Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris


Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC News anchor who had a panic attack live on "Good Morning America," which led him to try something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, "10% Happier." In this podcast, Dan explores happiness (whatever that means) from all angles. Guests include legendary meditation teachers -- from the Dalai Lama to Western masters -- as well as scientists, and even the odd celebrity. But the show also ventures beyond meditation, bringing on leading researchers in areas such as social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships. The animating insight of this show is that the mind is trainable. This is what science is showing us. Mental traits such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion, and connection are not hardwired, unalterable factory settings; they are, in fact, skills that can be trained. On this show, you'll learn how.

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  • Delmar mom
    Great podcast
    This podcast has genuinely enriched my life exposing me to some great philosophies and ideas to explore. Time and time again I appreciate how Dan asks the questions that really help ground the topics in down to earth understanding. Particularly loved the self-compassion episodes. Also, great job during the pandemic.
  • FlygirlGoddess
    Without question, this is one of the BEST podcast around. Dan and his team are doing a fabulous job of demystifying meditation, which will lead to more people meditating YAY! I have been meditating for over 10 years and LOVE this podcast. It is creating so much HAPPINESS in this world!!! 😍😍😍😍
  • happy 1st timer
    I love this podcast
    This podcast has positively impacted my life and helped me through some tough times. Although I had experimented with meditation before listening to 10% happier, I can say this really brought me into the meditation world which has done wonders for me spiritually and for the betterment of my life. The introduction to the first western meditation teachers of our age and other dharma leaders and the topics covered that are so relevant to our lives and times has been thought provoking and timely. I am very grateful for all those who works to bring this podcast to us and meditation and learning to the masses which helps not only us— but those in our lives and communities. Thank you 🙏🏽
  • Waterfallen
    Mainstream news
    Why is mainstream news ignoring alternative medicines to treat COVID 19 and giving dr Faucii a pass on this? # people not shareholders
  • JLBaugh
    If you are stressed, use this tool
    Thought provoking and simultaneously a relief. His guest list is amazing too.
  • katy e bliss
    Game changer
    I started the app and this podcast to learn about meditation and deal with stress. However, it delivered so much more. It has literally changed my life. I would never have meditated until I read Fidgety Skeptic, Dan’s original thoughts matched mine. But now I have truest began a new path in life as a calmer, more present thinker.
  • Kempie16
    Life changing
    This podcast has changed my life and increased my equanimity tenfold. I look forward to each new podcast and am so grateful to Dan for putting out so much content each week. THANK YOU!!!
  • Gatocasero
    My favorite podcast right now
    I love this podcast and I love the guests and the topics Dan is going through with them. I always learn and reflect about something new in each episode. I find strange people are giving low ratings for the “new opening music”. Who cares? The podcast is great and I do appreciate when Dan talks about his personal experiences. Please keep up with the amazing work!
  • LucieG79
    Best podcast I’ve ever listened to
    I just listened to the episode with Sara Bareilles and I can honestly say it was hands down the best podcast/interview/whatever you want to call it I’ve ever listened to. It spoke to me in such a profound and yet lighthearted way that I’m left with an oddly contented feeling I haven’t experienced in…well, forever. Will definitely circle around to listen to all of the other episodes and am grateful to have stumbled upon it.
  • JennJohns84
    Hey, what happened?
    I’ve been listening to your show starting fro the first one. I’ve loved listening to them. I was a few episodes in to 2019 and as usual only got through the first part of the one I was listening to and had to stop. I lit is a day or two later, typical for my life, and I go to listen to the show and… where is it??? Nothing earlier then show #230? I want to hear how he’s an imposter!!! Where is it??? How do I find it? Other then that I have LOVED listening to all the episodes and have found illumination in each one. But where did 2019 go?
  • Fraser Listenet
    Podcast music is annoying!
    As a fellow listener stated above, the music in the intro of this podcast is loud, grating, and completely antithetical to the topics/discussions and (Buddhist) meditation practices shared by guests/lecturers on this podcast. Also, while Dan is careful not to get in his own way while interviewing/asking questions of guests/lecturers, sometimes too much personal information he shares with listeners takes away from the discussion. This tendency can come across as Dan trying too hard to relate to both listeners and guest(s).
  • addebenedetti
    New music is off putting
    I’ve enjoyed a lot of this podcast in the past, but the new theme song is oddly tense and unsettling, which is not the headspace I want to be in when trying to tackle anxiety.
  • lindy luvs music
    What we need right now!
    Love listening to your relatable guests & your thoughtful interviewing style. The advice is helping me to re-focus after a crazy year. Loved listening to Sara Bareilles who made me realize that we are all going through so many of the same things. Thank you!
  • Anika Huq
    So helpful and informative. Preferred the old theme music though ;)
  • acs84
    This podcast helps me so much. The Sara Bareilles episode was especially relatable. Thank you for all the good content.
  • Lisakiddoc
    Mind meld
    Listening to the most recent episode with Dan talking with Shankar Vadantam was amazing. My 2 favorite podcasts merged into one. Wow! Great dialogue and made me open my mind to how to understand viewpoints when they differ from my own. Can’t wait to read Shankar’s book. Just arrived his week on my doorstep. Thanks team TPH!
  • Watercooler25
    Helpful insight
    I really like the practical advice offered on this podcast. Amazing! 👏
  • podsarefun
    So great!!
    Absolutely love this podcast! Shannon Foley Martinez interview was so amazing and so everyday useful !!! What a lovey person, thank goodness for people like her that have been in the trenches and able to come back and truly help others.
  • glimadoll
    The Gospel of Adequacy podcast was excellent
    Dan, I really appreciated that you let him talk at length, and the questions you asked him allowed him to open up and be authentic. Great interview!
  • CommonManEdFan
    Episode 345
    Thanks for bringing to light the growth mindset, diversity experiences, goal setting and reward systems. But your guest should have said that these are nothing new; they are common-sense approaches that school teachers have used for centuries. She should have said these learning systems are required by many state teacher licensure departments and are used in teacher evaluations. She also should have pointed out that diversity may not be emphasized in all states, and it should include hidden disability training as well.
  • Kay El Bee
    Change the music!
    Why is the opening music frenetic versus calming? It doesn’t match the topic. Am I the only one who is bothered by it???
  • Happily restored
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast. Interviews with amazing mindfulness practitioners and researchers conducted with humility humor and openness that is really the right match for subject. I never fail to learn something I can use. Each episode bears repeated listening. This is an absolute treasure. I’ve been recommending it emphatically to everyone I know but now that I’ve run out of friends and family to recommend it to I’m writing this review.
  • Ellen_Ripley
    Ep. 343 Fantastic!
    Thank you for this episode. Finally!
  • delia tran
    Episode 343
    Fabulous episode. As an Asian American raised in a Buddhist household, I resonated with this episode so much. The way my grandparents practice Buddhism is so different from the way I see my friends practice it in the United States. Both are important and valid but I think it’s so important to honor the origins of Buddhism and meditation and yoga. It often gets swallowed and white washed by white Americans without much recognition to the original cultures. Also, the lessons of Buddhism applied to American racism were just wonderful. Incredible episode.
  • Resilient-in-DC
    Episode 343: Exceptionally good
    This episode differs from the others in this podcast in that the discussants place mindfulness in the context of overall Buddhist practice, not just a means of making oneself feel good, avoiding anxiety and panic attacks, etc. This latter tendency to avoid suffering, i.e., spiritual bypassing, is a major problem of the contemporary mindfulness movement. The discussants correctly placed mindfulness in the framework of facilitating Right Understanding that facilitates Right View and Right Comprehension, i.e., sila. More episodes like this one will be welcome in addition to psychological applications of mindfulness. Well done!
  • shannonsophia
    Episode 342
    Discussion over generalized and lacked depth. We humans are complex. As such, so are our social engagements. The types and richness of which can not be captured by such superficially boiled down to capitalist sounding categories.
  • J Matheson
    George Mumford
    Always worth it‼️ Keep his book close - ‘The Mindful Athlete’ a gem. (You don't need to be an athlete to win from it. )
  • sassygirl10
    Practical in every way
    Love the topics and the speakers and the host! When I need to get my head screwed on straight or level set my monkey mind I come here. Thank you <3
  • 6134Yogi
    Bought the App
    This podcast was so helpful I ended up purchasing the App. I have suffered with sever panic disorder for the last 38 years. This podcast and the app make me feel once again like I am driving the ship in body!! The quality of instructors and host are incredible and the compassion and understanding the show is unrivaled. Keep it going !!
  • IamGreersBikerBabe
    It’s a bit long
    Would prefer something that was a little shorter and landed in my inbox only once a week instead twice in addition to the weekly bonus. I like listening, it’s just too long and too often
  • Ojaiku
    Ten Percent Happier
    There’s a sober generosity to these podcasts. They really are about making life-ours and all those we are connected to-just a little bit better. The guests are first rate and Dan Harris is expert in his questions and pacing of the interviews, as well as very real about himself and his thoughts and feelings in response to the content. Wonderful offering to our American world at a fraught time.
  • KayFlay1224
    Definitely one of my favorite podcasts out there! I always look forward to listening to every episode and I’ve learned something new after each one. This has been my moment of calm, hope, awareness, and joy. I always recommend this podcast to my friends/family/colleagues and it’s been such an incredible resource. Thank you!!
  • Angies66502
    Keeps getting better and better!
    I started kind of backwards listening to the podcast having started listening in 2019. I had listened to all the podcasts from 2019 through present day, so I thought I should go back and listen from the beginning. I had no idea it started in 2016. Anyway, as I listen to older episodes, which are still relevant, informative and expertly done, Dan’s interview style, questions and knowledge has developed noticeably and I love the podcast even more. As an interviewer, he’s able to ask important questions, grasp and rephrase the content so his listeners can understand. He knows the questions his listeners would ask so he’s excellent at drawing that information from his guests. And if you haven’t read his book by the same title, Ten Percent Happier, I would highly highly recommend that. I just read it after listening to the podcast for 2 years and if you read it, I can almost guarantee you will appreciate, understand and love Dan even more! You will also learn why he’s so good as the host of this podcast. With his journalism background, one can tell he does his research before interviewing guests and just knows how to ask the right questions. I could go on and on about the podcast and his book but instead I highly encourage you to check them out for yourself!
  • ChrisfromNC
    Great podcast
    Love the info in this podcast , i always learnsomething new
  • nakerschner
    So grateful
    One of my yoga students recommended this podcast to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I notice that even if I’m having an awful day, by the time I’ve finished listening, I usually feel lighter and able to see life more clearly. I attribute that to the beautiful energy of Dan’s guests- hearing them in their presence helps evoke the same in me. Dan is so genuine and curious that he is such a pleasure to listen to as a host. I can’t say enough good things. Grateful for the positive impact this has in my life; thank you!
  • Hopeful A
    Thank you, thank you!
    Didn’t think I could get calm, but I could do 10%. Now am on retreat at home and listening to Jack Kornfield along with you and others daily. You were my first step on a long pleasant journey. I bid you happiness.
  • Sunny Wunder
    Lisa Feldman Barrett
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve actually requested Lesa Feldman Barrett on my reviews on your podcast in the past. I am so happy that you interviewed her. And I’m really excited that you’re going to bring her back. Her research is a huge paradigm shift and meditation helps explain it. Congratulations on an episode that was spectacular. I’ve already told six of my friends about it!
  • 1738492629479226
    Move on
    I’ve overall enjoyed listening to this podcast the last year or so, but I honestly just can not keep hearing about your experience getting a bad review on a survey anymore.
  • Childfreesista
    Testing 123
  • Drewrew
    Dan, you and your team are doing something really meaningful. Thank you =)
  • ReddreRnD
    Bart van Melik is a great Being. Thank You for sharing his teaching. So happy young people in crisis have him as a guide. Thank You for the humor and tools for navigating life on life’s terms in real time. Right Speech...appropriate and kind. Oh yes, these are the days.
  • Sukadesha
    Love this podcast
    I’ve really enjoyed learning about the important principles of mindfulness, self-compassion, and interconnectedness. Thanks to my sister for pointing me towards this useful App!
  • Temujin Taft
    I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
  • Molly5026
    Seeing Dan on TV and hearing the podcasts I am impressed especially with a family how he can accomplish all of this. I am not the best at meditation but am getting better thanks to the podcast . I leave each session with a smile.
  • captnzen
    Rooster Meditation...No Really!
    As a young kid on our farm & ranch operation in Oklahoma, I was in charge of the chickens. Listening to the rooster’s crowing in the background of your “Oneness” episode made me shake my head, then smile. But as it went on, it so took me back to that 10 year old kid who collected eggs, cleaned up the mess, etc. Weirdly, it put me in an unsettling headspace. But ultimately it made for quite a powerful meditative state & a hugely positive experience! Thx.
  • Momofadog
    Keeps my attention
    I’ve throughly enjoyed many episodes. I’ve walked away with intriguing and useful information and look forward to times I get to listen. I love Dan’s interview style and perspective on many topics. Will continue to listen and recommend the podcast.
  • psychic annette
    Loved the 21st century bringing out truths
    Thanks so much it made me so happy to hear how our global world is connecting on so many levels keep going I’m listing t ur podcast
  • pghsusan
    Best podcast ever!
    I am a huge fan of Dan Harris! I appreciate the way he gets a complex thought expressed by a guest into language I understand. This show has a terrific variety of topics and guests, i am always intrigued and never bored!
  • kathyquinlan
    Excellent interview with Doctor about Covid! Feel more hopeful❤️
  • HeimtimeLawson
    Life Changing
    I stumbled upon Dan Harris’ podcast in 2020 when I googled ‘Buddhist podcasts’. I wasn’t sure I would like the podcast initially, but after one episode, it felt like coming home. I love Dan’s approach to guests and topics because it’s relatable, backed by science, and life changing. Yes, I know that sounds cliche, but diving in to Dan’s podcast led me to his 10% Happier app (an app for meditation). His app made meditation approachable and doable. This meditation practice introduced me to meditation teachers like Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach and so many others which has now led me to deepen my meditation and Buddhist practice. In the almost 3 months of almost daily-ish practice and podcasts, I feel I’m beginning to understand myself and the world more. To be less a prisoner to my emotions and really start to build skillful responses to daily thoughts and events. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
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