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From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 545 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than 60,000 Crew Members. How? By being comfortable with being different. Every episode takes you Inside Trader Joe’s in a podcast series only Trader Joe's could deliver.

Are you a Trader Joe’s fan? Want to know what keeps people coming back? Hungry for all the new and exciting stuff coming to your neighborhood store? Let's go Inside Trader Joe’s. Thanks for listening.

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  • ethen gamer TV fan
    There’s nothing in it.There’s no action.So it’s not for me.But…if you put some action in It I will like it.This is how much I like it🫤😑😤😠😡🤬👎👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿🙎🏻‍♂️
  • t78tt.r
    Not a fan of destroying the NLRB
    Sorry but Trader Joe's has entered the anti-union side of the equation. As such I'll not listen nor buy from them again.
  • S_B_B________________________
    Won’t support an anti-union company pretending to care
    I’ve enjoyed shopping at Trader Joe’s but the warm vibe of this podcast does NOT match all the Union busting the company is doing. Very disappointed in this company, the hosts who are high up members of the TJ’s team, and all involved. Bummed I’ll have to stop shopping at a store I love until they support their worker’s right to unionize.
  • GorpDad
    Trader Joe’s is anti-worker
    Trader Joe’s is trying to destroy the NLRB, which makes this show anti-worker propaganda. Sad.
  • RoryAndrea
    This podcast survives my annual new year cleanse
    Every year I review all the podcasts I follow and unfollow the ones that are not relevant to my season in life. Various faith, homeschool, gardening, writing, health podcasts might come and go for me, but Trader Joe’s still remains!!!
  • BombshellBarbie
    We’re getting a TJ soon..
    Roumor is we’re getting a TJ soon here in Coeur d’Alene, weather we do or not I love this! It’s quick & keeps me updated! I hope this podcast keeps going! 😻
  • JCdoodz
    Such a cool podcast!
    I already loved Trader Joe’s and have been a loyal shopper for about 5 years, but this podcast just makes me love them even more! I love learning more about the products and how they are created and sourced. It’s also really great to hear from all of the Trader Joe’s employees in various positions. The culture Trader Joe’s has created is truly unmatched. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact on our world!
  • Dab McTi Nail
    Belgian Chocolate pudding
    Trader Joe’s in the name of all that’s holy bring back the Belgian chocolate pudding!!!! You’re killing me! Nothing comes close and I need a fix. I’m not kidding.
  • elikqitie
    Absolutely love this podcast!
    If you love shopping at Trader Joe’s (especially their gluten free products) this show is for you! I like that the hosts share their opinion on products and also talk about how TJ’s sources their foods.
  • More low sodium foods please
    Love TJ, but..
    I love TJ and this podcast, but the most recent ICYMI episode where you discussed salt in your products was slightly irritating. The “salt was one of the first preservatives” line felt like a cop out. It’s not a secret that salt makes things taste better, but it’s also not a secret that a diet high in sodium can be detrimental to your health. A lot of the frozen and canned food items at your store would be very difficult to fit into a low sodium or heart healthy diet. As a dieitian, and someone on a low sodium diet, I find myself frustrated reading labels at your stores and being unable to purchase many things. It leads me to shop at other stores, and spending significantly more money on brands that do have more low sodium options.
  • J00l33bug
    No new episodes for me
    I haven’t seen a new episode in months eve though i see an appearance of a new post it’s always the same one. It’s also not user friendly because I haven’t been able to find actual new episodes in a past episode listing. I loved the content but never finding the new episodes is annoying
  • taikyupanda
    Love the show
    I look forward to every episode! One thing - episode 65 S13 (the Q&A with the CEO and president) looks like it got cut off (it’s only 4 minutes long)
  • C. Weller
    Stop the use of single use plastic
    I have been a fan of TJ’s except for the use of plastic. I’ve always been VERY confused as to why a company that began in Pasadena, California uses such a disgusting, toxic to our bodies, our oceans, our animals and planet: PLASTIC. There are so many other options that are much less expensive and not harmful. Please, please realize every day is earth day. Once we know better we must do better.
  • Lolo13419
    Trader Joe’s greeting cards 🩵🩵🩵🩵 $1.00 cards 💖💖💖
    I heard from an employee at TJ when I was shopping one day that every TJ greeting card artist, who has their cards for sale in the stores, gets to keep EVERY penny from their greeting cards sales!! I loved that so much! The thought that TJs cares enough to work with artists like that, giving them that exposure AND that the artists actually benefit, is amazing! It is the ONLY place I buy greeting cards! I love them, they are unique and $1.00 per card is bananas!! I probably have 30 cards on hand at any given moment. I have framed some of the cards too. The art is beautiful. If I lived closer than 100 miles to a Trader Joe’s, I’d volunteer to work there. I’ve never had anything but a beautiful and uplifting shopping experience in the store.
  • David Southard
    Orange Chicken
    Went by Trader Joe’s and picked up the Orange Chicken. My wife made some wonderful fried rice to go with it. The only thing missing was the egg roll. This may have been the best I have had. I’ll be back for more.
  • Chesca7
    LOVE TJs but COME ON with the Single Use Plastics!!!!!
    MAJOR Trader Joes fangirl over here (like it might be my ideal date spot? Idk call me crazy!) but what’s up with the amount of single use plastics?! It’s so harmful and unnecessary. Would be cool to see some sort of change!
  • dropseydoo
    These two have as much personality as a cardboard box
  • aewfan1027
    Orange chicken!!!
    I just tried their orange chicken tonight for dinner and I Have to say they’re Absolutely Legit!!!. I love it!!. If I had to rate it from 1 to 10 I would rate it a 12!!. Chef’s kiss!. I also tried their Aussie chocolate creme sandwich cookies which are also awesome and I’m looking forward to trying the maple pancake flavored cookies which I’m sure will be Great if not Amazing!!
  • LoganMason
    Love the stores for 26 years and now the podcast!
    Wait, my favorite grocery store has an amazing podcast that’s cozy, funny and addictive?! My whole family now loves listening to the “TJ report”, as we call it. They are gitty when I bring home treats covered in the show and then give their own personal review. We really took for granted where all of our delicious food was sourced from that we get from TJs until this podcast. Also how much they give back to our food banks and save in landfill waste. Thank you TJs! I was truly clueless and I’ve been shopping with you for over 25years. I love every episode but the Spice one is one of my favorites. ❤️ Please, don’t stop!
  • Kateteodoro
    Love the store but…..
    Please get synthetic and fake fragrances out of your beauty products. We want to be able to shop in ALL section of the store but the fragrance loophole in beauty products stops me. Thanks
  • clyde crazy
    Tara Miller - SHUT UP
    Always shutting guests down- Clock Watcher Where are you going???? Especially the “crew” Matt is great - cool calm collected - voice & manner is fantastic - he explains- sku - ubc - vertical purple people movers - thank you Tara move on - give it a break - count to ten - Matt keep it going your demeanor and caring voice says it all !!!!!!
  • DCDrea
    Ding Ding Ding!
    Tremendously informative podcast that highlights Trader Joe’s culture, mission, and products. Tara and Matt are engaging and share the stage with TJ employees, suppliers l, and (less frequently) customers. It’s a good day when a new episode drops.
  • Mariacc2
    Trader Joe’s podcast is quality listening
    Updating my review with a suggestion =) How about opening “Trader Joey’s!” I live 40 minutes from Trader Joe’s and it would be great for Trader Joe’s to take over some small empty businesses with an even smaller store with local favorite Trader Joe’s products… Oh please do! =) I really enjoy the conversations between Matt and Tara. Thanks for keeping it real… like when you zipped open the container of Maple Walnut biscotti. And, OMGoodness! Are they truly the best! Thanks for the great infant entertainment.
  • Deborah 5-14-60
    Awesome podcast and amazing store
    Tara and Matt are perfect hosts! I absolutely love your podcast and always look forward to listening to them. They are enjoyable, educational and helpful in experimenting and trying new foods. I love your Trader Joe’s flyer with the grocery list, such a great idea! I’m constantly amazed at the products that you offer in your boutique size stores. I look forward to shopping at Trader Joe’s which is quite different than the drudgery of grocery shopping at a large store. Tallahassee, Florida is thrilled you are in our area!
  • koukla923
    Please never end podcast.
    You are both wonderful, as are the products, your teams, and essentially the entire Trader Joe’s vibe. Thank you for this gift of a podcast!
  • some unique name
    Great, fun, informative and entertaining
    This podcast is free and worth every penny! As a Trader Joe's fan, I’m truly enjoying every minute of these podcasts. It's fun to hear the enthusiasm of everyone who works at TJ's both in the stores and corporate. If I had a TJ's nearby, I would want to work there as a retirement job. This is one of the best produced podcasts I listen to. Production quality right up there with NPR!
  • jjschimpf
    Love it
    I travel an hour to get to a Trader Joe’s, this podcast helps me know what to get and they don’t disappoint. If I could make a suggestion, please, please stop chewing into the microphone.
  • Point?
    Great store, too bad about all the plastic.
    It is time for Trader Joe’s to take the plastic crisis seriously and reduce the single-use plastic in their stores.
  • Bretton Little
    Please decrease single-use plastic packaging
    Trader Joe’s can take meaningful steps right now to decrease single-use plastic packaging, including: -Selling fruits and vegetables without plastic clamshells, bags, wrappers, and trays. -Offering dry goods like beans, rice, flour, pasta, cereal, coffee, tea, spices, salt, sugar, and more in bulk and allowing customers to bring their own reusable containers to fill. -Offering personal care and cleaning items like shampoo, moisturizer, laundry powder, and dish soap in bulk and allowing customers to bring their own reusable containers to fill. -Switching all storebrand product packaging to cardboard, paper, glass, and aluminum where offering items in bulk is not an option; and selecting namebrand products that are packaged in non-plastic alternatives. Progress is possible. Please reduce your use of single-use plastics packaging.
  • Benny34512222
    I love listening to Matt and Tara! As an avid TJ’s fan and shopper, it’s fun hearing the inside scoop on products and stores. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING UPTOWN NEW ORLEANS A STORE!!!!!!
    We’re FINALLY Living close a Trader Joe’s WOOHOO!!
    I really enjoyed hearing about what it takes to open one of your stores. I’ve been in love with Trader Joe’s since 1999 when my future wife introduced me to them in Southern California. Biggest problem was I was in Eastern Washington state at the time. Over the last 23 years, we’ve gone from none close by until they opened in St Louis, MO, but still a 30 minute drive, to a 3-4 hour drive up to Albuquerque. We’ve just moved into the Parker area and we so ecstatic to hear about that one opening soon! Fortunately we were both off for your GRAND OPENING, we could’ve been first in line, we were there so early. Ps. I’m hoping you can get the Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce! We just used up the last bottle we bought at one of your stores in Albuquerque on some chicken potstickers we bought at this store. It’s GREAT for these and egg rolls! I’ll bring the empty bottle by so you can get the Code
  • bonnski9
    Please stop selling so much unnecessary single-use plastic
    I am a loyal Trader Joe's customer but I'm fed up with the huge amount of single-use plastic packaging waste I end up with every time I shop at one of your stores. I really hope TJ’s shifts away from single-use plastic packaging to a system of bulk products, plastic-free produce, reusables, and, where necessary, products packaged in single-use containers made from glass, metal or paper, all of which can be recycled successfully for multiple reuses. I am one of many concerned customers, and although I appreciate that you have started taking some steps to reduce plastic pollution, outlined on your sustainability page, these are just incremental steps and fall far short of the measures required to tackle the plastic pollution crisis. For all of multiple reasons, I believe that doing business as usual is no longer acceptable. As a leading retailer, Trader Joe’s has a responsibility to STOP carrying products packaged in single-use plastic. Alternatives exist. Please embrace them.
  • wenwendles
    Love them but not all the packaging
    Have always been a fan and appreciate the reasonable prices, unique products and that their produce has gotten better over the years but really hoped they’d shift away from all the plastic by now. SO much of their stuff is packaged that way - all the yummy dips, sweets, etc., and all wrapped fruits and veggies. Makes me not want to shop there when I looks at their shelves and makes even the stuff that’s not “processed”, look like it is. Please do better TJ’s. I’m Asian and tried to overlook the offensive cultural appropriation that was used on product labeling in the past but can’t overlook the harmful effects on our health and the environment. And people - don’t be fooled. Less than 10% of the plastic we use gets recycled and that number will likely decrease. One of those dip containers takes nearly 500 years to degrade. Just for a few days (if that) of yum.
  • 12Fnj
    What’s with your plastic footprint?
    Love your store and your vibe but seriously—what are you doing to evolve beyond wrapping everything in plastic? It’s corporate infrastructure that is at odds with your hip, healthy ethos. Thanks for taking this important problem seriously. Claire
  • Todd's kids
    I can't believe this actually exists!
  • KLBT129
    Absolutely Love It - with a side note
    I love it, but could do without the food chewing and talking while chewing on a hot mic.
  • Raquelinmaine
    I just started listening to this podcast and love the whole idea of it! The closest Trader Joe’s is an hour away so I’m doing all my research before making the trip…. Btw I plan on making a trip very soon. I work at a grocery store and only have a few option where I live to buy groceries and I’m excited to branch off and find a new place to buy quality foods at affordable prices!
  • eyeperture
    I love Trader Joe’s
    I am a loyal customer to Trader Joe’s, and glad they had opened a new location at my neighborhood. I love the company’s philosophy, value of the products, mostly the friendly staffs. I also think the Podcast is the great fun way to keep customers well informed with the company culture, and keep the crew members proud of themselves, without them it is ALDI
  • Miss Goat
    Hold the cone
    Just as I was listening to this pod, I was eating my nightly ratio of cones…they were meant o be my favorite!!!!
  • Dickwad22
    Ugh. The TJ plant expert mispronounced “foliage”
    Great hosts, but they need to talk to their plant expert about this gaffe. It happened almost a dozen times! It was cringy.
  • chrismissions
    I love this witty, real, hilarious podcast
    I’ve loved TJs for a while. This podcast makes me a more informed customer and a cheerleader for the store. Thanks team (those behind and not near the mic) for your excellent work on the podcast.
  • cape cod papa john
    Amazing and Well Beyond Expectations
    Today, after a weekend Nor’easter on Cape Cod I drove to the Hyannis store. I dropped off my wife and proceeded to the snowy slushy slippery strip center parking lot. Trying to be proactive in light of my senior years, I waited for someone backing out their vehicle so that the walk to the store would not be precarious. There was a young man, TJ’s employee, in a Tee shirt (25 degrees), collecting bas-carts, I believe his name tag read Brennan (?), who stopped what he was doing, walked over to my car and suggested that I looked perplexed and asked if he could help me; either show me a parking spot or provide whatever assistance I might have needed. I thanked him and explained why I was waiting. I actually think he would have parked my car for me! This young man personified compassion and the type of personnel employed by Trader Joe’s. It also speaks volumes about Company philosophy and knowledge of wants and needs. TJ’s “gets it.” Thanks from this old man!
  • mbourgon
    Fun & lighthearted
    Caught it when it started, and was surprised by the depth of coverage and the behind the scenes of TJs. Well worth the listen.
  • My2cents 2020
    Missed opportunity
    Excellent marketing opportunity for TJ’s products and Company, but I find it hard to listen to as the hosts try too hard to be cute and funny.
  • tjtalker
    I love this podcast. If TJs sold t-shirts that said “Trader Joe is my boyfriend” I would buy one.
  • bookport
    Love the podcast but…
    I went to the store today and they were out of 3 of the 4 items I wanted that I heard about in the podcast. Would be very helpful to have a list of the items you discussed in your notes section.
  • Luna Moona Tic Tuna
    Great info, but...
    Trader Joe’s is an major part of my contentment in life so I was thrilled to find this podcast. Sadly, the interactions between the hosts are painful. (It’s partly the writing and partly the stilted, trying-too-hard delivery.) The interviews with guests are better though and I appreciate the fascinating information and helpful suggestions.
  • elainecalledmary
    If you love TJ’s
    Then you have to listen! I hate the shopping list episodes…because my shopping trip the following week is more expensive. Love the insights into how they run their business. Matt and Tara are funny and have a good rapport.
  • NECT1101
    Great Podcast but Misophonia Nightmare
    Matt and Tara balance each other well, are well versed in everything food related (especially TJs, of course), are a great comedic duo and I really enjoy hearing about the latest foods at TJs; however, they sample food consistently throughout each episode so they lip smack, chew, masticate and speak while eating. Unfortunately, I can’t tolerate this well so I turn off each episode once the first round of feasting starts
  • CGH95
    Please Stop Crunching on the Pod
    Love this podcast, but PLEASE STOP including the crunching/chewing sounds on the show - makes it incredibly hard to listen to.
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