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U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and everything in between - they’re here to make sure you don’t die alone. For more fun dating commentary, polls, and bonus content, follow @u.up.podcast on Instagram. Become a friend (with benefits) of the podcast and subscribe to receive early release and ad-free versions of all our new episodes, plus bonus subscriber-only episodes. To sign up and become a friend (with benefits) today head to: subscribe.betches.com

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  • 77fmt77
    The rapport between these two!
    J and J are soulmate collaborators. It is a complete joy to listen to them, two people doing their thing/what they were born to do, with each other. Will say Candace (Candice?), the producer, chiming in more and more is disruptive and irritating— she is increasingly doing so and its feeling like she just wants to be on the mic.
  • Ls23459899
    Not dog people
    Love the pod, but took a star off because Jordana and Jared hate on puppies. So that says a lot.
  • Not for you to know.
    Never Misses
    Always funny, always relevant. I LIVE for the long episodes. Two reasonable people with reasonable takes on dating. I also love the friend banter in the beginning of each episode.
  • Claire78854
    Since the Jtrain pod restructured, I prefer to watch on YouTube so I needed a new podcast to have for my commute, during boring parts of work, etc. I’m so glad I gave this a listen even though I’ve been taking a break from dating. Jordana and Jared have awesome comedic chemistry and give great advice. From listening to a few episodes I realized Jared and I had similar childhoods and I also am in my mid 30s and single, so I’m going to bring this up with my therapist haha. Thanks for the laughs and the trauma breakthroughs
  • Mhf9300
    Highly recommend to anyone - dating or in a relationship!
    Great show, always funny, and one of the most realistic conversations about dating & relationships that you can find. My only note (and this is no shade to the guests), but the episodes with just J&J are always 10x better!
  • FrostFate
    Once they get to the show it’s pretty good but....
    So I’ve listened to dozens of the podcasts & two overwhelming issues here. One-too many ads...like WAY too many to constantly FF through. It sets the tone & clouds the message (since I trust & believe you have one). Second, and most important. I get that this is just a podcast but you seem to only dwell on surface level feelings, if you can even call them feelings? People ask you DEEP questions &....the feedback-It’s like hook up “junk food” advice. There is SO much more going on when it comes to relationships, feelings, love in 2022. All of us in the real world have been though the darkest depths of our existence as feeling humans....please don’t make light of the information people trust you with. As it stands, It’s like relationship advice in Vegas, nothing substantial. People are struggling & a little more empathy would be refreshing & a beacon for those who trust you enough to ask your opinions. I love your personalities but hope you believe in the “always learning” mantra and way of life at some point. Your audience is clearly made up of humans who reach out & trust you. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIFT. Please consider that they are looking to you from a place of humility and not pure entertainment.
  • 👏💕🙌
    Come on Jared..
    It IS a big deal to get unsolicited sexual pictures or message. Thankfully Jorge spoke up and called out this behavior as messed up. It’s okay to call out bad behavior as just that and not turn it on the listener. The “mind of the murderer” bit is not only getting old it rings false and out of touch.
  • AMidcalf
    Love this show! Jared and Jordana have a great relationship and I love listening to their conversations. They’re similar in sense of humor but different enough in personality that they can bring unique perspectives to each situation. I’m also a subscriber and really enjoy the benefits episodes!
  • U Up Listener 123
    Come On Jared…
    I wish the Esther Perel podcast had been solo Jordana. Jared was obviously unprepared and was offensive at times. You’re going to open up hosting the world’s most well-known, respected relationship expert by asking her what took so long to come on the show? Just ugh / so cringy. Embarrassed on his behalf for this one. Know your guest.
  • uchuskies2017
    Sloppy editing?
    The editing has gotten a little sloppy where whole conversations are repeated or cut right in the middle
  • Jimicam
    Voted Best Podcast Of All Time!
    Anyone that listens to U UP says it’s their top favorite! If you’re not a Benefits subscriber- you NEED to be. Learning about Jordana’s rock star life is worth it alone!
  • EmmaAnne42
    Cut off episode
    The latest episode (Mar 19th 2024) cuts off like mid sentence
  • Jasper412
    All things J&J
    I love their humor, their banter, and they give great advice, the live shows are also great. It’s so nice to hear the men’s POV when approaching dating & relationships. I’m a divorced Mom in my 40’s and their advice is just as good for me as it is for someone in their 20’s. I’m also a big fan of Oversharing.
  • Alejandra Fontanot
    Best comfort show. Good for everyone!
    This is my go-to comfort show. I think you guys have such a cool way of being funny and casual that it helps me relax and get a good laugh. Also I live in Boca so it’s always funny hearing Jared talk about it. 10/10!
  • myainsel
    Narrow-minded, xenophobic, uneducated hosts
    First of all, Jordana, please remember: the fact that you got married does not mean it’s going to stay that way. Please save your newly found “secure” attachment and “wisdom” and show some compassion to people who write in instead. Regardless, some advice is on point and must be especially helpful for people in their early 20s. However, this narrow-minded endogamic attitude hosts sometimes display come off borderline xenophobic and extremely provincial. Glorifying things like only dating “their own kind” (Jewish/from the same region), picking a partner based on how similar their family is to yours and “whether they own a beach house” (quoting Jared), or saying that dating or building a relationship with non-Americans is not really a good idea because you cannot “relate” to each other (an episode about a dating show)... Really? Have you ever been abroad for longer than two weeks? Some international travel is overdue. Having a popular podcast is such a great opportunity to broaden your audience’s and your own worldview and encourage people not to get complacent in dating, and you have no intellectual capacity to grasp how much you’re missing out on by catering to the most basic sector of your audience and not expanding your worldview… Not even going to get into Jared’s mental health issues. Thank god, he’s not 10% away from other men, because then I’d be single forever. Jordana, lose this cohost and please push yourself more like you do on Oversharing…
  • beebetyac
    Fan & Subscriber
    I loved the LIB reunion! I though it was the best yet! I loved seeing the OGs! Why aren’t isn’t anybody talking about Johnny’s no vows ….
  • LoreneS86
    SOS Episodes
    Love the show and love the idea of the SOS episode, but…maybe ask the person coming on to have an outline or timeline to speak to with a clear question and desired outcome in mind. The latest episode with the young lady from Texas was just so hard to listen to. It was hard to follow and felt like quite a lot to have to catch up to. Just a suggestion, not a judgement, things that bounce around or require hosts to ask so many follow up questions are very hard to keep up with.
  • C r s d
    ❤️ jordana
    Been listening for years! Always enjoyed it. Jordana is getting funnier and funnier, love her
  • Mar09c
    Married & obsessed with this show
    Everyone asks why I listen to a dating podcast when I’ve been in a relationship (married now) for literally most of my life but I can’t get enough of J&J. I feel like the podcast keeps me up to date with all the craziness happening in the single world. I think I like listening to how people view certain situations and I feel validated in my opinions because I share so many of their same views. I find myself often bringing up your topics and red flag or deal breakers to my husband over dinner. I like how the show is always evolving and working on improving. Please don’t stop your banter and the 30 minute intro convos about your personal lives. We’re into it! 🙃
  • Mammoth Steph
    Gimme single life
    As a 41 year old happily married mother of 2, I’d trade it all for Jared’s apartment. (Just kidding… kinda) I love this show so much. Thanks for the HAs
  • Newly divorced
    Big dogs and barking?
    I’ve been listening daily for a year. At first I couldn’t get enough. I even went to see Jared’s standup show. Now 39 year old Jared is saying “Big Dog” and barking like some 19 year old frat guy. Super douchey! You’re making me question why I’m listening to a podcast about dating from a 39 year old guy who hasn’t had a successful relationship in a while. And a married woman who hasn’t been in the dating scene for 4? Years? At least Jordanna has been successful in a relationship, is inquisitive, and encourages women to have some boundaries. Upside of Jared is he snaps women out of the delusional ideas of what they think men might be thinking. Sorry guys, I’m going to take a break and check back later.
  • DanyalovesBernie
    This might have been my favorite episode!
  • samifish2
    Best podcast, best hosts
    Love Jordana and Jared, their banter and chemistry is unmatched and I love how they both provide unique, insightful takes on dating in a way that gets me cackling through the streets. Makes my commute to work not only bearable but something I look forward to. Don’t ever stop!!
  • Shmalanaz
    Love Jordana
    Jordana is funnier than 99% of comedians
  • haleygirl86
    My favorite 💗 podcast
    This show is not only a bright spot in my week due to the laughs, but it has also made me a better dater by providing sound, honest and realistic advice on figuring out what you want in a relationship as well as how to maintain your standards so you don’t end up settling for something you didn’t even want in the first place (looking at you last situationship 🤦‍♀️🙄). I didn’t know how much I needed this until I found it. I have recommended it to all my friends. Big thanks for all you do from Texas 🤠!
  • Margaret Johnstone
    My secret best friends
    I’ve been listening for a while and just realized I hadn’t given 5 stars yet (shame on me)! I love this podcast so much I’m going back to 2022 episodes because I need Jared and Jordana in my life multiple times a week. The banter, the advice, the awkward sex stories.. it’s all chef’s kiss for me. They literally make me laugh out loud and they’re my secret best friends, no apologies for that.
  • LucyAppleton
    Loved Emma episode!
    The Feb 20th episode with Emma was so refreshing and insightful – glad Emma will be a recurring guest for LGBTQIA questions! 🙌🏽
  • juno lu
    Great show
    Highlight of my Tuesday. Don’t replace either co-host!!
  • kinjals
    I feel like they’re talking to me/about me
    Jordana and Jared are the best duo and always pull me out of a funk. This podcast has been super insightful and entertaining.
  • Mel_13
    show peaked 2019-2021
    Unfortunately I agree with the reviewers who think the show has gone downhill and the guest interviews are terrible. The Jay S. episode was particularly useless. The highlights are when Jared gives advice, e.g., the walking away from the poker table metaphor, but the show’s focus has moved so far from that in what seems to be an attempt to fix what wasn’t broken. I especially appreciated when Jared defended the emailer who was 38 when the other host said she was too old for that, so clearly out of touch with the dating scene today, especially with divorced men 40+. Lastly, the constant bringing the back office staff on to comment is annoying, especially when you can barely hear one of them. Hopefully actual improvements are made to restore the quality of the earlier content.
  • bellis723
    “I I I…”
    Jared sounds like a seagull “I, I, I” constantly. It’s fatiguing. He also has just turned into a jaded, self centered ahole.
  • marmarmar19997537
    For Jordana
    Since I know you read all the reviews… Whenever I see an episode is going to be long (at least an hour or more)I am super pumped and can’t wait. One vote for super long episodes!
  • Software Webinar Host
    Setting my standards for podcast hosts
    I cannot find a podcast better than this one (seriously tho, I just have to replay the archives 😂) So consistent- they never miss an ep. Always fun & relatable content, so easy to listen to & I actually pay attention lol
  • StephT1219
    J&J forever
    I felt compelled to write a review to just say that I disagree with all the comments to replace Jared or Jordana. You people must be new here… keep doing the good work you guys. Thanks for keeping me laughing ❤️
  • eem24242
    So obsessed with J&J
    Update: Jared talking about getting upgraded and hoping someone gets downgraded on delta is insane. I mean cmon Jordana you have to know how awful he is. This podcast is hard to listen to. I absolutely love this podcast. I’m happily engaged and still love listening both for fun and for advice. I am especially obsessed with Jordana and she has really helped me feel comfortable in my relationship and stop comparing to other people and their relationships. Love!
  • EmmaSteiner
    Used to really like this pod but disappointed lately
    I look forward to this podcast every week but this episode was very off putting. Jared openly criticizing the woman who said she was the “nice Jewish girl” he might be looking for was completely uncalled for. She was just trying to shoot her shot, and honestly I thought she did a pretty good job. There was absolutely no need to publicly call her out for something I’m sure took some bravery. I feel Jared has been extremely jaded and negative lately, and it’s really taking a toll on the whole tone of the show. Usually I can turn a blind eye but today’s episode was particularly unbearable and it’s becoming harder and harder to listen. This podcast is supposed to shed some light-hearted but truthful light on dating—lately it’s been depressing and unnecessarily pessimistic.
  • angelamcm
    Host Refresh Needed
    Jordana is out of touch, and Jared feels jaded with dating. Found myself not being able to finish most recent episodes. Maybe even taking a break and have them focus on Jared’s new podcast? The dating theme & topics doesn’t feel like it’s working for this duo currently.
  • jr7575757
    Jared’s interviewing
    Jared simply is not a good interviewer, and if he doesn’t plan on trying to develop those skills, J&J should honestly stop having guests on the podcast. It is rare for the guest to be allowed to speak for more than 5 minutes total throughout the episode, and most of the guest episodes are kind of painful to get through. The recent Jay Shetty episode was particularly bad — not because of Jay, but because Jared would barely let him get a word in! Jared spent the entire episode cutting him off, talking over him, and trying to get Jay to validate his own feelings about when people try to “get him” i.e by putting him on the spot to tell a joke (which I get could be annoying, but he doesn’t have to complain about it every episode). Another thing that is really frustrating is that Jared makes kind of rude jokes about the guests’ careers and seemingly does no research about the projects they’re trying to promote, in a way that he would HATE being done to him. For example, when Jesse Metcalfe came on the show, Jared knew nothing about Jesse’s career or relationship history, and just kept bringing up a movie he did almost 20 years ago. Granted, that is probably what Jesse Metcalfe is best known for to this day, but obviously he came on the podcast to promote a new project. How hard is it to do 15 min of googling to be able to have a more interesting conversation with a guest? Knowing Jared’s personality from listening to the show for 5 years, he would be livid if someone did this to him.
  • Anon895336
    Replace Jared
    Agree with the reviews to replace Jared. I like the structure of this podcast, but listening to Jared makes dating feel utterly hopeless. If he’s “the center of the bell curve”/ 10% away from any man, then I’d 100% rather be alone forever. Luckily I know from real world experience that there actually are a lot of great men out there. Please replace him with someone who is actually a decent human being and don’t make young impressionable listeners jaded. He also clearly hates women so may be happier elsewhere 😂
  • poscasthungry
    39 and Delulu
    So sick of Jared’s bonus episodes. He will literally talk about his issues every single time on every single podcast available on every single platform but the one thing he won’t do is try therapy! You’re almost 40 babe, give therapy a try. Use your own promo code. Put him on the bench for a sec and do a couple of eps with Jorge pls.
  • F205S
    Since 2022 and counting!
    All the feathers! Found you guys in 2022 and recently decided to listen my way all the way back into previous episodes! Must say I wasn’t disappointed! I disagree with those who wrote that we need more “Jorge guys”: I’m sure he’s a great person, but he literally said he enjoys being married, and I quote, because he likes to come home to someone. Jared is doing the true hard work of being much more ambitious than that, while being respectful of the person he dates. Also, I don’t find you guys racist at all, and I’m an immigrant, I’m not even American. Keep up the good work you both ❤️
  • wenglerjules
    I love the pod
    I’ve been listening for a couple years now. I’ve since gotten into a relationship but I still love listening to hear their funny commentary and get a sliver of relationship/ life advice per episode. I saw Jared live once and he was great! Jordana also seems super cool and is somewhat of a role model for me. I think their banter is great and very entertaining. 5 stars from me 🥰
  • happy cupshe girl
    15/10 recommend
    Feather feather! Thank you J&J for keeping me entertained! I travel a lot for work and the time in the car goes so quick when I’m listening to you guys and cracking up with you! The banter between you two is unreal and I can’t get enough. I can’t recommend this pod enough! 2024 U Up…IN!
  • Suchadello
    Fire Jared Now
    I am cancelling my paid subscription. Jared isn’t funny anymore. Jared’s misogyny is deeply hurtful. Jared and Jordana have a hard time drawing a line when it comes to controversial subjects and tend to make excuses for violence, racism, guns, etc. I’ve subscribed and listened for years. This podcast used to be enjoyable. It used to make me laugh. I don’t want to spend my money on this anymore. The things that Jared says indicate that he has a deeply ingrained distrust and contempt for women. After all these years talking about self improvement and seemingly getting nowhere, why won’t he just try therapy? Jordana still has a grip and gives great advice, and I’d listen to her with another co-host. Why not try a bachelor contestant? Maybe someone that doesn’t talk over her constantly? Sami, Aleen, Jordana, please consider this request. I see in the reviews that I am not alone. Your female audience deserves better than this. Why does betches give a platform to a man who consistently and openly is misogynistic?
  • Vivo Peng
    Love this show, not so much Jared
    Love this show. I don’t even mind the long banter at the beginning. It’s become a little too Jared centric though. The contest to win a date … the deep dive on his mustache … I don’t get the appeal. Glorifying a date with Jared sounds like the opposite of all the advice you all have given - pining after someone who has clearly said they’re not interested in a relationship. Let’s get more Jorge type male perspectives please. Literally Jordana started reading the email and he cut her off to talk about himself again. It’s also not that enticing to get his house tour when you all reach the subscriber goal on YouTube. Jordana’s house sounds like the one for a tour with the wallpaper and all!
  • TB739371
    No week complete without J&J
    Must-listen for me every week! Well balanced, smart, and thoughtful.
  • Ektrester
    Love the Pod
    Absolutely love J&J’s dating advice and insight. It’s my go-to dating podcast and I think it’s great to get both the male and female perspectives to common dating situations or even just the perspective on being single. Thank you for the laughs and advice. ❤️
  • askids123
    Used to love more
    I have been listening to the podcast for 5+ years and love the banter/topics. Recently, however, I am starting to feel alienated by Jared’s pov, particularly around the ick/Taylor Tomlinson controversy. I know Jared has used it as part of his act, but the term was created by women!!!! Acting like he invented the ick is delusional, and he is coming off as insecure. I really love Jordana’s approach/advice on all things relationships, but Jared’s ego is making me want to unsubscribe.
  • sssssssssssshelb
    The ick
    Jared doesn’t actually believe he invented “the ick” right?
  • speakfearlessly
    Entertainment Not Advice
    I enjoy this podcast, it makes me laugh and I find it entertaining. I love the banter between Jared and Jordana. This is enough to keep me coming back each week. However, I would take everything they say with a grain of salt. I strictly listen to this for the entertainment, I would not recommend it as an advice podcast. There’s also certainly a lot of problematic moments - downplaying of a weapon being pulled out, downplaying of racism, a decent amount of misogyny, normalizing Jared’s drinking. I think they could take some more accountability and feedback, especially when the same reviews and comments come up over and over. Hi Jordana - I know you read every review :)
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