Which night creams will make you look well-rested, is quitting coffee really worth the headache, can emptying your closet actually bring you joy, and wtf is a gratitude practice, anyway? These are the kinds of self-care questions that wellness enthusiasts and writers Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir discuss each week, along with a special guest, as they explore what it means to be getting older — and hopefully wiser.

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  • jloj827
    I had to unsubscribe
    I used to enjoy this show a lot, but I found myself having to unsubscribe recently... three episodes per week was just too much. Also, I get a little stressed out listening to the hosts, specifically Doree because she sounds so passive aggressive and miserable sometimes. Kate, while a little whiney at times, is a little more tolerable because of her wit and self-awareness. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to write a negative review, so I feel a little bad about that; but I just felt I had to give my honest opinion in a sea of 5-star ratings, in case someone else can relate to how I feel.
  • Mndfuul
    Can We Talk About Comfortable Shoes??
    Haha! So I just listened to episode 147 with Michele Harper and you could tell that she was impressed with the questions and the level of dialog with hosts Doree and Kate. I listen to a *ton* of interview podcasts and it truly makes a difference in what the guests bring to the table when they are asked insightful questions. Love his pod!
  • hannah in helena
    Part of my self-care routine.
    I was hesitant to listen at first, as I've never used a serum, don't wear makeup, and am generally simply not into product recommendations or reviews. I'm so glad I gave this a listen, though. The hosts now feel like friends, and the content goes way beyond skincare products to things like institutional racism, equitable division of labor in the home, and the best new romance or cozy mystery novels.
  • Cupcaketu
    The podcast itself is a form of self care
    Love these ladies! Such a diverse range of perspectives and the friendship between the women is so lovely! Even if my routine just consists of the basics, I still love to listen every week!
  • Felicity Black
    Love these genuine women-
    Love the tidbits of info, the genuine friendship etc. Also, I’m so glad someone else finds their voices honeyed/soothing enough to fall asleep to!
  • Wkc2011
    Kat and Dor = self care
    The funny thing about this podcast about self care is that listening to this podcast may be my biggest form of self care. Kat and Dor make conscious efforts to have diversity among their guests, they are all accepting, and overall a perspective about life I find very comforting... they are real. They are good people to their core and I’m grateful I get to listen to them weekly.
  • j5588
    Best podcast!
    I look forward to every single episode! Love you Kate and Dori 🤗🥰❤️
  • Inthemntns
    Makes living through a pandemic more manageable
    Smart, insightful & inclusive. I Appreciate the wide array of guests and topics covered! In a time when I miss my friends, I love that this podcast makes me feel still connected to community.
  • Doris Cee
    My favorite podcast
    It’s relaxing and comforting to listen to. Like listening to two best friends chat about the little things and help each other through life. Can’t recommend enough.
  • Dressager66
    The Yummiest Podcast
    This podcast is ostensibly about self-care via serums, etc. True enough. But its super power is its hosts. Kate and Doree (aka Kat and Dorr) are delightful, courageous, silly, vulnerable, smart, compassionate, entertaining, curious, talented, warm, hilarious, appealing...I could go on but my thumbs are tired. Their guests are great, but listening in on their genuine friendship is the best! I advise you to make this pod part of your week and learn about butt masks, peeing strategies for road trips, Kate’s deep and abiding love for Costco, and much, much more.
  • KookKM
    Love this podcast
    I love listening to Anna’s podcast! She’s so honest and confident. It is almost like having a conversation with a good friend (even though you aren’t the one talking, she is haha). Can’t wait to hear more 😀
  • Greekfula
    Love the pod
    I have listened to this podcast for 2ish years. It is thoughtful, fun, and so insightful. The authors are vulnerable about things going on in their lives and they have amazing guests! They set intentions in each episode and follow up in later episodes. I use that as a time to reflect on my own self care and set my own intentions.
  • salmeaux
    Always a delight.
    This podcast always makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my best friend, even though we now live an ocean apart. Bravo Kat and Dor for creating such a beautiful, joyful and meaningful show and maintaining such high quality even despite the crazy Covid circumstances! Thank you!!
  • jillkatenickdave
    This is the greatest pod! I miss when they did daily eps!
    So comforting and informative. Appreciate that they’re being so honest and real during this time!
    Two eps per week
    Missing the time (before COVID-19) when the pod was only two episodes per week. Love you gals, but with all the other content out there, three episodes every is a lot to keep up with!
  • jroden6983
    My Favorite
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Puts you at ease, easy to listen too, makes you feel like your sitting with your friends, and is the first podcast I listen to every time one is released.
  • moderngirlalicia
    Like a cozy blanket for your ears
    I have been listening to Kate and Doree since the first episode. I have learned so much- from skincare to recipes but also how to have compassion for myself and others. These ladies are kind, funny, witty, smart, and simply lovely to listen to. I love the supportive community they have created as well. Sending love to them and the all of the Forever35-ers!
  • Chartgirl
    More than serums (though those are great too)
    Anyone who passes by this podcast thinking it’s another beauty podcast is truly missing out. While there are excellent beauty and self care recs and tips in the episodes, Kate and Doree, the hosts, have really taken the pod to a new level. It’s a thought provoking, funny and honest space where people can find solice, support and joy from the guests to the community shared emails and voicemails.
  • desertpunk6
    Like talking to close friends
    Love love love the dynamic between Kate and Doree. It’s like hanging out with a couple girl friends! However, I only listen to the mini eps. I listened to a dozen or so full eps with guests a year or so back and every guest is a privileged woman who acts as though entrepreneurship or creative endeavors are the only respectable lifestyles, so I won’t be listening to any more of these “interviews”. Love the mini eps, love the way Kat & Dor interact with listeners, and love the fb community!
  • ughhatemakingnames
    Is it safe to return
    Has the political chatter abated??? I came for something different. I wouldn’t mind political chatter if you wouldn’t demonize the other side.
  • msippel4
    I love the rapport of Doree and Kate. They are easy and fun to listen to when I need to relax.
  • Anjofy
    Love Doree and Kate!
    My absolute favorite podcast. Listening feels like being in a conversation with my best friends! Highly recommended! Updated 7/19/20: I am so incredibly impressed with how Kate and Doree have followed through with an incredible plan to commit themselves and Forever 35 to antiracism. I believe they are absolute role models for how everyone and everyone business should be responding. This podcast remains my absolute favorite to listen to! When I am too busy for other podcasts, I still make sure to listen to this one! Updated 8/10/20: While I still adore the podcast, I do not recommend the Forever35 Facebook group. I had a negative experience that made this group feel like an unwelcoming and hostile place to be. Completely the opposite experience of what I expected from a group representing such a fun, friendly, forward-thinking podcast.
  • Whoagirl?!
    My favorite podcast
    Forever 35 is my favorite podcast. Kate and Doree have such amazing chemistry and have some of the loveliest voices in podcast land. Their timing and humor are great and I just feel good listening to them. In fact, I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends talking about the stuff I care about. I also appreciate how they champion self-forgiveness and self-acceptance in this world where we are often our worst critics. I appreciate all their work they do being responsible citizens and working toward social justice. And of course, I love that they love to talk about serums and mental health. It’s fun to geek out about this stuff because skincare and self care are fascinating, and gosh darn it, we deserve it. Thanks for all you do, Kate and Doree (Kat
  • doctorbink
    Best podcast ever
    Love this podcast!! Listening to Kate and Doree is like being in a room with your best friends talking about all things that are important to you, from skincare to sleep to parenting to the pandemic. Comforting, fun, and relatable.
  • Staceeluvs3
    Ep. 131
    Love the Pod. Your guest has great things to say. But she seems so depressing. The way she explains things sounds so sad when meant to be positive. Love you two.
  • hilarykor
    Love Kat & Dor
    I’ve been listening to Forever35 for quite some time and these women always have me cacklin’. Kate and Doree are witty and kind, and the podcast topics are well-rounded and ever informative. Thanks, Kat & Dor!
  • NYCQTPie
    So much more than serums!
    Have been a faithful listener for years! Great beauty recs but also great discussions of current and relevant issues. Just keeps getting better and I learn so much!
  • Music Grl!
    Best podcast!
    Love this podcast! Literally the only podcast I listen to! <3
  • LaniRealLifeStyle
    Thank you!
    Thank you for your honesty about everything, most importantly mental health, the current political situation, and your dirty bathrooms. Also, thank you for the awesome product recommendations.
  • BobTurtle1985
    All time favorite
    I just love this podcast. Kate and Doree are so so great and I never miss a listen!
  • AngelaR521
    I <3 Kat & Dor
    You two are the best. Thank you.
  • KarsenCrow
    Beauty is political
    Ladies, keep up the social justice conversations. Great sound quality, structure, and a true community in the podcast world.
  • ABT2663
    Most affirming, honest podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast and the wide range of topics that Kate and Doree take on. They are so funny and honest and wise with great chemistry! I’ve heard that people don’t like how political the show is these days. First, human rights are not political. Second, my first introduction to the show was years ago when they addressed feedback they had gotten asking for guests from a wider range of political ideologies. They addressed that by saying clearly what they believed and how the podcast would reflect those beliefs. That was the day they got me as a fan for life.
  • themostcolorfulone
    Love a Forever35 Ep
    Kate and Doree are fun ladies who like to talk not only about serums, but also all the issues of today. I appreciate their entertaining banter and open-book conversations about personal successes and struggles. As I don’t even use any serums and admittedly have St. Ives in my shower, I appreciate that conversations have turned political, parent-focused at times, and that guests aren’t only discussing product recs. Keep up the amazing content!
  • superfun808
    Yaaaas reality TV! It’s been my guilty pleasure during quarantine... real housewives NJ was my Jam! Also... I can’t believe I’m admitting this but Vanderpump Rules got me sucked in too....! Thanks for an amazing podcast; feels like I’m sitting on a call with a couple of girlfriends :)
  • TF from Chicago
    This podcast is a smart, affirming, fun way to hear female-identified people figure out life. Real life. Sometimes that means talking politics, global epidemics, tough relationship problems, and thinking about our places in the world. Sometimes it means musing on face oils, grooming challenges, gossip, life hacks and food. I return to this podcast each week because it is real, just like my conversations with dear friends. Thank you to Kate and Doree for their dedication to keeping this going and keeping it real. Advertisers: Please note that as a double-income-no-kids attorney in Orange County, California, I make a majority of my purchases based on recommendations from these women. Invest in them accordingly.
  • stephelizzzz
    Love it
    A podcast that is self care in and of itself.
  • ct2082
    I love them!
    You are such good humans who are using your platform for the greater good. Keep up the amazing work and I’m so glad I found this podcast as a woman (not nearly as interested in serums), but really appreciate all of the content related to supporting black-owned businesses and getting out the vote!
  • mtngrl94
    Horrendously vapid
    Boring and insipid. Don’t waste your precious time.
  • Calloween*
    Comforting & smart
    Look forward to every episode
  • CheerBoo
    How have I not done a review before?!
    I can’t believe I haven’t done one yet! I’ve been listening for two years and absolutely love this podcast. Kat and Dor are like the best friends, big sisters, we all wish we had. I love listening to them and love that they’ve bumped it up to three episodes a week. Love a pod rec. Love the real talk. Love the passion for justice, BLM, women, all of it. Thank you ladies!
  • yessi02446
    This podcast is my self-care
    Thank you for this podcast! It’s like listening to old friends! I love the wide variety of topics, including politics! This is a podcast about “things we do to take care of ourselves “ and how can we take care of ourselves if our country goes to sh***. So yea...its all a part of us!
  • jessmercaldi
    Killing it
    Absolutely love listening to you guys! So relatable on many levels. Love that you support BLM, women, LGBTQ, and adoptdontshop. Thank you!
  • Emberem
    They are my dear friends
    These beautiful women feel like close, dear friends. They are the gold standard for friendship - I admire their mutual respect and compassion for one another. Kate and Doree: Thank you for your incredible role modeling. I think you are making the world a better place by example. Also, THANK YOU for speaking up about social and political issues. You are on the right side of history, and anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong!
  • Tait25
    My Forever Podcast
    As long as this show goes on, I'll listen to it every week! Forever 35 has gotten me through all kinds of tough times. I was so heartened when Kate and Doree rose to the occasion as our country had a reckoning with racial injustice in June 2020, particularly because they didn't just do a Very Special Episode, but continued to discuss racism and anti racist work as protests faded from the front page of the news. Forever 35 is what I listen to when I'm sad, lonely, or feeling apathetic about the world (as well as every week). No show makes me laugh like this one. I don't remember how I started listening to the show because the stated subject matter is so far from my interests (I don't own any skincare products or wear any makeup) but now I can't imagine my life without Forever 35. The show covers so much ground in addition to skincare and makeup. My favorite segments are the ones where the hosts respond to listener mail and give advice!
  • T3BK
    New subscriber
    I’m so enjoying the show! Love the info about serums...and reviews. Love ya!
  • Megsssssss86
    My absolute favorite podcast!
    I love following their friendship and their lives through this podcast! They have great recommendations and guests. It’s my favorite podcast and I recommend it all the time! The reviews regarding it becoming too “political” is a bit of a stretch... read the room people! If Doree and Kate didn’t address the current events... people would have something to say about that too.... Oy. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies!!! Love it!
  • ashley_1983
    Great podcast!
    I really love this podcast. The hosts are so relatable. They talk about anything and everything and I’m so glad I found them! I have learned so much not only about skincare but tons of other topics I didn’t know as much about. ♥️
  • leo78leo78
    Love it
    Thoughtful smart and kind women.
  • Shoemarley
    Love This Show!!!
    This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. Kat and Dor are so relatable, funny and compassionate. As 2020 has become more and more of a bummer these fabulous woman keep me going. And by the way, I LOVE how political they have gotten. Wake up sheeple lol.
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