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This podcast is a podcast created by dog people for dog people. We want to focus on getting the best training content out there for pet owners, dog sport fanciers, and anyone interested in dogs/dog training.

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  • Maha aka Paul
    Love this podcast
    Oscar is a legit dog trainer he is very knowledgeable. Love hearing the talk about dogs and training and the stories from different stories
  • itlugg
    Thoughtful, Provoking Interviews
    I have listened to several professional dog trainer/K9 podcasts and this is led by a couple of knowledgeable but humble dudes. Had never heard of the podcast or company until I heard Justin Rigney mention being interviewed. Happy I ran into it. I’m a pet owner of a Mal but have put in a lot of work with a professional trainer and continue to want to grow in my ability to communicate with my dog. The topics they discuss are helpful and presented in an approachable way. Keep it up!
  • elaguacate46
    These conversations are invaluable to those who care to understand dog training. The perspectives and approaches that each guest brings are like personal private lessons. What enhances the knowledge from these guests is also hearing Oscar and Roel’s perspectives too. In that dialogue, great information is provided. Thank you for the insightful content.
  • ashdouzant
    Thank you guys for sharing your time with us!
    It is a privilege to listen to this podcast from you world class trainers🙏 Thank you for your time and effort; you are helping dogs and people worldwide. I would love to hear Andy Kreuger on this podcast!! Also a world class trainer and decoy!!
  • schhrotts
    Great Podcast for dog trainers !
    Awesome podcast for any dog trainer to follow. Looking forward to future episodes !
  • Veronika Karubian
    Great info for dog people of all kinds!
    Awesome podcast! I love elevated canine team! Very friendly environment, always a pleasure to train with these great trainers! Keep it up! Can’t wait for more episodes on your podcast!
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