please!!! Go back to taking bout movies and not worry bout what “people” are gonna say Skip the first 30 mins your not missing anything, plus don’t get your facts from ice cube episode on all the smoke podcast. Advice: no more van lathon on rewatchables just horrible
  • Armcherry 2020
    Movie suggestions
    Please do Dirty Dancing and Footloose!!
  • mikey webb
    Legally Blonde!!!!
    C’mon guys, can we just have a dumb, not great it when it came out rewatchables Pod just for the ladies? Legally Blonde is not a good movie. It’s an insult to the chick flick in fact.
  • bcchuck
    Consistently a great pod!
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