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A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at:

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  • Trail lust
    Barefoot running, but not!
    To be honest loving the “ROLL ON” more than regular show, and I’ve listened since first episode in Hawaii, but tapered off. As far as minimalist running, you tried it already ( mentioned in Finding Ultra) but I felt you we not patient en to have an effect. DONT run in five fingers, they limit your toes movement. That was the mistake I did back in 2011. Run in sandals, try; Luna sandals, that’s all I run in on trails, even in your area, Malibu Creek State park. They give the freedom of toe movement. I’m 55 and have been doing this now for about 10 years and will never go back to shoes. I never even herd of that dude you mentioned running barefoot, only because this has been going on for a long time, nothing new, just not payed attention to since maximist shoes started trending. Good luck and be patient.
  • KG,MD
    Rich Roll brings thoughtful knowledge to the forefront ever so eloquently. He has amazing guests and inspiring content. I Can not say enough good things about the podcast.
  • bobs auto shop
    Rick Roll
    I haven’t seen it but Rich Roll sounds like Rock Roll
  • Urbanenvironmentschicago
    Host’s life
    I have listened to most of 3 episodes and found lots of talking that was articulate but went no where and added no value to my life. It was more like eavesdropping of the host’s life. While he is well spoken & thoughtful, I feel it focused on the guest & host but not on content that would help someone shape views, connect dots, or facilitate real change. Just relatable chatter. I prefer to learn something but this podcast might be a good fit for someone just looking for intelligent company.
  • Renae2020
    Dr Andrew Huberman
    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Towards the end you two discussed the youngsters coming up. I think both of you should design a social/well-being program for charter schools. How to begin each morning; how to end each day; the importance of song/ singing; teach the importance of correct breathing, etc. Charter schools have more freedom to develop and pursue broader mission plans.
  • Rebel-peewee
    The Perfect Podcast Exists
    Rich Roll is an incredible human. He lives his word. And his intelligence and passion for critical thinking and improving quality of life for anyone and everyone is only matched by his phenomenal guests and their enlightening, entertaining, fascinating conversations. This show has enriched my life in every way, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’m so grateful for Rich Roll and the Rich Roll Podcast!
  • Lilibeeeeee
    The Rich Roll podcast is fantastic! 🌼
  • TiaTuenge
    Loving Roll On!
    I’m definitely a RRpc fan but I just listen to episodes that interest me, not every one. That said I LOVE every Roll On. Adam is a great addition. The informed multiple topics are wonderful. Keep it up. More would be very welcome. ✨🙌🏼💛
  • haley birch
    Love Rich Roll
    Wonderful guests, thoughtful dialogue, active listening. So engaging. Thank you, Rich!!
  • MPC1970 From Phillips
    Dr B
    Dr. B is amazing and as he always does, Rich made this one of his best ever. Dr B’s “Finer Fueled” is a must read!!!
  • Icebankmiceelfalso
    Really great interviews!
    I’ve listened to this podcast for a long time and figured it’s about time to leave a review! Rich Roll does an amazing job interviewing guests, he clearly prepares well and does his research on each person. The conversations flow so naturally and he truly dives deep with each person. Always leaves me with something to think about! I’d recommend this podcast for pretty much anyone, Rich Roll has covered so many different topics, I’m sure there’s a episode that’ll peak your interest! Thank you for your work RR!
  • stevyrey21
    A constant force
    Rich Roll walks the talk and spreads the love!
  • Bluryan
    Genuine & Motivational
    Absolutely love this podcast and the deep dives that result in genuine interviews. Love listening to these during my training runs!
  • Diana the Priestess
    This is the one!
    This podcast is fertile ground, sink your toes in and grow. If you need help improving the way you eat, exercise, or connect with other people this podcast does it all. The conversations are long because the interviews go deep, and Rich Roll is a truly great interviewer. He is always prepared with perspectives and questions you won’t hear anywhere else. I have been listening to the Rich Roll Podcast for many years and the consistent quality and inspiration has impacted every area of my life for the better. Once again I am at a very challenging moment in my life, and listening to Rich Roll is inspiring me to pick myself up and put in the work to live my best life. If I could only listen to one podcast this is the one.
  • Update please
    Please come back
    Please come back, Rich. We miss you.
  • Duderino78
    I think you did it
    It’s a good podcast. The conversations are authentic. Facing and overcoming difficulties will always be relevant and therefore your podcast is evergreen. Thank you rich for sharing your story and inviting us to hear others share theirs. So to answer your question at the end of almost podcast, “I think we did it”, you’ve challenged me, called me out, given me hope, inspired me and I’m sure countless others. So yes rich, you did it. Thank you brother.
  • skip juan
    Leftist view
    Complete leftist view of today’s world. I was looking forward to learning more how to better myself and day to day. Got through about 15 minutes before turned off.
  • disigenuous formalities
    life changing, but feeling disillusioned
    The RRP has changed my life in many ways. Rich you’re a wonderful, kind, patience, inquisitive host and have inspired me so much during my 20s. Unfortunately, lately the vibes have changed. It’s no longer the place I go to feel sunnier inside and reconnect with the beauty and abundance of the world. It’s now too serious! Feels overproduced. Rich, you’ve been such a positive male voice in my life. Keep doing you and I’ll keep listening.
  • AHygge
    Sets the bar for other podcasts
    Rich, his guests, his interview skills, the broad range of topics and even the production of the episodes - all top notch. In a world oversaturated with podcasts, his always rates at the top.
  • ChargingDC
    Used To Be Great.
    This was one my favorite podcasts but it has become a leftist take on life. I used to love all the long form interviews of athletes, celebrities and others, and especially enjoyed the stories of folks who pulled themselves out of a pit to realize new success in life. It was all so wonderful and inspiring, and Rich was a gifted interviewer who always seemed so real and beautifully human. Now? It’s like Rich is more interested in convincing his listeners that he’s woke. I’m open to all political points of view but unless your life view is extreme leftist liberal this one is going to be difficult to enjoy. I’m done with it for awhile but I may check back down the road to see if it gets better. Sad to go.
  • diamondback29r
    Please Help
    Used to be my favorite podcast, not anymore. Please stop w/ the political zingers and social justice content. Stick to health, wellness and stories of succeeding against all odds.
  • PCbnbnbjgg
    Started off great
    The episodes from 3/20 on have just been hard to listen to. It’s like Rich is trying too hard. Too much talk about the podcast itself. I have been unable to finish one in months. The genuine nature of the podcast has eroded. Instead of interesting dialogue with a guest there is too much self-exposing with Rich always trying to express himself in some piffy trend setting way(virtue signaling, woke...etc). Too much self absorption- note the constant brand logo changes, set changes, show music etc etc. I keep trying because I used to love this podcast, but it is not getting better. Stick to health, Veganism, spirituality, sleep, exercising, meditation. Lectures on society’s ills are boring. Just like the program- don’t lecture- tell your story. Let the guests tell their story. The last great guest you had was Shane Parrish and his podcasts stick to his formula. He’s not branching out past his capabilities. I’m not saying you can’t do this but slow your roll- pun intended. Now we have the Rich Roll coffee table book and a subscription model on the way. All in the spirit of trying to connect with my listeners in a different way? Call it what it is. Soul crushing capitalism. Count me out.
  • REDBULL8789
    Still going strong
    I've listened to Rich from his first pod cast he has help me through my addiction to alcohol. It’s been great to see the growth and vastness of topics that Rich covers still need my weekly dose and check in!
  • beautifulworld123
    Black in America
    I enjoy your podcast and definitely appreciated your guests views on the topics discussed. I do have to question the idea that because I eat meat that I am a racist because I want to enslave animals and can’t possibly have the same empathy as a vegan. That seems a bit far fetched. I also don’t believe that fast food restaurants are strategically placed in minority neighborhoods because of a conspiracy to kill them. Fast food does kill, but the franchises are mostly privately owned and those owners choose to locate them based on the market and also zoning. I would guess there are zoning laws in Beverly Hills prohibiting fast food restaurants and that is why there are none located there. Fast food affects the poor white population in the same way it affects the poor black population.
  • Luissuarez1
    The essential Podcast
    This is the one podcast I always keep checking out. Rich is the best host to great and rich conversations. All other podcast are sometimes good or have that one cool guest. The Rich Roll podcast has been consistently aways great. Big Kudos!!!
  • Jack suet
    Brad Stulberg
    My friend went to school with brad and said he did unspeakable things to young women . You should remove the ep of him
  • Lakelafy629
    One Running Advertisement
    Lost interest even though I wanted to hear the interview. Talk about corruption by advertising!!!! Don’t waste your time.
  • LeahJH
    Thoughtful & rational & a comfort - great for a long run
    I’ve been listening to Rich on my long runs since the covid restrictions have been in place and I can’t think of a better voice to carry me through my miles. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for more. But I have to say I can’t get through the Doug Evans’s like an infomercial at least the first part.
    Seeking More Perspectives
    Hey Rich, I like and appreciate your content, but I wish you would invite more women on the show to speak. I have to scroll 10- 20 episodes to find one female voice. There are so many brilliant women who would be great contributors to your show. Hope you’ll consider this in the future.
  • sagemae3
    i love listening to rich!! such an AMAZING podcast ♥️
  • oGsbuCoG
    Life changing!
    Truly as good as it gets. No one interviews quite like Rich does. His “deep dive” style gets to the heart of what each guest has to share. Plus his own story is just as great as those he shares. Thanks to this podcast and the rabbit hole of health information that it led me down, I began a several year journey including a fully plant based diet, running my first half marathon, losing nearly 100 pounds, and a new career path.
  • JoshuaDrown
    The Best Podcast I Have EVER Listened To
    I'm not a fan of hyperbole, but I have to share that the RR Podcast is the best podcast I have ever listened to. I have waited (too long) to write a review, because I wanted some amazing story to tell along with my review, but finally I have just given in. It's true that I am now running more miles weekly than I ever have; it's true that my meditating and yoga practice are more regular than they have ever been; it's true that I switched to a (mostly) plant based diet and feel amazing, but ultimately it is the empowering nature of Rich's interviews that is so compelling. I am so thankful for Rich and the human beings who share their stories with him and us weekly. Listen to this podcast people... you will not regret it.
  • Adamzme
    Sets your mind right
    After listening to RRP over the summer, I switched into marathon training mode and conquered my first ever full marathon! Rich Roll does a good job of spreading topics out that all come back to keeping us on track mentally and often times physically. A nice variety of guests, one of my fav podcasts.
  • theducklady
    Best podcast to workout with!
    One of the top podcast out there! Authentic and humble with a powerful pulse on what is relevant in the moment. Thought provoking content delivered with a bias for each person in our collective humanity attending to their highest possible will feel like you just spoke with a great friend and gained some valuable nugget you can take out into your life... M. Moreno
    Solid podcast
    Love the interviews and the content. Thank you for your hard work!
  • davmaol
    Found it late but been listening every day
    It’s nice to find a source of good thoughtful information on the web. Now that this medium is full of nonsense and people Only wanting to get famous. It’s nice to find someone that has always being doing this for the right reasons. To inform others of thoughtful practices that can better your life. Thank you for your time and effort Rich.
  • SeanMacPA
    Thanks Rich
    Thank you for your podcast Rich and company. Although I’m not able to listen to every episode, I’ve appreciated every one I’ve listened to over the years. I bought my wife the Plantpower Way cookbook and my family loves a number of the recipes too. We are both in healthcare and try to bring information from a number of topics discussed in these podcasts to our patients. Thanks for your positive voice in the world of health and wellness.
  • GillyfromCt
    Rich Rocks
    Insightful, sincere, honest. Rich asks such great questions and does such reflecting on answers that I am in awe of his interviews and the conversations that ensue. Even when it may not be a subject that I think I could relate to, it doesn’t matter, the human spirit that I can connect to is a part of every interview. This podcast is a gift to the world. Thank you Rich and your team!
  • S. Almquist
    A life-line for stressful times..
    I’ve been listening to Rich’s podcasts on my long daily walks through my Portland neighborhood during these strange Covid-times. Rich’s voice of reason, empathy, curiosity and wisdom and humility is exactly what these times call for. He chooses his guests carefully and his conversations are probing and full of heart; they satisfy my thirst for intelligent exploration of meaningful topics while also giving me a calming sense of perspective and connection. Thank you so much for what you do, Rich. I hope you know how much listeners like me relate to you, rely on you, and appreciate you!
  • Sveiks27
    Answers and Facts
    This is my first listen to this podcast - recommended via Huckberry IG - thank you - changes my current life by providing facts and honesty about the unknowns - which aren’t as scary as the media makes it to be - how many times have I said that the national media is ruining our country - in Ca over half of cases and deaths have been in institutional settings - so if you isolate and treat that population then the risks to the rest are monumentally reduced statistically - loved it - and again it helped me so much
  • Sunnycreek
    Re Dr David Katz convo
    A little disappointed in the convo w/Dr David Katz regarding covid-19. Yes there are things like other illnesses and car accidents that kill many more ppl than covid-19, but they aren’t highly contagious fast spreading viruses! And ER docs and nurses aren’t screaming for more vents and PPE bc they are being overwhelmed. And they normally don’t have refrigerated trucks in the parking lot where they place dead bodies until the funeral homes can take them. Granted this only happened in the high volume covid areas, but the self distancing and closing down workplaces was to prevent it from happening all over. I do agree very much though that diet and lifestyle are very important in preventing many deadly diseases and chronic illnesses. I also don’t have a problem with certain low contact businesses opening back up with safety precautions and I hope we have the ability to mass test soon so that more places can open back up. I’m not going to march back into a busy restaurant to sit down and have a meal until this virus is better contained and we have mass testing and hopefully better treatment for it. That should also give us more time to create a decent vaccine for it. No one knows for sure whether they’ll be a lucky one with mild or no symptoms or an unlucky healthy person who ends up on a vent. That’s the scary part for me.
  • ciodz
    Thank you for all the information . Anyone to explain about vegans and high cholesterol? Saturated fat even from plant sources can affect it? Thank you!
  • Creative Catt
    Ramble On...Sing Your song!
    Rich engages in consistent excellence. His conversations are intelligent yet accessible, profound yet pragmatic, spiritual yet actionable. Thank you for your work Rich. I am listening, learning and growing. Creative Courage, Todd Cattell
  • Christianjosh22
    Life Changing
    You will learn something new that will positively impact your life in each episode. I just wanted something to listen to while I did some tedious tasks. What I got instead was a master class in life. I am a better person for listening to this podcast. Thank you.
  • Skimalaya
    Best overall podcast for life, health, and humanity
    Endlessly fascinating and always uplifting this podcast is a must on your rotation. @richroll has a seemingly never ending rotation of fascinating guests on a variety of topics, but chief among them are nutrition, fitness, achievement, personal growth, spirituality, diet, perseverance, and, and, good grief so much more. I am always uplifted, informed, entertained, challenged, and inspired with each episode. Keep it up @richroll !
  • sheen8r
    A must listen
    I have really enjoyed finding this podcast over the last 6 months, but this most recent interview with Dr. Katz is a must listen for all of us trying to navigate the endless news cycle. It’s also an optimistic view from (gasp!) an actual expert in the field. If you haven’t listened to Rich Roll yet, start here.
  • Lauren Nessralla
    A wonderful gift to listen to
    I love listening!! Thank you so much for all these wonderfully informative and inspiring talks!
  • Smd11873
    More meat and potatoes please!
    I only listen to one show (kamal ravikant) so my review is based on that single experience but in the end, I got very little out of it. The whole podcast was about details of kamal’s life but very little insight on his book how to love yourself. I want to listen to shows that provide useful information for me to use and all though interesting it was not very useful or applicable,Disappointed. You should have spent more time discussing the book!!
  • Sue Beth Brad
    Love your podcasts
    My 30 year old son suggested I listen to these podcasts, I am so happy he did. The interviews are informative, insightful and peek my interest. Yep I may go so far to as to say I find them inspirational!!! I have suggested them to just about everyone l know! Thank you so much for providing all this great listening & learning!
  • victor homero
    Best Host best guests
    My favorite listen. Long and substantial subjects.
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