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U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and everything in between - they’re here to make sure you don’t die alone. For more fun dating commentary, polls, and bonus content, follow @u.up.podcast on Instagram.

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  • jr7575757
    Promotion is killing it for me
    Now we have to listen to them plugging the YouTube channel for 5 min in the beginning too? It was bad enough that I had to skip the first 10 minutes to avoid having to hear about Jared’s tour dates.
  • Zombies are real
    The Greatest Pod of All
    J & J have the best dating podcast out there, period. I could honestly listen to Jared read the encyclopedia and still find it interesting. Love their games, their different takes (man vs woman, single vs married). Their Sunday specials are great bite sized bits and their longer episodes are treats. I love U Up and honestly all betches + Jared content!
  • mags 34.
    So good!
    Love this podcast, Jared is so funny and everything Betches does is great!!
  • aves941284
    love the pod, but adore how excited jordana gets when she says mcgooby’s. thanks for doing the lord’s work.
  • 2dogs.and.em
    Love the show
    I just started listening to this show a few months ago and I find it really insightful and entertaining/funny. I’ve been binge listening the entire year. I actually do enjoy hearing Jordana and Jared talk about their lives. I really like hearing Jared’s dating experiences. I’m in my mid 30s too and I experience a lot of the same changes in motivation levels over time. I do find the promotional talk about Jared’s touring to be excessively long. You need to do it, but maybe keep it under 5 minutes. Your fans who want to go and are nearby will look you up. For the audience who isn’t anywhere near where he’s going, we don’t care. Point people to your website and be done with it. I do still like to hear about his shows after their done if there’s a good story. I can’t wait to hear about his family when he goes to Detroit. Otherwise, I love the show and appreciate your mature points of view on dating!
  • no_politics
    Gone Downhill
    I used to really enjoy listening to this podcast, but 34 minutes of this past week’s episode was Jared and Jordana talking about nonsense including promoting Jared’s tour dates for the umpteenth time. Then when they finally got to the email, it was them talking in circles. I couldn’t even listen to the rest. I’ve found this to, unfortunately, be the case with other betches podcasts too where everyone just rambles on.
  • Pillar C.
    For any and everyone!
    What is not to love about this podcast? Married, single, confused? It’s for everyone! Update: please watch and subscribe to the YouTube! Premium viewing experience! 👌🏾
  • Gide4
    Consistently the best
    I love this podcast. I find almost all the topics extremely relatable, I love how Jared and Jordana share their personal experiences, and I often find myself cracking up during the episode.
  • mrkmkmkmk
    Haven’t been as into it lately
    Idk why
  • Single professional mom
    You both need kisses & a smack.
    As a Spanish sexy Boca woman, Jordana... You are amazing and will be a wonderful mom once its time; sending you a huge hug for your loss. I’m so deeply sorry.💞 Jared.... You.... Oh Jared. Just keep focusing on your career. You’re doing great. The right woman will come; you are funny, sexy, charming a bit obnoxious but the right woman will understand. No rush...
  • groundyourselves
    Thank you
    Long time listener of the show and can’t thank you guys enough for all the episodes. I listen to them each week and feel like I’m catching up with friends at this point. Jordana- you are the wise older sister I wish I always had!
  • theinternationaltraveler
    A friend recommended this podcast to me and I really wanted to like it, but I find it very hard to get into. As a new listener, I don’t find the beginnings of the episodes, where the hosts seem to generally be catching up with each other, to be interesting. I think most of the user base have been fans for a while so there’s some charm in listening to this, but for me it doesn’t capture my attention, seems to meander, and I find myself wondering when they’re going to get to the main subject (which I’m always highly interested in). This podcast is the equivalent of a book that has a painfully slow beginning that I keep trying to power through but it just keeps getting put back on my nightstand.
  • frozenpeas18
    Love love love!!
    Hi Jordana :) love knowing you read all of these. J&J are so funny, vulnerable, relatable, smart, and helpful! Their conversations about being “a disgusting” have honestly made me feel so much better about myself :’) They work very hard to make sure they are consistently delivering an amazing show for their fans. No matter what your relationship status, you will always laugh along and I cannot recommend it more !!
  • tessaeliason
    I have been listening to this podcast for years and just wanted to say a quick thanks and ily
  • Rhea2021
    Hilarious, Respectful, Insightful
    Not a surprise this is a chart topper. Jordanna, is smart and pushes Jared when the female audience is rolling their eyes at him. I’m married and listen to every episode! J&J have a great dynamic but are also vulnerable with the audience. It’s no wonder we all feel like their best friend!
  • yhvgtrfcxdewszz
    Going downhill
    Have been listening for a couple of years, initially I found it very helpful, but lately seems to be falling flat. I find that Jared and Jordana spend too much time talking about themselves which I generally fast forward through. More recent episodes which were meant to cover serious topics (anxiety in dating, emotional availability of men, dating app burnout) feel very dismissive. I don’t find responses to these topics or writer emails to be very validating - seems more like “get over it” type of advice. Not helpful.
  • AlexaBoBexa13
    Love this podcast but
    I truly love this podcast and I think Jordana has really come into her own for comedic timing and I laugh out loud all of the time. However, Jared recently has started singing a lot more and doing the theatric voices and it makes me want to skip forward every time he starts (reminds me of his luxury lounge songs that I cringe and fast forward every time 😣)
  • ETphonehome1089
    Jared Please stop singing for the love of god
    Please I beg of you
  • mongoose690
    Some concerns
    In general I have liked listening and enjoy hearing other points of view about dating, but there are a few really irritating (and some concerning) issues: 1) The first 10-20 minutes are basically an overview of Jared’s upcoming shows - this isn’t why we’re here for this podcast. 2) The Sunday episodes are basically one giant advertisement, and it feels like a lot of time is spent explaining how these episodes are shorter than Wednesday's and therefore more “shareable”, but this doesn’t need to be explained and makes the episodes longer. 3) Most concerning - they keep referencing the Psychology Today article and how it has no data, but it appears that they didn’t actually bother to click on the links for the research studies or read the actual sources for the article, which is a major issue in critically evaluating information online. It really concerns me that they didn’t bother to read those sources before repeatedly bringing this up on their podcast and spreading misinformation about it.
  • SarahDiGi
    Love J&J
    Finally writing a review after being a listener since 2018!! I do not have words to describe how much I love this podcast! When I listen I feel like I am apart of Jordana and Jared’s conversations. It’s the perfect podcast to “put your brain on the shelf” as Jared says. I have long days and long commutes in the healthcare field so this podcast is a perfect way to get my mind off things. Jordana and Jared have such a fun dynamic. I love how they point out the nuances in all situations. They don’t see the world in black and white. They acknowledge the gray areas of dating and have open and honest conversations that I love to listen in on. Thank you J&J for your dedication to U Up!!
  • c h a n d r a
    The Wednesday episodes are a bit dry
    After being an avid listener for years, I’ve stopped listening. Jordana and Jared have had tons of thoughtful and interesting takes throughout the years, but those are few and far between lately. It seems like a combination of emails that are difficult to understand (they should provide a brief recap) and long roundabout discussions. Also they often sound extremely judgmental and get some takes way off. I just found myself feeling bored and annoyed while listening
  • Margaret000
    Problem with downloading
    I love this podcast! Jared and Jordana are both hilarious. I could listen to them chatting all day. Only problem is I’m a benefits subscriber and sometimes I can’t download the bonus episodes. I couldn’t listen to the latest ep. Please fix this! I look forward to it every Tuesday!
  • Taylorthedancegoddess
    New Subscriber
    I'm a big fan of a lot of the Betches podcasts, but I never really gave U Up? a chance, because I'm married to my high school sweetheart and haven't really ever "dated" so I thought I wouldn't get into it. I just started listening a few months ago and I'm hooked! I'm even a with benefits subscriber now. I just watched the YouTube Chicago Live Tour Video and you guys were great! Hope U Up? Tour or Jared comes to Philly some time soon!
  • a fellow dawg
    This show takes the edge off after a long day
  • Kmegs14
    Awesome Podcast for anyone
    I’m married and still can’t get enough of this podcast. The J&J chemistry is unmatched! I’m looking forward to hear from Jordana’s thoughts on Brendan Fraser’s comeback in the next few episodes lol
  • Nickyyyyy123
    best podcast ever!
    it is really the best podcast ever, please post the live shows on apple/spotify/youtube! you have fans in other countries who want to watch!! please do live shows in other countries! also please mute maddy. shes great but we don't need to hear her laugh every episode
  • maddieboombaladdie
    Loyal listener but starting to get the “ick”
    This is still one of my favorite podcasts. I’m a subscriber and listener for about a year now. However, the cringe factor from Jared’s “honesty” on life and love lately started to become too much for me and I find myself not as excited for new episodes and fast forwarding some of the content. I believe this started at or after his solo abroad trip. Dude needs a slice of humble pie and to get out of his own head to come back to earth. Tone it down, man. Jordana keeps it relevant and more down to earth and I appreciate that. I have a pretty good sense of humor about life and love and I’m not super offended by humor or sarcasm so if you fit that category you will enjoy this podcast. I love the awkward sex segments, and red flag or deal breakers. They always provide a good laugh.
  • heidirockrohr
    So obsessed I need to watch via YouTube! When will we get the episodes to watch?!
  • AfternoonTea989
    Used to love but I’m turned off
    I started listening in 2020 and I was a big fan of Jared’s insights about the way men think. But today’s episode about the Rise of Single Lonely Men really turned me off maybe for good. I couldn’t understand what Jared was talking about in terms of this article. Men are turned into zombies by the apps and can’t make intellectual decisions so it’s not their fault that they’re not measuring up to women’s standards? And Jordanna agreed with him with no push back. They claimed that the article wasn’t based on studies - false. And then Jared ended it by saying that women are single and lonely too so same difference…um no, straight women are single BECAUSE men aren’t capable of stepping up their game and we’re happier than single men as the article stated. Also if you have to say that “this sounds icky” before every statement you make about men’s behavior and thoughts, then maybe it’s actually icky and you should stop defending them.
  • Katherine B 1987
    I laugh to myself every episode!!
    Jared and Jordana make me laugh every single episode! They both have helped me feel more confident in my dating life. They also remind me to make sure I have fun while dating (which I can sometimes forget lol). I love how they catch up with each other at the start of the episode, it makes me feel like I get to know them as people. Keep up the good work!!! I still die laughing thinking about the awkward story with the poo in the cat litter box - literally the funniest thing I have ever heard 💀💀💀
  • P. Sasha
    Intro feedback
    Jared interrupts Jordana or guests way too much. The 8/30/22 was overkill. Love the content tho
  • em2071
    talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular
    Listening to a new podcast is like meeting a new friend. At first, you ease in, not sure what to expect to hear. But as you listen to more and more episodes, you get to hear the banter between these two and it feels like you’re with them. I am a huge Girls Gotta Eat fan, and wasn’t sure how I’d feel adding another podcast to my roster but I am sure glad that I did. Love listening to the episodes and find myself laughing at each one as I listen on my drive. Keep it up J&J, love your new biggest fan xoxo
  • lmb_political
    Too cis het
    A lot of people dating out there are gender and sexually fluid. Lot of great content but there’s a lot to be added to get the full picture of what dating looks like in 2022. It’s also pretty clear Jared isn’t prioritizing dating rn which is fine and totally relatable. Why not bring a third person who is actively going on dates, is not cis and is Black/brown??? Would add a lot
  • Frankie Martini
    So judgmental and
    Maybe this podcast needs a content warning? Like a reminder that these are strictly the opinions of Jordana and Jared? I feel like Jordana’s comments and options are extremely negative and judgmental. It’s easy to tell that they both come from white/white passing privileged backgrounds. Jordana lacks self-awareness and Jared doesn’t always consider that their audience includes people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Ultimately, I finish listening to the episodes thinking that some people listening for advice are not getting the best guidance because their life experiences are so limited.
  • Morigee
    The Best!
    I frequently laugh out loud to this podcast. I love they dynamics between J and J. Wish I had found them sooner!!
  • saryvth
    Relatable and hilarious
    Everything on the podcast is not only relatable but hilarious. Love that you get the male and female perspective on all the topics as well. Jared and jordana have absolutely nailed podcast energy & chemistry. The paid subscription is the best $2.99/month I spend!
  • Dreaface
    Never wrote a podcast review but…
    I really don’t want this podcast to end so I will support this as much as possible. We need more tours ( Bay Area California )!!!
  • shelstock
    Baby less
    Spot on! It's like you don't want to be out at happy hour with your friends and be the only one that hasn't worked out that day!
  • Rjdfmsiz22
    The fans want more Maddie
    Please give us more Maddie content Jordana
  • elizabethleaa
    this review is for jordana 🤍🤍
  • DAC903
    Fun to listen to even as someone in a long term relationship. Podcast is well structured and they keep it real which I appreciate. I relate to Jordana a lot when it comes to her anxieties about dating before meeting her husband. She and Jared make a great team. Update - please do more live shows!!!
  • getittogetherplz
    Came for Jordana, leaving cuz Jared
    I really hope jordana sees her worth and jumps ship. Jared is forever alone and nobody should be taking dating advice from someone that can barely get a date.
  • KMG Katie
    This podcast is amazing. I started listening to it years ago and now thanks to this pod and therapy I’m in the best, healthiest relationship of my life. It’s cool to get a guy and girl’s perspective on things. They really tell it how it is. And also the awkward sex stories make me laugh out loud! A must listen.
  • 134hello
    Funniest Episode 8/17
    I have listened since the beginning and this Wednesday’s episode was the best one yet. On an airplane, absolutely cracking up unable to contain myself the whole time. Thank you for this ep and all the years of entertainment J&J!
  • Jenny likes to fly fish
    I’ve rated, I’ve subscribed, I’ve told a friend, told a friend, told a friend friend friend. Now I’m finally getting down to the brass tax of reviewing. I’m starting to put together a mental guide of ‘WWJ2D’. (What would J-squared do?). But if I’m doubt, just analyze what is acceptable over the long term to you? Sometimes people make mistakes, but for tiny little things, if you don’t speak up and continue to receive that behavior, then that’s on you. This goes for all types of relationships. Work, romantic, plutonic, dare I even say familial? Thanks for all you do to solve dating and all the rest, I get some laughs about your perspective from NYC dating. Here in ski town USA I have to adjust for the small population base, but I’m thrilled to get both male and female perspectives and the witty banter. Much love! J
  • Liana Michelle
    My go to pod
    Jordana, Jared (and Maddy!) are amazing! They talk about real life dating situations, break things down, and offer the perspective of from both a man and a woman. It’s so helpful and all done with laughter. Since Jordana reads all of these, please know you’re my favorite people to spend pod time with. Keep doing everything exactly as you do!
  • xxx1234!
    I LOVE UUP and J&J. Every episode is amazing and a perfect mix of helpful and hilarious. I feel like I know Jared and Jordana and I thank them for being so genuine and honest!! Not sure how I ever lived without this podcast, the new episodes are a highlight of every week. And the benefits episodes are totally worth it!! Also, I (and I’m sure others) REALLY appreciate how you guys interact with your fans. J&J often say to DM feedback or questions and they always respond and chat with fans who reach out. One comment for your next live shows/tour- it would be awesome if somehow fans had an opportunity to meet you guys. I totally get what Jared says about it becoming a “second performance” but maybe there’s a way to do this! Thank you for everything!!!
  • gabybo23
    I could listen endlessly
    This show is funny and genius. I wish I could be Jared and Jordanna’s best friend irl, because they are just so funny and relatable. I never miss an episode. The only good part about Monday’s for me.
  • FrostFate
    Once they get to the show it’s pretty good but....
    So I’ve listened to dozens of the podcasts & two overwhelming issues here. One-too many ads...like WAY too many to constantly FF through. It sets the tone & clouds the message (since I trust & believe you have one). Second, and most important. I get that this is just a podcast but you seem to only dwell on surface level feelings, if you can even call them feelings? People ask you DEEP questions &....the feedback-It’s like hook up “junk food” advice. There is SO much more going on when it comes to relationships, feelings, love in 2022. All of us in the real world have been though the darkest depths of our existence as feeling humans....please don’t make light of the information people trust you with. As it stands, It’s like relationship advice in Vegas, nothing substantial. People are struggling & a little more empathy would be refreshing & a beacon for those who trust you enough to ask your opinions. I love your personalities but hope you believe in the “always learning” mantra and way of life at some point. Your audience is clearly made up of humans who reach out & trust you. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIFT. Please consider that they are looking to you from a place of humility and not pure entertainment.
  • Agui355
    A match made in heaven
    I love this podcast so much! However, even with their sage advice, I’m still single 🤣 If you love this podcast, I highly recommend being a subscriber! J&J really compliment each other so well and are the perfect podcast hosts together.
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