Tim Miller is a famous search-and-rescuer in Dickinson, Texas, who's helped track down more than 300 missing persons. After 38 years of searching, he’s now convinced that he’s finally solved his own daughter’s murder.  In the first season of VIGILANTE, Allie Conti (New York Times, Vice) explores the human cost of Tim’s singular obsession with the case—from the people he’s falsely accused in the past, to the current girlfriend he’s put in the crosshairs of a possible serial killer. As Allie prepares to interview the suspect in person, she grapples with whether she might be the latest victim of Tim’s vigilantism.

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  • Baffldovrit
    Hideous & Misleading. Skip
    Clueless presenter & way out of her depth. To start, the entire pitch & even the title is a ploy to mischaracterize Tim Miller. The title advertises him as a “vigilante”. Casting him as a nefarious guru, surrounding himself with a harem of adoring “groupies” who volunteer just to bask in his charm, is a laughable yet gross pejorative of the father of a murdered daughter. And it gets worse from there. Just a few standouts: describing the alleged serial killer, who beat horses to death with a steel bar, & his attorney as “both being a bit bizarre”, because he has his office in a rail car. (WHAT?!?). Then, ginning up how she “put her life in danger” & refused to interview the serial killer out of fear for her life - histrionic & juvenile. Not to mention her repeated droning about how Miller “put pressure on me” & “to use me as his tool” to interview the possible killer, then playing the tape of her giggling like a middle schooler when Miller is encouraging her to get the full story from the guy. The only “manipulation” here is not from Miller, as the ditzy presenter alleges, but is HER exploitation of & feeble attempt to target Tim Miller. She simply doesn’t have the chops to pull it off. It’s disgusting to impugn this man’s work & his loss, in a vain attempt to promote a podcast. The presentation is slanderous.Stay home or stick to snake hunting & protests, sweetie. You’re way out of your league here.
  • chldfromdamild
    Not Terrible, but…
    Decent podcast but with the volume of high quality true crime podcast this one leaves a lot to be desired. Her unwillingness to NOT meet with Clyde shows she’s not ready to take on this type of serious subject. Hire a body guard or big dude and meet at a Denny’s, not that difficult
  • Mor25!
    I wish I had read the reviews before spending time listening to this. I had heard a promo and it made the series sound very riveting. In reality, it was not. It felt like there wasn’t much direction, left me kind of wondering where the story was? I would advise you just skip it.
  • ESpNdownfall
    What was the point?
    Really no point or conclusion to this podcast.
  • Webbsss
    Fascinating and well told! Thank you
  • Camaro41$
    Don’t bother
    Don’t waste your time! Tim and the girl hosting this podcast are the same
  • SLitteken
    First account views
    Having firsthand account of the crime or situation is so important in the true crime gene. Well done.
  • kpaladini
    Great narration and very binge worthy
    Really Wanted to Like the Podcast
    I really wanted to like this, but I left feeling like it was a confusing mess. I understand that this is an ongoing case, so there is no conclusion, but the delivery of the story was not systematic for me. The first episode pulled me in, but the last five felt repetitive and incoherent. I think this could have been delivered in a two part show for what was actually delivered to us.
  • Bayou*Girl*318
    I listened to the entire podcast and I’m still not sure why Tim Miller would be labeled a bad guy. His daughter was murdered, he has done so much good for families who have members that have gone missing. I think it’s a dangerous road labeling someone like this. Maybe take up restaurant reviews and not reporting crimes.
  • krshabalisha
    Great show!
    This is a good listen with a very interesting subject!
  • Foot of the Smokies
    Misrepresenting things badly
    The host tries to in the trailer and the cast to place doubt on Tim. She belittles how his building looks, I guess he should have spent $ to fix the aesthetic instead of helping families. She also seems so taken aback by Tim’s rage, the man’s daughter was murdered. It is bad that Tim has accused more than one person but the caster tries to make it seem sinister. She also tries to make everything about her “I’m in danger” I’m not impressed and did not enjoy this cast.
  • GolfCity999
    Had Promise
    This show had promise, but the whole is Tim good or bad was a very transparent way to drag out the story. This isn't investigative journalism. It would have been more interesting if there was more info on the TX killing fields case. It was promised as a thriller and didn't deliver. Very blah ending.
  • iPhone Case Fanatic
    Over before it begins
    What an absolutely lackluster podcast. The attempts inserting “twists” and cliffhangers were fruitless. Save yourself some time and do a quick read online and you’ll come up with more info. There were quite a few times where I thought my player glitched and replayed a segment I already listened to, but I realized it was just the host retelling the same info over and over. Pretty disappointing overall.
  • lame37/@!;$;@
    False Narrative
    This podcast is an example of how someone can take information- clip/edit it- and narrate it- in a way to spin their own version of a story. From the beginning- the tone- the words she uses- already is an attempt to make the listener doubt the integrity of Tim Miller. Not a neutral perspective.
  • natemitch3
    Very good
    Entertaining podcast well done
  • Archangel
    What’s the point
    Did I miss something? Narration was great. But as a lot of true crime podcasts go - Most episodes are anticlimactic. Mystery still a mystery right?
  • elaine1093
    Excellent Podcast
    Well researched. Excellent story telling. Really enjoyed the real time aspect of this investigative podcast. I tried to send an email with the link provided in the show notes and came back an not existing. Can you provide another email address? Thanks
  • Tulips21
    Creepy similarities between serial killer and “serial killer hunter”! I would also like Clyde to know that a neutral location is a Starbucks not a hotel! After vigilante I neither trust Tim nor Clyde. Great investigative reporting 🫶🏻 idea for next season – vigilantes protecting women's right to choose abortion. Thanks pod team😃
  • LaurenMinor👱‍♀️
    Lots of promises for how thrilling it would be, and ended up completely flat. No one gets caught, they still don’t know any more about who the killer is, and no…. she never was in danger like the promo says. Nothing ends up being discovered and we never even hear any details about any of the alleged crimes.
  • Central Valley Shannie
    Great Podcast
    This was a very good listen….. I enjoyed it immensely.
  • whoooopwhoooooot
    Loved it!!!!
    Congrats everyone who worked on this! A great piece of journalism about a fascinating character!
  • Dmr77797
    I live right near the killing fields! This podcast is so good! Very informative! It gives you another side to Tim that you will never find anywhere else! It’s wonderfully put together and it gives Tim a human side! He is a legend here! After listening to this podcast he is still a legend!!
  • brando419
    I had high hopes for this one. It was OK but ended up being very anti-climactic as far as I’m concerned. Could’ve been a two-parter
  • El Curcuncho
    Future Season Idea…
    Lissa Yellowbird! Signal boost her cause and also tell her INCREDIBLE stories. So many stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls NEED TO be told. We need to do more for these people.
  • bruh1981
    Nothing burger.
    Scared to do an interview?! Is investigative journalism supposed to fall in her lap? Victim? So dumb… what a waste of time.
  • Me18472919
    Skip. Just skip.
    Very high hopes considering the great lengths they went to for advertisement. In a desperate attempt to make this story “unpredictable” it actually talks badly about Tim Miller throughout. It also tries to make it a live thriller by stating the host is in danger. She is not. And for a journalist and private investigator, the host asks nothing interesting at all. It’s ironic she makes a show out of how much TM repeats himself to her, but she can’t come up with anything interesting to say so she regurgitates the same information throughout the whole thing. More facts, less crap in between. Overall, this podcast is an absolute bore.
  • Dana.92
    Seems like the host doesn’t take responsibility for this podcast. I’m wondering how it’s Tim’s fault that Donna got busted for selling drugs? Seems like she made that decision on her own, he didn’t force her. As far as Tim pushing you to go talk to Clyde, that’s entirely up to you. Your choice, not his. You decided to go down this path, no one is forcing you (the host).
  • Good but crashes often
    An overly dramatic let down
    I was so excited for this show after the first few episodes but as it progressed, it became monotonous and overly dramatic. The host states several times how her life could be in danger. Come on ??!?!
  • Neuhcricjrjcirjc
    Complicated character story
    I have to admit, I am confused by all of the reviews criticizing this podcast for being some kind of smear or “hit piece” about Tim Miller. On the contrary, I thought it was a fairly even-handed portrayal of a man who has had a hard life, suffered devastating tragedy, and has nevertheless accomplished tremendous feats for justice. The podcast is supposed to be about a “vigilante” and it is. Anyone who was expecting him to be without fault would certainly have been mistaken. I’d rather have nuanced storytelling over blind fawning.
  • CoopMonk
    No Value Add
    There is no value added with this podcast. They discover nothing. They piece together nothing. They offer no valuable insight. It’s just a long slog through 4 episodes. Then everything gets resolved by something completely unrelated to the podcast in episode 5. Should never have been published.
  • melzbthg
    She’s such a pompous idiot.
  • marylin-62
    You’re choice to talk badly about this victim of crime is disgusting. If a parent loses a child they should do everything and ANYTHING to find there child’s killer and get justice. Good for Him!
  • Rob Pettey
    So Good
    This was so good. I hope she does more!!
  • 75lamc
    Quick listen. Just meh.
  • Shellebelle10
    Such a waste of time
    I feel like the journalist’s mind was made up from the beginning. She was very judgmental about Tim and I’m not sure why she even did this because she didn’t help or add anything. Her voice is so boring and monotone.
  • ryannlynn
    The host is a scaredy-cat and spends most of the time thinking everyone that she is looking into is after HER! The story keeps coming back to the host and her feelings and not the subject.
  • CjStafford
    I don’t ever write reviews but I agree so much with those complaining about the lack of content in the last couple episodes. We were lured into believing that we would learn information that the narrator says at the end wasn’t hers to share. I was not only bored, I was irked that I had wasted my time listening to the narrator’s deliberations over whether she should interview the suspected murderer. The show is called “Vigilante,” not “A journalist’s dilemma.” This should have been a one-episode Dateline and the focus should have remained on Tim.
  • ohhausername
    I like the podcast but was left with a lot of questions. Can’t wait to see what the Next Vigilantes holds
  • Blue'sSoAwesome!
    Really?!? I so wanted to like this!
    We all have our reasons why we are passionate about what we do. Tim has made a horrible life experience into something that helps others. How heroic!
  • JamesDufrew
    Could be better, could be worse
    Interesting character piece on Tim Miller. I agree with others that grounds were retread often. But I enjoyed the show nonetheless.
  • Soccerkid723
    Great Listen
    To me, this podcast feels like a mashup of “Serial” and “Tiger King.” Crazy characters and an interesting storyline. Looking forward to more!
  • Beckdiggity
    What’s your agenda with this?
    Trying to ruin a a man’s reputation who in his own suffering has helped hundreds of families over the country…. You should be proud of yourself. 🙄 This isn't about Laura, it’s an agenda against Tim. Anyone who knows the story, the man and/or the history of his story and the program knows this woman is all for ratings and she spouts unreliable,false and altered content to suit her agenda.
  • Paulryan534
    I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and this may be the worst one yet. Don’t quit your day job lady, this is horrible work.
  • Angry Redhead
    Why is the podcaster scared???
    I know nothing about this podcaster, and I’m sure she is a very nice person. But my guess is she had a relatively sheltered middle class upbringing and received a very liberal, politically correct college education. Now she is seeing how the world really works and what real people have to do to get things done. She can’t help but show judgment of those who aren’t like her. You’re a journalist and PI, yet scared to interview an ex-con? It might be time to find a new profession… perhaps college journalism professor??
  • TDaddy5987
    Good Topic, Poorly Done
    It was a fascinating topic and had some interesting characters in it. But the host “journalist” talks about herself and involves herself and her thoughts/feelings more than just letting the story develop and unfold. If the host was less involved it would have been much better. Not very good journalism in my opinion.
  • Abigail Perkins
    A good attempt but not a success
    This was a good first attempt by a new podcaster/journalist. However, it made some big promises that weren’t followed up on. I was disappointed that I put the time in to listen to the full thing.
  • Waco Raider 97
    Repetitive, host’s voice is bored and uninspired
    There’s a little interest in the first few episodes but by episode 3 we are retreading plowed ground and it loses any ability to keep you hooked. No resolution and not even a half-formed tease for a future installment. In hindsight I wish I’d skipped it.
  • Gregah;50
    Skillful delivery but way too much rehashing the information developed earlier. Compelling subject but not too sparse of content.
  • maccabyrd
    I disagree with the negative consensus
    This journalist is integral to this piece, which is about Tim himself, and she does a great job. It’s called’Vigilante’ - it’s the story of the unsolved TX Killing Field Murders but, at its root, this podcast is about that fine line..
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