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Physics #12

Dr. Ben Tippett and his team of physicists believe that anyone can understand physics. Black Holes! Lightning! Coronal Mass Ejections! Quantum Mechanics! Fortnightly, they explain a topic from advanced physics, using explanations, experiments and fun metaphors to a non-physicist guest. Visit the website to see a list of topics sorted by physics field.

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  • GrandTotal
  • johnmolloy90
    Love It!!
    I love this podcast I listened to every single one during the pandemic and can’t wait for more. Love Ben, but my favorite is Dr. Dave Singh (last name definitely not spelled right)
  • san juan 22
    Hey ben
    Where u at bro, we want more , i could listen again 3 or 4 times but it wouldnt b new. And didnt u mention a podcast numbr to reach. I agree with that.
  • skar3
    Best hardcore science podcast
    Incredible podcast listening it from beginning. Anybody interested in physics should listen to this.
  • GSV-2525
    Fav Podcast Ever
    Great bedtime podcasts. Nothing like trying to parse the mysteries of neutron stars, black holes, and anti-quarks to make you forget about the day’s hassles, marvel at the universe, and help you go to sleep. Plus, I’ve learned a ton of physics!
  • cmnill1
    GREAT physics podcast!!!!
    I am an orthopaedic surgeon, and somewhere along the line I realized how ignorant I was about quantum mechanics and astrophysics, despite a very extensive science background. I ran across this podcast after going through the entire back catalogs of Sean Carol’s Mindscape podcast and Lex Fridman‘s Artificial Intelligence podcast. I was looking for a podcast heavy in the topics of astrophysics and quantum mechanics. This podcast did not disappoint! Each episode is a very manageable 30 minutes or so, and what makes it so unique is that in addition to having two guest physicists, Dr. Ben also invites a guest with very little knowledge about physics. With that format, the listener is experiencing the podcast similar to how the guest is, in that some very difficult concepts are being explained so that even a lay person can understand them. What’s more, Dr. Ben instills a lot of his quirky humor into each episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast!
  • Bill Halberstadt
    Much Needed Science Education
    As a retired engineer looking for continuing education in physics, Ben’s podcasts fit my needs perfectly. Enlightening and clear explanations make it a listening pleasure.
  • Groucho the man
    Slid from an interesting program to a political platform
    Six months off must have left you on bad shape. Stopped producing the program to leave the listeners to fend for themselves. Brian Greene started a daily Einstein equation podcast, delving into the logic behind Einstein’s brilliance, and the reality of the universe. Sean Carroll increased the episode of his varied topics during the shelter in place. Everyone needed help through these tough and unsure times, instead we got the cold shoulder on Titanium Physicists. We didn’t need to be told what to think, of who to vote for, or frankly your opinions on politics. This was supposed to be a science podcast. Plenty of Poitiers for personal rants. Later. Unsubscribing from this, same as others that you deleted from Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Carneades
    Great scientific explanations
    This gives intelligent though somewhat simple explanations of lots of physics. The science is good but the few minutes of idiotic personnel introduction and discussion at the beginning and ending is very annoying, and should be skipped. The guest science experts are really good!! But the humor often crosses the boundary beyond nerd into the stupid zone.
  • bcfury
    The epitome of an epic podcast
    This podcast expertly explores difficult physics concepts made fascinating and easy-to-understand solely due to the extraordinary people who are a part of this show. I cannot emphasize enough what a great resource this is for learning physics. Seriously love you guys!
  • JWSTeatyourheartout
    Found: physics inspiration
    As an engineering student taking physics courses from a very dull professor, this podcast is a shining beacon. It instills a proper sense of wonder and ambition needed to overcome sleepy lectures.
  • Bobbi-in-the-hole
    Physics made simple and interesting
    The pairing of physicists and non physicists brings out questions the listener has. Enjoy😊
  • Forestbirdtree
    The format of pairing outstanding scientist with interesting people from other walks of life makes the discussions fun and understandable. The show has an unapologetic nerdiness to it between the fruit prices, quirky analogies and puns.
  • crazyleggs77
    Political science?
    Stick to the science and try to avoid the politically correct commentary.
  • Raykellah
    complex topics, easy to understand
    really fun show! I thought that I was no means qualified to listen to this podcast bc my knowledge in science and physics is pretty limited, HOWEVER the host and guests on the show make completely complex topics so easy to understand. I’ve only listened to 3 episodes and I learned about gravitational waves, black holes, and neutrinos! Can’t wait to listen to more
  • mmmurppp
    Deep, understandable and fun
    New insights into topics that I’ve been reading about for decades. So glad I found this podcast.
  • I demand substance
    I miss this show
    They should make more episodes. This world desperately needs more effective and charismatic science communicators.
  • chemimen
    Thank you
    Great information, fun topics. Intro much too long and badly paced but that is what they make the fast forward button for, definitely not a reason to skip an episode
  • ponytaius
    Great physics podcast!
    Great at explaining physics for laypeople!
  • LoganAW
    Where's Ben?!!
    Love this podcast. Ben explains physics in a way anyone can understand and makes it really exciting. He's been gone several months.....where could he be? One of my favs.
  • ZacAdam
    Love the podcast
    I almost didn’t listen to this because the logo looked unprofessional.... super glad I gave it a listen. Fantastic setup - super knowledgeable ppl every episode. Great non-PhD guests asking all the right questions. Thanks for putting this podcast on!
  • TheDarkQuark
    Thanks Ben, et al.
    The depth, the humor, and the ability to clearly and accurately communicate such weighty topics makes this podcast my favorite educational podcasts. I’m a health and fitness professional that unfortunately never had the opportunity to explore the realm of physics outside of that which relates to the body. Because of this educational vacancy in concert with my desire to learn, I require academic resources such as Ben’s Titanium Physicist podcast. THANK YOU ALLAY PHYSIQUE!
  • Ericrichardson1
    I love this podcast
    Ben is very informational and witty, I love his physicists they all have great analogies that help so much and they have fun while doing it and it’s easy to tell and gets me into it, I’m new to physics and my live for space and the cosmos but I appreciate this podcast for answering a bunch of questions and all the content. Highly recommend this podcast if you’re a fanatic of the cosmos
  • prodcasr
    There is nothing else like this
    This is the only show I have ever found that deals with difficult concepts, many of which don’t get covered in popular physics books, and yet does a great job of it. As a non-scientist but still intense physics enthusiast, this is unlike anything else.
  • Mari2992
    Random music really has to go
    The whole intro of this podcast is so ridiculous that it reminds of circus shows from my childhood and is totally unfitting to the topic of the podcast. Also I, as I am sure many others, listen to the podcasts before going to sleep and the music and creepy voice... stop it please, just stop!
  • My name is Justin 1234567890
    Cut the PC all cultures are great BS
    Just stick to the science. Stop trying to push your PC cultural agendas down our throats.
  • YankyL
    Best physics podcast
    This is one of the very few podcasts which I will always download, every episode, every time.
  • tonmoy18
    Easy to get into yet informative
    I have tried to listen to a lot of science/physics podcasts, and this one was the easiest to get into, had really qualified people and one of the most informative
  • Mister Kojak
    Love this show.
    I'll never get tired of people much smarter than I am explaining the workings of the universe to me. Their efforts have pleased me! It has born fruit, and I grant them five star fruits!
  • RogerM007akoo16
    My absolute favorite podcast EVER!!
    I love this podcast.. it is hands down the best educational podcast ever.. Ben is a GREAT hostand is well educated in the laws and theories of physics that govern this universe and his Typhyters are geniuses that are able to explain it simply for everyone to understand (and we all know Einstein said if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough ) and my goal is to understand the laws that govern our universe and be able to simply explain them to others that want to learn about physics and astronomy.. with Ben and company’s help I will be able to do just that.. I just wish the shows came out more frequently...but I know Physicist can be busy so I cut them some slack.
  • Bino G.
    Awesome physics podcast!
    This is a great podcast done by physicists for lay people. They go in to sufficient depth for most people and keep it easy to understand.
  • J92495
    Very Entertaining and Informative
    This podcast brings guests on to discuss physics things. The host is very good and professional in that he lets the people who know the most about a subject talk the most about that subject. Also brings up topics like colonialism and misogyny in the natural sciences. Hope to hear more soon!
  • KesaGatame
    Easily one of the best podcasts for serious, relaxed learning.
    Important caveat: skip ~5min into the podcast. The preamble and the intro are both slow and can easily dissuade you from investing your time. DONT be dissuaded. The podcast is great and gets into interesting meat right away. It's a podcast that you don't have to play on double time -- as there are enough interesting and worthwhile ideas thrown at you in almost every episode that you can spend your extra cycles actually dealing with them. TLDR: *great* science podcast with some heft, but still low key (i.e. you can listen while workign out, walking, doing an easy surgery/techwork, whatever). But do skip the preamble and get to the actual podcast to judge. The typical preamble pacing and quality is not indicative.
  • Meisbeastie
    Once you go blackhole you never go backwhole
    THis podcast is the bomb dot com. Ben makes physics easy and fun to follow, and the teams he brings on are as hilarious as they are genius. One of my personal favorites!
  • MiguelFBaby
    Love this podcast!
    My favorite one is all about the symmetries that exist in our universe.
  • jess_kim
    Never thought I was interested in physics until now
    Ben Tippett, thank you for an interesting, dynamic, goofy show. I'm learning so many concepts and it's changing my perspective on our place in the universe... the concept of time...gravity...everything. Also LOVE that there are so many female physicists out there/ on your show~~ you guys are incredible. Everyone should listen to this.
  • cuoghost
    Simply brilliant and entertaining
    An amazing series that very effectively guides you through some of the most hard to grasp concepts in modern physics. Since I discovered this podcast, I have given up on morning radio on my way to work and will never look back. I have a degree in Applied Physics but still take so much away from every episode. Keep up the fantastic job job Ben.
  • kogil
    Outstanding Podcast and Great Science
    If you have a deep curiosity about the universe, then this podcast is for you. It dives deeply into esoteric, but incredibly interesting, subject matter but the host really guides the discussion to make the subject matter approachable and understandable for non-scientists. You don't get rich making podcasts on physics, so I appreciate the time and energy these folks put into serving others with their teaching and technical skills.
  • Sir Thomas
    Love this show
    This show is so good. I love everything about space and science. Ben had assembled a great cast that allows me to understand (almost) everything I hear. I would love more shows on things like black holes and cataclysmic events like the big rip episode.
  • Dot Dew
    Wonderfully educational and entertaining!
    I love the in-depth discussions of all things physics and I really enjoy the balance of technical explanations and layman metaphors the group of titanium physicists offer. I learn something with every episode and genuinely get excited when I see a new episode downloading!
  • Geekinthegarden
    An excellent blend of education and entertainment
    I discovered this podcast a year ago and have now worked my way through the entire catalog. Fantastic. The format is consistent and the production quality is very high and getting better all of the time. Ben has really created something special in that he has achieved a seemingly perfect balance of education and entertainment. I'm not a physicist but I do love deepening my knowledge of science, particularly physics and astronomy. Ben and his physicists are always so engaging as they artfully respond to the questions of the guest of each show. What emerges is an exploration that I can relate to. These are conversations that are not too easy but not too difficult. I end up laughing even as I push myself to understand the nuances of the knowledge that is being shared. Most episodes are an hour long which is just about perfect. A podcast with this kind of high level content needs to be long enough that the concepts are given proper attention but not so long that the listener feels overwhelmed by the end of it. Well done Ben and crew. I'm looking forward to many more episodes and thank you so much for the work you've put into this. I more fully appreciate the beauty of our Universe because of what you're doing here.
  • Punkdaft69
    Listen up chumps!!!
    This show is awesome!!!!!
  • a_runner
    Highly recommended. I mean the metaphors are dumbed down to the level of bears chasing Danny DeVito into black holes or something, but then they start dissecting baryon number conservation and by the time they're done you feel smarter and entertained. That's not easy to do. I fall asleep to these more often than I'd like to admit. Keep it up!
  • Pogofire
    Physics for the rest of us.
    I’m nearly 70 years old. I’ve been a professional artist for over 40 years. I’ve long had an interest in science—especially physics—but not the math sufficient to develop a deep understanding. And I find most popularizations to be mostly annoyingly unsatisfying (and often misleading) hyperbole. I was delighted, then, to find The Titanium Physicists Podcast. The subjects are always intriguing and Ben Tippett, the creator and host, has an unquenchably infectious enthusiasm about physics that keeps me coming back for more. In fact, it has become such a welcome part of my science diet that I am now a Patreon supporter, believing that those things which give me both knowledge and pleasure deserve my support. Mr. Tippett does a great job of choosing his Titanium Physicist guests; most are very good at explaining difficult concepts to laymen like me, and it is a pleasure to hear the genuine excitement in their voices as they describe their own particular areas of work. I am continually impressed by this podcast and look forward to each new episode.
  • DeepsouthTX
    Why did I not pay attention in class?
    I never write reviews, however, thanks to Ben Tippett and his fantastic Titanium Physicists for sharing their sense of wonder and fascination with cosmology, astronomy and general physics. I drive two hours a day and they go by in a flash, awesome ability to explain bizarre phenomon. Please keep it up for 10 years!! Never stop!!
  • Blak225
    My favorite physics podcast!
    Great job Ben! Loving your podcast. I'm glad you have an average person that physicists have to get the concept across to. Keep up the good work
  • Paul-dog
    A friend introduced me to this show several months ago... and I'm totally hooked. I'm working my way through and just finished Episode 46... Each episode is great, interesting, thought provoking and fun. But I'd say that probably a quarter of the episodes totally blow me away! I have an engineering background, but my kids can understand a lot of what Ben and his physicists talk about. THis is my favorite podcast!!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Healthyhopeful
    Excellent physics podcast for non-scientists
    If you are obsessively curious about the origins of the universe, and you know just enough science to know when you're being talked down to, this is what you want to be listening to. Great topics, great host, unfiltered science by scientists and those who crave knowledge. Ben Tippett, great job. Keep up the wonderful work.
  • Hefty 444555
    Great Science Podcast
    Came across this podcast a couple months ago and really enjoy it. It's a great mix of lightness to keep it interesting without being silly (mostly) or dumbing down the material.
  • Rose_Marie_Holt
    Well targeted & presented
    Seems aimed to inform & interest people with interest in science up to actual scientists. Concepts well presented in seminar or small class form with one person leading the discussion, spontaneous questions answered, summaries of major concepts & some horsing around. Lots of fun.
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