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From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 514 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than 50,000 Crew Members. How? By being comfortable with being different. For the first time, our Captains (store managers) and Crew Members (employees) are taking you Inside Trader Joe’s in a podcast series only Trader Joe's could deliver.
Go inside:
* A private Tasting Panel, where decisions are made about new Trader Joe’s products.
* A wine tasting tour to Napa Valley, California, looking for great wines and great values.
* An overseas adventure, where new Trader Joe’s flavors are discovered.
* The mind of Joe himself to find out why the Crew Members wear Hawaiian shirts.
* The values that make Trader Joe’s so different.

Are you a Trader Joe’s fan? Want to know what keeps people coming back? Go Inside Trader Joe’s. Thanks for listening.

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Recent Reviews
  • Money Badger
    Very entertaining... but where do I buy?
    Are used to think that this podcast was very informative and gave me an insight edge as a shopper. However after a year of listening, I have found less than half of the items I’ve heard about and anticipated trying. Maybe my local Trader Joe’s is lame. But I just don’t see any value in listening to a podcast about items I can’t purchase.
  • zhowes14
    The only podcast I have to listen to every time
    This is an amazing podcast. So much fun to listen to
  • kpkp13
    We don’t need to hear you tasting the food
    Please please don’t chew/eat/talk with food in your mouth while podcasting, it ruins the episode! We don’t need to hear you taste test the products, your reviews are great without.
  • Sleepingood
    Great for planning my shopping trips!
    Where I live, my nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away, across state lines, and now a 30+ minute wait in line to get in. So obviously I’m not the shopper stopping in a few times a week. When I go I’m stocking up (it’s funny to see the cashiers’ faces when I’m buying everything in multiples of 4 or 6!). I LOVE this podcast because it helps me know what’s new so I can have a very specific list walking in the door and not miss out on anything. Thanks and keep ‘em coming! (And maybe bring us a store in Lancaster PA so I can shop more frequently! 😉)
  • Michael.Scott
    You won’t regret it
    A podcast about a grocery store! Who would’ve thought that this could be so entertaining and enjoyable. The hosts have incredible chemistry. This podcast is a must listen if you’re a Trader Joe’s fan, or are on the fence. I do not miss an episode.
  • Dave Rogers 15690
    Advertising with Fun Spin
    The name is Trader Joe’s, so you might understand that the podcast is to promote the store, and yea it is, but it has humor and ideas on food options and paring. Great little show and I so much enjoy the cast. Keep up the great work!
  • kelseyap4
    One of my favorite podcasts. A great listen for fanatics or new shoppers of Trader Joe’s!
  • DKreu
    Die hard TJ fan!
    I wish they would produce more episodes ! Love hearing all the behind the scene details about my favorite grocery store.
  • TJ fan in Pittsburgh
    Musical 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I absolutely loved David‘a musical contribution to the customer choice awards podcast! He has a very good voice congratulations to him whoever wrote the lyrics.👍👏
  • Linda GM
    Great Inside Info!
    I shop at Trader Joe’s each week, so this podcast is great for insider information! My only criticism is that the hosts should NOT eat while recording! They can still give a description of what they tasted, but I don’t need to hear the sounds of someone eating. And talking with food in their mouth! Ugh!
  • Beck from la
    Very fun podcast!
    I absolutely love listening to everything from the behind the scenes to products of Trader Joe’s. What’s crazy is I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s because the nearest one to me is over an hour away. If we had one in my area (Lafayette, Louisiana) I would so want to go work there because it seems like such an amazing company. 😄
  • Silver4life!
    Sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️
    I don’t like that Trader Joe’s has a podcast, now that means that there more pushy. I don’t like pushy people... Not the less a business, I like the store! But this is iffy
  • Falsena,e
    Need more full episodes!
    Need more 20-30 minute episodes! Show is great nonetheless. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • MilaBea
    My opinion
    I like this podcast because it goes into the store and tells the listeners about the products at the store. I have started listening to this podcast and learned so much about the products!!
  • Farside😊
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast its informative and I've learned so much about the store and products from here. I wish there were more episodes but i am happy to relisten to the older ones 😊😊
  • Kelseyy_
    Great podcast!
    One of my favorite podcasts, I wish the episodes were longer/more frequent! I’d love an episode in frequently requested items or how to request items you wish Trader Joe’s would make.
  • QueenieBLynn
    🙏Thanks 4 the Enlightenment 🥰
    It’s insightful and informative! I’m a crew member and the podcast as brought everything we read & learn to life! To hear our story, my story☺️, it makes it even more exciting & fun to share with other crew members & our customers. I love the podcast & thanks to everyone who participates.
  • Ppaaxx
    Uplifting and hunger inducing
    The closest Trader Joe’s is 2 hours away from us so I don’t get there very often. But I’m going next week so I’ve been listening to the podcasts and taking notes. I learned so much about the company, the way it treats employees and customers and of course its products. I’m so impressed! Plus their community donations - so touching and you have restored my faith in humanity. THANK YOU!
  • miadanielathome
    bring back Honey butter potato chips maybe?
    I am a hardcore fan of Trader Joe’s who visit the store at least once a week. Great show to learn what’s cooking in the new products development team. But did you guys plan to bring back Honey Butter Potato Chips at all? Miss that wonderfully product so much and was devastated when it was again discontinued last year. Finger crossed...
  • kendraslo
    Great listen!
    Love the behind the scene look, especially the more businessy ones, like how they treated and paid groceries employees during the dark days of quarantine, the tasting round table, and how the produce arrives to the stores. The hosts are fantastic. Wish they came out more often!
    I've been shopping at TJs for 40 or so years and really like most of the products they have. For some reason, every year they have this awful cinnamon scented broom during the autumn. This scent is so strong that it penetrates the whole store and is nauseated. I can not shop there when they have this product and many of the checkers so not like it either. They seem to put $$$ over their customers and employees health and safety. So now it's September--I think I will not be able to shop there until January. Might as well just get a new grocery store.
  • RJ waze used to love
    Love listening to get new ideas
    Shop here every week ! Love getting the reviews and then trying them out. I do kaizen at work and teach people about agile and feedback loops ! How essential is to really understand customer for the product journey ! Awesome podcast keep them coming !
  • Shopper since I was a kid
    Fun and Informative
    I love the podcast for my ears, the Fearless Flyer for my eyes, the products for my mouth, the great shopping experience for my brain and it all comes together for my heart.
  • SandyRD
    Fun, interesting and informative
    I am so happy that I found this podcast!! I love Trader Joe’s and have been shopping there for many years. I binge listened to the Podcasts so I can’t wait till the next one comes out. The hosts, Matt and Tara, are funny, informative, and well spoken. The guests have all been very interesting. I love hearing the “behind-the-scenes“ stories. There hasn’t been a single episode that I didn’t enjoy! Can’t wait to hear the next episode!!!
  • TXLiandee
    Always look forward to this!
    Love hearing about new products and what’s happening at Trader Joe’s. The podcast really informs my shopping at TJ’s. Thanks for the info and the fun podcast.
  • 59cottoncandy
    Product names
    Thank you for NOT renaming your products!!!
  • 1snflwr
    Beer and Beyond podcast!
    Thanks for the great podcast! This was one of your best. I loved learning about your beer products—the new items and pairings with snacks. Super cool. But I especially loved hearing from the crew members in the stores—their favorites and how they’re coping with the challenges of working with the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you Trader Joe’s ❤️
  • MegGialde
    LOVE TJ’s!
    Shop here. You will be happy you did.
  • jonesme
  • Kepxheb
    My Only “Complaint”
    I shop at Trader Joe’s because I love the quality of the food you all carry, and how the crew members genuinely care about eat and every customer. I also love how knowledgeable they are about the products, and have recommendations or personal favorites for just about everything. My one “complaint” has to do with the packaging of the almonds. Can you please give me an explanation as to why all nuts are packaged in a resealable bag except the almonds? It is a huge inconvenience! There have been times I have not bought the almonds only because they are not packaged in a resealable bag! As a loyal TJ’s customer, can you please package the almonds in a resealable bag!? Thank you!
  • Debra Diller pastry lady
    One of my favorites to listen to. Wish it came out when they said
    I love the two hosts and they are super informative. My store now tells us when the next one is coming out and often it is delayed by a day, but this last one said it was coming out Monday and now it is Thursday. Super informative about the subjects to really get the inside scoop of the products.
  • rota6
    I shop at Trader Joe’s for your delicious nut section, yes, but also because I adore the people who work there who genuinely love their greater community. I want to know why Trader Joe’s hasn’t stood up for what is right as our country faces unbelievable unrest. Now is not a time for neutrality. Now is a time to stand up for the communities you serve. Now is the time to stand up for the people who work at your stores. It may be uncomfortable but it is time for businesses to speak up and speak out. I ask you, as a loyal customer to speak out against injustice. Delicious almonds matter less to me than the lives of my neighborhood grocery workers. I ask you to earn the loyalty of your customers by breaking your silence as much as you do by providing good food. Thank you
  • CSSHill
    I love listening and learning about TJ products I haven’t tried yet!!! Thanks. Keep the podcasts coming.
  • jenjenbhp
    Love Love Love
    I have always loved Trader Joe’s products but this podcast has made me love not only the products but everything about the store so much more. I have learned so much - please keep the episodes coming!
  • ElisabethJustMe
    I stopped smirking
    I admit it — a podcast from a grocery store? Yeah, sure. What good is that. What good is that? Your podcast makes a spot of sanity. Your podcast calms the need to go shop right now because Trader Joe’s is missing in my life. (Fantasized list and imaginary walking of the aisles help too.) So thank you Trader Joe’s podcasters and thank you Trader Joe’s crews : Danbury, CT and Boca Raton, FL, especially. Looking forward to seeing you, even masked and gloved, in person. Thank you,all.
  • Heart-YOU
    I fall into the senior “at risk” group - my husband, myself and 2 grandchildren that live with us. I cannot tell you how honored I was to have store team members meet me at the door - help with sanitized carts - and then tell me Thank you for shopping at Trader Joe’s. Honestly if we were not social distancing- I would have HUGGED THEM. You got me through Hurricane Harvey and now COVID -19. I could not say enough GREAT things about Trader Joe’s - thank you - thank you !!!!
  • Justine2971
    Crew Member
    I’ve loved listening to the podcast!! Even as a crew member for 10 years I’ve learned so much about the company. I’ve cried when I’ve listened to the episodes about Covid-19. I know what it’s like to work in our changed environment & I appreciate everyday what a great company TJ’s is. So excited to hear the shout out to my store in this episode -Claudia & Saugus 506! Our artists are great & so original ❤️
  • Michele Beaty
    Trader Joe’s - The Best
    I just love your podcasts! They are so informative and helpful in trying products. Some products I wouldn’t even pay attention to if it weren’t for you highlighting them. Also like the part where you talk about what new items are coming. Keep up the good podcasting!
  • ray201986
    I’m having the best time
    Edit: pleaseeee make more episodes about anything but covid!!! I fall under the fanatic category in terms of Trader Joe’s fandom. I chose my past two apartments in part due to their proximity to TJs. I grew up going to these stores and my family is *shockingly* equally obsessed. This podcast has answered so many of our questions and I’ve listened to it twice over! Please keep the episodes coming!!!
  • Vevster
    Love TraderJoes.
    So well run, my go to in this pandemic. I’ve been enjoying this podcast for a while. Almost as enjoyable as the Trader Joe’s psychic I ran into that one time....
  • CathyCutler
    Trader Joe’s is my favorite store
    During Covid 19 TJs is still my favorite store. I’m 71 yrs young and I appreciate the way my store is helping all customers feel safe while offering all the fresh and packaged food it usually offers. Having a limit of 20 people in the store I can zip around and get what I need in short time and I get out so others can shop. Thank you TJ ❤️
  • Lori from NJ
    Love it!
    I am huge fan of the Trader Joe stores! This podcast makes shopping there all the more fun! Keep doing them!
  • bluewriter
    Traders Joe’s is the Apple of grocery stores
    This podcast is very fun to listen too, and I didn’t except it to be this good. Also, the sound engineering in this episode is top notch, crisp clear voices and perfect sound mixing, even better that professional podcasters and news podcasts.
  • Crabbergal1113
    COVID-19 episode is uplifting
    I shop in the Ballard, Seattle store and I absolutely love listening to this podcast. The episode today definitely got me teary eyed because Trader Joe’s really embraces the family spirit. Thank you for being the shining light in some sad and scary times!
  • WeLoveAnnie
    Informative, witty, and well done!
    I always learn something new after listening to an episode! Especially loved learning about chocolate and wine pairings!
  • AshleyFelicity
    A great podcast and even better company
    This podcast came to me during the stressful time of COVID-19. It was the perfect stress relief for me to unwind to after work and a little bit of positivity added to my day. Also my knowledge of Trader Joe’s has grown greatly and who knew I could love a grocery store so much!!!
  • MarMar03
    Why are the employees so nice
    I work at Trader Joe’s!! I hear this all the time and after listening to this episode it reminded me of when Sonoma county had really bad fires and how Trader Joe’s treated the employees. We lost a store for a year because of fires. It was amazing everyone from that store merged to the other local Trader Joe’s. We all worked together, we all had jobs and none of us lost hours! It actually brought tears to my eyes. 😍
  • Jennyearle
    It’s weird that I love this
    Who knew I needed this podcast in my life? Well I guess that’s the Trader Joe’s MO only way. Who knew I needed Hold the Corn appetizers or Unexpected Cheddar? If I didn’t already Love TJ’s this would definitely have done it. Matt and Tara can we be friends please?
  • I ❤️ TJ's
    Best Podcast Ever
    This is truly the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve been a loyal TJ’s customer for years, but the witty, fun, informative nature of this podcast not only makes me smile, but it makes me want to take a trip down to Trader Joe’s ❤️.
  • Les in ATL
    Awesome store in every way!
    We LOVE TJ’s and have ever since we walked in our first store in Eugene, Oregon 16 years ago. The selection of food and non food items are always different and intriguing and phenomenally well priced. We adore each person who works at every TJ’s and we’ve always said that we can walk into a Trader Joe’s in a bad mood and always walk out in a good mood! Thank you for all the values you have that make your store stand out and keep up the amazing job!❤️❤️
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