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The Expanded Podcast is the leading manifestation podcast, hosted by Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic™ and co-hosted by TBM’s Chief Content Officer, Jessica Gill. It’s based on Neural Manifestation™, TBM’s unique process that’s rooted in neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and energetics– with a little spirituality sprinkled on top.

While Expanded ranks as one of the best spiritual podcasts, our focus is really on the science and psychology behind manifestation. Our goal is to normalize the practice of manifestation and empower you to get into the driver's seat of your life in order to manifest the experiences, relationships, and things that most align with your authenticity.

We cover topics like inner child healing, shadow work, boundaries, how to reprogram your subconscious mind (and why this is so important), clarity, how to manifest dreams, create magnetism, and harness intuition.

Part of our manifestation process entails “expanding” past your limiting subconscious beliefs. So, by tuning into this podcast with interviews from experts, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, scientists, and those with Neural Manifestation™ success stories, you are starting the process of “Expanding” your subconscious in order to ‘see to believe’ that anything you desire is possible. And by pressing play, the process begins!

Create your daily manifestation practice in The Pathway, our all-access workshop membership, found on tobemagnetic.com.

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  • SkySky2
    But that voice…
    I love the content, but find myself tuning out due to the grating voice of the host. Her voice is torturous. Literally hurts my ears. Maybe something can be done in the sound design to soften those edges? That would be cool. Or maybe Jessica can work behind the scenes? A new host would cheer me up! I tune in every episode hoping things have changed.
  • swellspell
    Somebody that I used to know
    I used to love this podcast so so much. The guests and process episodes always put me into such alignment and helped me continually gain perspective. Enough so that I subscribed to the TBM work after listening for about six months and started diving into the back catalogue. Something has just been off the past year or so. It feels a lot more surface level and focused on gaining new subscribers. The best in class episodes feel like throwaway content. There’s nothing that really nurtures listeners who have been here since the beginning. Everything is so focused on selling “the work” that some of the original sparkle of manifesting and real life examples has been lost. The DIs are still helpful but the podcast content just seems like filler/top-of-funnel fluff now. I miss the OG content.
  • HelenaWoods
    So grounding
    One of my favorite podcasts! TBM’s neuro reprogramming membership changed my life 💕
  • Roar20202000000
    Life Altering
    I have been listening religiously to the To Be Magnetic podcast for over a year now and so much has happened for me. Through both good and bad times this podcast has helped me to get through them all. I’ve uncovered so much about myself and others just by listening to the episodes. I’ve been so much more empathetic and loving to myself and the people around me since listening. I’m currently manifesting a $5K month for my business and when I do, I will finally buy the membership. This is a huge manifestation for me and I’m excited for it to one day come true. I completely recommend listening to the podcast because it will change your life for the better! I’ve never written a review for a podcast but I got a ping to do so. I hope this review is just what you needed to inspire you to listen to The Expanded podcast by To Be Magnetic!
  • JEK831
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve had a ping to write this review for a year! 😬🤪 First and foremost, I’ve wanted to share how wonderful it’s been to see Jessica grow in her role in the podcast! From when she first started until now she has really grown in her confidence and ability to clearly explain this work in a way that’s incredibly helpful. I’ve been following the TBM work and listening to the podcast since 2020 and am so grateful for this resource. I’ve listened to almost every episode and the monthly calls in the group, and it’s really helped me integrate how this “work” actually works, even when I’m not actively doing the workshops, I can more easily see the energetics behind what may be going on in my life.
  • Sades2024
    So helpful, thank you TBM
    I found this podcast two years ago while going through my divorce. This, along with being a member of the TBM community, has helped me heal so much trauma. I had spiritually bypassed a lot until I found this work. After two years of work I can confidently say that I have deep self worth and have broken free from long time self destructive patterns.
  • Loro88
    Wouldn’t recommend
    If money is “just energy” is the energy of someone who does physical labor and make minimum wage less energy than a social media influencer?? This rhetoric is truly aweful!
  • Meb529
    Bring Lacy Back
    I wish Lacy still hosted… I don’t enjoy the episodes as I used to and have stopped listening
  • Random person 216996643
    Life changing podcast
    I have been listening to Expanded for the past year. I have probably listened to every episode at least 2-3 times (or more honestly) Lacy and Jessica really ask and explain all the right questions and just really educate on energy in a way that makes sense. In a way that has lead me to doubt the universe less and trust myself way more. It’s my favorite podcast and i look forward to every Friday. 10/10 I tell everyone it’s a must Truly life changing 🤍
  • Lilu90108
    Not the same anymore
    I used to love this podcast when Lacy was the host but since Jessica took over I never listen to it anymore. I wish Lacy partnered with someone similar to herself to host the podcast: same soothing voice and spiritual gift, etc. it’s unpleasant to listen to Jessica and even when I what to listen to it again sometimes I turn it off within the first 10 mins. Sad what became of this podcast :/
  • GastrocRock
    For the skeptical, science-minded
    As a researcher and science-lover I was skeptical of manifestation (and some approaches are too woo for me.) However, Lacy’s approach is perfect for skeptical people like us. It just makes sense. I’ve been enjoying the podcast for a while and eventually upgraded to the membership!
  • Sahara G.
    Ads, ads, and more ads!
    I am interested in manifesting and always willing to learn more. I searched the app for podcasts that discussed manifestation and clicked on the 12/2/22 epi of this podcast. There were 10 MINUTES of ads! Like what?!? After the tenth minute, I immediately clicked off and had to leave this review. I’m all for getting your money but 10 mins?!? Plus, it was the first 10 mins of an episode. My goodness!
  • Nxhshbsbaahhab
    My favorite podcast!
    I started TBM in November 2021, and my first introduction to it was the podcast. Since then, I’ve introduce TBM to dozens of women who were curious/open to manifestation.
  • He who shall remain nameless
    A master class in spiritual bypassing
    I got into TBM a few years back after a friend recommended an episode of the podcast called "Explained" that featured cohost Jessica and guest Dr Tara Swart. From there I started to follow the pod and eventually became a pathway member and did the work actively for a few months. I ended up getting so turned off by Lacy and her materialism/consumerism that I had to stop listening to the pod in order to be able to do the TBM work. And then I eventually quit that as well. The first thing I would say to anyone curious about the efficacy of her method is that it manifestly did not work for her, Jessica or Tara. They are all failed actors. That was their dream and none of them were able to manifest their dream job. Instead they now make a living from pointing others in the direction of a power that they, themselves, couldn't harness. Lacy’s method is solid, if unoriginal. It’s a remix of important concepts that you can find elsewhere, and she is very effective at making them digestible (and of trademarking them and reminding you at every step that her product is New And Improved). But the insatiable consumerism of this show and many of the things Lacy and her co-hosts reveal about their values in this show are disappointing. I like the emphasis on self worth. Self worth is absolutely what matters - when you expect more, you often get it. However, bingeing Lacy in conversation started to make it clear to me that her own method hasn’t healed her. Her scarcity mindset is apparent in everything from her love of precious metals (which literally derive their worth from scarcity), to her (charmingly frank) descriptions of her partnership with her fiance, to her relentless branding, trademarking and self aggrandizement. Her core values include such ego- and fear-driven qualities as luxury (seeing your wealth at all times so you can be comforted, including wearing reminders of your wealth on your body in the form of jewelry… what happened to trusting?) and being notable (why not just be good at something?). Lacy also happens to be stunningly beautiful, which is an important context to view her stories within. Many of Lacy’s anecdotes about manifestation involve ex-boyfriends (“I wanted a cool apartment and then low and behold I had a ping to call that guy I broke up with and he set me up with his place…”) Beautiful people can have low self-worth, too, and it seems that’s something she’s been fixing for herself. She has learned to step up and demand her inheritance as a gorgeous woman in a looks-obsessed world. But let’s be honest. When you look like Lacy, you simply have more money to spend in the mall of life. Maybe it took her a while to realize it but now she is certainly negotiating for herself at a higher rate. Good for her. Still, not everybody looks like a J Crew model. There are spiritual and scientific truths here if you look for them but mostly TBM is selling mystical consumerism. Lacy’s teachings turn life into a type of shopping. This is the very essence of spiritual bypassing: self-work which is designed to give us a quick hit rather than what we need, and to separate us from humanity rather than showing us how to trust into connection. Consumerism is about getting a jolt of stimulation, which distracts us from what our higher self is trying to tell us. Lacy’s idea of using a shopping list as a carrot to persuade ourselves to heal is an intriguing one. If only it worked. Judging by the evidence Lacy provides candidly, shopping our way to healing just leaves us with a longer and longer list of wants but no real “trust muscles.”
  • Nycgirlie91
    It’s an ad
    Of course it can be expected that they will promote their offerings on the show. However entire hour long episodes dedicated to how incredible Lacy and her work is without actually interviewing the guests is just insufferable. Used to learn interesting things here, not anymore.
  • AshleyMariposa
    The challenge episodes are so supportive!
    I have been a fan of this podcast for years and have really enjoyed tuning in weekly during the end of the year challenge. I am finding gems of expansion and accountability in each episode. The conversations are helping me take my work deeper and I am feeling so supported along the way! Thank you to the TBM team for such a generous podcast. x
  • Diana G M
    So much more than manifestation
    This podcast is a community resource for people practicing their self healing work. It’s hard to fully convey the potential this work has to impact and shift people’s lives through self awareness, self worth, boundaries, inner child work, and so much more. Anyone who only listens to the podcast but has not done the TBM workshops will not fully understand the depth of healing this work can provide. Lacy’s wisdom and grounded presence is the foundation, and yet Jessica brings a relatable and inspired energy that was lacking before her. She’s continually this working to expand the podcast it to its fullest potential and show what’s possible for how to truly integrate TBM into one’s life.
  • AmRBran
    I used to LOVE TBM!
    TBM saved my life in a lot of ways. I used this work to get sober and have manifested an AMAZING life since finding Lacy and TBM in early 2020. In the last year I’ve really struggled with the entire brand. I used to listen to the podcast every Friday morning, first thing. And now, I end up turning it off within 15/20 minutes because a lot of Jessica’s perspective doesn’t resonate. Jessica speaks with a lot of authority and certainty, and I understand why she does that, but I think it’s somewhat dangerous. This work is SO nuanced and everyone’s personal experience with aligning with the life they desire is completely different from the next, so to speak about the work in such definitive terms on the podcast, feels out of sync with what a lot of people experience on a daily basis. Example, this last week’s process episode, the guest said that when she manifested her current partner, she knew he was her person because she felt so much “calm” and that’s how you’ll know it’s aligned. That theme actually comes up quite often in this work. “If you feel calm, that’s how you’ll know”. When I manifested my current partner I was SO FREAKING anxious those first 3-4 months. If I had filtered that relationship through the TBM lens, I wouldn’t be with the person I’m with now, and this relationship is the healthiest/happiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I think what Lacy did in the earlier years of TBM that worked really well, is she talked about the nuances of the work and focused on the real energetics. Because Jessica doesn’t have the same skill set as Lacy, a lot of her advice tends to feel black and white and very focused on outcomes/material possessions, which really, really doesn’t help anyone’s manifestations. She’ll say “don’t focus on the outcome”, but most of her manifestation stories are “I did this, and then I got this thing (couch, trip, computer)”, and the more I learn about manifestation and listen to other spiritual teachers, the more I realize, it is sooooo not about that. I also feel like the podcast in particular doesn’t do a great job of considering people with mental health diagnosis. The black and white mentality, the “do this and then this will happen” advice is harmful for people who suffer from things like OCD, BPD, or any other behavioral diagnosis where over-control is a dominant symptom. Having more mental health professionals on the podcast who aren’t just Lacy’s therapist, might be beneficial in bringing awareness around how someone with OCD or panic disorder or clinical depression, could navigate this work safely because I do think the work itself is beneficial. It just needs to be discussed on the podcast in a more inclusive and considerate way.
  • Dam0n3477
    I’ve been listening to Expanded over the past 18 months intermittently. I became a TBM community member a week ago. The immediate shifts I’ve seen in my mindset and self awareness are so exciting! The timing of Episode 276 was also timed perfectly for me. Don’t disregard this work, it will genuinely set you up to get clear, make meaningful change and become a whole, healed version of yourself.
  • LinzSmith
    You need this
    Lacey is wise beyond her years and so real. She’s that friend that doesn’t sugarcoat things and you know she’s right. Jess is a a gem of an interviewer and thoughtful host. She can distill topics down into practical uses and application. TBM work is what YOU make of it. Thank you both.
  • goldenmoeras
    Thank you Lacy and team for this resource. This podcast and the daily practice has changed my life.
  • Emily42837
    Love this podcast
    Love this podcast and TBM! Jessica is such a great host, she asks interesting questions, distills information so clearly and the conversation with guests flows naturally. Thank you for the content!
  • GigiMarie3
    Mixed feelings lately
    I like some of the content & have had a membership for years, but some of the guests have extremely shortsighted viewpoints that don’t take into account real sociopolitical context. They spout ideas that can be really harmful or just incorrect given the reality of the world. The guest on this weeks episode talking about Jeff bezos is a prime example of this. I also find it frustrating as a longtime listener that they reiterate the basics of the program every time they do a process episode. It really inhibits the depth of the conversation & feels redundant. Just direct the new listeners to another episode & let the content be deep and insightful. Also, and I say this with love, but Jessica could really use a comms coach. Her grammar & (improper) usage of idioms is *incredibly* distracting. Saying things like “grit and bear it”(??) or mispronouncing words and having very jumbled sentence structure shouldn’t be the case given that her job is to host a podcast. She should be well spoken with proper grammar full stop.
  • Marisa Hohaia
    I love how applicable this podcast is!
    I think it is so important to apply spiritual practices to everyday challenges to maximize the positive effects! The tools Lacy and Jessica provide to help me do deep work has truly helped me to stop going through the motions and introduce intention to my life and business!
  • misslady828
    If it quacks like a cult…
    Please for the love of God to anyone who calls themselves a fan of this nonsense, manifest yourself some critical thinking.
  • flwrsofpwrs
    Following TBM since before it was TBM
    I first heard of Lacy on a different podcast & she didn’t even have this going yet, I followed her on IG and those early episodes were a great big beam of light as I did the work and was so insecure about my place in spirituality. The whole business has grown and changed but the core is still the same. It works. In 3 years, I went from a HS drop out stocking shelves at Whole Foods to now having triple the income and on my way to earning 6 figures in a chill corporate job. Because I tuned in and followed my pings and was ready for opportunities when they presented themselves and had the self worth to push forward when I was tested, and knowing that anything is possible.
  • Diana Hitchen
    Mixed feelings
    I think TBM’s method of manifesting is legit— these methods have been studied by others who paved the way in neuroscience. That being said, I am not a fan of Lacy, it’s clear just listening to her speak that she is inauthentic and not intelligent. It’s clear that she just wants to be wealthy and have nice things, and has convinced herself that she is bettering the world. Really I think she’s just taking advantage of millenial desperation in this challenging economic age.
  • Olgita Herbalife
    Love TBM but Lacy needs to chill
    I’ve been with TBM for years and ultimately practice what they preach. However, in recent years Lacy has really been getting in my nerves with her “you can call me a witch” comments. She talks about neuroscience and in the same sentence talks about coming from a long line of witches. They also lost me when they started talking about pet psychics… lol just stop. People with money will pay for anything.. smh.
  • AprilIsMyRealNameTho
    Power of the Podcast
    Hi TBM team! I’ve been listening to your podcast religiously for 2.5 years now. I had to hop on and review the POWER of your podcast and methodology because my manifestation list is too long not to share. In 2.5 years I have been able to manifest a total career change for true stability, started my own coaching practice and signed my first client, let go of unhealthy relationship patterns and leave a partner I thought I’d never be able to let go of, bought the perfect house for myself and my new life in a city where I feel safe/inspired/home, and now I’ve met someone who embodies my entire list(just seeing the list embodied is expanding me further!). Thank you for all the work you’re doing both externally and internally!!
  • Shawna27888
    Problematic self help culture?
    My issue with TBM is that it’s essentially never ending self-improvement homework, with negative consequences for those who don’t constantly keep up with it. I really reject the message that bad things will happen to you if you are not “in your worth.” Specifically, it was tone deaf for Lacy to suggest that the SAG strike is negative affecting those that didn’t “do the work” during Covid. It’s a slippery slope to attribute bad things or good things happening to those who have somehow put in more effort. Sometimes things happen this way, and sometimes they don’t. Often life can be extremely random. I worry that these teachings will find their way to people with guilt fueled religious upbringings, or that those who have lost love ones or had abusive childhoods will somehow feel the universe is testing them because of some higher plane they haven’t reached. TBM is part of a larger wellness/self-improvement culture and I’ve begun to realize the constant push for (mostly women) to just constantly scrutinize themselves, improve themselves, and dig deeper and deeper into their psyche is actually a way to feel a false sense of control over life’s unpredictability. I also have started to think it’s not all that different from how diet culture used to be- a push for us to be constantly examining ourselves rather than just living and enjoying life. This podcast and work is just not for me at all and that’s okay. I just wanted to share this in case it resonates with someone else.
  • Gr8Gatzbi
    Off the mark
    Lacy & team seem to be completely oblivious to reality, as highlighted in her laughter around the strike. Most people affected cannot afford to take a break, adjacent industries with hardworking middle class people are all being strained. For most of us, this isn’t a vacay! &, saying that peoples hardships are bc they didn’t “pass tests” from the pandemic is delusional. Millions died, millions more got long COVID, industries & the economy were shattered. We get it, Lacy, you’re a white rich pretty lady. Why don’t you use your amazing “energetics” & manifesting skills to help those less fortunate? Why don’t you amplify the strikes, instead of saying that those of us doing the real work on the picket lines aren’t aligned enough?
  • Steph9022
    Appreciate Jessica & Lacey!
    I truly appreciate the work you both do from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to the episodes each week. Jessica, you are an amazing interviewer, your reflections and summaries are spot on, and you make this information digestible. Lacey, I feel inspired by the way you show up for life, as a teacher, a mother, and someone immersed in nature. You are such an expander for me. Both of you put yourselves out there in the world, that cannot always be easy. So thank you for continuing this work. I benefit greatly from it!! ❤️
  • Reena111
    lacking key nuance
    Yikes— the episode on “manifesting during uncertain times” had some really problematic messaging in it from Lacy. “If you’re falling on a hard times now it’s because you didn’t accomplish/do what you were suppose to accomplish/do during the pandemic” ???! For everyone who internalized that messaging, PLEASE know the inner work you did & results you got during the pandemic (or ANY other past event/season) was exactly correct and on time for your soul’s unique evolution. You learned & grew in exactly the ways you were meant to in that moment. What you’re experiencing now isn’t a “retry bc you failed to ascend in the pandemic” but an entirely new circumstance and set of growth bc that’s what life is. I hope/think this is at the core what Lacy meant, but she had really messy/dangerous word choice from what seemed like a lack of presence and groundedness. It all felt rushed. Unfortunately I think this is the result of “passing tests” narrative. I never had a problem with it, but now see the slippery slope… Hope she gives some sort of acknowledgment & unpacks what she said in this episode deeper. Have a process interview with an aspiring actor/writer instead of referencing social conversation you had with your accomplished friend. Eeks, icky feelings.
  • Allielou86
    Can you talk about talk about confronting parent about the trauma? Bc I don’t feel like it moves the needle to let them know. But also it might be healing i don’t know. I can process on my own but I feel like I want distance bc of it and maybe there’s something there. Thank you.
  • coffee in that nebula
    Hot👏🏼Labor👏🏼Summer👏🏼 an episode 8/11 take 👎🏼
    First, I want to say I’m in strong solidarity with the actors and writers and service industry folks who are striking. I was disappointed by the Aug 11 ep that showed little compassion for the ✨vast✨ majority of people in these labor unions who are striking and experiencing difficulty in their day to day lives. Not to mention the other industries— dry cleaning, catering, local restaurants, etc who are being harshly impacted by the selfishness of a few company heads trying to profit as they can off the backs of their exhausted labor force. While I can appreciate the silver lining perspective to the situation— being that you can still try to “do the work” no matter what, I also felt Lacy’s comment that it was considered a ‘break’ for more successful actors (who are in the vast minority of the industry) was one-sided and lacked perspective. Let’s show support for those who work so hard to make our hotel stays comfortable or who help create the worlds we escape into everyday. My friends and partner are out almost everyday on the line striking to make their lives LIVABLE in Los Angeles now and for years to come. I certainly hope Lacy’s wealthy actor friends are doing the same for those who hope to be as comfortable as they are.
  • abreitton
    Best podcast
    I always learn so much from each of the episodes. The content and guests are incredible! Love Lacy and Jessica too!
  • dailywalksandpods
    Lack of empathy, preparation, and understanding of nuanced topics
    The August 11 episode contained an alarming lack of empathy and tone deafness for writers and all related professionals who are seeking fair wages, rights to their work, and safe workplaces. It seems the hosts do not fully understand the nuance of what is going on, I would hope they are better prepared in the future when discussing such important topics like the labor movement in the USA. If they put more effort into understanding the labor movement, they would realize how incredibly magnetic it is to have a large group of workers fighting for their rights. The point IS that their rich actor friends can afford to take time off while writers may be struggling to make ends meet due to unfair and explorative residual payment practices, unfortunately the hosts couldn’t connect the two ideas. I’m surprised they missed the mark as much as they did. I generally love this podcast so I was surprised to see such a juvenile and underdeveloped take. It seemed like they just hit record without researching, reading or preparing. Very odd podcast.
  • submersed4eva
    Re: August 11, 2023 Episode
    This review is specifically for the August 11, 2023 episode. This brand has weathered through some major turbulence in recent years especially when some Pathway Members reached out to vocalize their concerns about Lacy's inability to recognize oppression baked into our cultural systems. But the brand shifted post George Floyd as many did to acknowledge the reality of challenges specific people may face because of bigotry and prejudice of all forms. Kudos for recognizing new opportunities to grow. This episode is the first in awhile where both Jessica and Lacy are clearly flailing, struggling to be coherent and falling into a disturbing message of lack of empathy and just major tone deafness. As Lacy talked about all of her actor friends that are able to "be in their divinity" through the current strike I cringed inside for anyone affected by the strike who may have been listening. She actually cackled out loud at one point while talking about the strike saying it was "almost funny" how happy some of her successful actor friends are for this strike. I was shocked and disgusted by her lack of ability to demonstrate any compassion at all. The teachings in this episode fell flat because the older DIs no matter how useful they are also need to expand to meet current challenges. It's ok to acknowledge that you don't know and produce a show that attempts to support people. This episode felt like an attempt to use all the random soon to be expired ingredients in the fridge in an attempt to make a nourishing meal. It didn't work. In stark contrast the August 4, 2023 episode which featured a wonderfully coherent and sincere guest was so very awesome. The juxtaposition between the quality of the two is startling. I'm not sure what is going on with Lacy & Jessica but neither of them felt in the flow of their authentic magnetism in this. One thing is for sure: this a great reminder that we are in a time of revelation when the veneers of delusion will be thinned into extinction. The Pathway may not have all the answers. Sometimes it's ok to acknowledge that it too is a bridge and there are issues too complex for any of the DIs to "fix" but that any of them can be used to help calm and soothe. It felt like both hosts completely forgot these crucial steps. Both hosts seemed in a panic and in the process created the first episode in a long time that was draining and grating instead of infused with at least some bits of shifting insight. I know the work To Be Magnetic shares has value but please remember to practice what you preach and maybe then the condescending tones will be eliminated from what you offer once and for all.
  • JaimeDiehlStyle
    So soothing.
    This is all so informative, eye-opening, validating, calm, freeing, all at once.
  • Jen Christine
    Life Changing
    TBM taught me the energetics of life. I have been able to connect deeply with my intuition, understand conditioning and programming we all experience growing up no matter what our circumstances and then how to actually change my programming, which is how you change your life, through the work of neuroscience. As someone who has no problem diving deep and takes full accountability for my life, I am so thankful for this work. I have followed Lacy since her Free & Native days and I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of her work and the brand. Because I went extremely deep into the work through shadow and inner child, my life has shifted tremendously. I’ve turned a career/my business that I was once burnt out and frustrated with into a thriving business. I’ve let go of friendships and situations that had drained me and kept me small. My mind is calmer and I am content knowing all of my desires already have, always do and will continue to align up for me no matter what. I don’t do the work as much anymore because I’m in much more of a flow but I reference back to it often. Its now very easy for me to recognize patterns, outdated beliefs, alchemize the ego and to continue moving through my days with ease. I still listen to the podcast when I have time but The Pathway is the real work. As for some of the podcast reviews, it sounds like quite a few reviewers forgot to do their Inner Child work! Thank you for your gifts Lacy. They have been foundational in my evolution. ❤️
  • Bee235744
    Great podcast for folks already in a relationship
    Absolutely love this entire podcast but considering a large majority of us are trying to manifest love, they sure do avoid bringing on guests who are single and in the process of manifesting love. Even the last episode most of it was about how to leave a relationship… can we get an episode for the single ones??
  • Ashley Trabon
    TBM is such a gift
    TBM and the expanded podcast are such a gift. Lacy’s work is life changing. Jessica is such a talented host and I love to hear her insights as well- she’s so spot on.
  • emaheg
    🥜🌰🥜and 🍌🍌🍌
    Per the bean protocol content: Eggs are not catapulted out of the ovaries. This completely denies the existence of the fimbriae; that is, finger like projections on the ends of the fallopian tubes, which usher in the egg. The body is intelligent, not dumb. So “overproducer” or “underproducer” is not a thing. If it was much of what we know about hormones and FAM wouldn’t work. I get why Hurd’s beans work though. I’d also point out how poorly the March 2020 episode on Covid with Karen Hurd aged. If heat kills Covid, why did three summers not eradicate it? That first summer should have ended the pandemic. Also raising your body temp to the point that it can kill viruses? We can’t do that enough to increase temps for fertility purposes. But! I listen to Expanded and TBM when I need something thought provoking and nutty. It’s bananas but if nothing else, they do look at things in a different way. It’s just that sometimes that different way isn’t attached to reality. And yeah, it’s a grift. Much Lacy’s own life seems to be in contradiction to her method, which more than anything I find fascinating. I guess what it comes down to is: I listen because of Lacy. Her confidence, though seemingly misplaced sometimes, is stunning. She’d be really interesting to meet.
  • Isams97
    Love the balance
    As a relatively new listener, I am surprised by the reviews that don’t appreciate both hosts. I never knew the podcast before Jessica, and my experience of her as a host is that she is so thoughtful and logical, and that helps distill the information in a way that helps me understand the concepts more fully. A great balance between both hosts!
  • Ljh66
    Never listen anymore…
    I used to love this podcast when Lacy hosted and I only stay subscribed now for the rare occasions when she returns. The problem with Jess is the same problem there has always been with the “brand”: Lacy doesn’t hire partners who share her incredible energetic gifts. That’s why we tuned in in the first place. For someone with something truly special to offer. Not for someone trained to teach a system that she herself only understands in a superficial way. Sadly, even when Lacy is back on the pod, it’s not as good as it used to be. There used to be magic and spirituality. Now it’s all so-called “neuroscience.” It feels like Lacy is just using us all to “manifest” her luxurious lifestyle and has left us in the dust.
  • cheyennedorothy
    Some adjusts have turned me away
    I have been listening to this podcast for many years, though recently I haven’t as I’ve just been flowing elsewhere. I have jumped back in and I certainly notice the changes. The podcasts itself are super insightful and helpful. It’s helped me through a lot. I love Lacy and resonate fully with the energetic side of things. I love Jessica too and I feel she is great and is really “on top of it” with her host ability. With great responses and seemingly “holding it down.” I understand things change, life shifts, and when that happens it can throw some people off. And that’s okay. For me, I miss the “Explained” episodes with Dr. Tara. Her authenticity and expertise was so effortless. I loved the format of Explained with Dr. Tara and Jessica. And then having the other episodes of Lacy interviewing. That to me felt sooo right. I really do not resonate with Jenelle at all… i can sense her nerves and it sometimes feels like she’s repeating what Lacy and Jessica say in a way that lacks such depth of knowledge and curving around a real answer. Sometimes Jessica or Lacy have to dissect her with other questions to get a different answer. I have completely lost my interest and actually get frustrated when Jenelle speaks. The nervous laughing, the “you know” and “like” constantly throughout her speaking make me cringe.. I’m sorry to say. I would be really nervous too if I was on a podcast like that, I understand. I just don’t have the capacity to lean in and stay focused throughout the podcasts now. It has turned me off completely.
  • linda grace d
    Will change your life
    Finding this podcast and signing up for the Pathway absolutely changed my life. Through TBM I’ve found a deeper level of trust in myself, I’ve manifested my dream partner and my dream job, and I have resources to keep on building as my most whole, worthy, authentic self. Thank you Jessica, Lacey, and the whole TBM team!
  • AAV with hope
    It’s often unlistenable
    I love this work and I truly enjoy the Lacy episodes. I like that she talks about investing and her homes —‘it’s been really expansive. I am not trying to break Jessica down but after all this time she’s just not enjoyable to listen to. Her responses are vapid, she doesn’t know how to speak in a way that enjoyable to listen to (Krista from Almost 30 talks abt having gone to speaking lessons — perhaps something to try). I wish Lacy would return full time or that Jessica’s valley girl vibe would shift into something more consequential.
  • Maxine350
    What an insecure person!
    This person is overly concerned with what others think is she that important she thinks that other people are obsessing over her or anyone. Any man listening to this would roll their eyes and run from a woman like this. Everything “triggers” her and she’s micro analyzing everything and no you can’t trust anyone really miss. You’ll learn. “I have to be seen” ooh you need a safe place. Way too much navel gazing here. Get out and live already. “Curate” you are indeed neurotic. You unmasked! Gee woo. Boring. Possibly a narcissist or damaged in your early home environment. Boring.
  • agentprovocateur234
    Lacy is partially back but…
    So happy Lacy is back on her own show and is offering advice for people currently going through it, not manifesting whatever they wanted but identifying what’s getting in peoples way of manifesting. She’s so wise beyond her years, I could listen to her and her wisdom every day. However, it appears she bought her followers on TBM’s Instagram (easy to tell by profile pictures, the small amount of followers/following the “user” has, and small quantity of photos the “user” posts are dead giveaways to fake accounts). Plus the privacy settings which claim only the account owner can view all followers. Additionally the comment sections are mostly “promoting” someone or something trying to scam you. As if the desperate act of buying followers isn’t cringe enough—we know who y'all are, its easy to tell and I am frankly insulted by these “influencers” who are basically frauds insulting our intelligence—as someone who preaches shadow work and authenticity the move seems especially contradictory. Disappointed.
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