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Mina talks all things football with her unique brand of humor and insight. Her friends join each episode to talk about the NFL's latest storylines along with her football loving dog, Lenny, making frequent contributions.

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  • d00dbuffet
  • Prof. Yang
    Besides football
    Be nice to hear her talk about other issues outside of football. Mina is a dope journalist. I’m here for more takes then weekly football breakdowns. Get that madness anywhere. I’m here To support her but this show is about football??? I think Mina has more to talk on then that
  • russell9001
    Love the show
    For possible future mailbags: As a novice understander of football and an unabashed Chiefs homer I have concluded that national coverage of teams and local coverage of teams come with their own set of pros and cons. On one hand local and beat writers have more information but are more likely to be less objective while National people like yourself have a more objective view but may lack the depth of information locals have. Do you have advice on the most effective way to balance the information from each or am I overthinking this and just need to trust my own judgment?
  • eruc solomita
    Mina Lenny and Domonique Foxworth
    Excellent Podcast excellent! 5 stars You , Mina and Mike GolicJr preview the best games on the week 11 schedule including Jets-Pats , Bears-Falcons Cowboys-Vikings, Browns-Bills and Chiefs-Chargers. Plus you two read through some awful monkiers and ask if we living in a bad ages of nicknames
  • rizCT
    Great pod
    Love the chemistry with Dominique. Great decision to go weekly. Good chemistry with Bill B too.
  • Mike form Lakewood
    New pod
    Enjoyed todays Pod. But it really upsets me that Lenny doesn’t get more air time.
  • rrrtyuibvkkk hu
    Listen to this if you can’t bear to watch mnf
    For anyone missing the Manningcast or just generally suffering from a zero touchdown mnf game, this podcast is a great alternative to watching. Or a cathartic release if you did. And it adds an extra layer of depth to the games that are good, so your bases are covered. Excellent analysis all around, especially Lenny; I’ve heard of spicy takes, but his have bite.
  • Jmazz1992
    Great but slow down
    Love the show but sometimes it feels like the hosts mind is working faster than their mouth. If I were giving feedback I’d say to slow down so we can hear the take.
  • reviewer1675243
    DF Suxxxxxx
    Dominique is soft and biased. I would listen to this show if not for him. LOVE Mina. DF is trash. Unsubscribe.
  • Thoughtful Reviewer
    Mina is indistinguishable from a dozen other football people, including those she brings on the show.
  • noahb1229
    New format
    I love getting 2 episodes a week, but I do wonder if having Dominique on once a week is a plot to cement his top spot on the show appearances list. I’m not complaining though, he’s great.
  • superhuman28
    In the world of football knowledge and understanding, this lady and this podcast are it.🐐
  • TommyD_77
    Great NFL content!
    Love the show. Wish there was less Dominique Foxworth. He’s basically a co-host at this point, and I skip the episodes he’s on. I liked him as an occasional guest, but I want to hear Mina’s voice and her takes, that’s why i’m tuning in. I could listen to some people like Bill Simmons and Ryen Rusillo and Mina Kimes all day. They could recite recipes for all I care- some people just have something about their energy and voice that is like magic to listen to. Mina has a brilliant football mind as well, that’s why I think this show is magic. Foxworth’s energy doesn’t chill me out like Mina’s does, and his increased co-hosting role has made me dial it back.
  • K Pentz
    Lefty Loosie
    What difficulties do you think it creates for an offensive line that is use to protecting a left handed quarterback to switch to protecting a right handed quarterback in the middle of a game?
  • Grindpantera93
    You don’t think before you jump, and I said “I wouldn’t get sucked in” This is the last time
    This pod is the best football podcast out there. My only complaint is that even with the new format episodes feel like they end too abruptly, it needs more time! Hour and a half episodes! But that’s not a reason to knock any stars off, 5/5. Would you ever consider adopting a cat btw?
  • mr.cedillo
    Love Mina!
    Her and Dominique still feel like an extension of Lebatard show but they’re stars in their own right. Especially Mina.
  • TJL27
    Love Mina’s podcast
    Only discovered it a few weeks back but really enjoying it. I know it’s her job but I still have no idea how Mina knows so much detail about every NFL team. It’s amazing. A beat writer for a team has that level of detail about their team. It feels like she has that level of knowledge for every team. It’s a great listen, and I learn a lot. Including bonus stuff like what SNAFU really means.. 😂😂
  • Anon123355678
    So Nice She’s Doing It Twice
    Awesome show, you and Dominique are great and your takes are always good—especially when you do off-the-field commentary.
  • D.Alex.AppReviews
    Must listen NFL pod & Tuesday pod suggestion
    First started listening after you made a couple appearances on Katie Nolan’s “Sports?” (I miss that pod so much) and now I listen to this now twice a week podcast often times while getting in a run. Btw I love the longer episodes for #content but I also try to run for the length of the episode so double edged sword there! Anyways I love the format of the Tuesday episode but if I were to give a suggestion I think it would be a good time to preview the TNF game that week for 5-7 minutes but you don’t have to even talk about the game. With how most teams make at least one appearance it might give you a chance to talk about a less trendy team and where they are in their playoff run or rebuild. Again, love the pod and keep up the great work and tell Lenny hi!
  • TayTay90254
    Cover image
    The cartoon Omaha image makes Mina look much less attractive when the previous picture made her look hot. Great show.
  • Gib*son
    Sub par replacement for Bomni Jones
  • Shimenaz
    Lenny is an aggressively average canine
    Mina and her guests provide insight that is easily digestible for the casual fan! You need to have Dan Hanzus on to break down week to week power rankings. Also more Golic Jr. He is extremely likable.
  • Acspotlight
    Incredibly Informative
    Big fan of Mina, have learned a lot of football from her and her guests, and I’m appreciative that every time she has Sam from PFF on I feel like I’m listening to Jimmy McNulty breakdown football. Shouts to Lenny! 🔥
  • IronFEAR
    Best football podcast, period.
    Love the show, been listening since day one! Also love the new format, please have Nick Wright on as a guest!!
  • Tony Vitiello
    Mina knows more about football than you do!
    See above. 👆🏻 P.S. More Lenny!!
  • Funky Freshhh
    Favorite FB Pod
    Love the new biweekly w/Dom.
  • LFG Buffalo
    That cartoon thumbnail must go
    Love the show, great football analysis. However, that caricature is GOD AWFUL. Please change that.
  • Jamaica plain guy
    Change your art!!!
    I’m a huge fan and think your pod is one of the best. It the art that just loaded in my phone (9/15/2022) is atrocious. It looks nothing like you and poor Lenny doesn’t deserve to be featured on something like this.
  • Bt47%
    More Mina!
    Tell greenie you say won the say way hembo does 😂
  • BobintheBurg
    Cynthia Frelund?
    Love the show! Any chance you can get Cynthia Frelund as a guest? Two genuine football nerds would be way cool! Thanks, Bob
  • Dicky_Blanco
    Love the new format
    I love getting 2 pods a week. We’ll take all the Mina we can get! I’d love it if you have Jeff Cavanaugh on when you talk anything NFC east or Cowboys. And I also loved when you had Ben Solak on even though he’s an Eagles fan. Mike Renner is always great. Trevor Sikkama, Dave Helman.
  • JFN3
    Good info!
    I truly enjoy Mina’s knowledge, sense of humor abd who doesn’t love Lenny??? Sometimes the pods seem a bit too long though. Keep up the good work!
  • DBrigman
    Love Mina Kimes
    Always love her on ESPN and her podcast. Love her analytical analysis and for being a voice for the Seahawks fandom. Marry me Mina
  • thatsloanboy
    Lenny is the star, but…
    Mina is one of the sharpest minds currently covering the game, and makes me sound smart when I talk NFL football with my friends even as a primarily college football guy. The depth of her knowledge of each team in the league is intense, and it’s a joy to hear such casually in-depth analysis presented without being boring. Her episodes with Domonique Foxworth make me feel like I’m sitting in the same room with my two smartest football friends and listening to them shoot the breeze. Domonique’s insight to the game combined with Mina’s expertise makes me a smarter fan.
  • vlstojcev
    Great listen
    Excellent football knowledge and insight mixed with witty banter with her gusts. GoJo should be a guest every week since chemistry with Mina is trough the roof.
  • puppypants
    “Winners” and “Wuts?!?”
    Obvious Get rid of the “Woofs” And you rule.
  • gho6392
    Best in the game
    Mina is, by such a stupid margin, the best in the biz. Love the Foxworth episodes; he’s the Randy to Mina’s Brady
  • bradmossing
    Justin jefferson Contorting Defenses
    You and Dominique talked about how clever the vikings are in scheming match ups for Justin jefferson. Either put every one in man or have a complicated exchange of rolls during motion with Alexander. My question: Why can’t you run a mixed coverage where Alexander man’s up jefferson and everyone else plays zone? Or what other complications does this bring up? Run it similar to cover 5 except you only have 4 across the middle or a traditional 5 man pressure zones (with a 4 man rush). I imagine justin jefferson is the first look so the QB look at him and sees man. Then he goes to number 2 and suddenly there is zone.
  • Jimmy Skates
    Mina Kimes - role model, hero, icon
    I don’t even care about football, but I love this show. I mean this in the best way… I listen to the show to fall asleep. But I always replay again in the morning! 언니 사랑해요~~
  • slazenby98
    Mina is the GOAT
    Love the show because of how knowledgeable you are and your takes are great. I want to see Dan O get on the show sometime. I also am a big fan of The Athletic so I would also like to see Robert Mays! Thanks for making my week twice as great with two shows!
  • Billy Zest
    Great analysis, enjoyable listen
    With gazillions of podcasts out there, I appreciate a show that has an efficient signal to noise ratio. This podcast delivers a ton of info in a relatively short listen, and there’s always some goofball humor mixed in with the analysis. Aside from worrying that some of Lenny’s hot takes are going to get him cancelled, I always enjoy listening to The Mina Kimes Show feat. Lenny.
  • Mavpallack
    Must-listen for any football fan
    My friends already make fun of me how often I say “On her pod, Mina Kimes said…” and now I get to times that amount my 2. This is a must-listen for any NFL fan Who can be mad with more of their favorite podcast?
  • Football consumer
    Obviously knowledgeable but no different than any PFF pod
    Mina knows her stuff and no one questions that. But too often, it feels like you’re hearing whatever is the “NFL Twitter” consensus opinion on whichever player/coach/team. No, I’m not seeking out hot takes that she does not believe, but it would be more engaging to hear analysts take certain stands once in awhile. Also, because so many male fans are sexist and do not take women analysts seriously, it sometimes comes off as trying too hard to prove she knows what she’s talking about. On occasion, she will reference backup and third string players that 99% of fans do not know, and while I will of course not fault her for having a vast knowledge of the players, she sometimes seems to almost deliberately talk over some fans’ heads to prove a point.
  • tmike23
    Love this pod
    Love this pod and love Mina. Even happier that we get this pod twice a week.
  • BurgerofJustice
    More like Domonique Feetsworth
    Big fan of the pod, as a Cowboys fan it’s one of the few things I have to look forward to this season. Like the new format with Dominique, grateful for that extra episode in these trying times. It would be cool if you could get Theo Ash from the Stay Hot pod as a guest. Thanks Mina!
  • juiiiceee
    Refreshing and Genuine
    Refreshing to listen to shows that don’t have “hot takes” all the time. Mina is always genuine and herself from on TV to this podcast. She does let her fandom show but it never puts a cloud over her overall judgement.
  • BucsFan37
    Such amazing analysis and insight. I learn so much from Mina with plenty of laughs as well! Lenny may be the greatest co-host in history.
  • murph03
    Mina is a star
    One of the best technical analysts I have seen/heard in any sport in a long long time! Mina has such a talent for breaking the game down in a way that helps you learn more about the X's and O's while still being an easy and fun listen. ESPN's in game coverage has been terrible for a minute but the studio crews for NFL and NBA have become the best again, led by Mina!
  • jalexwash
    Mina + Dominique
    Mina is my favorite football person, also Mina and Dominique are a great team and I’m glad he’s on every Tuesday. THERE.
  • certified_not_imposter
    Mina is my hero
    One of the most respectable sports journalists period. It’s an added bonus that she’s a woman. It’s clear that she’s an expert in her field because she follows her beat relentlessly. She also happens to be a great personality and host. So glad she’s added another show to the week. Her podcasts are always a highlight for me. Would love to see her bring on Mitch Schwartz one week! (Chiefs fan here.)
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