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Mina talks all things football with her unique brand of humor and insight. Her friends join each episode to talk about the NFL's latest storylines along with her football loving dog, Lenny, making frequent contributions.

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  • @spencerjlarson
    Dear Mina,
    I’m a big fan of the show and have listened to every episode since you started. However; I was really disappointed by the analysis of the Saints’s QB situation you and Dominique gave on the recent live show. Yes, at this point Jameis’s arm is stronger than Drew’s, but you didn’t take into account whatsoever the speed at which Drew progresses through his reads, both pre and post snap. I don’t know why the football media consistently fails to acknowledge how integral this has been to Drew’s high level of efficiency. This has allowed the Saints to get in manageable 3rd down situations, reduce turnovers, and control the time of possession. If you have any doubts about the Saints’ ability to aggressively push the ball down the field, check out their performances in the 2 minute drill this season, even against good defenses like Chicago and TB. Also; in regards to their playoff losses the last two years, if you go back and review the actual situations ways in which the games unfolded, you’ll realize that Drew’s reduced throw power was nowhere near the top of the list of reasons for them taking Ls. Against LA in ‘18, he was hit on the throw that was intercepted in OT, and in ‘19 against MIN, he lead the offense on a crazy comeback before the Vikes won the OT coin toss, elected to receive, and scored on their first possession. He didn’t play his best game in either of those, but it’s so unfair to blame those games completely on him. And don’t even get me started on how shaky Jameis looked in the 2nd half of Sunday’s game against SF. Yikes. I love the guy, but after seeing him be responsible for nearly turning the ball over three times in inexcusable ways, I can see why Payton wants to roll with Taysom against ATL. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the show and don’t wanna sound like a jerk, but this just really annoyed me. I’ll obviously continue to listen and support. Maybe I’ll ask a question some other time. I’d be kinda surprised if you actually read all of this, but if so, thanks. Sincerely, @spencerjlarson
  • Clay534
    The giants rollercoaster
    Have you seen any consistent reasons for Daniel Jones turnovers this season? Is there high upside to him if can limit them to the league average?
  • Allcrunchnocap
    What should Miami focus on this summer with them balling out lately? Do you think they can rob the bills and clinch the division? Love you, mean it.
  • EugeneSimmons
    Best NFL podcast going
    Hilarious, insightful, bold and that’s just the co host. This is a must listen podcast for any NFL fan, and a great podcast for any sports fan in general. Hey Mina, what do you Falcons do? They have a great QB, but possibly near the end of his prime. And great skill position players, with that same concern. We seem to be stuck between win now and re build.
  • TigerFan421
    Mina + Bachelor Party Crossover Q!
    Let’s say Trevor Lawrence was the The Bachelor in a reality show where each of the NFL teams contend for his heart. What would each of the bottom tier teams’ opening line be after stepping out of the limo on night 1? Who should Trevor give the final rose to, if he was given the choice to pick where he lands? PS- Listening to your show is always a highlight of my week! 😊
  • Stan Gelbaugh 2.0
    Review and question
    This show is phenomenal. I say that as a Niners fan who grew up in Washington and finds Seahawks fans insufferable. Mina is delightful and knowledgeable. This is the best NFL podcast around. If you were running the Niners, would you use next year’s first round pick on a QB? (I would not, but I’m curious about an opinion from an objective source)
  • Kimes Times Subscriber
    No question here
    A few days ago, my partner and I were sitting in the living room doing work. My partner looked at the TV and asked “Is that Lenny’s mom?!” I turned to her and plainly stated “Yes, that’s ESPN NFL Analysts Mina Kimes.”
  • Popo Neeno
    Enough with the Seahawks
    The show is fantastic and Mina is so smart and funny, but the Seahawks are one of 32 teams in the NFL and they are talked about what seems like half the time. Will gladly change this to a 5 if they spread the love to the other 31 teams
  • Nes301
    Amazing Show
    Mina, in Bomani’s podcast he suggested the Cowboys sign and trading Dak along with their first round pick for Trevor Lawrence. How do you feel about that. Also love the show so so much
  • PCats 91
    Lenny for your Thoughts
    Love the pod Mina, great content! As a lifelong Panthers fan, I have a question for you. The media has largely looked favorably on Teddy’s season so far, but why do you think no one is talking about the fact that Teddy has had four straight opportunities to lead game-winning / game-tying drives and has gone 0/4 with them? Do you think the media reaction would have been the same if Cam had had such dismal results given similar circumstances (i.e new coaching/rebuild)?
  • Dist20
    Bucs Turnovers
    Hi Mina and Lenny - Everyone talked about Jameis making bad decisions and talks about Tom Brady being older for the reason for interceptions in Tampa. However Arians is touted for his no risk it no biscuit philosophy. Is there anything about his offense like route combinations that makes his qbs more susceptible to turnovers? Are there any coaches that do this? Thanks! Great Pod!
  • MaggieNE19
    Not football related buuut
    Whose Twitter game is stronger - Mina or Sun Min Kimes? (I think we know though) Love the pod!
  • HawksFansinVA
    “Please turn on Mina Kimes, Mom!”
    If it’s Wednesday, my 11 year old son is asking me to please turn on Mina Kimes! We are big NFL
  • aidanb24
    NFC East Pro Bowl Team??
    If the NFL decided to send an NFC East Pro Bowl team to the playoffs instead of the winner of the division, who would be on it? Thanks, Mina, I love the podcast!!
  • DelightedPants
    Review’n It!!
    Always awesome work and a definite weekly must listen!! Wait, I’m getting paid for this right?!!
  • OttomaticBoss53
    Love this show, Mina is great. Great insight and guests
  • Turbins in a half shell
    What currently terrible teams would definitely pass on Lawrence and/or Fields were they to get the 1st or 2nd pick? Of the likely candidates, I only think the Bengals. Even the Dolphins (via Texans) are in play until we see Tua. Falcons and Vikings are the most interesting to me given the money owed to Ryan and Cousins.
  • Loya8915
    Question !
    Who should I blame for Dak not getting a contract? My initial thought is the agent since 4 Vs 5 years was the issue and not the total.
  • gavio7
    Colts Jonathon Taylor question
    Great work on this podcast! Jonathon Taylor is having a bigger role this season than expected, and his speed looks great. He’s proven he can be a pass catching back, but it seems like vision is becoming an issue. He’s hitting correct holes but it feels like he leaves 2-3 yards available quite often. Any analysis on running back vision improvements or on Jonathon Taylor’s play?
  • ShortQBFan89
    Five Stars
    Mina, I went through the trouble of downloading itunes just so I could rate this podcast 5 stars and ask this question: When will NFL draft coverage stop (yourself included!) stop referring to QB prospects as the best QB since Andrew Luck, when Luck was not even the best QB in his class? a fact Aaron Schatz knew * in 2012.
  • pencil7
    5 stars
    Instead of a NFC East team making the playoffs, should the NFL do a combined 53 All NFC East team from the four teams? [Wentz-Zeke-McLaurin-Lamb-Engram] Hi Lenny!
  • JoL kitty kitty lick lick 777
    Can they scoot?
    Tom Brady runs like a Moose, Peyton Manning ran like a Giraffe, and Kyler Murray runs like a bad child. Who else has a running style that is prime for memes/tweets?
  • Herueda
    Which Super Bowl matchup do you think will happen first: Giants-Jets or Rams-Chargers?
  • Huck373247324
    Entertainingly nerdy, but savage
    Mina might be the most analytical, yet relatable mind talking football right now. Her takes are always very informed, but not presented in a way that makes you feel stupid. Additionally, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone sound so nice and cheerful while a just completely burying someone. She has somehow figured out a way to deliver and all-encompassing and merciless condemnation of a player/coach/franchise without sounding the least bit mean-spirited; it is high art.
  • jrh&harley
    Always strong take
    Love the show. Always like your opinions and comments. I am constantly doubled checking to make sure I don’t have the speed set at 1.5x or 2x. But no it’s just you 🤣. Give Lenni a hug
  • GiveMeMoBeer
    Lenny for your Thoughts
    Hi Mina, How do we know a defense is good? This year more than ever I feel like there aren’t any good defenses. Also, who has the worst defense in football right now? P.S. I goaded you into replying to me on Twitter with another Steelers “hot take” 😂 Gotcha!
  • C639:7!;$;9:
    Perfect for my football podcast tastes.
    I’m an avid listener of the Around the NFL podcast and previously the DDFP and these pods are where I first heard Mina. I really enjoyed her as a guest and then the DDFP died when Dameshek left NFL Network and I needed a new pod in the rotation. I’m always excited when I see a new episode. Lenny is a good boy, he deserves a treat.
  • Terry Heller
    The essential football podcast
    Mina Kimes is a terrific host and a generational talent as a reporter and commentator. Sophisticated insights, knowledgeable guests, and enough silliness and humor to keep the episodes light and easy to listen to.
  • _Rean__
    Mina is my hero
    Love this show. Always puts me in a good mood! As a girl football fan, and really just a football fan, Mina is such an amazing role model. ❤️
  • R Malone13
    Steelers QB Coach
    Hi Mina and Lenny. The Steelers for the first time in a while hired a QB coach. Matt Canada. He has had success in college turning offenses around at many colleges. His fingerprints are all over this new offense for Pittsburgh. Formations are completely different from OC Fichner. Bunched receivers constantly. As a Steeler fan I like it. Thoughts?
  • KTmC0226
    Love this pod!
    As a woman who loves football, I couldn’t love Mina’s show more. It is one of the few football podcasts that doesn’t center male fandom, and Mina kills it with her analysis and charm. Question: Is Patrick Mahomes the Steph Curry of the NFL? Like Steph popularized pulling up for ridiculous long 3 point shots, will Patrick usher in an era of absurd, off-balance, no-look passes? P.S. please have Arif Hassan on the pod!
  • fdoconnorii
    Great show
    Mina provides comic relief, while Lenny gives hard-hitting news and guests bark.
  • lilbrohoppy
    How much Capital for Lawrence?
    How much is Lawrence worth in draft capital if a team were to trade up for him? 3 1st rounders? For a bottom 15 team or a top 15 team? Thanks, more content for Kimes followers.
  • kc-b'burg
    Mina the Great!
    Smart, knowledgeable, and funny! What’s not to like?! Plus, we also get Lenny!!!
  • mags462010
    Love this show
    Best football 🏈 pod out there, period. Mina is great, her guests are really insightful. Please Mina, never turn this podcast over to Pablo Torre, that move killed “Daily” for me. Question.. at what point do the Saints realistically consider the Hill/Winston option at QB? Also, the Saint’s Defense, what the heck, man?! Is it fixable?
  • Meegs14
    Head Coaching Question
    Hi Mina it seems The Texans Jets Jaguars Lions and Falcons look like locks to have new HCs in 2021. What are your ideal pairings for potential HCs and these teams mine are Texans-McDaniels Jets-Roman Jaguars-Dabol Lions-Saleh Falcons- Bienemy Curious to hear your thoughts and keep up the great work on the pod
  • 8 Haon
    NFC North
    Can we get an admission that maybe the NFC North wasn’t the most wide open division in football and that the team that ran away with it last year and went to the NFC Championship game is actually really good and not primed for regression like everyone thought?
  • S Oshry
    she is great on TV and POD casts
    Mina Kimes and Doris Burke are the best female analysts and Mina Kimes, Bomani and Mike Golic Jr are my favorite sports analysts.
  • Z Rich Z
    Mina is not only my favorite football analyst she is also my favorite to look at lol js.
  • Mgmonklewis
    Tuesday show
    Love Field Yates and enjoyed the show. You did have some sound problems - almost like another show is going in the background
  • Art Corvaley
    Simply the best
    Hardcore football talk and very entertaining as well. Mina has great rapport with every single guest she has, someone different every week but she makes it happen! Just friends talking football, my favorite podcast.
  • Albert2155
    Home crowd
    How do you think the argument about home crowd/momentum is going to evolve after/during this season when there are obviously no fans in stands? Big fan, love the podcast
  • TommyD_77
    Great NFL content!
    I stumbled across Mina from the Dan Le Batard podcast, and she stole the show! I've been a fan ever since, I am really enjoying this podcast!! Great NFL content!!
  • Jones471
    Such a great football pod. Mina knows football and avoids the hot take stuff. This pod is entertaining and full of deep football knowledge. It’s a must-listen every week. Is DK Metcalf the closest thing we’ll get to Calvin Johnson? ...asking as an Eagles fan still depressed that we took JJAW over him.
    Best football pod bar none
    Question: if you could swap jobs with one other journalist, who would it be and why is it Deb Amlen?
  • Steven Zim
    Could Darnold Cook?
    What’s the deal with Sam Darnold? Is it fair to compare him to Goff pre-McVay? Would you expect him to take a leap next year if the Jets hire a coach who schemes well such as Eric Bieniemy? Love the podcast and all your work! My favorite source for football insight
  • Lenwood Dimes
    Mina: The Harry Kane of Podcasters
    In 2014, a talented, award-winning business journalist decided she was going to switch paths and become a sports writer. I have no idea what prompted this decision, but anyone who loves football should feel extremely fortunate that she did. While she is featured broadly on ESPN these days, my favorite of her contributions is this Pod. She has the perfect personality for podcasting, is a great interviewer, always has smart, interesting guests, and gives the kind of data-centered analysis that has been missing in football for far too long. Cannot recommend this podcast enough. Mina - If the NFL recorded 32 full seasons of Hard Knocks every year, one for each team, how many do you think you would watch over the course of a full year (including going back after the season to watch playoffs teams, surprisingly bad teams, etc)?
  • Tslocum23
    Why is it that when something is sent by ship it is called cargo and when it is sent by car it is called shipment?
  • colbycomplains
    Lenny is the better host
    I’ll follow up the hot take in the title with another one. How much longer do I have to wait before I say Russell Wilson is a better quarterback than Patrick Mahomes?
  • dtkrules
    5 stars! Question
    I’m sure you’ve already talked about Chiefs-Ravens a lot already, but have you considered... Marcus Peters revenge game??? How does this change your prediction?
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