Which night creams will make you look well-rested, is quitting coffee really worth the headache, can emptying your closet actually bring you joy, and wtf is a gratitude practice, anyway? These are the kinds of self-care questions that wellness enthusiasts and writers Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir discuss each week, along with a special guest, as they explore what it means to be getting older — and hopefully wiser.
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  • katiekatiekatester
    Great, but
    I have been listening happily for years but your episode with Virginia Sole Smith was really disappointing. When far and away all the medical literature and scientific literature points in one direction, it feels irresponsible to give her a platform without a counter perspective. This feels like the equivalent of giving the microphone to an anti-vaxxer.
  • Kal_Avery
    I look forward to every episode (and I honestly don’t even really know what a serum is nor do I have much of a skincare routine). Just adore listening to these two friends and all the things they talk about—which is SO much more than skincare and makeup!— along with the the audience engagement and lovely guests ❤️
  • SGandt
    Wanted to love it….
    I really wanted to love this podcast, but politics is peppered into the conversation and I need an escape during the day.
  • just think 1
    Finally Unfollowed
    I have been listening for years and finally today I unfollowed and deleted my downloads. I really wish Kate would branch out and do her own pod. Doree is so self-absorbed and gives off big bully energy. Already too much of that in the world.
  • Iowans-abroad
    Serums and so much more!
    My BFF recommended this podcast and I’m hooked! It’s great hearing women talk about real life things! I’m glad I’m not the only one why shelves full of skincare products! It’s funny, enjoyable and encouraging!
  • Megan Opperman
    This podcast about self care is also self care.
    I listen to it every night as the soundtrack to my wind down, get-ready-for-bed routine. Their voices are soothing and the content is comforting. There’s a good mix of discussion about current products on the market, interviews with professionals, and nostalgic journeys into the popular products market of the 90s-00s! I love this podcast so much!
  • weewoowawa
    Used to love it
    I used to love this pod so much and they truly got me through some difficult times AND helped me find joy in self care. That being said… 1) I don’t mind the ads, though they can be annoying. I still just skip through 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2)Doree is SO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE AND CONDESCENDING! Her attitude didn’t used to be like this in the first year or two of the pod, but it’s become hard to listen to her reactions to Kate. And I wish Kate would call it out since I feel like they talk a lot about mental health and healthy communication? 3) They don’t seem genuinely excited to chat about products anymore. Hearing ppl talk about products is my ASMR and part of why I subscribed, and I get that capitalism and materialism are not good for the planet and people. But then…maybe you aren’t two hosts who like to talk a lot about serums? Because it seems like (Doree especially) could care less. Which is fine, but maybe the focus should change then.
  • Emma100!
    I love the pod, but sometimes I cringe when I hear how sharply Doree speaks to Kate. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but on a recent episode Dor snapped at Kate and said, when discussing clutter in the home,”I just said I hated it!” In response to Kate asking a clarifying question. it made me wince and say “oh jeez” out loud.
  • OLfan76
    It is time for patreon/subscription
    I get it that the ads pay the bills. However, they are detracting from the pod and the spirit and messaging of the pod. There is a lot of chat on your pod about simplifying, cutting back, and getting away from all the consumerism but then the ads are just going against that ethos. And there are Also if someone is excited to listen to the pod, when they press play, instead of hearing the Forever 35 jingle and our favorite hosts, we get five minutes of scripted ads that just don’t align with the pod message before even hearing the intro. I’ll bet many are willing to support you via patreon for an ad-free experience. Please consider this!
  • Sophlikes
    Ads galore
    Good chat, if a bit tired at this stage of the pod, and so many ads it’s become unlistenable.
  • Cnicole2739
    Used to Love, Too Many Ads
    I started listening years ago shortly after the pod launched and loved the pod! Some really interesting guests and loved the host banter. However, there are so many ads now (think 5 full min at the beginning plus multiple other 2+ min ad breaks in every ep) that I’ve had to take it out of my rotation.
  • B Stewz
    So. Many. Ads.
    I’m a longtime listener, but this podcast used to be so much better. Episodes now have 5 minutes of ads before they even start. I understand the need to have ads on a free podcast, but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to listen anymore.
  • livexyourxlife
    Love but THE ADS
    it’s a great listen but there are multiple 4 minutes segments of ads. I’ve never listened to a podcast with more ads. Sometimes it makes me want to stop listening because it interrupts to content so much
  • HSSlads
    I have to admit I’m disappointed
    I have been a listener from Day 1 and often called this “my pod” to friends. I enjoyed the light hearted promotion of the idea of taking pride in self care, but it has all changed. There are three major things that have soured me of late: 1) the intolerance of any political or social viewpoints than the hosts’ own… or their intolerance for any reviews that might not be favorable when they tout acceptance of all people and viewpoints 2) the hosts seem so much under the heavy influence of advertisers and companies that send them free merchandise that they no longer share personal product experiences (thus contradicting their proclaimed “hatred” of capitalism) 3) the increase of condescending comments and general lack of conversation by “ummmm… (laughter)” Doree I know people evolve, and I support listening to those with differing views to help form my own opinion, however when I do not feel the same respect of the hosts towards others with alternate viewpoints, it’s no longer bearable.
  • Tiffany Griffith 22
    The ultimate self care.
    My absolute favorite podcast. It is truly the ultimate self care podcast, and I’m not just talking about skin care.
    Sometimes exhausting...
    Updated review - October 2022: No wonder Kate always seems depressed and unable to get it together. The weight of systemic racism, capitalism, “the patriarchy,” the unending variety of PLANNERS…It must be truly crushing. Not to mention those nasty white cis men (the horror)…The increasingly lengthy ads they ask us to listen to because their sponsors can actually track the listens now…The empty intentions that are rarely fulfilled. Man, it’s getting old. It feels performative, though I think they are both genuine. I think Dori is actually too smart for this. In another life, it seems Dori would beg to differ with all of this; her cynicism shines through. I bought and enjoyed Dori’s book. This pod used to be better, and I continue listening because I hope it still can be. Is it possible to move on from all of this socio-political nonsense and talk about the fun stuff again?! — Old review: Still missing the time (before COVID-19) when the pod was only two episodes per week. I have been listening for years and this is still one of my favorite podcasts, but three episodes per week is a lot. I also want to echo some of the other reviews about Kate and Doree's negative comments on the state of the world, and "capitalism" (the thing that makes this show possible), and "the patriarchy" (what is this though, really?) History is a great teacher, and I can't think of a better time in than right now to be a woman or a person in general. Nothing is perfect, but a little perspective would be nice. Sometimes I can't tell if their negativity is genuine or pandering to the audience, but whatever it is, sometimes it is just exhausting.
  • Hen127
    Relaxing and wonderful
    Two of my favorite voices to listen too. No matter what they talk about, I always love the back and forth. This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when relaxing. 😊
  • My constant
    Liked it in the beginning more
    I started listening to this podcast after listening to Doree’s audiobook for Thanks for Waiting. I always find it light and entertaining, but more recently the podcast is just conversation without a lot of content.
  • Srahahaha
    Gets me through my mornings
    I look forward to this podcast and there are definitely times I wish it was published every day. I find it soothing. I can listen to it when I’m doing somewhat mindless tasks at work or home, yet it’s interesting enough that I feel like I learn a little something every time. Also some of these negative reviews…you need to maybe take a step back and look at your parasocial relationships. I’m not understanding the speculation on the hosts’ friendship whatsoever. Comments on politics …they have not hidden their views on that from the very beginning. Come on, Gen X writer/journalists living in LA?? What we’re you expecting. Anyway. Love the pod!
  • Nicole Balch
    Condescending and filled with ads
    I keep trying to come back, hoping it will be better, but it’s less worth my time than ever. When a full 1/3 of the episode length is ads and the remaining 2/3 is one host coming across as condescending over the other, it’s time to move on.
  • Fitgirlonthego
    5 stars!
    Thoughtful content, soothing voices, valuable tips, and a lovely community!
  • Annie M!
    Doree is condescending
    I love so much about the pod; but one of the hosts, Doree, is often condescending to her cohost, the guest, or the audience and it’s a huge bummer.
  • jloj827
    I had to unsubscribe
    I used to enjoy this show a lot, but I found myself having to unsubscribe recently... three episodes per week was just too much. Also, I get a little stressed out listening to the hosts, specifically Doree because she sounds so passive aggressive and miserable sometimes. Kate, while a little whiney at times, is a little more tolerable because of her wit and self-awareness. And Doree is really rude to Kate but I sense it comes from a place of jealousy. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to write a negative review, so I feel a little bad about that; but I just felt I had to give my honest opinion in a sea of 5-star ratings, in case someone else can relate to how I feel. Also worth noting (and yes, I realize they have to make money, but it’s just becoming too much): the amount of ads is so annoying; the hosts constantly gripe about capitalism and consumerism, and that’s exactly what keeps this podcast alive. It’s become so political too. I consider myself a pretty open and liberal person, but when I started listening to this, it was for the serum/self-care talk. Not to hear them bash on anyone with a different viewpoint or whine about the patriarchy and blah blah blah.
  • RangerHunterBear
    Good content, bored host.
    The content of this show is good - it’s nice to get recommendations for the things you need (or just want) for the little things in life: shade sleeves, serums, nice pens. That part is cute and good. But the amount of dead time is really disconcerting - and drags down the show. In particular the host Doree will just answer a question without any follow up leaving her cohost just … waiting. And she waits to reply. Honestly, It sounds like a conversation between someone who cares and someone who is surfing the internet and only half paying attention. A good audio editor could make this a zippier show, but why do I want to listen to a show where one of the hosts just says “wow, ok….” as if she couldn’t care less about her cohost’s life?
  • An irritated app user
    Inviting you to reconsider
    I was floored by the discussion on “gender reveal parties.” This seems like a social media construction to me but underlying all of this seems to be a absolutist disdain for openly acknowledging the widespread desire to know the sex of one’s baby - or to even acknowledge that sex identification is something that matters. I noticed y’all conflated sex and gender, too. I am not sure if your views on this extend to new mothers informing their friends and family once they’ve learned the sex of their baby? Is it just about cakes and colors? What gets me about this whole discussion is how ridiculously US-centric it is. So many of us have families in other countries and cultures where the sex of the baby is actually very much the business of the family - and there is much joy and cultural/religious rationale and context for this sort of information to be shared and not kept to ourselves in fear or offending someone. Your views on this seem incredibly narrow. And to anyone who needs to hear it: don’t feel bad about wanting to know and share the sex of your baby. Especially if you’ve been waiting a long time to have a kid or have dealt with miscarriages and loss. This is a weird cultural moment when everyone is sort of parroting the same talking points about gender without thinking very deeply about them. We can have divergent views on these things and respect each other’s choices and values. So to use Doree’s phrase: I invite you to reconsider this and consider the cultural diversity of your listeners and perhaps open your minds to the world beyond engineered social media debates. This podcast has been bothering me for a while and I couldn’t put my finger on it - but I won’t be listening anymore.
  • Summer Jazz
    Consistently good
    I appreciate how consistent and reliable the podcast is - well-edited and produced with good structure! Comforting chats among pals to listen to with a range of fun topics around existing and thriving. Solid interviews with good lessons to learn!
  • Lindsey Alb
    Super left!
    I’ve been listening for a while and was able to ignore the extreme left views for the beauty and style tips. The latest episode discussing their disgust with gender reveals was TOO MUCH. Discussing these social topics will result in loss of your moderate and conservative listening base.
  • jhast
    Long time listener - believe it or not conservatives aren’t bad people
    And some of us listened to your podcast! Unfortunately I can’t handle the bashing. I love listening into the podcast for the serum talks, how hs superlatives should be banned, etc. I get you have your political preferences but lately the bashing has been very bad. Also seconding the doree promo as a product consultant - SO WEIRD.
  • jane ki
    I love the mix of lighthearted as well as important topics covered in this podcast.
  • FrenchieInFlorida
    Oh no, where is thing going?
    I’ve listened to the podcast for years so it feels weird to unsubscribe but over the last few months/year the quality of the pod has decreased. I had skipped a few episodes during Doree’s book promo last year, I think they listened to the feedback because it wasn’t as bad with Kate’s book. But I feel like they’re lacking inspiration lately. I understand it’s hard to put out multiple episodes a week. I wish there were less but better quality/guess. Also the whole private consult now it’s just off. If it was promoted once or twice then only on Doree’s IG, ok. But not all the time. Have a Patreon for the pod if you want to make extra money. Some promoting your paid consult and paid newsletter each time. Hopefully they’ll listen to people feedback..
  • olivia rav
    Paid consults?!
    Doree doing paid consults feels incredibly against everything the hosts claim to be about. Yikes.
  • longtimelisteneramy
    The States Project
    You guys are my favorite! Longtime listener and has to write in when I saw you mention The States Project. Such a great organization!!
  • Susan F Schafer
    Why I will no longer be subscribing
    After todays podcast basically saying one of our political parties is all bad, I will no longer subscribe to this podcast. While I may not always agree with someone’s political views, I do listen and in truly hearing what others say you can learn. And being single minded that an entire political party is bad and has caused all that is wrong with our country is part of the problem. There is need for change in politics but it is on all sides and parties and I don’t feel broad labeling is the most effective way to go about it and for this reason I will no longer be a subscriber.
  • Laura O, NY
    Lovely, smart, funny women
    I’ve listened to this pod since the beginning and it’s one of the few I’ve stuck with religiously. It’s a joy to listen to women talk about the issues that concern women—from serums to social justice—with empathy, humor, and intelligence.
  • JSS831
    The best conversation on life!
    Come for the beauty talk, stay for the thoughtful conversations on real life topics like mental health, happiness, building fulfilling friendships, advocating for yourself, and more. Kate and Doree are the big sisters I always wanted and I’m grateful to listen to them every episode!
  • Cath Burke
    Even with Covid…Kate is being so kind…
    Look, I feel terrible that it took Kate (aka “Kat”) getting COVID to have me download the apple podcast app and leave a 5 star review…but here we are…and maybe this is the perfect micro glimpse at how we are all doing that it takes a horrible, life threatening illness to get a person motivated enough to post an frigging apple podcast review…but, the plug at the beginning of the show worked and I have to do my part for the hood of humanity and profess that this podcast gives me life. I’m a mom of 4, lost my dad to pancreatic cancer (our shared grief is not lost on me, Kate) in March 2020, an LCSW, BRCA 2 carrier which means I had a prophylactic double mastectomy and oophrecetomy this past June 2021…anyways, this podcast is amazing and is so much more and also exactly about serums and the like— and it brings light and joy and makes me feel less alone in this very simple yet very difficult existence. Thanks Kat and Dor for what you do. It matters. 💜
  • LSwiftH
    No more
    I enjoyed this podcast for about two years, but in the last year or so I have to admit I don’t enjoy it as much, for many of the reasons others have stated. Episode 216 was my breaking point. The guest, Taylor (I forget her last name), was absolutely horrid. She couldn’t finish sentences or even thoughts, for that matter. It became pointless and annoying to listen to her. She may be a fine writer, and she is apparently respected in her field, but please do not subject others to an interview with her again!
  • jeeheyN
    I used to love listening to this, but I noticed Doree being rude and gaslighting Kate. Kate is truly kind and gracious/accommodating Doree, always. But there is a lot of interrupting, snide remarks, and fake empathy from Doree. I hope they can work things out. It’s been really hard to listen to this dynamic on the pod.
  • Rachel F524
    Kate and Doree are truly the best.
    I look forward to every episode of this podcast. 🙂
  • Clarkk21
    Love it!
    Thanks for the great podcast!
  • April May Parker
    Concerning Ad Placement
    The most recent full episode 4/6/2022 opened with 5 minutes of ads with no intro music etc. As a longtime listener, what I find concerning is the ads were presented as part of the main contents of the podcast. If it were a hosted ad read by someone other than the hosts, it would be acceptable. But I find it deceptive for the hosts to open with Ad placement without revealing it for listeners until :30-:60 seconds in.
  • lylas90210
    What happened to “We’re not experts!”?
    I love Kate, and I understand the need for the heavy book promotion this year. But Doree’s pivot to attempting to be an influencer just feels icky. Sooo many promo codes in her newsletter, on her IG, and when she talks on the pod, and now she’s giving “private product consultations”?? It just feels off.
  • RRRLM58
    Please lay off the book promotion
    I really like this podcast and have tolerated the many ads (more than the average podcast) because I want to support these women and this podcast but the constant promotion is too much. Please scale back the book promotion. Also so much sniffling on mic.
  • Tait25
    My Forever Podcast
    As long as this show goes on, I'll listen to it every week! Forever 35 has gotten me through all kinds of tough times. I was so heartened when Kate and Doree rose to the occasion as our country had a reckoning with racial injustice in June 2020, particularly because they didn't just do a Very Special Episode, but continued to discuss racism and anti racist work as protests faded from the front page of the news. Forever 35 is what I listen to when I'm sad, lonely, or feeling apathetic about the world (as well as every week). No show makes me laugh like this one. I don't remember how I started listening to the show because the stated subject matter is so far from my interests (I don't own any skincare products or wear any makeup) but now I can't imagine my life without Forever 35. The show covers so much ground in addition to skincare and makeup. My favorite segments are the ones where the hosts respond to listener mail and give advice!
  • huzzlebee
    Had to pause the pod
    ….and unsubscribe. Longtime listener, soured on the current vibe, taking a break.
  • AdmittedlyPicky
    😬 Gross. Gross. Gross.
  • Lizzzie0408
    My two friends who talk about serums
    Listening to this podcast is like a hug every time I put it on. Kate and Doree are relatable, down to earth gals that I admire - especially Kate. She is me. Me is she. Anyway, this podcast is funny and insightful and has really great guests, so from hot tips on skincare to deep, thought provoking and awakening conversations, this podcast is a perfect mix of intellectual and entertainment. PLZ NEVER STOP.
  • Atrain2001
    After listening to the show for years, and recommending it to co-workers and friends, I decided to take a break for a few months, and now have decided to unsubscribe. The political comments, whining and constant talk about the patriarchy are tiring. The podcast used to focus more on self care and beauty products, which by the description of the show, was the original intent.
  • lespritdelescalier
    Love this show!
    I love podcasts where two people with good chemistry just chat, and this is a great iteration of that. Kate and Doree feel like friends and their banter often makes me laugh out loud. I’m here for revenge-reading alien romance novels late at night and other vital pandemic coping strategies. Thank you ladies for giving me something to look forward to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!
  • hannahewalsh
    My absolute favorite!
    Forever35 is like being wrapped in a hug by your closest friend. This podcast gets me through the week and is truly such a joy to listen to. Do yourself a favor and join this amazing community led by Kate and Doree!!
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