El Segundo Podcast

Wrestling #16

The second best podcast in the world, hosted by Craig Jones 

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  • A brown listener
    Craig Jones is hilarious
    The solo podcasts are great, and the ones with a guest are great when Jones takes the piss of his guest (especially Gordon Ryan’s brother, as Jones calls him.)
  • mweppler
    A Symphony of Second Best with Craig Jones
    In the vast universe of podcasts, the "El Segundo Podcast" falls into the category of "almost there." Hosted by Craig Jones, who seems to be a virtuoso in achieving second place in everything, from podcast rankings to Jiu Jitsu competitions. It's a unique experience, like watching someone consistently aim for silver medals and embrace mediocrity with unmatched dedication.
  • Rich in Ohio
    Entertainment at its finest
    If Craig ever gets tired of crushing folks, he’s definitely got an out in entertainment… hilarious dude in general!😂😂
  • brickcityluv
    The man
    The United stated needs Craig Jones
  • jamesbondjr.
    We don’t deserve Craig Jones
  • WillWheezy
    2nd favorite podcast
    I will do anything if the price is right. Craig pays us double the amount of rupees that Ariel pays for each listen.
  • Namlohn
    Craig Jones Rocks!
    Because of this podcast I read slower than ever
  • CJ with them BJs
    This made me straight
    Just kidding I’m gay
  • Takeouttonys
    Great content! Love the talking and banter about my favorite hobby
  • Marmar1814
    Craig is my favorite, and this just makes my day better.
  • Billblink
    Second best podcast
    The only place to get better Craig Jones content is OnlyFans
  • lucky50937
    Listening to Craig speak is one of my favorite things in the world
  • g haad
    B team
    Craig 🔥
  • shanesweeney720
    It’s Craig
    It’s Craig, of course it’s great 🔥
  • ssnowwhite22
    Cucking fun
    My husband loves jiu jitsu. Craig Jones makes hearing about it all inclusive even for those of us less interested in the sport. Such a great sense of humor. Refreshing in light of the woke culture we’ve all been drowning in the past few years.
  • CKgarcia
    I am looking forward to this podcast.
  • Tyler VP
    Awesome Jiu Jitsu podcast, Craig is hilarious
    Craig is funny, insightful, and a world class Jiu Jitsu practitioner. ThNk you for finally making a podcast. The worst things about Jiu Jitsu are spazzy white belts and professional Jiu Jitsu athletes. As a whole Brazilians pros are egotistical, unrefined, and temperamental. Gordon Ryan is an insecure simpleton. Craig, brings fun Aussie culture, his self deprecating humor, and immense knowledge of BJJ to his audience. He is well respected in the MMA/UFC world más well as the grappling scene. He’s coached famous fighters such as UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski. He is also highly regarded by legends of the sports such as Chael Sonnen and Josh Barnett. Give it a listen, if you don’t laugh, you’re probably not very bright. Thanks again Craig, keep working almost as hard as the best… you’re our #2!
  • Facemelter365
    Great podcast
    Craig and his guests are a great team of characters. I hope they keep this podcast going because they are interesting, analytical, and obviously they have a great sense of humor. They will be a major voice for the fight game if they keep this avenue open for the publics consumption.
  • Cameron_Clayton
    !Viva El Segundo!
    Please ask Gordon to be a guest.
  • Sub marley
    BJJ Hacks
    Since listening to the podcast I haven’t lost a single round on the mats. Submitted everyone I’ve rolled with. Still haven’t been submitted. Before the podcast I was a two stripe white belt. Now my coach is asking me to coach. Thank you Craig Jones and Chael Sonnen.
  • TON092986
    Quality is not that good
    The quality of the sound could get better
  • Iwillllsuueeeee
    Great Idea
    Really nice of Chael to host Craig’s podcast for him. Praying this makes enough money to finally get Ethan off the street and into the Methadone Clinic.
  • DefinitelyNotGordonRyan
    Good Content
    Pretty good podcast. Laid back, good flow…. Need to work on not sounding like they are recording live from the airport bathroom.
  • bphilo76
    Make Jiu Jitsu fun Again!
    A fantastic departure from boring technique discussions or motivational garbage hocked by MOST BJJ podcasts!
  • jwalk147
    Yes sir
    I like to listen with my leopard pp shorts on
  • JasonG_1917
    Finally a Win for B Team
    It has taken years of hard work but finally Craig has become the second best host of the second best combat sports podcast in all the interwebs. 👏🏻
  • B1g N4stii
    This isn’t his Onlyfans…
    Craig lied to me. This is only the 2nd best Bjj podcast on this app. First being of course JRE.
  • DaVitaMin
  • Sean Harry
  • 😂🎉🍟😌😋🐔👳🏿🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔
    The Second best podcast
    This is the second best podcast I’ve ever listened to
  • Not Keenan
    2nd best podcast after Keenan’s Mat burn
    Almost as good as Keenan’s podcast
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