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Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC News anchor who had a panic attack live on "Good Morning America," which led him to try something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, "10% Happier." In this podcast, Dan explores happiness (whatever that means) from all angles. Guests include legendary meditation teachers -- from the Dalai Lama to Western masters -- as well as scientists, and even the odd celebrity. But the show also ventures beyond meditation, bringing on leading researchers in areas such as social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships. The animating insight of this show is that the mind is trainable. This is what science is showing us. Mental traits such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion, and connection are not hardwired, unalterable factory settings; they are, in fact, skills that can be trained. On this show, you'll learn how.

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  • A Fan in Vermont
    I tell everyone about 10%
    This podcast is first rate. Dan is such a skillful interviewer and thoughtful dude and the guests blow my mind - esp. Laurie Santos, Sebene Salassie, Ashley Williams and of course, the beloved Joseph. Dan and Team: you are putting really meaningful and useful stuff into the world. Please, keep it coming 🙏✨
  • txsunhope
    Tara Brach re-post
    A big THANKS!
  • Marie is free
    Sebene meditation
    Enjoy the thoughtful podcast. I have to say though this latest meditation ending with the sentiment if you don’t have a good day today there’s always tomorrow is a bit off. We aren’t really guaranteed tomorrow. I think we need to make the best of today.
  • Cellowan
    Love your show, Sam
    Must listen!! So refreshing honest. I am grateful for all you have done and shared.
  • Irisbrooks
    Heartfelt and well done
    So many ah-ha moments for me. I have deep gratitude for all the inspiring guests that have driven me to be genuinely interested in subjects I knew nothing, or very little about previously. First podcast review in fact. I like it that much!
  • NE Monica
    Great episode with Richard Schwartz
    It’s my first review of this pod after listening to 250+ episodes. Was really impressed with the live participation of Dan Harris with the Richard Schwartz demo of his technique. It was clear the extent that Dan was willing to try an authentic run with his “inner dragons” even though anyone could imagine that this would feel awkward to do in a shared setting. That made it for me a very inspiring listen. I learned a lot and thanks as always for your sincere effort and contributions!
  • MissTheOcean1
    So grateful for this podcast and the app
    Of all the many resources I’ve been using to survive the pandemic, this podcast and the Ten Percent Happier app have been the most valuable. Thank you so much!
  • drlangc
    The only podcast I never miss. Been listening since the first episode was released in 2016. I learn something new with every episode.
  • Kimlyn333
    Podcast today with Dr Schwartz
    I never miss this podcast but today’s episode (Thursday Feb 11) was FASCINATING. Very brave Dan Harris. Thank you.
  • NamMeKi
    Dan’s suffering is palpable
    It’s like his own message hasn’t sunk in. The guests and interviews are great, but listening to Dan pains me. He’s trying so hard to be a “Buddhist” that he’s missing the whole point.
  • Hopeful A
    Just right.
    Moves the needle towards sanity. Thank you!
  • TvFan01
    Truly helpful!
    One of the very few podcasts I listen to on the regular- intelligent, uplifting, and has introduced me to a wonderfully wide array of ideas, people and practices. I am deeply appreciative to all those that put this together each week!
  • KatarinaWarnick
    Love it but should be called “I Can’t Stop Talking About Meditation”
    This dude is obsessed with meditation
  • soulciallyresponsible
    Great takeaways
    Dan’s interview skills are excellent and the guests always provide great takeaways that we can apply to our own lives.
  • Anne_M_S
    Uplifting, informative & empowering
    Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts.
  • GemNasium
    This is a great podcast, one of my favorites. I always learn something new.
  • _just_mel_
    Love the podcast, love the app. The book is next on my list.
  • pj's place
    How to do nothing
    Great perspective! I’m 69 years old and retired a month before COVID because of health reasons. I am an “A” type person used to working on legal cases, cooking, cleaning, traveling, etc. In March 2020 it all went away. Because of my health issues, I’m forced to sit or lie down a lot. It’s caused me to feel pretty worthless, and being detached because of COVID has only added to the frustration and despair. This podcast provides an excellent perspective and has given me much to think about and approach things in a different manner. Thank you so much for these podcasts as they have been a true game changer ❤️
  • mlg325
    I love listening to the podcast. I’m hooked. Downloaded the app and have begun meditation. It is very helpful during these times. Dan has great guests on also.
  • Glogerri
    Make it part of your day/week
    So I glad I added this pod in 2021 after hearing about it and book for years. Necessary in wake of 2020, ongoing pandemic and Capitol attack in January. “In times of crisis we don’t rise to our expectations we fall to our practice .” Thank you for help filling my mental and emotional arsenal.
  • Qwertyuiopn
    Five stars!
    I love this podcast. It’s just what I’m looking for (mindfulness and teaching about mindfulness actions!). Thanks Dan!
  • zenjenzen
    Really great
    Every segment filled with content to apply and contemplate upon!
  • YRAM66
    I love this Podcast. I found it in the spring of 2020. I find every episode inspiring. The podcast led me to the Summer Sanity Challenge which then helped me get back into a regular meditation practice after a year of failed attempts. I consider the Ten Percent family to be my sangha.
  • Jakub[SOP]
    Loved the episode with JoAnna Hardy and the meditation she shared on resetting your nervous system. I am excited to try it myself since I am still searching for new techniques to implement in my daily “well-being routine”!
  • Marge321
    I love Dan Harris as host. His skepticism is so relatable. I get a lot out of the Ten Percent Happier app too. I’ve enjoyed the 21 day meditation challenge.
  • Conniebikes
    Skilled interviewer; such helpful content
    I am an on/off listener but have been especially impressed by recent content vis-a-vis the difficult period following the elections. Loretta Ross and Jon Kabat-Zinn episodes along with the New Year’s episodes were so spot on. I echo other reviewers’ praise of Dan - he is such a skilled interviewer, giving space for others to share their knowledge, prompting clarifications, inviting deeper dives, and asking thoughtful questions that elevates the already great content of what experts have to share. Thank you!
  • Heidi RDH
    Loretta Ross
    Dan Harris understands the value in letting his guesses talk freely with limited interruption or redirecting them to fit his agenda.
  • LegalRose
    This podcast is a lifesaver
    This year has been a challenge, but the best thing to come out of it is a regular meditation practice thanks to 10% Happier. The podcast, the app, and the book have all been monumental in maintaining my mental health and happiness, and finding joy in life. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a remote interest in meditation. The benefits are immediate. Thank you for all that you do at TPH!
  • BuzKl
    Loretta Ross - Thanks
    So glad you interviewed Loretta Ross in this moment!
  • OHUser
    Dan Harris is a really good interviewer
    I appreciate Dan’s preparation for his interviews (even though I assume he has a great team supporting him in that - he is still the front man and very much in the present when interviewing someone). He does a very good job of fleshing out the salient points of interest, digging deeper at all the right times and not wasting time on areas that are (at least in my mind) less important. I appreciate that he follows up, defines terms, identifies people and places, and never forgets “us listeners” in terms of making sure we have good, clear explanations. Great podcast. Would love to hear more from TM meditators which is my current method of practice. Also, would be great also to have a written index of all the books, places or people mentioned during a podcast interview in case we want to read further or follow up on a reference. At any rate, thanks for all the hard work. I have learned a lot, and I always look forward to Wednesdays for the posting of new episodes. UPDATE 9/2019: OMG. Joseph Goldstein - Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have replayed it 3 times. Also, I cast a very emphatic vote of YES for his suggestion of a “Buddhist Corner” on the app. Please do that without delay. UPDATE 1/2020: Tara Brach interview was amazing, and thoughtful. Much appreciated. UPDATE 10/20/20: I love Tuere Sala and her presentation of Mudita. I love how she stuck hard to her interpretation and definition of this term and pushed Dan beyond what it appeared was his understanding of it. It seems she is saying compassion is to suffering as mudita is to joy. Would love to hear more from her and specifically how to “embody” joy. Would also love to hear her and Lama Rod Owens collaborate to say more about how to (physically) em-body joy. Great episode. Also, the entire election series was amazing, helpful and enlightening, particularly the ending with Roshi Joan Halifax and I am going to include DaRa Williams in that, as well. All five women were outstanding. What a collection of enormously big-hearted and brilliant women. UPDATE 1/17/21: The Jack Kornfield episode (A Big Dose of Perspective) was outstanding. I always feel more hopeful after listening to Jack. His answer to the question raised by the caller who identified herself as a “COVID nurse” was beyond wise and so compassionate and thorough; he identified and addressed all the nuance in what she asked and expressed. And, like Jack, I was also moved by the caller, herself...how amazing that she works all day in that difficult environment and then returns home carrying the weight of the worry for her young children and expresses it in such a thoughtful way...so many millions of parents are of course doing the same but those who are frontline workers have that extra raw component of seeing, firsthand, the pain that the rest of us do not. I concur that she and all her colleagues deserve our deep and profound gratitude. Anyway, another fantastic episode by Dan and his team for sure.
  • hair62
    I really enjoyed his perspective’m
  • zzzzvvvvxxxx
    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! This is exactly what I need right now. All I can say is, Thank you Sir may I have another!
  • Sunny Wunder
    All Episodes
    Dan I listen to all your podcast episodes and use the Ten Percent Happier app. The episode with Jack Kornfield (the week of January 11) is by far one of the best episodes I have ever heard on this or any other podcast. It helps restore my faith in humanity and gives me a roadmap to equanimity in today’s troubled world.
  • SusTemA
    Top notch interviewer and guests
    I've listened to at least a hundred 10% Happier episodes and it's one of my favorite podcasts. Dan's a veteran journalist, which probably has a lot to do with why he's such a standout interviewer--respectful, inquisitive, humorous, and sometimes skeptical. I think every major US meditation teacher has been on the show, many of the best multiple times. As a psychologist involved in research, I also appreciate his and his guests' science-based approach to meditation practice and wellness, with reasonable expectations for what any practice can deliver and lots of useful advice. Many guests are leading researchers in psychology and related fields. Not to sound like a commercial, but if you want to be entertained, support your meditation practice and live a 10% better life, give this podcast a listen.
  • ReddreRnD
    Thank You for Jon Kabat - Zinn . You moved in real time to address fear and sorrow. I am displaced out of NYC due to job loss. My Mother is doing Hospice at home. It is imperative that I maintain balance and humor. I listen to Ten Percent to remind myself of the collective consciousness for good. My Mother is 94 and a brainiac. I rely on great teachers to support my path and remind myself there is dharma everywhere. Thank You...Emerson Grad I appreciate your reporter mind.
  • Crissy92385
    Podcast with Evelyn Tribole
    I’ve recently started working on Intuitive Eating due to a Binge Eating Disorder. I came across this episode while researching and am so happy I did. Dan was so honest about his thoughts on food and everything he asked is how I feel. Thank you for sharing! And for bringing a new Podcast into my life. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes and download the App!
  • JimInNYC
    Great content and host (but one complaint)
    I love this podcast and am a big longtime fan of Dan Harris. The show always has great guests (especially Joseph Goldstein) and I enjoy Dan’s vulnerability and examples from his own experience. I do have one complaint: whenever Dan mentions Al Franken (which he does OFTEN because he loves to mention his Stewart Smalley SNL character) he always says “disgraced Senator” or something like that. Dan, could you please just call him Senator Franken or “former Senator” if you prefer and leave out the “disgraced” bit? Everyone knows that part and you don’t have to say it literally every time you mention him. He had a distinguished career in the Senate, and he deserves better than to be summed up that way.
  • Podcastjunkie KL
    incredibly insightful and intelligent !
    I LOVE listening to Dan as he is so grounded and real. His guests are by and large equally as intelligent and captivating. I truly look forward to this podcast every week!
  • Just a stream guy
    Meditation exploitation
    I haven’t listened to this and don’t plan to. I do however find it offensive that he is exploiting what should be a personal journey through inner thoughts and making it a sales gimmick with a catchy phrase. Best of luck making money on what should have nothing to do with profit.
  • Runandlisten
    Great Selection of Guests
    Fabulous and thoughtful choice of guests. I always learn something and leave feeling that I can improve in ways that don’t make me feel like I’m flawed for needing to improve. I only wish there was a tiny bit less of Dan’s personal experiences in every show. Still, so worth listening and subscribing to.
  • seeonc
    Smug: the podcast
    Come listen to a bunch of affluent people pat themselves on the back for meditating their way out of their affluent problems. You’ll be so, so proud of them, and that’s what this podcast is all about
  • SharonMann
    Great interviewer. Let’s the guest talk, tho Dan’s knowledge and insights are very informative. He asks excellent questions, moves the interviews along and doesn’t interrupt like other podcast hosts!
  • solopractitioner
    “When the student is ready...”
    “When the student is ready, the teacher will come” is something I have been holding onto for the past two years as I began a solo meditation practice, but needed some support a guidance. Not so easy to get when you live in a rural area, and multiple responsibilities and constraints make longer retreats challenging. Luckily, a “teacher” came in the form of the Ten Percent Happier family of programs. After listening to many of the wonderful conversations on the podcast I asked for the APP as a gift, and have not been disappointed with either. The excellent teachers and talks, the guided meditations were just what I needed when my energy to keep this going was starting to fade. In the end, I was lucky enough to have not just one, but many teachers come into my life. Thank you!
  • Literary Swan
    Saving 2020
    I’ve read “10 Percent Happier” and I was thrilled to find out about this podcast! I’m not exaggerating when I say that this podcast has kept me sane in this garbage fire of a year. I often have to have a notebook next to me as I listen to take notes.
  • EduHHNama
    2020 Podcast Gold
    Dan and his team get creative with ways to engage an audience. That’s a mindfully, aligned gift when most of your audience doesn’t have the same social capital. I listen to every episode, often twice, take notes even.
  • indy jones 11
    Really Solid
    Relevant in normal times, essential in 2020
  • SarahSindo
    Do yourself a favor and listen
    I’m trying to practice non-attachment to this podcast, but it’s so hard! 😁 My teacher, Ame Wren, introduced Ten Percent Happier in our 200 hr. I’m forever grateful. There’s wisdom nuggets in every episode. Bonnie, in episode 300, is 💫.
  • Stevo6400
    Thank you!
    I love this podcast and the app. You have humanized mindfulness in an accessible way that has profoundly changed my life! I appreciate these deep dive dives into meditation and mindfulness. My daily dose of peace, calm and ease- thank you🙏🏼
  • composeyourself
    Life Changing
    This podcast (and the app) are changing my life. Thank you.
  • compassion c
    I am writing to Dan Harris and all involved in the creation and the ongoing evolution of the 10% happier podcast and app to express my great gratitude and deep appreciation. 10% happier has been more than a game changer ... It is and has been salve for my soul A transformative change agent A source of cyber connection and Community... especially during the pandemic and the heightened exposure of the centuries of the pandemic of injustices of anti-blackness and white supremacy It is and has been a source of inspiration and aspiration A space that has engendered more internal curiosity and courage A catalyst for personal development from state to trait It is and has been an island of sanity in a sea of fear and grasping A refuge A loving kindness (or friendliness ) spot It is and has been a virtual university of compassion and mindfulness An antidote to complacency A self absorption and me- ness buster It is and has been an allowing A witness bearing An acceptance generator It is and has been this and more A challenge An opportunity to experience sitting with and accepting pain as part of the - human condition With love and gratitude, Cynthia East
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