Vigilante is an investigative podcast about people who take justice into their own hands—for better or for worse. In both multi-part seasons and standalone episodes, the show spotlights everyday people driven to drastic measures. What motivates a vigilante? What are the structural forces that make them feel it's necessary to operate outside of the law? And what are the human consequences of those actions? Vigilante is a Kast Original podcast hosted by Allie Conti.

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  • Tdogmar
    Tim Miller story is amazing
    Great podcast. Kept me on my toes!
  • zsazi
    Annoying voice
    You sound like you are BORED TO DEATH reading your script….your voice drops at the end of every sentence. So depressing to listen to!!!
  • Bab275
    Tim Miller episodes: didn’t give both sides
    I understand that the reporter was scared of the man accused of being a serial killer and that he was most definitely not a good dude, BUT if the story was too scary for her, she shouldn’t have done it at all. Instead, she worked as a tool for Tim Miller, concluding at the end that there was undeniable proof that the accused was guilty. She did not give the accused the opportunity to contradict that. Nor did she present the possibility that Tim was lying or that he has told the “witness” details specific to the case that not everyone knew. As these sort of podcasts become more common, I think it’s really important that we require journalists to abide by ethical standards and in my assessment, this journalist did not.
  • pvbbee
    Don't waste your time
    After listening to this podcast, I keep hearing ads for it and they infuriate me. One reviewer called it click bait, and that's exactly what it is. Talk about anticlamactic. I only listened because I thought they must be building up to the interesting stuff. Nope. There are so many good podcasts, don't bother with this one.
  • Birthcup
    I can’t listening to this host
    Was annoyed by the amateur host. A lot of whining. We all get you don’t like Tim.
  • ljp1725
    The series about Tim and his daughter - it started off interesting but then the last three episodes just basically regurgitate the first two episodes. The biggest aspect of this would be a conversation with the prime suspect yet the host wrote it off as being too dangerous. To investigate a disappearance (multiple disappearances ) of women, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t accept this as part of it. Why go down this path if you’re not willing to speak to all those involved? Just doesn’t make sense to me from an investigative, journalistic perspective.
  • Specialperson333
    Not impressed
    Kind of misleading because, all the podcast listed in your bio you say you are similar to…. You are a combination of all their worst qualities. The mindless drivel & pointless banter is worse than the last Podcast On The Left and I was a diehard morbid fan, but I just can’t listen to them anymore now that they have just completely stopped caring about the work that they put out so I was on the hunt for a new podcast… & I guess I will have to keep looking
  • WIL Double
    Big Nothing Burger
    So anticlimactic, pointless and boring. Ads are really misleading.
  • kayferguson13
    Not the best
    The trailer for this podcast is extremely misleading. It implied that the father was evil & she was in danger. I’m on episode three & I’m still waiting for actual suspense. Random people are talking, there’s zero context of who they are, nothing is being explained. I hear her say “they may be on to a serial killer” & I’m dumbfounded because I’d yet to hear a coherent thought about the work up to anything at all - just people talking. I guess listeners are supposed to figure out what’s going on themselves by taking notes and drawing diagrams on the wall connected with string. I got to part of episode three and I’m done.
  • evil chese kid
    Gary Jefferson Byrd psychiatrist in Houston Texas. Convicted pedofile
  • Kjramrick
    Click Bait
    This podcast sounded great in the ads but after listening to it, I promise you it’s not what it claims to be. The hosts life is never in danger. Tim basically decides he doesn’t want to work with her when she won’t go talk to Clyde, the prime suspect. She acts like tim is manipulative or setting her up or something when he seems to want the journalist to be a journalist and interview people. The FBI guy is like interviews are the most important way to solve cold cases and the host is like “nothing could possibly be gained by interviewing the prime suspect.” And look Tim seems absolutely crazy but like rightly so and maybe try getting into the why of that instead of just trying to make him look bad when he hoped you were going to help him solve his daughter’s death. There is a good podcast in this subject matter: Tim destroying innocent people’s lives when he got it wrong; why the ME hid so much; why so many women and girls were going missing in this area in the 80’s. The evidence that supports Clyde’s guilt. But none of those were the podcast we got. Instead we got a made up drama about fake threats and repetitive story telling.
  • Shaldis1111
    Sounds like Tim Framed Clyde
    Tim sounds not just “maybe, sort of, a little unethical.” He sounds like a manipulative, vicious con. He rallied the whole town against an innocent man until that man died by suicide. And then Tim just moved on to someone else. He repeatedly bullies and manipulates people out of their homes or into doing dangerous things for his own single-minded gain. You say he’s done good in the world with his search and rescue volunteers, but prove it. You get all the information from him and his acolytes which could easily be confabulation. And is Destiny happy being someone’s “part-time girlfriend?” Ugh. I am not saying the police were effective, but no wonder they hate him. He doesn’t do anything admissible in court. He sets out to prove his theories, not consider all possibilities and let the evidence lead. How do we know he didn’t plant all that evidence he and Destiny “found” in the house he stole out from under Gladys? Of course the police would tell victim families not to talk to him, he winds people up against whomever Tim has decided to blame. That scene with the necklace and the victim’s family member was despicable. She didn’t recognize it, but gets all choked up believing it was familiar. It was like watching a psychic do a cold reading on someone primed to believe the psychic is really speaking to their dead relative. This mystery guy with a confession placing Clyde as the ringleader who comes out of the woodwork in perfect timing at the end just when the host is wrapping up (Tim is about to lose her attention!)—and whom Tim is helping TO GET IMMUNITY— so he can pin it on Clyde? Does no one else smell a frame job? Since when does Clyde work with accomplices? I can just hear Tim telling this guy “I’ll pay you out of the money we get from suing Clyde and the prosecutor will listen to me and give you immunity from being charged. You just have to say you were there and saw Clyde do it. And don’t forget to mention the shirt. The shirt will be especially convincing to the podcast host who eats up everything I say.” This show is all over the place, but doesn’t complete any of its tasks/goals. It is sort of a profile of Tim, but only half skeptical. It is definitely NOT an investigation of the original murders, because it doesn’t delve deep enough. The women victims are barely touched on. And this isn’t an investigation into the handling of the original investigation since the majority of what we get is from Tim, who is biased. I’m sorry I listened.
  • Sac Leader
    Great stuff
    Good good
  • John Vasseur
    Love it
    Love it
  • ScottGarland
    Wait, what?!
    I really wanted to like Vigilante, but the story just felt very bland. It felt very similar to Criminal and Serial but lacked a lot of the heart and story telling. I genuinely listened to the final episode twice and do not understand “how he solved his daughters murder?” The final episode had no build up to the climax, no drama, no excitement..
  • farmer 357
    Well told
    Alli did a very good job of staying objective and not being pulled into Tim’s world while still telling a great story.
  • justforgetitalready
    Great podcast
    Content is interesting and well researched. Narrated well.
  • K.1F
    My kind of true crime podcast
    Just started listening to Vigilante. Definitely hooked. This is the kind of true crime podcast I really enjoy. Hope I can find more just like it.
  • BankAddict
    Amazing Documentary
    A must listen! Great reporting, great narration, and professionally produced! Love it all!
  • lxvechild
    i was hopeful. very interesting story. the podcast wasnt put together well. repeating the same clips again and again and again. i like the host's voice but just didnt do a good job telling the story. change the music too.
  • brittanypiper
    Allie’s journalistic style is not the problem. This is a very stick-to-the-facts podcast in terms of description of the crime and narrative context, but she has a flair for the dramatic when she claims her life was at risk when Tim proposes she interview Clyde in person. As is the case with so many true crime podcasts, the victims of the crime at the root of the story are erased from this story. The central character is Tim, although we don’t delve deeply into how his grief has shaped and derailed his life. In fact, the listeners are led to believe Tim has found his calling because his daughter was killed—vigilantism and decades of plotting and retribution. It’s a weird take.
  • 24mongoose
    Really disappointed
    I kept hearing ads for this podcast and I was excited to hear it. But the actual product is mostly the host just talking about how her life might be in danger (really doesn’t seem like it is) in a thinly veiled attempt to make the small amount of content stretch longer. I ended up feeling very sorry for Tim Miller, the man who she is profiling by the end. This podcast stretches the limits of journalistic ethics while painting Tim in a bad light. I was really shocked when the host remarks that Tim is in a support group for children of dysfunctional families as though this is a negative thing. The fact that he’s getting support for a bad childhood should not be held against him.
  • krbutler
    This podcast desperately wants to tell a story that does not exist. No revelations, no evidence, no real danger despite the host’s desire to portray herself as a potential victim. I wanted to like this but there’s just nothing there.
  • Uplevelauto
    This was a bizarre and boring podcast
    This had the bones and the production quality to be a really decent podcast but it ended up being repetitive, not going anywhere, and the host ends every episode with “Maybe Tim ISN’T who he says he is. Will he kill ME next?” it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes, the old guy that runs Equusearch invited this “journalist” down to Texas so he can plan her murder while she’s recording a podcast on him. Makes sense.
  • Cynthia Littleton
    3 episodes so far, very well reported. Host/reporter Allie Conti brings appropriate skepticism to her own work. It’s presented in a compelling but not tabloid-y way. It’s the kind of sober, shoe-leather reporting that makes a good true-crime podcast.
  • Zombiebonus
    Not worth listening
    Young journalist pretending to be a private investigator demonizes Tim, is the easiest way to summarize this podcast. Tim’s life and story sounds like a deeply interesting thing to delve into. However the journalist has to have a heart and human compassion or you just get this mess of her pretending she might get killed at any moment. It definitely comes across as doing anything it can to try and seem salacious to sell itself. The disingenuousness coupled with the deadpan add reads with no transition makes this podcast not worth it.
  • shaneboy7
    Great listen
    In this day and age it’s hard to find a good podcast! So glad I found this one. Great story, great story teller!!
  • random38482047-0;7
    I should’ve quit after number one
    I listened to all five episodes hoping it would go somewhere, it didn’t.
  • listeningok
    Left hanging
    I am so curious to know how somebody can murder somebody else through an intentional overdose.
  • Jbh415
    Promo is wildly misleading
    Host makes it all about herself. Could have been a decent podcast if it focused on actual reporting.
  • gjcrimejunki
    Very opinionated
    Just trashed on Tim, he never paints himself as a great guy so I don’t know why she keeps trying to tell everyone he’s terrible. He seems very open and the podcaster seems like they’re trying to make a lot of drama about him instead of focusing on the victims of the crimes. He does good work, he might not be an angel but he’s there on the ground helping families to the best of his ability and that work is crucial. Listened to 4 episodes on to episode 5 hopefully it resolves better than it’s going.
    Great podcast
    Speaker is clear and concise and a great storyteller. Hope to hear more.
  • visiting from The Opportunist
    Exciting premise, but repetitive editing
    A true crime podcast that follows a case in real time? Pretty refreshing and cool. However, because the story is still developing, there are limits to telling a satisfying narrative. Rather than 5 episodes, this podcast would have made an excellent 3 episode season. Unfortunately, the story is stretched with repetitive narration and recycled dialogue from previous episodes. I also did not like that edits were made to mislead the listener to vilify or mistrust interviewees. This gets cleared up in later episodes, but as a listener, I felt deceived and questioned the reliability of sources - this may have been done for dramatic effect, but the dishonesty took me out of the podcast. This is a great premise and I look forward to listening to more in the future, but I hope the editing is tighter and doesn’t mislead listeners.
  • pipatty113
    There is lots of drama and lots of assumptions and lots of leads on what may be coming in at the end of the day the person that this host spends five episodes trashing was right on the person that he thought it was. I find this to be extremely misleading and this is one of the more disappointing podcast I’ve ever listened to.I am not sure if the misrepresentations are a result of a desire for more listeners, or to create drama, but this was one of the most disappointing podcast I’ve ever listened to. If I was Tim, I would seriously consider bringing a defamation suit. Also I just want to add but I think many of the five star reviews are fake
  • Songtresses
    What kind of journalist won’t interview one of the main subjects?
    While somewhat interesting, it’s scattered and focused on the podcasters precious feelings the whole time. I really hate this new trend of podcasters inserting themselves in the story. Who are you? Why do I care? Waste of time. And what a let down.
  • JHTX74
    Such lazy journalism. The host clearly took very little time trying to understand people in this area of Texas. When you mention that someone carries two guns in his truck without pointing out that it’s the norm in this area, it’s obvious you either don’t know that or that you mention it for shock/danger value. It’s a shame this podcast was the vehicle for this story because that makes it less likely that there will be another opportunity. There’s a much bigger story here and Allie Conti completely missed it. Huge disappointment.
  • alexdoes80
    Vigilante love
    Great show so far, on episode 2
  • belinda lane
    Tim’s World
    Love it . Shout out to Tim Miller. My story is on Netflix. ‘Why Did You Kill Me?” About my Daughter Crystal Theobald. Many podcasts have been done. I’d do this one.
  • Shye1la
    This was an instant interest as she’s so easy to listen to, well put together & very interesting!
  • Bingepodlistener
    Just a bunch of nothing. No story, no plot, no climax. Lots of teasing that something riveting was about to happen. But really nothing did. Good production value , however. Side note- she never pushed back on Tims investigation tactics. I don’t think any of his evidence gathering would ever hold up in court. It was all ill-gotten gains. She really didn’t push back on anything he said or did, until she created this fake drama that he wanted her to talk to Clyde. Again, LAME.
  • Katy Houston
    I was very disappointed in this podcast. I grew up in League City and still have friends who live there. I remember how it was then. What bothers me is the lack of research into the area at that time. The journalist seems to have come in the the area and the story with little knowledge. The area has had missing girls/ women for far longer than this set of victims, which were chalked up to running away or they just decided to leave. The Bay Area is in two counties and has many municipal jurisdictions which hindered the earlier incidents. But for those who lived there the lack of urgency in trying to find the women / girls was common, it had been that way at least from the 70s. Coming into to this story without knowing more background on this area left so much context out. Remember Robert Durst was released as a deaf mute woman from Galveston County jail and they didn’t know he was a man? The mobs that had tremendous influence, the missing women, people who would just disappear (black males), and scandals of corruption. That is just one of many things that left the area feeling law enforcement was corrupt and lazy. I am sure Tim Miller would have heard about these things so he was right to get involved.
  • carpocaso
    Skipping disk.
    To much reviewing of things she’s already mentioned several times. Almost like she was trying to make it longer than it should be. Wouldn’t have had to do it if she actually interviewed Clyde instead of making it into a big ethical and moral conundrum. What kind of private investigator shy’s away from interviewing the main character of the story, under the pretense of being afraid. Sorry but your in the wrong field if that’s actually true
  • dannaishungry
    So boring
    I wish i had these hours of my life back
  • Jenna7713
    It’s like a bootleg S Town. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Paperdoll8
    Nothing Happened
    This podcast was a complete waste of time.
  • etann2013
    What is this?
    1. I don’t know how there was so much talking, yet we heard basically no evidence of anything. The back and forth about the host’s opinion of Tim was the real focus of this podcast and honestly, it seems unethical considering how much time she spent debating the ethicality of what Tim has been doing all these years. 2. I don’t know why she’s referring to herself as an investigative journalist? She didn’t investigate anything? She spent about 10 days in Texas talking with a handful of people that had actually investigated these crimes but never managed to present any of the findings. She wouldn’t even interview the accused murderer. She seemed so hung up on the idea that she didn’t want to give him a platform, but at no time did she present any significant evidence that he’d done anything beyond what he was convicted for. In the last episode, the FBI agent even says they need more interviews with people, yet she wouldn’t interview the accused! 3. I gave the podcast 2 stars only for Kast’s production quality. I don’t know who gave this project the green light, but you should seriously consider replacing them if you want to keep this going.
  • bored housekeeper
    Interesting story, but the presentation was bad. A lot of repetition, little substance, and the host is very overly dramatic about the danger involved. If you look at Clyde’s picture it’s hard to find him intimidating, and even if he did the things he was accused of, going after a reporter who interviewed him does not seem like his MO. If she’s afraid of interviewing bad guys then maybe private investigating and investigative journalism isn’t her thing.
  • Chris_Ra1
    Riveting podcast
    Really grabbed me quickly. Thoughtful storytelling. Nice additional touches (great music).
  • Lee from Veggie Quest
    Teaser didn’t match content
    The host did an admirable job with initial research and reporting, but seemed to stumble when trying to paint a “warts and all” picture of Tim. While Tim had flaws and made mistakes, he’s also done amazing work. I certainly don’t see him as the potential villain that the teaser suggested he might be. Also, the host ended with little resolution even though it seemed like resolution was at hand. I suspect she should have waited to release the podcast until Tim’s new info was revealed, or at least noted that she would follow up with additional episodes as new info was revealed. Hopefully in upcoming seasons she focuses more on the crime and investigation, less on her feelings about the situation and protagonist/investigator.
  • Fbciwgcu
    Really poor journalism
    I’m a journalist and was very confused and troubled when the host said she wasn’t going to interview Clyde (the “serial killer”) after she spent episode after episode talking to people who dragged him through the mud and said he was a crazy killer. She said she wanted to be ethical in her reporting but never gave the guy a chance to tell his side, which you’re always supposed to do. I also don’t believe she was in danger the way it was dragged out to be.
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