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Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on live national television, which led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier. On this show, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists, and even the odd celebrity. Guests include everyone from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Brené Brown to Karamo from Queer Eye. On some episodes, Dan ventures into the deep end of the pool, covering subjects such as enlightenment and psychedelics. On other episodes, it’s science-based techniques for issues such as anxiety, productivity, and relationships. Dan's approach is seemingly modest, but secretly radical: happiness is a skill you can train, just like working your bicep in the gym. Your progress may be incremental at first, but like any good investment, it compounds over time.
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  • stellarannie
    Really appreciate you his podcast
    I’m finding as I add meditation and as many moments of presence as I can to my life that I’m running out of time for anger anxiety and pessimism. This podcast helps with this so much. It nudges me in the right direction. And there are so many episodes to choose from. Thanks to all involved!
  • travel to family & fun
    Happy gal
    I love to listen to podcasts, I’m a chef, I work by myself prepping & cooking many hours a day. My iPods are my best accessory. I’ve been a fan of Dan Harris since tv news days, one of the first peeps to read TEN PERCENT HAPPIER, & now I can’t wait to be on the elliptical or at the cutting board to hear his fascinating professional interviews & get a little more than 10% happier. As I browse for other interesting podcasts, I am painfully reminded that great content with a mediocre host is a drag. Even mediocre content is better with a professional speaker & news worthy broadcaster. Thanks for the engaging inspirational, clever, attention to this healing & soothing subject. I miss you on the tv news, but what a find, here on mindfulness news. Heather
  • Marcia W.
    Feels like less than ten percent happier…
    I want to like this podcast more than I currently do. It’s for practitioners of Buddhism and there is a lot of excellent content w/interesting and wise guests, but I have scaled back on listening in part bc Dan is a bit too cynical/skeptical. I have grown tired of his doubting and it feels exhausting.
  • Schniggen
    This podcast is turning into hidden and open affiliate marketing and guests’ business promotion environment and their me me me narcissistic energy wrapped in esoteric “truth”. From pur to profit gains.
  • 04Heaven Slake
    Too many celebrities
    I really appreciate his podcast but it’s turning into a celebrity love fest and that’s not why I was drawn to this podcast. Right now there’s a lack of balance. We already have too much celebrity worship in this country. We don’t need more of that.
  • JenBiren
    You had me at Kabat-Zinn
    I’ve had the App for awhile & listen to the podcast now & again there. I just heard the Kabat-Zinn epp & it confirms to me how this program has grown. The bi-focus programming is a definite improvement- I can skip the fluff as I’m not a fan of celebrity interviews and listen to the meaningful insights of wonderful minds. The Kabat-Zinn (3/29/23) is one of the best (Goldstein & Salzberg are competing with it) and I can’t recommend it more. (Mutual Monarchs!) I hope these beautiful thinkers & practitioners will keep returning to share their mistakes, commonalities and understanding. Well done Team 10%!
  • horsefirl1233455
    My favorite
    My favorite podcast these days! Listening to this regularly is truly helping me on my path. Very grateful for the quality of interviews.
  • Bryan Mitchell
    Use to like
    While I like the podcast & Dans style. The subscriber thing is annoying. I don’t like it enough to pay for subscription. I’ll wait for free episodes. However after the date the episode is suppose to be available. It often still won’t play. Also annoying now that episodes show up in my feed before they are available for non subscribers.
  • Kim🙏🏼
    Love this podcast
    My favorite podcast for when i need inspiration. I have watched Dan grow over the years in his interviewing style. His growth is a testament to his Buddhist practice. Great interviews- you will find wisdom and inspiration for living your best life here. ♥️
  • looloo in seattle
    Sharon Salzburg
    I picked up Dan’s book a couple years ago and read it on a whim. Now after 15+ more books about mindfulness/meditation and hundreds of podcasts, I’m still learning, growing, meditating…and yes, a bit happier. :) This Sharon Salzburg interview finally motivated me to say Thanks!!
  • carmelMacciatto
    Very informative podcast
    I have enjoyed listening to the convo w the guests Great to hear down to earth practical Buddha education
  • hkl456
    New format!
    I really like the new format. Especially the deep dive dharma on Wednesdays. I was skeptical about the celebrity interviews on Mondays, but I have found them to be substantive, thought-provoking, and engaging.
  • orso9
    Love this pod :)
    Real, down to earth interviews and talks/meditations that show you and everyone can use these to bring more peace and contentment to your life!
  • SierraDawnT
    Wonderful guests
    I enjoy this podcast immensely. Some guests have missed the mark, like Jonathan Haidt. And Neil Degrasse Tyson I wasn’t happy with- all the comments about the mouse, stepping over a homeless person to go to the animal shelter, etc. (like really?! People are allowed to care about animals and that doesn’t mean they don’t care about fellow humans. And the judgment about caring for humans over animals, the house and mouse tirade ridiculous comments, etc. I was very much turned off. I choose to help animals because they need help too. Caring for humans and caring for animals are not mutually exclusive. Like what are you talking about. After this podcast episode I feel the need to take a bit of a break.
  • AJSmith1988
    Dan and team, I appreciate you!
    I have listened to this podcast for years. For all that this podcast has done for me, the least I could do was rate and review.
  • esstoney
    mixed feelings about this podcast
    I have learned a lot from this podcast over the years. But recently, it seems that it is not as relevant to me as it used to be. Maybe I learned so much in the past from it that I don’t really need to listen to it any more. But sometimes people say things on this podcast that just seem patently ridiculous, and these statements don’t get edited out. (Thinking about the mouse rant from Neil DeGrasse Tyson as a recent example.) Still, I keep coming back to it hoping it will be as helpful as it was to me a few years ago. Sometimes it’s great, especially when Dan’s oldest Buddhists friends like Jeff Warren and Joseph Goldstein are on. But the quality is a little uneven these days.
  • Indypacers99
    Mike D and Dan Harris rock
    I kind of missed the Beastie Boys but… I have enjoyed this very genuine authentic episode as much as I’ve enjoyed any of Dan’s other episodes. I am a recovering adrenaline junkie as a former critical care nurse so that whole discussion hit very close to home. And after about 3 years of subscribing to Ten Percent Happier I finally had that little ego free moment just this week. Don’t miss this one!
  • Hfghncfjjvch
    Excellent podcast
    I love that Dan Harris says the eff word. He’s one heck of an interviewer.
  • TJWizz
    Just listened to my first episode and it made such an impression on me. I’ll definitely be back
  • Molly Mello
    DaRa Williams
    This episode was made for me! I needed to hear everything DaRa said today. I am struggling (as we all do) with letting go and not clinging. The small changes you make to your mindset will have a significant impact on how you show up in life. Be kind. Choose happiness. Thank you
  • Teresagvl
    This podcast has helped me grow and has instilled hope
    I initially only started using the app because of a free 2 month trial, but got hooked on it. It helped me start a short mindfulness practice which I do everyday now, and it has really helped me stay balanced and increased my mental strength and discipline. Very grateful to this app and podcast and all the folk that work on it!
  • Tati347
    This podcast is for everyone who is human
    This is the podcast I highly recommend to all friends, families, colleagues because I’ve enjoyed every single episode I’ve listened to. There is always something in this podcast everyone can relate to or find interesting regardless of your background or beliefs. The host always has his listeners in mind and he seems to find a way to ask the questions I would want to ask. Never a dull moment and it always leaves me feeling more connected to myself and the world around me.
  • AlmTwins
    My All-Time Favorite Podcast
    I have listened to this podcast for years, and it has made an enormous, positive difference in my life! Especially during the more stressful times of my life, I find the episodes to be interesting, informative and even soothing. Thank you, Dan Harris and your team…so much!
  • GAU+
    Amazing podcast
    This has been a wonderful addition to my weekly routine. Dan’s stories are insightful, instructive, and also positive—a much needed reference for how to live and grow well.
  • prtyner
    I absolute favorite podcast
    I always learn something new from Dan Harris and his guests. He is an excellent interviewer. His questions are right on target and he keeps his own ego in check so that the person being interviewed can easily express their thoughts without having to compete. He brings out the best in the interviewee by helping them clarify terms and concepts when needed and allows them plenty of time to speak uninterrupted. I also appreciate his sense of humor and self observations. Thank you, Dan for helping to educate and uplift your listeners.
  • nickname4happylisten
    Love this show
    Fantastic podcast. Love Dan Harris. Especially loved Gabor Mate episode.
  • Disneywithkids
    Comfort, wisdom, ease about being a human.
    I’ve been a fan since the pandemic. This podcast helped me through the early days of pandemic on the long walks I would take to ease my mind of politics, America and suffering that was all around. Truly, this podcast has helped me be a better human and therapist. My friends and I like to do meditation challenges on app too. So thank you for all your work. Your guests are amazing. I always learn something.
  • ingerhann
    Oh Dan..
    Ive been listening for years, please don’t call my friend Dan fragile!! He’s wonderful 10% wonderful. This is such an amazing episode, I’ve listened three times now. Can we do a 10% dating hub somewhere? I can’t stomach the ick of online dating unless… they were tuned in here or somewhere like this so I would sure there was some depth to them. My ex was simply a mud puddle but I was so young I thought he just couldn’t open up!! I’m considering jumping into your “community” online just to connect with some like minded beings. ~ Hopeful and 20% happier in Port Townsend. You Dan, have truly made my life so much richer and you’ve led me to amazing understanding of myself and others 🙏🏻
  • lilali8
    My favorite podcast
    Dan has an amazing talent for interviewing and gets the guest to talk freely and comfortably, but stays on topic. I like the variety of guests and topics, but my favorite are “deep end” topics in meditation. Keep it up!
  • TheBloggingOwl
    Wow! I am so glad I found this podcast!
    Of course, Alexander Dreymon drew me in and it was a very insightful episode, so much so that I forwarded the episode to my husband and two sons. Now I am trying to catch up on all the other episodes. I watched Dan all the time on ABC and always enjoyed his thorough reporting. 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉 5 Hoot Rating from me, The Blogging Owl
  • TDuren
    Such enlightening guests & great conversations with Dan!
  • Beagleluv6
    Thank goodness I found this podcast. I used to watch GMA and really enjoyed Dan Harris. This podcast is exactly what I needed in my life, and I hope to make some changes for the better. Dan and all of his guests are a pleasure to listen to, it all just makes so much sense, and really resonates with me. I could go on and on, but will just say in closing - thank you, thank you, thank you Dan and guests, I am a huge fan and a binge listener now!
  • Caitlin CC.
    Must listen too!!
    I cannot express how wonderful this podcast is. The guests are incredible and the host has the perfect affect- thoughtful, humble and smart.
  • dishpat
    I’ll be listening every day for a long time
    I have something that I need to do for a little over an hour every day and for years I’ve been listening to podcasts during that time. Occasionally when I’d listen to an especially good podcast episode, I would make a note in my phone so I could listen to it again someday. I can’t remember how or why exactly but a copy of your book “10% Happier” came into my life and I really really loved every bit of it. So once I finished it, I looked up your podcast and started in with episode #1. I am now only 12 episodes in and I quickly realized that I would need to drop the notion of making note of especially good episodes because all 12 were striking me that way. I have a feeling once I get to the end and I finish the current episode (many hundreds of episodes from now), I will just start over again with #1. A friend taught me TM in the 1990’s and I did it for about 6 months and then stopped because it seemed like it was vaguely relaxing but that I wasn’t getting any more out of it than I could get from taking a 15 minute nap and resting my eyes. At the time he said that he did it for several years and didn’t notice much benefit until he went on a retreat and meditated all day for a week. I remember filing that idea away for future consideration. Your book and podcast are making me reconsider the idea of starting to do it again. And if I don’t notice much benefit, maybe the answer is to do it more, not less. Edited: After 2-3 weeks of meditating, I had worked up to doing 20 minutes but then I noticed tension building a lot until it was just unbearable to do 20 so I cut back to 5 minutes and even that was pretty much a white knuckle experience to get through it. Around that time I listened to episode 83 with Josh Groban. I made a mental note that there is a guided meditation in #83 between minutes 22-38. I had been thinking guided meditations weren’t for me and had never done one. But since I was struggling I thought I’d try it and it was a really good experience with one caveat. A few minutes into it, there are a few really obnoxious ads that pop up and you have to fast forward past them in the middle of your meditation. I seriously recommend that you take those ads and move them after the end of that guided meditation. Maybe you weren’t anticipating that people would go back to that episode and replay that guided meditation when they needed a little encouragement.
  • lens.onme
    Mini therapy and healing sessions!
    I've been following this podcast for a couple of years, and it's part of my weekly consumption intake. Some episodes pull deep on emotional strings, and others work as a real-life instruction manual to navigate this rollercoaster of a life that seems far from easy to do alone! Thank you, Dan; my favorite episodes are the ones that allow for some back-and-forth conversation and areas that land in some “healthy debate.” Stay real! ✌️🏼
  • forcedRating123455789
    Powerful, funny (at times) and oh so real
    I’m on my second year of a subscription to the Ten Percent Happier App and as cliche as it is to say, it has changed my life by making meditation a keystone habit. The app is well designed and allows for a lot of functionality. The quality of the podcasts (and all content) is top notch, well produced, and relevant to modern life. Thank you to the 10% Happier Team for all the hard work you do to make this happen. May you all be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease.
  • Body-Mind Awareness
    Never miss an episode
    Always insightful, informative, thought provoking. If you are interested in growth, increasing self-awareness, improving your relationships, health, or most anything that has the potential of increasing life satisfaction, this podcast is a must!
    A wonderful, inspiring podcast!
    I am so grateful to Dan Harris and everyone with the Ten Percent Happier team for their dedication to making this podcast so good. I am inspired every day by the amazing teachers and guests who provide us with so much research, incredible insight, and wisdom on meditation practice and how to live ten Percent happier! Daily meditation has changed my life.
  • communitynewspodcast
    I need this
    The other day I felt like I wished a train hit me. I was feeling so down on myself and like a failure at life. The only thing that makes me ten percent happier is my family and laughter. I binge listened to "Community News with Paul and Sasha" to make myself laugh and to "ten percent happier" to make myself feel less alone and now I still feel a little lost but not wishing a train would hit me at least. Thanks for the good ideas to manage our minds. Can never get enough of those.
  • caki diehl
    Love 10%
    Thank you for your work enjoying the pod! I always learn something.
  • JMFahy
    You find help when you are ready and willing. I have always been open to mindfulness, but the practice has been elusive until I found the HH Dalai Lama’s series. This was the beginning of daily practice for me and the transformation has been beautiful. Thank you to all the amazing people that work behind the scenes and so much gratitude to the teachers.
  • Sportsenthusiast35
    Wordsmith, Hilarious, Important!!
    Dan Harris is the man!!! I’ve read both his books—outstanding!! (Dan, true to his profession, whether in his writings or in his speaking engagements, is a real wordsmith. I love words.) I forget how I learned about his story, but I found myself deeply resonating with his aforementioned story. I only say this because I’m also an over thinker / anxiety prone person. This podcast, in true Dan Harris fashion, is absolutely hilarious!! The topics he discusses are important; they need to be had more often than they actually are. Furthermore, Dan makes me think. Meaning, I feel more intelligent, more informed after having listened to an episode. Please keep up the phenomenal work, Dan and the TPH team!! It’s very much appreciated.
  • Phila-Dan
    Well, this just made my day better.
    That’s reason enough to give it five stars. I hope it’s good for others too. I’m giving it a shot, and have found some really good conversations to take along with me. This one episode today, Jon Kabat Zinn said he thought people listen, and they make a kind of connection - not with him, or with the host Dan Harris, but with themselves. Yeah, that’s kind of it.
  • craftykathryn
    My go-to podcast
    I stumbled upon the Ten Percent Happier podcast several months ago and I’m so glad I found it! I love Dan’s interview style, how he lays out the topics in advance, and summarizes complicated concepts for listeners who are new to meditation/mindfulness. There’s a great variety of guests, and I love the emphasis on practical tips and takeaways. This podcast has helped deepen my meditation and mindfulness practice and I can’t wait to keep listening!
  • CEO/MOMof4
    Book is good. Show is nice extension
    I really enjoyed the book & am glad to see the show has a following.
  • 4boysmombecks
    How can this not have a perfect rating!
    One of the best podcasts out there for interesting guests and subjects. I love Dan’s self deprecating interview style. I recommend this podcast to everyone. I regularly participate in a western Christian religion but have a mindfulness practice as well and so many of these episodes really speak to me and I have learned so much. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into them. Except I end up buying so many of the books from author’s Dan interviews…so that can be a problem sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other wayA
  • a longtime friend
    Beautiful guidance
    I have been meditating with this app for a while. It’s very helpful, fantastic teachers here, including DH. I have gifted it to friends who are unsure about the benefits of meditation. They have all had breakthroughs that are significant. I recently started listening to the podcast. It’s wonderful. Dan does a beautiful job with his interviews of truly amazing guests. Their discussions reveal a steady guidance that is entertaining,enlightening, and often life altering. I am Very impressed and grateful. We’ll done, Dan Harris!
  • 87552(/?,!!
    Ten percent happier is my favorite podcast
    Great insights, solid interviews, love the topics and range. Well worth the time. Dan really works actively on his interviewing and has become a fabulous podcast host. They have a great team; inspiring programming.
  • Jay in NYC(2)
    Great podcast!!
    Dan brings journalistic inquiry and rigor pleasantly to the topic of meditation and mindfulness. I have been listening for over two years. Really outstanding and engaging material — whether you are a beginner or more advanced in the practice of awareness.
  • Bits285
    Listening to Galloway episode- missed the mark
    I was drawn to 10 Percent Happier after listening to the TED special on Mind, Body, Spirit. I found the podcast out of touch with the stark reality of the majority of the actively working people in my life. To be frank and (unfortunately) rude- It feels like I am listening to whining old white rich men. I wish there was something here that was reality based to relate to and learn from. I say this from my perception of their conversation. I would love to hear these successful men speak to the absolute disaster the US economy is for people who are rounding the corner of 40 years old and how their privileged vantage point could guide us. This podcast seems to focus on this 1% of hyper rich white men who have “insecurities” or “challenges” to overcome. These include examples of needing/wanting more money, greater domination over the wealth they have a greater access to and keeping their power without any consideration for anyone beneath them except their male children. This world is falling apart for those of us who work extremely hard, in extremely necessary and “high paying” professions (note: I am referring to people with higher education RE- MD, RN, MBA, PHARM-D and so on). This group of individuals have little financial security to show for all the education, hard work, relentless “showing up” at work and never giving up. After nearly 2 decades of dedicated professional work, this cohort that I am apart of, have practiced extreme fiscal responsibility and fair-good financial planning throughout the years (we all make mistakes as young people when learning how to manage money). I listened to this episode and because I am a curious person and want to continue to evaluate potential beneficial information from this podcast I likely will listen to more and to see if my opinion balances out. But jumping off with this episode… I was highly disappointed.
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