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A Tottenham Hotspur podcast that will provide that inside track on everything happening at Hotspur Way. Football.London reporters Alasdair Gold and Rob Guest will bring you the latest news, analysis and a laugh too as Spurs look to make their way to the top of the Premier League pile.*Advertising feature from our sponsor Nord VPN - Grab your exclusive Nord VPN deal on Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Nord VPN terms and conditions apply.*

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  • Archidamus
    Best insight into Spurs
    Rob and Ali provide the insight and knowledge allowing any fan to learn about the backroom activity at Spurs. Their institutional knowledge is wonderful and their personal interactions with players and staff takes it to the next level. It was through this podcast that I was able to understand that the most instrumental signing last year was not a player, but Fabio Paratici.
  • The_Buj
    Love the pod!
    If you’re a Spurs fan who wants level-headed and realistic Spurs-centric content than this is the pod for you! Ali and Rob provide good insight into what is going on behind the scenes and the stories surrounding the club without being Uber pessimistic or reactionary like your more fan-led pods. Having a non-Spurs fan in Guesty host is helpful because while I imagine Ali is the consummate professional in all walks of life, Guesty keeps things as non-bias as possible. Great insights! I find myself often agreeing with Gold and Guest on the happenings of Tottenham Hotspur and I think it’s made me a more level-headed fan as a result!
  • FMP@aq
    A gifts for serious Spurs fans
    I have long wished for an Alasdair Gold regular podcast because I do not like being tied down to YouTube. Well, here we go! This is as good as it gets: best insight, only rivals being the other regular journos on theAthletic's pod and Dan Kilpatrick. I did not know Rib Guest before this, but he is wonderful to listen to--I am a lecturer and wish I could talk like him!
  • pleasejustletmeleaveareview
    Guest ruins the show…
    Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars. Feels like I’m listening to a mopey dog that had zero interest in football. Hard to suffer through his segments waiting for Gold to spit his magic. Listening to a lot of the Athletic Spurs pod these days cause I can’t stand Guest.
  • Dylanland
    The Best Pod for Everything Tottenham!
    While us Tottenham fans are often quite miserable, we find solace in listening to Alli (the GOAT) and Rob. Through good times and bad, at least we have these two wonderful journalists on our side. A must listen for any Tottenham fan, cynical or optimistic!
  • Inspireothers4life
    Big Gold and Guest fan
    I started following recently based upon watching Alasdair Gold on YouTube. The balance between Alasdair and Rob is a perfect yin and yang. What makes this unique is these are two Tottenham reporters who are able to display their fandom but also be objective and report on facts. Love these guys!!!
  • Minion 102169
    The only Spurs pod you need
    Super informed pair of insiders who really look at the game from all angles. Had great takes this week when predicting the lineup for the Chelsea match: 1) Romero came up against Lukaku twice in Serie A last season and Lukaku did not score, and 2) Romero and Sanchez, who are training together in Croatia, speak the same language, can prepare to play together, and it would make sense to insert them against Chelsea. Also, good takes on Gil, Ndombele, and the academy debutantes.
  • ubow3
    Great pod
    Fire as always from Ali
  • spurs spurs spours
    Best pod
    Great pod Ali Gold legend
  • WV Spur
    Straight from the source
    Excellent Spurs pod. For many of us, Ali G is the best source of Spurs news. This is a great way to hear the latest. He and Guest work well together, both have good heads for football and know what they’re talking about.
  • RedBird #7
    Well done!
    Really enjoy hearing your perspectives!
  • Francois DeLeafsuck
    good stuff
    good spurs pod, keep it up
  • AV vancouver
    Great source on all things Tottenham
    I’m not sure if they ever studied engineering but their way to look at the issues at the club is very “engineer-like” Facts and logic driven analysis
  • threshair
    Best podcast for Spurs information
    Two top tier journalists share their thoughts and opinions on Spurs. What more could you want as a fan? A European conference league trophy? Both Gold and Guest provide real, credible information on the happenings inside Tottenham. It’s not just one of the best podcasts for the inside scoop but also a nice laugh.
  • Double00Bob
    Happy and excited
    Love Alisdair and all his insights to the club. So happy our main man found a way to carve out some time for the fans. You’re the best !!!
  • COYS4evr
    Can’t wait!
    Can’t wait! Already know this is going to be a top shelf pod - thanks for making the time guys!
  • Levels2Sucio
    Reliable, Empathetic and best Spurs Podcast
    Going to grow into one of the best Sports Podcasts with the bonus of the best Journalistic input on all things Tottenham and the EPL
  • Mmmmmmmgcchrcjuc
    Best Spurs Podcast
    This is already the best spurs podcast with the two greatest Spurs journalists and the first episode hasn’t even come Out yet ;)
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