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  • Sally GL
    Daily Walk
    I love listening to this Podcast while I walk! I feel like I’m part of the group. There are times I laugh and cry with them. Listening to them encourages, inspires and gives me hope! I wish I had friends that I could talk to like this group of ladies. Praying God will bless me with friendships as such! Excellent Podcast, thank you for what you do! Blessings Sally
  • Julie B 1002
    At work!
    I love listening to Joyce while I am working. Letting god work on me while I work for him. She inspires me to do better as a person and in my walk with God. Thank you so much for all you do and the way you make sense out of the smallest things in life and understanding what God needs and expects . God Bless you!
  • Nitreese
    Joyce Is An Angel
    I Absolutely love Joyce and the Everyday Life Ministry watching the program is the high light of my day. I can listen to Joyce all day and don't get bored so I was super pumped when this podcast was released I love podcasts and this one is no different, it's funny, heart felt, and really helps you to dig deep and take a look at your Life and who You are as a Person, but most and best of all it points You To The ONE and that Is Jesus Christ Thank You so much ladies for all you do. I am currently in the process of Starting my Joyce Meyer Collection I seriously need Everything that Joyce has released she has blessed my life so much❤️
  • VickieAnn88
    Talk it out podcasts are REAL!
    I am so Enjoying these podcasts…. This is MY KIND OF REALITY TV….And I DONT WATCH Reality TV! These Ladies are open and honest about their walk.. Thank You
  • CaliSunshine4
    You ladies are such a beautiful breath of fresh air. Thank you for this amazing podcast. Thank you, Jai and Ginger for being so open, honest and vulnerable about your struggles; you are helping so many women including me. Love this podcast!
  • naomibsantiago
    I Love This New Podcast!!
    All I can say is I LOVE This Podcast!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️✝️🙏🩸🔥
  • rhmrsm$
    Speaks directly to my soul!
    God allowed me to discover Joyce back in 2002, when I was single, had no children, and had no real direction in my life. I was a Christian but had never been taught how to live like one. Every time I heard Joyce preach, I felt God speaking directly to me. Now, 20 years later, I’m a wife, mother of two, and someone who has found their purpose. Joyce Meyer Ministries has had a hand in helping me find that purpose and know how to walk the Christian walk rather than just talk the Christian talk. I’m so excited to have discovered the Talk it Out podcast because life isn’t easy, whether you’re a Christian or not, and I need daily encouragement from these wonderful, Godly women who I now consider my friends. This podcast is now a part of getting my day started. So grateful for you all!
  • Lmpgray
    Talk it out!
    Look forward to every episode!
  • None1845632
    Love it!
    Thank you for being real and putting yourselves ‘out there’. Just what I need. You each have so much to offer on how God is working in your lives. The guests you have are amazing too.
  • TLizzle15
    So life giving
    Can’t tell you how much you ladies bless my life as oftentimes God uses your discussions and things you so vulnerably and honestly share to highlight areas He would like to heal, comfort or encourage me in as well as convict and inspire me to come up higher in some areas. Just recently, the “gripe session” and how to turn around from complaining to be more thankful and positive without “faking it” or not being vulnerable when needed was so life giving (particularly was helped by many things Jai shared so well). Thank you!
  • MagfromCO
    Love this Podcast!
    I just discovered this podcast, and it was so life giving to me! I felt like I was part of a group of girlfriends talking about life… yet with solid godly guidance on living our best life (in prayer!). I love the honesty and candid life examples given by all of the women!! Thank you!!
  • Kyliegraseten
    I love to hike! But with other people! I recently conquered my fear of hiking alone and I absolutely love it! The reason is because I listen to this podcast while I hike! The encouragement I get helps me get through the day and reminds me that I am not alone in the daily struggles of life! Thank you ladies!!
  • T. Ebben
    I don’t feel alone when I listen to this podcast
    A friend shared this podcast with me a few months back and I’ve been listening to episodes almost every day since. I love the talks about real life and relating it to bible teachings. This Podcast makes me smile even on the hard days!
  • Penelopeleehare
    It’s on fast forward i cannot understand what is being said
  • walkinginChrist
    Amazing; Blessed
    I don’t have any people I can really call my friends but this podcast makes me feel a sense of belonging in that I am not alone. God has used this podcast in an amazing way in my life.
  • peace, joy, faith
    Joyce Meyer
    God brought me Joyce 15 years ago when I was going through a divorce. Very hard as my ex had cheated . She has been so helpful all these years snd feel very encouraged through her words. I just recently found her podcast and am obsessed, I love all the ladies and the guests you have on. Thank you
  • 23 j i
    I was literally telling myself I needed another episode and here it is . Something I really needed to hear .. to truly forgive . Also Thank you J for sharing , I went through a divorce last year. A situation kind of similar to yours and I’m still trying to heal from it . I thank you ladies !!
  • jgb202068
    Just found this podcast today and it was EXACTLY what I needed!!! Thank you so much!!
  • Leslie c !
    Love this so much 💕 praying for you all I absolutely love talk it out !! Your honesty is beautiful ♥️ your openness helps me know that I am not the only one who feels the way I do I would love to learn more about how to not keep everyone fixed . I have this thing that if it’s brought to me then I should help or just fix it . Love you all so much and so thankful for Joyce Myers fighting her life with Jesus to help us all in Jesus ♥️♥️♥️
  • Netbaby007
    Hesitate at first
    At first I was hesitant that I just really wouldn’t like this format, but I gave it a chance and now I can’t stop listening. I love how everyone is open and honest about how they feel and how they feel is like how I feel so I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you. I’m so happy that you’re doing this it is helping me to see that I need to grow in more areas and that if I will just set aside some time with God I will get a breakthrough. I’ve been watching, listening, reading anything I could get my hands on from Joyce for many years now!! Without her and God I would’ve never made it through some of the hardest time’s of my life.
  • Suzy McKean
    Talk it Out
    I am obsessed with watching “Talk it Out”! Every morning I listen to these wonder women and it’s the very best part of my day. You are my friends in my head and heart. I live in one city and work in another, so although I have wonderful Christian friends I don’t get to see them often and with Covid it has been even fewer and far between. Thank you and I love Joyce too! God bless
  • dalcalflo
    Food for the soul!
    I love how honest these women are. They hold nothing back! Joyce chimes in to really lay it out in her “no none sense” way.This podcast continues to read direct my thinking and allow for me to see that no matter what I’m going through I’m not allowing other women are dealing with it also and through their experience I can find home and streak I listen to this podcast every morning and it always confirms what God is trying to show me.
  • Suz2425
    I love the transparency in this whole group. You draw us in like we are part of you. Thank you so so much for your time and talking truth. Love you all.
  • Moprac22
    Girlfriend on the go
    This podcast has made me feel all warm and cozy over the last year! I literally have girlfriends on the go as I travel to and from work weekly! Thank you so much for the contributions you’ve made in my life personally! And the added bonus of building up my spiritual muscle along the way!
  • Patrick Kasongo
    Fantastic! So edifying!
    I just discovered this podcast and oh my! Thank you ladies, thank you Joyce for all the amazing insights shared in every episodes!! Blessings
  • Lakegirlz
    Always leads me to our Lord
    Thank you for being so real. I definitely hear God’s Truth through your podcast, especially this rejection episode, keep it up and God Bless❤️
  • Me boy 33
    Talking about your anxiety
    I needed to hear this today... loved the open conversations especially about divorce and infidelity
  • Mollybolt5
    Real talk, real women, very encouraging
    This has become my favorite podcast. These women of faith are so real. They offer transparent honest discussion of every day topics, something that has been hard for me to find in my christian relationships. They have faith with honesty, and sometimes they feel like a life-raft in my hardest days. Plus, they are funny and encouraging in their discussion and banter. You really get a dose of girl talk amidst teaching. I hope this podcast goes on for a very long long time.
  • Serenity_0252
    iPod Excellence
    Just: “Thank You!” You re each amazing Women❤️
  • rocio licon
    I love this podcast
    I love this podcast.!!!! I love how it’s so real and can relate so much to what they talk about. I cry every time because I’m so touch by the subject and speaks to me.
  • MiriamR2021
    I have really enjoyed the chemistry of the ladies in this podcast. They are funny, genuine, and speak with humility. I love how they tie in Joyce Meyers’ teaching and extend on it. Such a great podcast, ladies!
  • cafe' gal
    Joyce Meyer
    Fantastic episodes! Real life application! Honesty from Gods word! All this with humor and down to earth easy to understand principles! Love Her!
  • Simply checking
    Great podcast
    So real. Love it!
  • F_L_F
    These women are fabulous!
    This is my favorite podcast! I was desperately looking for something real, authentic, and things that we can compare real life situations. The women and guests really bring the show alive. Along, with teachings from Joyce and it’s nice Joyce gets to join in on the topics. Bravo to these women and opening up their life to share with all of us and teaching the Bible and in using it in our everyday lives. 💕
  • Kicking It in Kentucky
    It’s my favorite!
    I love the way these ladies are so real and honest. It’s like they’re speaking directly to me while I’m listening. They actually make you feel like you are part of their conversations and discussions. I listen everyday. When there’s not a new episode available, I listen to the older ones. What a blessing these ladies are!
  • Prayer girl from IL
    My favorite podcast
    Love the encouragement I receive from listening to these ladies! I love their real life examples and vulnerability. And of course, I’m always learning from Joyce and appreciate her words of wisdom! ❤️
  • tlembrey
    I really feel like I’m part of the group while listening. The ideas and insight that is revealed in each episode really helps!! Love and laughter really comes through. Thank you!!!
  • Li'l Bo Peep
    Ginger changed my mind about “Have yourself a merry little Christmas by pointing out the SHINING STAR! (Before this, I viewed it only as a secular song)Hang Him on the highest bough, people
  • 🕊LoveDove🕊
    Great podcast. NEED IT.
  • Sweetwheels46
    Love Joyce Meyers
    I watch her show almost everyday. I am glad she has a podcast I can now listen too. Her books are great as well
  • proudtepub
    Love the podcasts
    You are keeping me sane during this pandemic! I miss in person girlfriend time and this podcast is bridging the gap ❤️
  • KittyKatHTX
    Love this podcast!
    These ladies are amazing! Great discussions and very relevant. Such a blessing to me!
  • kh nlessed
    Thank you
    The best podcast ever
  • a n o n y m o u s 8 u
    Everyday Life with God❣️
    I look forward to the new episodes every two weeks! When I found this podcast, I listened to every episode to catch up. Throughout it all, each episode brought life forward. Thank you for humanizing everyday issues and reminding me how to be with God in every situation. ❤️🙏🏻❤️
  • cindi8789
    Cindi Rains
    LOVE LOVE LOVE “Talk it out” Podcast! Only problem is waiting for the next episode! Thank you so much for you!
  • StudentMom
    My first episode of many more to listen to! I love Joyce and this podcast with these lovely ladies and their wonderful talks! Needed this positive in a world of darkness.
  • Choco1020
    This podcast has been a God Send in my life. I found it at the perfect time when I needed it most. It has been sooo uplifting and inspiring!! Keep up the great work ladies!!🥰
  • NoCalGoldnGal
    Everything Joyce & her ministry does is wonderful. I speak from 20+ yrs of utilizing every kind of resource they offer. Joyce’s delivery of God’s word & His promises & comfort has guided me thru many rough times/moments, & also taught me so much more. Pls everyone: give all of Joyce Meyers apps a try. Nothing to lose & everything to gain! Thank you Lord for bringing Joyce & JMM into my daily life. God bless!
  • talk it out
    Talk it out Girls
    Thank you so much for doing this, I listen while at work. I have now listened to all of 41 pod casts. Please when will there be more. This makes my day so much easier. With Love and Blessings. Amy Korte
  • 💕donna
    I need more of this kind of teaching
    Exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you all for this podcast, I’ve subscribed and looking forward to all of them.
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