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Top tips & practical steps for diet, fitness, organization, self improvement & more. Get healthy, balance your life, and improve relationships and productivity with New York Times Best Selling Author, Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Diet Debunker Chalene Johnson and guests. No BS. Chalene delivers straight talk and simple strategies (with a side of humor) so that every show delivers a return on your investment of time. The Chalene Show is life coaching, personal development, nutrition, exercise, focus, faith, family & fun all rolled into one! Want to be happier, healthier and more organized? This is your podcast.

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  • WilliamsDM
    Love love love the content!!
    I have been a fan for several years. Love Chalene, her team and her family. The content, advice, interviews and sarcasm are all fabulous! I can take something from every show whether it is business, finance, social media, fitness, nutrition, life, organization, family or friends.
  • mamacitadecinco
    Friday… I’m in LOVE!
    I enjoy listening on Monday
  • Jess 37(()());
    SEX EPISODE!!! Bring us more!
    Let’s Talk About Sex is my FAVORITE episode to date! It is always refreshing to hear other couples having candid conversations about sexuality. I am a Christian Sex Coach and I feel like I understand why so many questions were about sex and why they became so personal! We all just want to feel like we aren’t freaks between the sheets, you know? Thank you for bringing this conversation to us and I look forward to more!!! IG: @jessicaleighbiles
  • roseann_onesti
    754 Dr. Kelly Casperson
    This episode validated my decision to go on hormone replacement and I really love Dr. Casperson’s knowledge and compassion for what she does. I knew I didn’t want to feel like crap for the rest of my life. I still wanted to teach fitness and do all the things I’m used to doing. It took me a good 3 years to find a doctor who would listen to me and who actually knew anything about hormone replacement. It was a struggle but I kept searching, but always had the doubts in the back of my head that people and doctors put there that scared me. Thank you for this episode! I now know that my fight for myself and my well-being was the right thing to do and that just because I’m in my 50’s it doesn’t mean that I have to feel like crap for the rest of my life!
  • Mama on the edge...of glory!
    A place of strength & vulnerability
    Chalene is smart, savvy, funny and incredibly real. I always look forward to her podcast because I know I’m going to take something away from it that’s going to help me improve my day, business, life, and mood. She tells a story in a way that makes you feel like she’s talking directly to you. It’s like having coffee with your friend catching up on the week. This podcast has helped me open up and be vulnerable. Things I deemed weak, are really just vulnerabilities I can expose and grow from. Chalene helped me do that. She doesn’t know how much of an impact she has on so many. I’m thankful for the time I carve out of my day to listen. Thanks Chalene❤️
  • motomom4ever
    Loved the show with Kelly Casperson
    Such great information. When I heard her say her practice is in Washington, I looked her up and she’s in m town!
  • Cherylcwb3811
    Chalene Show
    Love listening while I work. It needs to be on my to do list, so I can start from the beginning! I tend to listen to the Friday shows that are personal.
  • emilynicole08
    My all-time favorite podcast!!
    I feel bad I’m just now writing a review for Chalene’s podcast, but this was my very first podcast I ever listened to (started in 2016), and it’s still my favorite I tell everyone about! I love that Chalene shares about anything and everything-she brings on the best guests with topics we all need to hear, and can benefit from. I’ve learned SO much from this show over the years! Chalene is always looking out for her audience-educating and inspiring us, and just helping us to live happier and healthier lives all around. She’s definitely my kinda person (I’m a positive and energetic wife and Mom of 2 young kids who loves health and fitness, and it takes a lot to get me down!) Thank you for always keeping it real with us Chalene, and letting us in on your life and journey-you are TRULY amazing!!
  • TKash77
    Thank you for speaking the truth!
    I honestly never wrote a podcast review before. But the story you shared about your plastic surgery experience really moved me to my core. I literary felt hair standing up in the back of my neck and my stomach was in knots listening to that podcast. From this podcast I learned to always listen to my intuition when it comes to choosing doctors, especially something as intimate as plastic surgery. And run and don’t look back from ANY doctor who makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, shape or form! Thank you so much for being honest and sharing the truth about your experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Shilpa Ramgopal
    Truly a gem.
    I have been a lifer for so many, many years now and this review is loooooong overdue. I started following Chalene back in 2011 and she’s ALWAYS delivered. I have gained so much for her podcasts, I almost feel like I have a mentor talking to me when I listen to her content. This podcast has helped me navigate some tough times, helped me with self confidence building, parenting tips and and just life in general. Her voice and approach are authentic, relevant and always conscientious but non-judgmental. I highly recommend this podcast for great life advice. Feels like ur talking to a close friend/wonderful mentor!❤️
  • amberjones0208
    Just the best…
    I’ve never wrote a review before. (I’m going to start making it my new thing). Been following Chalene for 10+ years. I’m not a big podcast person but decided to listen to an episode. Thank you! Thank you for always being consistent and real. I truly strive to be a better person because of who you are. Your podcasts are full of realness, Jesus, laughing, and crying. All my favorite things. You won’t regret listening to her show. Just pick a random episode and you’ll connect. Promise.
  • Maggie May 26
    Came over from Juicy Scoop!
    Your story was insane, wonderfully told and definitely juicy enough to make me come over and subscribe. Excited to hear more from you, hope youfind some justice from that slime ball “dr.” Small D. Thanks for sharing! I once let a Doctor perform traumatic work without anesthesia. He read the chart wrong! I knew better but was only 15 and incredibly shy, he was in charge and what did I know….. I looked like a train hit me and my father almost murdered him. He prescribed me a bus load of painkillers to make up for it, 160 pills!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the feeling since I was so incredibly shy and it started a lifelong addiction. We need to realize that just because someone is a Medical Doctor, it does not mean they are sane. Plenty of these people are total crooks,slobs, and sociopaths. Buyer Beware!
  • momma3beat
    I’ve always loved ChaLean!
    I’m really saddened by your wording. You can LOVE people and not agree with them and support them in ungodly decisions. God doesn’t make mistakes, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. That’s what this is- the enemy is taking their God given identity.
  • Bigbob608
    High five!
    I am such a fan! I discovered chalene about a year ago and she has Changed my life in more ways than one. I love the recent episode with Mel robbins and found it so encouraging for dealing with myself and my kids! Thanks for all you do!
  • MK Fobian
    Your New BFF
    Great podcast full of well researched information delivered with contagious energy and inspiration for living your best life. Wide range of topics that will add to your quality of life. Listen and Chalene will become your new best friend!
  • KortB
    Best podcast!
    The most honest podcast from a truly open minded, driven, smart, talented leader in the self help world. I’ve been listening to Chalene for years and I had so many that I continue to return and listen to for. She speaks to my heart, and teaches me so many things! I love her and someday hope to meet her!
  • sv *yhhvs
    Overall awesome
    I am grateful for all the ranges of topics you dig into and how you try to get experiences from others besides your own. Mostly I just love to hear what’s going on but I’m grateful for the heavy episodes as well as the lighter ones. Thanks for all you do!!
  • shavaun1234
    This podcast is legit. Chalene, thanks for being open and for talking about hard subjects. I love how education based your content is. I love that you push through fear and say the important things that need to be said. I appreciated your openness about your surgery because I struggle so much to listen to my own intuition. It was very relatable. I believe that is so important for all of us to get educated around gender identity and thank you so much for providing a resource for that information.
  • KatiesKorner
    Love her
    Been a fan since ChaLean. She’s so real, genuine and hilarious! Love following her on IG and listening to her podcasts. Down to earth, educating and keeping us entertained. Will continue to listen and support
  • RHNormand
    Chalene Show
    I love you and have been following you for years. Whoever you love I love!
  • teish8
    More you, less Brett please
    I had to turn off the podcast today. i love you and have followed you for so many years. i respect and admire you. I sincerely enjoy YOU and just prefer you alone. To me, and I don’t mean to be unkind, but Brett adds nothing and throws off the balance of your show.
  • Cocosis1824
    Thank you
    I love your podcast! Can you do more episodes about sleep and the Oura ring? Thank you.
  • Terrible101456
    I’m so thankful to you, Chalene, for your willingness to share you experiences and expertise. Such a great listen!
  • RaiderLove36
    Positive vibes
    I love this podcast. I’ve been following Chalene for many years I first found her on beach body her energy is contagious and her advice is sound. I love that a godly woman can also be fun and opinionated and feisty! 💕
  • Hollyn Wells
    Love this bright spirit
    In the midst of this crazy life it is so wonderful to listen to an upbeat, sincere, Christian, kind perspectives. Often times I'm feeling frazzled driving around as a single working mom and I turn on Chalene and it centers me! God bless you thank you! Also, you've helped me find “my thing.”
  • AngelaNeale
    My Favorite Podcast
    I love listening to this podcast and I look forward to every episode! I started listening after finding one on ADHD and I now enjoy all of them. Ive gone back to listen to hundreds of other ones. I love the updates on Bob too. Chalene is so sincere and I truly appreciate that.
  • dcthurbz
    If there’s one podcast to follow, it’s this one.
    Chalene (Shuh-leen, LOL) gives you everything you need. From her declutter series to her exercise and physiology knowledge, she is giving you all she can. But more than that, she is REAL, which is something I can appreciate, and talks about (and with) her family and their concerns. All things that each of us run into somehow or another in our own lives. Her podcast always makes a difference in my day.
  • Mrskrakra
    Everyone needs Chalene in their life!
    Chalene is the whole package and a light to others. She’s genuine, smart, authentic, relatable, and so funny. Shes also an amazing example of Christ like love. She’s a friend we all wish we had. Recently, her plastic surgery story has triggered many including myself in the “me too” movement. Her faith and courage is inspiring and I pray as she heals she feels the support of her followers. We are 100% behind you in your journey of changing laws and protecting patients in vulnerable situations. May the Lord bless and comfort you and your family and ease your burdens. Much love.
  • boneheadsmom
    Love your honesty! And love your your advice for life!
  • Chely V.
    More than a podcast
    I am a lifer, following her since before turbo fire came out. Chalene is my ‘go to’ person for all things that I need at the time of my life. Chalene is magical and always knows what to say when it’s needed. She is as raw and real as it gets and even at her lowest she still is able to shine so bright! Chalene you are truly an inspiration to so many! I can’t thank you enough for all that you do! Keep shinning bright like a beautiful diamond that you are! You are the!
  • sew4heaven
    Time without media for 30 days would be wonderful.
    September 1, today my dad is moving into a home today, my mom has been into memory care for the last few months. I am listening to to this podcast on the way there. Your podcast cast has let me cry. I think I can get on with the day now. Thank you for being letting me know I am not weird.
  • Lewfam24
    Love it!!
    Chalene is so positive and uplifting! Thank you for putting out such a great variety of amazing content! Love you! Mean it!!!
  • Allie Vice
    Episode 660
    This episode was the BEST. I’ve listened to it numerous times, and have requested more therapy appointments for myself. To change things Dr Mcayla take about during the childhood inner voice. Please do more episodes with her and on childhood/ parenting. So interesting and educational. Love you Chalene, and I mean it. 💜
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Incredible Podcast✨✨
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • LacyRo
    Really enjoyed the podcast on Relationships
    Just listened to her podcast on the 8 stages of a relationship. I could relate to so much of that. I really enjoyed listening to that one (and every other one I’ve listened to….need to catch up on them). I highly recommend!
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Chalene, host of the Chalene Show podcast, highlights all aspects of mental health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Jasmine101990!
    The Real Deal!
    Chalene is by far the most genuine podcaster I have ever listened to. This pod structured but naturally flows, honest with a twist of humor and sometimes tears. The sugar and spice dynamic is perfect. I also love that she has given a voice to the voiceless and brought attention to harder topics. You go Chalene!
  • tylerb_33
    Favorite podcast
    Chalene thank you for being so genuine!! I love the knowledge that you always share with your listeners. Lee up the amazing work.
  • LauraR53
    I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s cured my thoughts about ever getting plastic surgery. Thank you for being an advocate for others and using your platform to get to the bottom of it all.
  • MKinGunn
    Thank you!
    Thank you for being so genuine, and sharing so many real life experiences, all with the intention to help others! I appreciate you Chalene!
  • Regina Wheetie Baker
    Listen to your gut
    Thanks for bringing such an important subject to light. Appreciate your openness to share your experience with your doctor.
  • Mjrandolph
    Like having a good conversation with a good friend
    This podcast is always a good listen and I’ve been able to take away something from every episode. I feel like I’ve just had a wonderful chat with a respected and fun friend! Thank you Chalene!
  • JacquelineBeley
    Plastic Surgery Episode
    Chalene I’m so sorry you went through this experience. It is so frustrating to not be heard, to feel bullied and not trusting a doctor. It is SO scary and intimidating. As with every experience we go through it’s always for some (weird) reason and i praise your bravery for sharing your story to bring awareness to it. Your family with all they’re going through is in my prayers and I hope you see justice in this specific situation. 💛💛💛
  • ER9105
    I am grateful for your willingness to share
    I’m shaking and definitely being triggered by this episode but I’m so grateful you are willing to share your experience. This type of behavior is my why to get out of my way and do the work I believe so strongly about doing. This is horrifying. All these men should lose their jobs and their license and be required to take training to learn how to treat women respectfully - simply as humans. I want to throw up. Thank you Chalene - and Brett because I know this must be so challenging for him too! You are sharing such an emotional thing while you are in the midst of such an emotional season. My respect and admiration for you grew immensely while listening to your story. I have been a lifer since 2005 and now I feel more grateful for you than ever before!
  • NE_Ohio_Momma
    No matter what the topic, i can apply it to my life. I’m finding myself caregiving for my parents now without siblings who “want” to help and it’s such a blessing yet so stressful. So I can relate to you and Brett so much. Just from listening to you both speak, i realized that not everyone is “meant” to be a caregiver so it’s helped me process why my family turns a blind eye. Thanks you guys!! Also have you watched The Father (2020) with Anthony Hopkins yet? It shows the heartbreaking turmoil of going through dementia/Alzheimer’s as the person and from caregiving side. Catch you next week
  • APJenk
    Fav Podcast. Hands Down.
    I freaking love this podcast. I could listen to Chalene all day. She’s inspiring, empowering, and even calming. She hits on all types of subjects and it’s all relevant information. I love her personality, humor, the relationships she has with her family, etc. She is amazing!
  • BJP1193
    FIVE star review for sure! I can’t get enough of the wealth of information that Charlene provides. There is something for everyone. I, personally, get something from every single episode! Please listen NOW. You won’t regret it!
  • saralynn4
    Inspirational empowering
    I binge listen this amazing woman at work and wow it’s really opened my eyes on things in my life and my past life. Especially in my relationships with my kids and my soon to be husband. I love her advice motivation and inspiration!🧡🧡
  • Lschlaf
    So authentic and entertaining
    Love your episodes! You are so real and raw. It’s refreshing. I can relate to your experience with Bob so much and it’s heartbreaking. It’s comforting to have some in a similar situation. Hugs. And praise God for your willingness to share the love of Jesus!
  • Da_NurseNC
    Amazing podcast!
    Chalene has been on my radar since my purchase of Turbofire from a TV ad a long time ago. She has an infectious personality there but what keeps me coming back is how real she gets on this podcast. She takes her own experiences and interests and presents it in a helpful way to her listeners so they can learn too. Thanks for all you do and your raw honesty in your presentation.
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