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✨ Sleep Magic ✨ is a podcast that harnesses the power of Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation to help you fall asleep easily every night, hosted by hypnotherapist Jessica Porter. Alongside helping you drift off into a deep sleep, we’re also going to spend time talking about all the different things that go into being, well, human! From releasing worries to building self-love, we’ll dive deep into how we can improve our relationship with ourselves, as well as our sleep, one night at a time.🌙 Free episodes every Wednesday and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or via for Jessica's entire Sleep Wave back catalogue and an ad-free, Super Sleepy experience.

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  • Draco.Malfoy simp
    Best ever
    Jessica, you make me go out like a light. I barely go farther than the “wiggling eyebrows” which equals perfection and I would totally recommend
  • vmiaptetr
    Found by chance
    We subscribed to Sleepiest Plus to get access to Koala Sleep, the nighttime podcast for our kids. Honestly, my wife and I used it for ourselves, but then we discovered our access to Sleep Magic. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. My wife is a therapist and recommends the show to some of her clients. I could go on and on about how it has helped my wife and I get better sleep, but I won’t bore anyone with the details. It’s a great podcast, and I give it my highest recommendation.
  • OG Sammy
    Amazing Sleep Every Night, a True Lifesaver!
    Hi Jessica, I’m now currently 24 years old and I was having issues sleeping staying up late because I would be having heart palpitations, in my moment of frustration to resolve the issue I would use different mediation methods and even sometimes sleepy tea or pills but they didn’t work as much… but when I stumbled upon your podcast about almost a year now. Time really flies! I’m back to having amazing sleep, and feel like I can conquer the World! Lol would never do that but you know what I mean….Thank you Jessica!!!🫶🏽❤️
  • Demicowgirl
    Like a sleep hug for you body and brain
    Absolutely amazing podcast for sleep, highly recommend.
  • Christopher818
    Both you Jessica and Karissa this has been a game changer. Thank you. It’s gotten to the point where I simply look forward to bed time. Sometime I’m asleep within minutes and others there will be successive shows before is do fall asleep, but always I’m a (for lack of a better term) a kind of hypnotic state where I’m just relaxed. Hard to explain. Sort ok like on a “trip” but without the drugs.
  • Muffie 49
    Jessica Jessica Jessica 💖💖💖
    Hi Jessica!! I honestly don’t know where to start… I had such severe insomnia that I literally googled “Can you die from insomnia “ I had never been in such a dark, unattached, scary place in my life. I had a pituitary tumor earlier and thought that had something to do with it, I had another MRI and it was fine. The doctor put me on a controlled substance sleeping pill for a year which still wasn’t working and I was so lightheaded from my blood pressure dropping and rising every time I sat or stood. Yes, I went to PT for that. I didn’t feel safe driving in to work and that’s before I had to work!!! I thought I was losing my mind for sure because I Just Couldn’t Sleep!! I went to acupuncture that did help. It wasn’t until I listened to you that I actually started SLEEPING!!!! I’m off sleeping pills and I’m not afraid to get in bed anymore, I look forward to it and listening to you!! I just love your personality with your humor and all your great advice! I honestly can’t thank you enough!!🥰💖😴
  • CarSmiles
    Keep talking & I’ll keep sleeping
    I have been taking RX sleeping pills for years just to get a couple hours of sleep each night. My doctor has encouraged me to stop and try to learn how to sleep on my own. The only way I have been able to do it without RX is to listen to you every night. I even listen to you in the middle of the night when I wake back up. I don’t know how you do it, & I don’t need to know. I just want you to keep doing it. Thank you!❤️
    Amazing 🤩 slept so well
    Nothing better
  • Kibouchi8991
    Best sleep I had
    I used to listen to just the free ones. But the commercials were jarring. I recently tried a new sleep app for a week and I had the worst time sleeping. It made me more active so much I couldn't sleep. I went back to the podcast and subscribed for adfree content. Last night was my first night back and it was the best sleep I got! I went to bed with a smile on my face because the familiar soothing voice and music put me to sleep so fast! Thank you Jessica! I'm never leaving again ^^
  • Anabelle Lee
    THIS. This is the one you’ve been searching for.
    Have insomnia? Tried everything in the world to get to sleep? Yeah, me too. Proper sleep hygiene, special sheets and pillows, strict bedtimes and wake times, a slew of meds—but this podcast is all I need to drift off naturally for a great night’s sleep. Jessica is a miracle worker. Her hypnosis meditations are priceless!
  • jndrjkbtuj
    Anyone with sexual abuse PTSD, I would not recommend
  • Barbie G*
    Troubled sleeper.
    I just happened upon this podcast and it’s one of my favs. I love the voice and the tempo. I have trouble staying asleep. When I wake up and need to help myself back down, I listen to this and generally fall back asleep. I enjoy when she reads excerpts from books. Age of Innocence is my favorite thus far. I would definitely recommend for people with racing minds and someone who needs help falling and staying asleep. It’s very comforting.
  • Arghx100
    The most soothing, stress-reducing podcast there is
    I e tried a lot of sleep and meditation podcasts but this is my favorite by far. Jessica Porter’s voice is like a soft place for your brain to land. I never get to the end of an episode, so clearly she knows what she’s doing!
  • aliKayy
    This is absolutely the best podcast I have every found. When I was two days postpartum I was coming down from the adrenaline and utterly exhausted, but I could not quiet my mind. The lack of good quality, deep sleep was giving me the worst migraines. I found myself scrolling through my podcast app looking for something to help me sleep. THIS PODCAST IS MY #1 RECOMMENDATION FOR NEW PARENTS! Get the most out of your sleep and quiet all those new parent anxieties!
  • lovinnoom
    Cancel free seven day subscription
    I find it extremely difficult to find where to cancel my “free seven day subscription “.
  • hehehehehrhehe
    This is great. Best pod ever
  • PageWhis
    Best Sleep
    I’ve done this podcast long enough that when I first start it, just hearing Jessica’s voice my body starts to relax before the show has even begun it’s amazing! Thank you so much for your show it really helps me
  • Tinkbaby101
    I had always thought of hypnosis as some kind of mind hijacking. Not the case! When struggling with sleep, I decided to try this podcast and it has changed my life! I listen every night and find that I’m more deeply relaxed and getting better sleep than I was ever able to before listening. Thank you for teaching me how to be a sleep magician and thank you for truly restful, restorative sleep. Worth every penny!
  • Taucha1
    Just do it!
    This is the best thing to ever happen to me! I sleep so soundly and absolutely love the mental health advice. I feel like it’s even helped me to be more positive throughout my day. I love your voice! Please never stop!
  • kristen freyja solberg
    My daughter & I are sleeping better!
    After going through a divorce both myself & my daughter were having sleep troubles. My daughter would become so dysregulated at bedtime & began dreading bedtime. It was so stressful & the more sleep deprived we both became, the worse things got, from being too tired to get to school on time & keep up with her schoolwork to becoming very anxious about activities that had been pleasurable before. Sleep Magic has made bedtime a calming ritual & her fear about trying to sleep has gone away. I feel calmer & my sleep disruptions have almost all disappeared. And if I wake up in the middle of the night with worries over how I’m going to support the two of us on my own, I can turn on Sleep Magic to shift my thoughts out of worry & just relax with Jessica’s soothing voice & presence. Thank you so much for offering most of your meditations for free. We truly appreciate you! Sending love.
  • Laladybling
    Jessica is awesome
    Lovely way to get to sleep and works very consistently. Love it!
  • Humboldt Female Citizen
    Happy and Hypnotic
    Jessica makes me feel comfortable and happy; critical elements for me to achieve good sleep. I’ve struggled since I can remember with sleep issues. Sleep Magic is super helpful.
  • asdfjjfsadghj
    Jessica is the best!!!
    I’m so glad that this exists. It’s the single most helpful sleep tool that I have found, and boy oh boy, have I tried some … Maybe she’s equally effective as melatonin for getting to sleep, but with Jessica, I wake up feeling refreshed and alert (can’t say that for the meds lol). Jessica’s voice is incredible and the eyebrow dance is EVERYTHING! She may that she’s no wizard, but please judge her magic for yourself. It’s a little bonus that I’m a fellow Jessica, but I don’t think that’s necessary for it to work. I love the art gallery and Portland episodes!
  • get outta the rain
    The only thing that has ever worked
    I suffer from severe insomnia after an illness reduced blood flow to my brain. I have done every medication, tried every trick in the book. Nothing worked, and so my anxiety and frustration around sleep just got worse and worse to the point of being literally nauseated around 6pm thinking about the battle I had ahead of me every night when I tried to rest. This podcast literally fixed me. It didn’t happen immediately, I had to make practice of listening every night, not looking at my phone for at least an hour before bed, basic sleep hygiene stuff, but none of that ever worked before I combined it with listening to this podcast. Now, no matter how awake I feel when it starts, I don’t think I ever make it past 15 minutes before I fall asleep. Pro tip: go into settings, podcasts, and TURN OFF CONTINUOUS PLAY or you will wake up to every podcast in your queue being played once this one finishes an episode. I also now listen to Night Falls, by the same network, which is essentially being bored to sleep by being told a very dull story in a very monotonous tone with an Irish accent- equally as effective haha
  • dhiudc
    I love to listen to Jessica every night to get the best sleep.
  • JoeRoy84
    Amazing sleep
    I was having trouble getting to sleep after getting sick in 2022, but finding this during my recovery has helped immensely. There is something so calming about relaxing each part of your body while hearing a soothing voice. 100% would recommend!
  • UXvixen
    I don’t know what most of the episodes are about, because I tend to fall asleep early in the recording. Thank you, Jessica with the soothing voice. 🎉👏✨😴🤠🙌
  • hannahbean233
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since January and it’s saved my sleep life. I especially love the episode about learning from the animals. I frequently listen with my actual cats and they sleep amazing too. The voice of Jessica is so soothing and enjoyable. Every time I turn the podcast on and the little theme jingle comes on my cats come running because they know it’s nap time. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. I love it.
  • BSGFinisher
    Awesome Podcast!
    I utilize the podcast for power naps almost daily and wake feeling totally refreshed and relaxed. The library has many episodes to choose from to help me sleep at night. I no longer toss and turn hoping to go sleep, now I turn on an episode and I sleep!! One of these days I may hear an ending to an episode. Thank you so much Jessica. Greatly appreciated!
  • Wheiuenelfjfjsbebebebbd
    Life Changing
    This podcast has been life changing. For 15+ years I always went to bed with the TV on and genuinely thought that would never change. That is, until I discovered Sleep Magic. I have been practicing for about a year now and have not looked back since. Not only does this podcast help you sleep, but it gives you tools to use on your own when drifting off. Where it used to take 1-2 hours to wind down/fall asleep it now takes only a matter of minutes. I cannot thank you enough Jessica.
  • Langlon
    I’m sleeping again!
    This podcast changed my life! I used to lie in bed for hours waiting to sleep. Since I found it, those days are over. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I play one of these and I’m out! Highly recommend.
  • Jen rame
    Common Sense podcast
    Love her voice and attitude. All I need to chill out and relax to sleep.
  • pseudopersona
    I love the show but struggle with the visualization.
    I’m one of the unfortunate souls who suffer from aphantasia. The episodes where we are heavily tasked with visualization are frustrating and depressing and actually make it harder to sleep. Can you address alternate accommodation for those of us who can’t visualize. This was thought to only affect 2% of the population but we are finding that most of us just didn’t know visualization was a literal thing. I believe the numbers are much higher. Possibly as high as 10%. Also the cabin story is so boring without the ability to visualize that it makes me crazy. Lol. Boring doesn’t make me sleepy just bored. I do love the show and your soothing voice and I realize you cannot accommodate everyone, just asking you keep us in mind. We are (most of us) already sad about our disability .
  • JenSwalsch
    A must!
    I listen to this podcast every single night and when the phones dead…😢🤯😱. This podcast helps sooooo much!!! Even without the subscription I love the stories and hypnosis and especially the pool episode. Thank you Jessica!!!!!!♥️
  • sloan4699
    Works like magic
    This podcast is such a lifesaver! I have tried many other sleep poscasts but had to deviate from them because they never put me to sleep but this one is different. I sleep like a baby the whole night and feel well nourished in the morning! Thank you 🥰😛
  • fghhjgfddd
    Best sleep podcast ever!!
    I listen to Jessica every night! I’ve tried other podcasts but this one is by far the best!!! Thank you Jessica!!!
  • dmmuk
    Partners in Sleep
    This show is phenomenal. I’ve taken techniques I’ve learned from Jessica and implemented them into my daily life. It’s the first thing my partner and I have found that helps *both* of us sleep, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
  • Duckster806
    The best for sleep
    Love this podcast! I’ve been listening at bedtime for about a week. I’m pretty sure I haven’t made it all the way through an episode yet. I am not one to fall asleep fast or stay asleep, but that has not been the case since I started listening. I would give 100 stars if I could. I don’t remember the last time I was able to sleep like I have been. Thank you so very much!
  • eyrydyeydurueufu
    From a piano teacher in Minnesota
    I have 50+ weekly music students, 10 pets to take care of at home, along with tuning pianos, taking care of an elderly friend, and going to college all at the same time at the age of 22. I have always had a busy schedule, but no matter how tired I am, I could never fall asleep, even as a kid. I started discovering sleep podcasts, and this one is definitely my fav. Thank you for telling my brain that’s always singing a song to calm down and sing a lullaby to lull me to sleep. It’s a beautiful symphony of relaxation I desperately needed my whole life. Even my eyebrows do a little dance before falling into hypnosis 🤭💜 Thank you!!!
  • amymcgraw84
    I’m a believer!!
    When I first came across this podcast, I wasn’t convinced it was anything more then another gimmicky sleep solution. I’ve tried so many through my insomnia battles. Bedtime was always another night trying to will my mind to sleep. But- Now I am a nightly listener and proud subscriber, but more amazingly I’m a regular sleeper!! Your voice is my safe space and your words always put my mind to ease. Thank you for gifting this magic, this medicine. I’m a believer! My life is seriously changed because of better sleep, and because of you! I’m so grateful for you Jessica!
  • Agnes of Portland
    Relaxing and Magical
    Jessica has the most soothing voice. I am a stressed out graduate student and I use this podcast nightly to unwind and fall asleep.
  • Bumsnout
    Thank you.
    You have changed my sleeping life, therefore you have changed my waking life. I have yet to hear the end of any episode. The tone of your voice is so soothing. Thank you for damming up the rushing torrent of my inane night thoughts.
  • Rhiannon 67
    Thanks for the sleep !!!!
    Jessica , is wonderful !! Her voice is very relaxing ,and will get you right off to sleep . Thank you Jessica for getting us to sleep ..
  • 106678
    The magic is real
    I recently found this podcast looking for some kind of talking podcast to help me sleep and this one popped up. I have had such trouble sleeping. I often suffer from anxiety and I can find my whole body tensed up even when I make a conscious effort to relax or I start making endless mental lists going over the same things again and again. Now this podcast works like magic for me. I got some wireless headphones in a headband and I turn one of these podcast on. I have yet to make it past the relaxation before I’m asleep. I have a couple of times woken up again after the episode is over and if I don’t fall back to sleep again I just roll over and pop on another one and it’s like flipping a switch and I’m out. The host’s voice is wonderful. I feel such an affectionate gratefulness for her. This podcast is a gift!
  • Michwang91
    Transforms my bed into a spa.
    This podcast is so truly wonderful - I have no idea what any of the episodes are about because I always fall asleep during the opening. It is the ultimate relaxation - that feeling you get when you’re halfway through a massage, where you’re just balancing between awake and asleep. Thank you to the amazing hostess - her voice and her talent are really healing.
  • 13Racbel13
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for
    This podcast is the guided meditation/sleep aid I’d been fruitlessly searching for the past few years. I’m enormously grateful I’ve finally stumbled upon this podcast last week. Since then I’ve gotten my husband, sister, and brother in law onto it as well. It’s lovely and all I recall is that the little muscles in my eyelids really like her voice and then away I go. Fabulous! One note, now that I’ve been listening for a while: Jessica, instead of describing a relaxing mist (which for some reason has been seeming gory to me lately after all the shootings) could you sometimes use different imagery (such as warm milk or something like lava even or a warm glow)? Thank you! Love this podcast so so much!
  • Maryland💙
    Hi Jessica, you have no idea how much of an impact this podcast has had on my life. As a girl who has been through a lot of trauma, became dependent on melatonin, and is now in nursing school, I’m really bad when it comes to sleep. Since listening to your podcast, I don’t even miss taking melatonin! So thank you for all that you do, I love every single episode (even if I haven’t been able to stay awake for the full thing)
  • Dr. Smith #1
    Thanks Jessica!
    Love this podcast. Jessica is real and like a good wise friend talking to you. I love her insight in the beginning it sets you up for a great experience. I like these better than meditations when I am trying to sleep and I can tell it’s already firing my subconscious to work for me and not against me. Even if I don’t sleep I am now ok with it as I know it’s helping me awake or asleep. I just started and as I do it more I notice it works better. Thanks Jessica!
  • Tammylove2011
    First 60 episodes are behind a paywall. Seems like a great way to put people off. I am poor and y’all are wild. How are you going to get someone’s attention if they can’t even try your first 60 episodes. I get everyone wants to make money but cmon it’s a podcast. I accidentally came across this show by asking my Siri to play “sleep hypnosis” which for the most part she played the correct audio I have downloaded but today at 4:15 am I tried to listen to my same audio to help me fall asleep, she started playing what’s seems like the latest audio for the show, which has ads and didn’t seem very soothing. It slightly caught my attention because I tried 4 times and she kept playing this podcast. I finally felt defeated, grabbed my phone and went to check out the podcast. I have to start things from the very beginning. I can not, I repeat, I CAN NOT start anything from the end no matter what it is. It is currently 4:43 am, I have only slept for 4 hours, I am cranky and I am in desperate need to fall back asleep. This was more of a hassle and wasted my time rather than gave me a solution. I am currently filled with little baby rage while writing this and it will probably be deleted… depending on how much rest I am able to get.
  • cliterally speaking
    From up all night to an early bird
    After 47 years of slightly sleeping, at last I am not only falling asleep quickly (under 10 minutes), but remaining in a state of deep rest throughout the night. This is a tremendous discovery, as I have long given into being one who doesn’t sleep, with rare indulgences of rest into late mornings on the ever-coveted weekends. Now, I go to bed knowing I can actually sleep, and to the point that I am waking without an alarm, nor the pain of great fatigue. My days are fuller, my nights are sounder. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
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